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Vintage Rock 'n' Roll & Rockabilly
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JOE CLAY El Toro 6030 The Legend Is Now ● CD $15.98
2004 recordings made in England by legendary 50s rocker accompanied by British band. Mostly new songs plus a lengthy interview.

MAL GRAY & THE WILD ANGELS Rockstar 029 Rock 'n' Roll Man (with Gene Vincent) ● CD $22.98
Interesting set. Mal Gray & The Wild Angels were a popular band in the U.K. & Europe between 1969 and 1971 performing old style rock 'n' roll. In 1971 Gray moved to the USA and joined Sha-Na-Na. Most of this album is fairly tame late 60s recordings by Gray of very familiar 50s classics (Mystery Train/ Lawdy Miss Clawdy/ Summertime Blues/ Rip It Up, etc.). What makes this album of more than passing interest is a previously unissued 20 minute rehearsal session from 1969 of Gene Vincent with Gray and his group who backed Gene on his 1969 tour. He does two versions of Hank Williams' I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry and a fine treatment of Good Golly Miss Molly. There are also various bits of chatter and a brief interview. Not a significant addition to Gene's legacy but it's always interesting to hear a legendary figure in an informal setting - particularly one who died so young abd will be an indispensible release for Vincent diehards (you know who you are!).

GRADY MARTIN Rev-Ola CRBAND 26 Roughneck Blues, 1949-1956 ● CD $15.98
32 tracks, 77 mins, essential
Guitarist Grady Martin may not be household name but he should be since at one time or another he played behind almost every major country singer to record in Nashville between the early 50s and late 70s as well making rockabilly history by playing on Johnny Burnette's classic Train Kept A-Rollin' (not the group's regular guitarist Paul Burlison as often thought), providing the memorable riff on Roy Orbsion's Oh Pretty Woman and helping to invent guitar distortion when a tube in his amp blew in the middle of a Marty Robbins session resulting in the fuzz-tone solo in Robbins' monster 1961 hit Don't Worry. This fabulous collection features a small representation of his dynamite fretwork work made between 1949 and 1956 including two track by Grady under his own name with his group The Slewfoot Five, accompanying country performers like Red Foley, Little Jimmy Dickens, Justin Tubb, Al Terry JOhnny Horton, Autry Inman and others. There are two tracks with Grady accompanying the great blues singer and piano player Cecil Gant and a heap of rockabilly and rock 'n' roll tracks from Johnny Burnette, Johnny Carroll, Don Woody, Buddy Holly, Brenda Lee and others. Whether you like country, rockabilly or just great guitar work you'll love this album an maybe will help Grady get some of the credit he deserves. Excellent sound and in depth notes from Dave Penny. (FS)
JOHNNY BURNETTE: Rock Billy Boogie/ Train Kept A Rollin'/ JOHNNY CARROLL & THE HOT ROCKS: Crazy Crazy Lovin'/ VERNON CLAUD: Baby's Gone/ 'LITTLE' JIMMY DICKENS: Hillbilly Fever/ Sleeping At The Foot Of The Bed/ DANNY DILL: I'm Hungry For Your Lovin'/ My Girl And His Girl/ DOTTIE DILLARD & JACK SHOOK: Now And There's A Fool Such As I/ RED FOLEY: Birmingham Bounce/ Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy/ My Window Faces The South/ CECIL GANT: Don't You Worry/ It Ain't Gonna Be Like That/ ROY HALL: Three Alley Cats/ BUDDY HOLLY: Modern Don Juan/ Rock Around With Ollie Vee/ JOHNNY HORTON: I'm A One Woman Man/ I'm Coming Home/ AUTREY INMAN: It Would Be A Doggone Lie/ BURL IVES & GRADY MARTIN & HIS SLEW FOOT FIVE: Diesel Smoke Dangerous Curves/ LITTLE BRENDA LEE: Bigelow 6 2000/ BOBBY LORD: Everybody's Rockin' But Me/ GRADY MARTIN & HIS SLEW FOOT FIVE: San Antonio Rose/ When My Dream Boat Comes Home/ WAYNE RANEY: Shake Baby Shake/ RED SOVINE: Juke Joint Johnny/ AL TERRY: Roughneck Blues/ JUSTIN TUBB: I'm A Big Boy Now/ WAYNE WALKER: All I Can Do Is Cry/ DON WOODY: Bird Dog/ You're Barking Up The Wrong Tree

ELVIS PRESLEY Memphis Recording Sevice 02756 New York - RCA Studio 1 - The Complete Sessions ● CD $49.98
2 CDs+DVD-Audio, 39 tracks, highly recommended
More fantastic Elvis material from this Memphis Recording Service company. This time you get Elvis' complete first RCA recording sessions restored and remastered. So that's Blue Suede Shoes/ Shake Rattle and Roll/ Hound Dog/ Don't Be Cruel and the rest of the legendary sessions. You have the 12 main tracks in order, sounding absolutely beautiful and then you get 12 takes of Lawdy Miss Clawdy, 14 takes of Shake, Rattle and Roll, and finally three non-Elvis tracks that were the basis of his versions; My Baby Left Me by Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, Hound Dog by the recently departed Freddie Bell and his Bell Boys and So Glad You're Mine (also Crudup). Then you get all but the last three tracks over again on a bonus disc DVD- Audio in 5.1 Dolby Digital to shake your shack. Lastly, along with the lovely packaging you get a 70 page book with all kinds of rare photos and studio information. Wow! The king is still alive! (JM)

MARTY ROBBINS Rev-Ola CRBAND 012 Rockin' Robbins ● CD $15.98
31 tracks, 72 mins, recommended
This compilation covers Marty Robbins' career from 1954 -1957 and his tracks that were on the rockin' side of things. Not Rockabilly, but Country infused with Rock 'n Roll energy and ideas. Covers of tunes like Maybelline/ That's Alright Mama and Long Tall Sally as well as original hit versions of Singing The Blues/ I Can't Quit and Knee Deep In The Blues. Truly this was a time that Robbins really shined and either the Rockin' or more laid back tunes on this are a pleasure to listen to. The Rockin' side takes over in the end with a raucous live set that makes up the last 8 tracks. (JM)
LEE EMERSON & MARTY ROBBINS: How Long Will It Be?/ I'll Know You're Gone/ MARTY ROBBINS: Baby, I Need You (like You Need Me)/ Don't Let Me Hand Around (if You Don't Care) (live)/ Don't Let Me Hang Around (if You Don't Care)/ Gossip/ Gossip (live)/ I Can't Quit (i've Gone Too Far)/ I Can't Quit (i've Gone Too Far) (live)/ It's A Long Long Ride/ Knee Deep In The Blues/ Long Gong Lonesome Blues/ Long Tall Sally/ Maybelline/ Mean Mama Blues/ Mr Teardrop/ Pain And Misery/ Pretty Mama/ Pretty Mama (live)/ Respectfully Miss Brooks/ Same Two Lips/ Singing The Blues/ Singing The Blues (live)/ Sugaree (live)/ Tennessee Toddy/ That's All Right/ That's All Right (live)/ This Broken Heart Of Mine/ Where D'ja Go? - Lee Emerson, Marty Robbins/ You Don't Owe Me A Thing/ You Don't Owe Me A Thing (live)

