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R.CRUMB Complete Record Cover Collection ● BOOK $27.95
Hardback, 96 pages, counts as seven CDs for shipping, essential
Great collection featuring artwork from the distinctive and idiosyncratic hand of Robert Crumb. Not only album covers this includes illustrations related to those covers as well as posters, cartoons and other music related material. It includes all his most famous album covers including his first from 1968 for Big Brother & The Holding Company's "Cheap Thrills," all those famous covers for blues & jazz reissue label Yazoo and it's subsidiary Blue Goose in the 1970s as well as lesser known work for Barrelhouse, Echo, his own Yolo label, Arhoolie and others. Even less well known are the many covers he did in Europe (he moved to France in 1993) including ones for the French group he played in Les Primitifs du Future. In addition there are numerous drawings of legendary musicians from the 20s, 30s and 40s, reproductions of a set of cards of French accordion players, a cartoon booklet he designed for a French Charlie Patton CD, record labels and more. The book is 10"x10" so one can see many of the covers in their full glory. If you're a fan Crumb's artwork this is absolutely indispensible and if not you'll get a kick out of seeing how Crumb's fractured view of the Universe informs his visual interpretations of music! (FS)

ROCKABILLY The Twang Heard Around The World An Illustrated History edited by Michael Dregni ● BOOK $29.98
Hardback, 232 pages, counts as 14 CDs for shipping
Gorgeous, copiously illustrated, coffee table book devoted to rockabilly. Starting off with Elvis at Sun it covers many of Sun's great and lesser known names (Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Warren Smith, etc.) then spreads out to encompass rockabilly around the country (Buddy Holly, Wanda Jackson, Jimmy Lloyd, Gene Vincent, etc.) then looks at some of the artists who kept the rockabilly spirit alive in the 1960s (Jack Scott, Ronnie Hawkins, etc.) and then on to the rockabilly revivals in Europe and the rest of the world. There are sidebars on session musicians, instruments used and more. Though not a comprehensive history of the genre there's lots of useful information provided by writers like Greil Marcus, Peter Guralnick, Robert Gordon, Deke Dickerson and others plus interviews and reminiscences with Wanda Jackson, Carl Perkins, Scotty Moore, Tav Falco, Cliff Gallup, Dale Hawkins, etc. and topping it all off are the more than 600 illustrations including photos, concert posters, record labels, memorabilia and collectibles.



THE BROWN'S FERRY FOUR Gusto 0961-2 Fine Singing Of Wonderful Sacred Country Songs ● CD $8.98
24 tracks, very highly recommended
If you missed out on the two CD featuring the complete recordings of this superb group who recorded for King between 1946 and 1952 don't miss out on this glorious collection featuring a little over half their recordings. The group was an occasional group who mostly got together for radio shows and recordings. The first two sessions in 1946 featured Alton & Rabon Delmore, Grandpa Jones and Merle Travis. The Delmores provide most of the leads with the others providing harmonies - backup is mostly guitar with occasional mandolin and the sound is both gentle and soulful. Their next session in 1947 had Red Foley replacing Travis but the sound was pretty much the same. The group did not record again until 1951 and recorded four sessions in "51 and "52, most of them with The Delmores and Jones but a different fourth member and on one session Jones was replaced by Clyde Moody. The songs are a mix of traditional shape note songs, old spirituals, Alton Delmore originals and other old favorites all performed with absolutely exquisite harmonies. Tracks include Arm Of God/ Eternity Without Him/ Heaven, Eternal For Me/ Jesus Hold My Hand/ On The Jericho Road/ Rock Of Ages, Hide Thou Me and others. Country gospel at its finest. (FS)

JOHN FAHEY Dust-To-Digital 21 Your Past Comes Back To Haunt You ● CD $86.98
5 CDs, 121 tracks, 5 hours 51 min, very highly recommended
Between 1958-1965, before he formed Takoma Records, John Fahey recorded for Joe Bussard's tiny and obscure Fonotone label. Fonotone was a one-man outfit, where Bussard issued 78 rpms as late as 1970. Each 78 was a one-of-a kind acetate cut on Bussard's own slightly off-speed disc cutter. A mere 95 copies makes up the total number of copies released of Fahey's first album, and all his Fonotone material (where Fahey often recorded as Blind Thomas) has been very tough to locate. This LP-sized box set collects the Fonotone material, including ultra-rare takes and even a few fragments. Fahey explores the country blues, murder ballads, gospel and country songs, and even plays the sitar.The 88-page hardback book includes essays by Glenn Jones and Malcolm Kirton, among others, and features a 1967 interview with Fahey, as well as label information, notes on every track, and rare photographs. By itself, the book would be enough to recommend this to Fahey fans. In all, this box set shines a well-deserved light on the often over-looked early career of one of the acoustic guitar's greatest and most eccentric and eclectic innovators. Hats off to Dust-To-Digital for saving this great music from eternal obscurity. A must have for any Fahey fan. (JC)

SLIM GAILLARD Proper BOX 62 Laughing In Rhythm ● CD $26.98 $18.98
4 discs, 103 tracks, essential
ALL your vout needs in one box, loaded with tracks by Slim & Slam, Slim & Bam, Slim & His Flat Foot Floogie Boys & various trios, quartets & of course, his Shintoists! Starting with his rare coupling as singer for Frankie Newton & His Uptown Serenaders, with such greats as Edmund Hall, Cozy Cole & Russell Procope, it's on to the classics - Flat Foot Floogie/ Cement Mixer (Putti Putti)/ Tutti Frutti/ Vol Vist Du Gaily Star/ Chicken Rhythm/ Yip Roc Heresy, & the legendary Opera In Vout! Complete with booklet filled with pics & facts! (GM)
SLIM GAILLARD: 8,9 And 10/ A-Well-A-Take-Em Joe(Crapshooter's Jive)/ African Jive/ Ah Now/ Arabian Boogie/ Atomatic Cocktail/ B-19/ Baby Be Mine/ Bartender's Just Like A Mother/ Bassology/ Beatin' The Board/ Bingie-Bingie-Scootie/ Bongo/ Bongo City/ Boogin' At Berg's/ Boot-Ta-La-Za/ Broadway Jump/ Buck Dance Rhythm/ Cause My Baby Says It's So/ Cement Mixer/ Central Avenue Boogie/ Chicken Rhythm/ Chinatown, My Chinatown/ Chittin' Swith Blues/ Dizzy Boogie/ Don't Let Us Say Goodbye/ Dopey Joe/ Down By The Station/ Drei Six Cent/ Dunkin' Bagel/ Early In The Morning/ Early Mornin' Boogie/ Eatin' With The Boogie/ Ferdinand The Bull/ Fitzwater Street/ Flat Foot Floogie/ Flat Foot Floogie/ Ghost Of A Chance/ Gomen Nasai (Forgive Me)/ Groove Juice Special/ Harlem Hunch/ Hey! Chef/ Hit That Mess/ Huh!, Uh-Huh!/ It's Gettin' Kinda Chilly/ It's You, Only You/ Jump Session/ Jumpin' At The Record Shop/ Laguna/ Laughin' In Rhythm/ Little Red Riding Woods/ Look Out/ Look-A-There/ Looking For A Place To Park/ Make It Do/ Matzoh Balls/ Mean Mama Blues/ Mean Pretty Mama/ Momma's In The Kitchen/ Novachord Boogie/ Opera In Vout Part.I/ Palm Spring Jump/ Please Wait Fro Me/ Poip! Poip!/ Popity Pop/ Potato Chips/ Puerto Vootie/ Put Your Arms Around Me, Baby/ Queen's Boogie/ Ra-Da-Da-Da/ Rhythm Mad/ Riff City/ Sabroso/ Santa Monica Jump/ School Kids' Hop/ Serenade To A Poodle/ Sightseeing Boogie/ Signing Boogie/ Slim Gaillard's Boogie/ Slim Slam Boogie/ Slim's Cement Boogie/ Slim's Jam/ Sploghm/ Sweet Safronia/ Swingin' In The Key Of C/ Taxpayers Blues/ Tee Say Malee/ That's A Bringer/ There No Two Ways About It/ Tip Light/ Tip On The Numbers/ Travelin' Blues/ Tutti Freutti/ Tutti Frutti/ Vol Vist Du Gaily Star/ Vout Boogie/ Vout Oreenee/ When Banana Skin Is Falling/ Windy City Hop/ Yep-Roc-Heresay/ You Goofed

PAUL GAYTEN El Toro R&B 116 Ain't Nothin' Happenin' - Cool Jump Blues, 1947-1957 ● CD $17.98 $13.98
30 tracks, highly recommended
Superb collection of New Orleans blues focusing on the talents of the outstanding singer/ pianist/ songwriter/ bandleader and producer Paul Gayten. About half the tracks are by Gayten himself while the rest features sides produced by Gayten and backed by Gayten's band including vocalists Annie Laurie, Joe "Mr. Google Eyes" August, Larry Darnell and Charles "Hungry" Williams and instrumentalist Lee Allen. Joining Gayten's sterling piano work are such fine musicians as guitarist Edgar Blanchard, teno saxist Lee Alen, trumpeter Wallace Davenport and others. The tracks are arranged chronologically so one can watch the development of the music from the mellow West Coast falvored stylings to the more hard driving New Orleans sound that defined the music of the city. Although a fair number of the tracks have been reissued before this is the first time they have been brought together under the rubric of the man who made them all possible. Includes the R&B chart hits For You My Love/ Cuttin' Out and I'll Never Be Free Sound is excellent and there are informative notes by Dave Penny. (FS)
LEE ALLEN: Drivin' Home (Part 2)/ Gayten's Nightmare/ LARRY DARNELL: For You My Love/ PAUL GAYTEN: Back Trackin'/ Cow Cow Blues/ Creole Gal/ Down Boy/ For You My Love/ Get It/ Hey Little Girl/ If You Love Me, Tell Me So/ It Ain't Nothin' Happenin'/ Nervous Boogie/ Oooh-La-La/ The Music Goes Round And Round/ The Sweeper/ Tickle Toe/ Yeah Yeah Yeah/ Yellow Dog/ You Better Believe It/ Your Hands Ain't Clean/ ANNIE LAURIE: Annie's Blues/ Cuttin' Out/ I Still Love You/ My Rough And Ready Man/ One Sweet Letter From You/ I Ain't Gonna Let You In/ I'll Never Be Free/ MR GOOGLE EYES: Young Boy/ CHARLES "HUNGRY" WILLIAMS: So Glad She's Mine

