Since our Second Time Around listings are so popular this list includes some great releases which have been out for a while but you may have missed them the first time we listed them.To avoid you getting possible duplicates we have added  asterisks (**) after these particular titles.



BOOKER T. & THE MGS/ THE MARKEYS Jasmine 758 YS Memphis Soul Beat ● CD $17.98 $11.98
2 CD, 42 tracks, highly recommended
It is widely known by Soul fans that Booker T & the MGs were the Stax Records house band, while the Mar-Keys provided the house horn section. On this two CD set, the two groups are brought together Battle of the Bands-style. The first disc contains singles by both bands-including the Mar-Keys' hit Last Night and the MG's immortal hit Green Onions - which make up part of the groups' first albums, along with the other five tracks that constitute "Last Night," the Mar-Keys debut album released in 1961. Disc Two contains the Mar-Keys' follow up, "Do the Popeye" (1962) and the bulk of the MGs' Green Onions LP. This music is unpretentious, uncomplicated instrumental R&B played by master musicians-in fact, for a time, both groups shared members Booker T. Jones, Steve Cropper, and Donald "Duck" Dunn - and it sounds good coming out of the speakers. Owners of the Booker T. & the MGs box set "Time Is Tight" (Stax Europe 34118) will find this release redundant, but for newcomers and those who don't mind some overlap in their collections this set is a worthy purchase. (GMC)
BOOKER T. AND THE MGS: A Woman A Lover A Friend/ Behave Yourself/ Comin' Home Baby/ Green Onions/ I Can't Sit Down/ I Got A Woman/ Jellybread/ Lonely Avenue/ Mo' Onions/ One Who Really Loves You/ Rinky Dink/ Stranger On The Shore/ Twist And Shout/ THE MAR-KEYS: 'Cause I Love You/ About Noon/ All Right Ok You Win/ Diana/ Ebb Tide/ Foxy/ Hold It/ It's Gonna Work Out Fine/ Last Night/ Misty/ Morning After/ Muscles A Comin'/ Night Before/ One Degree North/ Po' Dunk/ Pop Eye Rider/ Pop Eye Stroll/ Sack-O-Woe/ Sailor Man Waltz/ Sit Still/ Squint Eye/ Sticks And Stones/ Straight From The Can/ Sweet-P Crawl/ Too Pooped To Popeye/ Whot's Happenin'/ Wimp-Burger/ You Got It/ THE TRIUMPHS: Burnt Biscuits

HYLO BROWN B.A.C.M. 575 Ace Bluegrass Singer ● CD $14.98
26 tracks, strongly recommended
Hylo Brown was an exceptionally fine bluegrass singer with a warm and engaging style that could effortlessly shift into falsetto so he was sometimes billed "High-Low." Most of his 1950s recordings have been reissued on the two CD set Bear Family 15772. Most of these sides were recorded for Starday between 1960 and '62. Hylo is accompanied on some of these sides by the superb Lonesome Pine Fidlers whle other tracks feature him with top musicians like Josh Graves, Curtis McPeak, Junior Huskey and others. The material is a mix of bluegrass favorites, new songs and a couple of traditional ballads. Several tracks features some effective autoharp playing. Some fine music with excellent sound and informative notes by Brian Chalker. (FS)
HYLO BROWN: A One Sided Love Affair/ Ballad of Jed Clampett/ Barbara Allen/ Bring A Little Water Sylvie/ Bury The Bottle With Me/ Busy Busy Man/ Cabin on The Hill/ Donít that Road Look Rough And Rocky/ Five Strings To Go/ Georgia Rose/ Girl With The Blue Velvet Band/ Hard Luck/ How Could You Forget So Soon/ Itís All Over Now But The Cryiní/ Just One Year Little Darliní/ Little Blossom/ Little Footprints In The Snow/ Love And Wealth/ Lulu Walls/ Needle/ Prisonerís Song/ Silent Partner/ Sourwood Mountain/ T For Texas/ Treasures From The Past/ Will The Angels Play Their Harps For Me

ROY BROWN Fantastic Voyage 123 Good Rockin' Man ● CD $18.98 $10.98
2 CDs, 50 tracks, 137 mins, highly recommended
Have you heard the news? Roy Brown was Good Rockin' almost every night! He was a mighty, mighty man and here are 50 of his hottest hits and hippest flips to help spread the news. Roy Brown is known as one of the great Rhythm & Blues shouters, and there is plenty of evidence here to back that up, but he could also be mellow and smooth, like on tracks like Deep Sea Diver/ Special Lesson #1/ Ain't It A Shame, and No Love At All. If the wild-eyed shouters are what you are after though, there are plenty here Good Rockin' Tonight (of course, he wrote that classic and most of the others featured here,) Lolly Pop Mama/ Hurry, Hurry Baby/ Laughing, But Crying/ Up Jumped The Devil, and many, many more. Blues aficionado Neil Slaven personally selected these tracks as to best represent Brown and I think he did a fine job. Sure, you can always argue for certain songs that should be here in place of others -- personally, I would have like to have heard I'm Convicted Of Love on here -- but for the most part he is right on the money. He covers all of Browns' best years, but also shows us some nuggets from late in the game that others might overlook. You get the best of Roy Brown's recordings for the Gold Star, Deluxe, King, Imperial, and Home Of The Blues labels from 1947 all the way up to 1960. It all sounds great, plus you get a little bit of liner notes and recording info to boot. Despite a typo or two, the folks at Fantastic Voyage did a fantastic job on this one. (JM)
ROY BROWN: A Man With The Blues/ Adorable One/ Ainít Gonna Do It/ Ainít Got No Blues Today/ Ainít It A Shame/ Ainít No Rockiní No More/ Bar Room Blues/ Big Town/ Black Diamond/ Boogie At Midnight/ Bootlegginí Baby/ Cadillac Baby/ Caldoniaís Wedding Day/ Crazy Crazy Women/ Deep Sea Diver/ Fannie Brown Got Married/ Good Looking And Foxy Too/ Good Rocking Tonight/ Good Rockiní Man/ Grandpa Stole My Baby/ Hard Luck Blues/ Hip Shakiní Baby/ Hurry Hurry Baby/ Laughing But Crying/ Let The Four Winds Blow/ Letter From Home/ Letter To Baby/ Lolly Pop Mama/ Long About Sundown/ Long íBout Midnight/ Love Donít Love Nobody/ Midnight Lover Man/ Mighty, Mighty Man/ Miss Fanny Brown/ Money Canít Buy Love/ Mr Hound Dogís In Town/ No Love At All/ Party Doll/ Please Donít Go (Come Back, Baby)/ Rainy Weather Blues/ Rocking All The Time/ Rockiní At Midnight/ Roy Brown Boogie/ Saturday Night/ Special Lesson No. 1/ Train Time Blues/ Trouble At Midnight/ Up Jumped The Devil/ Worried Life Blues/ íFore Day In The Morning

SAM BUTERA & THE WITNESSES Hoodoo 263554 The Wildest Clan + Apache ● CD $11.98
30 tracks, 72 mins, recommended
Louis Prima's esteemed backing band strikes out on their own, with the resulting stellar playing, wild performances, and a fair bit of corniness that you might expect. Sam Butera played for years before he got the call from Prima to organize a band and join him and Keely Smith (R.I.P.) in Las Vegas, so it is no surprise Butera would want to spread his wings and capitalize on the enormous success that Prima et. all were enjoying. This collects two LPs from the band's prime recorded for Dot Records - "The Wildest Clan," and "Apache!" from 1960 and 1961 respectively, plus six bonus tracks. Highlights include Let The Good Times Roll/ Romance Without Finance, and Swingin' Sam. The cheese starts to spread pretty thick on the "Apache!" LP, with material like Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, and Theme From Dixie, but is redeemed a bit by hot playing on tracks like Sam's Blues.

THE CALLAHAN BROTHERS B.A.C.M. 578 Take The News To Mother ● CD $14.98
24 tracks, strongly recommended
The Callahan Brothers from North Carolina were one of the most popular of the many fine brother acts performing in the 30s and 40s. This collection mostly features sides cut between 1934 and '36 along with a couple of later ones. The brothers Homer (aka Bill) and Walter (aka Joe) sang (and sometimes yodeled) in harmony accompanied by their own guitars and some cuts featured the splendid mandolin playing of Roy "Shorty" Hobbs. They perform traditional songs, Jimmie Rodgers inspired blues, novelty, gospel, sentimental songs and the like. Songs includes That Crazy Feeling/ End Of Memory Lane/ I've Rode The Southern and The L&N/ Nine Nine's My Name/ Sad Memories/ Take The New To Mothers, etc. Excellent sound and in depth notes from Kevin Coffey. (FS)
THE CALLAHAN BROTHERS: Away Out There/ Days Are Blue/ Dovie Darling/ End Of Memory Lane/ Freight Train Whistle Blues No. 2/ Going To Heaven At My Own Expense/ I've Rode The Southern And The L & N/ Mama Don't Be So Mean To Me/ Mama Why Treat Me That Way/ My Good Gal's Thrown Me Down/ New Birmingham Jail No. 3/ Ninety Nine's My Name/ North Carolina Moon/ O Lord Show Me The Light/ Once I Had A Darling Mother/ Price I Had To Pay/ Rattlesnakin' Daddy/ Rounder's Luck/ Sad Memories/ Seventeen Years Ago/ She's Just That Kind No. 2/ T B Blues No. 2/ Take The News To Mother/ That Crazy Feeling/ ZEKE & RED: The World Would Be A Better Place If It Was A Farm

RIC CARTEY Bear Family BCD 17556 The Complete Ric Cartey Featuring The Jiv-A-Tones ● CD $21.98
32 tracks, 74 mins, strongly recommended for Rockabilly Cats
Ric Cartey is most famous for co-writing and originally recording Young Love, and you get his sparse original version, plus the big hit version by Sonny James, and a Tab Hunter version thrown in as well. You also get rockin' originals from Ric Cartey with and without The Jiv-A-Tones, like Oooh- Eee/ Heart Throb and Scratchin' On My Screen which you get in two versions. I definitely prefer the earlier lo-fi version, and the bluesy Leave Me Loose. There are a few somewhat lackluster ballads, but some spirited covers of Willie Dixon's Mellow Down Easy and My Babe, among other blues covers add to the appeal of this collection. Unfortunately, like Johnny Burnette and so many of Cartey's other contemporaries, the later the recordings are, the more polished the studio sound gets and the less Rockin' the music gets, and those later tracks take up about a fourth of this CD. As a bonus to a lot of us, this not only has a couple songs composed by a young Jerry Reed, but Reed's sterling guitar work featured on a number of tracks. There are also a few good post Cartey Jiv-A-Tones tracks, and also some Jiv-A-Tones related recordings. Bear Family does a top notch job of putting it all together, highlighted by deeeeep liner notes by the always top notch Bill Dahl. (JM)

CLIFTON CHENIER Arhoolie 9041 The King Of Zydeco Sings The Blues** ● CD $9.98
12 tracks, 45 mins, highly recommended
Reissue of Arhoolie 1097. Although the blues is a major part of Clifton Chenier's music this is one of the few albums almost exclusively devoted to the blues and a splendid set it is too featuring recordings made by Houston entrepreneur Roy Ames and previously issued on the Prophesy and Home Cooking labels. With his brother Cleveland on washboard and a solid if somewhat thin rhythm section he does versions of blues classics like Be My Chauffeur and Worried Life Blues, originals like Ain't No Need Of Crying and Gone A La Maison (the latter sung in French) and jumping R&B like Fats Domino's Rose Mary and a revitalized version of Glenn Miller's In the Mood. Plus My Little Angel/ Done Got Over/ Trouble In Mind/ Paper In My Shoe/ Brown Skin Woman. Great stuff! (FS)

FATS DOMINO Sunset Boulevard 7922 The King Of New Orleans - Live! ● CD $26.98
Three CDs, 50 tracks, 150 mins, strongly recommended
In October 2017 we lost one of the true pioneers of rhythm and blues and rock 'n' roll - the great New Orleans singer and piano player Antoine "Fats" Domino. This limited edition (3000 copies) three CD set features a selection of live performances by Fats which includes some fine music but, frustratingly, includes absolutely no information on when these recordings were from or who was playing in the band. Fats usually travelled with many of the great musicians that made his Imperial recordings such classics so it's a fair bet that the musicians on many of the tracks include his producer, arranger and trumpet player Dave Bartholomew, saxophonists Lee Allen and Clarence Ford and guitarist Roy Montrell. The first two CDs are superb - heavily oriented towards his Imperial hits but being live enables his horn players to stretch out more than they could on a three minute record. There are also great covers of I Almost Lost My Mind and Shake, Rattle And Roll - the latter featuring a dynamite baritone sax solo. The third disc - entitled "Fats Concert Rarities" features some of his lesser known material and doesn't sound as good as the first two discs with more intrusive crowd noises but some fine music. The 12 page booklet has a nice biography of Fats by Bill Dahl but no information on the performances. If you already have Fats' classic Imperial sides then you will find this a nice addition to your collection but I would start with his studio recordings first - the five volumes of his Imperial singles on Ace would be a great start (Ace 597, 649, 689, 1306 & 1323 - $16.98 each). (FS)

THE DU DROPPERS Jasmine 225 Talk That Talk! The Ultimate Du Droppers, 1952-1955 ● CD $17.98 $11.98
Two CDs, 38 tracks, 100 mins, very highly recommended
Although there have been a number of reissues of this superb but short lived group over the years, this is the first set to feature all their recordings including originally unissued songs and backups to R&B vocalist Big John Greer and pop singer Sunny Gale. Formed in 1952 by veteran gospel vocalist J.C. Ginyard the quartet's other three members were in their and 30s and all came from a gospel background so it's not too surprising that their performances are so soulful. The group specialized in up tempo numbers with a Wynonie Harris flavor though could also turn in a solid bluesy ballad when called for. They began their recording days in 1952 for Bobby Robinson's Red Robin label, but switched to RCA in 1953 where they remained until the group folded in 1955. This set opens with their first four sides for Red Robin including their answer to The Dominoes Sixty Minute Man, their great Can't Do Sixty No More (the poor guy can only manager 30 minutes!) which they follow with the great blues ballad Chain Me Baby. After moving to RCA they had a big R&B hit with their first release I Wanna Know but further success eluded them in spite of the quality of their music. Other great songs include Get Lost/ I Found Out/ Ten Past Midnight/ Don't Pass Me By/ Speed KingI Only Had A Little / How Much Longer and more. They are accompanied by top New York session musicians like Mickey Baker, Ben Webster, Sam "The Man" Taylor, Bud Johnson and others. Sound is excellent and 6 page booklet has informative notes by Bob Fisher. A truly invaluable release and you can always skip over the two dire tracks by Sunny Gale. (FS)
THE DU-DROPPERS: A Story Untold/ Bamalam/ Boot Ďem Up/ Canít Do Sixty No More/ Chain Me Baby (Blues Of Desire)/ Come On And Love Me Baby/ Dead Broke/ Donít Pass Me By/ Drink Up/ Get Lost/ Give Me Some Consideration/ Go Back/ Honey Bunch/ How Much Longer/ I Found Out/ I Only Had A Little/ I Only Had A Little (Fast Version)/ I Wanna Know/ I Wanna Love You/ If You Just Donít Leave/ Just Whisper/ Laughing Blues/ Let Nature Take Its Course/ Little Girl, Little Girl (Youíd Better Stop Talking In Your Sleep)/ My Thrill Girl/ Smack Dab In The Middle/ Somebody Work On My Babyís Mind/ Speed King/ Talk That Talk/ Ten Past Midnight/ Thatís All I Need/ Whatever Youíre Doiní (Keep On Doiní It)/ Youíre Mine Already/ SUNNY GALE: Mamaís Gone, Goodbye/ The Note In The Bottle/ BIG JOHN GREER: Confusion Blues/ Donít Worry About It/ Ride Pretty Baby

