SECOND TIME AROUND - 04/10/2012 - Part 2

This is where we list some of the best and most popular releases from the past decade which you may have missed them the first time we listed them - or if you’re a new customer you may never have seen them. We hope you will find here some that will become your favorites.





VARIOUS ARTISTS Arhoolie Foundation 205 Down Home Music - A Journey Through The Heartland, 1963 ● DVD $18.98
Black & White, 50 mins, essential
Truly amazing and priceless film footage shot by a German filmmaker Dietrich Wawzyn in the company of Arhoolie founder Chris Strachwitz in 1963. Most of the original negatives were lost or destroyed and this film was compiled from what remains and what remains is pretty incredible. Although there is only one performance from most of the performers and some of those are cut short (for reasons explained above) this is a chance to see the only film footage of some outstanding performers. The music is a mixture of blues, gospel, jazz, country and ethnic performance and includes (are you ready?!) - Jesse Fuller at his home in Oakland singing his iconic San Francisco Bay Blues; Mance Lipscomb singing and playing on his front porch in Navasota, Texas, Lightnin' Hopkins performing on the streets of Houston and for some friends, Hop Wilson performing in a club (sadly too short), Whistlin' Alex Moore playing boogie piano and doing his trademark whistling, Black Ace performing in his home in Dallas (possibly my favorite clip here), the Blind James Campbell String Band performing on the streets of Nashville, J.E. Mainer and his band performing in Concord, North Carolina, The Hodges Brothers at their farm in Bogue Chitto, Mississippi; down home gospel singer/ guitarist Rev. Louis Overstreet on the streets of Tucson and and at his church, George Lewis & His band performing at the then new Preservation Hall and accompanying vocalist piano player Sweet Emma Barrett, the Eureka Brass Band playing for a jazz funeral in New Orleans, Lowell Fulson and his band performing at a club in San Francisco; King Louis H. Narcisse at his church in Oakland and much more. Back in the 90s Yazoo issued a VHS video with 50 minutes of these performances but this has 50% more material, has been newly remastered for superior quality and has been carefully edited by Maureen Gosling to better evoke the spirit of the journey across America and as bonus feature includes a commentary track by Strachwitz describing the trip in detail with information on the many artists. An indispensible release for lovers of American vernacular music. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Shout Factory 11742 The T.A.M.I. Show ● DVD $18.98
48 songs, 112 mins, essential
Before I get into the nuts and bolts of this review, it is important to say that the James Brown performance footage included in this DVD is widely regarded as the greatest James Brown performance captured on film! Keith Richards has famously said that the biggest mistake the Rolling Stones ever made in their career was to headline over this James Brown performance. O.K., so if you are still bothering to read this review after that and somehow need any more convincing, let me tell you a little about one of the top ten best music films of all time. The T.A.M.I. (i.e., Teen Age Music International) film is yet another cultural milestone provided by American International Pictures (A.I.P.). Somewhere between Beach Party and Edgar Allen Poe films, A.I.P. managed to put on and film this two-day concert event at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium -- October 28th and 29th, 1964 -- that featured some of the greatest Rock 'N' Roll and Rhythm & Blues artists of the time, with no less a musical director than the great Jack Nitzsche. You get the great James Brown set and the fantastic Rolling Stones set (much better Than Keith gives it credit for) along with great performances by the likes of The Supremes, The Beach Boys (kicking much more ass that you'd expect), Chuck Berry, Marvin Gaye, Leslie Gore, Gerry and The Pacemakers, a killer set by the Miracles, show hosts Jan & Dean, and many more. Garage Rock fanatics will especially freak on the rare performance by The Barbarians captured here, but there is something for every R&R/R&B fan of the era to enjoy. This legendary film has never been officially released on VHS or DVD, so you can finally retire your murky bootlegs and pick this up. DVd includes commentary by director Steve Binder, tarilers and radio spots and a commemorative booklet. (JM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Vestapol 13049 Devil Got My Woman - Blues At Newport ● DVD $23.98
14 songs, 60 mins, essential
God almighty - talk about a supersession! At the 1966 Newport Folk Festival Alan Lomax recreated a Southern juke joint at the rooming house where several of the musicians were staying and invited some of the bluesmen who were at that years festival perform. The result is a series of loose, informal performances that what they occasionally lack in technical prowess is more than compensated by the atmosphere. We get to see some of the only footage available of the unique Skip James performing three songs including his most famous Devil Got My Woman. Bukka White shows that country blues was not just for listening and a number of people get up and dance to his irresistible rhythms including a tipsy Son House who later on goads Howling Wolf while he is getting ready to perform his three songs with his band. Son's own performance is a typically ferocious and moving Forever On My Mind and the video includes three fine performances by the less well known but excellent spiritual singer Rev. Pearly Brown. The camera roves around among the performers and their friends and capture the spirit of the occasion as a rare piece of "cinema verite" and the closest most of will ever come to the juke joint experience. Buy two copies - one for yourself and one as a present to someone who loves the blues - they'll thank you for it. Truly pricless! (FS)



VARIOUS ARTISTS Archeophone 1001 Real Ragtime - Disc Recordings From Its Heyday ● CD $15.98
28 tracks, 74 mins, highly recommended
When you think of ragtime these days, you think of quaint piano solos. Interestingly, the 28 tracks here do not have ANY piano solos - they were recorded out of not wanting to compete with the player piano/piano roll industry! Instead, we have banjos (solo, duets & with band accompaniment), cornets, military bands, accordions, even xylophone. The recordings were done between 1898 (the banjo duo Joseph P Cullen & William G. Collins' Berkeley March) to 1919 (banjo virtuoso, & a star of this set Fred Van Eps' Silver Heels One-Step). Also heard are (John Philip) Sousa's band, The Victor Military Band, banjo master Vess L. Ossman & singers The American Quartet. Includes early compositions by George M. Cohan - Rag Baby, & Irving Berlin - The International Rag.. Mostly highly listenable, though the turn of the century tracks are a little rough. 20 page booklet includes notes on ragtime in general, the artists featured and the individual performances. (GM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Archeophone 1007 Actionable Offenses - Indecent Phonograph Recordings ● CD $15.98
43 tracks, amazing!
A truly remarkable release from those imaginative folks at Archeophone. A collection of 43 smutty recordings from the 1890s. How smutty can recordings from the 1890s be? Well, without going into details, let's just say that the anonymous (probably Russell Hunting) recitation of the resolution to form The Whores Union might make some of today's rappers blush. Yes, this is the real thing. A collection of monologues, dialogues, limericks and songs with sexual references that range from the metaphorical to the hard core, from the humorous to the purely pornographic. 14 of the songs are from commercial cylinders and although the performers are either anonymous or given pseudonyms are thought to be Cal Stewart, Russell Hunting and James White and the remaining 29 are from home made cylinders by an unknown performer. These recordings are astonishingly rare as it was illegal (an "actionable offense") to sell or play them back in those good old days and many such recordings were destroyed. The recordings were discovered fairly recently - the commercial ones in the vault of the Edison National Historic Site and the home recordings in the hands of a private collector. The performances are truly fascinating and show that people's sexual interests back in those "prudish" days was not much different than those today. Remastering of these 110 year old recordings is astonishing - one can hear every filthy word with complete clarity! The set comes in a slipcase with 60 page booklet with extensive notes to the background of these recordings, the laws passed to supress them, performer biographies, transcripts of each cylinder and more. Fascinating, entertaining, educational, dirty - what more could you ask for? (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family 16748 Diddy Wah Diddy ... Ain't A Town, Ain't A City ● CD $24.98
30 tracks, 67 mins, highly recommended
Here's a real rarity: a whole CD compilation of Rockabilly/ Rock & Roll/ Country from the '50s and early '60s that is full of great recordings, all of which are making their CD debut; in fact, most of them have never been released in any format. These tracks were recorded at the Delta Recording Service in Jackson, Mississippi from 1956 - 1964 and feature mostly unknown, or at least little-known, artists like Sonny Hodges, Red Counts, Wendell 'Cool Cat' Cannon, Rick Richardson, Alton Lott, and a few others who had that Rockabilly heart, but barely made it out of the Magnolia State. Warner Mack is on here with his version of Ubangi Stomp, but other than him, I don't think there is anyone on here that got any radio play, let alone a whiff of the record charts. There are hot covers of the greats like Baby, Lets Play House/ Red Hot, and Little Richard's Rip It Up, which Andy Anderson does here as Gonna Rip It Up, (Anderson's best track here has got to be the rip-roaring Elvis - like I Got Me A Woman.) What's fantastic is, that although there are a handful of good cover versions, most of these tunes are originals, and good originals at that. I'm not sure which track is more fascinating: The Insiders, a prison band complete with promo photo in their prison stripes and their track Drivin' Me Wild With Your Style, or Magnolia Quartet's political discourse in song of the Civil Rights bill in HR 7152. Both have to be experienced to be believed. This is easily one of the coolest Rockabilly/ Country sets to come out in quite a while. Don't worry if you haven't heard a single person on this, because most will rock your socks off. Includes 64 page booklet with extensive notes from Martin Hawkins. (JM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Blaze 101 Jiving On Central Ave. - Postwar R&B In L.A., Vol. 1 ● CD $16.98