WOODY GUTHRIE Smithsonian Folkways 40025 Struggle ● CD $15.98 $8.98
Reissue of 1976 album (Folkways 2485) issued on the two hundredth anniversary of the American Revolution featuring songs by Woody about the struggles of the American working man. Several of the songs were previously unissued prior to the release. Helping Woody on some cuts are Cisco Houston/ guitar & vocals and Sonny Terry/ harmonica. Songs include Struggle Blues/ Get Along Little Doggies/ Waiting At the Gate/ Union Burying Ground/ Buffalo Skinners/ Ludlow Massacre and others. (FS)

MISSISSIPPI JOHN HURT Spring Fed 108 Discovery ● CD $15.98
19 tracks, 68 mins, highly recommended
What a delightful discovery - the first recordings made by the great Mississippi John Hurt the day after blues researcher Tom Hoskins knocked on his door in March, 1963 on an inspired guess that John might still be living in the town that John sang about in his OKeh recording "Avalon Blues." So began a short new career traveling around the country delighting people with his wonderful music. The day after his first appearance Hoskins returned with a tape recorder and spent an afternoon recording him and, finally, these recordings are being made available. The recordings are informal with family and friends coming in and, in some cases, joining JOhn on the vocals and, for a while, a rooster crowing very loudly! The songs are all ones that John was to return to again and again on his commercial recordings and live performances - Nobody's Business/ Stack O'Lee/ Coffee Blues/ Candy Man/ Got The Blues/ Spike Driver Blues/ Louis Collins and others but these recordings will hold a special place on the hearts of country blues lovers for their spontaneity. Here was a man who had spent most of his life as a farmer when, out of the blue, a young white man knocks on his door. At first Hurt thought he might be an FBI agent but Hoskins reassured him that he was there because he loved his music and the next day John was creating that magical music that only he was capable of. If you are not familiar with Hurt's music this is probably not the place to start since the recording quality isn't all that great and Hurt's performances are not as polished but if you love Hurt's music as I do this will send a shiver down your spine and possibly bring a tear to your eye! The recordings include a 16 minute interview with Hurt. Simply magical. (FS)

ETTA JAMES Hip-O Select 15545-02 Heart & Soul - A Retrospective ● CD $59.98
4 CDs, 84 tracks, 284 mins, highly recommended
Another wonderful lavishly produced limited edition set from Hip-O Select. And Etta James is certainly worth the lavish treatment. This career spanning collection gives you pretty much all of the tracks that you would want from this queen of Rhythm & Blues. For those of you who think that Etta James was only good to a certain point in the 1960s, you have a lot of proof of her greatness on these disks, for while her greatest material fills up the first two CDs here, there are excellent songs throughout all four disks of this set; after all, Etta James is still making good music to this day. From The Wallflower (aka Roll With Me Henry,) and Good Rockin' Daddy, to The Pick Up/ Don't Stop The Wedding/ Pushover/ Tell Mama, and her duet with the great Sugar Pie DeSanto In The Basement, to Miss Pitiful, her cover of Alice Cooper's Only Women Bleed/I've Got Dreams To Remember, or The Sky Is Crying, you get one great song after anther. The beautiful, embossed, clothbound packaging contains extensive liner notes, great pictures, recording info etc. making for a collection that will sit proudly on your shelves and fill your house with great music. (JM)
ETTA JAMES: 842-3089 (Call My Name)/ A Lover Is Forever/ A Sunday Kind of Love/ All I Could Do Was Cry/ All the Way Down/ Almost Persuaded/ Ashes by Now*/ At Last/ Baby, What You Want Me to Do/ Breaking Point/ Crazy Feeling/ Damn Your Eyes/ Do I Make Myself Clear?/ Do Right Woman, Do Right Man/ Don't Cry Baby/ Don't Explain/ Don't Go to Strangers/ Down So Low/ Every Night (aka Baby Baby Every Night)/ Feelin' Uneasy/ Fool That I Am/ God's Song (That's Why I Love Mankind)/ Good Rockin' Daddy/ Higher Ground*/ How Strong Is a Woman/ I Believe I Can Fly/ I Found a Love/ I Just Want to Make Love to You/ I Prefer You/ I Wish Someone Would Care/ I'd Rather Go Blind/ I've Got Dreams to Remember/ If I Can't Have You/ If I Had Any Pride Left at All/ In the Basement, Pt. 1/ It Must Be Your Love/ It's Here for You*/ Let's Burn Down the Cornfield/ Losers Weepers, Pt. 1/ Love Letters/ Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be?)/ Lovin' Arms/ Lovin' You More Every Day/ Miss Pitiful/ My Dearest Darling/ My Heart Cries/ Never My Love/ Next Door to the Blues/ On the 7th Day/ Only Time Will Tell/ Only Women Bleed/ Out of the Rain/ Pay Back/ Please Send Me Someone to Love/ Pushover/ Sail Away/ Security/ Something's Got a Hold on Me/ Spoonful/ St. Louis Blues/ Stop the Wedding/ Stormy Weather/ Strange Things Happening Every Day/ Sunshine of Love/ Take It to the Limit/ Tell Mama/ The Blues Is My Business/ The Man I Love/ The Pick Up/ The Same Rope/ The Sky Is Crying/ The Soul of a Man/ The Wallflower (aka Roll With Me Henry)/ There's Something on Your Mind/ These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)/ Tough Lover/ Trust in Me/ Two Sides (To Every Story)/ W-O-M-A-N/ Waiting for Charlie (To Come Home)/ What's Wrong&/ Whatever Gets You Through the Night/ Would It Make Any Differenceto You/ You Got It

ETTA JAMES Kent CDKEND 361 Losers Weepers With Bonus Tracks ● CD $18.98
22 tracks, 75 mins, highly recommended
Following up their first-time-on-CD re-issue of James' 1967 album "Call My Name" (Kent 360 - $18.98u), Kent has re-issued the 1971 Cadet LP "Losers Weepers." With the exception of two tracks - Take Out Some Insurance and You're the Fool - that appeared the Etta compilation "Who's Blue" (Kent 345 - $18.98), "Losers Weepers" is presented for the first time on CD. For an album that was overlooked at the time, it holds up surprisingly well, which is all the more amazing as it was recorded at a time when Etta was at the height of her heroin dependency. Songs like I Think it's You/ Hold Back My Tears/ Look at the Rain/ Ease Away a Little Bit at a Time/I Got it Bad and That Ain't Good, and the title track (which scraped into R&B Top 30) are Etta in full flight, and listening to them one would never know that she was strung out most of the time. The bonus tracks consist of five numbers from the prior LP, 1970's "Etta James Sings Funk" - singles Tighten Up Your Own Thing and "Nothing From Nothing Leaves Nothing, Quick Reaction and Satisfaction, and The Sound of Love are the keepers-and assorted singles and tracks from 1972 and "73. As with the album tracks, James is in her element and never less than good, even on otherwise ordinary remakes of Tell It Like it Is and Never My Love. These two Etta James re-issues, taken with the earlier "Who's Blue" collection, are a testament to Kent's ongoing efforts to reacquaint the world with the lady's lost treasures. (GMC)

JO ANN KELLY Superbird 051 Key To The Highway ● CD $19.98
22 tracks, 69 mins, highly recommended
Originally issued on the Mooncrest label in 1999 this is an excellent collection of songs (mostly previously unissued) recorded between 1968 and 1974 by this superb British blues singer plus two interviews from 1988. Jo Ann is recorded in several settings, often live, accompanied by British musicians like Tony McPhee (gtr), Bob Hall (piano & mandolin), Dick Wellstood (piano), Pete Emery (gtr) and others. The tracks with Hall are particularly nice as he adds some nice Spann like touches to the performances. Jo Ann also contributes some fine guitar. Songs are mostly country and down home blues favorites (I've Been Scorned/ Rolling Log Blues/ I Can't Be Satisfied/ Key To The Highway/ Black Rat Swing/ Louisiana Blues, etc.). She also turns in a beautiful performance of Hank Williams' You Win Again with excellent rolling piano from Hall and a fine Billie Holiday flavored jazz blues Two Nineteen Blues. Some of the live cuts have unexceptional sound but, all in all, while not always Jo Ann at her best there's lots of fine music here. These tracks were also included on the two CD set "Black Rat SWing" issued on Castle in 2003 and now out of print. (FS)

JIMMY KIRKLAND Rollercoaster 3054 Cool Daddy ● CD $22.98 $16.98
28 tracks, 74 mins, recommended
Here's something that you don't see very often: a parental advisory sticker on a CD collection full of songs all recorded about 50 years ago or more. That warning is mostly for the raunchy versions of Goodnight Irene, and Love Me Tender, as well as originals like Bang Bang Lulu, and Hang Them High At Christmas, that make up the final part of this collection. To me, those songs illustrate one part of what Jimmy Kirkland might have been like. He seems like a Rockabilly cat with the heart of a Lounge singer, or a Lounge singer with the heart of a rockabilly cat, I can't quite decide. There are some great tracks here; Kirkland does some good versions of Long Tall Sally/ Baby, Let's Play House/ Lawdy Miss Clawdy, etc., as well as some pretty good originals from Kirkland and his sometimes performing partner Cecelia Brown. I think my favorite tracks on this are their instrumentals like the moody Cecelia, and the swingin' Jimmy's Jump, and Marvin The Martian. All in all, this is a bit of a mixed bag. Jimmy Kirkland is an artist that I have never heard of before, after listening to this a couple times I come away from it really digging a lot of what's on here and wincing at other parts. If you are a hardcore Rockabilly collector, you will probably want this, less devoted fans of the genre might want to take a pass. (JM)

