Since our Second Time Around listings are so popular this list includes some great releases which have been out for a while but you may have missed them the first time we listed them.To avoid you getting possible duplicates we have added  asterisks (**) after these particular titles.



NATHAN ABSHIRE & THE PINE GROVE BOYS Arhoolie 373 French Blues** ● CD $13.98
28 tracks, 78 mins, essential
An invaluable collection of recordings by one of the greatest of all Cajun singers and accordion players. Nathan's music was intense and full of a pathos that perhaps reflected the hardships and tragedies of his own life. Although Nathan first recorded briefly for Bluebird in 1936 his recording career didn't really take off until he recorded Pine Grove Blues for O.T. records in 1949 - a song that has become a Cajun standard and was Nathan's theme song. That song along with 27 more recorded for O.T., Khoury's and Lyric between 1949 and '56 are featured here. Nathan was accompanied by various musicians on these sessions including fiddlers Will Kegley and Dewey Balfa, steel guitarist Atlas Fruge, guitarist Ernest Thibodeaux and others. A number of the tracks feature lead vocals by other performers including Roy Broussard, Will Kegley, Dewy Balfa and the remarkable Little Yvonne Le Blanc who sings the mardi gras flavored Mama Rosin. Many of the recordings were cut in very primitive studios and the digital remastering faithfully preserves the raucous sound of those sessions. Whether playing a blues, a waltz or two step Nathan gave them everything he had. There is burning heartfelt intensity in this music that is too rarely heard in the Cajun revival of recent years. (FS)

KIP ANDERSON Spoonful 1007 The Many Labels Of Kip Anderson ● CD $16.98
20 tracks, recommended
Another entry of The Many Labels series (see also Joe Medwick and Cody Black), this one introduces us to South Carolina native Kip Anderson. Although he had been in high school bands, Anderson's story really started when he met Charlie Derrick, late of gospel quartet the Spiritualaires of Columbia, SC. The two men formed a musical partnership that lasted most of Anderson's career. Derrick financed Kip's first single in 1959, "I Wanna Be the Only One", and put it out on his own label. After issuing one-offs on the Sharp and Everlast labels, Anderson ended up on Tomorrow where he managed his only Top 100 chart 45 in September 1964, "That's When the Crying Begins", when ABC picked it up for distribution. After a couple more Tomorrow singles, Anderson went to Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals to cut "Woman How Do You Make Me Love You Like I Do", which was the first of three singles for Chess subsidiary Checker. It's generally acknowledged that his three Checker sides-including "If That Don't Make You Cry" and "A Knife and a Fork" (which was covered by U.K. band Rockpile, featuring Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds)-represent the height of his career artistically, and I'd have to agree with that assessment. From Checker, Anderson moved on to Excello where he hit the R&B Top 40 in 1968 with "You'll Lose a Good Thing", and cut "I Went Off and Cried", which is possibly his best known single. Heroin addiction and a spell in jail put his career on hold until he resurfaced in the late 80's, culminating with the disc's last track, "A Dog Don't Wear No Shoes", cut for Ichiban in 1992. Kip Anderson continued to be active as a recording artist and hosting a gospel radio show on WANS AM until he passed away in 2007. Although this CD doesn't cover everything her recorded, it does present a good overview of Kip Anderson's career and provides evidence of a South Carolina R&B scene. (GMC)
KIP ANDERSON: 'Til Your Love Is Mine/ A Dog Don't Wear No Shoes/ A Knife And A Fork/ Frozen Heart/ Here I Am, Try Me/ I Done You Wrong/ I Get Carried Away/ I Wanna Be The Only One/ I Went Off And Cried/ I Will Cry/ If That Don't Make You Cry/ Letter From My Darling/ Take It Like A Man/ That's When The Crying Begins/ The Home Fires Are Brighter After All/ Unchained Melody/ Watch You Work It Out/ Without A Woman/ Woman, How Do You Make Me Love You Like I Do?/ You'll Lose A Good Thing

CHUCK BERRY Dualtone 1793 Chuck ● CD $14.98
10 tracks, 35 mins, recommended
Is this great? No, but it sounds like a Chuck Berry record, full of Chuck Berry guitar riffs and Chuck Berry witticisms, and that is a great thing to hear in 2017. Plus, this is (and probably always will be) the greatest record ever made by a 90-year-old. Much of this is a love letter to his wife of almost 70 years, Themetta "Toddy" Suggs, who certainly earned the tribute; it couldn't have been too easy dealing with Chuck's, let's say, eccentricities, over all of those years. You get a sweet ballad duet in You Go To My Head, the boozy live party tune 3/4 Time (Enchiladas), a sequel of sorts to Havana Moon with Jamaica Moon , and plenty of Chuck Berry sounding tracks like Wonderful Woman/ Big Boys, and of course Lady B. Goode, another tribute to the Mrs's with her side of the story added to Johnny's. You get both Chuck's son, and grandson, as well as Gary Clark Jr. and Tom Morello, doing guest guitar work, so there is guitar pickin' a plenty throughout. (JM)

BLIND BLAKE JSP 7714 All The Published Sides ● CD $28.98 $21.98
5 CDs, 110 tracks, essential
 Since 1991, when Document issued a four volume series of Blind Blake recordings, a further 10 alternate takes have been released on another six Document CDs. This reissue brings all this material together in an attractive box set with notes by Drew Kent under the heading "The Vanished Bluesman". Certainly little is known about Blind Blake other than that he originated from Florida and may have died there shortly after his last recordings. What is beyond doubt is that he was one of the most accomplished of the pre-war guitarists, a talented composer and an amazingly consistent performer during his six years as a Paramount star. Blake did not have the most expressive of singing voices, but somehow his relaxed delivery leaves more room to appreciate his marvelous guitar. Capable of accurate fingerpicking at lightning speed, he had a creative genius to match his technical skills, often executing brilliant arrangements most blues guitarists couldn't even have attempted. The variety of musical settings here include Southern Rag and Police Dog Blues which provide a showcase for his fingerpicking and thumb bass work, a memorable session with clarinettist Johnny Dodds, superb accompaniments to female singers like Leola B. Wilson, minstrel/medicine show songs, piano/guitar duets of the highest quality and sombre, reflective blues. (If this were not enough, anybody who can come up with a song title like Rumblin' and Ramblin' Boa Constrictor Blues just has to be a bit special.) Sound quality is excellent. Most of the crackles, clicks and pops in the originals have been removed, and while some of the more worn discs are still pretty rough, sound quality generally shows a marked improvement over the Document reissues. This means that great performances which were quite noisy on Document such as Detroit Bound Blues with its lovely double time passages can now be fully enjoyed. The speed of the JSP transfers also appears to be more accurate on tracks like Ice Man Blues.. My only quibble concerns Rope Stretchin' Blues a skillfully constructed two part blues about a condemned man contemplating his execution, which is dismissed as "maudlin stuff" in Mr. Kent's otherwise informative booklet notes. Certainly the sequencing of this song doesn't help its appreciation. While presenting tracks in strict chronological order as they are here is usually the best way to enjoy pre-war blues, the recording chronology means that we get Part Two, followed by Part One (alternate take) and finally the issued Part One. I wish JSP had been brave enough to sequence the issued takes in their proper order, but apart from this (and Mr. Kent's lapse of taste) this reissue is an absolute delight. (DPR)
BLIND BLAKE: Ain't Gonna Do That No More/ Ashley St. Blues/ Baby Lou Blues/ Back Biting Bee Blues/ Back Door Slam Blues/ Bad Feelin' Blues/ Beulah Land/ Black Dog Blues/ Blake's Worried Blues/ Blind Arthur's Breakdown/ Bootleg Rum Dum Blues/ Brownskin Mama Blues/ Brownskin Mama Blues/ Buck-Town Blues/ C C Pill Blues/ Champagne Charlie Is My Name/ Cherry Hill Blues/ Chump Man Blues/ Cold Hearted Mama Blues/ Cold Love Blues/ Come On Boys Let's Do That Messin' Around/ Come On Boys Let's Do That Messin' Around/ Depression's Gone From Me Blues/ Detroit Bound Blues/ Diddie Wah Diddie/ Diddie Wah Diddie/ Diddie Wah Diddie No 2/ Doggin' Me Mama Blues/ Doing A Stretch/ Down The Country/ Dry Bone Shuffle/ Dry Bone Shuffle/ Dry Bone Shuffle/ Dying Blues/ Early Morning Blues/ Early Morning Blues/ Early Morning Blues/ Elzadie's Policy Blues/ Elzadie's Policy Blues/ Fancy Tricks/ Fightin' The Jug/ Georgia Bound/ Good-Bye Mama Moan/ Guitar Chimes/ Hard Pushing Papa/ Hard Road Blues/ Hastings St./ He's In The Jailhouse Now/ Hey Hey Daddy Blues/ Hookworm Blues/ Hot Potatoes/ I Was Afraid Of That/ Ice Man Blues/ Itching Heel/ Keep It Home/ Keep It Home/ Lead Hearted Blues/ Leavin' Gal Blues/ Let Your Love Come Down/ Lonesome Christmas Blues/ Low Down Loving Gal/ New Style Of Loving/ No Dough Blues/ Notoriety Woman Blues/ One Time Blues/ Panther Squall Blues/ Papa Charlie And Blind Blake Talk About It/ Papa Charlie And Blind Blake Talk About It/ Pay Day Daddy Blues/ Pay Day Daddy Blues/ Playing Policy Blues/ Poker Woman Blues/ Police Dog Blues/ Rambin' Mama Blues/ Righteous Blues/ Rope Stretchin' Blues/ Rope Stretchin' Blues/ Rope Stretchin' Blues/ Rumblin' And Ramblin' Boa Constrictor Blues/ Sea Board Stomp/ Search Warrant Blues/ Skeedle Loo Doo Blues/ Skeedle Loo Doo Blues/ Slippery Rag/ Southbound Rag/ Southern Rag/ State Street Men Blues/ Steel Mill Blues/ Stingaree Man Blues/ Stonewall Street Blues/ Sweet Jivin' Mama/ Sweet Papa Low Down/ Tampa Bound/ Terrible Murder Blues/ That Lonesome Rave/ That Lovin' I Crave/ That Will Happen No More/ Third Degree Blues/ Too Tight/ Too Tight Blues No 2/ Tootie Blues/ Wabash Rag/ Walkin' Across The Country/ West Coast Blues/ West Coast Blues/ West Coast Blues/ What A Low Down Place The Jailhouse Is/ Wilson Dam/ You Gonna Quit Me Blues/ You've Got What I Want

ALVIN CASH Charly 646 Windy City Workout - Essential Dance Hits & Rarities ● CD $18.98 $11.98
2 CDs, 39 tracks, 98 mins, highly recommended
The main problem with analyzing Alvin Cash's career is that by most accounts, his true genius was in his live performance and many of his recordings are considered by experts to not fully capture the magic of what he actually did. In fact, as the little You Tube footage available will attest, some of Cash's biggest hits were mostly instrumentals that he danced, clapped and did a little toasting to. Nonetheless, his original records are eagerly sought after by Northern Soul collections and can fetch some serious moolah. That is not to say the recordings aren't good--there are a lot of fantastic cuts here--it would just have been great if there was an accompanying DVD to present the whole story. Other than that, this is the most complete release for the great Alvin Cash to come out thus far, featuring all his best known tracks and funkiest nuggets. Highlights include Twine Time/ The Philly Freeze/ The Barracuda/ No Deposit, No Return/ Whip It On Me/ Keep On Dancing/ Doin' The Creep, and Funky Washing Machine. Occasional lackluster sound (mostly in the earliest tracks) caused by some of the original recordings and releases being such low budget affairs, the overall sound quality is the best available. Also includes quality notes that help tell the legend. A funky good time will be had by all who pick this up. (JM)

RAY CHARLES Atlantic (Germany) 81731 The Great Ray Charles ● CD $11.98 $8.98
14 tracks, 66 mins, highly recommended
With all of the amazing Rhythm & Blues that Ray Charles did (not to mention Country,) it's easy to overlook how great a Jazz musician he was. Although he never had as distinctive a style when playing Jazz as he would elsewhere in his career, he made a number of quality recordings in the Jazz vein, much of which is here on this CD. This all-instrumental collection, originally issued by Atlantic in 1957, with Charles on piano accompanied only by bass and drum is definitely a must for his fans and I think something most Jazz fans would enjoy. You get his renditions of classics like Music Music Music/ Ain't Misbehavin', and Horace Silver's Doodlin', which are all good; then there're also some great Ray Charles compositions Dawn Ray/ Hornful Soul/ Joy Ride, etc. (JM)

BILL COX B.A.C.M. 568 The Dixie Songbird ● CD $14.98
26 tracks, highly recommended
West Virginia singer/ guitarist and harmonica player Bill Cox was a superb and prolific performer who has not been particularly well represented on reissues. Apart from an out of print release on the Dutch Collector label this is first full length reissue of the splendid artist and there are no duplications with the Collector issue here. The tracks here were recorded between 1929 and 1940 and about half the tracks features Bill duetting with Cliff Hobbs. Bill's material was varied including Jimmie Rodgers styled blues complete with yodeling, sentimental songs, novelty songs, cowboy songs and more - all of it most enjoyable. Tracks include Alabama Blues/ Back Home In Tennessee/ Bootlegger's Plea/ Clouds Gwine Roll Away/ Ph SWeet Mama/ Hobo's Lullaby/ SWeet Kentucky Lou/ Jazz Baby and more. Sound quality is decent and there are informative notes by Kevin Coffey. (FS)

PEE WEE CRAYTON Acrobat 3202 The Pee Wee Crayton Collection ● CD $16.98
Two CDs, 55 tracks, essential
Superb overview of the first 15 years in the recording career of the outstanding West Coast singer and guitarist Connie Curtis "Pee Wee" Crayton. Crayton was born in Texas in 1914 and started playing music when still young eventually coming under the spell of guitarists Charlie Christian and T-Bone Walker. In 1945 he moved to California where he teamed up with Ivory Joe Hunter and made his first recordings which were not originally issued but eventually were released on 4 Star and Gru-V-Tone after his success with Modern. Four of these tracks open the set and while a bit tentative are enjoyable. In 1948 he signed with Modern Records and his first release - the great instrumental Blues After Hours became his first and biggest R&B hit - the first instrumental to top the R&B charts. The rest of the first disc is devoted to his Modern recordings cut between 1948 and 1951 - a stellar selection of vocal and instrumental cuts and having further hits with the instrumental Texas Hop and the blues ballad I Love You So. By 1952 the hits had dried up and Pee Wee Crayton shopped around for other labels and the second disc opens with half a dozen fine sides recorded for Aladdin and Recorded In Hollywood. In 1954 he signed with Imperial and the 18 cuts he cut for that label in '54 and '55 (13 of them included here) are among his finest. Recorded in New Orleans and produced by Dave Bartholomew with top New Orleans sidemen (Wendell Duconge, Herb Hardesty, Salvador Doucette, Frank Fields, and others) there are some truly dazzling performances. Tracks like Do Unto Others, You Know - Yeah and Running Wild feature wild fret melting guitar. It's not all quite that hot and there are some loping New Orleans style numbers as well as blues ballads and the last session has a couple of pop flavored numbers. From Imperial Pee-Wee's next stop was Vee-Jay where he did several sessions in Chicago with top Chicago sidemen. Five of those tracks are featured here - all excellent with The Telephone Is Ringing being a masterpiece. The set ends up with tracks from Pee Wee's return to Modern as well as for Fox, Jamie, Guyden and Smash - these are unexceptional but worth having. An exceptional wide ranging retrospectve with all but a handful of tracks written by Pee Wee. Good notes by Paul Watts - only thing missing is discographical info. (FS)
PEE WEE CRAYTON: 'Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do/ A Frosty Night/ After Hours Boogie/ Baby, Pat The Floor/ Be Faithful/ Blues After Hours/ Bop Hop/ Bounce Peewee/ Brand New Woman/ Central Avenue Blues/ Change Your Way of Loving/ Cool Evening/ Crying And Walking/ Daybreak/ Do Unto Others/ Don't Ever Fall In Love/ Don't Go/ Every Dog Has A Day/ Eyes Full Of Tears/ Fiddle Dee Dee/ Good Little Woman/ Have You Lost Your Love For Me/ Hillbilly Blues/ Huckle Boogie/ Hurry Hurry/ I Found My Peace Of Mind/ I Love You So/ I Must Go On/ I Need Your Love/ I'm Still In Love With You/ Is This The Price I Pay/ Look Up And Live/ Louella Brown/ My Idea About You/ Old Fashioned Baby/ Pappy's Blues/ Pee Wee Special/ Pee Wee's Boogie/ Please Come Back/ Poppa Stoppa/ Rock Island Blues/ Rockin' The Blues/ Runnin' Wild/ Some Rainy Day/ Steppin' Out/ Texas Hop/ The Telephone Is Ringing/ Time On My Hands/ Tired of Traveling/ When Darkness Falls/ When It Rains It Pours/ Why Did You Go/ Wine-O/ You Know - Yeah/ Yours Truly