NARVEL FELTS & JERRY MERCER Richard Weize Archives 12555 1956 Radio Rockabillies ● CD $24.98
35 tracks, strongly recommended
Significant release featuring radio show recordings from the heyday of rockabilly. Narvel Felts became a rockabilly legend thanks to a bunch of recordings made for Sun that were not originally issued but eventually appeared on LPs. In the 1970s and 80s he had a great deal of success as a country singer and when that petered out in the late 80s was able to become a significant performer on the rockabilly revival circuit. It turned out that he and his friend Jerry Mercer had a band in 1956 that broadcasted over KTCB in Malden, Missouri and they had some tapes of these shows. Rockstar Records released an LP of some of these recordings in 1988 and subsequently a CD with bonus tracks in 1997 and this is a reissue of that CD. Although neither Jerry nor Narvel are exceptional performers it is a real pleasure to hear these since precious little radio performances from this era exist and, not only that, the sound quality is outstanding. The band includes guitarist Leon Barnett who is a very fine player whose roots were clearly in country but does some excellent rockabilly solos. The material is mostly covers of current hits - Lawdy Miss Clawdy/ Boogie Woogie Country Girl/ Mystery Train/ Go Go Go/ Hound Dog/ Heartbreak Hotel/ Maybellene, etc. There are also a number of fine instrumentals from Barnett. The 28 page booklet has biographical info, information on the origin of these recordings and loads of photos. If you missed the Rockstar CD this is a fine chance to pick up a slice of rockabilly history. (FS)

THE FLAMINGOS Acrobat 9068 The Flamingos Collection, 1953-1961 ● CD $19.98
3 CDs, 80 tracks, 218 mins, highly recommended
Here come the fabulous Flamingos, certainly one of the greatest, most influential, and most prolific of the classic vocal groups. This extensive collection covers the group's first nine years of recording, featuring work done for the Chance, Parrot, Checker, Decca, and End record labels. Including all of their charting singles from the time: A Kiss From Your Lips/ I'll Be Home/ Lovers Never Say Goodbye/ Mio Amore/ Nobody Loves Me Like You/ Kokomo, the great Doc Pomus penned Your Other Love, Time Was, and of course their legendary version of I Only Have Eyes For You. On top of those you get just about as many other good songs as there are feathers on a flamingo, a couple of my favorites are the sublime At The Prom/ Goodnight Sweetheart and the beautiful I Shed A Tear At Your Wedding. Extensive liner notes, and fantastic sound throughout. (JM)

STAN FREBERG Acrobat 3217 The Singles Collection, 1947-1960 ● CD $16.98
2 CDs, 45 tracks, 142 mins, highly recommended
A lot of comedy ages poorly. Although certainly dated, Stan Freberg can still make me laugh out loud. This is the collection that I didn't realize I needed. Freberg's brilliant zaniness is really hitting the spot sitting here in 2018. Not many entertainers can credit Jack Webb, The Beatles, George Lucas, and Albert Einstein as fans, but Freberg could, and he certainly provides a through line between Spike Jones and Weird Al Yankovic. This contains his biggest hits and most famous tracks like; the bizarre melodrama of John and Marsha, I've Got You Under My Skin, the insane parenting of That's My Boy, the brilliant Johnnie Ray parody Try, Little Blue Riding Hood, C'est Si Bon, the first of his many Rock 'N' Roll/ R&B parodies - Sh-Boom, The Yellow Rose Of Texas Nuttin' For Christmas, his, dare I say wonderful, take-off on Lawrence Welk Wun'erful, Wun'erful, the number one smash St. George and The Dragonet, plus much, much more. It's also a real pleasure on many of the tracks to hear not only the immortal June Foray, but also the great Daws Butler, who was a staple of my childhood (Quick Draw McGraw - The Treasure Of Sarah's Mattress is the first record that I owned, and I wore it out). (JM)

THE GOSPELAIRES Gospel Friend 1512 Moving Up - The Early Years, 1956-1965 ● CD $18.98
Superb 29 track collection by this outstanding group from Dayton, Ohio. The group first formed in 1954 and signed with Don Robey's Peacock label in 1957.The group was known for sky-high harmonies, and featured first lead Robert Washing ton and the incredible high tenor of Charles McLean.

WYNONIE HARRIS Fantastic Voyage 115 Jump Mr. Blues - The Defintive Collection ● CD $18.98 $10.98
Two CDs, 50 tracks, 137 mins, very highly recommended
Terrific career spanning retrospective of the recordings of this great Omaha born blues shouter including all 15 of his R&B chart hits. Harris was known as a wild-living man, which would carry over to his live performances as well as his recordings, making for some of the wildest R&B to ever hit the charts. He started his career with the great Lucky Millinder band and sang on their 1945 #1 hit Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well for Decca. In 1945 he recorded for Philo accompanied by The Johnny Otis band on the great Around The Clock - an influence on Chuck Berry's later Reelin' And Rockin'. From there he moved to Apollo in 1945 where he had the first hits under his own name Wynonie's Blues and Playful Baby. Over the next couple of years he recorded for Hamp-Tone, Bullet & Aladdin recording many great sides like Mr. Blues Jumped The Rabbit and his duet with Big Joe Turner on Battle Of The Blues but failed to crack the charts. In 1947 he signed with KIng Records where he remained for the next 10 years turning out hit after hit whether tearing it up on his own compositions like Wynonie's Blues/ Grandma Plays The Numbers/ All She Wants To Do Is Rock/ Good Morning Judge or completely owning other people's songs like Roy Brown's Good Rockin' Tonight/ Lollipop Mama, and I Want My Fanny Brown, Stick McGhee's Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee, or Louis Prima's Oh Babe. Lest we forget his salacious tracks like Sittin' On It All The Time, and I Like My Baby's Pudding, both penned by the team of Syd Nathan, Henry Bernard and Lois Mann. If that wasn't enough, Harris did a raucous cover of Hank Penny's country hit Bloodshot Eyes. After 1952 the hits dried up but Wynonie kept rocking the blues with songs like his sequel to Good Rocking Tonight - Bad News Baby (There'll Be No Rockin' Tonite plus Brownie McGhee's Christina, Fishtail Blues and others. The last two tracks here are from a 1960 session where he does two songs including a remake of Bloodshot Eyes. Excellent sound and informative notes by Neil Slaven. (FS/JM)
WYNONIE HARRIS: A Tale Of Woe/ Adam Come And Get Your Rib/ All She Wants To Do Is Rock/ Around The Clock Part 1/ Bad News Baby There'll Be No Rockin' Tonite/ Battle Of The Blues Part 1 with Joe Turner/ Big City Blues/ Bloodshot Eyes (1951)/ Bloodshot Eyes (1960)/ Bring It Back/ Christina/ Confessin' The Blues/ Drinkin Wine Spo Dee O Dee/ Drinkin' Sherry Wine/ Drinking Blues/ Fishtail Blues/ From Bad To Good Blues/ Good Mambo Tonight/ Good Morning Judge/ Good Morning Mr Blues/ Good Rockin Tonight/ Grandma Plays The Numbers/ Here Comes The Night/ Hey, Ba Ba Re Bop Part 1/ I Feel That Old Age Comin' On/ I Like My Baby's Pudding/ I Want My Fanny Brown/ In The Evenin Blues/ Keep On Churnin Till The Butter Comes/ Lollipop Mama/ Lovin' Machine/ Mama Your Daughter Done Lied On Me/ Mr Blues Is Coming To Town/ Mr Blues Jumped The Rabbit/ My Babys Barrel House/ My Playful Baby's Gone/ Oh Babe/ Playful Baby/ Rock Mr Blues/ She Just Won't Sell No More/ Sittin On It All The Time/ Sweet Lucy Brown/ That's Me Right Now/ That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch/ Triflin' Woman/ Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well/ Wine Wine Sweet Wine/ Wynonies Blues/ You Got To Get Yourself A Job, Girl/ Young Mans Blues

SMILIN' EDDIE HILL B.A.C.M. 581 Mountain Jam ● CD $14.98
28 tracks, recommended
Though not a particularly expressive singer Smilin' Eddie Hill had an easy going style that is quite appealing. He was a popular performer due to his infectious personality and his popularity as a deejay. Hill recorded fairly regularly between 1947 and 1959 though a hit eluded him. His best sides have been reissued by Bear Family (BCD 16860 - $21.98) and this collection fills in the gaps with recordings cut for Mercury, Decca, Apollo, RCA and Columbia. On several of the Apollo cuts he is joined by Johnny & Jack or The Louvin Brothers while others find him accompanied by musicians like Chet Atkins, Hank Garland, Paul Buskirk George Barnes, Lightnin' Chance and others. Songs include Full Time Job/ Baby My Heart/ Hit And Run Lover/ There's No Housing Shortage In Heaven, etc. Generally excellent sound though some of the Apollo sides suffer from excessive digital noise reduction. Includes notes by Brain Chalker. (FS)

LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS Ace CDCHD 697 Jake Head Boogie** ● CD $17.98
31 tracks, 79 mins, essential
At last, the classic recordings that Lightnin' made for RPM in the late 40s and early 50s are finally on CD. This is truly incredible music by one of the great blues originals. Most of these sides were recorded at Bill Quinn's Gold Star studios in Houston. 13 of these were issued on RPM 78s in the early 50s, additional titles showed up on a Crown LP in 1961, some more turned up on a Kent LP in 1970 and still more were found by P-Vine Records in Japan and issued on a CD in 1998. This disc has all these recordings plus a few additional alternate takes unearthed by Ace. With the exception of the alternate takes of Candy Kitchen and Needed Time every track is a gem and includes such great performances as Jake Head Boogie/ Lonesome Dog Blues/ Santa Fe/ War News Blues/ Candy Kitchen/ Give Me Back That Wig/ Everyday I have The Blues/ Needed Time/ Drifting Blues/ Last Affair, etc. The tracks originally issued on 78 rpm often had excessive artificial reverb added - wherever possible, Ace have used the original acetates which sound much better as they only had the natural room echo. At 79 minutes this is one of the longest CDs out there but the time just flies by! (FS)
LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS: Another Fool In Town/ Bad Luck And Trouble/ Bad Luck And Trouble (Previously Unissued - Short Take)/ Beggin' You To Stay/ Black Cat/ Candy Kitchen/ Candy Kitchen (With Guitar OverDub)/ Don't Keep My Baby Long/ Drifting Blues/ Everyday I Have The Blues/ Everyday I Have The Blues (Previously Unissued Short Take)/ Give Me Back That Wig/ Give Me Back That Wig/ House Upon The Hill/ Jake Head Boogie/ Jake Head Boogie/ Last Affair/ Last Affair (Previously Unissued - Short Take)/ Lonesome Dog Blues/ Lonesome Dog Blues/ Mistreater Blues/ Mistreater Blues/ Needed Time/ Needed Time/ One Kind Favour/ Santa Fe/ Someday Baby (Worried Life)/ Tell Me Pretty Mama/ Ticket Agent/ Ticket Agent/ War News Blues

AUTRY INMAN B.A.C.M. 576 Brown Eyed Baby ● CD $14.98
29 tracks, strongly recommended
Fine selection of sides by this obscure but excellent honky tonk singer from Alabama recorded between 1949 and 1957. Inman was fine singer with a high voice - a little like Webb Pierce and is accompanied by excellent bands with fiddles and steel. It includes his first two cuts recorded for Bullet in 1949 including the hot, western swing flavored, You've Got To Leave Those Other Guys Alone. A number of the songs show the influence of Hank Williams in their instrumental arrangements. Tracks include Let's Take The Long Way Home/ Just Smile As You Go By/ That's All Right/ Brown Eyed Baby/ It Hurts Too Much To Cry/ Little One/ Finally, I'm Free and more. It doesn't include his hot rockabilly sides which have already been reissued several times on rockabilly compilations. Although Inman had little chart success as a performer he was a prolific songwriter whose songs were recorded by the like of The Louvin Brothers, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, George Jones and others. This set mostly duplicates the collection issued on the short lived Cactus label some years ago but that set didn't include the two Bullet sides. (FS)
AUTRY INMAN: (I'm So In Love) Don't Put It Off/ A Dear John Letter/ A Friend/ Blue Monday/ Brown Eyed Baby/ Finally I'm Free/ Footsteps Of The Bride/ Happy Go Lucky/ I Hope Tomorrow Never Comes/ It Hurts Too Much To Cry/ It May Be/ It's A Shame/ Just Reminiscing/ Just Smile As You Go By/ Let's Take The Long Way Home/ Little One/ Look Over Your Shoulder/ Once More/ Pucker Up/ Reality/ Tell Me Now/ That's All Right/ That's When I Need You The Most/ Uh-Huh Honey/ Under The Moon/ Who Do You Love/ You Gotta Leave Those Other Guys Alone/ Your Maiden Name/ Your New Love Song

ILLINOIS JACQUET Acrobat 3203 The Illinois Jacquet Collection ● CD $16.98
2 CDs, 44 tracks, 142 mins, highly recommended
Here is a real nice overview of American jazz tenor saxophonist, Illinois Jacquet's first 14 years of recording. Jacquet was a great player, composer, bandleader, and pioneered the "honking" sound of the tenor saxophone in jazz. Right out of the gate, a 19-year-old Jacquet had a hit with that honking sax, Flying Home with the Lionel Hampton Orchestra, and appropriately this collection roars out of the gate with that fine recording. From there you get a ton of music with Jacquet playing for or with such luminaries as Nat King Cole, Count Basie, Wynonie Harris, Bill Doggett, Ben Webster, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, and a whole lot more. (You even get Miles Davis popping up in the band on at least one track.) Styles range from sultry night club Jazz, Big Band, to wailing Rhythm & Blues, closing it all up with a fantastic, understated version of Harlem Nocturne. (JM)