BILLY LEE & THE RUGBEATERS Collector 4542 Early Rockin' ● CD $16.98 $11.98
26 tracks, 80 min., recommended
Although no recording dates are provided, these tapes are presumably from the 1970s and "80s. But Massachusetts rock and roller Billy Lee works hard to sound like he's coming from 1957, and on this CD he succeeds. On these live cuts and alternate takes, BL captures the 1950s feel like few have and puts out some pretty decent songs while he's at it. The potential weakness of offering two versions of 5 of the songs never materializes. The versions appear back-to-back, but the programmer wisely put the better version second. Of course there are inherent limitations and dangers when one chooses life in a time capsule. (JC)

LOUISIANA RED Tomato (Germany) 269 607-2 Midnight Rambler ● CD $11.98 $6.98
Louisiana Red is a talented singer, guitarist and songwriter who has been rather over-recorded in the past 20 years. This set features 19 songs recorded in 1975 before his over exposure, some of which were previously released on the Blue Labor label. This compact disc features 8 previously unissued sides. Red was in good form on these songs, mostly self written or written by producer Kent Cooper. He plays acoustic guitar with some nice slide playing from time to time. The notes by producer Cooper are a bit self serving but interesting. (FS)

BARBARA LYNN Kent CDKEND 362 A Good Woman - Complete Tribe & Jet Stream Singles ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 61 mins, highly recommended
Barbara Lynn was a rarity in early sixties R&B: she wrote and sang her own songs and played guitar (left handed, like Hendrix). Under the guidance of mentor, producer and Texas music legend - the infamous Huey Meaux, Lynn scored big in 1962 with You'll Lose a Good Thing. That hit, and many others, was issued through Jamie Records who had a distribution deal with Meaux; when the Jamie deal expired in 1965, Meaux continued releasing Lynn's records through his own local labels Tribe and Jet Stream. It is these post Jamie singles that are compiled on this CD for the first time; the lack of hit action on sides as good as I'm a Good Woman/ Running Back, and You Left the Water Running, has to attributed to the limited distribution of the Tribe label because these songs are as sophisticated as anything Dionne Warwick was putting out at the same time. And her touch with other peoples' material-the bluesy version of Joe Tex's Watch the One (That Brings the Bad News), Penn/Hall's You Left the Water Running - was as deft as on her own. There was a late 60's/early 70's stint with Atlantic from which the sublime (Until Then) I'll Suffer and the funky You Better Quit It date from, and they prove that Lynn was able to adapt to the changing times without missing a beat. Even her Disco era tracks are good. All soul fans should give this CD a listen. (GMC)

MIRIAM MAKEBA Not Now 413 The Sweet Sound Of Africa ● CD $9.98
2 CDs, 45 tracks, 114 mins, highly recommended
The queen of African popular music, the original recordings that made her famous world-wide what more do you want from a CD? This collects Makeba's two 1960 albums; her self-titled debut album and "The Many Voices Of Miriam Makeba," plus earlier recordings with The Skylarks and The Manhattan Brothers. Includes the original album version of Phata Phata and The Click Song her rousing version of Mbube (the root song of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight,") Thaayi/ Nagual (Witch Doctor Song,)/ Where Does It Lead? a cool version of House Of The Rising Sun, The Naughty Little Flea, and many more great songs. Truly a musical genius and someone who doesn't get near the respect and airplay that she deserves, this collection is all the proof that you need. (JM)

THE PENGUINS Jasmine 176 Earth Angel - The Cool Sounds Of West Coast Doo Wop ● CD $15.98
Two CDs, 40 tracks, 103 mins, very highly recommended
Although The Penguins original recording of the Earth Angel is among the most popular doo-wop songs of all time they were never able to repeat their success with only one other title briefly appearing in the R&B charts. The L.A. group featuring the superb lead vocals of Cleve Duncan signed to Dootsie Williams' Dootone label in 1954 and their second release was the uptempo Hey Senorita backed with Earth Angel. Williams pushed the up-tempo side but DJ Dick "Huggy Boy" Hugg started playing the flip and the disc took off reaching #1 in the R&B charts and #8 in the pop charts. The first half of the first disc features all their Dootone singles from 1954 and "55 including the bluesy Kiss A Fool Goodbye, the lovely Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild with pretty backbeat piano. With subsequent lack of success their manager Buck Ram got them a contract with Mercury where they cut many fine sides over the next couple of years including remakes of Dootone songs including a remake of Earth Angel which is very close to the original but includes an intrusive glockenspiel! After one release on Atlantic in 1957 - the minor hit Pledge Of Love the group returned to Dootone who released three singles and the LP The Cool Cool Penguins. In spite of the quality of these sides that elusive hit never materialized and the group effectively split up in 1959. All these recordings are here in excellent sound and with informative notes by Bob Fisher. Another invaluable release from Jasmine who have being doing such a fine job documenting the music of some of the greatest doo-wop groups. (FS)
THE PENGUINS: A Christmas Prayer/ Baby Let's Make Some Love/ Be Mine Or Be A Fool/ Be My Loving Baby/ Butterball/ Cold Heart/ Cool Baby Cool/ Dealer Of Dreams/ Devil That I See/ Do Not Pretend/ Don't Do It/ Earth Angel (1955)/ Earth Angel (1956)/ Heart Of A Fool/ Hey Senorita/ I Ain't Gonna Cry No More/ I Knew I'd Fall In Love/ Ice/ If You're Mine/ It Only Happens With You/ Jingle Jangle/ Kiss A Fool Goodbye/ Let Me Make Up Your Mind/ Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild/ Lover Or Fool/ Money Talks/ My Troubles Are Not At An End/ No There Ain't No News Today/ Ookey Ook/ Peace Of Mind/ Pledge Of Love/ Promises Promises Promises/ She's Gone Gone/ Sweet Love/ That's How Much I Need You/ The Sound Of Your Voice/ Walkin' Down Broadway/ Want Me/ Will You Be Mine/ You're An Angel

PROFESSOR LONGHAIR Sunny Side 3049 Rock "n' Roll Gumbo ● CD $15.98
14 tracks, very highly recommended
Available again. A classic revisited and improved! This album was recorded in 1974 for the French Blue Star label and it has been remixed by the album's original producer Philippe Rault and two previously unissued songs from the session have been added. The remix gives added emphasis to Fess's superb piano and the sound is brighter and crisper. On this session, Fess was joined by a superb rhythm section and splendid guitarist Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown. Fess is in top form on a selection of New Orleans classics (Junco Partner/ Rockin' Pneumonia/ Tipitina), R&B favorites (Mean Ol' World/ Dr. Professor Longhair), a calypso (Rum & Coke) and country favorite Jambalaya (with bluesy fiddle by Gate). One of his best albums. (FS)

HANK SNOW Omni 148 Songs Of Tragedy ● CD $17.98
25 tracks, 79 mins, highly recommended
Hank Snow, the "Singing Ranger," sang a lot of great songs, but there was always a little something extra special in his songs of woe and trouble. This fine collection gets right to the heart of the matter. Hank Snow certainly had a long and successful career, and the recordings featured here were made during one of the many high points of his career, right at the heels of I've Been Everywhere, probably his biggest hit ever. These recordings come from sessions helmed by Chet Atkins and features such players as Hargis "Pig" Robbins on piano, and Harold Bradley on guitar. This CD compiles the original 1964 album "Songs Of Tragedy" and the 1958 album "When Tragedy Struck" in their entirety, as well as two mid "60s tracks. Highlights include The Prisoner's Song/ Walking The Last Mile/ Your Little Band Of Gold/ A Drunkard's Child/ The Convict and the Rose/ There's A Little Box Of Pine on the 7:29, and more. If you have been following the Country music releases that Omni records have been putting out, you will know what to expect; they definitely like to feature Country artists' more experimental and dramatic outings. (JM)

DAVE STOGNER B.A.C.M. 356 Western Swing Time ● CD $14.98
28 tracks, highly recommended
Terrific collection of western swing recorded between 1951 and "57 by Texan Dave Stogner. Stogner started playing in western swing bands in 1937 and moved to Fresno, California in the early 40s where he started working with his own bands. He modeled his style on that of his idol Milton Brown & His Brownies and he liked Brown so much that he recorded several Brown numbers and took composer credits for himself! His first recordings made for the obscure Morgan label in 1951 features some great stripped down performances with Stogner's fine vocals accompanied by lead guitar, rhythm guitar and steel and the guitar and steel players get a chance to really shine on these songs. Subsequent recordings - mostly for small local labels find him adding piano and then fiddle to the mix. This set also includes a couple of tracks with Stogner's band accompanying nondescript honky tonk vocalist Al Brumley. In 1957 he was signed by Decca and cut an album in their highly regarded "Dance-O-Rama" series and this fine LP is included io it's entirety here. For this session Stogner's band was joined by the brilliant ex-Bob Wills fiddler Fiddling Joe Holley and there are five instrumentals which provide a showcase for Holley's dazzling technique. The disc ends with two cuts recorded for the Chief label (not the Chicago label) where the performances show the influence of rock "n' roll. An exemplary release with excellent sound and high quality notes by Kevin Coffey. (FS)
DAVE STOGNER: (You're As) Pretty As A Picture/ Bandera Polka (instr.)/ Big Yellow Moon/ Black Cat Stomp (instr.)/ C-Jam Blues (instr.)/ Cattle Call (instr.)/ Everything Happens To Me/ Father Pillow Rag (instr.)/ Hard Top Race/ Hard Top Race (Stock Car Boogie)/ I Dream Of An Old Love Affair/ Juke Box Love/ Juke Box Love (2)/ Oh Sweet Mama/ Star Dust (instr.)/ Stepping Stones/ Sugar Coated Sweetheart/ T-For-Texas/ Tennessee Sweetheart (instr.)/ Texas Hambone Blues/ The Star (instr.)/ Tulsa Baby/ Walkin' On Easy Street/ When My Dream Boat Comes Home/ Woodchopper's Ball (instr.)/ Yes Sir/ Yes Sir (2)/ You've Got Me Cryin'