THE CLARENCE DANIELS ORCHESTRA Ace CDCHD 1504 Featuring Obie Jessie & Sandy Miller - Hard Working ● CD $18.98
20 tracks, 71 mins, strongly recommended
Listening to this CD will make you at least 10% hipper. Whether it is the smoky coolness of the title inspiration Hard Workin' Girl, the smooth vibes on Daddy's Got A Shotgun, the horn workouts on Instrumental #1, or the just plain bluesy bad ass-ness of I've Got My Walkin' Papers, the hipness of Clarence Daniels and his associates is undeniable. A few of the later tracks can border on a little cheesy, but overall this compilation is a lot of fun. Ace gathers together great album tracks with rare singles, an alternate take of Hard Workin' Girl, and originally unissued studio tracks like Got A Good Thing Going On, many of which are making their first appearance on CD. As usual with Ace you get top notch sound throughout, and excellent liner notes. (JM)

FAIRPORT CONVENTION A&M 674847 Come All Ye - The First Ten Years ● CD $84.98
Just arrived. Seven CD set with 124 tracks drawn from the group's first ten years. In addition to many of their best known and loved performances it includes 55 previously unissued tracks along with others that only appeared on the very limited edition Sandy Denny box set. The unissued material include live performances, alternate takes, demos, rehearsals and the complete aborted "Manor Album" - some songs from this album were later rerecorded for "Rosie." Houed in a 6"x8" box it includes a 48 page hardbound book with detailed notes and rare photos

* = Previously Unissued
DISC 1: FAIRPORT CONVENTION: Time Will Show the Wiser/ Decameron/ Jack O' Diamonds/ One Sure Thing/ BBC TOP GEAR JUNE 2, 1968: I Don't Know Where I Stand/ You Never Wanted Me/ WHAT WE DID ON OUR HOLIDAYS: Fotheringay/ I'll Keep It with Mine/ Mr Lacey (Alternate take with Sandy on Lead Vocals)/ Eastern Rain (Alternate take with Sandy on lead Vocals)*/ Nottamun Town (Alternate take A Capella Version)*/ Meet on the Ledge/ Throwaway Street Puzzle/ DAVID SYMONDS RADIO SHOW JANUARY 6, 1969: Reno Nevada/ JOHN PEEL'S TOP GEAR PROGRAMME, SEPTEMBER 1, 1968: Suzanne/ UNHALFBRICKING: A Sailors Life (Without Swarb)/ Genesis Hall/ Autopsy (Alt Take)*/ Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (Alt Take)
DISC 2: DAVID SYMONDS RADIO SHOW JANUARY 6, 1969: You're Gonna Need My Help/ UNHALFBRICKING: Dear Landlord/ BBC TOP GEAR, APRIL 6, 1969: Si Tu Doir Partir/ Percy's Song/ LIEGE AND LIEF: Ballad of Easy Rider/ The Deserter (Rehearsal Version)*/ Come All Ye (Alt Take)/ Reynardine/ Matty Groves (Alt Take)/ Farewell Farewell/ Quiet Joys of Brotherhood/ BBC TOP GEAR SEPTEMBER 27, 1969: Tam Lin/ Sir Patrick Spens/ The Lark in the Morning Medley/ FULL HOUSE: Bonny Bunch of Roses (Out-Take)
DISC 3: LIVE IN CONCERT ON POP2: Walk Awhile*/ Dirty Linen*/ Sloth*/ Journeyman's Grace*/ Sir B. McKenzie*/ LIVE AT THE TROUBADOUR, LOS ANGELES, SEPTEMBER 1970: Flatback Caper*/ Doctor of Physick*/ Poor Will and the Jolly Hangman/ ANGEL DELIGHT: Bonny Black Hare (Alt Take)*/ Lord Marlborough/ Banks of the Sweet Primroses/ BABBACOMBE LEE: Breakfast in Mayfair/ LIVE FROM "THE MAN THEY COULD NOT HANG" 1975: Little Did I Think*/ John Lee*/ Cell Song*/ Time Is Near*/ Dream Song*/ Farewell to a Poor Man's Son
DISC 4: LIVE AT THE TROUBADOUR, LOS ANGELES, SEPTEMBER 1970: Sweet Little Rock 'N' Roller/ THE BUNCH SESSIONS 1972: That'll Be the Day/ Think It Over (Sandy Deny Rehearsal Version)*/ MANOR STUDIO SESSIONS 1972: Maverick Child*/ Sad Song Aka As Long As It Is Mine*/ Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (David Rea vocal)*/ Rattle Trap*/ Sheep in the Meadow*/ Rosie (David Rea vocal)*/ Country Judy Jane*/ Me with You*/ My Girl*/ To Althea from Prison*/ ROSIE: Knights of the Road/ The Plainsman/ Furs and Feathers/ BBC OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST APRIL 17, 1973: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John*/ Brilliancy Medley*/ NINE: Polly on the Shore/ Fiddlestix [The Devil in the Kitchen] (Without Orchestra)*/ Possibly Parsons Green (Australian 7" Single Mix)/ Bring Em Down
DISC 5: FAIRPORT LIVE CONVENTION: Sloth/ BBC JOHN PEEL AUGUST 6, 1974: John the Gun/ Down in the Flood/ Rising for the Moon/ SANDY DENNY BYFIELD DEMOS: After Halloween (Alt Take)*/ RISING FOR THE MOON: Restless/ LIVE ON LWT, AUGUST 9, 1975: White Dress/ RISING FOR THE MOON: Stranger to Himself/ Dawn (Alt Take)/ One More Chance (Alt Take)*/ LIVE AT CHATEAU NEUF, OSLO, NORWAY, 1975: All Along the Watchtower/ GOTTLE O' GEAR: When First Into This Country/ The Frog Up the Pump/ Sandy's Song Aka Take Away the Load/ LIVE - WORLD OF MUSIC WITH ANNE LORNE GILLIES 26/11/1976: Royal Selection No 13*/ Adieu Adieu*/ LIVE IN CONCERT ON STV, SCOTLAND, 1976: Poor Ditching Boy*/ Flowers of the Forest*
DISC 6: LIVE AT FAIRFIELD HALLS, CROYDEN, DECEMBER 16, 1973: Polly on the Shore*/ Furs and Feathers*/ Tokyo*/ Cell Song*/ The Claw*/ Far from Me*/ Brilliancy Medley-Cherokee Shuffle*/ Days of 49*/ Fiddlestix (The Devil in the Kitchen)*/ Dirty Linen*/ Matthew, Mark, Luke and John*/ Possibly Parsons Green*/ Sir B. McKenzie*/ Down in the Flood (Full Version)*/ Something You've Got (Full Version)*
DISC 7: LIVE AT THE TROUBADOUR, LOS ANGELES, 1974: Down in the Flood/ The Ballad of Ned Kelly/ Solo/ It'll Take a Long Time/ She Moves Through the Fair/ The Hens March Through the Midden & the Four Poster Bed/ The Hexamshire Lass/ Knockin' on Heaven's Door/ Six Days on the Road/ Like An Old Fashioned Waltz/ John the Gun/ Down Where the Drunkards Roll (Alt Take)*/ Crazy Lady Blues/ Who Knows Where the Time Goes/ Matty Groves/ That'll Be the Day/

CHARLIE FEATHERS Hoodoo 263534 Jungle Fever: 1955-1962 Recordings ● CD $9.98
30 tracks, 75 mins, highly recommended
Available again from a new distributor and at a lower price. Rockabilly legend Charlie Feathers might not be a household name to most, but to folks like us here at Roots & Rhythm, he is a superstar. Every household would be a better place with a collection of Feathers classic tracks, and this is a fine one to start with. You get 30 tracks recorded during the first seven years of Feathers' under-appreciated career, done for labels like Sun Records, King, Meteor, Flip, Memphis, and Holiday Inn. All but 5 of these tracks recorded in Memphis Tennessee and it shows. Get With It/ Bottle To The Baby/ Tongue Tied Jill/ Jungle Fever/ Wild, Wild Party, and my favorite Can't Hardly Stand It, which like many people my age I originally knew it from the beautiful Cramps cover version on "Bad Music For Bad People." Many more Rockin' tracks are here, plus a number of straight Country cuts like Defrost Your Heart, and When You Decide. Also includes a couple of killer alternative takes on Bottle to the Baby, and Can't Hardly Stand It. It's been almost 20 years since Charlie Feathers' heart gave out on him, but if you want to get your own heart pumpin', just put this baby on. The only complaint I have on any of this is that the sound quality on some of the later recordings is a little rough, but that is probably just the source material they had to use, because, overall, the sound is fantastic. (JM)

FREDDY FENDER Rock Beat 3384 Lovin' Tex-Mex Style ● CD $14.98
20 tracks, 53 mins, recommended
I have to admit I am getting pretty fed up with Rock Beat records and the lackluster job they do on their releases. This could have been a wonderful release if they just put a little effort in. There is a great live version of Matilda that seems to be from a radio broadcast, but what radio station, when was the show, who plays the killer guitar on it? None of these answers are found within the CD packaging, the only information that we get is that this is a "mixture of live and alternate studio recordings." Every track seems to come from a different source. That said, there are a lot of great tracks here, Freddy fans and Tex-Mex enthusiasts will enjoy. Highlights include live versions of Lovin' Cajun Style, Wild Side Of Life (dedicated to all the housewives out there who are waiting tables on the side), and studio versions of Silver Wings, a version of Enter My Heart, with some funky instrumental choices, Going Out With The Tide with I think Doug Sahm on it, and She's About A Mover - without Doug Sahm. There are some clunky tracks, sound levels are a bit all over the place, but overall I enjoyed this. Special mention for The Girl Who Waits on Tables, Freddy seems to have had a thing for waitresses. which is great, they don't get the respect (nor usually the money) that they deserve. (JM)

FIVE HAND REEL BGO BGOCD 712 Five Hand Reel/ For A' That/ Earl O'Moray** ● CD $19.98
Two CDS, 26 tracks, essential
At last the first three albums by this superb Scottish folk-rock are finally available on this indispensable double CD. The first album was available briefly on CD a while ago but sound quality here is vastly improved. Five Hand Reel was formed in 1974 and were joined by Scotland's finest traditional singer and guitarist Dick Gaughan in 1975 and recorded their first album in 1976. Along with Dick the group included another brilliant Scottish vocalist Bobby Eaglesham who were by Tom Hickland on fiddle, vocals and keyboards, Barry Lyons/ bass & keyboards and Dave Tulloch/percussion. The singing throughout is superb - Eaglesham is superb on chilling ballad The Death Of Argyll and the moving Slieve Gallion Braes and there is some great duet work by the duo. Dick takes lead on the tongue twisting McGinty's Mule and Me, the powerful The Knight And Shephard's Daughter and the utterly exquisite When A Man's In Love. There is also one vocal by Tom Hickland on the song The Maid Of Listowell. Instrumental work is outstanding - the electric and acoustic guitars of Bob & Dick merge with the lyrical fiddle of Hickland and are complemented by the bass and drums and occasional effective keyboards. Their second album "For A' That" from 1977 is even better. The band were tighter and the sound and arrangements are richer. There are some incredible songs here - Dick and Boby share the vocals on Robert Burns' magnificent A Man's A Man For A That and the powerful Haughs O' Cromdale. Bobby takes the lead on Burns' lovely Ae Fond Kiss while Dick leads on the chilling murder ballad The Cruel Brother which also boasts an incredible arrangement. There are several instrumental sets including some mind boggling electric guitar by Dick on Pinch Of Snuff. The third album "Earl O'Moray" from 1978 is perhaps not quite as strong as the second - a number of the songs are fairly lightweight though the performances of the title song and My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose with Bobby & Dick duetting are spine chilling but the best is saved for last with Dick taking a lead on poet/ folklorist Hamish Henderson's magnificent Freedom Come All Ye. Set to the tune of the pipe march The Bloody Fields Of Flanders this is a poets cry for freedom for all humanity though there is so much more to it. The songs is written in the lowland Scots dialect which may be hard to understand but Dick's majestic singing makes the meaning clear even if you can't understand the words. To learn more about this song Dick's web site has an essay on the song as well an English translation ( .html). After this album Dick left the group and the group continued for a while with Sam Bracken replacing him but it never agin reached the heights of these three albums. This is certainly the best and most important folk reissue of 2006 so far and I doubt if anything will top it! (FS)

CALVIN FRAZIER/ WASHBOARD WILLIE J-V-B 48 Calvin Frazier Meets Washboard Willie ● CD $16.98
23 tracks, highly recommended
Terrific collection of Detroit down home blues featuring two fine artists both separately and together. Calvin Frazier was an outstanding and versatile singer and guitarist. Originally from Arkansas he started performing in the 1930s and spent a while travelling with Robert Johnson and Johnny Shines and in 1938 he was recorded by Alan Lomax for the Library of Congress. He started his commercial recording career in 1949 and clearly had the talent to become a significant artist but most of his recordings were made for small local labels with limited distribution outside Detroit. The earliest cuts here find him influenced strongly by T-Bone Walker but he pretty soon found his own style - funky and powerful. Most of the songs are originals with the exception being a bit of a surprise - a version of the World War 2 favorite We'll Meet Again made famous by Vera Lynn - Calvin gives it a lowdown and very effective treatment. There are two versions of the song Lillie Mae which shows the influence of Johnson. 15 of the tracks are by Frazier - the remainder being by Washboard Willie - most of them with dynamic guitar from Frazier. Unlike Frazier, most of Willie's songs are derivative but the combination of washboard and Frazier's great guitar make them unique and several are essentially instrumental workouts. A great collection with superb sound, brief notes and full discographical info. (FS)
THE ALL STARS: 2-2-5 Special (Parts 1 & 2)/ CALVIN FRAZIER: Be-Bop Boogie/ Have Blues Must Travel/ Lillie Mae/ Lillie Mae/ Rock House/ Sweet Lucy (Drinking Women)/ Track Down/ We'll Meet Again/ Sweet Bread Baby/ Got Nobody To Tell My Troubles To/ Rock House/ I Need Love/ Got Nobody To Tell My Troubles To/ Little Baby Child/ LENA HALL WITH WASHBOARD WILLIE & HIS SUPER S: Five Long Years/ What You Gonna Do/ WASHBOARD WILLIE: After Hours (Parts 1 & 2)/ Cherry Red Blues/ Natural Born Lover/ Washboard Blues (Parts 1 & 2)/ Washboard Shuffle/ Wee Baby Blues