BUDDY JOHNSON & HIS ORCHESTRA Jasmine 822 Rock On! The 100th Anniversary Collection ● CD $18.98 $11.98
Two CDs, 52 tracks, highly recommended
Woodrow Wilson (Buddy) Johnson (1915-1977) will always be remembered for his songs & arrangements, especially on titles like Since I Fell For You (1st covered and made a hit by Paul Gayten and later covered by many other artists), Please, Mr. Johnson, and Fine Brown Fame (a hit for Nellie Lutcher) - all included on this retrospective of recordings cut between 1941 and 1961. As a pianist & band leader, he was an important link between the swing era and early R&B. If the term Big Band Blues belongs to anyone, it belongs to Buddy Johnson. His sister Ella is an early pioneer and influence on R&B divas like LaVern Baker, Ruth Brown and Etta James. She's represented here on half the tracks, including When My Man Comes Home (#1 R&B chart hit )/ Since I Fell For You/ That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch/ Till My Baby Comes Home/ I Don't Want Nobody (To Have My Love But You)/ I'm Tired of Crying Over You and many more. Other vocalists include Buddy himself, Arthur Prysock, Lee Thomas and others but they are less interesting than Ella. There are several superb instrumentals including the wonderful Boogie Woogie's Mother In Law featuring some great steel guitar licks from ex-Louis Jordan sideman Kenneth Hollon and several tracks feature tough sax work from Purvis Hanson. As the 50s progressed Buddy and his orchestra seamlessly transitioned to the more rocking R&B style without sacrificing their musical integrity. A splendid collection with brief notes by Bob Fisher but, unfortunately, no discographical info. (FS)
BUDDY JOHNSON & HIS ORCHESTRA: (Gotta Go) Upside Your Head/ (Ha Ha Baby) The Last Laugh's On You/ A Pretty Girl (A Cadillac And Some Money)/ A Woman, A Lover, A Friend/ As I Love You/ Baby Don't You Cry/ Baby Hear My Humble Plea/ Because (Part 1)/ Because (Part 2)/ Boogie Woogie's Mother In Law/ Bring It Home To Me/ Buddy's Boogie/ Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball/ Don't Fail Me Baby/ Down Yonder/ Far Cry/ Fine Brown Frame/ Get Down On The Road/ Go Ahead And Rock/ Going To New York/ Good Time Man/ Hittin' On Me/ I Ain't Mad With You/ I Don't Care Who Knows/ I Don't Want Nobody (To Have My Love But You)/ I'm Gonna Jump In The River/ I'm Just Your Fool/ I'm Tired Of Cryin' Over You/ It's Obdacious/ Keeping My Love For You/ Let's Beat Out Some Love/ Mush Mouth/ Please Mr Johnson/ Real Fine Frame/ Rock On!/ Since I Fell For You/ Sliding Horns/ Small Taste/ Somehow, Somewhere/ Stand Back And Smile (Say Ella)/ That's How I Feel About You/ That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch/ That's What You Gotta Do/ They All Say I'm The Biggest Fool/ This New Situation/ Til My Baby Comes Back/ Tuke Number One/ Walk 'Em (1959 Version)/ Walk Em (1946 Version)/ When My Man Comes Home/ You Better Change Your Ways/ You Gotta Walk That Chalk Line

LEAD BELLY Smithsonian Folkways 40044 Where Did You Sleep Last Night - Lead Belly Legacy,Vol1** ● CD $16.98
34 tracks, 67 mins, highly recommended
Wonderful selection of performances from this masterful songster featuring his powerful voice and dynamic 12 string guitar newly remastered from original acetates so they sound better than ever. The tracks here were recorded for Moses Asch, who was responsible for preserving so much of Lead Belly's musical legacy, between 1941 and '47. Most of the tracks on this disc were originally released on LP in the early 50s on two Folkways albums but this set includes a number of unissued songs and alternate takes including a brief but beautiful piece of unaccompanied moaning which brings to mind Blind Willie Johnson's Dark Was The Night but without the guitar. The material is varied including blues, spirituals, folk songs and children songs. Besides his guitar accompaniments there are also examples of his piano and accordion work. A couple of tracks feature the harmonica playing of the great Sonny Terry and one features vocal accompaniments by the Oleander Quartet. Timeless songs including Irene/ Good Morning Blues/ In The Pines/ On A Monday/ Bring A Little Water Sylvie/ Laura/ Rock Island Line/ New Orleans (Rising Sun Blues)/ You Can't Lose Me Cholly/ Ha Ha This A Way/ Green Corn/ Meeting At The Building and many more. (FS)
LEAD BELLY: 4 5 And 9/ Big Fat Woman/ Blind Lemon/ Bottle Up And Go/ Bring A Little Water Sylvie/ Chicken Crowing For Midnight/ Cotton Fields/ Duncan And Brady/ Duncan And Brady/ Good Morning Blues/ Green Corn/ Grey Goose/ Ha Ha This A Way/ In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down/ In The Pines/ Laura/ Leaving Blues/ Let It Shine On Me/ Meeting At The Building/ Moanin'/ New Orleans (the Rising Sun Blues)/ No Good Rider/ Old Riley/ On A Monday/ Pick A Bale Of Cotton/ Pigmeat/ Rene/ Rock Island Line/ Sally Walker/ Shorty George/ Sukey Jump (win'jammer)/ Take This Hammer/ Yellow Gal/ You Can't Lose Me Cholly

LITTLE EVA & HER GIRLFRIENDS Jasmine 299 Doin' The Locomotion ● CD $14.98 $10.98
25 tracks, highly recommended
In their never-ending quest to reissue every piece of R&B from the early 60's that matters, Jasmine here has presented us with a collection of sides from the original rock 'n' soul babysitter, Little Eva, and some of her co-artists from the Dimension Records imprint. In case anyone needs reminding, Dimension was the label started by Don Kirshner and his business partner Al Nevins as a subsidiary to their publishing company Aldon Music. Along with Little Eva, this CD highlights tracks from the LP "Dimension Dolls Vol. 1," including early recordings by Carole King, and early singles by pre-Phil Spector Ronettes that they cut for Colpix Records. Girl group fans need this CD if only for definitive Little Eva songs like The Loco-Motion/ Keep Your Hands Off My Baby/ Some Kind of Wonderful, and He is the Boy. The Ronettes numbers - I Want a Boy/ I'm Gonna Quit While I'm Ahead/ I'm On the Wagon, and You Bet I Would - are just icing on the cake. (GMC)
THE COOKIES: Chains/ Stranger In My Arms/ CAROLE KING: I Didn't Have Any Summer Romance/ It Might As Well Rain Until September/ Nobody's Perfect/ School Bells Are Ringing/ LITTLE EVA: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do/ Down Home/ He Is The Boy/ I Have A Love/ Keep Your Hands Off My Baby/ Run To Her/ Sharing You/ Some Kind Of Wonderful/ The Loco-Motion/ Up On The Roof/ Uptown/ Where Do I Go/ Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/ THE RONETTES: I Want A Boy/ I'm Gonna Quit While I'm Ahead/ I'm On The Wagon/ Silhouettes/ What's So Sweet About Sweet Sixteen/ You Bet I Would

MAGIC SAM Delmark 6615 West Side Soul** ● CD $14.98
12 tracks, essential
Newly remastered and repackaged edition of one of the great blues albums of the 1960s - the first of only two studio albums recorded by this brilliant Chicago singer & guitarist whose death at the early age of 32 robbed the world of a major talent. Sam was a wonderful singer with melismatic gospel flavor and a brilliant guitarist with a crisp attack who could use vibrato to great effect. On these recordings, made in 1967, he is accompanied by a workmanlike band including Mighty Joe Young/ gtr, Stockholm Slim/ pno, Ernest Johnson or Mack Thompson/ bass and Odie Paine or his son Odie Payne, III/ drums. The material includes remakes of some of his classic Cobra recordings, new songs and versions of songs popularized by others including a version of Sweet Home Chicago which breathes new life into this old warhorse. The CD includes an alternate take of I Don't Want No Woman which is interesting though not markedly different to the issued version. The opening cut - the original song That's All I Need show that had Sam lived he could have also become one of the great soul singers of the era. The new remastering is a revelation with more crispeness and depth to the instruments and more presence on Sam's glorious vocals - even if you have the original CD issue you're gonna need to have this new issue. Packaged in a handsome fold out digipac with some previously unpublished photos, the original notes by Bob Koester and Don Lindemann and a new and trivial appreciation by Don Wilcock. A valuable glimpse of a truly talented performer who would surely have scaled the heights had he lived long enough. (FS)

MAGIC SLIM & THE TEARDROPS Wolf 120.809 Tin Pan Alley** ● CD $15.98
12 tracks, 65 mins, highly recommended
A new Magic Slim album is always cause for celebration and this one is no exception. Solid, down to earth Chicago blues with powerful vocals and gritty electric guitar work (Slim shares guitar leads with Teardrop John Primer) accompanied by spot on bass and drum rhythm. As always there's a fair share of Slim's slow burning intense minor key blues and his great Cold Hearted Woman is alone worth the price of this CD. Half the tracks were recorded in the studio and half recorded live in Austria. The music is a mix of originals and covers of songs from B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Albert King and others and all of it is excellent. Slim hasn't changed much over the past 20 years but it doesn't matter as everything he does is so good and sounds so fresh that listening to him is sheer delight. (FS)

ROY MILTON Acrobat 3218 The Roy Milton Collection, 1945-1961 ● CD $16.98
Two CDs, 55 tracks, very highly recommended
The most comprehensive collection devoted to the "grandfather of rhythm & blues" featuring a wide ranging cross section of recordings made by drummer/ vocalist Roy and his stellar band The Solid Senders from his first session for Hamp-Tone Records in 1945 through to recordings made for the New York based Warwick label in 1960 taking in recordings made for Juke Box, his own Miltone label, Specialty (where he had most of his hits) and Dootone. Milton started his musical career in the 1920s working in Ernie Fields orchestra and subsequently with other bands before moving to California and forming his own band The Solid Senders in 1938. The music the band made was a glorious mixture of blues with a touch of jazz with the band featuring the brilliant pianist Camille Howard, (who was in Milton's band for 15 years) along with great horn men like Hosea Sapp, Buddy Floyd, Jackie Kelso, Benny Waters and others. Two thirds of the tracks have vocals - usually featuring the immensely appealing warm tones of Milton plus a few featuring soulful warbling from Camille. The set includes all 21 of his R&B chart hits including such classics as R.M. Blues/ Thrill Me/ Hop, Skip and Jump/ Hucklebuck/ Oh Babe/ Best Wishes and others. His style and material were a big influence on the burgeoning R&B sounds of the 1940s and early 50s. This collection is a real treat with excellent sound and comes with a 20 page booklet with informative notes and full discographical info. (FS)
ROY MILTON: A Bird In The Hand/ Am I Wasting My Time/ Baby I'm Gone/ Baby, Don't Do That To Me/ Baby, You Don't Know/ Best Wishes/ Big Fat Mama/ Bless Your Heart/ Blue Turning Grey (Over You)/ Burma Road Blues/ Bye Bye Baby Blues/ Camille's Boogie/ Early In The Morning/ Everything I Do Is Wrong/ Fools Are Getting Scarcer/ Groovin' With Joe/ Groovy Blues/ Hop, Skip And Jump/ I Have News For You/ I'll Always Be In Love With You/ I've Had My Moments/ Information Blues/ It Never Should Have Been This Way/ It's Later Than You Think/ Junior Jives/ Keep A Dollar In Your Pocket/ Let Me Give You All My Love/ Milton's Boogie/ Mr. F ine/ My Blue Heaven/ My Sweetheart/ New Year's Resolution/ Night And Day (I Miss You So)/ Oh Babe!/ Playboy Blues/ R.M. Blues/ Rainy Day Confession Blues Pt. 1/ Red Light/ Rhythm Cocktail/ Roy Rides/ Sad Feeling/ Short, Sweet And Snappy/ So Tired/ Someday/ Sympathetic Blues/ T-Town Twist/ The Hucklebuck/ The Numbers Blues/ Thelma Lou/ Them There Eyes/ Thrill Me/ True Blues/ When I Grow Too Old To Dream/ Where There Is No Love/ You Got Me Reeling And Rocking

ODETTA Jasmine 3061 Sings Ballads & Blues ● CD $18.98
2 CDs, 49 tracks, 142 mins, highly recommended
This compiles Odetta's "Odetta Sings Ballads and Blues," "Odetta Live at Carnegie Hall," and "Odetta at the Gate of Horn" LPs, plus both sides of her 1959 Motherless Children single, and a bonus track: There's Hole in my Bucket from 1961 with Harry Belafonte. I didn't like Odetta when I was young, she seemed too stodgy and formal to me, but I have definitely come to appreciate her over the years; it seems like every time I hear her classic recordings, I like them more. Certainly nobody sang like Odetta, and on this collection you get her take on all kinds of classic Folk and Blues songs. Highlights for me included Muleskinner Blues/ Jack 'O' Diamonds/ Hound Dog, the aforementioned Motherless Children, The Gallows Pole (both live and studio versions,) Joshua Fought The Battle of Jericho/ Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down/ Devilish Mary, and many more. (JM)

PUCHO & THE LATIN SOUL BROTHERS BGP CDBGP 252 Big Stick/ Dateline** ● CD $18.98
15 tracks, 70 Min., very highly recommended
Rediscovered in the 1990s thanks to the popularity of acid jazz and sampling that largely ignored copyright laws, Pucho has been spinning out his brand of Latin jazz and soul since the early 1960's. This BGP/Ace release is everything a reissue should be: a twofer, reissuing a pair of Henry "Pucho" Brown Prestige LPs: Big Stick (PR 7555) from 1968 and Dateline (PR 7616) from 1969. The booklet includes reproductions of the original album covers and backs (!) along with pictures of the labels, and of course informative notes. "Big Stick" is notable for being Pucho's only album that does not include a horn section, but both albums are lost gems. More like this, please. (JC)

JIMMY ROGERS Chess (Europe) 10423 The Complete Chess Recordings, Vol. 2** ● CD $10.98
26 tracks, highly recommended
The second disc features the remainder of Jimmy's master recordings recorded between 1956 and 1959 along with a selection of alternate takes. The opening track from an October 1956 session is Jimmy's magnificent Walking By Myself - a great song with a devastating harmonica solo from Walter Horton. The subsequent recordings are not quite as strong as the earlier recordings - most of the problem appears to be the prevalence of undistinguished material - it's as if the producers wanted to try and move Jimmy into a more rock 'n' roll flavored direction which doesn't really come off. However all is not lost as Jimmy's warm vocals are still a delight and with accompaniments from the likes of Little Walter, Walter Horton, Otis Spann, Jody Williams, Luther Tucker and others the tracks are usually worth a listen. The alternate takes includes a gorgeous though incomplete alternate take of one of Jimmy's greatest performances - Ludella with some different lyrics to the familiar version. There is also a superb alternate of 1953's Act Like You Love Me. The rest of the alternates are from the later less interesting sessions but, as always, worth a listen. (FS)

SMOKY BABE Arhoolie 548 Way Back In The Country Blues - The Lost Dr. Oster Recordings** ● CD $13.98
17 tracks, 53 mins, essential
The best blues release of 2014. Previously unissued recordings of this superb Louisiana country bluesman recorded by Harry Oster in 1960 and '61 and only recently discovered. Smoky (real name Robert Brown) was recorded by Oster many times and up to now only two LPs worth of his recordings have been issued and the recordings are just as good as the previously issued ones. Babe was originally from Mississippi and was a superb singer with a rich dark voice and an exciting rhythmic guitar player and, evidentially, had an extensive repertoire. His songs often derive from familiar traditional songs but Babe takes them in very different directions adding verses, some drawn from the vast wealth of "floating" verses while others seem to be drawn from personal experience. Songs like Boss Man Blues and the tremendous On Mr. Walter's Farm seem to draw on personal experience. On What's Wrong With You we hear the only example of his playing slide guitar and excellent it is too. Coming as a bit of a surprise is his version of Robert Johnson's Terraplane Blues which has the same lyrics as Johnson's version. This was before Johnson was a household name so Babe must have heard the original 78 or heard Johnson himself - intriguing! A superb collection with excellent notes from Adam Machado. (FS)