ROOSEVELT SYKES/ VICTORIA SPIVEY Sequel 284 Grind It! - Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival, Vol. 3 ● CD $15.98 $8.98
15 tracks, 50 min., recommended
Originally on the Schoolkids label. This volume from the 1973 Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival features two pre-war old timers who knew each other well but as they were recorded on different days, the opportunity to perform together was missed. Singer/pianist Roosevelt Sykes performs a few of his hits, Driving Wheel & Night Time Is The Right Time, as well as the crowd-pleaser, Dirty Mother For You. Singer/pianist Victoria Spivey is accompanied by her own band (The Brooklyn Blues Busters), performing her own Black Snake Blues, Brooklyn Bridge Blues, and the hilarious You're A Rank Stud, first recorded in 1936 by her sister Sweet Pease Spivey. (EL)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1316 Rock Your Baby - 24 Red Hot Rompers For Children Of All Ages ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 58 mins, recommended
Are you tired of your children listening to those tired Raffi CDs and want something a little hipper to soothe their ears and expand their musical horizons, then this is the CD for you: twenty four songs chosen by BBC DJ and comedian Mark Lamarr that the discerning child (in all of us) will not be able to resist. Kicking off with Louis Jordan's rollicking Barnyard Boogie, this collection takes the listener on a journey wanders through everything from Wayne Cochran's Monkey Monkey (You Do It Like This), The Kingsmen's Jolly Green Giant, and Johnny Cash's Nasty Dan to The Carlisles' Knock Knock (You Can't Come In), and classics Clarence "Frogman" Henry's Ain't Got No Home, Shirley Ellis' The Name Game and The Newbeats' Bread and Butter. There's nothing really profound on this disc, just good clean fun for all ages. (GMC)
BLIND BLAKE & THE ROYAL VICTORIA HOTEL CALYPSO: Foolish Frog/ CAB CALLOWAY: Everybody Eats When They Come To My House/ THE CARLISLES: Knock Knock/ WAYNE CARSON: I Couldn't Spell !!*@!/ JOHNNY CASH: Nasty Dan/ WAYNE COCHRAN: Monkey Monkey (You Do It Like This)/ KING COLEMAN: The Boo Boo Song/ SONNY DAY & THE RARE BREED: Tarzan/ SHIRLEY ELLIS: The Name Game/ CLARENCE "FROGMAN" HENRY: Ain't Got No Home/ LOUIS JORDAN: Barnyard Boogie/ THE KINGSMEN: Jolly Green Giant/ SIDNEY JO(E) LEWIS (AKA HARDROCK GUNTER): Boppin To Grandfather's Clock/ LORD FLEA: Naughty Little Flea/ BOB MCFADDEN & DOR: The Mummy/ THE MIXTURES: Olive Oyl/ THE NEWBEATS: Bread And Butter/ THE PEELS: Scrooey Mooey/ KING PERRY: The Animal Song/ ROCHEE & THE SARNOS: Mexi Love Song/ SAM THE SHAM: Oh That's Good, No That's Bad/ CLIFFIE STONE: Jump Rope Boogie/ ANDRE WILLIAMS: The Greasy Chicken/ SHEB WOOLEY: Monkey Jive

VARIOUS ARTISTS Acrobat 3025 The Greatest Country Hits Of 1954 ● CD $18.98 $12.98
Just what it says. A two CD set 58 tracks including the biggest country hits of 1954 including Bimbo by Jim Reeves, Slowly by Webb Pierce, Run "Em Off by Lefty Frizzell, Release Me by Ray Price, Rose-Marie by Slim Whitman and lots more goodies from Billy Walker, Johnnie & Jack, Hank Snow, Marty Robbins, Eddy Arnold, Porter Wagoner, The Carlisles and many more. Excellent sound and 20 page booklet has informative notes on all the performances by Bob Fisher.
EDDY ARNOLD: Hep Cat baby/ I really Don't want To Know/ My Everything/ This Is The Thanks I Get/ JIM ED & MAXINE BROWN: Looking Back To see/ THE CARLISLES: Honey Love/ Shake A leg/ TOMMY COLLINS: Whatcha Gonna Do Now/ You Better Noy Do That/ LITTLE JIMMY DICKENS: Out Behind The barn/ TERRY FELL & THE FELLERS: Don't Drop It/ TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD: River Of No Return/ LEFTY FRIZZELL: Run Em Off/ JIMMY HEAP: Release Me/ GOLDIE HILL & JUSTIN TUBB: Looking Back To see/ JIMMY & JOHNNY: If You Don't Somebody Else Will/ JOHNNIE & JACK: Beware Of It/ Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight/ Honey I Need You/ Kiss Crazy baby/ Oh baby Mine I Get So Lonely/ JIMMY NEWMAN: Cry Cry Darling/ WEBB PIERCE: Even Tho/ More & More/ Slowly/ You're Not Mine Anymore/ Sparkling Brown Eyes/ RAY PRICE: I'll Be There (If you Ever want Me)/ If You Don't Somebody Else Will/ Much Too Young To Die/ Release Me/ JIM REEVES: Bimbo/ Penny Candy/ Then Ill stop loving You/ MARTY ROBBINS: Call Me Up (I'll Come calling On You/ Pretty Words/ CARL SMITH: Back Up Buddy/ Doggone It Baby I'm In Love/ Go Boy Go/ More Than Anything Else In The World/ HANK SNOW: I Don't Hurt Anymore/ That Crazy Mambo Thing/ AL TERRY: Good Deal Lucille/ HANK THOMPSON: Breakin The Rules/ Honky Tonk gal/ New Green Light/ Wake Up Irene/ Weve Gone Too Far/ ERNEST TUBB: Two Glasses Joe/ T. TEXAS TYLER: Courtin In The Rain/ PORTER WAGONER: Company's Comin'/ BILLY WALKER: Thank You For Calling/ KITTY WELLS AND RED FOLEY: One By One/ SLIM WHITMAN: Rose Marie/ Secret Love/ GINNY WRIGHT & JIM REEVES: I Love You/ FARON YOUNG: A Place For Girls Like You/ If You Aint Lovin

VARIOUS ARTISTS Acrobat ACMCD 4005 Texas Blues, Vol. 3 - Gonna Play The Honky Tonks ● CD $13.98 $9.98
20 tracks, 53 mins, recommended
Another fine collection if not quite as strong as the first two volumes. This volume includes three non Texas artists who Memphis Slim, Walter Brown and Jimmy McCracklin - all fine performances but a little out of place, particularly considering the relatively low number of tracks on each disc. Returning from previous volumes are Carl Campbell. Peppermint Harris, Goree Carter (including a great instrumental issued under the name Rocky Thompson), Joe "Papoose" Fritz, Elmore Nixon, Fatman Smith and Lonnie Lyons - all with fine performances. New to this disc are fine piano player/ vocalist Willie Johnson, Henry Hayes, Marie Adams (hew great 1952 hit I'm Gonna Play The Honky Tonks) and Sonny Parker with a terrific rendition of Worried Life Blues).
MARIE ADAMS: I'm Gonna Play The Honky Tonks/ WALTER BROWN: Abc Blues/ The Search/ CARL CAMPBELL: Goin Down To Nashville/ GOREE CARTER: I've Got News For You/ I'll Send You/ JOE "PAPOOSE" FRITZ: Better Wake Up Baby/ Real Fine Girl/ PEPPERMINT HARRIS: Fat Girl Boogie/ HENRY HAYES: I'm Just Another Fool/ WILLIE JOHNSON AND HIS ORCHESTRA: Sampson St. Boogie/ LONNIE LYONS: Betrayed/ Helpless/ JIMMY McCRACKLIN: She's Gone/ ELMORE NIXON: You See Me Smiling/ SONNY PARKER: Worried Life Blues/ FATMAN SMITH: Giddy Up,giddy Up/ ROBERT SMITH: Freeway Boogie/ ROCKY THOMPSON: Bullcorn Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 357 4 Star Roundup, Volume 2 ● CD $14.98
25 tracks, highly recommended
Complementing B.A.C.M. 110 this is another fine collection of tracks recorded in the 40s and 50s for Bill McCall's 4 Star label - an important West Coast independent that launched the careers of such well known country artists as Ferlin Husky, Webb Pierce, Patsy Cline others. Most of the artists here are pretty obscure but McCall obviously had an ear for talent as many of the artists here are excellent performers. Artists include Don Whitney, Paul Westmoreland, Jimmy Short (Ernest Tubb's guitarist with a terrific rendition of Rex Griffin's Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby that probably provided the template for Carl Perkins' rockabilly version), Hal Hart, Alan Moore (splendid honky tonk singer), Merl LIndsay (lightweight but fine western swing), William Moore (fine hillbilly gospel), Paul Steen ( aterrific rendition of Karl & Harty's Don't Monkey Around With My Widder with some hot and almost rockabilly styled guitar), Paul Thibodeaux (a fine Cajun French rendition of the country standard Just Because), Jack Tucker, Stuart Hamblen (probably the best known artist here), Morris MIlls and others. Sound is generally excellent and their are brief notes on most of the artists by Dave Penny. (FS)
THE 4 STAR COUNTRY BOYS: Drive Slowly Baby/ DOC DENNING & THE 4 STAR RANGERS: I Should Have Known/ GLENELL & JONELL (THE MCQUAIG TWINS): No Time/ CLAUDE HAM: Moonlight Over Blue Water/ STUART HAMBLEN & HIS LUCKY STARS: Bluebonnets For Her Golden Hair/ HAL HART: Than Suffer Jealousy/ R. D. HENDON & THE WESTERN JAMBOREE COWBOYS: I Can't Run Away/ WADE HOLMES & HIS BAND: You're Too Tired For Me/ BILLY HUGHES: Echoes Of The Trail/ COUSIN FORD LEWIS: I'll Paint Your Picture In My Memory/ MERL LINDSAY & OKLAHOMA NIGHT RIDERS: Gotta Little Red Wagon/ MORRIS MILLS & THE RITHUMAKERS: Don't Walk Upon My Broken Heart/ WILLIAM MOORE & THE COUNTRY COUSINS: Bugle Call From Heaven/ ALAN MOORE & THE MOUNTAINEERS: It's A Blue Monday/ JIMMY SHORT & SILVER SADDLE RANCH BOYS: Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby/ PAUL STEEN & THE CAROLINA DRIFTERS: Don't Monkey Around With My Widder/ BILL TAYLOR & LUCKY WHITE & THE BAND: Yo Yo Heart/ PAL THIBDODEAUX: Just Because/ FRED THORNTON & SONS OF THE GOLDEN WEST: I Know You're Trying To Hide A Boken Heart/ JACK TUCKER & THE OKLAHOMA PLAYBOYS: To Blue To Cry/ AL VAUGHAN: You Are The One/ HUB WAGONER & RHYTHM RANCH BOYS: Things Are Different Now/ PAUL WESTMORELAND: Howl And Prowl/ DON WHITNEY: Riverside Rag/ SLIM WILLIAMS: Dying Before My Time