24 tracks, highly recommended
Terrific collection of jump blues and jive recorded in Los Angeles in the late 40s and early 50s - most of it making its first appearance on CD. It includes the unexpected topical commentary Dig Mister K. Kay Kay which disguises its political message in a catchy jive tune ending with the line "the FBI says they've really got to go." In complete contrast Nellie Lutcher's brother Joe extols the virtues of Hadacol in Give My Hadacol and King Gene (Gene Phillips) celebrates Great Big Pretty Legs. Lots more fine sides from Wini Beatty & Her Trio, Maxine Reed, Sammy Franklin's Orch. (the storming honking instrumental Bouncin'), Gene Parrish, Numa Lee Davis, Prince Albert & His Orch., Ramp Davis (actually recorded in New Orleans!), Geechie Smith and others. Sound quality is superb and booklet has introductory notes indicating that more volumes are on the way - should be something to look forward to. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Cactus CAPCD 4 Capitol Hillbilly, Vol. 4 ● CD $15.98
32 tracks, 73 mins, highly recommended
Another terrific selection mixing familiar artists with obscure names including Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan, Lee Bonds (the outstanding Done Gone Crazy), Boots Faye & Idaho Call, Texas Bill Strength (a fine cover of Johnny Cash's Cry Cry Cry), Wynn Stewart, Jack Guthrie, Werly Fairburn (a fine cover of Al Terry's great Good Deal Lucille), Billy Strange, Bob Atcher, Cliffie Stone (not much of a vocal but fine guitar from Jimmy Bryant), Ann Jones, Leon Payne, etc. (FS)
ROY ACUFF: Rushing Around/ BOB ATCHER: Smoke Comes Out My Chimney/ FRED BAKER: I Gotta Do What I Gotta Do/ LEE BONDS: Done Gone Crazy/ HYLO BROWN: The Wrong Kind Of Love/ CARL BUTLER: Plastic Heart/ JOE CARSON: Take Me In Your Arms/ TOMMY COLLINS: All Of The Monkey's Ain't In The Zoo/ RAMBLIN' JIMMIE DOLAN: Hot Rod Mama/ WERLY FAIRBURN: Good Deal Lucille/ BOOTS FAYE & IDAHO CALL: Grinnin' Like A Possum/ JACK GUTHRIE: When The Cactus Is In Bloom/ JIMMY HEAP: Cat'N Around/ ANN JONES: Doin' Fine/ JIMMY LEE: Knocking On Your Front Door/ IRA & CHARLEY LOUVIN: Plenty Of Everything But You/ SKEETS MCDONALD: Remember You're Mine/ MERRILL MOORE: Snatchin' & Grabbin'/ ROD MORRIS: Cold Cold Cornbread/ GENE O’QUINN: I Get The Blues/ LEON PAYNE: Poke Salad Green/ OLE RASMUSSEN: Sleepy Eyed John/ AL ROGERS: All Alone All Alone/ JIMMIE SKINNER: Your Flyin' Days Are Through/ WYNN STEWART: Why Do I Love You So/ CLIFFIE STONE: Jump Rope Boogie/ BILLY STRANGE: Catsup & Honey/ TEXAS BILL STRENGTH: Cry Cry Cry/ HANK THOMPSON: Hangover Tavern/ MERLE TRAVIS: Turn My Picture Upside Down/ BOOTS WOODALL: I Might Have Been/ FARON YOUNG: It's A Great Life

VARIOUS ARTISTS Cactus 055 MGM Hillbilly, Vol. 5 - Cryin' In Your Beer Honky-Tonk ● CD $15.98
31 tracks, 77 mins, very highly recommended
Maybe it's because MGM was the home of country music's greatest honky tonk singer but this collection of honky tonk ballads is one of Cactus's best. The influence of Hank can be heard in several of the artists here and I suspect that members of the Drifting Cowboys appear on some of the sides here. Whatever, this collection has some truly great tearjerkers including sides by Bob Gallion, George McCormick, Jimmie Williams, Red Sovine, Charlie Carson, Jimmy Swan (an exceptional singer!), and others. Most Cactus CDs have a few duds but this one is superb from start to finish. (FS)
TOM ANDERSON: My Heart Couldn't See/ THE ANDREWS BROTHERS: Sundown/ AL BRITT: Blue Water/ CHARLIE CARSON: The Ache In My Heart/ VIC CLAIBORNE: No Letter Today/ PAUL DAVIS: I Must Turn My Face To The Wall/ What A Fool I've Been/ BUD DECKELMAN: I Love You/ I'd Only Be Acting A Fool/ DAVE DENNY: Cry Fool Cry/ RUSTY GABBARD: It Hurts Too Much To Cry/ BOB GALLION: Out Of A Honky Tonk/ Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down/ BUD HOBBS: Last Dance Tonight/ BOB JENNINGS: I'd Be The Last To Know/ MARY ANN JOHNSON: Blue Teardrops/ Lend Me Your Handkerchief/ JOE CANNONBALL LEWIS: Only In Dreams/ GEORGE MCCORMICK: I Guess You Don't Care/ MARVIN RAINWATER: I Feel Like Leaving Town/ JESSE ROGERS: I Never Knew I Needed You/ You're Sorry For Yourself/ RED SOVINE: A Quarter's Worth Of Heartaches/ JIMMY SWAN: The Way That You're Living/ Why Did You Change Your Mind/ FRED WAMBLE: Since My True Love Said Goodbye/ TED WEST: An Angel's Face (& A Devil's Heart)/ JIMMIE WILLIAMS: These Blues Over You/ Throwing My Life Away/ BILLY JACK WILLS: Four Beers & Forty Tears/ SKEETS YANEY: If It Was A Teardrop

VARIOUS ARTISTS El Cerrito 1004 Bay Area Blues Blasters, The 60s - Vol. 1 ● CD $16.98
26 tracks, 66 mins, highly recommended
Terrific collection of West Coast blues - many tracks featuring the brilliant and distinctive guitar playing of Johnny Heartsman. There are a number of instrumental tracks by Johnny and his band including his local hit, the two part Johnny's House Party - a steal of Bill Doggett's Honky Tonk. His work as an accompanying musicians is even more interesting and he is featured playing some wonderful guitar (and occasionally flute) on sides by the brilliant Tiny Powell (his classic My Time After Awhile), Tommy Harris, Jesse James, Ray Agee and others. Heartsman is almost certainly the guitarist on the track by veteran West Coast bluesman Jimmy Liggins even though on the original obscure 45 on the Duplex label was credited to "Jimmy Liggins, his guitar and Orchestra". Heartsman influenced guitarist Eddie Foster is featured on a couple other Tiny Powell cuts and the set ends with the excellent instrumental Jump Back featuring another fine local guitarist Eugene Blacknell and his band The Savonics. Sound is excellent and there are brief informative notes. (FS)
RAY AGEE: Love Is A Cold Shot/ The Monkey On My Back/ EUGENE BLACKNELL & HIS SAVONICS: Jump Back/ TOMMY HARRIS: My Conscience Is Bothering Me/ JOHNNY HEARTSMAN: Besame Mucho, Pts. 1 & 2/ Johnny's Blue Mood/ Johnny's Thunderbird/ One More Time/ Sizzling/ Syrup Soppin'/ JOHNNY HEATSMAN: Johnny's House Party, Pts. 1 & 2/ JESSE JAMES: A Love Like The Wind/ I Call On You/ I Wanna Full Time Love/ RUDY LAMBERT: I'll Do It/ Love/ JIMMY LIGGINS: Blues For Love/ TINY POWELL: Done Made It Over/ Get My Hat/ My Time After Awhile/ That Was Yesterday/ JOE SIMON: I Keep Remembering/ Troubles/ LACY STEWART: Lightning Flashing

VARIOUS ARTISTS El Toro 1023 Got Them Hill Billy Blues - 32 Black Blues Boppers ● CD $17.98
32 tracks, 75 mins, highly recommended
What a great idea! Compiler Dave Penny has put together a collection that shows the rockabilly influence on African-American R&B musicians. Since rockabilly emerged at the confluence of blues and hillbilly it's not at all surprising that black artists would take some of the tropes of rockabilly and apply it to their own music - in some cases the artists were clearly trying to emulate their white counterparts while in other cases they used it as the jumping off point for their own brand of blues. Most of the tracks here have been reissued before but by putting them into this context Dave has made the connection that few of us would have noticed before - I certainly haven't. Among the many artists here featured as boppin' billies are Oscar McLollie, Eddie Daniels, John Greer, Roy Gaines, Magic Sam, Jimmy Newsome, Bobo Jenkins, Arthur Gunter, Roy Brown, Johnny Fuller and many more including Joe Clay. Wait a minute - isn't Joe Clay white? Yes but the three tracks here of classic rockabilly by him were recorded in a New York studio with accompaniment by a black R&B band featuring Mickey Baker on guitar and two drummers! A terrific collection with superb sound and informative notes from Mr. Penny. Great music and a thought provoking concept. (FS)
CHUCK BERRY: The Down Bound Train/ ROY BROWN: Be My Love Tonight/ Hip Shakin' Baby/ JOE CLAY: Crackerjack/ Get On The Right Track, Baby/ You Look That Good To Me/ EDDIE DANIELS: I Wanna Know (Why You Love Me So)/ AL DOWNING: Down On The Farm/ JOHNNIE FULLER: All Night Long/ First Stage Of The Blues/ ROY "MR GUITAR" GAINES: Worried 'Bout You Baby/ ROSCO GORDON: Sally Jo/ JOHN GREER: Come Back, Maybelline/ ARTHUR GUNTER: Honey Babe/ BOBO JENKINS: Tell Me Who/ LAZY LESTER: I'm A Lover Not A Fighter/ MAGIC SAM: 21 Days In Jail/ Love Me With A Feeling/ JERRY MCCAIN: My Next Door Neighbor/ OSCAR MCLOLLIE: Roll, Hot Rod, Roll!/ MERCY DEE: Oh Oh Please/ True Love/ MCKINLEY MITCHELL: Rock, Everybody, Rock/ JIMMY NEWSOME: Long Gone Lonesome Blues/ PICO PETE: Hot Dog/ EDDIE RIFF: Ain't That Lovin' You Baby/ My Baby's Gone/ RAY SHARPE: Oh, My Baby's Gone/ T.V. SLIM: Flatfoot Sam/ TARHEEL SLIM: Number 9 Train/ Wildcat Tamer/ CLEAR WATERS: Hill Billy Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fantastic Voyage 026 Routes Of Rockabilly ● CD $23.98
Three CD set with 75 tracks drawing together the many threads from around the country that came together to form the genre we know as rockabilly - down home blues, jump blues, hillbilly, western swing and more. Most of the tracks are from the late 40s to mid 50s and addition to the music that lies at the heart of rockabilly there are also some fine rockabilly sides includes from familiar artists like Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis to totally obscure names like Jimmy Selph and Cal Veale. Among the many artists are Arthur "big Boy" CRudup, Hank Williams, Charline Arthur, Charlie Feathers, The Maddox Brothers & Rose, Tennessee Ernie Ford & Ella Mae Morse, Dickie Thompson, Merrill Moore, Arthur Gunter, Little Junior's Blue Flames, Doug Poindexter, Lou Graham, Skeeter Bonn, Malcolm Yelvington, Johnny Tyler, Annisteen Allen, The Collins Kids, Bob Wills, Carson Robison, Freddie Hart, Ptasy Cline, Slim Rhodes, Sid KIng & The Five Strings, Link Davis and many more. No real suprises but a nicely put together of great music with excellent notes, attractively pacakaged and with a 12 page booklet with informative notes.
