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From Neil Strauss, New York Times:  "The thousands of LPs and CDs in the [Roots & Rhythm] catalog range from historical documents like a boxed set of music by the racy rhythm-and-blues singer Julia Lee to the compilation 'Hawaiian Music:   Honolulu-Hollywood-Nashville" to folk-music CDs like a collection of Greek prison songs from the 20s and 30s "

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Our thanks go to the following experts who have contributed reviews and whose initials you will find at the end of many of the reviews. Most uncredited reviews are by Frank Scott.

AK Alfred Katz GM Gary Mollica PL Phillip Levin
DC Danny Carnahan JC Jeff Colburn RK Rich Kienzle
DH Dave Howell JG Jimmy Guterman RP Randy Pitts
DP Dave Pope JM John McCord RS Rob Silverberg
EL Eric LeBlanc MB Miles Boisen SM Sandy Miranda
FS Frank Scott NSN Nancy Scott-Noennig DW Dave Wondrich
GDR Grady Runyan OLN Opal Louis Nations

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