CANDI STATON Kent CDKEND 353 Evidence - Complete Fame Masters** ● CD $22.98
Two CDs, 48 tracks, essential
Some of the greatest Southern soul of the late 60s/ early 70s is finally available on CD in its entirety on this two CD set with 48 tracks. Candi Staton is a truly great singer with a soaring, emotion drenched voice that reveals her gospel roots - I'd put her up there with Aretha Franklin & Irma Thomas. Linking up with producer Rick Hall in 1969 she recorded a series of stunning singles over the next four years at his justifiably acclaimed Fame studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Accompanied by some great studio musicians she recorded songs written by staff writers like George Jackson, her husband Clarence Carter, covers of country and R&B songs as well as some composed or co-composed by Candi herself. This two CD set - the first of Kent's reissues from the legendary Fame catalog includes all the tracks that were on the Honest Jon's CD of some years back along with 22 tracks that have never been on CD before - 12 of them previously unreleased including her last session from 1974 which was thought lost. Among the highlights is the stupendous I'm Just A Prisoner, one of my all time favorites with it's great Roebuck Staples style tremelo guitar from Joe South and the deliciously effective key change. Other standouts includes her first hit I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Sweetheart, a great cover of the country song Stand By Your Man which changes the whole mood of the song, the powerful Evidence and a gorgeous cover of the O.V. Wright/ Otis Redding classic That's How Strong My Love Is that equals the originals in emotional intensity. The unissued songs are up to the high standard of the issued material and her rendition of the Ann Peebles song Trouble, Heartaches And Sadness is particularly fine. Includes illustrated 20 page booklet with extensive notes by Dean Rudland. (FS)
CANDI STATON: Another Man's Woman, Another Woman's Man/ Are You Just Building Me Up/ Blackmail/ Darling You're All That I Had/ Do It In The Name Of Love/ Do Right Woman/ Do Your Duty/ Evidence/ For You/ Freedom Is Just Beyond The Door/ Get It When I Want It/ He Called Me Baby/ Heart On A String/ How Can I Put Out The Flame (When You Keep The Fire Burning)/ I Gave A Little And Lost A Lot/ I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Sweetheart (Than A Young Man's Fool)/ I'll Be Here/ I'll Drop Everything And Come Running/ I'm Gonna Hold On (To What I Got This Time)/ I'm Just A Prisoner (Of Your Good Lovin')/ In The Ghetto/ It's Not Love/ Jolene/ Love Chain/ Lovin The Easy Way/ Lovin' You Lovin' Me/ Mr And Mrs Untrue/ Never In Public/ One More Hurt/ Slipping Away/ Someone You Use/ Something's Burning/ Spread Your Love On Me/ Stand By Your Man/ Sure As Sin/ Sweet Feeling/ Sweet Feeling (Old Time Feeling)/ That's How Strong My Love Is/ The Best Thing You Ever Had/ The Thanks I Get For Loving You/ To Hear You Say You're Mine/ Too Hurt Too Cry/ Trouble, Heartaches And Sadness/ Wanted: Lover/ We Had It All/ What Would Become Of Me/ Where Were You/ You Don't Love Me No More

THE TEXAS RANGERS B.A.C.M. 577 Vol. 2 1941-947 ● CD $14.98
32 tracks, strongly recommended
A second fine collection by this western harmony group, who, in spite of their name, were based out of Kansas City, Mo. The first volume (BACM 285) featured their early commercial recordings and radio transcriptions made between 1934 and 1941 - this one is drawn from radio transcriptions made between 1941 and '45. The group featured solid four-part harmony vocals and enjoyed fine instrumental work, particularly notable is the superb guitar work of multi-instrumentalist Herb Katroska. Much of their material was written by lead vocalist Bob Crawford and/ or fiddler Gomer Cool along with some popular favorite in the genre. Songs include When The Bloom Is On The Sage/ Headin' Home/ Dry and Dusty/ We Wanna Sing/ Yankee Doodle/ Hold That Critter Down/ The Gals Don't Mean A Things, etc. Sound quality is excellent and Kevin Coffey provides his usual high quality notes. (FS)
THE TEXAS RANGERS: Beans And Muddy Coffee/ Careless Love/ Cross Bow/ Did You Mean It?/ Dogieís Lullaby/ Dry And Dusty/ Dude Cowboy/ Fort Worth Jail/ Granny Ainít A Rockiní In Her Old Rockiní Chair/ Headiní Home/ Hold That Critter Down/ Just Rolliní On/ Left My Gal In The Mountains/ My Adobe Hacienda/ Old Chisholm Trail/ Open Range Ahead/ Powder River/ Ridiní The Trails/ Rose Of Santa Fe/ Six Gun Dan/ Someday/ The Big Corral/ The Gals Donít Mean A Thing/ The Kerry Dance/ The Low Down Blues/ The Man In The Moon Is A Cowhand/ These Tears Are Not For You/ We Wanna Sing/ When The Bloom Is On The Sage/ When The Prairie Sun Says Good Morniní/ Yankee Doodle/ Yo Ho The Rodeo

JIMMY THOMASON B.A.C.M. 582 The Early Years ● CD $14.98
27 tracks, highly recommended
Terrific collection of Western Swing featuring the hot fiddle playing and vocals of Texan Jimmy Thomason. Thomason was inspired to play after seeing the Light Crust Doughboys and was particularly entranced by the singing of Milton Brown who inspired his own performances. There are 10 tracks from 1936 and six from 1941 featuring Thomas's work with steel guitarist Doug Bine and his band The Dixie Ramblers. The early session is particularly exuberant with superb performances of How Mnay Times/ Yes Sir/ You Gottaa Hi De Hi/ Over Sixty and others. In 1937 he did a session with the Modern Mountaineers - a particularly hot band where Thomason shared fiddle duties with the great J.R. Chatwell. Other sessions here fine him with The Sunshine Boys with vocals by Moon Mullican, two tracks with the Shelton Brothers and one by Slim Harbert & His OKeh Boys - all of it excellent. Thomason continued recording after the war, finally getting his own name on record and becoming a pioneer of the Bakersfield Sound. A superb collection with Kevin Coffey's illuminating notes putting it all into perspective. (FS)

HANK THOMPSON & HIS BRAZOS VALLEY BOYS Acrobat 3220 Collection ● CD $16.98
Two CDs, 57 tracks, very highly recommended
Hank Thompson had lots of hits for Capitol in the 40s and 50's, selling many records with his clear tenor vocalizing, solid songwriting, and rootsy Texas style and the top notch blend of honky tonk and western swing instrumental stylings from his band The Brazos Valley Boys. This great collection features all 46 tracks that entered the charts between 1948 and 1962 as well as several of his earliest recordings from 1946 and '47 for Blue Bonnet and Globe and some of the best of his non charting Capitol sides. Includes lots of classic sides like Humpty Dumpty Heart/ Green Light/ Whoa Sailor/ The Grass Looks Greener/ The Wild Side Of Life/ The New Wears Off Too Fast/ Rub-A-Dub-Dub/ Wildwood Flower/ The Blackboard of My Heart/ Squaws Along The Yukon/ Oklahoma Hills and many more. Musicians on these sessions included Merle Travis (gtr), Floyd White (steel), Bob White (fiddle), Billy Briggs Stewart (bass), Billy Gray (gtr), Harold Hensley (fiddle), Wayne Whitewing (steel) and many others. Excellent sound and 28 page booklet has extensive notes and full discograohical info. (FS)

MERLE TRAVIS & JOE MAPHIS Sundazed 9011 Country Music's Two Guitar Greats** ● CD $13.98
12 tracks, 29 mins, essential
Country guitar of the highest order by two of the greatest and most influential performers. Merle & Joe had known each other for more than 20 years and had frequently worked together by the time they recorded this album for Capitol in 1964 and were intimately attuned to each others style. This is a true collaboration with no attempt at unnecessary flash but, as Rich Kienzle points out in his notes, "the two buddies prodded, teased, challenged and dazzled" on a collection of originals and country standards including Corrine Corrina/ Bayou Baby/ Guitar Rag/ When It's Time For The Whippoorwills To Sing/ Mainstreet Breakdown/ Kentucky Waltz

USHER'S ISLAND Vertical 4701 Usher's Island ● CD $16.98
12 tracks, highly recommended
Usher's Island is a new Irish super group formed by the doyen of Irish traditional folk music - Donal Lunny. He is joined by his frequent playing partner over the last 45 years - singer & multi instrumentalist Andy Irvine along with other major names including Paddy Glackin on fiddle, Michael McGoldrick on pipes, flute and whistle and John Doyle on vocals, guitar and bouzouki. Together they form a rich tapestry of instrumentation which can be heard to great effect on the five instrumental sets. Donal is heard on vocal on the Gaelic song Bean Phaidon, Andy is featured on three songs, highlighted by the splendid Felix THe Soldier and trivialized by the self-indulgent As Good As It Gets. I was not familiar with the singing of John Doyle but he is an excellent and expressive vocalits an two of his songs are originals based on historical events and given a suitably traditional feel. An excellent firt album. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Abbey 3001 The Abbey R&B Story ● CD $16.98
Abbey Records was one of the many independent labels that formed in the post war era. Based in New York, it was active from around 1948 to 1953 and released several hundred 78s in just about every genre. This collection is devoted to their blues & R&B output including down home blues from Ralph Willis, Brother Bones (aka Champion Jack Dupree) and Alonzo Scales. There are jump blues and R&B sides from the Ben Smith Quartet, Bobby Marshall, Ric Harper & His Orch. and others and pre doowop vocal group sounds from the Radars, Master Keys and Cabineers. The down home blues sides are excellent but the rest seems somewhat lackluster.
ELAINE BRENT WITH TEDDY BRANNON ORCH.: Tombstone Number Nine/ You're My Baby You/ BROTHER BLUES & HIS BACK ROOM BOYS: Day Break/ Feather Weight Mama/ THE CABINEERS WITH BILL MCRAE TRIO: How Can I Help It/ Tell Me Now/ Whirlpool/ You're Just A Great Big Heartache/ JOHNNY FELTON & HIS ORCH.: One Note/ You're Spending My Money Too Fast/ RIC HARPER & HIS ORCH.: I'm A Sixty Minute Rocket Man/ Joogie-Boogie Joint (On A Saturday Night)/ BOBBY MARSHALL WITH RAY PARKER ORCH.: Call Me Darling/ THE MASTER KEYS: Don't Talk Darling/ It's Time To Kiss Goodnight/ THE MASTERKEYS: Don't Cry, Darling/ Mr. Blues/ BOB MERRELL: Low Down Groove/ The Blues Is Here T'nite/ THE RADARS WITH CONRAD FREDERICK & ORCH.: I Need You All The Time/ You Belong To Me/ ALONZO SCALES: Left Me Home Blues/ My Baby Don't Allow/ BEN SMITH QUARTET: I Ain't Fattenin' Frogs For Snakes/ RALPH WILLIS: Cool That Thing/ Sportin' Life

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1514 Rhythm 'n' Bluesin' By The Bayou -Livin', Lovin' & Lyin ● CD $17.98
28 tracks, 67 mins, recommended
This collection isn't one of the better ones that Ace have put together, it isn't bad, just a bit underwhelming. Seeing that this is the 19th installment in the "By The Bayou," series and the 6th to focus on R&B, I'm not saying that they are scraping the bottom of the barrel yet, but . Highlights include the rollicking Roll On Ole Mule by Tabby Thomas, a previously unissued track by an unknown artist (From a J.D. Miller session) Love Me Chile, the mysterious Elizabeth's take on I Know, and a classic slab of Swamp Pop with Family Rules (Angel Child) by Guitar Jr. & Combo. Also features cuts from Cookie & The Cupcakes, Little Bob & The Lollipops, Tal Miller, King Karl, lonesome Sundown, and many more. (JM)
JOE (MR G) AUGUST: Boogie with Calypso/ LITTLE RAY CAMPBELL: Uncle John Special/ COOKIE & THE CUPCAKES: Keep Crying/ Keep Livin'/ ELIZABETH: I Know/ Tell Me Why/ JAMES FREEMAN: Baby If You Want to Play/ GUITAR JR: Family Rules (Angel Child)/ I Got It Made (When I Marry Shirley Mae)/ Love Me Mary Ann/ STICKS HERMAN: Crying, Crying/ KING CHARLES: But You Thrill Me/ It Won't Be Me/ KING KARL: Baby, Baby, Come to Papa/ EDDIE LANG: Troubles Troubles/ LITTLE BOB & THE LOLLIPOPS: Wanna Be Your Man/ LITTLE NOLTON: Don't Know Why/ LITTLE VICTOR & HIS JIVIN' FIVE: Loc-A-LI/ LONESOME SUNDOWN: Give It Up/ CHUCK MARTIN: Carry on Yvonne/ TAL MILLER: Scorched/ VAN PRESTON: Mama's Little Girl/ CHARLES SHEFFIELD: I Would Be a Sinner/ TABBY THOMAS: Don't Say/ Roll on Ole Mule/ UNKNOWN: Love Me Chile/ Won't Be Blue No More/ EDDIE WILLIAMS: Baby's Got Bad Feet

VARIOUS ARTISTS Acrobat 7119 Classic Gospel Released By Peacock Records  ● CD $24.98
Here's a great collection of Gospel recorded for the mighty Peacock record label during the 1950s, certainly fertile years for many of Gospel's greatest acts. The first three CDs cover recordings released from 1952 - 1957 as part of Peacock's 1700 series. The final CD covers select releases from 1958 - 1960. Fantastic performances from The Dixie Hummingbirds, Sensational Nightingales, Original Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi, Sister Jessie Mae Renfro, Spirit of Memphis Quartet, Pilgrim Jubilee Singers, and many more. No worries if you have any single artist Peacock 1700 series CDs from Acrobat, they have made sure to exclude those titles so there wouldn't be redundancy. (JM)
 ALPHA AND OMEGA SINGERS: I'm Happy/ That's Alright/ THE BALTIMORE ECHOES: Filled With The Holy Spirit/ THE BELLS OF JOY: Doing For Jesus/ Just Jesus/ THE BROOKLYN ALL STARS: A Prayer For Today/ Careless Soul/ Meet Me In Galilee/ REV CLEOPHUS ROBINSON: A Charge To Keep I Have/ Jesus, I Can't Live Without You/ THE DIXIE HUMMINGBIRDS: Christian Testimonial/ Christian's Automobile/ Cool Down Yonder/ Devil Can't Harm A Praying Man/ Eternal Life/ Get Right Church/ I Don't Know Why (I Have To Cry Sometime)/ I Know I've Been Changed/ I Want To Feel The Holy Spirit/ I'll Keep On Living After I Die/ I'm Not Uneasy/ It Must Have Been The Lord (That Touched Me)/ Just Trusting/ Let's Go Out To The Programs (Medley)/ Live On Forever/ Live Right, Die Right/ Lord If I Go/ Loving Hand/ Make One Step/ Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow/ Prayer Wheel/ Sinner, Sin No More/ Stop By Here/ Take Care Of Me/ Thank You Lord For One More Day/ Trouble In My Way/ Trouble Will Be Over/ Way Up On High/ Will The Lord Be With You/ THE EVER-READY GOSPEL SINGERS: All My Sins/ THE GOSPEL CONSOLATORS: Hold On To God's Hand/ I'm A Weary Traveler/ THE GOSPELAIRES: I've Got It/ It's A Pity/ Joy Joy Joy/ Judgement/ Let's Pray/ How Much Longer (Will My Journey Be)/ Just Faith/ Sit Down Children/ They Don't Understand Me/ OTIS JACKSON & THE DIXIE HUMMINGBIRDS: The Life Story Of Madame Bethune (Part 1)/ The Life Story Of Madame Bethune (Part 2)/ SISTER JESSIE MAE RENFRO: I Wanna Be There/ I've Had My Chance/ THE ORIGINAL FIVE BLIND BOYS OF MISSISSIPPI: Save A Seat For Me/ THE ORIGINAL FIVE BLIND BOYS: Someone Watches/ There's No Need To Cry/ You Done What The Doctor Couldn't Do/ THE PILGRIM JUBILEE SINGERS: Stretch Out/ SISTER JESSIE MAE RENFRO: Have Your Own Way (Have Your Way Lord)/ I Must Tell Jesus/ I'll Be Satisfied Then/ In That Home By And By/ No Room In The Hotel/ Deliver Me/ Hold My Hand/ He's So Wonderful/ Hell's Attraction Light/ Oh, Have You/ REV CLEOPHUS ROBINSON: I've Got A New Born Soul/ Room-Room/ BROTHER CLEOPHUS ROBINSON & SISTER JOSEPHINE JAMES: Pray For Me/ When I Cross Over/ REV CLEOPHUS ROBINSON & THE SPIRIT OF MEMPHIS QUARTET: In The Sweet By And By/ THE SENSATIONAL NIGHTINGALES: A Christian Life/ A Sinner's Plea/ A Soldier Not In Uniform/ Another Year/ Burying Ground/ Does Jesus Care/ Go Where Jesus Is/ God's Word Will Never Pass Away/ I Gave My Heart/ I Thank You, Lord/ I'm Coming Up, Lord/ I'm Going On With Jesus All The Way/ I'm Serving The Lord/ In My Mind/ Lord Have Mercy/ Morning Train/ On The Judgement Day/ Pressing On/ See How They Done My Lord/ Somewhere To Lay My Head/ Standing At The Judgement/ The Lord Will Make A Way/ To The End/ View That Holy City/ Who Will Be The One/ Will He Welcome Me There/ SPIRIT OF MEMPHIS: In The Garden/ Story Of Jesus/ The Lord Loves Me/ THE SPIRIT OF MEMPHIS QUARTET: Come And Go With Me/ I Found Something/ I Need Thee/ If It Ain't One Thing (It's Another)/ Lost In Sin/ When