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dust-To-Digital 20 Listen To The Wind That Obliterates My Traces ● CD $45.98
Two CDs with 51 tracks with 184 page hardbound book., recommended
This gorgeous package brings together a collection of early photographs related to music, a group of 78rpm recordings, and short excerpts from various literary sources that are contemporary with the sound and images. The hard cover book is 184 pages with 150 great sepia toned photos of musicians and musical instruments. The two CDs are a mixed bag displaying a variety of recordings, including one-off amateur recordings, regular commercial releases, and early sound effects records. The commercial recordings are a mix of blues, old time country, spirituals and pop - some familiar and some making their first appearance on CD and range from fabulous (Alfred G. Karnes, Sylvester Weaver) to pretty mediocre ( John Jacob Niles, Roland Hayes). Other artists include Ernest Thompson, NIck Lucas, Bradley Kincaid, Ex-Governer Alf Taylor's Old LImber Quartet (very nice!), Kelly Harrell, Gabriel Brown, Frank Luther, Chubby Parker, Sol Hoopii's Novelty Trio, Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers and others. The anonymous home recordings are mostly mediocre and the sound effects are brief but not really relevant. The book also contains an essay by Steve Roden who culled his collection for photographs and recordings for this set. (FS)
Disc 1: 1. Wind - HMV WEATHER EFFECTS/ John Henry - JOHN JACOB NILES/ Untitled - ANONYMOUS/ Then We'll Need That True Religion - REVEREND EDWARD CLAYBORN/ In The Baggage Coach Ahead - ERNEST THOMPSON/ Blue Blazes Blues - EMERY GLEN/ Walking On Ice - GENNETT SOUND EFFECTS/ Kind Lovin' Blues - Clara Smith/ If You Hadn't Gone Away - NICK LUCAS/ Beautiful Mansion Of Gold - ANONYMOUS/ I See My Pretty Papa Standing On A Hill - EVA PARKER/ The Rosary - PALE K LUA/ Mocking Bird - GENNETT SOUND EFFECT/ Froggie Went A-Courting - BRADLEY KINKAID/ Damfino Stump - SYLVESTER WEAVER/ Montana Call - SEGER ELLIS/ When They Ring The Golden Bells - ALFRED G KARNES/ Mandolin Instrumental - ANONYMOUS/ The Stranger - ANONYMOUS/ Brother Noah Built An Ark - EX-GOVERNOR ALF TAYLOR'S OLD LIMBER QUARTET/ A Little Love A Little Kiss - ED LANG/ Canadian Geese - STANDARD RADIO SOUNDS EFFECT/ Reaching For The Moon - ROY SMECK'S TRIO/ I Want To Go Home - ROLAND HAYES/ The Old Grey Horse - OBED PICKARD OF STATION WSM, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Disc 2: Walking In Snow And Thin Underbrush - GENNETT SOUND EFFECT/ Rovin' Gambler - KELLY HARRELL/ I've Got To Go And Leave My Daddy Behind - SARAH MARTIN & SYLVESTER WEAVER/ Pinin' Hawaii For You - FRANK FERERA'S HAWAIIANS/ Going My Way - GABRIEL BROWN AND HIS GUITAR/ Rainfall And Thunder - GENNETT SOUND EFFECT/ It Don't Do Nothing But Rain - LEW CHILDRE/ Graveyard Love - BERTHA IDAHO/ Pretty Polly - FRANK LUTHER/ Canary Birds: Several Hundred - GENNETT SOUND EFFECT/ Xango - ROLAND HAYES/ The Girl I Left Behind Me - DICK REINHERT/ Yes I Know - REV CALBERT & SISTER BILLIE HOLSTEIN/ Bib-A-Lollie-Boo - CHUBBIE PARKER/ Winnebago Love Song (Duet) - THURLOW LIEURANCE & CLEMENT BARONE/ My Good For Nuthin' Man - CLARA SMITH/ Stack O' Lee Blues - SOL HOOPII'S NOVELTY TRIO/ Losin' You - UKELELE IKE (CLIFF EDWARDS)/ William & Mary - MARC WILLIAMS/ Way Down Home - ANONYMOUS/ Night Noises - GENNETT SOUND EFFECT/ Ya Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dog Aroun' - GID TANNER & HIS SKILLET LICKERS WITH RILEY PUCKETT/ Cripple Creek & Sourwood Mountain - STOVEPIPE NO.1 (SAM JONES)/ Cowboy's Prayer - GOEBEL REEVES/ Precious Memorys (Sic) - BILL KEARNEY & EARL BUSH/ O Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie - CARL T SPRAGUE

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dust-To-Digital 22 Opika Pende - Africa At 78 RPM ● CD $54.98
Four CDS, 100 tracks, essential
Fabulous collection of African music drawn from 78s recorded between 1909 and the mid-1960s none of which has been issued on CD until now. Except for North Africa where there was a recording studio in Egypt in the early years of the 20th century there was little indigenous recording until the 1930s or 40s and many recordings prior to that were made by performers visiting or brought to Europe to record along with field recordings made by ethnographers. Although only scratching the surface this is the first broad based collection of vintage African music spanning the continent. Each disc covers a different region of Africa and the music encompasses both traditional village music and more broadly based popular commercial music which, though influenced by European music, remains distinctively African. The instrumentation ranges from traditional drums, kora, ghaita, one string fiddle and oud to western instruments like guitar, banjo, trumpet and accordion with one track from The Seychelles featuring an Hawaiian steel guitar! The scope of the music is so broad that it would be impossible to discuss the music in depth in this short review but the wonderful 112 page softcover takes care of that with detailed information on every track by compiler Jonathan Ward discussing both the performancea and the context in which they were recorded. There are numerous rare illustrations including record labels, environments, artists and more. The 4 CDs are in a separate portfolio and ths et is housed in a deluxe cloth slipcase. This is one of those sets that you can listen to all the way through or dip in at random to find musical treasures you've never heard before. This set is both musically and historically important. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS El Toro 1011 Tennessee Rock "n' Billy 1955 ● CD $18.98 $13.98
33 tracks, 77 min., recommended
he territory covered here is mostly familiar, despite (or because of?) the narrow theme chosen for this album. Sun cuts (usual suspects and a few surprises, including Rock "n' Roll Baby and You're My Baby, demos from Johnny Cash, later recorded for real by Warren Smith and others. Johnny Burnette's Von recordings are here (both of them) with enough surface noise to make them sound authentic. And while aural imperfections derived from vinyl source material (hear Oh Stop! by The Tunesmiths) comes with the rockabilly addiction, why the Sons Of The Pioneers' The Tennessee Rock And Roll (which it isn't) suffers from an embarrassing amount of surface noise is tough to figure, since it came out on a major label. Surely Bear Family has already digitized it, no? Other labels represented include the Hollywood-based Ekko, Columbia, Mercury, Atomic, Meteor, Hickory, and others. A pleasing and generous collection where every song is at least pretty good and many are wonderful. (JC)
SMOKEY JOE BAUGH: Hula Bop/ Listen To Me/ EDDIE BOND: Double Duty Lovin'/ Talking Off The Wall/ BARNEY BURCHAM: Can't Steal My Way Around/ JOHNNY BURNETTE: Go Mule Go/ You're Undecided/ THE CARLISLES: Nine Have Tried (And Nine Have Died)/ JOHNNY CASH: Rock "n' Roll Ruby/ You're My Baby/ ERNIE CHAFFIN: Get Me On Your Mind/ I Can't Lose The Blues/ JACK EARLS: Hey Jim/ They Can't Keep Me From You/ CURLEY GRIFFIN: You Gotta Play Fair/ RED HADLEY: Brother, That's All!/ Ring Out Those Bells/ JESS HOOPER: All Messed Up/ Sleepy Time Blues/ RUSTY & DOUG KERSHAW (WITH WILEY BARKDULL): So Lovely Baby/ MAC & JAKE: Yakety Yak/ LLOYD MCCULLOUGH: Oh Darling/ Watch That Girl/ CARL PERKINS: Gone, Gone, Gone/ You Can't Make Love To Somebody/ ELVIS PRESLEY: I Forgot To Remember To Forget/ I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone/ MAC SALES: A Gal Named Joe/ THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: The Tennessee Rock and Roll/ HAYDEN THOMPSON: Act Like You Love Me/ I Feel The Blues Comin' On/ THE TUNESMITHS: Baby, I'm Ready/ Oh Stop!