ANNISTEEN ALLEN: Fujiyama Mama/ CHARLINE ARTHUR: Welcome To The Club/ SKEETER BONN: Rock A Bye Baby/ JOHNNY CASH: Get Rhythm/ ERNIE CHAFFIN: Feelin Low/ JEAN CHAPEL: I Wont Be Rockin Tonight/ PATSY CLINE: Stop Look And Listen/ AL COKER: Dont Go Baby Don t Go/ THE COLLINS KIDS: Party/ The Rockaway Rock/ ARTHUR "BIG BOY" CRUDUP: Thats All Right/ LINK DAVIS: Trucker From Tennessee/ THE DELMORE BROTHERS: Freight Train Boogie/ DUB DICKERSON: My Gal Gertie/ ARLIE DUFF: Alligator Come Across/ BILLY "THE KID" EMERSON: Red Hot/ CHARLIE FEATHERS: Peepin Eyes/ AL FERRIER: No No Baby/ THE FIVE STRINGS: Drinking Wine Spoli Oli/ TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD: Catfish Boogie/ False Hearted Girl/ LOU GRAHAM: Long Gone Daddy/ ARTHUR GUNTER: Baby Lets Play House/ BILL HALEY: Rocking Chair On The Moon/ ROY HALL: Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On/ FREDDIE HART: Dig Boy Dig/ BOBBY HELMS: Tennessee RocknRoll/ GENE HENSLEE: Dign And Datin/ CHUCK HIGGINS: Motor Head Baby/ JOHNNY HORTON: Honky Tonk Man/ Im Coming Home/ PEE WEE KING: Catty Town/ SID KING AND THE FIVE STRINGS: Sag Drag And Fall/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: Crazy Arms/ LITTLE JUNIORS BLUE FLAMES: Love My Baby/ Mystery Train/ THE LOUVIN BROTHERS: Cash On The Barrelhead/ BILL MACK: Kitty Kat/ THE MADDOX BROTHERS AND ROSE: Im A Little Red Caboose/ CHUCK MILLER: Down The Road A Piece/ MERRILL E. MOORE: The House Of Blue Lights/ ELLA MAE MORSE: Oakie Boogie/ JIMMY MURPHY: Granpaws A Cat/ DANNY OVERBEA: Forty Cups Of Coffee/ CARL PERKINS: Movie Magg/ PIANO RED: Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo/ DOUG POINDEXTER: My Kind Of Carrying On/ ELVIS PRESLEY: Blue Moon Of Kentucky/ I Dont Care If The Sun Dont Shine/ Just Because/ JIMMIE REVARD: Daddys Got The Deep Elem Blues/ SLIM RHODES: Take And Give/ THE RHYTHM ROCKERS: Juke Box Help Me Find My Baby/ KENNY ROBERTS: Choo Choo boogie/ CARSON ROBISON: Rockin And Rollin With Grandmaw/ JIMMY SELPH: Tom Catin Around/ ARTHUR "GUITAR BOOGIE" SMITH: Who Shot Willie/ JIMMIE ROGERS SNOW: The Milk Cow Blues/ JIMMY SWAN: Country Cattin/ BILL TAYLOR AND SMOKEY JO: Split Personality/ RUFUS THOMAS: Bear Cat/ DICKIE THOMPSON: Thirteen Women And Only One Man In Town/ JUNIOR THOMPSON: Mamas Little Baby/ BIG MAMA THORNTON: Hound Dog/ ERNEST TUBB: Thirty Days To Come Back Home/ ZEB TURNER: Jersey Rock/ JOHNNY TYLER: Lie To Me Baby/ CAL VEALE: Dont Cry Baby/ BILLY WALLACE: Burning The Wind/ HANK WILLIAMS: Honky Tonk Blues/ Move It On Over/ Settin The Woods On Fire/ BOB WILLS: Corrine Corrina (1947 Radio Transcription)/ Sittin On Top Of The World/ MALCOLM YELVINGTON: Rockin With My Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fantastic Voyage 077 Gospel Celebrities & Celestial Lights ● CD $19.98
Two CDs, 52 tracks, very highly recommended
Another stellar collection of gospel from the late 40s and the 50s compiled by the indefatigable Opal Louis Nations. The selection is varied including some familiar artists and groups (The Soul Stirrers, Mahalia Jackson, Staple Singers, Golden Gate Quartet, etc) but often featured in obscure titles, alternate takes or live performances. There are a number of tracks featuring artists who are best known as R&B or soul singers - Ollie Nightingale, The Orioles, Joe Hinton, Candi Staton (with The Jewel Gospel Singers), Lou Rawls (with The Chosen Gospel Singers), Bobby Womack (at 10 years old with The Womack Brothers), Judy Clay (as Judy Guions with The Drinkard Singers). We also have a couple of spellbinding slide guitar instrumental versions of gospel songs from bluesman Jesse Fuller and a very black sounding Just A Little Talk With Jesus from 1950 by country gospel group The Jordanaires who later went on to back Elvis and others artists. Whatever the provenance the music is superb - much of it appearing on CD for the first time. Sound quality is superb and there are brief notes by Opal. (FS)
REV MORGAN BABB & THE PHILCO SINGERS: Cold Cold Ground/ Dedication To Mother/ LAVERN BAKER & THE ALEX BRADFORD SINGERS: In The Upper Room/ NAPPY BROWN WITH THE SELAH SINGERS: I Want To Go To Heaven And Rest/ ANN COLE & THE COLEMANAIRES: Be Ready When He Comes/ LITTLE JOE COOK & THE EVENING STAR QUARTET: Say A Prayer For The Boys In Korea/ SAM COOKE & THE SOUL STIRRERS: Jesus, Wash Away My Troubles (alternate)/ ETHEL DAVENPORT WITH BROWNIE MCGHEE: I'm Tired/ THE DIXIE HUMMINGBIRDS: I'll Live Again/ THE DIXIEHUMMINGBIRDS & ANGELIC GOSPEL SINGE: Today (Evening Song)/ BILL DOGGETT QUINTET WITH SISTER DOROTHY WILL: Strange Things Happening Every Day/ THE FIVE BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA: Coming Up Thru The Years/ JESSE FULLER: Amazing Grace [instrumental]/ Hark From The Tomb/ THE GOLDEN GATE QUARTET: Have Thine Own Way/ I'm A Pilgrim/ THE GOSPEL CLEFS: Big Wheel/ Book Of Revelations/ Steal Away To Jesus/ JUDY GUIONS & THE DRINKARD SINGERS: Somebody Touched Me/ GOLDIA HAYNES WITH JOE LIGGINS: This Old World/ JOE HINTON: Ladder Of Prayer/ MAHALIA JACKSON: Each Day [live]/ When He Spoke (live)/ THE JORDANAIRES: Just A Little Talk With Jesus/ MARIE KNIGHT & THE SENSATIONAL NIGHTINGALES: On Revival Day/ Satisfied With Jesus/ LITTLE RICHARD: Talking About My Mother [alt take]/ ODESSA MCCASTLE & CATHERINE BURKES WITH THE ANT: Search Me Lord/ GEORGE MCCURN & THE PILGRIM TRAVELERS: God Has Promised [fragments, live]/ OLLIE NIGHTINGALE & THE DIXIE NIGHTINGALES: I've Got A New Home/ Living For My Jesus/ THE ORIOLES: Robe Of Calvary/ LOU RAWLS & THE CHOSEN GOSPEL SINGERS: Won't Be Back/ THE SENSATIONAL WONDERS: Walk Around Me My Lord/ THE SIMS BROTHERS: Ocean Of Prayer/ THE SOUL SEEKERS: I'm Serving The Lord/ Mother Take Your Rest/ On The Rock/ THE SOUL STIRRERS: Last Mile Of The Way [take 2]/ THE STAPLE SINGERS: Low Is The Way [original version]/ Since He Lightened My Heavy Load/ This May Be The Last Time [original]/ This Same Jesus/ CANDI STATON & THE JEWEL GOSPEL TRIO: Too Late/ SISTER ROSETTA THARPE & THE HARMONIZING FOUR: I Can Hear The Angels/ MARION WILLIAMS: When He Calls Me/ BOBBY WOMACK & THE WOMACK BROTHERS: The Bible Tells Me So/ DEWEY YOUNG & THE SWAN SILVERTONES: Jesus Brought Me-I Found Joy [fragments, live]/ THE ZION TRAVELERS: Beautiful City/ Believe In Me/ I May Never Pass This Way Again

VARIOUS ARTISTS Folk Legacy 23 The Traditional Music Of Beech Mountain, North Carolina ● CD $16.98
23 tracks, 45 mins, very highly recommended
