More Critical Reaction on Lowe's CD Set:

rrlowbk.gif (9221 bytes) So you bought the Harry Smith "Anthology of American Folk Music?" So now we offer the next step: a musical package that makes Harry Smith’s anthology sound as familiar as 15 minutes of lite-FM. It’s called American Pop From Minstrel to Mojo (and it’s) compiled by Allen Lowe. It’s fun as well as informative.
                                  -David Hinckley, New York Daily News

…A fine, comprehensive work, and one of the most holistic surveys of American music I have seen. I will almost certainly be using the book as a text for my popular culture courses…I can envision the day when college courses will require one or two printed texts and a half dozen cassettes or CDs…(this) text may be the start of that trend. I will certainly help spread the word.
                                 -Dr. Charles Wolfe, Middle Tennessee State University