JESSE LEE TURNER Turner 8011 Shake Baby Shake ● CD $17.98
22 tracks, recommended
Expanded version of LP issued in the 90s. Jesse Lee had one hit, a neat novelty called Little Space Girl complete with speeded up Chipmunk-style vocals. This CD has that fun hit and its 2 followups, That's My Girl & The Elopers along with a mix of rockabilly & 50s teen pop. Title tune is a fine wild rip-off of Sexy Ways & Baby Please Don't Tease is similar sounding but frantic. Also includes his fine rockin' cover of Tennessee Ernie Ford's country hit Shotgun Boogie plus Together/ Makin' Love/ Boys & Girls/ Mother Nature/ The Voice Changing Song/ Teeange Misery/ Tattle Tale, etc. Decent sound but no notes. (GM/ FS)
JESSE LEE TURNER: 12 String Boogie/ All Right Be That Way/ Baby Please Don't Tease/ Boys & Girls/ I'm The Little Space Girl's Father/ Little Old Love Maker/ Makin' Love/ Mother Nature/ One More Time/ Put Me Down/ Shake, Baby, Shake/ Shotgun Boogie/ Tattle Tale/ Teen-Age Misery/ That's My Girl/ The Art Of Makin' Love/ The Elopers/ The Man In The Moon/ The Voice Changing Song/ Thinkin'/ Together/ Tonight You Belong To Me

RITCHIE VALENS Wounded Bird 1201 Ritchie Valens ● CD $13.98
12 tracks, 25 mins, recommended
Am I the only older record guy that still loves La Bamba whenever it comes on the radio? Listening to Ritchie Valens is always a joy to me. This is a no frills re-issue of the only record that came out in Valens' lifetime. So many great songs; you get the hits La Bamba and Donna, plus other gems like In A Turkish Town/ Come On, Lets Go/ Boney Marone/ Ooh My Head, and many more. No re-mastering has been done to this and no new notes, just the originals from the back of the album blown up so you can read them. So in a nutshell, this is Essential material in a boring package. It would be great if someone (Bob Keane is still out there, right?) did justice to this artist's short lived but amazingly decent sized catalog. For now we get these cheapo editions. (JM)

RITCHIE VALENS Wounded Bird 1206 Ritchie ● CD $13.98
11 tracks, 25 mins, recommended
This features most of the rest of the tracks that Ritchie Valens had in the can when he died. Mind you, that doesn't mean that this is filler at all. Originally released in 1959, this album just solidified the idea of how much potential died in that lousy plane crash. Fine Rock n' Roll tracks like Cry, Cry, Cry/ Hurry Up, and Rockin' All Night are among the stand outs on this. Again, this is a bare bones re-issue, no extras or re-mastering done, just a CD version of the LP, but still well worth getting if you don't have the material. (JM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1190 Golden Age Of American Rock 'n' Roll - Follw Up Hits ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 69 mins, recommended
Lots of artists had at least one big hit and pretty much all of them had to try and follow it up with something. Here're all the next songs after the big hits, some of which are great, while others. More often than not, though, they are at least interesting. Mickey & Sylvia's There Oughta Be A Law, Ernie-K-Doe's Te-La-Te-Ta-Ta, The Olympics I Want To Dance With The Teacher, Gene Vincent's Dance To The Bop, and Dion & The Belmonts No One Knows are just some of the cases where the follow-up to the biggest hit didn't mean their next best song--not by a long shot. This doesn't mean these tracks aren't really good, though, but just shows you the angle this comp is coming from. All in all, an interesting and fun compilation. Label info for both U.S. and U.K. releases, chart position etc. also provided. (JM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family 16876 That'll Flat Git It, Vol. 26 - Four Star ● CD $21.98
The latest in this estimable series features 30 rockabilly and rockin' country tracks recorded for the West Coast based Four Star label between 1950 and 1960 including sides by Sammy Masters (four tracks including his great Pink Cadillac), Wayland Chandler, Arkie Shibley (including two versions of his great Hot Rod Race), Carl Belew, Tommy Scott, Frank Simon, Jimmy Wolford and others. Superb sound and a 56 page booklet by Colin Escott delving into the convoluted history of the label, biographies of the artists and lots of photos.
CARL BELEW: 24 Hour Night/ No Love Tonight/ WAYLAND CHANDLER: Little Lover/ Play Boy/ JACK KING: I Just Learned To Rock/ Two Red Ruby Lips/ THE MADDOX BROTHERS AND ROSE: New Step It Up And Go/ SAMMY MASTERS: Flat Feet/ 2-Rock-A-4/ Pink Cadillac/ Some Like It Hot/ Whop-T-Bop/ EDDIE MILLER: Patty Cake Man/ THE MILLER BROS.: Hey Pretty Baby/ Loco Choo Choo/ CHARLIE RYAN: Hot Rod Lincoln/ TOMMY SCOTT & HIS RAMBLERS: Cat Music/ Dance With Her Henry/ Dig Me Little Mama/ Jumpin' From 6 To 6/ ARKIE SHIBLEY: I'm A Poor Oakie/ Pick Pick Pickin' (My Guitar)/ Hot Rod Race/ Hot Rod Race No. 2/ FRANK SIMON: Sugar Plum Boogie/ SLIM WILLE: Come Sundown/ JACK TUCKER: Big Door/ T. TEXAS TYLER: Shake 'Em Up Rock/ JIMMY WOLFORD: My Name Is Jimmy/ Teeny Weeny Man