The second volume is devoted to "Later Songs And Hymns" and is even better than the first volume thanks to five utterly spellbinding performances of hymns and sacred songs by a trio consisting of Margie Harmon, her brother and Ottie "Coot" Greene. Their rough hewn harmonizing on Precious Memories/ Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies/ Angel Band and others is worth the price of admission. Unlike the serious ballads on first volume the songs here are often more light hearted dance songs like I Went To See My Suzie/ Baldheaded End Of The Broom/ Soldier John and others. There are also several fine instrumental selections performed on fiddle and dulcimer and several of the songs have instrumental accompaniment. Notes are in separate 32 page booklet - counts as two CDs for shipping. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Frog DGF 73 Frog Spawn - The Second Batch ● CD $18.98
26 tracks, highly recommended
The second volume in this superb and delightfully named series features another 26 red hot jazz rarities, alternate takes, sleepers and unissued masters recorded between 1921 and 1930 - nearly all new to CD. Artists include The Five Musical Blakbirds, The Wabash Trio (an excellent group with trumpeter Walter Bennet, pianist J.C. Johnson and Eddie Lang influenced guitarist Bernard Addison), Jelly James & His Fewsicians (an offshoot of Fess Williams' Royal Flush Orchestra), Bob Rickett's Band, The Georgia Cotton Pickers, Hot & Heavy (an unknown trumpet and piano duo who play a breakneck pace), Louisiana Sugar babes (four superb musicians - "Jabbo" Smith, gavin Bushell, James P. Johnson and Fats Waller - none of them from Louisiana!), Douglas Finell & His Royal Stompers (an early group featuring pianist and vocalist Sammy Price - their version of Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo might be the first recording of this song) and others. Sound quality is superb and there are detailed notes by Richard Rains and full discographical notes. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 921 Breaking Out Of New Orleans, 1922-1929 ● CD $28.98
4 discs, 101 tracks, essential
Another wonderful JSP budget priced box set. This is not the well-known New Orleans jazz - there's no Louis Armstrong solo sides (though he's part of the Red Onion Jazz Babies), & the only other well-known name here is Kid Ory's Sunshine Orch. Here are multiple (& in many cases complete) recordings of hard-core N.O.jazz. Includes Original Tuxedo Jazz Band/Celestine's Original Tuxedo Orch, Louis Dumaine's Jazzola 8, Jones & Collins Astoria 8, Sam Morgan's Jazz Band, Piron's New Orleans Orch, the legendary Red Onion Jazz Babies w/Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, Buster Bailey & Lil Armstrong. Legendary trumpeter Freddie Keppard is heard with Erskine Tate's Vendome Orch. & the Doc Cook led bands Cook's Dreamland Orch/Cookie's Gingersnaps as well as his own Jazz Cardinals. Ory, besides his famous Sunshine Band sides is heard with The New Orleans Wanderers, The New Orleans Bootblacks & The Chicago Footwarmers. Those bands also featured famed clarinetist Johnny Dodds, who is also heard with his own Black Bottom Stompers. As this is a budget set, there are limited liner notes & no discographical info, but there is full personnel & recording dates & LOTS of great music! (GM)
CELESTIN'S ORIGINAL TUXEDO ORCHESTRA: As You Like It/ Dear Almanzoer/ Give Me Some More/ I'm Satisfied You Love Me/ It's A Jam Up/ Just For You, Dear, I'm Crying(Take 1)/ Just For You, Dear, I'm Crying(Take 1)/ My Josephine/ Papa's Got The Jim-Jams/ Station Calls (Take 1)/ Station Calls (Take 2)/ Ta Ta Daddy/ The Sweetheart Of The TKO/ When I'm With You/ THE CHICAGO FOOTWARMERS: A Brush Stomp/ Ballin' The Jack/ Brown Bottom Bess/ Get 'Em Again Blues/ Grandma's Ball/ Lady Love/ My Baby/ My Girl/ Oriental Man/ Sweep 'Em Clean/ COOK AND HIS DREAMLAND ORCHESTRA: Brown Sugar/ Here Comes The Hot Tamale Man!/ High Fever/ Spanish Mama/ COOK'S DREAMLAND ORCHESTRA: Lonely Little Wallflower/ Moanful Man/ Scissor Grinder Joe/ So This Is Venice/ The Memphis Maybe Man/ The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else/ COOKIE'S GINGERSNAPS: Here Comes The Hot Tamale Man/ High Fever/ Love Found You For Me/ Messin' Around/ JOHNNY DODDS' BLACK BOTTOM STOMPERS: After You've Gone (C-1239)/ After You've Gone (C-1241)/ Come On And Stomp, Stomp, Stomp/ Joe Turner Blues/ When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo/ LOUIS DUMAINE'S JAZZOLA EIGHT: Franklin Street Blues/ Pretty Audrey/ Red Onion Drag/ To-Bac-A-Wa/ JONES AND COLLINS ASTORIA HOT EIGHT: Astoria Strut/ Damp Weather/ Duet Stomp/ Tip Easy Blues/ FREDDIE KEPPARD'S JAZZ CARDINALS: Salty Dog(Take 1)/ Salty Dog(Take 2)/ Stock Yards Strut/ FATE MARABLE'S SOCIETY SYNCOPATORS: Frankie And Johnny/ Pianoflage/ SAM MORGAN'S JAZZ BAND: Boogalousa Strut/ Bouncing Around/ Down By The Riverside/ Everybody's Talking About Sammy/ Mobile Stomp/ Over In The Gloryland/ Short Dress Gal/ Sing On/ Steppin' On The Gas/ THE NEW ORLEANS BOOTBLACKS: Flat Foot/ THE NEW ORLEANS WANDERERS: Gate Mouth/ THE NEW ORLEANS BOOTBLACKS: I Can't Say/ Mad Dog/ THE NEW ORLEANS WANDERERS: Mixed Salad/ Papa Dip/ Perdido Street Blues/ Too Tight/ ORIGINAL TUXEDO JAZZ BAND: Black Rag/ Careless Love/ Original Tuxedo Rag/ ORY'S SUNSHINE ORCHESTRA: Krooked Blues/ Maybe Some Day/ Ory's Creole Trombone/ Society Blues/ That Sweet Something Dear/ When You're All Alone Blues/ PIRON'S NEW ORLEANS ORCHESTRA: Bright Star Blues/ Do Just As I Say/ Do-Doodle-Oom/ Ghost Of The Blues/ Kiss Me Sweet/ Louisiana Blues/ Mama's Gone, Goodbye/ New Orleans Wiggle/ Red Man Blues/ Sitting On A Curbstone Blues/ Sud Bustin' Blues/ West Indies Blues/ West Indies Blues/ THE RED ONION JAZZ BABIES: All The Wrongs You Done Me/ Cake-Walking Babies (From Home)/ Santa Claus Blues/ Terrible Blues/ ERSKINE TATE'S VENDOME ORCHESTRA: Chinaman Blues/ Cutie Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 7738 It's Hotter In Hawaii - Early Hits From A Unique Musica ● CD $28.98
Four CD set featuring 105 tracks of vintage Hawaiian music with emphasis on hot steel guitar work. It features artists from Hawaii as well performers from the American mainland and since the music became popular worldwide we also hear some performers from Europe, Argentina, Mexico and elsewhere. It includes some of the greatest and most influential exponents of the genre including performers like Sol Ho'opii, Frank Ferera, Tau Moe with Wife & Family, Roy Smeck, Master's Hawaiians, Kanui & Lula, King Bennie Nawahi, The Hawaiian Quintette, Jim & Bob, Kalama's Quartet along with lots of lesser known artists. If you already have all the albums of Hawaiian music on Rounder, Yazoo, Arhoolie, T.O.M., Harlequin, etc. then you probably have most of the recordings here though I think there are a few tracks making their first CD appearance here. If you don't have all the other reissues this is an excellent and inexpensive way to get a great cross section of recordings. Sound quality is excxellent. It's too bad that the notes are so cursory.