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 579 The Midwestern Hayride ● CD $14.98
27 tracks, strongly recommended
The Western Hayride, based in Cincinnati, was one of a number of regular live country music shows held all over the country in the 1940s and 50s. Although no recordings exist of this show this collection features studio recordings of some of the artists who appeared on the show including a number of unknown artists who appeared on an E.P. issued by the Hayride with no artist names. Most of the artists are pretty obscure but there are some fine performances - particularly noteworthy are Zeke & Red, The Geer Sisters (three songs including te grim Unloved and Unclaimed) and The Kentucky Boys (fine bluegrass). Other artists include Bobby Bobo, Rockin' Rudy Hansen, Ernie Lee and more. Excellent sound and detailed notes by Al Turner. (FS)
BOBBY BOBO: Doggone Long Gone Blues/ Lonesome & Heartbroken/ My Sweet Love Ain't Around/ Stamps/ THE GEER SISTERS: Menu Love/ Shanghaid/ Today I Picked Roses/ Unloved And Unclaimed/ ROCKIN' "RUDY" HANSEN: Saturday Jump/ ROCKINí ďRUDYô HANSEN: Cry Baby Cry/ I Walked Away/ The Mambo Queen/ PHYLLIS & BILLY HOLMES: Life's Railway To Heaven/ That Is The Makings Of Love/ Three Little Kisses/ THE KENTUCKY BOYS: A Little Feller Like Me/ Don't Fetch It/ ERNIE LEE: My Little Pup With The Patent Leather Nose/ Tried And Found Guilty/ NO ARTIST CREDIT: Cold Hearted Love/ Diddle Diddle Dumpling/ It's My Destiny/ Only You/ Pepper Hot Baby/ The Lord's A Busy Man/ ZEKE & RED: Get Your Dad Burn Fingers Offa Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 580 Country Music From The Pacific Northwest ● CD $14.98
Although not usually associated with country music there was an active scene in this region that has received little attention in the past. This CD is largely due to the researches of musician and collector Dick Heil who turned up many little known recordings that are featured here. The material here ranges from the mid 40s to mid 50s and much of it has a western flavor. The most familiar name here is Arkie Shibley who is featured on one track - other artists include Cherokee Jack, Paul Tutmarc & The Wranglers, Vic Martin & His Western Merrymakers, Slim Dossey, Frank Elder, Roger Crandel and others. Usual in depth notes, by Kevin Coffey.
CHEROKEE JACK: A Smile From My Baby/ Don't Just Stand There/ My Cherokee Waiting For Me/ Richard Was A Cowboy/ ROGER CRANDALL: Chasing After You/ Yesterday Will Make You Cry/ You And I/ SLIM DOSSEY: Don't Just Stand There/ Mirror On The Wall/ The Angel Heaven Sent Me/ This Is The Last Time Iíll Cry Over You/ FRANK ELDER: Ole Weary Blues/ Stop Look And Listen/ You're Number One In My Heart/ THE EVERGREEN DRIFTERS: Little Coquette (Instr.)/ BILL GRIFFITH & HIS JACK PINE RAMBLERS RAMBLE: Autograph Book/ HECK THE SINGING COWBOY: You Can't Break The Chains Of Love/ TOMMY KIZZIAH: When The Angels Smile Down/ Whittaker Rag (Instr.)/ HARRY LONG: Dallas Alice/ Silver Bell/ VIC MARTIN & HIS WESTERN MERRYMAKERS: Lovely Lies/ JIM PARKS & HIS RAMBLERS: What's Been Going On Since I've Been Gone/ BUCK RITCHEY: Only The Moonman Knows/ Talking Blues/ ARKIE SHIBLEY: Three Day Pass/ THE SNEED FAMILY WITH ROGER CRANDALL BAND: I'll Be A Bachelor Always/ LEROY THOMPSON & HIS SWINGTIME PLAYBOYS: Who Bit The End Off Of My Cigar/ PAUL TUTMARC & THE WRANGLERS: Aint You Ashamed

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 583 Custom Made Hillbilly, Vol. 11 ● CD $14.98
30 tracks, strongly recommended
Another fine and varied collection of sides recorded as custom pressings by Starday. Most of the tracks here were issued on the Dixie label and were recorded in late 1961 and early 62. Most of the material is straight ahead honky tonk with lots of rough edges - a far cry from the slick sounds coming out of Nashville. It includes sides by Bill Davis, The Cackle Sisters (a duo best known for their weird yodeling but their tracks here don't feature any of it), Junior Garner & The Sagamon Boys, Eddie Reynolds & His Band, The King Brothers & Virginia Mountaineers (excellent bluegrass - their I Wonder) is one of the highlights of this collection), Bill Parry and Jim Boyne and others. Excellent sound quality and informative notes by Phil Tricker. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buda 860184 Zanzibara 5 - Hot In Dar** ● CD $15.98
10 tracks, highly recommended Haunting and sensuous music from East Africa recorded in Dar es Salam - the largest and richest city in Tanzania. The recordings here are from the late 70s and early 80s when Dar es-Salam had one of the richest and most vibrant musical scenes in Africa, with some 25 to 30 professional bands performing in nightckubs and theatres. Tight guitars, riffing horn section, enchanting harmonizing vocals and unfailing swing characterized this dance music that was the backdrop to everyday life in the city. This disc presents the music of 10 of the top bands of the period. Includes 28 page booklet with extensive background notes, rare photos as well as information on the artists plus lyric transcripts in French and English. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Curb 79477 Best Of West Coast Rock and Roll ● CD $16.98
30 tracks, 61 mins, strongly recommended
Well, more like the best of West Coast Rock and Roll that Mike Curb played on, and/or produced, so really only a small percentage of "best of West Coast Rock and Roll," when it comes down to it. This compilation is mostly instrumental, and mostly in the Surf/ Hot Rod/ Biker/ Spy movie mode. Highlights include Space Rock by The Arrows, War Path by Davie Allan, and Theme From The Wild Angels by Davie Allan & The Arrow, so basically any iteration of Davie Allan and/or The Arrows. Mike Curb would go on to do a lot of T.V. and movie work (not to mention being Lieutenant Governor of California under Jerry Brown in the late 1970s), so you also get quirkier tracks like Theme From Cattanooga Cats by The Sidewalk Sounds, On The Move With Chevrolet by Mike Curb & The Sidewalk Sounds, and the song that closed out the great, late 1960s war movie Kelly's Heroes - Burning Bridges by The Mike Curb Congregation (Jeez--it would be great if these guys could just pick one name and stick with it!) (JM)
DAVE ALLAN: War Path/ DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS: Apache '65/ Blue's Theme/ Bongo Party/ Devil's Angels/ Theme from the Wild Angels/ THE ARROWS: Space Hop/ THE BUDDIES: Little Bsa/ Sidewalk Surfin' Scene/ The Cool One/ Yamaha/ MIKE CURB & THE BUDDIES: Little Honda/ MIKE CURB & THE CURBSTONES: Hot Dawg/ Velocita/ MIKE CURB & THE REBELAIRS: The Rebel (Without a Cause)/ MIKE CURB & THE SIDEWALK SOUNDS: On the Move with Chevrolet/ Skaterdater 1/ MIKE CURB & WATERFALL: Hot Wheels (Theme from TV Show)/ Theme from American Bandstand/ THE MIKE CURB CONGREGATION: Burning Bridges/ THE HEYBURNERS: Speedway/ THE HONDELLS: Go Little Honda (You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda)/ Rip's Bike/ THE SIDEWALK SOUNDS: Billy Jack's Theme/ Theme from Cattanooga Cats/ Together/ Wild Racers Theme/ THE STREAMERS: Slip-Stream/ THE SUDELLS: Pow Wow/ THE ZAINES: Slinky

VARIOUS ARTISTS Decca 48203 Decca - The R&B Years, Vol. 3 ● CD $16.98
24 tracks, strongly recommended
Another splendid collection of jump blues and rhythm & blues from the Decca catalog recorded between 1949 and 1953. A few artists return from the first couple of volumes but there are many new to this volume. There are two hot sides by the Fat Man Robinson Quintet who do a version of My Bucket's Got A Hole In It that Hank Williams would barely recognize. There are three rocking, mostly instrumental, numbers from the splendid baritone saxist Cecil Payne and his Orchestra. Veteran jazz pianist Ike Carpenter is here with two numbers by his all star band with vocals by Effie Smith including a note for note cover of Ruth Brown's Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean. Rene Hall was one of the top guitarists on the West Coast who appeared on hundreds of recordings between the 1950s and 1970s and his featured here with his trio on two fine numbers with top notch vocals from Courtland Carter. Other artists here include Charlie Harding, Bob Camp & His Buddies (a down home flavored number with funky guitar from Brownie McGhee), Billy Valentine Trio (four tracks - one featuring one of the earliest appearances on record of Mickey Baker), Floyd Smith with Horance Henderson Orch. (one with fine steel guitar by Smith) and more. Sound is superb and there is full discographical data. (FS)
CLAY BRADDY: All I Want Is You/ BOB CAMP & HIS BUDDIES: Reading Blues/ IKE CARPENTER & HIS ORCH. (VCL EFFIE SMITH): (Mama) He Treats Your Daughter Mean/ Crazy Crazy/ DOLES DICKENS QUINTET (VCL DOLES DICKENS): I Only Have Eyes For You/ JOHN GODFREY TRIO: Cool It Baby/ RENE HALL TRIO (VCL COURTLAND CARTER): How Long Can You Take It/ Summertime Blues/ CHARLIE HARDING: I'm A Man Of Experience/ HORACE HENDERSON & HIS ORCH.: Hot Rock/ Lido Walk/ HORACE HENDERSON ORCH.: Don't Cry Baby Floyd Smith With/ ROY MAYS & HIS ORCH.: Peachtree On Peachtree/ Royal Peacock Boogie/ CECIL PAYNE & HIS ORCH.: Big Joe/ Block Buster Boogie/ Ham Hocks/ FAT MAN ROBINSON QUINTET: Kangaroo's Birthday Party/ My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/ FLOYD SMITH WITH HORACE HENDERSON & HIS ORCH.: Me And You/ BILLY VALENTINE TRIO: Clambake Boogie/ Tears, Tears, Tears/ Three Handed Woman/ You May Be Trash To Someone But Baby You're A Queen To Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS DeLuxe 1003 DeLuxe - The R&B Years, Vol. 4 ● CD $16.98
Just arrived - the latest volume in this excellent series of blues R&B and gospel drawn from New Jersey's DeLuxe label features 24 tracks recorded between 1952 and '54 including Reverend A. Johnson (great black gospel with steel guitar), John Bullard, W.C. Baker, Rudy Ferguson, Wilburt Harrison, Charles Maxfield and others.
W.C. BAKER: Kenny's Hop/ Rumors About My Baby/ WILLIE BAKER: Before She Leaves Town/ W.C. BAKER (VCL ROBERT THOMAS): Bessie Lou/ THE BLUE DOTS: Don't Do That Baby/ Let Me Know Tonight/ JOHN BULLARD: Spoiled Hambone Blues/ Western Union Blues/ RUDY FERGUSON: Everybody's Blues/ I'm Tellin' You/ Why Can't You Understand/ THE FIVE JETS: I Want A Woman/ WILBURT HARRISON: Gin And Coconut Milk/ The Letter/ This Woman Of Mine/ COUNTRY HOMES: Come On And Put Me In The Alley/ I Want You To Use Me/ REVEREND A. JOHNSON: God Don't Like It/ Let That Liar Pass On By/ GEORGE LAWSON ORCH.: Honkin' The Blues/ CHARLES MAXFIELD: Don't Do Me Wrong/ The Two-Timer/ BUDDY PHILLIPS: Let's Get It On/ ROOSEVELT WARDELL WITH ED WILEY ORCH.: So Undecided