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55181 Gang War ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, recommended
The "Gang War" theme is tenuous at best on the first few tracks, lost by track 6 Fred Netherton's version of Matchbox and utterly obliterated by track 10 Snacky Poo by the Ring A Dings. Buffalo Bop's passion for gaudy / thrilling cover art probably made them run with the Gang theme rather then trying to match up thematically and artistically Snacky, Old Black Joe by Jerry Adams, You Gotta Have A Duck Tail by Billy Adams and the all time classic I'm Gonna Put A Cricket In Your Ear by Jeffrey Parnell & The Tune Twisters. As you can tell by now, this compilation is chock full of winners by losers, losers by weirdoes and triumphs by the tone-deaf, so basically another Rockabilly comp from the big Bop! One of my favorite re-issue labels, not one of their best cool-ections, but certainly not without merit. (JM)
JERRY ADAMS: Old Black Joe/ There's A Big Wheel/ BILLY ADAMS AND THE ROCK-A-TEERS: That's My Baby/ You Gotta Have A Duck Tail/ JACK BAILEY AND THE NATURALS: Oh What Love Is/ KENNY BAKER: Goodbye Little Star/ JIMMY BARBEE AND THE HARDTIMES: Sweet Woman's Love/ ERNIE BERTI: I'm Alive/ BIG DADDY G: Big Berry(Boss Man Guitar)/ BARRY BOYD WITH THE FRANTICS: You're For Me/ LOY CLINGMAN: Rockin Down Mexico Way/ CARL DEAN: Wait Till The Sun Comes Down/ GLENNA DENE: At The End Of My Rainbow/ RUDY DOZIER: Swee Jonnie/ GRANT GRIEVES: Four In The Floor/ GRANT GRIVES: Shake It Baby/ ROY HEAD & THE TRAITS: Linda Lou/ KEN KENNINGTON: It Goes Without Saying/ BUD LANDON AND THE RHYTHM MASTERS: Walking/ GARY LANE AND THE MAD LADS: Henrietta/ LARRY LINCOLN: That'll Hold You/ BILLY MACHE: It Makes No Difference/ GENE MALTAIS: Gangwar/ The Raging Sea/ GEORGE M. MARSHALL: Do We Know/ FRED NETHERTON: Match Box/ JEFFREY PARNELL & THE TUNE TWISTERS: I'm Gonna Put A Cricket In Your Ear/ THE RING A DINGS: Snacky Poo/ JERRY C. SIMS: Big Time/ BILL WALLS: Rockin And Reelin/ LARRY WHEELER: Be My Baby Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55182 Trouble Doll ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 68 mins, recommended
Fine collection of 50s female rockers - many tracks making their first appearance on CD. The most familiar title here is the Miller Sisters with their classic Ten cats Down. Charlene Arthur is a familiar name but here Hello Baby is one of her more obscure sides as well as being one of her best. Highlight is The Tumbleweeds and their terrific country flavored Truck Driver's Wife. Every teen female's dream of the 50s, Elvis is the subject of two songs - Carmela Rosella and Oh! It Was Elvis and Bobbie Jean and I Don't Want Bunny Or Dolly (I Just Want Elvis Instead). Patsy Montana started her career as singing cowgirl back in the 30s but does a pretty good job at rocking on Two Time Love. Other artists include Loretta Thompson, Dolly Cooper, Terri Dean, Jackie Dee (Jackie De Shannon with her fine Buddy), Merle Garner, Bonnie Bartlett, Betty Rogers, Myrna jay, Mary Mazza, Betty Jayne & The Teenettes, Carolyn Bradshaw, Gloria Belle (the fine bluegrass number Today I can Smile with banjo, mandolin & fiddle) and others. A few numbers fall into the teen pop mould and Miki Smith's squealing on her two numbers gets annoying but, generally this is a most worthwhile set. (FS)
CHARLENE ARTHUR & THE KNIGHTS: Hello Baby/ BONNIE BARTLETT: Bop De Loom/ GLORIA BELLE: Today I Can Smile/ CALIE BITETTI: I'm Gonna Show Him/ CAROLYN BRADSHAW: Marriage Of Mexican Joe/ KAY BROWN: The Teen-Age Hop/ PENNY CANDY: Come On Over/ DOLLY COOPER: Big Rock Inn/ MITZI CRAIG: That's About The South O'what I Like/ TERRI DEAN: You Treat Me Like A Boy/ JACKIE DEE: Buddy/ MERLENE GARNER: You're It/ RENIE HICKS: Real Gone Okie/ MYRNA JAY: Johnny's Coming Home/ BETTY JAYNE AND THE TEENETTES: Tag Along/ BOBBIE JEAN: I Don't Want A Bunny Or Doll/ MARIE LADONNA: Bobby Baby/ LINDA LAURIE: Soupin' Up Your Motor/ MARY MAZZA: Niza Boy/ THE MILLER SISTERS: Ten Cats Down/ PATSY MONTANA: Two Time Love/ THE NETTLES SISTERS: Real Gone Jive/ BETTY ROGERS: Hey Good Lookin/ CARMELA ROSELLA: Oh It Was Elvis/ MIKI SMITH: Love Sweet Love/ One Way Street/ LORETTA THOMPSON: Square From Nowhere/ THE TUMBLEWEEDS: Truck Driver's Wife/ LAURA JEAN VOSS: Boy Next Door

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55183 Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 9 ● CD $18.98
Fine collection of 30 rock 'n' roll and surf instrumentals from the late 50s and early 60s - about half new to CD. Although the mood is somewhat low key there is some fine music on these mostly guitar dominated sides. Includes sides by Emil Spak with The Encores, Ward Darby, The Blue Jeans (the cool Cool Martini), The Shufflers (the searing Slumber), Lenny & The Continentals (two fine tunes including a rocked up Yankee Doodle), Tiny Fuller, The Penetrators, The Futures, The Holidays, Jackie Reynolds & The Storms, etc. Excellent sound and full color booklet has rare photos and label shots.
SAMMY BERK: Big Beat Boogie/ THE BLUEJEANS: Cool Martini/ THE CAPS: Red Headed Flea/ THE CONSOLATIONS: Groovey Grubworm/ THE CORVAIRS: Something Wild/ WARD DARBY: Kentucky Blue Grass/ THE ENCORES: Hold Up/ TINY FULLER: Cocklebur/ THE FURTURES: Mile Zero/ THE HOLIDAYS: Concussion/ KURT & THE KAPERS: Mon-Goose/ Trapped/ LENNY & THE CONTINENTALS: Get Off The Road/ Yankee Doodle Rock/ JACKIE LOWELL: Warpath/ RAY MCARTHUR: Raymond's Beat/ THE PENETRATORS: Blitzkrieg/ THE RAMRODES: Warcry/ THE ROYALS: Percision/ THE RUN-A-BOUTS: Wild Fire/ THE SHUFFLERS: Ireland Express/ Slumber/ THE STARFIRES: Billy's Blues!/ THE STORMS: Tarantula/ THE T-BIRDS: Thunder Roc/ TERRY & THE RENEGADES: Live Drive/ THE TORNADOS: Riot/ THE VANGUARDS: Wild/ THE VIBRANTS: Scorpion/ Wild Fire

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55184 Hot Rod Race ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 69 mins, highly recommended
When I first picked this up, I was expecting it to be a lot like the "Hillbilly Hot Rod & Automobile Songs" CD that Jasmine put out last year (JASMCD 3575 - $11.98) but amazingly--although the theme is hillbillies and hot-rods on both and most of the tracks are pulled from basically the same late 1940's - 1950's period -- out of the 30 tracks on this one and the 24 tracks on that one there is only one track duplicated. So you are getting 29 even more obscure country bop/ rockabilly cuts about drag -racing, fuel injected, gear-head, grease monkey shenanigans. Probably the most famous names on here are Arthur Smith, Charlie Ryan and Vinni Vincent. Their tracks are great and you also get some dynamite action from The Vibrants: Fuel Injection, Stick Shift by the Duals, Flat Tyre by Bobby Johnston and Mr. John Law by Dick Grass & The Hoppers, to name a few. Also of interest you get Teen-age Widder by the Creeps, the not quite as psychotic B-side of The Whip and ultra rare single whose a-side just appeared on the I Am An Ape compilation on Panic (Panic 103). If you are a Hot Rod Lincoln collector, there are a few cool versions of that famous race down 'round San Pedro between that Cadillac and that Model A Lincoln as well. Unlike the Jasmine collection, this comp has no notes, but features some fine photos and gorgeous label reproductions. So fire it up, throw this in the player and burn up the highway. (JM)
ROGER CHRISTIAN: Last Drag/ THE CREEPS: Teen-Age-Widder/ RAMBLIN JIMMIE DOLAN: Hot Rod Race/ DONNIE & DIANE: Hot Rod Weekend/ THE DUALS: Stick Shift/ LARRY FAULK: I'm In Hot Rod Heaven In My Old 37/ JIM FOSTER WITH THE KOUNTRY KUT-UPS: Rag Roof Roadster/ HARLEY GABBARD & AUBEREY HOLT: Hey Baby/ EVERETT GATES AND THE JOKERS: Mean Machine/ WALLY GEORGE: Drag Strip/ DICK GRASS AND THE HOPPERS: Mr. John Law/ RAY GREFF: The Racing King/ BOBBY JOHNSTON: Flat Trye/ JUNIOR JORDAN AND THE ROCK-A-BOOGIE 7: Down Boy Down Boy/ JACK KITCHEN WITH THE ROCK-ABILLIES: Hot Rod Boogie/ RIC LANCE: No Place To Park/ BILLY LAND: Four Wheels/ SAMMY MASTERS: Twin Pipes And Pin Stripes/ MIKE PAGE: Long Black Shiny Car/ BOBBY PAIGE AND THE EL DORADOS: Little Hot Rod/ CHARLIE RYAN: Hot Rod Race/ Hot Rod Loncoln/ THE SAVOYS: Slappin Rods And Leaky Oil/ SLICK SLAVIN: Speed Crazy/ ARTHUR SMITH: Hot Rod Race/ BOB SPENCER: Roll Hot Rod Roll/ ROY TANN: Hot Rod Queen/ THE VIBRENTS: Fuel Injection/ VINNI VINCENT: Wailin And Scalin/ BUDDY WHITE: Unlucky Man