SAM ALAMA: Ama Ama/ H.M. BARNES & HIS BLUE RIDGE RAMBLERS: Honolulu Stomp/ BEZOZ HAWAIIAN ORCHESTRA: Pame Sti Honolulu/ BILTMORE HOTEL TRIO: Clownin' The Frets/ BILTMORE ORCHESTRA: Kaui Kahio/ GINO BORDIN HAWAIIAN ORCHESTRA: Caresses Venitiennes/ SOL K. BRIGHT: Tomi Tomi/ CORAL ISLANDERS: Na Lei/ S. CORTES Y SUS HAWAIINOS: Caperucita/ Lirios/ EMERY COURNAND: Why My Craf Vex With Me/ EDDY'S HAWAIIAN SERENADERS: Down In Waikiki/ FRANK FERERA: Honolulu March/ In The Heart Of Hawaii/ Maui/ Melani Anu Ka Makani/ St. Louis Blues/ Cielito Lindo/ Iko Okamuko/ FERERA, FRANCHINI & LUFSKY: One-Two-Three/ FRANCHINI & DETTBORN: Palakiko Blues/ HANAPI TRIO: Indiana March/ HAUULEA ENTERTAINERS: 12th Street Rag/ Ellis March/ Railroad Blues/ HAWAIIAN QUINTETTE: Akahi Hoi/ Pua I Mohala/ HAWAIIAN SONGBIRDS: Happy Hawaiian Blues/ HAWAIIAN SILVER QUARTET: Honolulu March/ HAWAIIAN SERENADERS: Honolulu Stomp/ HAWAIIAN SILVER QUARTET: Kawahau/ HAWAIIAN TRIO: La Paloma/ My Hawaii (You're Calling Me)/ O Sole Mio/ Valse Bleu/ HILO HAWAIIAN ORCHESTRA: Hula Love Medley March/ HONOLULU PLAYERS: Mindinao March/ SOL HOOPII: Hawaiian March/ Lady Be Good/ Lehua/ Lepe Ula Ula/ Pidgin English Hula/ Uheuhene/ JIM & BOB: By The Waters Of Minnietonka/ Chimes/ Hula Blues/ Song Of The Range/ KALAMA'S QUARTET: Pehea Hoi Au/ KAMSKU & KAWAIHAE: King Kalakaua March/ KAMSKU & KAWALHAE: Pua Lima Waltz/ KANE'S HAWAIIANS: Hilo/ KANUI & LULA: My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua/ KEAUMOKA LOUIS: Garden Of Paradise/ Penei No/ JOE KEAWE & HIS HARMONY HAWAIIANS: Hookipa Paka/ My Little Grass Shack/ GEORGE KEOKI DAVIS: Slack Key Hula/ KING, QUEEN, JACK: Stack-O-Lee/ RAY KINNEY & HIS ROYAL HAWAIIANS: Coral Isle/ Kauna Kea/ WALTER KOLOMOKU: Medley Of Old Time Waltzes/ GEORGE KU TRIO: Kuu Lei/ Na Ali'l/ Na Pua O Hawaii/ SAM KU WEST: Hawaiian Hula/ WangWang Blues/ LAWSON'S HAWAIIANS: Drifting And Dreaming/ LES LOUPS: La Portena Es Una Papa/ HELEN LOUISE & FRANK FERERA: K'alu Luliluli/ Kai Maia O Ka Madi/ LUA & KAILI (IRENE WEST'S ROYAL HAWAIIAN: Drowsy Waters/ Kohala March/ MASTER'S HAWAIIANS: Blue Sparks/ Hawaiian Stormy Weather/ MOANA SERENADERS: E Mama Ea/ He Mea Nui/ TAU MOE'S HAWAIIAN JAZZITES: U Like, Noa Like/ M.K. MOKE: Moana Chimes/ JAMES MOLKEHA: Maui Girl/ KING BENNIE NAWAHI: Waikiki Waltz/ PAT PATTERSON & HIS CHAMPION REP RIDERS: The Cat's Whiskers/ ROLAND PEACHY & HIS ROYAL HAWAIIANS: China Boy/ Goodby Blues/ MM. RIVIERES HAWAIIANS: E Mama Ee/ Ellis March/ La Lupe Ua Sola/ Mai Kai No Kauai/ Paahana/ RODNEY ROGER'S RED PEPPERS: Milenburg Joys/ ANDY SANELLA: Blues Of The Guitar/ Sliding On The Frets/ ROY SMECK: 12th Street Rag/ Bugle Call Rag/ Hilo March/ Kalima Walk/ Limehouse Blues/ Twilight Echoes/ TOMMY SOLOMON: Old Timer's Hula/ SOUTH SEA ISLANDERS: Liliu E/ DANNY STEWART: Les Femmes d'Amerique/ TAMARI TAHITI: Parari'i Pararara'i/ TRUETT & GEORGE: Ghost Dance/ UNKNOWN GERMAN ORCH: The Road To Paradise/ CHARLIE WILSON: Palolo/ JIMMY YATES' BOLL WEEVILS: Smiles

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP 7776 Rembetika ● CD $28.98
Four CDs, 89 tracks, approx five hours, essential
This is one of THE reissues of 2006. Rembetika is often thought of as the Greek equivalent of the blues - a creation of the underclass and dealing with the realities of their life - smoking hash, thieving, jail, addiction, desire and betrayal sung with incredible soul and feeling. The music is thought to have originated with Greeks who had to leave Asia Minor at the beginning of the 20th Century. The earliest form is the Smyrnaic style (after Smyrna in Turkey) where the musicians first played the style and had a strong Turkish flavor to it. The usual accompaniment included violin, santouri/ cimbalom (hammered dulcimer), guitar and oud. The first volume is mostly devoted to recordings in this style and includes such legendary performers as Marika Papagika (who recorded in the USA), Achilleas Poulus (who sang in Turkish), the prolific and popular Andonios Dhiamandidhis (aka "Dalgas"), the sublime female singers Roza Eskenazi and Rita Abadzi. In the early 30s a new style of rembetica began to appear in the port city of Piraeus with a less ornamented style of singing and the extensive use of the bouzouki and its smaller cousin the baglama. The second disc is devoted to this style featuring sides by the gruff voiced Markos Vamvakaris - another extremely popular performer who recorded hundreds of songs as well as Stratos Payioumidzis, Yiorgis Batis and others. The third volume is strongly dominated by the guitar though the bouzouki and other instruments are also featured. It includes five gorgeous instrumental sides - two of them featuring bouzouki master Jack Halikias, one a rare example of a lute instrumental in rembetika and a dazzling guitar instrumental from the mysterious K. Kostis. This disc also features a track by the amazing George Katsoras whose modal singing and guitarist almost has the feel of a Mississippi hill country blues. In April, 1936 a right-wing government took power in Greece and censorship was introduced resulting in the banning of lyrics with an "undesirable" content as well as "Eastern style" music. The fourth disc features recordings from this period of censorship and while the lyrics are more concerned with romance than with dope or crime the performances are still powerful and moving featuring artists like Rirta Abadzi, Stellakis, Vassilis TsitsanisYiorgos Kavouras and others. The sound quality is superb and the only drawback to this set is that only 12 pages were allocated to the notes and compiler and annotator Charles Howard has done his best to give an overview of the music, brief biographies of the performers, a glossary and very brief excerpts or descriptions of the songs.  (FS)
RITA ABADZI Markopouliotissa/ I Margarita/ O Vlamis Tou Psyri/ Pane Yia To Prasso/ To Flidzani Tou Yianni/ YIORGOS BATIS: I Fylakes Tou Oropou/ Taxim Athineiko Ke Zeimbekiko/ Varka Mou Boyiatismeni/ Thermastis/ AND. DALGAS: Sousta Politiki/ Zeimbekiko Melemenio/ ANDONIOS DALGAS: Echo Meraki Echo Dalga/ ANESTIS DHELIAS: Soura Ke Mastoura/ A. DHIAMADIDHIS ‘DALGAS’: Huseini Manes/ GUS DUSSAS: I Efmorfi Attaleia/ O Paraponiaris/ ROZA ESKENAZI: Dzerkeza/ Gazeli Sabach, Sti Mavri Yi Chrosto Kormi/ Ime Prezakias/ Mas Kynigoun Ton Argile/ Mes’ To Vathi Skotadhi/ LEOPOLD GAD: Piran Ta Frygana Fotia/ D. GONGOS ‘BAYIANDERAS’: Htan Anixi/ Panta Me Glyko Hasisi/ JACK GRIGORIOU & S.MICHELIDHIS: To Minore Tou Deke/ HADZICHRISTOS & I.STAMOULIS: Nea Vaggelitsa/ A. HADZICHRISTOS: Paliopedho/ Tha Se Klepso Tha Se Paro/ JACK HALIKIAS: Trikouverto/ JOHN (JACK) HALIKIAS: Raste Tou Deke/ YIANNIS IOANNIDHIS & MANOLIS KARAPIPERIS: Tout’ I Batsoi Pou’Rthan Tora/ AND. KALYVOPOULOS: O Prezakis/ Paraponiounde I Manges Mas/ Pende Manges/ Yiovan Tsaous/ KOSTAS KARIPIS: Minore Manes, S’Afino Tin Kali Nychtia/ YIORGOS KARRAS: Strive Logia/ GEORGE KATSAROS: Stis Syras To Aniforo/ YIORGOS KAVOURAS: Dhen Tha’rtho Peia Stin Kokkinia/ O Tsiggounis O Babas Sou/ STELLIOS KEROMYTIS: I Moni Mou Parigoria/ Mes’Tou Vavoula Ti Gouva/ A. KOSTIS: Me Pianoune Zaladhes/ K. KOSTIS: Troumba/ PETROS KYRIAKOS: O Skylomangas/ EL. MELEMENLIS: Tsifte Telli/ MARIKA PAPAGIKA: Aidhinikos Xoros/ Mandalena/ YIANNIS PAPAIOANNOU: Pali Mou Kanoun Proxenia/ Vadhizo Me Parapono/ MIKE PATRINOS & YIANNIS DEYAITAS: Hadzimilousiko/ PAYIOUMIDZIS & TSITSANIS: I Meraklidhes/ EF. PAYIOUMIDZIS: Manges Piaste Ta Vouna/ Vaggelitsa/ EFSTRATIOS PAYIOUMIDZIS: Ouzak-To Tragoudhi Tis Xentias/ San Eyriz’ Ap’ Tin Pylo/ STRATOS PAYIOUMIDZIS: Opios Orfanepse Mikros/ Zeimbekano Spaniolo/ STELLAKIS PERPINIADHIS & ANNA PAGANA: Dhervisis Ke Anna/ STELLAKIS PERPINIADHIS: Ego Thelo Prigipessa/ D. PHILLIPOPOULOS & D. EFSTRATIOU: To Yellekaki/ MARIKA POLITISSA: Melachrinoula/ Rast Zergile/ THE POPULAR ORCHESTRA: Bournovalio/ ACHILLEAS POULOS: Chakiji Zeibek/ E. SOPHRONIOU ‘VAGGELAKIS’: Ballos Smyrneikos Me Mane/ STELLAKIS: I Mikri Ap'To Passalimani/ Mikroula Pireotissa/ Ola Ta ‘Cho Varethi/ STELLLAKIS: I Magdhalo/ STRATOS & ST.KEROMYTIS: I Baglamadhes/ STRATOS & STELLAKIS: O Serianis/ Se Fino Akroyiali/ Thelo Na Se Andamoso, Xaveriotissa/ STRATOS & ST. KEROMYTIS: Tis Mastouras O Skopos/ STRATOS & V.TSITSANIS: To Proi Me Tin Dhrossoula/ Varka Yialo/ VASSILIS TSITSANIS: Tatavliano/ MARKOS VAMVAKARIS: I Klostirou/ Kapote Imouna Ki’Ego/ Manavissa Me Gaidhouraki/ O Synachis/ Olli I Rembetes Tou Dounia/ Prepi Na Xeris Michani/ San Ise Mangas Ke Dais/ Taxim-Zeimbekiko/ To Portofoli/ NIKOS VRACHNAS: Ithela Na’ Moun Iraklis/ MICHAILIS YENITSARIS: Ego Mangas Fenomouna