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fantastic Voyage FVTD 059 Savvy Sugar - The Pure Essence Of West Coast Rock &Roll ● CD $21.98 $14.98
3 CDs, 75 tracks, 174 mins, highly recommended
The theme that ties these seemingly disparate artists together (apart from the "rock & roll" catch-all) is the fact the all of the tracks were cut in Los Angeles recording studios with the same five musicians-Plas Johnson on sax, Ray Johnson on piano, Earl Palmer on drums, Rene Hall on guitar, Red Callender on upright bass-usually providing the backing. So what we get is an interesting-and entertaining-collection of tracks cut for both local labels (Specialty, Modern, Capitol, Aladdin, Warner Bros.) and out of town companies like Atlantic and Dot. Covering the period between 1956 and 1959, the compilation includes everyone from Fats Domino (proving that he didn't always record in New Orleans), Larry Williams, and Nat "King" Cole to Gene Vincent, Dorsey Burnette, and Ricky Nelson. Each disc appears to have a loose "theme": disc one includes "the toast of the coast", which would imply the best West Coast artists are being featured; if that's true then what's Fat Domino doing on this disc? Any way, tracks from Earl Bostic, Bobby Day, Milton Trenier, and Wynona Carr don't disappoint. Disc two is titled "Rockville USA" after the Turks track that kicks things off; while cuts do indeed "rock"-the Cadets' I Want You, the Blossoms' Move On, the Hollywood Flames' Crazy - I'm not sure the Platters You'll Never, Never Know could be said to "rock". No matter, the disc does generate appropriate heat, climaxing with Johnny Otis & the Jayos' Tough Enough. Disc three, "Cool Californians", is what the compliers consider to be the cream of California 50's rock. Although Annette's inclusion is questionable (although Tall Paul was a legitimate hit), how can you go wrong with Vincent, Burnette, Nelson, Eddie Cochran, the Champs, and more Johnny Otis? Yeah, there's some Hollywood rock here - Edd Byrnes and Scott Engel, anyone? - but there's also Jerry Fuller, Louis Prima, and Sam Butera too, so things even out pretty well. The liner notes explain the origins of the tracks-some were cut for movies, others for the usual exploitation purposes. Whatever, the background stories make for informative reading, and this compilation, another winner from the gang at Fantastic Voyage, gets a big thumbs up. (GMC)
MARIE ADAMS & THE THREE TONS OF JOY: Loop De Loop/ ANNETTE: Tall Paul/ IRVING ASHBY: Guitar Rock/ BABBETTE BAIN: That's It/ BARBARA & THE BOYS: Hootie Sapperticker/ RICHARD BERRY: Besame Mucho/ THE BLOSSOMS: Move On/ EARL BOSTIC: Two O'Clock Jump/ BOOTS BROWN: (Let's Go To) Strollsville/ DORSEY BURNETTE: Bertha Lou/ SAM BUTERA: Twinkle In Your Eye/ EDD BYRNES: Kookie's Mad Pad/ THE BYSTANDERS: Yellow, Mellow Hardtop/ THE CADETS: I Want You/ WYNONA CARR: Should I Ever Love Again?/ THE CHAMPS: Double Eagle Rock/ EUGENE CHURCH: Don't Stop Loving Me/ SANFORD CLARK: Modern Romance/ THE COASTERS: Sweet Georgia Brown/ EDDIE COCHRAN: Teenage Heaven/ NAT "KING" COLE: Blue Moon/ THE COO-COO RACHAS: Track Down/ DANNY BOY: Don't Go Baby/ BOBBY DAY: Gotta New Girl/ FLOYD DIXON: Rita/ FATS DOMINO: No, No/ DON & DEWEY: Farmer John/ AGGIE DUKES: John John/ SCOTT ENGEL: The Livin' End/ THE FIVE MASKS: Polly Molly/ JERRY FULLER: Tennessee Waltz/ GENE & EUNICE: Ah! Ah!/ JENNELL HAWKINS & THE LOCKETTES: The Mess Around/ THE HOLLYWOOD FLAMES: Crazy/ BEN HUGHES: Sack/ DIMPLES JACKSON: Ring-A-Ling/ RODDY JACKSON: I've Got My Sights On Someone New/ ETTA JAMES: Sunshine Of Love/ JAN & ARNIE: The Beat That Can't Be Beat/ JEANETTE & DECKY: Crazy With You/ THE RAY JOHNSON COMBO: Wanna, Wanna, Wanna, Wanna/ DON JULIAN & THE MEADOWLARKS: Boogie Woogie Teenage/ THE KENTS: I Found My Girl/ CURTIS LEE: Pure Love/ THE LOCKETTES: Puddin' Pie/ DICK LORY: Cool It Baby/ THE MAHARAJAHS: Sweet Loretta/ GENE MOORE & THE METRONOMES: She's Gone/ RICKY NELSON: My Babe/ BOBBY NORRIS: I Went Rockin'/ JOHNNY OTIS: All I Want Is Your Love/ Tough Enough/ THE PLATTERS: You'll Never, Never Know/ LOUIS PRIMA: Whistle Stop/ DON RALKE: Four Paces East/ JODY REYNOLDS: Tight Capris/ THE ROBINS: Every Night/ THE ROMANCERS: House Cat/ RONNIE & ROY: Get Up And Let's Dance/ TOMMY SANDS: Little Mama/ THE SIX TEENS: Why Do I Go to School/ THE SOUVENIRS: Alene, Sweet Little Texas Queen/ ROY TANN: Hey Sugar/ THE TEEN QUEENS: I Miss You/ THE TITANS: Can It Be/ TONY & JOE: Where Can You Be/ THE TRAMPS: You're A Square/ MILT TRENIER: Gonna Catch Me A Rat/ ANITA TUCKER: Hop, Skip And Jump/ THE TURKS: Rockville USA/ GENE VINCENT: Somebody Help Me/ T-BONE WALKER: Two Bones And A Pick/ LARRY WILLIAMS: I Can't Stop Loving You/ YOUNG JESSIE: Mary Lou/ BEN ZEPPA & THE ZEPHYRS: Baby - I Need (Ting-A-Ling)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Jasmine 3024/5 50 Of The Most Influential Blues Songs Of The 20th Century ● CD $18.98
Two CDs, 50 tracks, highly recommended
Pretty much what the title says with the emphasis on titles that were covered by white rock and blues bands though many also became staples of African-American artists repertoire. Most of the songs are from the 40s and 50s with a few earlier sides. No surprises here - Big Boss Man by Jimmy Reed, I'm A King Bee by Slim Harpo, Smokestack Lightning by Howling Wolf, I Got My Mojo Working by Muddy Waters plus sides from Bo Diddley, John Lee Hooker, Lowell Fulson, Big Joe Williams, Robert JOhnson, etc. The booklet lists some of the artists that have recorded each song and the names include The Animals, Rolling Stones, Link Wray, Jerry Butler & Betty Everett, Graham Bond Organization, The Pretty Things, Canned Heat, Grateful Dead, Yardbirds, Mose Allison, The Spencer Davis Group and so on. Chances are if you have much of a blues collection you will have just about everything here so, do you need it? Probably not! Will you enjoy listening to it? Absolutely. (FS)
BILLY BOY ARNOLD: I Ain't Got You/ I Wish You Would/ CHUCK BERRY: Johnny B.Goode/ Let It Rock/ BOBBY BLAND: St.James Infirmary/ BEA BOOZE: See See Rider/ LEROY CARR: How Long How Long Blues/ RAY CHARLES: Hallelujah I Love Her So/ The Night Time Is The Right Time/ ARTHUR "BIG BOY" CRUDUP: My Baby Left Me/ That's Allright Mama/ BO DIDDLEY: Bo Diddley/ Pretty Thing/ LOWELL FULSON: Everyday I Have The Blues/ Reconsider Baby/ SLIM HARPO: Got Love If You Want It/ I'm A King Bee/ WYNONIE HARRIS: Good Rocking Tonight/ JOHN LEE HOOKER: Boogie Chillen/ Dimples/ HOWLIN WOLF: Smokestack Lightning/ HOWLIN' WOLF: Little Red Rooster/ Goin' Down Slow/ Spoonful/ ELMORE JAMES: Rollin & Tumblin/ SKIP JAMES: I'm So Glad/ ROBERT JOHNSON: Crossroads/ Dust My Broom/ Ramblin On My Mind/ FREDDIE KING: Hideaway/ The Stumble/ LAZY LESTER: I'm A Lover Not A Fighter/ LITTLE WALTER: My Babe/ WILLIE MABON: Seventh Son/ JUNIOR PARKER: Mystery Train/ JIMMY REED: Ain't Loving You Baby/ Big Boss Man/ Bright Lights Big City/ OTIS RUSH: All Your Love/ I Can't Quit You Baby/ So Many Roads, So Many Trains/ MEMPHIS SLIM: Steppin Out/ T- BONE WALKER: (They Call It) Stormy Monday/ MUDDY WATERS: I Got My Mojo Working/ I Just Want To Make Love To You/ I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man/ Rollin' Stone/ BIG JOE WILLIAMS: Baby Please Don't Go/ SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON: Don't Start Me Talkin/ SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON NO.1: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 2304 Gospel Alive ● CD $24.98
Just arrived. Another amazing compilation put together by Opal Louis Nations - this one features live recordings of great gospel singers and groups - mostly from the 40s and 50s and including tracks from commercial recordings, radio transcriptions and previously unissued tracks. Artists include Claude Jeter & The Swan Silvertones, The Pilgrim Travelers, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Spirit Of Memphis, Mahalia Jackson, The Golden Gate Quartet, The Celestial TRio and many more.
THE A.A. ALLEN REVIVAL BIG TOP CHOIR: Lift The Savior Up/ THE ANDREWS SISTERS: I ll Be Singing Up There/ ELDER CHARLES BECK & THE WAY OF THE CROSS, COGIC, BUFF: Glory, Glory Hallelujah/ RUTH BLACK-CASTILLE & THE ST PAUL'S BAPTIST C: Yield Not To Temptation/ EDNA BOWDRY: He s Already Done What He Said He'd Do/ I Must Tell Jesus/ THE CELESTIAL TRIO: Peace In The Valley/ Precious Lord/ DOROTHY LOVE COATES & THE GOSPEL HARMONETTES: Only Believe-Narrative-Get Away Jordan/ JOE DELOATCH & THE 60-VOICE BACK HOME CHOIR: The Sign Of The Judgement/ Wait On The Lord/ THE GOLDEN GATE QUARTET: Noah/ THE GOLDEN KEYS: Dry Bones/ Noah/ THE HARMONIZING FOUR OF RICHMOND, VA: Thank You Jesus/ GOLDIA HAYNES: There s Going To Be A Fire/ MAHALIA JACKSON: Didn t It Rain/ He s The One/ I Got Shoes/ Intro-Just A Closer Walk With Thee/ It Don t Cost Very Much - Reprise/ CLAUDE JETER & THE SWAN SILVERTONES: All Day All Night-The Lord s Prayer (Medley)/ I m Coming Home/ Near The Cross (Part 2)/ Sit Down Servant/After Awhile (Medley)/ LITTLE JOE WILLIE LIGON & THE MIGHTY CLOUDS OF JOY: Jesus, Jesus/ Lord, You Woke Me Up Early This Morning/ GENE MARTIN & THE GENE MARTIN SINGERS: God Specializes (Part 2)/ BRO. JOE MAY WITH BOB KING: Speak Lord Jesus-He ll Understand And Say Well Done/ BRO. JOE MAY WITH THE SALLIE MARTIN SINGERS: I Want Jesus On The Road I Travel/ PROF. ALFRED MILLER & THE SALLIE MARTIN SINGERS: Hold On To God s Unchanging Hand/ Intro: Hold On To God s Unchanging Hand/ MITCHELL'S CHRISTIAN SINGERS: What More Can My Jesus Do?/ THE MORNING ECHOES OF DETROIT: Too Late/ Trees/ THE NEW BRIGHTER DAY MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHU: Hallelujah/ He Never Left Me Alone/ THE PILGRIM TRAVELERS: Every Prayer (Will Find An Answer)-Jesus Keep Me/ God s Gonna Roll My Burdens Away/ Stand By Me/I Love The Lord/ THE SPIRIT OF MEMPHIS QUARTET: Lord Jesus (Pts 1 & 2) (Long version)/ THE SUNSET HARMONIZERS OF WASHINGTON, DC: Gospel Train/ SISTER ROSETTA THARPE: Bring Back Those Happy Days/ God Don t Like It/ So High/ Rock Me/ ALBERTINA WALKER & THE CARAVANS: Angels Watching Over Me-Old Time Religion/ SISTER ERNESTINE B. WASHINGTON: I Know The Lord Will Make A Way/ THE WEST COAST JUBILEES: Four And Twenty Elders/ THE WILLIAMS SINGERS OF ST LOUIS: Got My Traveling Shoes/ Have You Ever Heard A Man Speak Like This Before/ Old Ship Of Zion