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55185 Problem Child ● CD $18.98
30 rockin' sides from the 50s and early 60s.
IRA ALLEN: Nursery Rock/ MARV BLIHOVDE AND THE VANGUARDS: Been Away Too Long/ THE BLUE NOTES: I Love Her So/ RONNIE BRENT: My Sweet Verlene/ JOHNNY BUSH: Your Kind Of Love/ CURLEY JIM: Rock And Roll Itch/ Sloppy Sloppy Suzie/ MICKEY DECKER & THE GALAXIES: Jenny Jenny/ EDDIE FERRELL: Teach Me How To Rock/ FREDDIE FLYNN AND THE FLASHES: Green Stamps/ THE FOUR REBELS: Boogie Woogie Sally/ BILL FRIEL: Teenager/ K.C GRAND AND THE SHADES: Lookie-Lookie-Lookie/ BILLY HALL AND HIS RHYTHM BOYS: Move Over Rover/ WAYNE HANDY: Say Yeah/ I'll Never Be The Same/ Problem Child/ DAVEY HOLT AND THE HUBCAPS: Pittery Pat/ JOHNNY KAY: Starvation/ RAMSEY KEARNEY: Don't Tease/ The Cat Bug Bit/ KING IVORY LEE: Rockin In The Cocanut Top/ WALLY LEE WITH THE STORMS: Eeny Meeny/ JOHNNY MANN AND THE TORNADOS: Chick-A-Lou/ MAXIMILIAN: Butter Ball/ DICKIE "BIRD" NEWLAND: Don't Be Funny Honey/ MARVIN PAUL: None Of Your Business/ FRANKY PRESTON AND THE BEACH COMBERS: I Want To Do It/ JOE RAMIREZ AND HIS JUMPING JACKS: Run You Down/ DANNY ROSS: Look At You Go

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55186 Rockabilly Wildfire ● CD $18.98
30 rockers.
RED BAILEY: Take Off Like A Bird/ THE BRIDGE BROTHERS: Sticka-By-You/ BUCK (TRAIL) & TOMMY: Lady Friend/ SAMMIE COLE: I'm Sorry About That/ HAROLD CROSBY: Bright Lights/ MOREY DUBOIS: If You Can Spare The Time/ ARLIE DUFF: Mama You've Had Your Day/ BILLY FRIZZEL: Out Of A Clear Blue Sky/ DAVID GREGG: Baby I Don't Care/ BILL HALL: I Need Some Lovin/ BOBBY HANKINS: Honkey Tonk Queen/ JIM HARDIN: High Stepping Woman/ LOYD HOWELL: Little Froggy Went A Courtin/ They Don't Know/ HARVEY HURT: Stayed Away Too Long/ EDDIE JACKSON: Rock And Roll Baby/ JACK KING: Wildfire/ JOHNNY LAURY: Honky Tonk Man/ HENRY MCPEAK: I Feel Like Yelling/ JUNNE MILLER: How Bad Can Bad Luck Be/ ROD MORRIS: Alabama Jail House/ VERN PULLENS: Mama Don't Allow No Boppin/ You Don't Mean To Make Me Cry/ THE RAINDROPS: I Don't Want A Sweetheart/ CURLEY REEVES: Yep It Must Be Love/ WAYNE (BOB) ROBERTS: Japaneese Rhumba/ BUCK TRAIL: The Blues Keep Knocking/ EARNEY VANDAGRIFF: You Can't Come In/ IRVING VERGE AND THE COMMANDERS: Nancy/ PAUL WHEATLEY: Teenage Jive

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55187 Chick Chick ● CD $18.98
30 Tracks, 67 Mins, highly recommended
Chicks, dames, dolls with gams up to here. you know what we're talkin' about: women, and wild ones at that. This is one of the best Buffalo Bop collections to come out in a while, real quality Rockabilly that is rare as hell, much of it an homage to the female of the species. Junior Dean provides the title scorcher and we're off to the races from there. Leave it to Buffalo Bop to come up with yet another great Bug song, with Kenny Owen's I Got The Bug--fantastic! Another favorite Kip Tyler provides us with the self-penned gem She's Got Eyes. The Dribble (Twist) by The Raging Storms, Iggy Joe by Willie Ward, She's a Moonlighter by Johnny Carlton and Hey! Cobella by the magnificent Vinni Vincent are just a few more of the great tracks on this raging collection. You also get a way early track by Roy Clark and a couple primo tracks from the aptly named Oliver Cool. All of this along with all of the original label reproductions and photos of the artists, and you have quite possibly the best Buffalo Bop compilation to date. (JM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collector 4517 Rock Boys Rock ● CD $16.98
30 tracks, highly recommended
Excellent collection of mostly rock 'n' roll from the late 50s and early 60s. Just about all the artists are totally obscure and most of the tracks are making their first appearance on CD including a couple of unreleased demos by an unknown artists. Among the highlights are the two opening cuts by The Spades - one vocal, one instrumental. The vocalist sounds like he's 10 years old but the group have a great funky intense sound. Buck Fowler's She's Just The Kind has a similar sound - one I like a lot. Gordon Sizemore is basically country but his You Fit Like A Glove is a great performance with stripped down acoutic guitar backing. Speedway by The Heyburners is a hot surf instrumental from 1963 featuring the first appearance on record by Davie Allen. The Pearlescent's Ronnie 's Night House is another exciting intrumental with tough guitar and sax. Other artists includes Jerry Skinner & The Volk Brothers, The Candymen, Buddy Sharpe & The Shakers, Greg Scott and others. Excellent sound. 8 page booklet has artist and label shots. (FS)
NEIL ALAN & THE COSMO’S: Light My Rockers/ DEAN BARLOW: Hi Ya Honey?/ JIMMIE BELDEN: Darling Ann/ GEORGE BIRDWELL: Love Is Everywhere/ THE CANDYMEN: Candy Bar Twist/ THE CHESSMEN: Samovar/ THE COL*LEE*JETS: Jam & Jelly/ DON DELL & THE MONTEREYS: Honey Doll/ VIC FONTAINE & PAT THE CAT & HIS KITTENS: Little Rock Special/ BUCK FOWLER: She’s Just That Kind/ JOHNNY GAMBLE & THE SATELLITES: Wicked Woman/ JACK HANKS TRIO: If You Can’t Make Me Better/ THE HEYBURNERS: Speedway/ KENNY HODGE & TEDDY RICH & THE ROCKETS: Put A Nickel In The Juke Box/ GARY HUCKABY & JOYCE DUVAL & THE SKY ROCKETS: Eager Lips/ ÜNCLE ™BUCK" LITE & THE RHYTHM ROCKERS: Mr. Ducktail/ THE LOSERS: Balboa Party/ SONNY PATTERSON & THE RHYTHM ROCKERS: Big Wheel/ THE PEARLESCENT’S: Ronnies Night House/ GREG SCOTT: Movin’twistin’around/ BUDDY SHARPE & THE SHAKERS: Movin’and Groovin’/ Please, Please, Please, Please/ GORDON SIZEMORE & REX ROAT: You Fit Like A Glove/ JERRY SKINNER & THE VOLK BROTHERS: Baby,I Say Get Up/ Judy Honey/ THE SPADES: Jody/ When I Get To Goin’/ UNKNOWN BAND & SINGER: A Fool/ Honey Bun/ RICK WEST: Motivation