JESSE FULLER Arhoolie 360 'Frisco Bound** ● CD $13.98
22 tracks, very highly recommended
Georgia born musician Jesse Fuller was a much loved musician in the Bay Area. He was one of the breed of musicians that have become known as "songsters" - in addition to blues he performed ragtime, children's songs, spirituals and jazz. Although he started to play guitar around 1910, he didn't take it too seriously until the 50s when he started recording for a number of record companies in Northern California. Unable to get a band together he became a one man band accompanying himself on 12 string guitar, harmonica, kazoo and his unique home made bass instrument the footdella. The recordings on this excellent disc include some of his first recorded in 1955 for the Cavalier label, including four previously unissued and 6 recorded in 1962 for Folklyric. Although the one man band setting restricted his instrumental prowess somewhat he was a very fine guitarist and his slide guitar playing on Cincinnati Blues and a number of traditional spirituals is very fine. His eerie instrumental version of Amazing Grace brings echoes of Blind Willie Johnson's Dark Was The Night. He was also a very engaging singer and other songs include Leaving Memphis, Frisco Bound/ Hump In My Back/ Finger Twister/ Motherless Children/ Hark From The Tomb/ I'm Going To Sit Down At The Welcome Table/ memphis Boogie/ Crazy About A Woman and others including a version of his most famous song San Francisco Bay Blues. 22 songs, 65 minutes of genuinly entertaining music. Excellent sound, good notes by Harry Oster and an affectionate rememberance by Chris Stracwitz round out an outstanding release. (FS)
JESSE FULLER: 99 Years/ Amazing Grace/ As Long As I Can Feel The Spirit/ Bill Bailey/ Cincinnati Blues/ Crazy About A Woman/ Finger Twister/ Flavor In My Cream/ Footdella Stomp/ Got A Date At Half Past Eight/ Hark From The Tomb/ Hump In My Back/ I'm Going To Sit Down At The Welcome Table/ Just A Closer Walk With Thee/ Just Like A Ship On The Deep Blue Sea/ Leaving Memphis, Frisco Bound/ Memphis Boogie/ Motherless Children/ Preacher Lowdown/ San Francisco Bay Blues/ Stranger's Blues/ Together Let Us Live

LOWELL FULSON JSP JSPCD 77207 Classic Cuts 1946-1953 ● CD $28.98
4 CDs, 113, tracks, 313 minutes, essential
Previously available as JSP 7728 but out of print for a number of years. New artwork but same great music. It could be time to trade in a lot of the other vintage Lowell Fulson recordings on your shelves to make room for this incredible 4-CD boxed set. Covering the years 1946 to 1953, laced with 113 tracks, and great sound, this is prime Lowell Fulson from the Big Town, Down Beat, Swingtime, and Trilon labels and the set includes eight alternate titles. Lowell's guitar work could often be absolutely devastating, as shown here to great effect on Guitar Shuffle/ Jukebox Shuffle/ Cash Box Boogie/ Market Street Blues, and more. Joining Fulson are some stellar names including Lloyd Glenn and Billy Hadnott (who also aided T-Bone Walker - another West Coast guitar wonder), as well as Eldridge McCarty's piano, Que Martyn's tenor sax, Earl Brown's alto, and Lowell's brother Martin Fulson on second guitar for sixteen tracks. From jumping small-band romps to stripped-down Texas grit with just twin guitars, there's a wealth of great music here. The sonics on this massive set are hands above what many will have of Lowell Fulson on various labels, including Night Train (which sound like they were tweaked by an engineer with severe hearing loss). there's no deficiency at all here; no dropout, no hiss, no pops or clicks, and at almost five hours of listening time, it's simply the finest document of Fulson's earlier years before he went on to Aladdin, Checker, Kent, and further. In a recording career that went on for decades, Lowell Fulson stands as a stellar figure with a pen that managed some definitive classics, and guitar work that can rattle your bones to the core. With complete session information and detailed liner notes by Neil Slaven, this is absolutely stunning material, and well worth the relatively small investment. (CR)
LOWELL FULSON: 9.30 Shuffle/ Ain't Nobody's Business/ Baby Won't You Jump With Me/ Back Home Blues/ Best Wishes/ Between Midnight And Day/ Black Cat Blues/ Black Widow Spider Blues/ Blue Shadows/ Blues And Misery/ Blues With A Feelin'/ Cash Box Boogie (aka Lowell Jumps One)/ Christmas Party Shuffle/ Cold Hearted Mama/ Come Back Baby/ Country Boy/ Crying Blues/ Crying Blues (Crying Won't Make Me Stay)/ Demon Woman (= I Had A Little Woman 7110 also = Hear Me Calling You (Angel/ Did You Ever Feel Lucky/ Don't Be So Evil/ Don't Be So Evil (Alt)/ Don't You Hear Me Calling You/ Double Trouble Blues/ Every Day I Have The Blues/ Fillmore Mess Around (= Fulson's Guitar Boogie)/ Fulson Blues/ Fulson Boogie/ Fulson Boogie/ Fulson's Blues/ Good Woman Blues/ Guitar Shuffle (= The Day Is Passing On)/ Highway '99'/ Highway 99/ I Walked All Night/ I Want To See My Baby/ I Want To See My Baby (Alt)/ I love My Baby/ I'm A Night Owl Part 1/ I'm A Night Owl Part 2/ I've Been Mistreated/ I've Been Mistreated (Diff Song )/ Is Your Friend Really Your Friend/ It's Hard To Believe Alt/ Jam That Boogie/ Jelly, Jelly/ Jimmy's Blues (I've Got A Mind To Ramble)/ Juke Box Shuffle (= 9:30 Shuffle)/ Just A Poor Boy/ Lazy Woman Blues/ Let Me Love You Baby/ Let Me Ride In Your Little Automobile/ Let's Live Right/ Let's Throw A Boogie Woogie/ Lonesome Christmas Part 1/ Lonesome Christmas Part 2/ Low Society Blues/ Mama Bring Your Clothes Back Home/ Market Street Blues/ Mean Old Lonesome Song/ Mean Woman Blues/ Mean Woman Blues/ Midnight Showers Of Rain/ Miss Katie Lee Blues/ Miss Katy Lee Blues/ Miss Lillie Brown/ My Baby/ My Baby Left Me/ My Daily Prayer/ My Gal At Eight/ My Woman Can't Be Found/ Night And Day/ Prison Bound/ Rainy Day Blues/ Rambling Blues/ Rambling Blues/ Ride Until The Sun Goes Down/ River Blues Part 1/ River Blues Part 2/ Rock This House Alt/ Rocking After Midnight/ San Francisco Blues/ San Francisco Blues/ Scotty's Blues/ Sinner's Prayer/ Sinner's Prayer Alt/ So Long, So Long/ Stormin' And Rainin'/ Sweet Jenny Lee/ Tears At Sunrise/ Television Blues/ Tell Me Baby/ The Blues Come Rollin' In/ The Blues Got Me Down/ The Blues Is Killing Me/ The Day Is Slowly Passing Alt/ The Highway Is My Home (= Why Can't You Cry For Me)/ The Train Is Leaving/ Thinkin' Blues/ Thinkin' Blues/ Three O'Clock Blues/ Trouble Blues/ Tryin' To Find My Baby/ Trying To Find My Baby/ Upstairs/ Wee Hours In The Morning/ Western Union Blues/ Whiskey Blues/ Why Can't You Cry For Me/ Wild About You Baby/ You're Going To Miss Me When I'm Gone Alt/ You're Gonna Miss Me (When I'm Gone)/ You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

FINBAR & EDDIE FUREY BGO BGOCD 1299 Four Albums on Two Discs ● CD $19.98
Two CDs, 53 tracks, strongly recommended
Finbar and Eddie Furey were among the new breed of young Irish musicians performing traditional Irish music in the late 1960s. They were one of the very few at the time to feature the distinctive sound of the uilleann pipes with Finbar become a national piping champion in his teens. Together with brother Eddie on guitar, mandolin, bodhran and vocals they had a sound that pointed the way to future developments in performing traditional Irish music. This fine set features their first four albums - three recorded for Transatlantic in 1968 and '69 and one for Dawn in 1972. One of the Transatlantic LPs is an all instrumental set devoted to Finbar's superb pipe and whistle playing. The other three are a mix of songs and instrumentals with Eddie providing powerful and warm vocals on a selection of mostly traditional songs like Dainty Davey/ Leezie Linsay/ The Prickly Bush/ Bogy's Bonnie Bellle/ My Lagan Love/ Reynardine and others. There are also a few contemporary songs with Come By The Hills and This Town Is Not Your Own being particularly nice. On the Dawn album a couple of the songs have a pop feel to them which pointed the way to the duo's future and together with other members of their family had a great deal of success at the more pop end of folk in the late 70s. The tracks have all been newly remastered for this collection and the set comes with a 28 page booklet reprinting the original sleeve notes along with an extensive new essay by John O'Regan. (FS)

GUITAR SHORTY Black Top 1126 Get Wise To Yourself ● CD $15.98 $7.98
12 tracks, 56 min., highly recommended
Guitar Shorty's 2nd Black Top set includes remakes of 2 of his early sides, You Don't Treat Me Right ('57) and Ways Of A Man ('59), along with 6 new songs plus one instrumental (Smells Good) that is begging for lyrics. As with the previous set, Kaz Kazanoff handles the horn arrangements with A Fool Who Wants To Stay offering a nice second-line New Orleans rhythm. Fans of Jerry (Swamp Dogg) Williams will be pleased to hear 2 of his compositions (She's Built To Kill, Get Wise To Yourself) given the Guitar Shorty treatment. As an aside, the original versions feature Guitar Shorty's lead guitar and are available on the 1991 Volt 3408 : Swamp Dogg - Surfin' In Harlem. With Lee Allen Zeno's wonderful bass playing - the best I've heard on a blues CD in years - what we have here is not only David William Kearney's best release in his career, but one of the best in '96.(EL)

GUITAR SLIM Jasmine 3087 You're Gonna Miss Me - The Complete Singles Collection ● CD $14.98
30 tracks, highly recommended
Eddie "Guitar Slim" Jones was a brilliant performer whose career was cut short by his early death at the age of 33 in 1958. With his powerful gospel tinged vocals, intense guitar work and his dynamic on stage performance he was a big influence on later generations of performers. His first four sides cut for Imperial are good solid blues numbers without being exceptional. The following year he recorded two sides for the JB label including the soulful blues ballad Feelin' Sad which was covered the following year by Ray Charles. In 1953 he signed with Specialty and at his first session recording that most iconic of blues songs The Things I Used To Do became a #1 R&B hit and has become a blues standard with hundreds of cover versions. Although "Things" was his only chart hit he recorded other classic sides for Specialty between 1953 and 1955 like Well I Done Got Over it/ Sufferin' Mind/ Reap What You Sow and I Got Sumpin' For You. In 1956 he signed with Atco who released four singles by him - most are pretty good though not as strong as his Specialty sides and there is very little of his dynamic guitar playing and the last single finds Atco trying to steer him in a pop direction. This is a fine retrospective of this excellent artist and comes with full discographical info and informative notes. (FS)

BOBBY HENDRICKS Jasmine 959 Itchy Twitchy Feeling - Singles Collection, 1956-1961 ● CD $14.98
27 tracks, strongly recommended
Although Bobby Hendricks is best known for his big hit - the catchy title song from 1958, he had had previously spent several years singing in a couple of the top doo-wop groups in the country - The Swallows and The Drifters. Although he never recorded with The SWallows his recording debut came with two songs with The Flyers which open this enjoyable set. This is followed by three cuts as lead with The Drifters including the fabulous Drip Drop which wasn't a hit but has become an R&B standard. Going out on his own he signed with the new Sue later and his first recording for the label Itchy Twitch Feeling became a hit on the R&B and pop charts providing Sue with their first hit. He stayed with Sue for two years recording a fine selection of rocking R&B and doo-wop ballads plus some more pop items as well as the novelty song Psycho which seems like a precursor to Shirley Ellis's Name Game and was his only other hit for the label reaching the lower limits of the R&B and pop charts. In 1961 he signed with Mercury and the six Mercury tracks here are very pop flavored with Bobby's fine vocals drenched in strings. He had a minor hit in 1961 with the Charlie Rich composition I'm Coming Home. (FS)

BRUCE JOHNSTON SURFING BAND Collector's Choice 466 Surfer's Pajama Party ● CD $11.98 $8.98
10 tracks, highly recommended
You would be excused if you took one look at this one and thought it was one of those cheesy surf ripoff albums. But it most certainly is not. Bruce Johnston started out with Kip Tyler & the Flips and ended up as a longtime member of the Beach Boys. In between he released a couple of great surf LP's (plus some singles) on Del-Fi. This one was recorded live in 1963 at a UCLA frat house and it is sensational - a wild teen surf band in action. You wouldn't really call their sound "surf" because of the lack of reverb guitar but the guitar playing is hot nonetheless. Includes their renditions of Ramrod/ Surfer Stomp/ Something On Your Mind/ Kansas City/ Gee But I'm Lonesome and more. (AE)

LAZY LESTER Jasmine 3082 I'm A Lover Not A Fighter - Complete Excello Singles, 1 ● CD $14.98
26 tracks, highly recommended
More superb Louisiana down home blues produced by Jay Miller for Excello Records - this time featuring singer/ harmonica player Lazy Lester. Lester (Leslie Johnson) was a brilliant harmonica player and a distinctive vocalist with a languid style (hence the nickname). This disc features both sides of all 10 singles released by Excello between 1956 and 1962 - all recorded in Jay Miller's studios in Crowley, Louisiana. Lester was accompanied by many of the great studio musicians used by Miller including Guitar Gable, Bobby McBride, Jockey Etienne, Warren Storm, Al Foreman, Katie Webtser, Henry Clement and others. Much of Lester's material was mid tempo loping and very catchy songs and titles like I'm A LOver Not A Fighter/ Sugar Coated Love and I Hear You KNockin' have frequently been recorded by later blues bands. In addition to the vocal tracks there is the exciting harmonica instrumental Lester's Stomp. Because of Lester's instrumental prowess he was frequently called on as a sideman and the last six tracks feature him as accompanist to Slim Harpo, LIghtnin' Slim', Tabby Thomas and Lonesome Sundown. Excellent sound and informative notes by Bob Fisher but no discographical details. (FS)

JERRY LEE LEWIS Charly SNAJ 737 Sun Essentials ● CD $29.98 $18.98
Four CDs, 128 tracks, approx 5 hours, essential
If you can't afford the comprehensive Bear Family box set then this is the best single collection of the Killer's classic Sun recordings. Even if you have the Bear Family box you might want this since the price is so low and the programming is very different. Unlike the chronological format of the Bear Family box this one is arranged thematically with the first half of each of each disc featuring rockers and the second half being country. Although there is no rigid scheme to the format the first disc features some of his most successful rockers, the second one has lesser known and B-side titles and the last two discs features a heap or covers of R&B numbers. In the seven years Jerry Lee was with Sun from 1956 to 1963 he recorded extensively with many recordings not being issued at the time and not turning up until researchers started excavating the Sun vaults in the 70s and finding hours of unissued Jerry Lee material - most of it of very high quality. All the hits are here, great originally unissued rockers like Milk Shake Mademoiselle, covers of loads of country and R&B standards and unexpected items like his version of Hoagy Carmichael's Hong Kong Blues and even The Marine's Hymn (From The Halls Of Montezuma. There are also a couple of tracks from the Million Dollar Quartet sessions with Jerry Lee duetting with Elvis. Many of the tracks feature Jerry Lee joined by the superb guitarist Roland Janes and drummer J.M. Van Eaton. Sound quality is superb and booklet has a biographical essay by Adam Komorowski and a track by track discussion by Clive Anderson. (FS)
JERRY LEE LEWIS: (Walk That) Lonesome Valley (with Elvis Presley)/ All Night Long/ As Long as I Live/ Baby Baby Bye Bye/ Ballad of Billy Joe/ Be-Bop-A-Lula/ Big Blon' Baby/ Big Legged Woman/ Bonnie B./ Born to Lose/ Break Up/ Breathless/ C.C. Rider/ Carry Me Back to Old Virginia/ Carrying On (Sexy Ways)/ Charming Billy (Billy Boy)/ Cold, Cold Heart/ Come What May/ Cool, Cool Ways (Sexy Ways)/ Crawdad Song/ Crazy Arms/ Crazy Arms/ Crazy Heart/ Deep Elem Blues/ Don't Be Cruel/ Don't Drop It/ Down the Line/ Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee/ End of the Road/ Fools Like Me/ Frankie and Johnny/ Friday Nights/ Good Golly Miss Molly (Alternate Take)/ Good Rockin' Tonight/ Goodnight Irene (Undubbed Master)/ Great Balls of Fire/ Great Speckled Bird/ Hand Me Down My Walking Cane/ Hang up My Rock & Roll Shoes/ Hello Josephine/ Hello, Hello Baby/ High School Confidential/ Hillbilly Music/ Home/ Honey Hush/ Hong Kong Blues/ Hound Dog/ How's My Ex Treating You/ I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love With You)/ I Can't Seem to Say Goodbye/ I Can't Trust Me (In Your Arms Anymore)/ I Forgot to Remember to Forget/ I Know What It Means/ I Love You Because/ I'll Make It All Up to You (Alternate Take)/ I'll Sail My Ship Alone/ I'm Feeling Sorry/ I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry/ I'm Throwing Rice/ I'm the Guilty One/ I've Been Twistin'/ It All Depends (On Who Will Buy the Wine)/ It Hurt Me So/ It Won't Happen With Me/ It'll Be Me/ It'll Be Me (LP Version)/ Jambalaya (On the Bayou)/ John Henry/ Johnny B. Goode/ Just Who Is to Blame/ Just a Little Talk With Jesus (with Elvis Presley)/ Keep Your Hands Off It (Birthday Cake)/ Let the Good Times Roll/ Let's Talk About Us/ Lewis Boogie/ Little Queenie/ Livin' Lovin' Wreck/ Long Gone Lonesome Blues/ Love's Made Me a Fool of Me/ Lovesick Blues/ Lovin' Up a Storm/ Marines' Hymn/ Matchbox (Alternate Take)/ Mean Woman Blues/ Memory of You/ Mexicali Rose (Slow Version)/ Milkshake Mademoiselle/ Money (That's What I Want)/ My Pretty Quadroon/ Night Train to Memphis/ Old Pal of Yesterday/ Ooby Dooby/ Pink Pedal Pushers/ Pumpin' Piano Rock/ Put Me Down/ Ramblin' Rose/ Real Wild Child (Wild One)/ Rock & Roll Ruby/ Rockin' With Red/ Rockin' the Boat of Love/ Seasons of My Heart/ Set My Mind at Ease/ Settin' the Woods on Fire (Undubbed Version)/ Shame on You/ Sick and Tired/ Sixty Minute Man/ Slipping Around/ So Long, I'm Gone/ Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You)/ Sweet Little Sixteen/ Teenage Letter/ That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day)/ That's My Desire/ Tomorrow Night/ Turn Around/ Ubangi Stomp/ Waiting for a Train/ What'd I Say/ When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again/ Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/ Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/ Wild Side of Life/ Will the Circle Be Unbroken/ You Are My Sunshine/ You Win Again/ You're the Only Star (In My Blue Heaven)/ Your Cheatin' Heart/ Your Lovin' Ways