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fantastic Voyage 195 Voodoo Voodoo: Festy Fifties Females ● CD $22.98 $12.98
Compiled by R&B and rock & roll authority Dave Penny, the 90-track 3CD set Voodoo Voodoo pays tribute to the distaff side of 1950s R&B music that would inform the rock 'n' roll explosion of the latter half of the decade, from the last shout of the 1940s big band "thrushes" such as Ella Johnson and Dinah Washington, through the fearsome vocal power of the likes of R&B trailblazers such as Big Maybelle, Ruth Brown, LaVern Baker and Big Mama Thornton, to the early experiments of the mainstream pop singers such as Ella Mae Morse, Kay Starr, Peggy Lee, Lillian Briggs and Jaye P. Morgan. Includes lots of little known, but excellent artists, like Terry Timmons, Gloria Smith, Sadie Madison, Kitty Noble, Dolores Ware, Vicky Lee and others.
FAYE ADAMS: I've Gotta Leave You/ MARIE ADAMS: Ain't Car Crazy/ ANNISTEEN ALLEN: My Baby Keeps Rollin/ My Brand Of Lovin/ LAVERN BAKER: Pig Latin Blues/ Voodoo Voodoo/ BIG MAYBELLE: I've Got A Feelin/ Rock House/ That's A Pretty Good Love/ LILLIAN BRIGGS: Can't Stop/ RUTH BROWN: Smooth Operator/ Sweet Baby Of Mine/ What'd I Say?/ WYNONA CARR: Nursery Rhyme Rock/ MICKEY CHAMPION: Bam-A-Lam/ DOLLY COOPER: Ay La Bah/ Big Rock Inn/ Tell Me, Tell Me/ THELMA COOPER: Ooh, Daddy!/ EUNICE DAVIS: Get Your Enjoys/ MARGIE DAY: Just Couldn T Keep It To Myself/ Snatchin It Back/ Stubborn As A Mule/ VARETTA DILLARD: Mercy, Mr Percy/ Promise Mr Thomas/ PEARL GALLOWAY: Get Wit It/ JEANNE GAYLE: Bim Bam Baby/ BERNICE GOODEN: Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter (On A Teen-Age Date)/ LINDA HAYES: Atomic Baby/ DONNA HIGHTOWER: He's My Baby/ LINDA HOPKINS: My Loving Baby/ Rock And Roll Blues/ CAMILLE HOWARD: I Tried To Tell You/ Rock N Roll Mama/ HELEN HUMES: Woojamacooja/ You Played On My Piano/ ETTA JAMES: Market Place/ CAROL JARVIS: Little Red Rooster/ PATTI JEROME: No Mama-No Papa/ ELLA JOHNSON: Bring It Home To Me/ No More Love/ They Don's Want Me To Rock No More/ What A Day!/ MILDRED JONES: Mr Thrill/ MARIE KNIGHT: Grasshopper Baby/ LADY NELL: Don's Forget/ GEORGIA LANE: Oo-Wee, Mr Jeff (Please Be Yourself)/ PEGGY LEE: Every Night/ VICKY LEE: Goin Back Home To Mama/ LITTLE ESTHER: If It's News To You/ T'aint Whatcha Say, It's Whatcha Do/ Talkin All Out Of My Head/ LITTLE SYLVIA: Ain't Gonna Do It/ GLORIA LYNN: Cool Daddy/ SADIE MADISON: Let-Down Blues/ ZILLA MAYS: Take Your Time/ ROSE MARIE MCCOY: Dippin In My Business/ SARAH MCLAWLER: Ready, Willin And Able/ JAYE P. MORGAN: Baby, Don't Do It!/ BETTY JEAN MORRIS: Shack Daddy/ ELLA MAE MORSE: How Can You Leave A Man Like This?/ Teardrops From My Eyes/ VIKKI NELSON: Just One More Smile (One More Time)/ CHUBBY NEWSOM: When Are You Comin Home/ KITTY NOBLE: 'Till The Cows Come Home/ BUNNY PAUL: Leave My Heart Alone/ Watcha Gonna Do?/ BERTICE READING: I Gotta Know/ LULA REED: Sick And Tired/ MABEL SCOTT: Mr Fine/ Shut-Eye/ JOAN SHAW: You Drive Me Crazy/ FAY SIMMONS: Hangin Around/ GLORIA SMITH: Low Down Man/ DOLORES BABY DEE SPRIGGS: Zoom De De Ho Ho/ KAY STARR: Kay's Lament/ Night Train/ DAKOTA STATON: Don't Mean Maybe/ CARMEN TAYLOR: No More, No Less/ WILLIE MAE THORNTON: Just Like A Dog (Barking Up The Wrong Tree)/ My Man Called Me/ TERRY TIMMONS: He's The Best In The Business/ ANITA TUCKER: Hop, Skip And Jump/ JANE TURNER: Danger Blues/ DOLORES WARE: Thrill-A-Dill/ BETTYE JEAN WASHINGTON: Bettye Jean S Blues/ DINAH WASHINGTON: Don't Hold It Against Me/ New Blow-Top Blues/ PAULA WATSON: I Love To Ride/ BEVERLY WRIGHT: Shake Till I M Shook

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fantastic Voyage 207 The Last Shout! Twilight Of The Blues Shouters ● CD $22.98 $12.98
The leather-lunged blues shouters, dominated the US nightclub stages and R&B charts from the late 1930s, before being side-lined by the bourgeoning rock 'n' roll storm in the early 1950s. Still considered a force with which to be reckoned in the US music industry of the mid-fifties, and still at the height of their vocal prowess, many of the biggest stars were granted one or two final shots to save their flagging recording careers during rock 'n' roll's heyday - this three CD set with 97 tracks "Last Shout". The first disc features later recordings of the four most popular blues shouters - Big Joe Turner, Wynonie Harris, Jimmy Witherwpoon and Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson. The second disc features some of the other artists who came to prominence in the 1940s - Grant Jones, Bull Moose Jackson, Big John Greer, Timmie Rogers, H-Bomb Ferguson and others and the third disc features artists who come to prominence when the era of blues shouters was beginning to fade - Clarence Samuels, Jimmy Nelson, Dossie Terry, Titus Turner, Tommy Brown, etc. Comes with 20 page booklet with detailed notes by compiler Dave Penny copiously illustrated with artist photos and label shots.
JOE "MR G" AUGUST: Boogie With Calypso/ Strange Things Happening In The Dark/ ROY BROWN: Be My Love Tonight/ TOMMY BROWN: Rock Away My Blues/ Someday, Somewhere/ PINEY BROWN AND HIS BLUES TOPPERS: My Love/ Sugar In My Tea Cream In My Coffee/ EMMET DAVIS: How About It Baby/ You Changed My Night Into Day/ H-BOMB FERGUSON: Midnight Ramblin'Tonight/ No-Sackie-Sack/ REDD FOXX: Real Pretty Mama/ The Crazy House/ GREAT GATES: Jump, Jump, Jump/ STOMP GORDON AND HIS ORCHESTRA: Ride, Superman, Ride/ RUDY GREEN: My Mumblin'Baby/ Teeny Weeny Baby/ Wild Life/ BIG JOHN GREER: Come Back Uncle John/ JOHN GREER: Come Back Maybelline/ WYNONIE HARRIS: A Tale Of Woe/ Big Old Country Fool/ Bloodshot Eyes/ Destination Love/ Sweet Lucy Brown/ Tell A Whale Of A Tale/ That's Me Right Now/ There's No Substitute For Love/ IVORY JOE HUNTER WITH MILT ROGERS ORCH.: Welcome Home Baby/ BULL MOOSE JACKSON: Heavyweight Baby/ Watch My Signals/ If You Ain't Lovin'You Ain't Livin'/ Wanna Hug Ya, Kiss Ya, Squeeze Ya/ GRANT JONES WITH MIKE SIMPSON ORCH.: Pinball Machine/ Soda Pop Rock/ BIG TINY KENNEDY AND HIS ORCHESTRA: Country Boy/ Strange Kind Of Feeling/ JIMMY LEWIS: Last Night I Was In Heaven/ SMILEY LEWIS: I'm Coming Down With The Blues/ JIMMY LIGGINS & HIS DROPS OF JOY ORCHESTRA: Ada From Decatur/ JIMMY LIGGINS AND HIS DROPS OF JOY ORCHESTRA: Knocked Out/ LITTLE CAESAR WITH EDDIE BEAL ORCH.: I'm Reachin'/ Who Slammed The Door/ TEDDY "MR BEAR" MCRAE & HIS ORCHESTRA: Hold Out Baby/ TEDDY "MR BEAR" MCRAE AND HIS ORCH.: Hi'Fi'Baby/ BOBBY "MR BLUES" MERRELL: I Ain't Mad At You/ I'm Gonna Set You Free/ ROY MILTON: Red Light/ JIMMY NELSON: I Sat And Cried/ Unlock The Door/ GENE PHILLIPS WITH JACK MCVEA ORCH.: I Owe Everybody/ DOC POMUS (AS DOC PALMER): Bye Baby Bye/ DOC POMUS ALL STARS: Work, Little Carrie, Work/ TIMMIE ROGERS: Take Me To Your Leader/ JIMMY RUSHING: Baby, Don't Tell On Me/ CLARENCE SAMUELS: Chicken-Hearted Woman/ OLLIE SHEPARD: My Baby Is Gone/ Say Yeah/ DOSSIE "THUNDERBIRD" TERRY: Fool Mule/ Skinny Ginny/ THE TIBBS BROTHERS: (Wake Up) Miss Rip Van Winkle/ TIC & TOC WITH HOWARD BIGGS ORCH.: I'm A Big Boy Now/ TIC AND TOC WITH HOWARD BIGGS ORCHESTRA: Jibba Jab/ THE TONE TWINS WITH JIMMY LEWIS BAND: Hey Pretty Girl/ JOE TURNER: Rock A While/ TITUS TURNER: Get On The Right Track, Baby/ Have Mercy Baby/ Hungry Man/ JOE TURNER AND HIS BLUES KINGS: Feeling Happy/ Hide And Seek/ JOE TURNER WITH CHOKER CAMPBELL ORCHESTRA: Need A Girl/ Ove Roller Coaster/ JOE TURNER WITH JESSE STONE ORCHESTRA: Teen Age Letter/ Wee Baby Blues/ EDDIE VINSON: Anxious Heart/ Big Chief Rain In The Face/ Old Man Boogie/ Suffer Fool/ Tomorrow May Never Come/ You Can't Have My Love No More/ EDDIE "CLEANHEAD" VINSON: Hold It Right There!/ That's The Way To Treat Your Woman/ CROWN PRINCE WATERFORD: Driftwood Blues/ Get Your Clothes And Let's Go/ SMOKI WHITFIELD WITH FREDDIE SIMON ORCH.: Function At The Junction/ SMOKI WHITFIELD WITH FREDDIE SIMON ORCHESTRA: Take The Hint/ EARL WILLIAMS AND HIS QUINTETTE: O Baby Please/ You Ain't Puttin'Out Nothin'But The Lights/ JIMMY WITHERSPOON: Endless Sleep/ I Gotta Go Home/ Teenage Party/ You Can Make It If You Try/ My Girl Ivy/ Who Baby Who?/ All Right Miss Moore/ Hen I Start To Thinking/ BILLY WRIGHT: The Question Wha'cha Gonna Do?

VARIOUS ARTISTS Finbarr 21 The Finbarr Rock 'n' Roll Party, Vol. 6 ● CD $12.98
24 tracks, 55 mins, very highly recommended
Here is another exciting installment in the Finbarr Rock 'N' Roll Party series, a series that I love dearly, and have raved about on five previous occasions. Some of the tracks that moved me the most this round are Eddie Fontaine's rocker Nothin' Shakin' (But The Leaves on the trees), Tom and the Tornados featuring a 14 year old Tommy James waaaaay before the Shondells with Long Pony Tail, Tiny Tim & The Tornados (no affiliation with Tom) also deliver some sweet Rock n' Roll with a heavy Carl Perkins influence on Teenage Lover. Then there's the creepy classic Crazy Date by The Crazy Teens, Bobby Freeman's greatest effort Betty Lou Got A New Pair Of Shoes, the whacked out Steady With Betty by Benny Joy, and the mighty Rock 'N' Roll Guitar by Johnny Knight, truly a low-fi masterpiece. Bigger names like Lloyd Price, Larry Williams, Dale Hawkins, and Wynona Carr help round out the collection. William's Dizzy Miss Lizzy is certainly a famous track, but the rest deliver lesser-known cuts from their catalogs. Aside from Jerry Wallace's rather sappy With This Ring,> every track on here is a stone cold gasser. (JM)
FREDDIE BELL & THE BELL BOYS: Take The First Train Out Of Town/ BOBBIE BRYANT: Piano Nellie/ WYNONA CARR: Ding Dong Daddy/ Touch And Go/ BILLY CLARK: I Know Why/ BUZZ CLIFFORD: Pididdle (The Car With One Light)/ THE CRAZY TEENS: Crazy Date/ RICHIE DERAN & THE NEW TONES: A Girl And A Hot Rod/ WERLY FAIRBURN: Telephone Baby/ EDDIE FONTAINE: Nothin' Shakin' (But The Leaves On The Tree)/ BOBBY FREEMAN: Betty Lou Got a New Pair Of Shoes/ BOB GALLION: Baby, Love Me/ DALE HAWKINS: Little Pig/ BENNY JOY: Steady With Betty/ JOHNNY KNIGHT: Rock 'N' Roll Guitar/ GRADY LEWIS & THE STARLIGHTERS: Rompin' Stompin'/ JIMMY LLOYD: Got A Rocket In My Pocket/ Where The Rio De Rosa Flows/ DANNY MAYO: Pretty Baby Rock/ LLOYD PRICE: Such A Mess/ TINY TIM & HIS TORNADOS: Teenage Lover/ TOM & THE TORNADOS: Long Pony Tail/ JERRY WALLACE: With This Ring/ LARRY WILLIAMS: Dizzy Miss Lizzy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Finbarr 23 The Finbarr Rock 'n' Roll Party, Vol. 7 ● CD $12.98
24 tracks, 56 mins, highly recommended
What we have here is another top notch compilation from the fabulous Finbarr folks. Finbarr takes us back to a time when Rock & Roll and Rhythm & Blues giants roamed the earth, and a whole lot of, let's say lesser talents, tried desperately to emulate them. This CD is a bit heavier on the latter. Freddie Cannon delivers a pretty wild take of Tallahassee Lassie, The Rockin' Saints deliver the brutal rocker Cheat on Me, Baby, and Ron Holden's My Babe is rather vicious as well. Danny & The Galaxies bash out some primitive Rock & Roll with a singer that unabashedly apes Elvis, but that's only when he's not aping Eddie Cochran. Robin Luke gives us Livin's Lovin You a song so narcoleptic that is sounds like the Velvet Underground on a Seconal bender covering Bill Haley & The Comets. Then there's I'm A Hog For You one of my favorite Coasters songs, the fabulous Your Line Was Busy by Big Bob, and Marie Knight closing out the festivities with the scorchin' Rhythm & Blues of I Told You Not To Tell Them. Keep it going Finbarr; this one wasn't quite as great as volume six, but it is still a worthy addition to the series. (JM)
ROD BERNARD: Pardon, Mr Gordon/ BIG BOB: Your Line Was Busy/ FREDDIE CANNON: Tallahassie Lassie/ THE COASTERS: I'm A Hog For You/ DANNY & THE GALAXIES: If You want To Be My Baby/ FATS DOMINO: I Want To Walk You Home/ I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday/ LARRY DONN: Honey Bun/ ERNIE FIELDS: In The Mood/ BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS: Where Did you Go Last Night?/ ERSEL HICKEY: You Threw A Dart/ RON HOLDEN: My Babe/ MARIE KNIGHT: I Told You Not To Tell Them/ BUDDY KNOX: Swinging Daddy/ ROBIN LUKE: Livin's Lovin' You/ REGGIE PERKINS: Pretty Kitty/ THE PHAETONS: I Love My Baby/ DARREL RHODES: Lou Lou/ CLIFF RICHARD & THE DRIFTERS: Apron Strings/ THE ROCKIN' SAINTS: Cheat On Me Baby/ EDDIE STAPLETON: Baby, I'm Weak/ JOHNNIE STRICKLAND: She's Mine/ RICHARD TURLEY: Makin' Love With My Baby/ RUSTY YORKE: Sugaree