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collector 4519 Move And Rock ● CD $16.98
30 more rock 'n' roll rarities from the 50s collected by our old friends at Collector - much of it making its first appearance on CD.
THE BANDMASTERS: Stump Jumper/ The thing/ JOHNNY BARNES: Big Johnny Blues/ JOE BENNETT & THE SPARKLETONES: Bayou Rock/ CHARLIE BOOTH & THE BLUE VELVETS: Gonna Find Some Lovin’/ THE BRIAR PATCHES: Country Speedin'/ DEAN CARR: Too Many Tears/ BOBBY CATES & THE SWINGERS: Black Pepper Makes You Sneeze/ CHUCKIE–D: Way Later Baby/ DEAD DUCK & THE THREE JUICY GOOSES: Skip Talkin’Daddy/ DEAN-O-DELRAY & HIS DELRAYS: Lucky Star/ The Ballad Of Billy The Kid/ BECKY DURNNING & THE ARDEE’S: Jimmy Boone/ LEE EDMOND & THE SWINGING TRAVELERS: Born With The Blues/ CLIFF GLEAVES: Fate Stole The Wedding Ring/ THE INTRUDERS: Rock-A-Ma-Role/ THE JAGUARS: Railroad Drag/ DONNI JERALD: I ‘m A Bum/ THE JESTERS III: Messed Up Woman/ THE JORDAN BROTHERS: Basin Street Rumble/ HARRY LEE: Kiss An Eskimo/ Pin Ball Baby/ Rockin’On A Reindeer/ Stampede/ LARRY MOYER & THE TRIO TONES: That Would Be Nice/ THE NOTIONS: Hey, Hey, Baby/ THE RAMBLERS: Hanging One/ MARK ROBINSON: Pretty Jane/ DON SESSIONS: You‘re A Cheater/ THE THREE REASONS & THE HIGHLANDERS: Kangaroo Twist/ BILLY THURSTON: Three Ramage/ UNKNOWN IV: Give Me A Chance/ JIM WILLIAMS: I’m Moving

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collector 4521 Rock & Roll Covers - Hot Steamy Lovers, Vol. 6 ● CD $16.98
33 tracks, highly recommended
The sixth and final volume in this excellent and entertaining series featuring covers of rock 'n' roll songs from the 50s made around the same time along with rockin' updates of old country, blues and pop and songs. Some of the covers are note for note covers of the originals but many of them do totally original takes on the songs. Highlight for me is Joe D. Johnson's rockin' update of country pioneer Jimmie Rodgers "Blue Yodel #1" - here called T For Thelma with tough vocals, a "Linda Lu" rhythm and hot guitar. Chuck Berry is represented by a quartet of covers with fine versions of Johnny B. Goode/ Roll Over Beethoven/ School Day and Back In the U.S.A. Jerry Lee's Great Balls Of Fire is given a fine rendition by Dio & The Prophets, possibly a young Ronnie James Dio of Black Sabbath fame (infamy?), Glenn Harwood turns in a romping update of the blues standard Cow Cow Blues and there are lots more from Jack Richards, Clyde Stacy, Frank Mayo & The Skyliners, The Johnson Brothers, etc. Excellent sound and 16 page booklet has detailed notes by "Mister 50s" plus artist photos and label shots. (FS)
BILLY (ADKINSON)& FABULOUS ECHOES: Road Runner/ STEVE BROOKS & THE RHYTHM KNIGHTS: Swing Low Rock/ JACK CHAMBERS: Bill Bailey/ CLAY & THE FUNSEEKERS: Jailhouse Rock/ PATTY CLOUT & THE ROAD RUNNERS: White Lightning/ THE COACHMEN: From Beyond/ THE COUSINS: Marie/ LES CUNNINGHAM: Honky Tonk Song/ DIO & THE PROPHETS: Great Balls Of Fire/ GARY ENGEL & THE TOPHATTERS: Money Honey/ GLENN HARWOOD: Cow Cow Blues/ JOHN HILL & THE RETREDS: Johnny Be Goode/ GRAINGER HUNT: Back In The U.S.A./ JOE D. JOHNSON: T For Thelma/ THE JOHNSON BROTHERS: Roll Over Beethoven/ COL JOYE & THE JOY BOYS: Rocky Road Blues/ CLAIRE LANE: Frankie And Johnny/ PRESTON LIPFORD: Flip Flop & Fly/ "BIG" TINY LITTLE: School Day/ FRANK MAYO & THE SKYLINERS: Rock ‘n’ Roll Ruby/ THE MONARCHS: Teen Scene/ STU NORTH & THE MULESKINNERS: Muleskinner Blues/ THE NORTHERN LIGHTS: Shortnin’bread/ PAULINE PARKER: Rocky Road Blues/ DIG RICHARDS & THE R’JAYS: Lotta Lovin’/ JACK RICHARDS WITH VIC CORWIN ORCH: Rock Around The Clock/ EILEEN ROMM & THE ROMM: Anticks-Someday/ CLYDE STACY: Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor/ THE STATICS: Shanghaied/ STEVE & TEE: Blue Monday/ NEIL SWANSON: Love Sick Blues/ UNKNOWN SINGER & BAND: Let’s Go,Let’s Go,Let’s Go/ HARRY YOUNES & TOWN’N COUNTRYMEN: Frog Went A Courtin’

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dee Jay Jamboree 55116 Teen Scene! Vol. 4 ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 64 mins, recommended
Virtually identical in style and packaging to the compilations that Buffalo Bop put out, with a ton of Rockin tunes for the teen set. Two tracks devoted to the "Ponytail", one to a "High School Sweater" and even one for those 1950s tweens in the form of Junior High by Chip Fisher. If New Shoes by Ted Embry dont get your toes a-tappin, then you might not have a sole! Not a whole lot of household names on this; Bruce Channel, Fisher and Johnny Stark are about the most well-known artists present. Other fine offerings from the likes of the Loafers, Johnny Redd, Wally Lee With The Storm, The Daarts, Teddy Bart, and many more teenage heroes. One of the best names that I have heard in a long time appears here Dwarless Faersley, doing the obscure gem Honeybee,--could it be his stage name? --Could it be Gene Vincent in disguise? Perhaps we'll never know. One of my favorite Teen comps to come down the pike lately. (JM)
BILL ALLEN WITH THE KEYNOTES: Oo-we-baby/ PHIL BARCLAY AND THE SLIDERS: Loving Baby/ TEDDY BART: Just Enough/ BRUCE CHANNEL: Run, Romance, Run/ THE DAARTS: Beloved Stranger/ DICKIE DAMRON: Rockin‘ Baby/ LARRY AND DIXIE DAVIS: Gonna Live It Up/ TED EMBRY: New Shoes/ DEAN EVANS: Lottin Dottin/ DWARLESS FEARSLEY: Honeybee/ CHIP FISHER: Junior High/ JAMIE FOSTER: It‘s Two O‘clock/ JIMMY HAWKINS: Sure Do/ CHARLES HEINZ: Destiny/ BOBBY JAMESON: I Wanna Love You/ LITTLE MONTIE JONES: The Girl With The Poney Tail/ WALLY LEE WITH THE STORMS: I Never Felt This Way/ THE LOAFERS: The Best Thing/ DON MILLER-CAROLYN DAY: Telephone Baby/ TOMMY NELSON: Like Let‘s Get Out/ DON ORBISON WITH THE BASICS: Time/ DAVID ORRELL: You‘re The One/ KENNY OWEN: High School Sweater/ JOHNNY REDD: I Flipped My Top/ THE ROYAL KNIGHTS: Long Long Ponytail/ JOHNNY STARK: Little Boy Blues/ BILL TAYLOR: You Hold My Letters (not Me)/ THE TREASURES: Sweet Words Of Love/ ANDY WILSON: Worry Worry/ "J" AND THE SABERS: Little One