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 77135 Powerhouse Gospel ● CD $28.98
Four CDs, 100 tracks, almost five hour, essential
Another fantastic collection of gospel compiled by the indefatigable gospel expert Opal Louis Nations featuring 100 superb performances recorded between 1946 and 1959. The emphasis here is on recordings made for independent labels and while there are sides from some of the bigger independents like Vee-Jay, Nashboro and Dooto the labels here are mostly small operations like Bronze, Bowman, Hi-Hat, Glory, Avant and others. Just as the labels are obscure so are the performers - many local artists who only recorded a handful of sides but in those handful of sides produced some magnificent performances. The first three discs predominantly features gospel quartets and includes some outstanding performances from groups like The Pilgrim Singers, Silvertone Quartet, Kansas City Soul Revivers, Deacon Tom Foger & The Camp Meeting Choir (a phenomenal acapella performance), Spiritual Five and others. There are also a couple of solo sides from Sister Rosa Shaw, Evangelist Sister Winnn (with some wonderfully funky guitar by Jesse Thomas) and Sister Bessie Griffin. The fourth disc features preachers and their congregations featuring both sermons and singing and including several incredibly moving examples of "lining out" as well as ferocious sermons from the likes of Rev. Arthur Caruthers, Rev G.W. Killens & The Mt. Calvary Congregation, Deacon Leroy Shinault and others. This is a truly superb collection, almost all of it appearing on CD for the first time. Sound quality is generally excellent and there was only room in the notes to discuss the importance of independent labels and provide profiles of many of the labels. An indispensible collection of lovers of black gospel. (FS)
SISTER LUCILE BARBEE & DR. MORGAN BABB: Call Him By His Name/ MARGARET BARNES: Savior Don't You Pass Me By/ ELDER CHARLES D. BECK: Rock And Roll Sermon, Pts. 1 & 2/ THE BLAIR GOSPEL SINGERS: I've Been Moaning In The Valley So Long/ THE BLIND WONDERS OF WASHINGTON DC: Night Prayer/ ELDER BENJAMIN H. BROADIE: John Saw The Number/ Prayer #1/ Prayer For All/ REV. ARTHUR CARUTHERS: Good Man In A Bad Fix (A Sermonette)/ I Know For Myself I've Been Changed/ REV. C.C. "THE 'TRAVELING SHOES' MAN" CHAPMAN: On My Way, Pts. 1 & 2/ HAZEL CHAPMAN & THE GOLDEN HARMONIZERS: I'm Going To Die With A Staff In My Hand/ LITTLE JOE COOK & EVENING STAR QUARTET: I'm A Witness/ REV. ROBERT CRENSHAW: I Love The Lord/ I Wonder Will We Meet Again/ REV. H.B. CRUM & THE GOLDEN KEYS: Do You Know Me Thomas/ I Wanna Be Ready/ So Much To Thank Jesus For/ REV. R.A. DANIELS: I'm A Soldier/ ETHEL DAVENPORT & THE ETHEL DAVENPORT SINGERS: Heavenly Express/ Steal Away And Pray/ SISTER BERNICE DOBSON & THE CAMP MEETING CHOIR: If I Can Just Make It In/ THE DREXALL SINGERS: Jesus Said Live Holy/ THE EVENING STAR QUARTET: Lord Take My Hand/ THE FLYING CLOUDS OF DETROIT: When They Ring Those Golden Bells/ DEACON TOM FOGER & THE CAMP MEETING CHOIR: Working On The Building/ REV. C.L. FRANKLIN: Eagle Stirreth Her Nest (Closing Section)/ I'll Go, Pts. 1 & 2/ REV. M. LARRY FRANKLIN: Little Baby Of Bethlehem, Pts. 1 & 2/ THE FRIENDLY BROTHERS: Need Jesus On My Journey/ THE GOSPEL SILHOUETTES: Rock In A Weary Land/ Tell It To Jesus/ THE GOSPEL TRAVELERS: Praying Time/ BESSIE GRIFFIN & THE SOUTHERN REVIVALISTS: I'm Thinking Of The Lord/ SISTER BESSIE GRIFFIN WITH BROWNIE MCGHEE: Heaven's Radio/ THE HARMONY FOUR SINGERS: Leaning Independent/ Testimony/ IDA HAYES & THE MELLO-TONES: How Many Souls/ THE HEAVENLY GATES: All Right Now/ THE HIGHTOWER BROTHERS: He That Believeth In Me/ THE JACKSON GOSPEL SINGERS: I Can't Walk This Highway/ REV. H.R. JELKS: It Rained 40 Days And 40 Nights, Pts. 1 & 2/ Why Complain/ THE JOYFUL TRAVELERS: Lord Lift Me Up/ THE KANSAS CITY SOUL REVIVERS: I Don't Need No One Else/ Jesus Came At Midnight/ REV. G.W. KILLENS & MT. CALVARY CONGREGATION: Fighting For Jesus/ Great God Almighty/ Same Man/ THE KINDLY SHEPHERDS: Climbing Higher Mountains/ How I Love Jesus/ NELLIE LYNN & THE SONS OF HARMONY: If Jesus Had To Pray/ THE MACEDONIANS: I'll Never More Pass This Way/ MCCAULEY SPIRITUAL SINGERS: Jesus Said Live Holy/ THE MCCAULEY SPIRITUAL SINGERS: Jesus Gave Me Water/ THE MELLO-AIRES OF ROCHESTER: Take Your Burdens There/ THE MIGHTY GOSPEL GIANTS: There'll Be A Perfect Day/ THE NATIONAL CLOUDS OF JOY: Somebody Touched Me/ OLLIE NIGHTINGALE & THE DIXIE NIGHTINGALES: Living For My Jesus/ THE NORFLEET BROTHERS: Draw Me Nearer/ None But The Righteous/ THE NOVA-TONES: Down Here/ SISTER ELIZABETH PHILLIPS & THE PILGRIM SINGERS: In The Kingdom With The Lord/ THE PILGRIM SINGERS: Glory Land The/ Night Was Dark/ REV. WILLIAM M. RIMSON: Believe On Me ("Jesus Said It")/ THE RISING SUN GOSPEL SINGERS: Prodigal Son, The/ THE SAINTS OF GLORY: Jesus Knows/ Perfect Stranger/ THE SEVEN MELODY MEN: Mother Pray For Me/ SISTER ROSA SHAW: He Rolled The Stone Away/ DEACON LEROY SHINAULT: Lord, I Cannot Live In Sin (A Lining Hymn With Congregation In Chicago)/ THE SILVERTONE QUARTET: It's Gonna Rain/ Stand By Me/ Storm Of Life/ THE SKYLIGHT SINGERS: Certainly Lord/ I Need Thee/ THE SOUL SATISFIERS OF PHILADELPHIA: I'm His And He's Mine/ Run On Home And Live With God/ THE SOUTHERN ECHOES: On My Way To See Jesus/ THE SOUTHWINDS: They Call Me Crazy/ THE SPIRITUAL FIVE: I Don't Have To Worry/ I'll Carry My Burden/ I've Been Born Again/ THE SPIRITUAL FOUR: Waiting/ THE SPIRITUAL HARMONIZERS: I'm Your Servant Lord/ Wait On The Lord/ THE SPIRITUAL KINGS: A Letter To Jesus/ THE SPIRITUAL WONDERS: You Got To Move/ THE SPIRITUALAIRES OF COLUMBIA: Last Mile Of The Way/ Lay This Body Down/ THE SUPREME ANGELS: Seven Seals/ THE TOMMIETTES GOSPEL SINGERS: Have You Been Through The Water/ THW TRENTON SINGERS: I Shall Know Him, Pt. 2/ UNIDENTIFIED QUARTET: I Look Back Down The Road And Wonder/ One More Working Day/ Ship Of Zion/ THE VERSATILE ACAPELLA CHORAL GROUP OF CHICA: You Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley/ DOUG WILLIAMS & THE MELLO-TONES: Send Me/ EVANGELIST SISTER ROSETTA WINN: Building On The Good Shore

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kein Und Aber 23284 Hot Women - Women Singers From the Torrid Regions ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 69 mins, highly recommended
Fabulous collection of vintage recordings of women singers mostly from the 20s and 30s compiled by R. Crumb from his own collection. The 24 tracks includes Louisiana Cajun, Mexican, French Carribean, Chilean, Sicilian, Greek, Algerian, Turkish, East African, Madagascar (an amazing and eerie performance that is hard to describe), Burmese, Hawaiian and more. Superbly remastered by Tony Baldwin and packaged in a digipack including booklet with notes by Crumb along with color illustrations by him of many of the performers. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 180 Sanctified Soul ● CD $18.98
26 tracks, 79 mins, highly recommended
Terrific collection featuring 26 slabs of gospel inflected soul featuring some of the genre's finest exponents drawn from the Atlantic Catalog. It opens with That's How It Feels, the slower and more soulful flipside of the Soul Clan's hit Soul Meeting Who are the Soul Clan? An all star group o Arthur Conley, Ben E.King, Solomon Burke, Don Covay and Joe Tex! Among the other highlights are the brilliant James Carr with I'll Put It To You, Jackie Moore's gorgeous Cover Me, the powerful anti-drug song Signed, Miss Heroin by Sam Dees, Ted Taylor's Feed The Flame, Judy Clay with The Greatest Love, the doo-wop flavored Love Have Mercy by Mike Williams & The Tempest Band and more goodies from great names like Don Covay, Otis Clay, Solomon Burke and Wilson Pickett and superb obscurities like Fern Kinney, J.P. Robinson, Jeff Dale, Walter Rhodes and others. 12 page booklet has notes by deep soul expert Dave Godin. (FS)