VARIOUS ARTISTS History of Soul 30 New York Soul '66 ● CD $15.98
In 1966 soul music was the most popular musical genre among African-Americans and New York its major recording center. Along with the many big hits that emerged there were many other recordings that enver had great success but in later years have become revered by soul mudic collectors. This two CD set with 56 tracks concentrates on those less popular items. Along with a couple of familiar names like Roy Hamilton and Solomon Burke we get sides from artists like Billie Dearborn, Duff Thurmond, The Harrison Brothers, Joe Haywood, Little Charles and others. Sound quality is excellent and the 24 page booklet includes profiles and photographs or many of the artists featured.
PORGY & THE MONARCHS: If It's For Real/ That Girl/ VALENTINE ADAMS: I Found A Love/ KENNY BALLARD: I'm Losing You/ Your Letter/ SOLOMON BURKE: Suddenly/ GENE BURKS: You Got It/ LITTLE BUSTER: All Night Worker/ JERRY BUTLER: Loneliness/ ROY C: Gone Gone/ BILLIE DEARBORN: Down/ NELLA DODDS: I Just Gotta Have You/ WADE DONALD: Walking/ TOMMY DUNCAN: I Brought It On Myself/ INEZ & CHARLIE FOXX: Come By Here/ GEORGE FREEMAN: I'm Like A Fish/ JIMMY GARLAND: Baby One More Time/ PEARLEAN GRAY: I Dont Want To Cry/ LARRY HALE: Once/ BILLY HAMBRIC: Flaming Mamie/ You're A Sweetheart/ CHRIS HAMILTON: I've Got To Cry/ ROY HAMILTON: Crackin Up Over You/ THE HARRISON BROTHERS: Crying Won't Help You Now/ JOE HAYWOOD: Let's Walk Together/ DONALD HEIGHT: You're Gonna Miss Me/ CHARLES HODGES: You Were Using Me/ THE ICEMEN: (My Girl) She's A Fox/ Only Time Will Tell/ FRANK JAMES: Give Your Sweet Love To Me/ LENNY JENNINGS: Easy Baby/ JOHNNY & THE EXPRESSIONS: Shy Girl/ SAMMY JONES: Nothing Can Change This Love/ WILLIE KENDRICK: You Can't Bypass Love/ RICK LANCELOT: Nobody Wants To Hear Troubles/ BOBBY LEE: My Luck Is Bound To Change/ JR. LEWIS: Git Ta Steppin/ Nobody's Fault (But Mine)/ LITTLE BUSTER: I Think I'm Falling In Love/ LITTLE CHARLES: It's A Heartache/ DARLENE MCCREA: I Feel A Little Bit Better/ BOBBY MCNUTT: I'm Gettin' Ready/ RONNIE MITCHELL: Come On Home To Me Baby/ JOHNNY NEWBAG: The Poorer The Man/ JIMMY NORMAN: This I Beg Of You/ JIMMY RADCLIFFE: That Lucky Old Sun/ LORRAINE RANDOLPH: It's Over Between Us/ JIMMIE RAYE: You Don't Want My Love/ TED TAYLOR: Help The Bear/ THE THIEVES: I'm Not The One/ DUFF THURMOND: Now That You Left Me/ J.B. TROY: Live On/ GLADYS TYLER: A Little Bitty Girl/ MARY WHEELER: Fresh Out Of Teardrops/ LORETTA WILLIAMS: Baby Cakes

VARIOUS ARTISTS Jasmine 199 The Road To Soul ● CD $17.98 $11.98
2 CDs, 55 tracks, 151 mins, highly recommended
It certainly seems that sometimes we are so busy seeking out the rarest, most obscure, oddball records, the unissued singles, the rare studio out-takes, that we forget about all of the wonderful music that actually were well-known hits. Especially now, when radio stations are playing less and less of the classic music from the 1950's to early '60s, it is a good time for collections just like this one. You get many of James Browns' biggest and best (with the exclusion of (I Got You) I Feel Good, which is totally fine,) ditto for Etta James, Ray Charles, Ike & Tine, Little Willie John, Mary Wells, etc. Then you get great cuts like Think by The Five Royals, The Teacher by The Falcons, Turn On Your Lovelight by Bobby Bland, Just Out Of Reach By Solomon Burke, Ta Ta by Clyde McPhatter, Doggin Around by Jackie Wilson, and so on, all hits to some degree in their day, but most rarely show up on any radio nowadays. I'm gonna buy a copy of this for sure, and probably another one for my sister; it is just plain good sense to have these all of these classic tracks easily accessible. (JM)
GENE ALLISON: You Can Make It If You Try/ BOBBY BLAND: I Pity The Fool/ Turn On Your Lovelight/ JAMES BROWN: Lost Someone/ Please Please Please/ Try Me/ SOLOMON BURKE: Just Out Of Reach/ JERRY BUTLER: He Will Break Your Heart/ I'm A Tellin' You/ For Your Precious Love/ RAY CHARLES: Drown In My Own Tears/ Hit The Road Jack/ I Got A Woman/ Sticks And Stones/ Unchain My Heart/ What'd I Say Pts 1 & 2/ SAM COOKE: You Send Me/ THE DRIFTERS: There Goes My Baby/ THE FALCONS: The Teacher/ THE FIVE ROYALES: Think/ ARETHA FRANKLIN: Operation Heartbreak/ ROY HAMILTON: You Can Have Her/ THE IMPRESSIONS: Gypsy Woman/ CHUCK JACKSON: 1 Wake Up Crying/ I Don't Want To Cry/ ETTA JAMES: All I Could Do Was Cry/ Something's Got A Hold On Me/ LITTLE WILLIE JOHN: Fever/ Sleep/ Take My Love (I Want To Give It All To You)/ Talk To Me, Talk To Me/ BEN E. KING: Stand By Me/ BOBBY MARCHAN: There Is Something On Your Mind Pt 1/ There Is Something On Your Mind Pt 2/ CLYDE MCPHATTER: Ta Ta/ THE MIRACLES: Mighty Good Lovin'/ Shop Around/ Way Over There/ You Can Depend On Me/ BOBBY PARKER: Watch Your Step/ THE PIPS: Every Beat Of My Heart/ JAMES RAY: If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody/ BARRETT STRONG: Money/ IKE AND TINA TURNER: A Fool In Love/ I Idolize You/ It's Gonna Work Out Fine/ Poor Fool/ THE VIBRATIONS: The Watusi/ SINGIN' SAMMY WARD: Who's The Fool/ MARY WELLS: Bye Bye Baby/ I Don't Want To Take A Chance/ Strange Love/ JACKIE WILSON: A Woman A Lover A Friend/ Doggin' Around/ I'm Coming On Back To You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Jasmine 254 Doo Wop Across America - R&B Vocal Groups In New Orlean ● CD $17.98 $11.98
A particularly nice entry in this series featuring vocal groups and R&B singers from New Orleans. Many tracks have that distinctive New Orleans R&B sound. Two CDs with 67 (!) tracks including sides by The Hawks, The Spiders, The Sha Wees, Sugar Boy & His Can Cutters, James (Sugar Boy) Crawford and The Barons.
CHUCK CARBO & THE SPIDERS: A-1 In My Heart/ Dear Mary/ Don't Pity Me/ How I Feel/ JAMES (SUGAR BOY) CRAWFORD: Barons/ Boom Boom/ Cryin' For My Baby/ Eternally Yours/ I Don't Need You/ It's Over/ My Dream My Love/ My Secret/ Once In A Lifetime/ Searching For You/ Shake The Dice/ She's Gotta Wobble When She Walks/ She's The One/ So Long, My Darling/ You Gave Me Love/ THE HAWKS: All Women Are The Same/ Candy Girl/ Good News/ I Can't See For Lookin'/ I Yi/ It Ain't That Way/ It's Too Late Now/ Joe The Grinder/ She Is All Right/ That's What You Are/ These Blues/ Why Oh Why/ BIG BOY MYLES & THE SHA WEEZ: Hickory Dickory Dock/ Just To Hold My Hand/ That Girl I Married/ Who's Been Fooling You/ THE SHA WEEZ: Early Sunday Morning/ Feeling Sad/ No One To Love Me/ You Made Me Love You/ THE SPIDERS: (3x7=21)/ (True) You Don't Love Me/ Am I The One/ Bells In My Heart/ For A Thrill/ Goodbye/ Honey Bee/ I Didn't Want To Do It/ I'll Stop Crying/ I'm Searchin'/ I'm Slipping In/ Is It True (A Little Bird Told Me)/ Lost And Bewildered (Slowly Losing My Mind)/ Mmm Mmm Baby (Hey Baby)/ She Keeps Me Wondering/ Sukey, Sukey, Sukey/ Tears Begin To Flow/ That's Enough/ That's My Desire/ That's The Way To Win My Heart/ The Real Thing/ Witchcraft/ You're The One/ You're The One/ SUGAR BOY & HIS CANE CUTTERS: Jock-A-Mo/ No More Heartache/ Oo Wee Sugar/ Overboard/ What's Wrong

VARIOUS ARTISTS Jasmine 598 The Shirelles And The Evolution Of The Girl Group Sound ● CD $17.98 $11.98
2CD, 50 tracks, highly recommended
Like other sub-genres of rock 'n' roll, Girl Group pop did not emerge from a vacuum, and the mission of this collection is to illustrate its roots. From the Enchanters in 1952 to the Primettes (aka the Supremes) in 1960, the CD traces the evolution of the girl group sound chronologically culminating, with the last 12 songs, from the Shirelles first LP "Tonight's the Night" (1960). Although the compilers assume that the Shirelles were the quintessential girl group (i.e. the most successful), it could be argued that the group that really set the girl group standard was the Chantels, who hit with Maybe in 1957. However one chooses to view history, there's no denying that appears to be a pretty clear line from the early 50's R&B of the Enchanters and Shirley Gunter and the Queens to the more sophisticated hits of the Shirelles. Along the way we get early tracks from later hitmakers like the Cookies, the Jaynettes, and the Crystals, and cuts from cult favorites the Hearts. Just to prove that pop was certainly part of the equation, there's the lovers laments of the Teen Queens and the Poni Tails to remind us that girl group music would be nothing without a broken heart. While I question the need for including the entire Shirelles LP (Ace already did an excellent job with that material), it's cool to have some rare music-the Pre Teens, the Joytones, the Chordettes, the Sweet Teens, the Rosebuds etc.-in one place. All you lovers of girl group pop don't want to miss this collection. (GMC)
THE BOBBETTES: Donít Say Goodnight/ I Shot Mr.Lee/ Untrue Love/ THE CHANTELS: Every Night (I Pray)/ Heís Gone/ I Love You So/ Maybe/ THE CHIFFONS: Tonightís The Night/ THE CHORDETTES: Born To Be With You/ THE CLICKETTES: To Be A Part Of You/ THE COOKIES: In Paradise/ THE CRYSTALS: I Do Believe/ I Love My Baby/ THE DELICATES: Ronnie Is My Lover/ THE DREAMERS: Since Youíve Been Gone/ THE ENCHANTERS: Housewife Blues/ How Could You/ Iíve Lost/ Today Is Your Birthday/ SHIRLEY GUNTER AND THE QUEENS: Itís You/ Oop Shoop/ THE HEARTS: All My Love Belongs To You/ Disappointed Bride/ THE JAY NETTS: I Wanted To Be Free/ THE JOYTONES: All My Love Belongs To You/ My Foolish Heart/ THE PONI TAILS: Born Too Late/ THE PRE TEENS: What Makes Me Love You Like I Do/ THE PRIMETTES (SUPREMES): Pretty Baby/ Tears Of Sorrow/ THE QUIN-TONES: Down The Aisle Of Love/ THE ROLLETTES: Kiss Me Benny/ THE ROSEBUDS: Dearest Darling/ THE SHIRELLES: Boys/ Dedicated To The One I Love/ Doiní The Ronde/ Johnny On My Mind/ Lower The Flame/ Oh, What A Waste Of Love/ The Dance Is Over/ Tonight At The Prom/ Tonightís The Night/ Unlucky/ Will You Love Me Tomorrow/ You Donít Want My Love/ THE STARLETS: P.S. I Love You/ THE SWEET TEENS: With This Ring/ THE TASSELS: To A Soldier Boy/ THE TEEN QUEENS: Eddie My Love/ There Is Nothing On My Mind Pts 1& 2

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 77209 I Ain't A Gamblin' Woman, I Got Such-A Rowdy Ways ● CD $28.98
Four CDs, 103 tracks, essential
abulous collection of recordings of female blues singers made between 1927 and 1935. Many of the tracks here have only been available previously on the comprehensive Document series of reissues but here the attempt is not to present everything but to choose a selection of the artists best recordings in significantly better sound quality than the Document reissues. The first disc is devoted to the vastly underappreciated Clara Smith - a superb singer who deserves mentioning in the same breath as Bessie Smith and Ma Rainey. She is featured on 25 songs recorded between 1923 and 1929 including such classics as Don't Advertise Your Man/ Done Sold My Soul To The Devil and Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning. She is accompanied by the likes of Fletcher Henderson, Don Redman, Porter Grainger, Bob Fuller, Lemuel Fowler and others with two tracks featuring the stellar cornet work of Louis Armstrong. The second disc features one of my all time favorite blues singers Lucille Bogan who recorded intense songs dealing with subjects like prostitution, lesbianism and more. The selection is divided between her pre depression recordings where she is accompanied by a range of musicians like Will Ezell, Tampa Red, Charles Avery and others. When she returned to recording in 1933 she used the name Bessie Jackson and all her recordings featured the wonderful piano or guitar of Walter Roland whose playing is incredibly empathetic. It includes her original recordings of Sloppy Drunk Blues and Black Angel Blues - two songs that have become blues standards. It also includes her amazing unexpurgated rendition of Shave 'Em Dry - an exuberant celebration of her sexuality which is still shocking to this day. Kudos to whoever preserved this for posterity as it was certainly never originally isued by her label. The third disc features the comparitively lightweight Lil Johnson - a fine vocalist thoguh quite a bit of her repertoire is devoted to similar sounding double entendre songs like Press My Button (Ring My Belll)/ Meat Balls/ Get 'Em From The Peanut Man, etc. The final disc features five vocalists from Texas - several of them associated with the Thomas family out of Houston who were pioneers in the development of piano blues in Texas - Moanin' Bernice Edwards, Hociel Thomas and Sippie Wallace. There are five cuts by the magnificent Bessie Tucker - a singer whose style seems closely related to field hollers - she is given subtle accompaniments by K.D. Johnson. The set ends with the great Blood Hound Blues by Victoria Spivey - an artist who deserves several whole CDs devoted to her music. Sound quality is superb and there are informative notes by Max Haymes who is working on a biography of Clara Smith. (FS)
LUCILLE BOGAN: Alley Boogie/ BD Woman Blues/ Baking Powder Blues/ Barbecue Bess/ Black Angel Blues/ Crawlin' Lizard Blues/ Groceries On The Shelf/ Hungry Man's Scuffle/ I Hate That Train Called The M&O/ Jim Tampa Blues/ Kind Stella Blues/ Mean Twister/ My Georgia Grind/ New Way Blues/ Pay Roll Blues/ Pig Iron Sally/ Shave 'Em Dry (sexually explicit)/ Sloppy Drunk Blues/ Stew Meat Blues/ Struttin My Stuff/ Sweet Man Sweet Man/ They Ain't Walking No More/ Walking Blues/ Whiskey Selling Blues/ Women Won't Need No Men/ MOANING BERNICE EDWARDS: Bantam Rooster Blues/ Born To Die Blues/ Butcher Shop Blues/ Hard Hustling Blues/ High Powered Mama/ Jack Of All Trades/ Lonesome Longing Blues/ Long Tall Mama/ Low Down Dirty Shame Blues/ Mean Man Blues/ Moaning Blues/ Southbound Blues/ Sunshine Blues/ Two-way Mind Blues/ LIL JOHNSON: Anybody Want To Buy My Cabbage/ Bucket's Got A Hole In It/ Come And Get It/ Down At The Old Village Store/ Get 'Em From The Peanut Man/ Goofer Dust Swing/ Hottest Gal In Town/ House Rent Scuffle/ I Lost My Baby/ I'll Take You To The Cleaners/ If You Can Dish It (I Can Take It)/ Keep On Knocking/ Meat Balls/ Minor Blues/ My Baby Squeeze Me Again/ My Stove's In Good Condition/ Never Let Your Left Hand Know What Your Right Hand Do/ New Shave 'Em Dry/ Press My Button (Ring My Bell)/ Sam, The Hot Dog Man/ Shake Man Blues/ Take Your Hand Off It/ That Bonus Done Gone Thru/ You Stole My Cherry/ You're Just A Cream Puff (You Can't Take It)/ CLARA SMITH: Alley Rat Blues/ Awful Moanin' Blues/ Back Woods Blues/ Black Woman's Blues/ Cold Weather Blues/ Daddy Don't Put That Thing On Me/ Don't Advertise Your Man/ Done Sold My Soul To The Devil/ Ease It/ Every Woman's Blues/ I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down/ I'm Tired Of Being Good/ It's Tight Like That/ Jelly Bean Blues/ Jelly Look What You Done Done/ Kitchen Mechanic Blues/ Mean Papa Turn In Your Key/ My Good-for-nuthin' Man/ Nobody Knows The Way I Feel Dis Morning/ Shipwrecked Blues/ Steamboat Man Blues/ Waitin' For The Evenin' Mail/ Whip It To A Jelly/ VICTORIA SPIVEY: Blood Hound Blues/ HOCIEL THOMAS: Fish Tail Dance/ Worried Down With The Blues/ BESSIE TUCKER: Bessie's Moan/ Fort Worth And Denver Blues/ Key To The Bushes/ Penitentiary/ The Dummy/ SIPPIE WALLACE: A Man For Every Day Of The Week/ I'm A Mighty Tight Woman/ Murder's Gonna Be My Crime/ You Gonna Need My Help