VARIOUS ARTISTS El Toro 1013 Welcome To The Club - Early Female Rockabilly ● CD $18.98
33 Tracks, 78 mins, essential
When the average person thinks of rockabilly, the names that immediately come to mind are all male: Carl Perkins, Johnny & Dorsey Burnette, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, and even guys who only dabbled like Elvis and Johnny Cash. But what about the ladies who rocked right alongside the guys: Rose Maddox, Patsy Cline, Wanda Jackson, Janis Martin, and Brenda Lee? Well, on "Welcome to the Club" you get a fine sample of what the ladies can do. Kicking off with Anita Carter's spunky He's a Real Gone Guy, the CD makes its case for the females admirably by spotlighting the above-named women and other shining examples of girl power: Barbara Pittman (Sentimental Fool), tough chick Jan Smith (It'd Surprise You), teen sensations the Collins Kids, with Lorrie Collins on lead vocals (I'm in My Teens), and Sparkle Moore (Skull & Crossbones). As the liner notes point out, if the men had a tough time making it as rockabilly singers, the women had it twice as hard, and yet these tracks exist as exemplary examples of these women giving it their all and succeeding on the terms laid out by the powers that be. Anyone wanting to check out legends like Maddox, Jackson, and Martin, while sampling the best of the rest should start here. (GMC)
CHARLINE ARTHUR: Hello Baby/ Welcome to The Club/ BETTY BARNES: What Would You Do?/ BOLEAN BARRY: Long Sideburns/ BETTY BRYANT: I'll Take Back That H/ ANITA CARTER: He's a Real Gone Guy/ JEAN CHAPEL: I won't be Rockin' Tonight/ PATSY CLINE: Stop, Lookin & Listen/ ALVADEAN COKER: We're Gonna Bop/ THE COLLIN KIDS: Move a Little Closer/ THE COLLINS KIDS: I'm in Your Teens/ CONNIE & THE CYTATIONS: Boogie Rock/ THE DAVIS SISTERS: Everlovin´/ PATSY RUTH ELSHIRE: Sugar Lump/ Watch Dog/ WANDA JACKSON: Baby Loves Him/ Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad/ DOTTIE JONES: Honey, Honey, Honey/ THE LADELL SISTERS: Rockin' Robert/ BRENDA LEE: Bigelow 6200/ ROSE MADDOX: Hey Little Dreamboat/ Wild Wild Young Men/ JANIS MARTIN: Drugstore Rock'n'Roll/ Let's Elope Baby/ SPARKLE MOORE: Rock-A-Bop/ Skull & Crossbones/ THE NETTLES SISTERS: Real Gone Jive/ BUNNY PAUL: History/ Sweet Talk/ BARBARA PITMAN: Sentimental Fool/ BARBARA PITTMAN: I Need a Man/ MIMI ROMAN: Little Lovin'/ JAN SMITH: It'd Surprise You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Hydra 27134 .. Like What We Wrote - The Songs Of Johnny & Dorsey Burnette ● CD $22.98
First of three discs devoted to the songs of Johnny & Dorsey Burnette writing together and individually. This disc features 27 tracks from the 50s and 60s including songs by Jackie Walker, Johnny Garner, Bobby Davis (a fine version of the Trio's Tear It Up), Sonny Anderson, Ricky Nelson (four of the five Burnette songs that Ricky recorded), Roy Brown, Brenda Lee, The Ring A Dings (the crazed Snacky Poo, Part One), Curtis Lee, Scott Engel, Gene Vincent, Ned MIller, Larry Bright and others. As a bonus cut it includes the never before issued Little By Little by Johnny & Dorsey. Comes with 36 page illustrated booklet with extensive notes, photos, label shots and discographical details.
ANDY ANDERSON: Tall Oak Tree/ SONNY ANDERSON: Yes I'm Gonna Love You/ JOHN ASHLEY (WITH EDDIE COCHRAN): Seriously In Love/ LARRY BRIGHT: Twinkle Lee/ ROY BROWN: Hip Shakin' Baby/ JOHNNY & DORSEY BURNETTE: Little By Little/ THE CHECKERS: Blue Saturday/ JIM DANDEES: Green Grass Of Texas/ BOBBY DAVIS: Tear It Up/ SCOTT ENGEL: Comin' Home/ JOHNNY GARNER: Kiss Me Sweet/ BOB HARRIS: Bertha Lou/ DEAN HAWLEY: Bossman/ BRENDA LEE: Here Comes That Feeling/ CURTIS LEE: Pure Love/ MARSHALL LYTLE: Be My Love/ TOMMY MARIS: Gonna Be Loved By You/ NED MILLER: Magic Moon/ JERRY NAYLOR: You're Thirteen/ RICKY NELSON: Don't Leave Me/ It's Late/ My One Desire/ Waitin' In School/ THE RING-A-DINGS: Snacky Poo/ FREDDIE TATE & TOPPERS: Just A Little Too Much/ GENE VINCENT: My Heart/ JACKIE WALKER: Good Good Feeling