THE MARATHONS & FRIENDS Acrobat 4024 Talkin' Trash ● CD $14.98 $9.98
26 tracks 61 minutes, highly recommended
In the infamous world of 1950's Doo Wop, bands change members, change band names, and record under fake names to avoid problems with exclusive contracts (usually with shady characters that are ripping them off anyway). So the story of this CD is understandably convoluted. The Marathons on the first 2 tracks are actually the Vibrations (who were originally The Jayhawks who did the definitive version of Stranded In The Jungle) incognito, so that they wouldn't get in trouble with Chess records; the rest of the Marathons tracks are local teenagers rounded up by the Arvee records folks. So when The Marathons of Chicken Spaceman reference Peanut Butter, they aren't referencing themselves, but another group. Peanut Butter is a classic that most will know, but the tracks done by the teenage Marathons are excellent as well. To confuse things more, The Olympics, who also have some excellent tracks here, were actually originally slated to do Peanut Butter, but were too busy touring. The common thread to all of these groups as well as The Boulevards, The Lions and The Lexingtons are that they are all fantastic west coast outfits, with the one exception being The Danleers, who were an east coast band whose label, Everest, later moved to the west coast, so they can sneak in under the cultural radar. O.K., so does that all make sense to you? Yeah, me neither, but it's a lot of fun to obsess over the infinite wacky details when you're talkin' crazy obscure Doo Wop records. Also, since there are a plethora of shoddy Doo Wop compilations out there, it is nice to see one like this with great tracks, fantastic sound and (obviously) copious liner notes. A lot of these tracks are on the novelty tip, so if that's your obsession (it's one of mine, along with putting things in parenthesis), Enjoy! (JM)
THE BOULEVARDS: Chop Chop Hole In The Wall/ THE DANLEERS: Foolish/ I'm Looking Around/ No One (No One But You)/ THE LEXINGTONS: I Found My Baby/ When My Baby Went Away/ THE MARATHONS: C Percy Mercy Of Scotland Yard/ Chicken Spaceman/ Gee/ High Blood Pressure/ Nothing In The World/ Oink Jones/ Peanut Butter/ Talkin' Trash/ Tight Sweater/ Tutti Frutti/ You Bug Me Baby/ THE OLYMPICS: Ain't No Big Thing/ Big Cheese Little Puff/ Bye Bye Baby/ How Long Will It Take/ Shame Shame Shame/ THE ROBINS: Just Like That/ Live Wire Suzie/ Oh No/ Whole Lot Of Imagination

CLAYTON MCMICHEN B.A.C.M. 142 The Legendary Fiddler, Vol. 2 ● CD $14.98 $10.98
Another collection featuring this brilliant singer and fiddler including early old time string band sides, sentimental songs and later jazzy swing items. Includes Ain't She Sweet/ Darling Nellie Gray/ The Blind Child's Prayer, Parts 1 & 2/ Killing of Tom Slaughter/ In The Pines/ Just An Old Chimney Stack and more - 20 tracks in all.
CLAYTON MCMICHEN: Ain't She Sweet/ Alexander's Ragtime Band/ Darling Nellie Gray/ Done Gone/ Fiddlin‘ Medley (old Time Fiddlers‘ Medley)/ Fifty Years Ago/ I Gotta Ketch Up With My Settin'/ I'm A-gonna Learn To Swing/ In The Pines/ Is There Still Room For Me/ Just An Old Chimney Stack/ Just Tell Them That You Saw Me/ Killing Of Tom Slaughter/ Only A Faded Rose/ Rye Straw/ The Blind Child's Prayer Pt. 1/ The Blind Child's Prayer Pt. 2/ Wabash Blues/ When The Bloom Is On The Sage/ Whispering

THE PLATTERS Bear Family BCD 17558 Rock ● CD $24.98
30 tracks, 72 mins, very highly recommended
You don't necessarily think "Rocks" when you think of The Platters, but they did indeed have plenty of great up-tempo tracks. It is just that they hit so big with their epic ballads that (at least Pop) radio stations hardly played anything else that the Platters released. Certainly there are a lot of up-beat Rhythm & Blues and Doo-Wop songs from their classic years (1955-1962) to pick from. On this you get probably the all-time coolest version of 16 Tons, with the bass of Herb Reed outdoing every other bass singer that tried; a nice take on Let's Fall In Love with Zola and Paul taking the lead; a fantastic take on Don't Let Go, which everyone from Clyde McPhatter to E.L.O. have covered (not to mention Roy Hamilton's big hit version), though this Platters version stands among the best of them. The "dish of the Platters," Zola Taylor, really gets to shine on tracks like Bark, Battle, and Ball/ He's Mine, and I Don't Know Why. Aside from a cutesy version of My Heart Belongs To Daddy I dug every track on this collection. Beautiful packaging from Bear Family, with the usual deep notes etc. (JM)

LLOYD PRICE Acrobat 9066 The Complete Singles, 1952-1962 ● CD $19.98
Three CDs, 78 tracks, very highly recommended
A most welcome, in depth retrospective, of the early years of this superb New Orleans R&B singer. In 1952, Lloyd was one of the top artists in the city and was promptly signed by Specialty head Art Rupe when he visited the city that year. His first release Lawdy Miss Clawdy with accompaniment from the great Dave Bartholomew band with Fats Domino on piano zoomed up the R&B charts right to the top and has since become an R&B standard. Subsequent Specialty releases were also successful and he had hits with other fine R&B songs like Oooh, Oooh, Oooh/ Restless Heart/ Tell Me Pretty Baby and Ain't It A Shame. In 1954 he was called into the army and was absent from the recording scene. When he returned to Specialty in 1956 he continued putting out fine songs, which, in keeping with the times had more of a rock 'n' roll feel but at this point Specialty were putting most of their energy into Little Richard and Lloyd's former chauffeur Larry Williams. Lloyd decided to strike out on his own with the KRC label which he formed with his manager Harold Logan and William Boskent. Over a period of 18 months he turned out a series of superb singles which though recorded in New York had the some energetic New Orleans spirit as his Specialty releases. As good as these were success eluded him until for his sixth single he recorded another superb original Just Because - another iconic R&B classic. This gained so much attention that it was picked up by ABC Paramount and became a big hit on the R&B and pop charts leading to a contract with ABC. His first ABC release was a galvanizing update of the old blues Stack-O-Lee which had been previously recorded in 1950 by fellow New Orlenian Archibald and Lloyd's Stagger Lee was based on the Archibald version but with a big band backing him and The Ray Charles Singers vocalizing. It became an enormous hit topping the R&B and pop and became his first hit in the U.K. Over the next four years he recorded extensively for ABC and racked up many hits including several more number ones. Although the pop elements would become more intrusive on his later sides and some of the material was dubious and unworthy of Lloyd's abilities he rarely turned in a bad performance particularly on his own songs which, fortunately, were the majority of them though his version of Buck Owens' Under Your Spell Again is most appealing though its flip Happy Birthday Mama is pretty dire. This was his last single for ABC and ends this set. A lot of great music with excellent sound and 20 page booklet with informative notes which also touch on Lloyd's extensive musical and non-musical career after ABC. (FS)
LLOYD PRICE: 'Nother Fairy Tale/ (You Better) Know What You're Doin'/ Ain't It A Shame/ Baby Don't Turn Your Back On Me/ Baby Please Come Home/ Be A Leader/ Boo Hoo/ Breaking My Heart/ Chantilly Lace/ Chee Koo Baby/ Chicken And The Bop/ Come Into My Heart/ Counterfeit Friends/ Country Boy Rock/ Down By The River/ For Love/ Forgive Me, Clawdy/ Frog Legs/ Georgianna/ Gonna Let You Come Back Home/ Happy Birthday Mama/ Have You Ever Had The Blues/ Hello Little Girl/ How Many Times'/ I Ain't Givin' Up Nothin'/ I Cover The Waterfront/ I Made You Cry/ I Wish Your Picture Was You/ I Yi Yi Gomen A Sai/ I'm Glad, Glad/ I'm Gonna Get Married/ If I Look A Little Blue/ Is It Really Love/ Jimmie Lee/ Just Because/ Just Call Me (And I'll Understand)/ Lady Luck/ Lawdy, Miss Clawdy/ Let Me Come Home Baby/ Lonely Chair/ Lord, Lord Amen/ Mailman Blues/ Mary and Man-O/ Never Let Me Go/ No If's - No And's/ No Limit To Love/ One Hundred Percent/ Oo Ee Baby/ Oooh Oooh Oooh/ Personality/ Pop Eye's Irresistable You/ Question/ Restless Heart/ Rock'N'Roll Dance/ Say I'm The One/ So Long/ Stagger Lee/ String Of Pearls/ Such A Mess!/ Talk To Me/ Tell Me Pretty Baby/ That's Why Tears Come And Go/ Three Little Pigs/ To Love And Be Loved/ Too Late For Tears/ Trying To Find Someone To Love/ Twistin' The Blues/ Under Your Spell Again/ Walkin' The Track/ What's The Matter Now/ Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)'/ Where You At'/ Who Coulda' Told You/ Why/ Woe Ho Ho/ Won't Cha Come Home/ You Need Love/ Your Picture

CHARLIE RICH Ace CDCHD 1298 It Ain't Gonna Be That Way - The Complete Smash Session ● CD $18.98 $12.98
29 tracks, 69 mins, very highly recommended
Before his 70's renaissance at the hands of Nashville producer Billy Sherrill, Charlie Rich's most noteworthy period was the 18 months he spent Mercury Records' Smash subsidiary. Starting in 1965 and on into 1966, Rich produced some of his most adventurous music; mixing R&B, Jazz, and Country and performing songs mostly written by himself or his wife, he created a sound uniquely his own and these tracks are considered to be as close as we would ever get to the "real" Charlie Rich. Of these songs, the only one that was hit was Mohair Sam - written by Dallas Frazier- but there's many fine compositions that deserved to hear by the masses: ballads like It Ain't Gonna Be That Way/ I Can't Go On or A Field of Yellow Daisies (which, in fact, was a minor hit for Smash, cashing in on Rich's newfound success in the 70's); and up tempo jivers like Everything I Do is Wrong and Just a Little Bit of Time. For those keeping score, these tracks were originally released as the Smash LPs "The Many New Sides of Charlie Rich" (1965) and "The Best Years" (1966); in 1992, Mercury issued three additional tracks from these sessions that had never been released before. But for the first time it's all here in one place: the glorious gospel inflected You Can Have Her and I Washed My Hands in Muddy Water, the Ray Charles-style of Down and Out, the rock and roll of When My Baby Comes Home, and the update of his Sun classic Lonely Weekends. If you're a fan of Charlie's, this CD is mandatory. (GMC)

ROY ROGERS Primo 6221 The Essenntial Recordings ● CD $12.98
A two CD set with 40 tracks by one of the most popular singing cowboys featuring recordings made between 1934 and 1958 including sides with The Sons of The Pioneers - the group that gave him his start and a duet with his wife Dale Evans on Cool Water. Includes Hi Yo, Silver/ Tumbling Tumbleweeds/ Cowboy Night Herd Song/ Dust/ Rock Me To Sleep In My Saddle/ Roll On, Texas Moon/ My Chackashay Gal/ Don't Fence Me In and many more. Good sound and booklet with descriptive notes.
ROY ROGERS: A Four-Legged Friend/ A Gay Ranchero/ Bury Me Out on the Lone Prairie (The Dying Cowboy)/ Colorado Trail/ Cowboys Never Cry/ Don't Fence Me in/ Doney Gal/ Dust/ Good-Bye, Old Paint/ Hawaiian Cowboy/ Headin' for Texas and Home/ Hi-Yo, Silver!/ I Ride An Old Paint/ Listen to the Rhythm of the Range/ My Chickasay Gal/ My Heart Went That-A-Way/ Roll on, Texas Moon/ Saddle Serenade/ San Fernando Valley/ The Night Herding Song/ The Old Chisholm Trail/ The Railroad Corral/ The Streets of Laredo (Cowboy's Lament)/ The Yellow Rose of Texas/ Whoopee Ti Yi Yo/ Cool Water/ Happy Trails/ (There'll Never Be Another) Pecos Bill/ A Little White Cross on the Hill/ Along the Navajo Trail/ Blue Shadows on the Trail/ Cowboy Night Herd Song/ Home on the Range/ Rock Me to Sleep in My Saddle/ Stampede/ THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Hold That Critter Down/ Ride Ranger Ride/ Tumbing Tumbleweeds/ Way Out There/ When the Golden Train Comes in

THE SHELTON BROTHERS B.A.C.M. 562 Volume 3 ● CD $14.98
26 tracks, strongly recommended
Complementing B.A.C.M. 010 and 370 this is another splendid collection from this fine Texas duo featuring sides recorded between 1935 and 1960. The earliest session features the duo with Curly Fox on fiddle including a different version of Sitting On Top Of The World from that on B.A.C.M. 370. Subsequent sessions from 1937 and '38 find them with a small group with electric guitar, banjo, fiddle and bass and the sound leans towards western swing on catchy songs like You Can't Put That Monkey On My Back and Thankful and Thankful Again. There are eight tracks from 1939 sessions which includes the great and influential steel guitarist Bob Dunn. Subsequent sides from 1941 and '47 find the brothers with different groups of musicians but continuing with lively western swing renditions including a fine version of Matchbox Blues which I suspect may have an inspiration for Carl Perkins version. The final two tracks are from a 1960 sessions including a remake of their 1935 hit Just Because. Sound quality is fine and there are informative notes by Kevin Coffey. (FS)
THE SHELTON BROTHERS: Because (Just Because)/ Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye/ Four Or Five Times/ How Times Have Changed/ I Just Don't Care Anymore/ I'm Driftin' And Shiftin' My Gears/ Ida Red/ It's No Use/ It's Our Baby/ Johnson's Old Grey Mule/ Love Me Easy (Or Leave Me Alone)/ Match Box Blues/ No Foolin'/ Parking Meter Blues/ She’s My Gal Right Or Wrong/ Sitting On The Doorstep/ Sitting On Top Of The World/ South/ Thankful And Thankful Again/ These Shoes Are Killing Me/ Wednesday Night Waltz/ You Can't Do That To Me/ You Can't Put That Monkey On My Back/ You Can't Put That Monkey On My Back No. 2/ You Gotta Quit Cheatin' On Me/ You're Standing On The Outside Now