BEN & SPENCE: Get It Over/ SOLOMON BURKE: He'll Have To Go/ JAMES CARR: I'll Put It To You/ JUDY CLAY: The Greatest Love/ OTIS CLAY: Is It Over?/ ARTHUR CONLEY: You Don't Have To See Me/ DON COVAY AND THE GOODTIMERS: I Stole Some Love/ JEFF DALE: A Suffering Pain/ SAM DEES: Signed, Miss Heroin/ HERMAN HITSON: Too Much For A Human Heart/ LEE JACKSON: Ad For Love/ FERN KINNEY: Your Love's Not Reliable/ RUDY LEWIS: I've Loved You So Long/ THE MAD LADS: You Mean So Much To Me/ RUDY MOCKABEE: Cheer Up (Daddy's Coming Home)/ JACKIE MOORE: Cover Me/ WILSON PICKETT: For Better Or Worse/ WALTER RHODES: Message To My Woman/ J.P. ROBINSON: George Jackson/ ROSCOE ROBINSON: Leave You In The Arms (Of Your Other Man)/ THE SOUL BROTHERS SIX: Can't Live Without You/ THE SOUL CLAN: That's How It Feels/ BETTYE SWANN: Time To Say Goodbye/ TED TAYLOR: Feed The Flame/ PERCY WIGGINS: They Don't Know/ MIKE WILLIAMS & THE TEMPEST BAND: Love Have Mercy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Official 002 Rare Grooves, Vol. 2 ● CD $16.98
24 tracks, 62 mins, highly recommended
Another groovy collection from the Groove label. In addition to great jump blues and rocking R&B we have the great two part gospel gem Holding On by Mme. Ernestine Washington with the Milleraires - part one is slow but the second part is a tambourine shaking storming up tempo title. There are a couple of hot tracks from Sam Butera including the opening instrumental The Tout and the exceptional Melvin Smith has two originally unissued titles. Other artists include Milt Trenier, Maymie Watts (two songs including a fine cover of Rollee McGill's hit There Goes That Train), Sonny Brooks, Otis Blackwell, Buddy Lucas & His Orch., Bertice Reading (a great soulful rendition of the pop hit Little Things Mean A Lot), Zilla Mays & The Four Students, Chick Green & His Orch. (a rocking R&B instrumental rendition of the old English folk song Greensleeves) and more. Another classy winner from Official. (FS)
SUE ALLEN & OSCAR BLACK: Don't Leave Me to Cry/ I'll Get By/ OTIS BLACKWELL: Oh! What a Babe/ SONNY BROOKS: Champ Ale/ Sentimental Blues/ SAM BUTERA: The Tout/ Who's Got the Key/ CHICK GREEN & HIS ORCHESTRA: Greensleeves/ BIG JOHN GREER: Play Me Some Loud Music/ JONAH JONES & HIS ORCH. WITH THE CONSTELLATION: God Loves You Child/ BUDDY LUCAS & HIS ORCHESTRA: High Low Jack/ No Help/ ZILLA MAYS & THE FOUR STUDENTS: Right Now/ CHRIS POWELL & THE BLUE FLAMES: Break It Up/ BERTICE READING: Little Things Mean a Lot/ MELVIN SMITH: Crazy Baby/ Things You Ought to Know/ MILT TRENIER WITH GENE GILBEAUX: Give a Little Time/ THE TWI-LIGHTERS: Sittin' in a Corner/ MME. ERNESTINE WASHINGTON & THE MILLERAIRS: Holding On, Part 1/ Holding On, Part 2/ MAYMIE WATTS: Quicksand/ There Goes the Train/ BEVERLY WRIGHT: Don't Let the Sun Catch You Cryin'

VARIOUS ARTISTS Off The Record MM 10 Cabaret Echoes - New Orleans Jazzers At Work, 1918-1927 ● CD $27.98
Two CDs, 41 music tracks + 22 interviews, essential
From the same company that brought us the definitive reissue of King Oliver's 1923 recordings comes this fabulous collection featuring 40 of the earliest and rarest recordings of New Orleans jazz all newly remastered, including speed correction, by audio engineering wizard Doug Benson resulting in unprecedented clarity. In addition to the music there are excerpts of 23 interviews from the jazz archives at Tulane University featuring some of the musicians performing on these seminal recordings. The set includes the 1922 recordings of Kid Ory's Sunshine Orchestra - the first recordings of a black New Orleans jazz band, the 1918 through 1920 recordings The Original New Orleans Jazz Band - the second New Orleans jazz band to record after the frequently reissued Original Dixieland Jazz Band, the incredibly rare sides by Willie Hightower and His Night Hawks, the great vaudeville duo Billy Mack & Mary Mack, Fate Marable's Society Syncopaters and others. The interviews are carefully sequenced to enhance rather interrupt the flow of the music with comments from Kid Ory, his daughter Babette, Johnny De Droit, Willie Hightower, Tony Parenti and others. The set includes a 60 page booklet with in depth notes by jazz historian David Sager which even includes details of the tempo for each performance plus rare photos as other memorabilia and full discographical information. Indispensible for any lover of early jazz.. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Okeh 8001 OKeh Doo-Wop Groups, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
30 tracks, highly recommended
A terrific collection of black doo-wop recorded for Columbia's R&B subsidiary OKeh between 1951 and 1960. It opens with the label's biggest doo-wop hit - the great Peanuts from 1957 by Little Joe & The Thrillers featuring the intense falsetto vocals of Joe Cook, superb harmonies and some electrifying guitar work (Mickey Baker?). There are three other cuts by this group including a superb cover of The Zodiacs Stay and the incredibly soulful This I Know. The Sandmen were a fine group singing in an older style and featuring the lead vocals of Benny Peay who would later become better known as Brook Benton. The group is featured on one side by themselves as well as accompanying the great Chuck Willis on two cuts. Another future star Marvin Gaye is featured on The Marquees only record - the rocking Somebody To Love/ Wyatt Earp from 1957. The long lived Ravens are featured on two fine sides and there are lots more goodies from The Tune Timers, Al Russell & The Do Re Mi Trio, The Schoolboys, Sammy Cotton & Group (the hot blues Give Me One More Drink), The Mello Tones (actually a fine gospel group), The Eventuals (emulating The Coasters on Charlie Chan) and more. There are no notes but sound quality is generally superb. (FS)
ARNETT COBB & GROUP: Someone to Watch Over Me/ SAMMY COTTON & GROUP: Give Me One More Drink/ Lead On Baby/ THE DOLLS: In Love/ THE EVENTUALS: Charlie Chan/ THE FIVE SCAMPS: With All My Heart/ THE GAYNELLS: Uh Huh/ LITTLE JOE & THE THRILLERS: Lilly Lou/ Peanuts/ This I Know/ LITTLE JOE & THRILLERS: Stay/ THE MARQUEES: Hey Little School Girl/ Wyatt Earp/ THE MELLO TONES: Cool by the River Bank/ CHRIS POWELL & THE BLUE FLAMES: Blue Boy/ I Come From Jamaica/ THE RAVENS: I Get All My Lovin' On Saturday Night/ Mam'sell/ AL RUSSELL & THE DO RE ME TRIO: May That Day Never Come/ THE SANDMEN: Somebody To Love/ THE SCHOOLBOYS: Ding A Ling Coo Coo Mop/ Pearl/ THE SMOOTHTONES: Little Cupid/ THE SUGAR TONES: Sun Shines Once Again/ THE SUGARTONES: Today Is Your Birthday/ TINY & TIM: Love at First Sight/ THE TUNE TIMERS: What Have I Got To Dream About/ CHUCK WILLIS & GROUP: Lawdy Miss Mary/ CHUCK WILLIS & THE SANDMEN: Charged With Cheating/ I Can Tell

VARIOUS ARTISTS Proper BOX 147 The Little Red Box Of Protest Songs ● CD $27.98
3 CD, 1 DVD, 60 CD Tracks, 167 CD mins, highly recommended
Pete Seeger just marked the occasion of his 90th birthday. Some of you might have caught the big B-Day show that was held in New York and aired on PBS; if you didn't yet, you should try and catch it, there were some pretty great performances. So the famous/ infamous Seeger has been on this earth for over nine decades now, and for about 70 or so of those he has been singing protest songs and raising the banner high for the workers of the world. This here box set is an homage to the "Little Red Book of Protest Songs" that the Wobblies (The Industrial Workers of the World) put out early last century, a book of songs that gave the I.W.W. members on the frontlines material to rally their members and then later would be the blueprint for Seeger, Woody Guthrie and others and the causes that they championed. This includes an extensive booklet tracing the history of the songs, movement and principle players, that is almost worth the price of admission by itself. Thankfully there are also three full CDs full of music and a cool DVD with two short films. The films on the DVD are a recent short documentary on Seeger and Guthrie and a brief history of Folk and Protest music, with some nice footage and insightful interviews. The other short film is the bigger treat, being the doc "To Hear Your Banjo Play," from 1947, with fantastic bits with Seeger, Guthrie, Sonny Terry, Brownie McGee, etc. Short but wonderful, Roots music lovers will certainly enjoy. The CDs contain great tracks by the aforementioned as well as Josh White, The Almanac Singers, Leadbelly, J.B. Lenoir, Bob Miller, The Union Boys, Aunt Molly Jackson, and many more, including none other than Carl Sandburg himself with "The Boll Weevil." If you are a Roots music loving lefty like myself, than this is an essential collection (I think every High School history class should have one,) even if your politics aren't as fervent, the historical interest and great music should win you over nonetheless. Power to the people! (JM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Relic 7118 Golden Era Of Doowops - Joyce Records ● CD $14.98