VARIOUS ARTISTS Liberty 55001 Liberty Rock & Roll ● CD $19.98
31 track collection of rock 'n' roll recorded for the Hollywood based Liberty label in the late 50 as and early 60s. Not surprisingly, much of the material falls into the teen rock 'n' roll vein though there are some tougher rock 'n' roll titles. Includes sides by Cary Hodge (one of the hottest sides with excellent guitar), Margie Rayburn, Galen Denny, Bob Orrison, Willy Nelson (no, not the country singer), Al casey (fine instrumental), Ned & Gary, Rod McKeun (even worse than you might imagine), Ricky Page, Jack Grayson, Jackie DeShannon (a nice girl group treatment of Buddy Holly & The Crickets' Lookin' For Someone To Love), Tabby Calvin, Ray Johnson, Andy Caldwell and others. Includes 8 page fold out booklet with notes on the artists and photos.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Panic 103 White Trash Rockers, Vol. 2 - I Am An Ape ● CD $15.98
28 tracks, 64 mins, essential
Boy howdy, Panic don't put out CDs very often, but when they do, they're pure gold! This collection features some of the most brain damaged, three fisted rock `n' roll to ever hit the disks! Red hot cranium shakers like Stealing Hubcaps by Billy Leadbitter, Babba Diddy Baby by The Heart Attacks, Malt Liquor by the K-Dets, The Dope Addicts by Willis Wade, Hillbilly Beatnik by Bill & Ray and many, many more. This collection is like the "Stompin'" and "That'll Flat Git It" compilations got into a head on collision, suffered severe head trauma and wandered into a Wrasslin' match on the 1950's Memphis circuit. Pick this baby up or be totally freakin' L-7! (JM)
BILL & RAY: Hillbilly Beatniks/ SHELTON BISSELL: Shelton Blues/ ERNIE & MARGIE CRANE: Sugar Daddy/ THE D MATICS: Rank/ RONNIE DAWSON: The Whip/ DUB DICKERSON: Boppin In The Dark/ THE FADING TRIBESMEN: More Feathers/ THE FOWLS: The Birds The Word/ JAY HAMMOND: Im An Ape/ THE HEART ATTACKS: Babba Diddy Baby/ THE K-DETS: Malt Liquer/ BILLY LEDBITTER: Stealing Hubcaps/ LOUISIANA LANNIS: Tounge Twister Boogie/ RUBY MEDINA: Baby, Baby, Baby/ WILFORD LLOYD PERCY MOORE: How About That/ THE NEW BANGS: Go Go Kitty/ THE ODDBALLS: Rockin In The Jungle/ PETER PETE & THE LOVERS: Pistol Packing Mama/ THE PIT MEN: Surf Bored/ SUGAR REE: Cheater/ CHUCK RHUBARB: Rock At The Port/ JOHNNY ROYAL: Lover Boy/ RAY SANDERS: Karate/ SHIRLEY JEAN: Ill Get Even With You/ JOJO SMITH: Find This Woman/ LORETTA THOMPSON: Square From Nowhere/ THE VAN KIRKS: Stay Away/ WILLIS WADE: The Dope Addicts

VARIOUS ARTISTS Rev-Ola 99 The Roots Of Elvis ● CD $15.98
27 tracks, 77 mins, highly recommended Its kind of a shame, there have been a few compilations just like this on inferior record labels. So if you havent picked up one of these Songs That Inspired... comps, this is the one to get, Rev-Ola just does that much better getting the clear sound and informative notes, etc. In general, this digs much deeper than others like it, with a lot of surprises on the track list as well as a few of the obvious titles. Included are tracks like Satisfied by Martha Carson, which falls into the category of songs that the big E recorded, but have been lost to time. Then you also get Jimmie Rodgers Snow (Hank Snows son) doing both How Do You Think I Feel and Love Me, which arent the original versions of the songs, but they are the versions/ arrangements upon which Elvis based his performance, ditto with Fool, Fool, Fool by Kay Starr and Hound Dog by Freddie Bell & The Bell Boys. Also a couple of tracks like Tiger Man by Rufus Thomas, which would be a song prominently featured in Elvis's post 68 comeback live shows. The line-up is a mix of Rhythm & Blues, Country and Pop, with the biggest portion being R&B. Fantastic sound and notes as Rev-Ola is known for. (JM)
LAVERN BAKER: Tweedlee Dee/ FREDDIE BELL & THE BELL BOYS: Hound Dog/ BILLY BUNN & HIS BUDDIES: That's When Your Heartaches Begin/ MARTHA CARSON: Satisfied/ RAY CHARLES: I Got A Woman/ THE CHARMS: Hearts Of Stone/ THE EAGLES: Tryin' To Get To You/ BROTHER CLAUDE ELY: There's A Leak In This Old Building/ BILLY 'THE KID' EMERSON: When It Rains It Pours/ RED FOLEY: Hearts Of Stone/ Peace In The Valley/ LOWELL FULSON: Reconsider Baby/ DARRELL GLENN: Crying In The Chapel/ ARTHUR GUNTER: Baby Let's Play House/ ROY HAMILTON: I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)/ BERNARD HARDISON: Too Much/ CLYDE MCPHATTER & THE DRIFTERS: Money Honey/ White Christmas/ THE ROBINS: (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I/ JIMMIE RODGERS SNOW: How Do You Think I Feel/ Love Me/ KAY STARR: Fool, Fool, Fool/ RUFUS 'BEARCAT' THOMAS: Tiger Man (King Of The Jungle)/ JOE TURNER: Shake, Rattle Snd Roll/ CHUCK WILLIS: Feel So Bad/ BOB WILLS: Faded Love/ WILLY & RUTH: Love Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Rev-Ola CRBAND 14 Roots And Branches - The Roots Of Elvis, Vol. 2 ● CD $15.98
28 Tracks, 76 mins, highly recommended
The follow-up to Rev-Ola's 2005 collection "The Roots of Elvis" (CD REV 99 - see above), this CD collects songs that Elvis was "rumored" to have covered, played as part of his live set, or actually did record. Mercifully, compiler Dave Penny left out MOR ballads by the likes of Dean Martin, Frankie Laine, Bing Crosby et al that Presley loved and stuck to the mix of bluesy country, country blues, Texas swing, and honky tonk that makes up this eclectic and highly listenable CD. There's something for nearly everyone here: Lefty Frizzell's Always Late (With Your Kisses) and Give Me More, More, More (Of Your Kisses) is prime honky tonk; the blues stylings of Ivory Joe Hunter (I Almost Lost My Mind), Wynonie Harris (That's the Stuff You Gotta Watch), and Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup (Hey Mama, Everything's Alright); proto-rockabilly, courtesy of The Delmore Brothers; straight country from Sheb Wooley, and the unbeatable triumvirate of Red Foley, Ernest Tubb and Minnie Pearl; and R&B by Rufus Thomas and Eddie Riff. Although, many of these tracks can be found elsewhere, the sheer diversity of material in one place is lots of fun and a good way to sample artists. As usual with Rev-Ola, excellent liner notes and artwork make for an attractive package, and sound quality is splendid. Don't miss this one. (GMC)
EDDY ARNOLD: I Really Don't Want To Know/ BUDDY & BOB: Down The Line/ ARTHUR 'BIG BOY' CRUDUP: Hand Me Down My Walkin' Cane/ Hey Mama, Everything's Alright/ THE DELMORE BROTHERS: Blues Stay Away From Me/ Midnite Special/ CHARLIE FEATHERS: We're Gettin' Closer To Being Apart/ SONNY FISHER & HIS ROCKIN' BOYS: Rockin' Daddy/ RED FOLEY: Tennessee Saturday Night/ Night Train To Memphis/ Love Bug Itch/ LEFTY FRIZZELL: Always Late (With Your Kisses)/ Give Me More, More, More (Of Your Kisses)/ FAIRLEY HOLDEN & HIS SIX ICE COLD PAPAS: Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me/ BILLY HUGHES & HIS BUCKAROOS: Take Your Hands Off Of It/ IVORY JOE HUNTER: I Almost Lost My Mind/ JOHNNY & JACK: Crying Heart Blues/ PEE WEE KING & HIS GOLDEN WEST COWBOYS: Tennessee Dancin' Doll/ THE LONE STAR COWBOYS: Just Because/ CHUCK MILLER: Lookout Mountain/ BILL MONROE & HIS BLUE GRASS BOYS: Uncle Pen/ TERRY PRESTON: Gone/ EDDIE RIFF: Ain't That Lovin' You, Baby/ HANK SNOW & HIS RAINBOW RANCH BOYS: It Don't Hurt Anymore/ JOHNNY TYLER: Okie Boogie/ BOB WILLS & HIS TEXAS PLAYBOYS: Milk Cow Blues/ Sittin' On Top Of The World/ JOHNNIE LEE WILLS & HIS BOYS: Rag Mop/ SHEB WOOLEY: Blue Guitar