NINA SIMONE Charly SNAJ 738 The Nina Simone Story ● CD $19.98 $13.98
3 CD set, 52 tracks, recommended, with reservations
Nina Simone was an icon of music and civil rights; in music, she never met a genre she didn't like, tackling everything from Pop to Classical. Additionally, she was a tireless civil rights champion, always working towards racial equality. As a much recorded artist, trying to boil her history down to one box set was going to be a fool's errand, and yet U.K. label Charly has given it their best shot through a mix of studio and live tracks. Disc One spotlights her 50's recordings for Bethlehem Records, including signature songs My Baby Just Cares For Me and I Loves You Porgy, as well as live versions of material originally cut in the early 60's, e.g. Gin House Blues/ Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, and Please Read Me. The second disc attempts to cover Simone's years on Verve and RCA, but without proper liner notes, it's hard to tell what time frame these tracks, particularly the live ones, are from. And Disc Three contains more RCA-era tracks, while the latter half of the disc is devoted to tracks from Simone's 1985 comeback LP, "Nina's Back" (which was released by Charly UK). As might be expected, the material here is top notch and features many of the diva's classics, but I can't see who this collection is aimed at; new fans will be lost without proper annotation to put things into prospective, while long time fans probably already have much of this material. So with all this in mind, on the basis of the music I can recommend this set, but the lack of information regarding release dates and from where the songs come from is a major liability toward giving this collection a total thumbs up. (GMC)

DJELIMADY TOUNKARA Lusafrica 562702 Solon Kono ● CD $19.98
10 tracks, 54 mins, highly recommended
Djelimady Tounkara is one of Mali's finest guitarists and, for many years, was lead guitarist for the legendary Super Rail Band. In 2000 he stepped out on his own and this, his second solo album, was originally released on the local Marbi label in 2002 and has recently been rereleased by Lusafrica. The sound here is very different from his wotk with the Rail Band - a mostly acoustic album of original compositions though often rooted in traditional songs. He is accompanied by a small acoustic group and there are fabulous call and response vocals by a trio of female vocalists along with male vocalist Mountago Diabate. The music is truly lovely and haunting with dazzling, but never flashy, guitar work from Tounkary with those lovely trilling runs which echo the sound of the kora. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1497 Making Time - A Shel Talmy Production ● CD $18.98
25 tracks, 72 mins, highly recommended
Shel Talmy is a Rock & Roll record producer extraordinaire, though most famous for his recordings with The Who, The Kinks, The Creation, and The Easybeats, he recorded a whole slew of great music in 1960s, then he basically moved on to other interests for a few decades, but in recent years has came back and helmed some select projects. An American, who largely only worked in England, with English artists, including recording a young Davy Jones (ne David Bowie.) On this collection you get a previously unreleased alternate overdub of Bowie's great moody early Mod single You've Got a Habit of Leaving, well known tracks by The Who, Kinks, and Creation, plus a whole mess of rarer gems from artists ranging from Roy Harper to Trini Lopez. Highlights for me include The Pentangle's Light Flight, The Sneekers Bald Headed Woman is a pretty tough rocker, on the prettier pop end there's Manfred Mann's Semi-detached Suburban Mr. James, Lee Hazelwood shines on "Bye Babe," The First Gear deliver some prime Beat on their cover of Ernie K Doe's A Certain Girl, and Oliver Norman sounds like an English one man version of the Four Tops with Drowning In My Own Despair. CD also includes a previously unreleased alternative version one of the Easybeats great songs Lisa. Collection has cool notes, and excellent sound throughout, this one is a keeper. (JM)
BEN CARRUTHERS AND THE DEEP: Jack of Diamonds/ CHAD AND JEREMY: A Summer Song/ THE CREATION: Making Time/ THE EASYBEATS: Lisa/ THE FIRST GEAR: A Certain Girl/ THE FORTUNES: Caroline/ GOLDIE AND THE GINGERBREADS: That's Why I Love You/ ROY HARPER: Ageing Raver/ LEE HAZLEWOOD: Bye Babe/ DAVY JONES: You've Got a Habit of Leaving (Alternate Outtake Version)/ THE KINKS: Tired of Waiting for You/ LINDSAY MUIR'S UNTAMED: Daddy Long Legs/ TRINI LOPEZ: Sinner Not a Saint/ MANFRED MANN: Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James/ THE MICKEY FINN: Night Comes Down/ THE NASHVILLE TEENS: I'm Coming Home/ OLIVER NORMAN: Drowning in My Own Despair/ PENTANGLE: Light Flight/ PERPETUAL LANGLEY: Surrender/ THE ROCKIN' VICKERS: I Don't Need Your Kind/ THE ROKES: Stop and Watch the Children Play/ TIM ROSE: Jamie Sue/ THE SNEEKERS: Bald Headed Woman/ THE WHO: Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere/ WILD SILK: Toymaker

VARIOUS ARTISTS Acrobat 4006 Blues Women, 1944-1952 ● CD $14.98 $9.98
23 tracks, highly recommended
Fine collection featuring 23 tracks by blues women recorded in the 40s and early 50s including seven by Miss Rhapsody (Viola Wells), three by Albinia Jones (with Don Byas's Swing Seven), one By Etta Jones (with J.C. Heard and His Band), one by Annisteen Allen (with Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra), three early sides by Lavern Baker when she was recording under the name of Little Miss Sharecropper, four by Varetta Dillard and four by Mabel Scott. Quite a few of these tracks have been out before but this is well thought out collection with excellent sound, informative notes and full discographical deatils. (FS)
ANNISTEEN ALLEN: Moanin' The Blues/ VARETTA DILLARD: A Letter In Blues/ Hurry Up/ I Cried And Cried/ Please Tell Me Baby/ ALBINIA JONES: Albinia's Blues/ Evil Gal Blues/ Salty Papa Blues/ ETTA JONES: I Sold My Heart To The Junkman/ MISS RHAPSODY: Blues In My Heart/ Downhearted Blues/ Sugar/ Sweet Man/ He May Be Your Man/ I Fell For You/ The Night Before Judgement Day/ MABEL SCOTT: Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train/ Catch Em Young Treat Em Rough Tell Em Nothing/ No More Cryin Blues/ Somebody Goofed/ LITTLE MISS SHARECROPPER: I Want To Rock/ I'll Try/ Take Out Some Time

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 560 The Panachord Label, Vol. 2 ● CD $14.98
25 tracks, strongly recommended
Delightful collection of hillbilly music recorded for Decca and the ARC group of labels and issued in England on the Panachord label. Recordings here were made between 1928 and 1933 and include quite a few titles not readily available elsewhere including several that were only issued on Panachord and not originally issued in the U.S. Among the tracks here are the two part Eleven More Months and Ten More Days which was a popular release by the Colt Brothers (actualy Alfred Fields and Fred Hall) and Fields appears solo as Mopey Dick (!) on the delightful Don't Call Me A Hobo ("I'm really a knight of the road"). The great Cliff Carlisle is here with two songs - the outrageous Sal's Got A Meatskin and the more sedate She's A Pip. Also includes Tom Ashley & Gwen Foster (the excellent Down At The Old Man's House - not reissued elsewhere), Raymond Kelly (his charming Crosseyed Butcher features fine slide guitar), The Beverly Hillbillies, W. Lee O'Daniel's Light Crust Doughboys, Carson Robison's Pioneers, The Hawaiian Songbirds and others. Sound quality is fine and there are brief notes on each of the artists. The first volume issued in 2002 (B.A.C.M. (FS)
THOMAS C. ASHLEY & GWEN FOSTER: Down At The Old Man's House/ GENE AUSTIN: Dear Old Southland/ THE BEVERLEY HILLBILLIES: Everglades/ JIMMY BOA’S PINE CABIN BOYS: Hurry Johnny, Hurry/ I Like To Go Back In The Evening/ DWIGHT BUTCHER: Down In The Lone Star State/ THE CARLISLE BROTHERS: Sal's Got A Meat Skin/ She Was A Pip/ THE COLT BROTHERS: Eleven More Months And Ten More Days Pt. 3/ Eleven More Months And Ten More Days Pt. 4/ ARTHUR FIELDS: I Hate To Be Called A Hobo/ CLARENCE GANUS: Down In Indiana/ THE HAWAIIAN SONGBIRDS: Songbird Yodel/ RAYMOND KELLY: Cross-eyed Butcher/ THE KELLY FAMILY: Carrie Sarrie And Me/ THE LOG CABIN BOYS: Old Bill Jackson Brown/ RAMBLIN’ RED LOWERY: Ramblin' Red's Memphis Yodel/ MAC & BOB (AS BOB LESTER & BUD GREEN): Does True Love Live Today/ FRANK MARVIN: Come Back To The Hills/ FRANK & JAMES MCCRAVY: Glorious Gospel Train/ W. LEE O’DANIEL’S LIGHT CRUST DOUGHBOYS: I Want Someone To Cry Over Me/ THE RANCH BOYS: Lone Star/ CARSON ROBISON’S PIONEERS: Song Of The Prairie/ SONS OF THE WEST: Spanish Cavalier/ MARC WILLIAMS THE CROONING COWBOY: Crepe Upon The Cabin Door

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 561 Swinging On The Brazos - Unissued Demos & Live Performa ● CD $14.98
31 tracks, very good
A collection of unissued Texas country and western swing, much of it recorded at Buddy Woody's studio. Highlights are the eight cuts by Johnny Gimble's Home Folks from a 1957 TV broadcast. Sound quality isn't the greatest but there is fine fiddle from Gimble and hot steel from Eldon Roberts. Other artists include Jimmy Thomason, Jerry Dykes Band, Oliver White and others - most of them fairly pedestrian. Genreally decent sound and in depth notes by Kevin Coffey. (FS)
BILL BROWNING: Do I Care/ DON COATS: Do I Care/ In My Heart/ JERRY DYKES: Neki Hoki Mambo/ Columbus Stockade Blues/ Panhandle Rag/ I'd Rather Have You/ Rock And Roll Has Come To The West/ Time Out For The Blues/ Fine And Dandy/ Lullaby Of Birdland/ JOHNNY GIMBLE: Thank You Mr Moon/ Under The Double Eagle/ Big Beaver/ Ida Red/ Steelin’ Home/ San Antonio Rose/ MALLIE ANN HARBERT: Teardrop In My Heart/ ERNIE RAY WITH JERRY DYKES BAND: Paradise Isle/ ELDON ROBERTS: My Blue Heaven/ JIMMY THOMASON: Rolling Stone/ I Will Never Leave You/ You're All The World To Me/ Choo Choo Blues/ OLIVER WHITE WITH JERRY DYKES BAND: Poor Fool Hearted Guy/ Rye Whiskey Blues/ BUDDY WOODY: Dirty Hangover Blues/ Each Tear That Falls/ Misty Morning Blues/ Second Handed Heart/ Walkin' On Easy Street

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 563 Classic Old Time Music on the Melotone Label ● CD $14.98
25 tracks, 73 mins, highly recommended
Terrific collection of old timey music recorded for the ARC label Melotone between 1934 and 1937. Among the highlights are six superb performances from the underappreciated singer/ guitarist & harmonica player Bill Cox - four of them with guitarist and harmony vocalist Cliff Hobbs. Their lovely Fiddling Soldier is a variation on the old Irish traditional song One Morning In May, their Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down is the first recording of this song which has become a bluegrass favorite and Bill's solo Gangster's Yodel is a mythologized retelling of the story of John Dillinger. Cliff Carlisle's brother Bill is here with two superb blues songs and The Callaghan Brothers also have two blues - one of them a fine cover of The Delmore's Brown's Ferry Blues. Other artists here include Elton Britt (his two ponderous cuts are the weakest here), Patsy Montana & The Prairie Ramblers (excellent western swing flavored items), Eddie & Jimmie Dean, Walter "Kid" Smith & Family and more. Sound quality is generally pretty good though several have been overly processed with digital noise reduction. Quality notes from Kevin Coffey. (FS)
ELTON BRITT: It's A Sin To Tell A Lie/ Twilight On The Trail/ WALTER CALLAGHAN: Lonesome And Weary Blues/ THE CALLAGHAN BROTHERS: Brown's Ferry Blues No.2/ BILL CARLISLE: House Cat Mama/ Jumpin' And Jerkin' Blues/ BILL COX: Gangster's Yodel/ My Gamblin' Days/ Fiddling Soldier/ Horse Neck Daddy/ Runaway Train Blues/ Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down/ EDDIE & JIMMIE DEAN: Oregon Trail/ AL DEXTER & HIS TROOPERS: New Jelly Roll Blues/ CODY FOX & THE YELLOW JACKETS V. SONNY FLEMIN: Let Me Sing In Echo Valley/ FRANK LUTHER TRIO (AS BUDDY SPENCER TRIO): Innocent Prisoner/ New Twenty One Years/ PATSY MONTANA & THE PRAIRIE RAMBLERS: Gold Coast Express/ THE PHILYAW BROTHERS: Take Me Back Little Darlin'/ THE PRAIRIE RAMBLERS & PATSY MONTANA: I'm a Wild and Reckless Cowboy/ With A Banjo On My Knee/ TEX RITTER: Everyday In The Saddle/ WALTER "KID" SMITH & FAMILY: Mississippi Freight Train Blues/ BUCK TURNER: Sing Sing Blues/ WESTERNERS MASSEY FAMILY: Ridin' Down That Old Texas Trail

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 564 Country Music On The Razorback Label ● CD $14.98
An obscure label based in Muskogee, Oklahoma, Razorback was founded in 1958 and this 30 track collection features a selection of mostly hoky tonk country recorded for the label in the late 50s and early 60s. Apart from Bobby Barnett who had a hit with This Old Herat here as well as later recordings on other labels most of the other artists are pretty obscure including Carl Blankenship, Billy Parks, Linda Flanagan, Bobby Griggs and others including a few western swing cuts from Marvin McCullough's Western Swing Band.
BOBBY BARNETT: Blue Day/ Brother, I've Had It/ I Dreamed Of Saying Goodbye/ The Blues Said Hello/ This Old Heart/ CARL BLANKENSHIP: I Can't Live To See Tomorrow/ I'd Like To Set You To Music/ The Kind To Cheat/ What's Another Broken Heart/ ROCKY CAPLE & MARVIN MCCULLOUGH’S WESTERN SWIN: Sawed Off Shot Gun (Instr.)/ LINDA FLANAGAN: A Life That's Hard To Live/ Street Of No Return/ BOBBY GRIGGS: Just Call My Name/ Please Devil/ JIMMY HALL & MARVIN MCCULLOUGH’S WESTERN SWING: Bitter Tears/ JIM HILL & JERRY MILLER & NEW MEXICO PLAYBOY: Blues At Midnight/ Living For Tomorrow/ JIM KIZZIA: Honky Tonk Fiddle/ Sweat And Backbone/ AUSTIN MAXEY: Bring On The Heartaches/ I'll Live Again/ R.G. MILLS & MARVIN MCCULLOUGH’S WESTERN SWIN: Big Lonely House/ Jack Pot For The Blues/ BILLY PARKS: Why Do I Keep On Crying/ DIXIE PRESTON: How Could You Refuse (To Say I Do)/ Just For A While/ VERNON STEWART: I'll Still Love You/ I'm Tired Of Making Believe/ EVAY & GENE TRAVIS WITH CARL BLANKENSHIP: Loved Ones Are Waiting In Heaven/ The King's Highway