VARIOUS ARTISTS Richard Weize Archives 12524 Talking ON The Telephone, Vol. 1 - Blues, R&B and Gospel ● CD $24.98
28 tracks, 78 mins, strongly recommended
First in a series of four sets exploring the impact of the telephone as expressed in American music. This first volume covers blues, R&B and gospel recorded between 1927 and 1962 including sides like Telephone Baby by Johnny Otis & Mari Lee, What's Your Phone Number? by Jimmy McCracklin, The People On The Party Line by Eddie Vinson, Wrong Number, Right Girl by Versa Williams, Atomic Telephone by Spirit of Memphis and more from Jaydee Short, Slim Gaillard, Big Maybelle, Floyd Dixon, Aaron Neville and lots more. Superb sound and 32 page booklet with background information, photos and ads. (FS)
BIG MAYBELLE: Rockhouse/ PEE WEE CRAYTON: the Telephone Is Ringing/ FLOYD DIXON: Call Operator 210/ SLIM GAILLARD: Communications/ CECIL GANT: Long Distance Call/ SLIM HARPO: Buzz Me Babe/ JOHN LEE HOOKER: Just Me and My Telephone/ LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS: Give Me Central 209/ ELMORE JAMES: I Can't Hold Out (Talk to Me)/ PIG MEAT MARKHAM: Your Wire's Been Tapped/ JIMMY MCCRACKLIN: What's Your Phone Number?/ REV. SISTER MARY NELSON: Royal Telephone/ AARON NEVILLE: Wrong Number/ JOHNNY OTIS & MARCI LEE: Telephone Baby/ LLOYD PRICE: Operator/ BIG WALTER PRICE & HIS THUNDERBIRDS: Calling Ma/ JOE PULLUM: Telephone Blues/ SELAH JUBILEE SINGERS: Royal Telephone/ JAYDEE SHORT: Telephone Arguing Blues/ EFFIE SMITH: Dial That Telephone/ SPIRIT OF MEMPHIS: Atomic Telephone/ TAMPA RED AND GEORGIA TOM: Dead Cat on the Line/ THE TRENIERS: Long Distance Blues/ EDDIE 'CLEANHEAD' VINSON: the People on My Party/ T-BONE WALKER: Long Distance Blues/ MUDDY WATERS: Long Distance Call/ MARY WELLS: Operator/ VERNA WILLIAMS: Wrong Number, Right Girl

VARIOUS ARTISTS Richard Weize Archives 12557 Talking ON The Telephone, Vol. 2 - Hillbilly Music ● CD $24.98
The second volume in this fun series looks at how country performers responded to the telephone including Hold The Phone by Hank Penny, Atomic Telephone by THe Harlan County Four, Telephone Baby by Werly Fairburn, Tell A Woman by Homer & Jethro, Lonesome 7-7203 by Justin Tubb plus sides by Bill Monroe, Rusty McDonald, The Louvin Brothers, George Jones, Roy Drusky & Priscilla Mitchell and more.
THE BLUE SKY BOYS: the Royal Telephone/ JIM BOYD & HIS MEN OF THE WEST: Dust on My Tele/ LOUVIN BROTHERS: Call Me/ THE CARTER FAMILY: Hello, Central! Give Me Heav/ CLEVELAND CROCHET: Telephone Port Arthur/ HOWARD CROCKETT: Please Answer the Phone/ ROY DRUSKY & PRISCILLA MITCHELL: Yes Mr. Peters/ WERLY FAIRBURN: Telephone Baby/ BONNIE GUITAR: Hello, Hello, Please Answer the/ STUART HAMBLEN: When My Lord Picks Up the Phone/ THE HARLAN COUNTY FOUR: Atomic Telephone/ HOMER & JETHRO: Tell a Woman/ WANDA JACKSON: Between the Window and the Phone/ GEORGE JONES: Lonely Christmas Call/ RUSTY MCDONALD: Call Operator 210/ You Got the Right Number/ BILL MONROE: When the Phone Rang/ LATTIE MOORE: the Jukebox and the Phone/ DUSTY OWENS: Hello Operator/ HANK PENNY: Hold the Phone/ WADE RAY: Call Me Up/ ORVILLE REED: the Telephone Girl/ MARTY ROBBINS: Call Me Up/ HANK SNOW: I Just Telephone Upstairs/ ERNEST TUBB: Answer the Phone/ JUSTIN TUBB: Lonesome 7-7203/ Hurry Mr. Peters/ HANK WILLIAMS: Mind Your Own Business

VARIOUS ARTISTS Smithsonian Folkways 40222 Classic Delta and Deep South Blues ● CD $11.98
20 tracks, 68 mins, strongly recommended
Another of those fine budget priced samplers drawn from the archives of Smithsonian Folkways which now includes the great Arhoolie catalog which the Smithsonian acquired last year. This set includes tracks by artists originally from the deep south, though not all of the artists were based in the South when the recordings here were made. Artists featured include Big Bill Broonzy, Son House (a couple of tracks from his Library of Congress recordings), Bukka White, Clifton Chenier, Johnny Young with Walter Horton (Chicago based Mississippians), Short Stuff Macon (superb Mississippi country blue artist - there should be more of him), Little Brother Montgomery, Dr. Ross, Memphis Slim, Mississippi Fred McDowell and others. It would have been more interesting to me if they had included more Mississippi country blues artists, but, for the price, it's an excellent collection. Only a couple of tracks have not been on CD before and, curiously, the Arhoolie tracks are all listed with their original LP number even though they are all available on CD. Includes 40 page booklet with notes by Barry Lee Pearson. (FS)
BIG BILL BROONZY: C.C. Rider/ Diggin' My Potatoes/ CAT-IRON: I'm Goin' to Walk Your Log/ SAM CHATMON: I Stand and Wonder/ CLIFTON CHENIER: Why Did You Go Last Night/ K.C. DOUGLAS AND RICHARD RIGGINS: Your Crying Won't Make Me Stay/ SCOTT DUNBAR: Forty-Four/ HONEYBOY EDWARDS: Catfish Blues/ SON HOUSE: Death Letter Blues/ Sun Goin' Down/ JOHN LITTLEJOHN: Dream/ SHORT STUFF MACON: Short Stuff's Corinna/ FRED MCDOWELL: Frisco Line/ MEMPHIS SLIM: M & O Blues/ LITTLE BROTHER MONTGOMERY: Up the Country Blues/ DOCTOR ROSS: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/ ROOSEVELT SYKES: Woman in Elaine, Arkansas/ BUKKA WHITE: Columbus, Mississippi Blues/ BIG JOE WILLIAMS: Married Woman Blues/ JOHNNY YOUNG AND WALTER HORTON: Sleeping with the Devil

VARIOUS ARTISTS Soul Time BX 02 Soul On Fire - The Detroit Soul Story, 1957-1977 ● CD $27.98
3 CDs, 86 tracks, highly recommended
Although this collection does spotlight artists and producers that contributed to the vibrant Detroit R&B scene, this collection mostly focuses on the product produced by the labels of Robert West (mastermind of the legendary Falcons), Silhouette, Kudo, Flick, Contour, and Lu-Pine. Naturally, there is a generous helping of Falcons material here (along with solo sides by the group's lead singers, Eddie Floyd, Joe Stubbs, and Wilson Pickett), which could be a compelling reason to purchase this set (although if one is interested only in the Falcons, either "The Definitive Falcons Collection" on History of Soul or "You're So Fine 1956-1961" on Jasmine is a better bet). However, there is plenty of other stuff to tempt the hard-core R&B/Soul fan, such as Billy Kope & The Quardells' It's All My Fault, Briant (aka Brian) Holland's (Where's the Joy) In Nature Boy, Marv Johnson's Once Upon a Time, and The Tornado's Love in Your Life. Not to mention previously un-issued gems like Hong Kong by Don Juan & The Vulcans What Are They Doin' Upstairs and I'm Saving My Love by The Minor Chords. And that's just on the first disc! . INcludes 36 page booklet with detailed notes by Bob Fisher, rare photos and label shots. Overall, this is a solid compilation of Detroit R&B, full of tantalizing tidbits for the serious Soul fan in all of us. (GMC)
MATTHEW BARNETT: If Your Love Is Real/ THE CONQUERORS & SAX KARI ORCHESTRA: Duchess Conquers Duke/ THE CONTOURS: Whole Lotta Woman/ THE CORVELLS: He's So Fine/ DON JUAN AND THE VULCANS: Hong Kong/ DEE EDWARDS: Say It Again with Feeling/ Why Can't There Be Love/ SUNNIE ELMO & THE MINOR CHORDS: Let Me/ THE EMBRACEABLES: Let My Baby Go/ THE FABULOUS PLAYBOYS: I Fool You/ THE THE FABULOUS PLAYBOYS: Honkey Tonk Woman/ THE FALCONS: (I'm a Fool) I Must Love You/ Good, Good Feeling/ Has It Happened to You Yet/ I Found a Love/ Let's Kiss and Make Up/ Lonely Nights/ Pow! You're in Love/ Sent Up/ Take This Love I've Got/ This Heart of Mine/ You Must Know I Love You/ You're So Fine/ EDDIE FLOYD: A Deed to Your Heart/ People Gonna Talk About You/ Set My Soul on Fire/ FORK IN THE ROAD: I Can't Turn Around/ THE FOURMOST: Why Can't I Have You/ T.J. FOWLER: Tastie, Part 1/ AL GARNER: I'll Get Along/ WILLIE HAMILTON: I'm So Glad You're Mine/ BRIANT HOLLAND: (Where's the Joy?) in Nature Boy/ JOLTIN' JOE HOWARD: Searching for My Baby/ INNERVISION: Gotta Find a Way to Get Back Home/ MARV JOHNSON: Once Upon a Time/ I Love the Way You Love/ ALBERT JONES: Up in the Sun/ THE JONES GIRLS: My Own Special Way/ THE JUST BROTHERS: Sliced Tomatoes/ Things Will Be Better Tomorrow/ SAX KARI ORCH FEATURING ELLA REED: Sweet Man/ THE SAX KARI SHOW FEATURING THE NEWPORTS: Hurry Arthur Murray/ EDDIE KING: I Talk Too Much/ THE KNIGHTHAWKS: Explain to Jane/ You Did/ BILLY KOPE & THE QUARDELLS: It's All My Fault/ BETTY LAVETT: Witch Craft in the Air/ You Killed the Love/ THE MAJESTICS: Hard Times/ GENE MARTIN: I Got the Blues/ TINA MARVEL: Everybody Needs Somebody/ I Can't Love No One But You/ Promises You Made to Me/ JOE S. MAXEY AND HIS 15-PIECE ORCHESTRA: Right on! (The Cream)/ DELORES MAXWELL: My Man/ BENNIE MCCAIN: I Don't Want No Part Time Love/ Strange Things Happen/ BARBARA MERCER: Call on Me/ THE MINOR CHORDS: I'm Saving My Love/ Let Her Go Man/ What Are They Doin' Upstairs/ MR. FLOOD'S PARTY: Compared to What/ SONNY MUNRO: Open the Door to Your Heart/ THE NOTATIONS: Need Your Love/ THE OHIO UNTOUCHABLES: Your Love Is Amazing/ GWEN OWENS: Just Say You're Wanted (And Needed)/ WILSON PICKETT & THE FALCONS: Anna/ Billy the Kid/ I Don't Want No Part-Time Love/ You're on My Mind/ THE PRECISIONS: If This Is Love (I'd Rather Be Lonely)/ THE PRIMETTES (AKA THE SUPREMES): Tears of Sorrow/ MACK RICE: Baby I'm Coming Home/ Feels Good/ The Whip/ ED ROBINSON: Hey Black Man/ THE SHADES OF BLUE: Oh, How Happy/ JOE STUBBS: Don't You Know I Love You/ Keep on Loving Me/ THE THIRD DEMETION: If My Heart Was An Open Book/ TONY & TYRONE (ALIAS T 'N' T): Whip Your Loving on Me/ THE TORNADOS: Love in Your Life/ THE TURN OF THE CENTURY: Money Can't/ MICHAEL VALVANO: For the First Time in My Life/ BOBBY WILLIAMS: I'm Depending on You/ TIMMY WILLIS: Mr. Soul Satisfaction

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stomper Time 37 Rockabillies, Hillbillies & Honky Tonkers from Mississippippi and Louisiana ● CD $17.98
33 tracks, strongly recommended
A fine collection of, mostly country, plus some rockabilly recorded between 1959 and 1970 by Louisiana entrepreneur Hack Kennedy and mostly released on his own Big Howdy along with some that were custom pressings. High point for rockabilly fans is Jeff Daniels' classic Switchblade Sam which is featured here along with two less interesting title by him. There are more fine rockers here from Billy Blank, Dayward Penny and the mysterious Danny whose bluesy Bad Luck is a varietion of bluesman Eddie Boyd's Third Degree. Although the 60s was the era of "countrypolitan" most of the country sides here have pretty spartan arrangements. Highlights include the mournful Jimmy Swan, B.J. Johnson (two songs including a cover of Jimmy Skinner's Shackles & Chains), Wayne MorseErnie Chaffin and others. The 20 page booklet includes detailed notes, photos and discographical info. (FS)

LINK WRAY & HIS RAY MEN Sundazed 6221 Law Of The Jungle - The Swan Demos '64** ● CD $13.98
15 tracks, 35 mins, highly recommended
Previously available on a long out of print LP on the Hangman label. These are the demo's that Link Wray did for Swan in his brother Vernon's studio. Apparently they were impressed because he had a nice little stint with them during the mid-60's, that saw a lucky 13 45's blasted at the record buying public. Not only are these tunes raw, unreleased demos, there are many here that he didn't even re-record! It's hard to believe but Link didn't even recycle Rumble during his whole time with Swan (a tune he's done countless times over the decades) so it's great hearing the '64 version. Essential oily rockin' grunge! Bo Diddly/ Ace Of Spades/ Mustang/ Deuces Wild/ Frenchy/ Law Of The Jungle, etc. Newly remastered and with informative notes by Bill Dahl. (AE)


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