VARIOUS ARTISTS Legacy/ Philles 27822 Phil Spector Presents The Philles Album Collection ● CD $79.98
Seven Discs, 88 tracks, essential
Following up to their excellent compilations of the Crystals, the Ronettes, and Darlene Love from earlier this year, Legacy brings out the ultimate item for collectors and die-hard Spectorites: this seven CD box set containing the first six albums issued by Spector's Philles label and a seventh disc of B-sides. Spector was always primarily concerned with singles - albums were merely vehicles for showcasing 45s-and the fact that of the three Crystals LP here, nine tracks are duplicated over at least two of the albums certainly proves the point. But having said that, the albums don't come across as shoddy product and these albums are being presented on CD for the first time, in their original mono sound, and housed in sleeves that are duplications of the original LP jackets. In addition to the first two Crystals albums - "Twist Uptown" (1962) and "He's a Rebel" (1963) - and an odd collection "The Crystals Sing the Greatest Hits, Vol. 1" (1963) which also contains four Ronettes tracks, also featured are the lone LPs by Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans - "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" (1963) - and the Ronettes, 1964 album "Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes Featuring Veronica." Rounding out the set are a best of collection, "Philles Records Presents Today's Hits" (1963) and a bonus disc called "The Phil Spector Wall of Sound Orchestra: Phil's Flipsides," which contains the instrumental B-sides of various singles. The value for fans and collectors are: the sound and mastering are much better than the 1991 "Back to Mono" box set; the original albums are presented in all their glory, with the long elusive Ronettes LP being particularly welcome, not to mention a beautiful Pomus/Spector song from the Crystals Another Country/Another World; and we get to hear early recordings of On Broadway (the Crystals) and Chapel of Love (the Ronettes) before their subsequent hit versions. Although their might be some quibbles from the serious collectors - not enough rarities, no stereo mixes - this is a beautifully realized package that also comes with a lavishly illustrated booklet that contains track, album and artist information, and examines Spector's curious tendency to hold back certain tracks from release. Bottom line: no true fan can do without this set and rumor has it that it's a limited edition, so better get "em while the getting's good. (GMC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Legacy/ Philles 86422 The Essential Phil Spector ● CD $16.98
2 CDs, 35 tracks, 101 mins, essential
The title says essential and I am going to have to agree. Phil Spector's "Back To Mono" box set was a landmark release for the record industry; an essential four CD collection that set the standard for how box sets should be done. This two CD set is essentially that wonderful box set distilled down to two CDs; well, more like 3/4ths of that set distilled down, since this doesn't have any of the tracks from "A Christmas Gift." which is a release that stands on its own. The track listing goes in pretty much the same order as they were on the box set, only with certain songs taken out. You get all the highest highs of Spector's career starting with To Know Him Is To Love Him by The Teddy Bears, to Black Pearl by Sonny Charles and The Checkmates, Ltd., with a whole lot of great songs by The Crystals, Ben E. King, Darlene Love, Curtis Lee, The Righteous Brothers, The Ronettes, Ike & Tina, etc. You know 35 of the greatest pop songs of the 1960s, sounding as great as ever! (JM)
THE ALLEY CATS: Puddin N Tain/ SONNY CHARLES AND THE CHECKMATES LTD: Black Pearl/ THE CRYSTALS: Da Doo Ron Ron/ He s A Rebel/ He's Sure the Boy I Love/ Then He Kissed Me/ There s No Other Like My Baby/ Uptown/ BEN E. KING: Spanish Harlem/ CURTIS LEE: Pretty Little Angel Eyes/ DARLENE LOVE: (Today I Met) The Boy I'm Gonna Marry/ A Fine, Fine Boy/ Stumble And Fall/ Wait Til My Bobby Gets Home/ THE MODERN FOLK QUARTET: This Could Be The Night/ THE PARIS SISTERS: I Love How You Love Me/ RAY PETERSON: Corrine, Corrina/ GENE PITNEY: Every Breath I Take/ THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS: Ebb Tide/ Unchained Melody/ You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling/ THE RONETTES: (The Best Part Of) Breakin Up/ Baby, I Love You/ Be My Baby/ Do I Love You?/ Paradise/ Walking In The Rain/ When I Saw You/ BOB B. SOXX AND THE BLUE JEANS: Not Too Young To Get Married/ Why Do Lovers Break Each Others Heart?/ Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah/ THE TEDDY BEARS: To Know Him Is to Love Him/ THE TREASURES FEATURING PETE ANDERS: Hold Me Tight/ IKE & TINA TURNER: River Deep, Mountain High

VARIOUS ARTISTS Not Now 407 Wall Street Blues ● CD $9.98
2 CDs, 40 tracks, 114 mins, highly recommended
Well this is certainly timely. You want a soundtrack for your local wall street protest? Well, the Blues is the perfect place to go for that. This collection features a rich assortment of Blues legends singing about money, the lack of it, and the hard times it brings. The range of recordings go from 1929 - 1960 and features John Lee Hooker for a half dozen songs including House Rent Boogie, his take on Barrett Strong's Money, Howlin' Wolf Work For Your Money, Big Charley Bradix Dollar Diggin' Woman, Brownie McGee Pawnshop Blues, Muddy Waters Train Fare Home Blues, and so on. Leroy Carr, Bessie Smith, Lonnie Johnson, Slim Harpo, and many more great artists who know a thing or two about tough times are here tellin' it like it is. (JM)
BIG CHARLEY BRADIX: Dollar Diggin Woman/ BIG BILL BROONZY: My Big Money/ Unemployment Stomp/ Why Should I Spend My Money/ LEROY CARR & SCRAPPER BLACKWELL: Aint Got No Money Now/ SYLVESTER COTTON: Three Cent Stamp Blues/ BLIND BOY FULLER: You Got To Have Your Dollar/ CLIFFORD GIBSON: Blues Without A Dime/ SLIM HARPO: I Need Money Keep Your Alibis/ JOHN LEE HOOKER: House Rent Boogie/ I Don't Want Your Money/ I Need Some Money/ Love Money Cant Buy/ Money That's What I Want/ Woman And Money/ HOWLIN' WOLF: Hold On To Your Money/ BLIND LEMON JEFFERSON: One Dime Blues/ LONNIE JOHNSON: Working Mans Blues/ CHARLEY JORDAN: Dollar Bill Blues/ KANSAS JOE & MEMPHIS MINNIE: Don't Want No Woman Have To Give My Money To/ ALBERT KING: Bad Luck Blues/ JESSE KNIGHT: Nothing But Money/ JOE HILL LOUIS: Shes Taking All My Money/ BROWNIE MCGHEE: Pawnshop Blues/ BLIND WILLIE MCTELL: Last Dime Blues/ JACK MCVEA: Inflation Blues/ MEMPHIS MINNIE: Man You Wont Give Me No Money/ MEMPHIS SLIM: Maybe Ill Loan You A Dime/ ROY MILTON: Keep A Dollar In Your Pocket/ ELMORE NIXON: Million Dollar Blues/ SONNY PARKER: Money Aint Everything/ JIMMY ROGERS: Money, Marbles And Chalk/ BESSIE SMITH: Nobody Knows You When Youre Down And Out/ ROOSEVELT SYKES: All My Moneys Gone/ SONNY TERRY & BROWNIE MCGHEE: If You Lose Your Money/ Let Me Make A Little Money/ Money Spending Woman/ MUDDY WATERS: Train Fare Home Blues/ BIG JOE WILLIAMS: Stack Of Dollars/ HOWLIN WOLF: Work For Your Money