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 565 Custom Made Hillbilly, Vol. 10 ● CD $14.98
B.A.C.M.'s 10th collection of obscure recordings culled from the Starday Custom series, this one covering the period from summer 1960 to the end of that year includes a couple of rockabilly tracks as well as honky tonk country. Includes sides by Larry Hollis, The Blankenship Brothers, Lyle Keeler, Renaud Veluzat, Connie Dycus, Dale Anderson and more.
DALE ANDERSON: I Can't Stay Home/ ARKANSAS TRAVELERS: Just One More/ You Ask Me/ PAT BECKER: Baby, I'm Lonesome/ THE BLANKENSHIP BROTHERS: The Story (The World Will Never Know)/ You Went And Broke My Heart/ DANNY BROCKMAN: Big Big Man/ Jealous Dreams/ CARL DAVIS & RHYTHM RANCH BOYS: Backward Or On/ Searching For The Way (Back To Your Heart)/ ARCHIE DAY & HIS RHYTHM MASTERS V. JACK MAHADY: A Mother Not Wanted/ I Don't Want A Two Timing Love/ CONNIE DYCUS: I Could Shoot Myself (If I Wasn't Afraid Of A Gun)/ Lying All The Time/ JACK HANNA: Brady And Dunky/ CHARLOTTE HARDEN “THE LITTLE OZARK SWEETHEART™: Can't Get Enough (Of Loving You Baby)/ I Hate Me (For Loving You)/ LARRY HOLLIS: Oil Field Rock And Roll/ LYLE KEEFER: Hand Full Of Love/ Seventeen And Twenty/ EDDY REYNOLDS: Please Mr. Moon/ Teen Lover/ LLOYD SHOEBOTTOM “THE SINGING COUNTRY BOY™: Ice And Snow/ Waiting In The Little Country Church/ RENAUD VELUZAT: Purty Lit'l/ Race Track Boogie/ THE WILLIAMS BROTHERS: Ali-Baba (Instr.)/ Whatcha Gonna Do Now

VARIOUS ARTISTS Blaze 105 Jiving On Central Ave. - Postwar R&B On The West Coast ● CD $16.98
24 tracks, strongly recommended
After a five year break comes this fourth volume of obscure West Coast blues and R&B. A fine collection of mostly uptempo tracks include a fine piano boogie from Poison Gardner, the hard driving Put The Light Outs Baby from Benny Roberts with tough guitar, the risque Garbage Man by The Four Aces plus tracks from Jake Porter & His Orch., Iona Wade with Joe Lutcher's Orch., Earl Sims Sextette, Calvin Boaz, The Counts & Countess (jazzy jives), Scat Man Crothers, Peppy Prince & His Orch. (the fine slow blues Wino' Lament with vocal by Christine Chatmon) and more. Excellent sound and booklet has discographical info. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Charly SNAJ 733 The Red Bird Story ● CD $27.98 $19.98
Three CDs, 90 tracks, highly recommended
A slightly condensed version of the long out of print four CD set Charly 296 which had 96 tracks. Red Bird, a label owned by Leiber & Stoller and George Goldner, was actually 4 labels - Red Bird, Blue Cat, Tiger & Daisy, with Red Bird known for epitomizing the Girl Group sound, thanks to producers/ songwriters Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich & Shadow Morton. This set is loaded with the finest girl group sounds - The Dixie Cups, Ellie Greenwich, Shangri-La's and Jelly Beans, along with such femme gems as The Ad-Libs (Boy From New York City) and The Butterflys (Goodnight Baby), etc.. Soul and R&B fans will also find lots to chirp about here, with appearances by Alvin Robinson, Linda Jones, Bessie Banks, Sidney Barnes, Bobby Moore & The Fourmost, Sam Hawkins, The Soul Brothers and more. In addition to early/ mid-60's hits (Remember) Walkin' In The Sand/ Leader Of The Pack/ Iko Iko/ Chapel Of Love and others we get the superior originals of many tunes that were hits as cover versions, mostly by British groups - Robinson's Down Home Girl, Bessie Banks' Go Now, Tippie & The Clovers' Bossa Nova Baby and Evie Sands' I Can't Let Go. Includes lavishly illustrated 36-page booklet with a detailed history of the label, artist biographies and a track-by-track commentary. (AE/FS)
THE AD-LIBS: Ask Anybody/ He Ain't No Angel/ I'm Just A Down Home Girl/ Johnny My Boy/ The Boy From New York City/ BESSIE BANKS: Go Now/ It Sounds Like My Baby/ SIDNEY BARNES: I Hurt On The Other Side/ I'm So Glad/ JEFF BARRY: I'll Still Love You/ Love Can Still Be Saved/ THE BOUQUETS: Welcome To My Heart/ THE BUTTERFLYS: Gee, Baby, Gee/ Goodnight, Baby/ I Wonder/ JIMMY CROSS: Hey, Little Girl/ Super Duper Man/ THE DIXIE CUPS: All Grown Cup/ Another Boy Like Mine/ Chapel Of Love/ Gee, The Moon Is Shining Bright/ Iko, Iko/ Little Bell/ People Say/ Wrong Direction/ You Should Have Seen The Way He Looked At Me/ VIC DONNA: Dance Marie/ I Won't Be Anymore/ RAL DONNER: It Will Only Make You Love Me More/ Love Isn't Like That/ THE GOODIES: Sophisticated Boom Boom/ The Dum Dum City/ ELLIE GREENWICH: Baby/ You Don't Know/ SAM HAWKINS: Bad As They Come/ Hold On Baby/ I Know It's All Right/ THE JELLY BEANS: Baby Be Mine/ Doo Wah Diddy/ I Wanna Love Him So Bad/ Whisper Sweet Things/ LINDA JONES: Fugitive From Love/ You Hit Me Like Tnt/ RODDIE JOY: Come Back Baby/ If There's Anything Else You Want (let Me Know)/ Love Me With A Wallop/ KANE & ABEL: He Will Break Your Heart/ ANDY KIM: I Hear You Say (i Love You Baby)/ LEOLA & THE LOVEJOYS: He Ain't No Angel/ THE LOVE JOYS: It's Mighty Nice/ Payin' (for The Wrong I've Done)/ BARRY MANN: Amy/ Talk To Me, Baby/ CHI CHI MCCAULEY: I Know He Loves Me/ Memory Lane Without You/ RONNIE MITCHELL: Having A Party/ I'm Loving You More Every Day/ MOODY & THE DELTAS: Everybody Come Clap Your Hands/ BOB MOORE & THE TEMPS: Braggin'/ Trophy Run/ BOBBY MOORE & THE FOURMOST: It Was A Lie/ GEORGE 'SHADOW' MORTON (DEMO): Dressed In Black/ DIDI NOEL: Let The Music Play/ JIMMY RICE: Nobody But You/ Or Not At All/ The Grass Is Always Greener/ ALVIN ROBINSON: Down Home Girl/ Fever/ I'm Gonna Put Some Hurt On You/ Somethin' You Got/ THE ROCKAWAYS: Top Down Time/ CATHY SAINT: Big Bad World/ EVIE SANDS: I Can't Let Go/ Run Home To Your Mama/ Take Me For A Little While/ You've Got Me Uptight/ THE SHANGRI-LAS: Give Us Your Blessings/ Leader Of The Pack/ Out In The Streets/ Past, Present & Future/ Remember (walkin' In The Sand)/ THE SOUL BROTHERS: I Got A Dream/ Keep It Up/ THE TAMS FEAT. LITTLE FLOYD: Here I Am/ My Baby Loves You/ TIPPIE & THE CLOVERS: Bossa Nova Baby/ THE TRADE WINDS: New York's A Lonely Town/ The Girl From Greenwich Village/ DEE DEE WARWICK: Don't Think My Baby's Coming Back/ Standing By

VARIOUS ARTISTS Charly 915 Chicago Hit Factory - The Vee-Jay Story, 1953-1966 ● CD $105.98 $64.98
10 CD set, 269 tracks, highly recommended
We've turned up a few more copies of this fine, out of print, set. Around 15 years ago Charly put out a four CD set with 115 tracks surveying the output of the Vee-Jay label - America's premier black owned label in the 1950s and early 60s. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the label in 2013 they have significantly expanded that concept to a 10 CD set with 269 tracks to give an even more comprehensive picture. The first three CDs features 84 tracks that made the R&B and/or pop charts presented in chronological order including The Spaniels, Jimmy Reed, The Magnificents, Gene Allison, Dee Clark, Jerry Butler, The Pips, John Lee Hooker, The Four Seasons, The Dells and many more, including some guys called The Beatles (Yes Vee-Jay was one of the first U.S. labels to release singles by them which flopped at the time but when the British Invasion took off became big hits). Disc 4 features 28 doo-wop gems from The El-Dorados, Dells, Kool Gents, Delegates, Dillard Crume Jr., The Capers, Senators and others. Disc 5 is devoted to blues with 28 tracks from Floyd Jones, Morris Pejoe, Billy "The Kid Emerson, John Lee Hooker, Elmore James, Memphis Slim and more. Disc 6 features rhythm & blues cut between 1954 and 1962 from Hazel McCollum & The El Dorados, Dee Clark, Lee Diamond, Priscilla Bowman & The Bowman, Rosco Gordon, The Rockin R's, Donnie Elbert, etc. Disc 7 continues on from 6 featuring more R&B and early soul recorded between 1961 and '65 from Wade Flemons, Nancy Love, Gene Chandler, Dee Clark, Barrett Strong, The Rivingtons and more. Disc 8 features 30 tracks from between 1962 and 1965 including country, garage rock and girl group sounds from Marilyn Britton, The Four Seasons, Barbara Jackson, Noreen Corcoran, The Sensations, Hoy Axton, Shelley Fabres and more. Disc 9 features 26 tracks drawn from Vee-Jay's extensive catalog of classic gospel with tracks from The Staple Singers, Silver Quintette, Harmonizing Four, Swan Silvertones, Original Five Boys of Mississippi and others and finally disc 10 draws on some of the great jazz recorded for the label with tracks from Wayne Shorter, Victor Feldman, Ann Richards & The Bill Marx Trio, Ira Sullivan & The Chicago Jazz Quintet, Bennie Green & Gene Ammons and more. Sound quality is excellent and set is packaged in a handsome 11"x6" box and with a similarly sized 72 page book with an informative essay on the history of the label and the musicians included and loads of photos, label shots and other memorabilia. A full track listing can be found on our web site. (FS)
Disc 1 AT MY FRONT DOOR  THE HITS VOL. 1 - GENE ALLISON: You Can Make It If You Try/ Have Faith/ PRISCILLA BOWMAN & THE JAY MCSHANN ORCHESTRA: Hands Off/ JERRY BUTLER & THE IMPRESSIONS: For Your Precious Love/ DEE CLARK: Nobody But You/ Just Keep It Up/ Hey Little Girl/ How About That/ THE DELLS: Oh What A Nite/ THE EL DORADOS: At My Front Door/ I'll Be Forever Loving You/ WADE FLEMONS: Here I Stand/ Easy Lovin'/ ROSCO GORDON: Just A Little Bit/ JOHN LEE HOOKER: I Love You Honey/ THE MAGNIFICENTS: Up On The Mountain/ JIMMY REED: You Don't Have To Go/ Ain't That Lovin' You Baby/ You've Got Me Dizzy/ Little Rain/ The Sun Is Shining/ Honest I Do/ I'm Gonna Get My Baby/ Baby What You Want Me To Do/ THE SPANIELS: Baby, It's You/ Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite/ You Painted Pictures/ Everyone's Laughing
Disc 2 DUKE OF EARL  THE HITS VOL. 2 - JERRY BUTLER: He Will Break Your Heart/ Find Another Girl/ I'm A Telling You/ Moon River/ You Can Run (But You Can't Hide)/ GENE CHANDLER: Duke Of Earl/ You Threw A Lucky Punch/ Rainbow/ GENE CHANDLER (AS THE DUKE OF EARL): Walk On With The Duke/ DEE CLARK: Your Friends/ Raindrops/ I'm Going Back To School/ THE DUKAYS: Nite Owl / WADE FLEMONS: Please Send Me Someone To Love/ THE FOUR SEASONS: Sherry/ Big Girls Don't Cry/ EDDIE HARRIS: Exodus/ JOHN LEE HOOKER: Boom Boom/ FRANK IFIELD: I Remember You/ Lovesick Blues/ THE PEARLETTES: Duchess Of Earl/ THE PIPS: Every Beat Of My Heart/ JIMMY REED: Hush-Hush/ Close Together/ Big Boss Man/ Bright Lights Big City/ Good Lover
Disc 3 THE SHOOP SHOOP SONG  THE HITS VOL. 3 - THE BEATLES: Love Me Do/ P.S. I Love You/ BIRDLEGS & PAULINE: Spring/ JERRY BUTLER: Need To Belong/ Giving Up On Love/ I Stand Accused/ Good Times/ For Your Precious Love [1966 version]/ JERRY BUTLER & BETTY EVERETT: Let It Be Me/ Smile/ Since I Don't Have You/ GENE CHANDLER: Man's Temptation/ JIMMY CROSS: I Want My Baby Back/ THE DELLS: Stay In My Corner/ BETTY EVERETT: You're No Good/ The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)/ I Can't Hear You/ Getting Mighty Crowded/ THE FOUR SEASONS: Peanuts/ FRED HUGHES: Oo Wee Baby, I Love You/ You Can't Take It Away/ LITTLE RICHARD: Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/ I Don't Know What You've Got (But It's Got Me) - Parts 1 & 2/ JIMMY REED: Shame, Shame, Shame/ I'm The Man Down There/ JOE SIMON: My Adorable One/ Let's Do It Over/ THE STANDELLS: The Boy Next Door
Disc 4 GREAT GOOGLY MOO  DOO-WOP DOYENS & HEAVENLY HARMONISERS - THE "5" ROYALES: Much In Need/ THE CAPERS: Miss You My Dear/ THE CO-HEARTS: My Love/ DILLARD CRUME JR.: It's You I Love/ THE DELEGATES: Mother's Son/ THE DELLS: Zing Zing Zing/ THE DUKAYS: Tango Bop/ THE EL DORADOS: My Loving Baby/ Bim Bam Boom/ THE FIVE ECHOES: I Really Do/ THE FLAMINGOS: Golden Teardrops/ THE GOLDENRODS: Wish I Was Back In School/ THE HI-LITERS: Bobby Sox Baby/ THE KOOL GENTS: This Is The Night/ Crazy Over You/ THE MAGNIFICENTS: Ozeta/ THE MOONGLOWS: Real Gone Mama/ THE ORIOLES: For All We Know/ THE PRODIGALS: Judy/ THE RHYTHM ACES: Get Lost/ THE SENATORS: It Doesn't Matter/ 'Til Forever More/ THE SHEPPARDS: Tragic/ SHERIFF & THE RAVELS: Shombalor/ THE SPANIELS: You Gave Me Peace Of Mind/ Great Googly Moo/ I Know/ Bus Fare Home
Disc 5 BABY WHAT'S WRONG  BLUES MASTERS & BLASTERS - BILLY BOY ARNOLD: I Wish You Would/ I Ain't Got You/ LARRY BIRDSONG: If You Don't Want Me No More/ PEE WEE CRAYTON: The Telephone Is Ringing/ I Found My Peace Of Mind THE EL CINCOS: Oh, Baby, You Have To Go/ BILLY "THE KID" EMERSON: If You Won't Stay Home/ Every Woman I Know/ THE FIVE ECHOES: Fool's Prayer/ JOHN LEE HOOKER: Dimples/ No Shoes/ My First Wife Left Me/ ELMORE JAMES: The 12 Year Old Boy/ It Hurts Me Too/ FLOYD JONES: Ain't Times Hard/ J.B. LENOIR: Oh Baby/ L.C. MCKINLEY: She's Five Feet Three/ MEMPHIS SLIM: Stroll On Little Girl/ Rockin' The House (Beer Drinkin' Woman)/ MORRIS PEJOE: Hurt My Feelings/ JIMMY REED: Can't Stand To See You Go/ Honey, Where You Going?/ Take Out Some Insurance/ Found Love/ Aw Shucks, Hush Your Mouth/ EDDIE TAYLOR: Big Town Playboy/ You'll Always Have A Home/ Baby, What's Wrong
Disc 6 A ROCKIN' GOOD WAY  R&B DUKES & DUCHESSES - GENE ALLISON: Everything Will Be Alright/ KIP ANDERSON: I Wanna Be The Only One/ HANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERS: The Twist/ PRISCILLA BOWMAN & THE SPANIELS: A Rockin' Good Way/ JERRY BUTLER: Lost/ A Lonely Soldier/ LEONARD CARBO: Pigtails And Blue Jeans/ DEE CLARK: Seven Nights/ Oh Little Girl/ You're Looking Good/ LEE DIAMOND: Hattie Malatti/ Mama Loochie/ DONNIE ELBERT: Baby Let Me Love You Tonight/ I Beg Of You/ WADE FLEMONS: Slow Motion/ What's Happening/ I'll Come Runnin'/ ROSCO GORDON: No More Doggin'/ CAMILLE HOWARD: Rock 'n Roll Mama/ THE IMPRESSIONS FEATURING JERRY BUTLER: Come Back My Love/ PRESTON JACKSON & THE RHYTHM ACES: Be Mine/ CHRISTINE KITTRELL: Mr. Big Wheel/ HAZEL MCCOLLUM & THE EL DORADOS: Annie's Answer/ GROVER MITCHELL: That's A Good Idea/ BOBBY PARKER: You Got What It Takes/ Blues Get Off My Shoulder/ EARL PHILLIPS: Oop De Oop/ THE ROCKIN' RS: Mustang
Disc 7 SHOOK UP OVER YOU  SOUL STIRRERS & SHAKERS - JERRY BUTLER: Whatever You Want/ I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore/ I Can't Stand To See You Cry/ Just For You/ JERRY BUTLER & BETTY EVERETT: Ain't That Loving You Baby/ YVONNE CARROLL: Please Don't Go/ GENE CHANDLER: Tear For Tear/ DEE CLARK: Dance On Little Girl/ Shook Up Over You/ THE DAYLIGHTERS: Whisper Of The Wind/ Here Alone/ THE DELLS: It's Not Unusual/ THE DONTELLS: In Your Heart (You Know I'm Right)/ BETTY EVERETT: It Hurts To Be In Love/ WADE FLEMONS: At The Party/ Welcome Stranger/ MARIE GLADNESS: Cops And Robbers/ BROWLEY GUY: Do Somethin' Baby/ GIL HAMILTON: Move And Groove/ NANCY LOVE: As Sure As I Live/ Baby, I'm Not Over You Yet/ It's Really Real/ THE PYRAMIDS: Shakin' Fit/ THE RIVINGTONS: I Love You Always/ JOE SIMON: The Whoo Pee/ BARRETT STRONG: Make Up Your Mind/ Gonna Take A Journey
Disc 8 DREAM FOR SALE  HITS, MISSES & REGIONAL BREAKERS - THE ANGELOS: Just Like Taking Candy From A Baby/ HOYT AXTON: Double Double Dare/ Bring Your Lovin'/ TERRY BLACK: Unless You Care/ MARILYN BRITTON: Big Mr. Heartbreaker/ THE CLINGER SISTERS: Shoop Shoop De Doop Rama Lama Ding Dong Yeah Yeah Yeah/ NOREEN CORCORAN: Love Kitten/ Dreamin' Of You/ ORVILLE COUCH: Hello Trouble/ JOHNNY CYMBAL: Bachelor Man/ MAC DAVIS: Hey Monkey/ TRACEY DEY: Jerry (I'm Your Sherry)/ Jealous Eyes/ SHELLEY FABARES: Lost Summer Love/ WADE FLEMONS: Watch Over Her/ THE FOUR SEASONS: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/ Apple Of My Eye/ THE HONEY BEES: One Girl, One Boy/ BARBARA JACKSON: Second Best/ MELINDA MARX: How I Wish You Came/ THE MONSTERS FOUR: Farmer John/ JOEY PAIGE: Dream For Sale/ BILLY JOE ROYAL: Get Behind Me Devil/ THE RUBIES: A Spanish Boy/ PEGGY SANS: Snow Man/ THE SENSATIONS: You Made A Fool Of Me/ RAY SMITH: Rockin' Robin/ THE SOCIETY GIRLS: S.P.C.L.G. (Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Little Girls)/ THE STANDELLS: Big Boss Man/ THE SUNBEAMS: Good Old Days
Disc 9 UNCLOUDY DAY  INSPIRATIONAL GOSPEL GREATS - THE ARGO GOSPEL SINGERS: Jesus Is The Answer/ THE CARAVANS: What Will Tomorrow Bring?/ DOROTHY LOVE COATES & THE GOSPEL HARMONETTES: Camp Meeting/ THE FRIENDLY BROTHERS: Operator/ THE HARMONIZING FOUR: Motherless Child/ Wade In The Water/ THE HIGHWAY QCS: God Has Not Promised/ Walk With Me/ THE INTERNS: The Road Home/ THE KELLY BROTHERS: Prayer For Tomorrow/ THE MIGHTY SKYLIGHTS: If Jesus Came To Your House/ THE ORIGINAL FIVE BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA: I Can See Everybody's Mother/ I'm Journeying On/ Precious Lord/ THE ORIGINAL FIVE BLIND BOYS OF MISSISSIPPI: Leave You In The Hands Of The Lord/ THE SILVER QUINTETTE: Sinner's Crossroads/ THE STAPLE SINGERS: If I Could Hear My Mother Pray/ This May Be My Last Time/ Uncloudy Day/ Let Me Ride (Swing Down Chariot)/ So Soon/ THE SWAN SILVERTONES: Sinner Man/ Oh Mary, Don't You Weep/ Nobody But You/ THE WATSON SISTERS: He Lives/ MARION WILLIAMS & THE STARS OF FAITH: Surely God Is Able