VARIOUS ARTISTS Senor Charro 12708 The Lavender Jungle - Tempting Treats From The Land Of Exotica ● CD $16.98
33 tracks, 75 mins, highly recommended
In 1959, Luchese Liebhaber created Senor Charro Records to showcase his idea of exotic rock music, which runs the gamut from "raucous mambos & cha-cha's to smokey, late-night atmospheric odes d'amour", according to the amusing liner notes. Basically, what we have here is a collection of lounge music that was targeted toward the gay males of the day. Many of the songs are campy to be sure-Rulie Garcia's Subrocito anyone? - but others are quite entertaining like the remix of La Lupe's Fever, The Rhythm Kings instrumental Exotic, Eternals R&R Cha-Cha, and Monarchs El Bandito to name a few. Not bad for a label that prized image over the music; anyone interested in an unusual to be sure chapter in pop/rock music needs to check this one out. Includes 12 page booklet with beefcake photos and label shots. (GMC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stomper Time STCD 22 Hot Rockin' Music From Tennessee, Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
36 tracks, 78 min., recommended
Collects a generous number of sides recorded between 1959-62 from the Jackson, Tennessee, Westwood label and tosses in a few wax slices from Hillcrest, Atomic, and Hornet. Featured artists include Tony Snider, Howard "Curley" Griffin, Larry Brinkley, N.A. Stephenson & the Four Kings, Charlie Roach, Billy Wayne, and more. Not everything here qualifies as rockabilly, and probably nothing here is essential listening, but winners out number losers by about 4 to 1, and those are pretty good odds. (Only Tony Snider's cover of Hank Williams' Your Cheating Heart, with its ill-advised female backup vocalists who sound like bored third graders in a class sing-along merits hitting the "skip" button.) Sure, some fellows borrow a little sound from Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly, but there's nothing wrong with that. A fun collections of hard-to-find sides from a state that gave us Memphis and Nashville during the time of rock and roll's early years. All that and informative liner notes. (JC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Tilt 3077 The Best Of Tilt Records ● CD $17.98
25 tracks, recommended
A fine and varied collection of sides recorded for this small Louisville, Kentucky label in the late 50s/ early 60s. Legendary rocker Dale Hawkins is featured on four obscure sides - the two part hawk Blows Band Plays is pretty forgettable but he does an excellent cover of The Drifters' Money Honey and the jazzy, bluesy the Same Old Way is fine too. Cosmo (Tommy Cosden) and his group The Carnations do an excellent cover of Betty James's great blues I'm A Little Mixed Up and also do a couple of doo-wop songs. Cosmo is featured with The Counts on the bread commercial Let's Do The Taystee Twist Song. The Carnations are also featured on two surf flavored instrumentals The Tren-Dells have four excellent songs - the hard driving rocker Don't You Hear Me Calling baby and three doo-wop songs, one featuring the high pitched vocals of Paul Penny. Also features The Carnations, Paul Penny, The Sultans, Teddy & the Rough Riders and The Hayden Sisters. Good stuff with fine sound and brief notes. (FS)
THE CARNATIONS: Fireball Mail/ Scorpion/ COSMO: Just Words/ Sweetheart Please Don't Go/ I'm a Little Mixed Up/ Let's Do the Taystee Twist Song (Bonus Track - Bread Commercial)/ You Can't Get Kissed/ DALE HAWKINS: Hawk Blows Band Plays Pt. 1/ Hawk Blows Band Plays Pt. 2/ Money Honey/ The Same Old Way/ THE HAYDEN SISTERS: Mr. Blues/ Silent Tears/ PAUL PENNY: Honey/ The Little Things That You Do/ THE SILVERTONES: Eternity/ Jumpin' Jack/ THE SULTANS: It'll Be Easy/ You Got Me Goin'/ TEDDY & THE ROUGH RIDERS: Thuder Head/ Tomahawk/ THE TREN-DELLS: Don't You Hear Me Calling Baby/ I Miss You So/ I'm So Young/ Moments Like This

VARIOUS ARTISTS TItanic 1001 Record Shop Hop - 30 Classic Motor City Rockabillies ● CD $17.98
Reissue of Chief 1256501 featuring 30 rockabilly, rocking country and rock' roll sides recorded for Detroit's Fortune label and its affiliated Strate 8 and Hi-Q label. Some great sides - some not previously on CD. Sound quality is satisfactory though mastering is sloppy with poor editing of intros and endings.
BOBBY BERNELL: Move Over Big Dog (Let a Little Dog In)/ AL BURNETTE: Humpty Dumpty/ PETER DE BREE & WANDERERS: Hey, Mr. Presley/ Long Tall You (From Louisville)/ SHORTY FROG & HIS SPACE CATS: I'm Glad We Didn't Say Goodbye/ Sheddin' Tears Over You/ JIMMY GARTIN & HIS BAD CATS: Honey Won't You Love Me/ BILL HICKS & THE SOUTHERNERS: Blue Flame/ THE HUNT SISTERS & MARK: Elvis Is Rocking Again/ I'm Not Gonna Take It Anymore/ EDDIE JACKSON: Blues I Can't Hide/ Rock and Roll Baby/ ELLIS KIRK & TOWN & COUNTRY BOYS: Sweetie Pie/ KENNY LANE: Columbus Stockade Blues/ Froggy Went a Courtin'/ PATTI LYNN: Same Old Blues/ JIMMY MYERS: After Tomorrow/ Ding Dong Mama From Tennessee/ Drunk Man's Wiggle/ JIM MYERS & TEX REGAN: Pretty Baby Rock/ JOHNNY POWERS & HIS ROCKETS: Honey Let's Go (To a Rock and Roll Party)/ Your Love/ FOREST RYE: Wild Cat Boogie/ RUFUS SHOFFNER: It Always Happens To Me/ EDDIE STAPLETON: Well, I'm Weak/ THE TERRIGAN BROTHERS: Hi Ho Little Girl/ Little Love/ DELL VAUGHN WITH THE FORTUNE AIRES: Rock the Universe/ FARRIS WILDER & HIS BAND: It's All Your Fault/ SLIM WILLIAMS: Tennessee Avenue

LINK WRAY Ace CDCHD 1154 The Pathway Sessions ● CD $18.98
20 tracks, 64 mins, highly recommended
This CD is full of impressive work from Link later on in this master guitar slinger's career. Although recorded in 1989, Link still delivered enough of his classic whomp, that most of this holds up fine next to vintage work. Comprised of mostly B-movie, comic book inspired raunchy instrumentals with a handful of classic cover tunes, to which Link adds some gruff vocals. Essential for Link Wray fans, highly recommended for any rock & roller. (JM)
LINK WRAY: American Sunset/ Apache/ As Long As I Have You/ Beautiful Brown Eyes/ Big Boss Man/ Dallas Blues/ Dick Tracy Private Eye/ Don't Leave Me/ Flying Wedge (The Drag Race)/ Green Hornet/ Hotel Loneliness/ Little Sister/ Love Me Tender/ Raunchy/ Shawnee/ Stars And Stripes Forever/ The Joker/ The Wild One/ Viva Zapata/ Wild Side Of The City Lights


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