VARIOUS ARTISTS Primo 6125 Essential Early Ska ● CD $10.98
2 CDs, 40 tracks, 115 mins, highly recommended
Here is an excellent collection of classic Ska; it really does a fine job rounding up cornerstone performers and key songs that defined the Ska movement. Rough and Tough by Stranger Cole, The Skatalites with Lucky Seven and several more, Toots & The Maytals with Monkey Man plus two more, Desmond Dekker & The Aces with 007, John Holt with The Tide Is High, The Pyramids Shotgun, The Ethiopians, Baba Brooks, Don Drummond, Justin Hinds, Byron Lee, and the list goes on. A fantastic starter collection for beginners, but enough deep tracks for the hardcore as well. (JM)
LAUREL AITKEN: The Ska Is The Limit/ ROLAND ALPHONSO: James Bond/ Sandy Gully/ Yard Broom/ BABA BROOKS: River Bank Pt 1/ Twilight Zone/ Dr. Decker/ STRANGER COLE: Rough And Tough/ DESMOND DEKKER & THE ACES: 007/ DON DRUMMOND: Burning Touch/ Corner Stone/ Eastern Standard Time/ Occupation/ THE ETHIOPIANS: Everything Crash/ JUSTIN HINDS & THE DOMINOES: Botheration/ Over The River/ The Higher The Monkey Climbs/ JUSTIN HINDS, BABA BROOKS & DRUMBAGO: Jordan River/ JOHN HOLT: The Tide Is High/ BYRON LEE & THE DRAGONAIRES: Oh Carolina/ TOMMY MCCOOK: Cotton Tree/ Musical Store Room/ Silver Dollar/ Inez/ Magic/ Strolling In/ THE PYRAMIDS: Jesse James Rides Again/ Prisoner Of Alcatraz/ Shotgun/ THE DUKE REID GROUP: Rude Boy/ BLUE RIVERS & THE MAROONS: Guns Of Navarone/ THE SKATALITES: Green Island/ Independence Anniversary Ska/ Latin Goes Ska/ Lucky Seven/ Street Corner/ Twelve Minutes To Go/ TOOTS & THE MAYTALS: 54-46 That's My Number/ John James/ Monkey Man

VARIOUS ARTISTS Retroworld 6052 Snakebite IV - Sidewinder: The Jewel-Paula Story ● CD $24.98 $16.98
2 CD's, 43 tracks, 2 hrs. 22 min., highly recommended
This two CD set is a newly remastered reissue of the 1993 two CD box set "The Jewel Paula Story" which traced the path of blues and soul recordings from the mid 60s through the late 80s on the Jewel, Paula & Ronn labels. These labels, started in Shreveport, La. by Stan "The Record Man" Lewis, served regional R&B and blues fans, and dented the pop charts with their other artists. The first disc mostly concentrates on Jewel sides by down home southern blues artists like The Carter Bros., Frank Frost, Peppermint Harris, Little Joe Blue, Memphis Slim, John Lee Hooker, Roosevelt Sykes, and, perhaps most importantly, Lightnin' Hopkins, represented by five tracks (three originally unreleased) and more. There is a smattering of other stalwarts - Sunnyland Slim, Lowell Fulsom, Charles Brown, - as well as a handful of singers from the "uptown" Ronn label - Ted Taylor, Toussaint McCall, Big Mac, and Joe Turner. Ronn also figures prominently on the second CD, with big hits and excellent misses from Ted Taylor and Little Johnny Taylor, plus eighties efforts from Artie "Blues Boy" White and Ernie Johnson. Paula was a more pop-oriented label that boasted soul singers Bobby Patterson, The Montclairs, Cash McCall, Fontella Bass, Ike & Tina Turner, and Barbara Carr. Jewel artists Bobby Rush and Buster Benton are also heard from. You have to enjoy soul-blues to reap the rewards of the second disc, and tolerate a little disco too; that's just what it was about back then. Despite the range of styles here, Lewis' love of the blues always comes through loud and clear. Unlike the Capricorn set the documentation is fairly sparse but gives decent broad overview. (FS/ MB)
FONTELLA BASS: Homewrecker/ BUSTER BENTON: Spider In My Stew/ BIG MAC: Rough Dried Woman, Pt. 1/ CICERO BLAKE: Dip My Dipper/ LITTLE JOE BLUE: Standing On The Threshold/ CHARLES BROWN: Trouble Blues/ BARBARA CARR: Good Woman Go Bad/ THE CARTER BROTHERS: Booze In The Bottle/ Southern Country Boy/ FRANK FROST: My Back Scratcher/ LOWELL FULSON: Sleeper/ PEPPERMINT HARRIS: Bad Bad Whiskey/ JOHN LEE HOOKER: Roll And Tumble/ LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS: Back Door Friend/ Death In The Family/ Little School Girl/ Mr Charlie, Pts 1 & 2/ My Daddy Was A Preacher Man/ ERNIE JOHNSON: Cold Woman/ CASH MCCALL: Hard Attack/ Love Me Baby/ TOUSSAINT MCCALL: Nothing Takes The Place Of You/ MEMPHIS SLIM: Born With The Blues/ THE MONTCLAIRS: Dreaming's Out Of Season/ BOBBY PATTERSON: How Do You Spell Love/ Quiet Do Not Disturb/ Right On Jody/ She Don't Have To See You (To See Right Through You)/ BOBBY RUSH: Bowlegged Woman, Knock-Kneed Man/ SUNNYLAND SLIM: Brown Skin Woman/ ROOSEVELT SYKES: New Orleans Jump/ Saftey Pin Blues/ LITTLE JOHNNY TAYLOR: I Can't See Myself As A One Woman Man/ It's My Fault Darling/ Open House At My House/ TED TAYLOR: Everybody Knows About My Good Thing/ How's Your Love Life Baby/ It's Too Late/ Something Strange Is Going On At My House/ LITTLE JOHNNY TAYLOR & TED TAYLOR: Walking The Floor/ IKE & TINA TURNER: Mississippi Rollin' Stone/ JOE TURNER: Night Time Is The Right Time/ ARTIE "BLUES BOY' WHITE: Jimmie

VARIOUS ARTISTS Westside 588 Heaven Belongs To You ● CD $13.98 $9.98
A collection of gospel sides cut between 1949 and 1969 for Jubilee - many never before issued - The Selah Singers, Della Reese & The Meditation Singers, Alex Bradford and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Year Zero 007 Watch The Closing Doors: A History Of New York's Musical Melting Pot, Vol. 1, 1945-59 ● CD $23.98
2 CDs, 32 tracks, 150 mins, highly recommended
Here is the opening salvo in an ambitious plan to thoroughly chronicle New York City's musical history. This CD set comes with a very thick booklet that is part liner notes, but much more the first installment in the written history of New York music according to the Year Zero record label people. So on top of getting two disks packed with all kinds of terrific music, you get some quality reading as well. New York is pretty much as multi-cultural as a city can be and the musical selections here cover a lot of ground. From Jazz, like Duke Ellington's Take The A Train; Rhythm & Blues, like Cozy Cole's Bad; and Doo Wop, with Frankie Lyman & The Teenagers Why Do Fools Fall In Love -- and that is just in the first three tracks. You will get a wide variety of Jazz alone, with tracks ranging from Charles Mingus' Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, to Raymond Scott's Ripples. From Cab Calloway's uptown jive of Minnie The Moocher to Machito's hot Latin Jazz of Mambo Mucho Mambo. There are Rhythm & Blues giants like Big Joe Turner and Big Maybelle and folk icons like Dave Van Ronk and The Almanac Singers. CD one ends with John Cage's Interminacy Pt. 2, CD two ends with Allen Ginsberg reading, "Howl," New York in a nutshell, diverse, creative, groundbreaking, and all over the place culturally. The only exception I have with this collection, which mind you, I greatly admire, is where is the Moondog track? This is a hell of a compilation and I hope that it is successful enough for the people behind it to fully realize their vision for the series. (JM)
FAYE ADAMS: Shake A Hand/ THE ALMANAC SINGERS: Talking Union/ LOUIS ARMSTRONG: Yellow Dog Blues/ HARRY BELAFONTE: Matilda/ BIG MAYBELLE: One Monkey Don't Stop No Show/ JOHN CAGE: Indeterminacy Pt 2/ CAB CALLOWAY: Minnie The Moocher/ COZY COLE: Bad/ Topsy Pt 2/ MILES DAVIS: Summertime/ THE DRIFTERS: Money Honey/ DUKE ELLINGTON: Take The "A" Train/ THE EMBERS: Paradise Hill/ THE FIVE SATINS: In The Still Of The Nite/ DIZZY GILLESPIE: Manteca/ ALLEN GINSBERG: Howl/ BILLIE HOLIDAY: Autumn In New York/ THE HONEYCONES: Op/ FRANKIE LYMON & THE TEENAGERS: Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ MACHITO: Mucho Mambo/ CHARLES MINGUS: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat/ THELONIOUS MONK: Brilliant Corners/ THE NEW LOST CITY RAMBLERS: How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live/ THE PARAGONS: Twilight/ RAYMOND SCOTT: Ripples/ HORACE SILVER: Senor Blues [Newport Jazz Fest]/ NINA SIMONE: Little Girl Blue/ DANNY TAYLOR: Coffee Daddy Blues/ SONNY TERRY: Custard Pie Blues/ BIG JOE TURNER: Morning Noon And Night/ DAVE VAN RONK: Duncan & Brady/ JOSH WHITE: Southern Exposure


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