VARIOUS ARTISTS Indigo 2537 The Devil's Music ● CD $22.98 $16.98
3 CDs, 49 tracks, 181 minutes, highly recommended
We've turned up a few more copies of this fine, and much in demand, out of print set. At the beginning of 1976, a small four-man crew and Giles Oakley set off from the UK to travel the deep South, Chicago and New York, to work exclusively on a documentary that became a five-part series which aired on BBC television as The Devil's Music. This 3-CD set stands as proof of how valuable Oakley's work was. Disc one includes fascinating songs by Sam Chatmon (Stop And Listen/ Sam's Rag/ Who's Gonna Love You Tonight), Big Joe Williams (Highway 49/ Watergate Blues), and Bukka White (Aberdeen, Mississippi), as well as juke performers like Sonny Blake, Joe Willie Wilkins (Mr. Downchild is superb), and Houston Stackhouse with a fine version of the tried-and-true Mean Red Spider, then continues with Fenton Robinson and Billy Boy Arnold laying down some effective rocking Chicago style blues. Disc two contains fine outings by Good Rockin' Charles, Little Brother Montgomery, and Henry Townsend, but James Deshay is startling on a half-dozen, especially his gripping version of Crossroads, worth the price of admission for its blazing juke-joint guitar. Disc three collects eleven 'live' performances from the 1963 American Folk Blues Festival with Memphis Slim taking four slots, Sonny Boy Williamson gets five (and he's masterful on each), and Matt "Guitar" Murphy has two blistering instrumentals, including a great Taking Off. Sound quality runs from good to superb (a few of the juke-joint recordings are a somewhat muddy) and Neil Slaven's liner notes are well-done and informative. The eight-page booklet has some great photos but recording details are scant and need to be extracted from the notes. Considering almost all of the performers on this set are now gone, it does them justice by showing how vital and strong they were during these periods. A wonderful match to this would be the BBC digging out the series and transferring it to DVD... let's hope this happens! (CR)

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 77202 Get Up Off Your Knees: From Bedsprings To Bloomers ● CD $28.98
Just arrived. Four CDs with 100 blues tracks on the ever popular subject of sex. There have been quite a few similar releases over the years but this is the most extensive though if you have a bunch of the previous releases with a similar theme then you probably already have most of the tracks here. Of course it includes the totally unexpurgated Shave 'E, Dry by Lucille Bogan (is there any blues lover that doesn't already have this track - more than once?). There's also an expurgated version of Shave 'Em Dry by Papa Charlie Jackson plus Furniture Man Blues by Victoria Spivey & Lonnie Johnson, Blue Bloomer Blues by Whistlin' Alex Moore, What's That I Smell? by Georgia Tom & Hannah May, Bed Spring Poker by The Mississippi Sheiks, Sissy Man, Lead Pencil Blues by Johnny Temple, Think You Need A Shot by Walter Davis, Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon by Charlie Pickett, Boar Hog Blues by Ralph Willis and many more that stretch metaphor to the limit.. Material ranges from mid 20s to mid 40s.
KOKOMO ARNOLD: 'Cause You're Dirty/ DOROTHY BAKER: Steady Grindin' Blues/ BARBECUE BOB: She Shook Her Gin/ BARREL HOUSE ANNIE: Love Operation/ LUCILLE BOGAN: Coffee Grindin' Blues/ Shave 'Em Dry/ BIG BILL BROONZY: How You Want It Done/ LEE BROWN: Carpenter Man Blues/ BUTTERBEANS AND SUSIE: Elevator Papa, Switchboard Mama/ CLIFF CARLISLE: Mouse's Ear Blues/ BO CARTER: Banana In Your Fruit Basket/ Cigarette Blues/ Mashing That Thing/ MARGARET CARTER: I Want Plenty Grease In My Frying Pan/ THE CHICAGO BLACK SWANS: Don't Tear My Clothes No. 2/ SYLVESTER COTTON: Big Chested Mama Tk 1/ COW COW DAVENPORT: I'm Gonna Tell You In Front So You Won't Feel Hurt Behind/ EUNICE DAVIS: Work, Daddy, Work/ WALTER DAVIS: Think You Need A Shot/ FLOYD DIXON: Too Much Jelly Roll/ LITTLE BUDDY DOYLE: She's Got Good Dry Goods/ CHAMPION JACK DUPREE: I'm A Doctor For Women/ BERNICE EDWARDS: Butcher Shop Blues/ NAPOLEON FLETCHER: She Showed It All/ BLIND BOY FULLER: I'm A Rattlesnakin' Daddy/ Sweet Honey Hole/ What's That Smells Like Fish/ LITTLE BOY FULLER: Bed Springs Blues/ Bed Springs Blues/ GEORGIA TOM & HANNAH MAY: What's That I Smell/ GEORGIA TOM & JANE LUCAS: Terrible Operation Blues/ JAZZ GILLUM: Sarah Jane/ MAE GLOVER &JOHN BYRD: Gas Man Blues/ JIMMIE GORDON: Bed Springs Blues/ R.T. HANEN: She's Got Jordan River In Her Hips/ GEORGE HANNAH: The Boy In The Boat/ HATTIE HART: I Let My Daddy Do That/ TONY HOLLINS: Crawlin' King Snake/ JOHN LEE HOOKER: My Daddy Was A Jockey/ BOB HOWE & FRANKIE GRIGGS: The Hottest Stuff In Town/ HELEN HUMES: I'm Gonna Let Him Ride/ Loud Talkin' Woman/ FLUFFY HUNTER: The Walkin' Blues/ HUNTER AND JENKINS: Lollypop/ PAPA CHARLIE JACKSON: Shave 'Em Dry/ JESSE JAMES: Sweet Petuni/ MADELYN JAMES: Stinging Snake Blues/ JAMES "STUMP" JOHNSON: Don't Give My Lard Away/ LIL JOHNSON: Take It Easy Greasy/ LONNIE JOHNSON: The Best Jockey In Town/ Wipe It Off/ STELLA JOHNSON: Don't Come Over/ LONNIE JOHNSON & VICTORIA SPIVEY: Furniture Man Blues Pts 1 & 2/ LIL JOHNSON:: My Stove's In Good Condition/ KANSAS CITY KITTY & GEORGIA TOM: Fish House Blues/ Show Me What You Got/ LILLIE MAE KIRKMAN: He's Just My Size/ LEADBELLY: Pig Meat Papa/ JULIA LEE: Don't Come Too Soon/ CHARLIE LINCOLN: Doodle Hole Blues/ HANNAH MAY: Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat/ ART MCKAY: She Squeezed My Lemon/ BLIND WILLIE MCTELL: Southern Can Mama/ MEMPHIS MINNIE: Jockey Man Blues/ Keep On Eatin'/ My Butcher Man/ AMOS MILBURN: Pool Playing Blues/ LIZZIE MILES: Electrician Blues/ My Man O' War/ AL MILLER: Ain't That A Mess/ I Found Your Keyhole/ THE MISSISSIPPI SHEIKS: Bed Spring Poker/ WHISTLIN’ ALEX MOORE: Blue Bloomer Blues/ BUDDY MOSS: You Got To Give Me Some Of It/ FATS NOEL: Ride, Daddy, Ride/ JOHN OSCAR & SAM THEARD: I Wonder Who's Boogiein' My Woogie/ DAN PICKETT: Lemon Man/ CHARLIE PICKETT:: Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon/ PINEWOOD TOM (JOSH WHITE): Sissy Man/ CARL RAFFERTY: Dresser With The Drawers/ WALTER ROLAND: I'm Gonna Shave You Dry/ BILL SAMUELS: My Bicycle Tillie/ THE SHARPS AND FLATS: I Knew He Would/ CLARA SMITH: Aint Got Nobody To Grind My Coffee/ BESSIE SMITH:: Kitchen Man/ SPECKLED RED: The Dirty Dozen No. 2/ ST. LOUIS JIMMY: Pipe Layin' Blues/ ISABEL SYKES: In Here With Your Heavy Stuff/ ROOSEVELT SYKES: Bread Pan (Just My Size)/ My Baby's Playground/ The Honeydripper/ TAMPA RED: Let Me Play With Your Poodle/ JOHNNY TEMPLE: Lead Pencil Blues/ MINNIE WALLACE: Dirty Butter/ SIPPIE WALLACE: I'm A Mighty Tight Woman/ WASHBOARD SAM: I'm Gonna Keep My Hair Parted/ ETHEL WATERS: Get Up Off Your Knees/ MARGARET WEBSTER: You've Got To Give Me Some/ WHISTLING RUFUS: (Who's Gonna Do Your) Sweet Jelly Roll/ RALPH WILLIS: Boar Hog Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Out & Out 3026 Out & Out Bluegrass ● CD $9.98
Three CDs, 69 tracks, strongly recommended
Excellent collection encompassing bluegrass from the 40s and 50s along with old timey music from the 30s which is at the root of bluegrass. On The old timey side we have Earl Johnson & His Clodhoppers, Buster Carter & Preston Young (the original 1931 recording of future bluegrass standard Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms), Cliff Carlisle (an early recording of Footprints In The Snow), Uncle Dave Macon & Sam McGee, Wade Mainer & Zeke Morris, The Rouse Brothers (an early recording of Orange Blossom Special), Grayson & Whitter and others. On the bluegrass front we have such popular artists as Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys, The Stanley Brothers & Jim & Jesse along with lesser known performers like Ronnie Knittell & The Holston Valley Ramblers, Connie & Babe & The Black Mountain Boys, The Lonesome Pine Fiddlers, Curley Parker & The Blue Sky Boys and more. If you have an extensive collection of bluegrass and old timey reissues then you probably have most ofb what's here but there are quite a few tracks that are not currently available elsewhere. In all, a well chosen selection, with excellent sound but no notes. (FS)
ROY ACUFF & HIS SMOKEY MOUNTAIN BOYS: When I Lay My Burden Down/ HOBO JACK ADKINS: Going Back to Old Kentucky/ EMRY ARTHUR: I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow/ THE BAILEY BROTHERS: Rattlesnake Daddy/ CARL BUTLER: Shake, Rattle and Roll/ CLIFF CARLISLE'S BUCKLE BUSTERS: Footprints in the Snow/ BILL CARLISLE'S KENTUCKY HOME BOYS: Big At The Little, Bottom At The Top/ BUSTER CARTER: I'll Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms (feat. Preston Young)/ THE COLWELL BROTHERS: Blue Bonnet Lane/ CONNIE & BABE & BLACK MOUNTAIN BOYS: Roll On Blues/ JIM EANES & THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY BOYS: Florida Blues/ MONROE GEVEDON & FAMILY: Two Italians-Red Bird/ G.B. GRAYSON & HENRY WHITTER: Little Maggie With a Dram Glass in Her Hand/ Train 45/ ROY HALL & HIS BLUE RIDGE ENTERTAINERS: Loving You Too Well/ Polecat Blues/ FRANK HUNTER & HIS BLACK MOUNTAIN BOYS: Long Time, No See/ JIM & JESSE & THE VIRGINIA BOYS): Air Mail Special/ EARL JOHNSON & HIS CLODHOPPERS: All Night Long/ GRANDPA JONES: Five String Banjo Boogie/ RONNIE KNITTEL & THE HOLSTON VALLEY RAMBLERS: Holston Valley Breakdown/ THE LONESOME PINE FIDDLERS: Dirty Dishes Blues/ Lonesome Pine Breakdown/ Pain in My Heart/ UNCLE DAVE MACON & HIS FRUIT JAR DRINKERS: Go Along Mule/ Sail Away Ladies/ UNCLE DAVE MACON & SAM MCGEE: Backwater Blues/ WADE MAINER & THE SONS OF THE MOUNTAINEERS: I Won't Be Worried/ WADE MAINER & ZAKE MORRIS: Short Life and It's Trouble/ J.E. MAINER'S MOUNTAINEERS: Blue Ridge Mountain Blues/ Seven and a Half/ JOE MAPHIS: Twin Banjo Special/ THE MCCORMICK BROTHERS: Billy Goat Boogie/ Bugle Call Rag/ Cnr Special/ Red Hen Boogie/ JIM MCREYNOLDS & JESSE MCREYNOLDS: I'll Fly Away/ BILL MONROE & HIS BLUE GRASS BOYS: Back Up and Push/ Blue Yodel #7 (Anniversary Blue Yodel)/ Cryin' Holy Unto My Lord/ Six White Horses/ Tennessee Blues/ BILL MONROE & HIS BLUEGRASS BOYS: Dog House Blues/ THE MONROE BROTHERS: New River Train/ BYRD MOORE & HIS HOT SHOTS OUT&: Three Men Went a'Hunting/ THE MORRIS BROTHERS: Let Me Be Your Salty Dog/ SONNY OSBORNE: I'm On My Way to the Old Home/ CURLY PARKER: Ida Red/ BYRON PARKER & HIS MOUNTAINEERS: C & N W Railroad Blues/ Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar/ CHARLIE POOLE & THE NORTH CAROLINA RAMBLERS: Don't Let Your Deal Go Down Blues/ THE ROUSE BROTHERS: Orange Blossom Special/ HAYES SHEPHERD: Hard for to Love/ JIMMIE SKINNER: Doin' My Time/ Too Hot To Handle/ ARTHUR SMITH: Feudin' Banjos (feat. Don Reno)/ L.C. SMITH & RALPH MAYO: Radio Boogie/ ARTHUR SMITH & THE DELMORE BROTHERS: I'm Bound To Ride/ THE STANLEY BROTHERS & THE CLINCH MOUNTAIN B: Angel Band/ Clinch Mountain Backstep/ Hey! Hey! Hey!/ I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow/ Let Me Be Your Friend/ Little Maggie/ Train 45/ TOBY STROUD: Jesse James/ FRANK WAKEFIELD & BUSTER TURNER: Leave Well Enough Alone/ DOCK WALSH: Going Back to Jericho/ MAC WISEMAN: Crazy Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Real Gone 606 The Complete Loma Singles, Vol. 1 ● CD $31.98
2 CDs, 50 tracks, very highly recommended
Loma Records was conceived as an off shoot of Warner Brothers Records by chief Mike Maitland during the summer of 1964. Although it only lasted four years, the sides cut for the label-particularly its' R&B records-have become prized by 60's music collectors. This compilation focuses on the label's releases up to the end of 1965; during this time, the label was managed by Bob Krasnow who's personal taste toward R&B informed much of the imprint's output. According to the liner notes, the label's only real hits (or "nibbles") would come from within these first two dozen singles. The debut release came from Billy Storm, late of L.A. groups the Valiants and Squires, who had previously cut solo sides for Columbia, Atlantic (where he had a small hit with I've Come of Age in 1959), and Disney's Buena Vista imprint. The A-side, I Never Want to Dream Again (There is a Garden) is a lively piece of uptown R&B, but it's the flip side that attracts the attention: Baby, Don't Look Down, written by Randy Newman, tumbles forward on a relentless rhythm and driving vocals and should have been the A-side. Other notable performances: Bob & Earl's Everybody Jerk, the Enchanters' gorgeous I Paid For the Party, Baby Lloyd's hypnotic There's Something on Your Mind (Parts 1 & 2) (one of James Brown's backing singers recording solo, produced by JB himself), Ike & Tina Turner's Somebody Needs You and Tell Her I'm Not Home (the latter scraped to #108 Pop and #13 R&B in early 1965), The Olympics' Baby I'm Yours (not the Barbara Lewis hit), Warren Foster's Your Search is Over (also produced by JB), the Apollas' girl-group entries You're Absolutely Right and Lock Me in Your Heart, and The Young Lions' stomper We Better Get Along. Although there is some fine listening to be had here, in chart terms only Ike & Tina had anything approaching a true hit. Nevermind, though, fans of sparkling, gritty, and transcendent 60's need look no further than this collection. I can't wait for volume two! (GMC)
THE APOLLAS: Just Can't Get Enough of You/ Lock Me in Your Heart/ Nobody's Baby (Am I)/ You're Absolutely Right/ BOBBY BENNETT & THE DYNAMICS: Soul Jerk (Part One)/ Soul Jerk (Part Two)/ BOB & EARL: Everybody Jerk/ Just One Look in Your Eyes/ LUCKY CARMICHAEL: Blues with a Feelin'/ Hey Girl/ CLYDE & THE BLUE JAYS: The Big Jerk (Part One)/ The Big Jerk (Part Two)/ THE ENCHANTERS: I Paid for the Party/ I Want to Be Loved/ REB FOSTER: Something You Got/ WALTER FOSTER: Waitin'/ Your Search Is Over/ BRENDA HALL: Oh Eddy, My Baby/ Soldier Baby of Mine/ DICK JENSEN & THE IMPORTS: Since I Fell for You/ Tom Dooley/ THE SMILEY LEWIS BAND: The Bells Are Ringing/ Walkin' the Girl/ BABY LLOYD: There's Something on Your Mind (Part One)/ There's Something on Your Mind (Part Two)/ THE OLYMPICS: Baby I'm Yours/ Good Lovin'/ I'm Coming' Home/ No More Will I Cry/ Olympic Shuffle/ Raining in My Heart/ KELL OSBORNE: That's What's Happening/ You Can't Outsmart a Woman/ REB & THE ROGUES: Quetzel and Jude/ THE SINGERS: (I Was) Born to Lose/ Midnight Prowl/ BILLY STORM: Baby, Don't Look Down/ Debbie and Mitch/ Goldfinger/ I Never Want to Dream Again (There Is a Garden)/ SUGAR 'N' SPICE: Come Go with Me/ Playboy/ IKE & TINA TURNER: (I'll Do Anything) Just to Be with You/ I'm Thru with Love/ Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You/ Tell Her I'm Not Home/ LITTLE JERRY WILLIAMS: I'm the Lover Man/ The Push, Push, Push/ THE YOUNG LIONS: Live and Learn/ We Better Get Along

VARIOUS ARTISTS RPM 248 Heralding The Hits ● CD $15.98 $10.98
Excellent two CD set featuring 50 R&B and doo-wop sides from Al Silver's Herald and Ember labels between 1953 and 1962 including hits and obscurities - Faye Adams, The Nutmegs, Big Bob Kornegay, The Mello Kings, Tommy Ridgley, Billy Myles, The Silhouettes, Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs, The Thrillers, Sunbeams, Smoothtones, Five Satins, Wonders, Edsels and many more.
FAYE ADAMS: I'll Be True/ Your Love (has My Heart Burnin')/ LEE ALLEN: Tic Toc/ Walking With Mr Lee/ THE BOBTONES: Running After You/ THE CASHMERES: Little Dream Girl/ CHARLIE & RAY: I Love You Madly/ DAVID CLOWNEY: Soft Lights/ THE CONCORDS: I'm Satisfied With Rock 'n' Roll/ DEAN & JEAN: We're Gonna Get Married/ THE DESIRES: Cold Lonely Heart/ THE EDSELS: These Precious Words/ THE EMBERS: Paradise Hill/ THE FABULONS: Give Me Back My Ring/ THE FIVE SATINS: I'll Be Seeing You/ Love With No Love Return/ Our Anniversary/ To The Aisle/ THE FIVE WILLOWS: Baby Come A Little Closer/ THE HERALDS: Eternal Love/ BIG BOB KORNEGAY: Man In The Phone Booth (hello Baby)/ Stay With Me/ THE LOUNGERS: Wedding Bells/ THE MELLO KINGS: Chapel On The Hill/ BILLY MYLES: Honey Bee/ Joker/ THE NUTMEGS: Key To The Kingdom/ My Sweet Dreams/ Story Untold/ THE PARAMOUNTS: In A Dream/ THE PREMIERS: Diary Of Our Love/ TOMMY RIDGLEY: Come Back Baby/ Just A Memory/ When I Met My Girl/ 'LITTLE' BUTCHIE SAUNDERS: Lindy Lou/ THE SILHOUETTES: Get A Job/ I Am Lonely/ Miss Thing/ THE SMOOTHTONES: Dear Diary/ THE STARLITES: Tears Are Just For Fools/ THE SUNBEAMS: Come Back Baby/ THE THRILLERS: Please Talk To Me/ THE TURBANS: Congratulations/ Sister Sookey/ When You Dance/ THE VOCALAIRES: Dance Dance/ MAURICE WILLIAMS & THE ZODIACS: Come Along/ I Remember/ Stay/ THE WONDERS: I'll Write A Book

VARIOUS ARTISTS Smithsonian Folkways 40560 Classic Celtic Music From Smithsonian Folkways** ● CD $11.98
23 tracks, strongly recommended
Excellent collection of folk music - mostly from the British Isles drawn from the archives of Smithsonian Folkways - most of them appearing on CD for the first time. In spite of the title performers like Billy Pigg, Harry Cox, Louis Killen and some others are English and their music is not usually considered Celtic - although their performances are superb. Most of the other artists are from the Celtic Nations of Ireland and Scotland including fiddler Kevin Burke, singer Margaret Dirrane, singer Joe Heaney, legendary piper Willie Clancy, fiddle and banjo duo Michael Gorman and Margaret Barry, flute player Tom Byrne and more. Recordings were made between the 1940s and 1980. Includes 40 page booklet with extensive notes by Richard Carlin. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Topic TSCD 487 The Northumbrian Small Pipes** ● CD $12.98
23 tracks, highly recommended
A superb collection of recordings drawn from the Topic archives featuring the lovely and distinctive sound of the Northumbrian small pipes. There are vintage recordings featuring such legendary artists as Tom Clough and the magnificent Billy Pigg along with recordings from the 1970s of veteran performers like Diana Blackett-Ord, John Hepple, George Atkinson, Joe Hutton and others along with later recordings featuring The High Level Ranters - a popular North of England ensemble featuring Colin Ross (who compiled this collection) on pipes with fiddle, concertina, piano and guitar. There are also several tracks by the Cut and Dry Band - a quintet of musicians, all of whom play pipes along with other instruments and their tracks feature all five playing pipes at the same time - a lovely and haunting sound. Includes booklet with notes by Colin Ross which are too brief - it would be nice to know the dates of the recordings. Still, it's the music that counts, and that is mesmerizing. (FS)

DOC WATSON Rock Beat 3359 Live At Purdue University 03-19-64 ● CD $14.98
18 tracks, 60 mins, highly recommended with reservations
The good: A fantastic live recording from one of the greatest musicians that ever lived. CD has great sound, Doc Watson was in top form, and the show had a great set list. The bad: this is another chintzy release from Rock Beat, with little to it outside of the music, plus lazy liner notes lifted off of Wikipedia (again!) The music is fantastic all the way through. Some of my favorites tracks include I Got A Pig At Home In A Pen/ The Deep River Blues/ The Long Black Veil and Don't Let Your Deal Go Down. (JM)

DOC & MERLE WATSON Owsley Stanley 1 Never The Same Way Once ● CD $98.98
Seven CD set with 94 tracks
Previously unissued live recordings made at the Boarding House in San Francisco in May, 1974. Owsley Stanley was a legendary San Francisco sound engineer who worked extensively with the Grateful Dead as well as many others and made recordings of many of the artists he worked with. This is the first U.S. release of recordings from his archive courtesy of the Owsley Stanley Foundation which was created to preserve and distribute these recordings. This set features Doc & Merle at their best accompanied by their long time bassist T. Michael Coleman. Doc and Merle perform a wide variety of material including old time country, blues, gospel, pop songs and even some rockabilly. Among the many tracks are Salty Dog Blues/ Nancy Rowland/ Good Old Mountain Dew/ A Rovin' On A Winter Night/ Clouds Gwine Roll Away/ Alberta/ New River Train/ Blue Suede Shoes/ Mama Don't Allow/ Tennessee Stud/ Way Down Town/ Jailhouse Rock/ Brown's Ferry Blues/ Black Mountain Rag and many more. Although there are duplications between shows these are not substantial and many songs are featured only once. Set is packaged in 7"x12" box with a 16 page booklet including rare photos, notes and an in-depth interview with Coleman.
DISC 1: Salty Dog Blues/ Doc's Talking/ Blue Yodel No. 1 (T for Texas)/ Miss the Mississippi and You/ Wabash Cannonball/ Nancy Rowland/ Solid Gone/ Tennessee Stud/ Frosty Morn/ Matchbox Blues/ Mama Don't Allow/ Deep Elem Blues DISC 2: Introduction/ Good Old Mountain Dew/ Travellin' Man/ Miss the Mississippi and You/ Wabash Cannonball/ Leather Britches / Cotton Eyed Joe/ A Rovin' on a Winter's Night/ Tennessee Stud/ Black Mountain Rag/ St. James Infirmary/ Love Me/ Blue Suede Shoes/ Sweet Georgia Brown/ Lonesome Moan DISC 3: Clouds Gwine Roll Away/ Three Times Seven/ Peach Pickin' Time in Georgia/ Poor Boy Blues/ Nancy Rowland / Salt Creek/ Alberta/ Movin' on/ Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!/ Walk on Boy/ Nothin' to It/ Blue Railroad Train/ Brown's Ferry Blues/ Beaumont Rag DISC 4: New River Train/ Doggone My Time/ Peace Pickin' Time in Georgia/ Poor Boy Blues/ Nancy Rowland / Salt Creek/ Alberta/ Natural Born Gambling Man/ Doc's Guitar/ Matchbox Blues/ Streamlined Cannonball/ Summertime/ Love Me/ Blue Suede Shoes DISC 5: Mama Don't Allow/ Freight Train Boogie/ Life Gets Teejus Don't It/ Miss the Mississippi and You/ Wabash Cannonball/ Leather Britches / Cotton - Eyed Joe/ Bye Bye Bluebell/ Tennessee Stud/ South Coast/ Sweet Georgia Brown/ St. James Infirmary/ Step It Up and Go/ Jailhouse Rock DISC 6: Introduction/ Way Down Town/ Billboard Song/ Blue Yodel #1 (T for Texas)/ Miss the Mississippi and You/ Poor Boy Blues/ Nancy Rowland / Old Joe Clark/ Chicken Road/ The Last Thing on My Mind/ Solid Gone/ South Coast/ Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad/ Summertime/ Love Me/ Jailhouse Rock/ Hound Dog DISC 7: Brown's Ferry Blues/ Gambler's Yodel/ Peach Pickin' Time in Georgia/ Wabash Cannonball/ Beaumont Rag/ In the Jailhouse Now/ Lovesick Blues/ Black Mountain Rag/ Tennessee Stud/ St. James Infirmary/ Sheik of Araby/ Step It Up and Go/ Mama Don't Allow


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