26 tracks, 68 min., highly recommended
Long one of my favorite micro-labels, Joyce Records began in 1956 and lasted for about a year. Under the direction of Al Browne, a total of six records, most wistful ballads, actually saw release, two of them by the then unknown Johnny Maestro and the Crests, featuring My Juanita, No One to Love, Sweetest One, and Wish She Was Mine. Other released tracks include Everybody Knew But Me and You Have No Heart by the Crescents, Bad Motorcycle and Sweet Daddy by the Twinkles (leased to Cameo/Parkway and successfully reissued as by the Storey Sisters), Missing You and Give Me a Kiss by the Starlites, and I Love You and You Left Me by the Gaytunes. The remaining 14 tracks are solid but previously unreleased numbers by these same five groups and the Love Notes. Production standards are typical for Relic, and Donn Fileti's notes are, as usual, authoritative. (DH)
THE CRESCENTS: Baby, I‘m Serious About You/ Dolores/ Everybody Knew But Me/ Everybody Knew But Me/ I‘ll Walk In The Shadow/ You Have No Heart/ THE CRESTS: My Juanita/ No One To Love/ Sweetest One/ Wish She Was Mine/ THE GAYTUNES: I Love You/ I Love You/ Plea In The Moonlight/ Tell Me You Love Me/ You Left Me/ You Left Me/ THE LOVE NOTES: Dream Girl/ Treat Me Right/ THE STARLITES: Give Me A Kiss/ Joanne/ Missing You/ My Greatest Thrill/ Pen Pal/ THE TWINKLES: Bad Motorcycle/ Sweet Daddy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Renovation 7003 Cakewalks, Rags & Blues - Military Style ● CD $14.98
Great collection of early recordings (1900 to 1916) of cakewalks, rags and blues featuring bands like Sousa's Band, The Peerless Orchestra, U.S. Marine Band, Prince's Military Band and others. This was the music Americans danced to before the dance band era began. Compiled by Barry "Dr. Demento" Hansen who also wrote the notes this was remastered by Doug Pomeroy who makes these more than 100 year old recordings sound fresh.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Smith & Co. 1173 Great Rock 'n' Roll Instrumentals - Just About As Good ● CD $15.98
Two CDs, 63 tracks, 153 mins, highly recommended
A great collection of instrumentals which, in spite of the title, is not all rock 'n' roll, but also includes, blues, R&B, country and even big band tunes but it's all fine music including some of the biggest R&R instrumental hits of the mid 50s like Rebel Rouser by Duane Eddy, Rumble by Link Wray, Tequila by The Champs, Raunchy by Bill Justis, Slow Walk by Sil Austin and more. Among the many other artists included are Chuck Berry, the obscure but excellent B.B. Cunningham, Ritchie Valens, Ace Cannon, Chet Atkins (doing instrumental versions, Travis style, of Dance With Me Henry and Tweedledee), Merrill Moore, Al Casey (the original version of Ramrod which was subsequently a hit for his friend Duane Eddy with Eddy overdubbing some additional guitar parts to this recording), Sonny Burgess, Bill Haley & The Comets, Fats Domino, Noble "Thin Man" Watts, Red Holloway, Jimmy Cavallo & His House Rockers, Pete Johnson & Albert Ammons (the only 40s recording here with their 1941 Walkin' The Boogie), Willie Mitchell, Alan Freed & His Rock 'n' Roll Band, Lawson Haggart Rockin' Bad and loads more. Excellent sound and informative notes by Dave Travis. (FS)
LEE ALLEN: Walkin' With Mr. Lee/ DAVE APPELL & THE APPLEJACKS: Dinner With Drac/ CHET ATKINS: Dance With Me Henry/ Tweedle Dee/ SIL AUSTIN: Slow Walk/ CHUCK BERRY: Blue Feeling/ Deep Feeling/ In-Go/ THE BLAZERS: Walk On/ OWEN BRADLEY: Big Guitar/ RUSTY BRYANT: The Honeydripper/ SONNY BURGESS: Itchy/ Thunderbird/ ACE CANNON: .38 Special/ Big Shot/ AL CASEY: Ramrod/ JIMMY CAVALLO & HIS HOUSE ROCKERS: Footstompin'/ THE CHAMPS: Gone Train/ Midnighter/ Tequila/ Train To Nowhere/ THE COUNTRY CATS: Hot Strings/ FLOYD CRAMER: Flip Flop & Bop/ B. B. CUNNINGHAM: Electrode/ B.B. CUNNINGHAM: Scratchin'/ BILL DOGGETT: Honky Tonk/ FATS DOMINO: Fats Frenzy/ Second Line Jump/ Swannee River Hop/ The Fat Man's Hop/ JIMMY DORSEY ORCHESTRA: Jay-Dee's Boogie Woogie/ DUANE EDDY & THE REBELS: Cannonball/ Movin 'n' Groovin'/ Rebel Rouser/ T.J. FOWLER: Back Biter/ ALAN FREED & HIS ROCK 'N' ROLL BAND: The Grey Bear/ LAWSON HAGGART ROCKIN' BAND: Dumplings/ The Stroll/ Yancey Special/ BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS: Goofin' Around/ BILL HALEY & THE COMETS: Blue Comet Blues/ Rudy's Rock/ RED HOLLOWAY: Foolin' Around Slowly/ PETE JOHNSON & ALBERT AMMONS: Walkin' The Boogie/ BILL JUSTIS: College Man/ Raunchy/ KID KING'S COMBO: Skip's Boogie/ BUDDY KNOX & THE RHYTHM ORCHIDS: Rockabilly Walk/ WILLIE MITCHELL: Bongo Beat/ The Crawl/ MERRILL MOORE: Nola Boogie/ SCOTTY MOORE TRIO: Have Guitar-Will Travel/ THE NINO TEMPO BAND: Heartburn Motel/ LES PAUL & MARY FORD: How High The Moon/ RED PRYSOCK BAND: Rock 'n' Roll/ ARTHUR SMITH & HIS CRACKERJACKS: Guitar Boogie/ MERLE TRAVIS: Cannonball Rag/ I'll See You in My Dreams/ RITCHIE VALENS: Big Baby Blues/ Fast Freight/ LYNN VERNON: Moon Rocket/ NOBLE (THIN MAN) WATTS: Hard Times (The Slop)/ LINK WRAY: Rumble

VARIOUS ARTISTS Smith & Co. 1189 Great Rock 'n' Roll Instrumentals, Vol. 2 - Just About ● CD $15.98
Two CDs, 64 tracks, 147 mins, highly recommended
Complementing Smith & Co. 1173 this is another great and modestly priced collection of rock 'n' roll instrumentals along with some rocking blues, country and big band instrumentals. Disc one is predominantly guitar oriented titles while disc two throws the emphasis on the sax. Alongside familiar hits from Duane Eddy, Preston Epps, Santo & Johnny, The Fireballs, The Royaltones, Sandy Nelson, Johnny & The Hurricanes, Bill Black's Combo and others there are also less familiar titles from these artists along with great obscurities like Fickle Chicken by The Atmospheres, Uh Oh by The Imps, Guitar Stroll by The Voxpoppers, the bluesy Catwalk by Tiny Fuller, All Tore Up by The Kings Henchmen, Strollsville by Boots Brown & His Blockbusters, Rockin' Crickets by The Hot Toddies and more. We also get some hot instrumentals from country guitarists Chet Atkins, Joe Maphis and Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith, blues guitarist Pee Wee Crayton and the Lawson-Haggart Big Band turn in a hard driving version of the 1929 hits Pinetop's Boogie Woogie. Altogether a speldnid collection with excellent sound and it comes with a 12 page booklet with informative notes by Dave Travis. (FS)
LEE ALLEN AND HIS BAND: Rockin' at Cosimo's/ DAVE APPELL AND THE APPLEJACKS: Applejack/ CHET ATKINS: Boo Boo Stick Beat/ One Man Boogie/ THE ATMOSPHERES: The Fickle Chicken/ SIL AUSTIN: Shufflin' Home/ Train Whistle/ CHUCK BERRY: Guitar Boogie/ One O'clock Jump/ BILL BLACK'S COMBO: Smokie Part 2/ JOHNNY BRANTLEY'S ALL STARS: Pot Luck/ BOOTS BROWN: Cerveza/ Strollsville/ AL CASEY: The Stinger/ THE CHAMPS: Double Eagle Rock/ PEE WEE CRAYTON: Blues Before Dawn/ DUANE EDDY AND THE REBELS: Forty Miles of Bad Road/ Peter Gunn/ Some Kinda Earthquake/ Yep/ PRESTON EPPS: Bongo Rock/ RAY ETHIER: President's Walk/ THE FIREBALLS: Torquay/ TINY FULLER: Catwalk/ BILL HALEY AND THE COMETS: A Rocking Little Tune/ Calling All Comets/ DALE HAWKINS: Cross Ties/ DEAN HIGHTOWER: Plunkin' Party/ THE HOT-TODDYS: Rockin' Crickets/ MUVVA "GUITAR" HUBBARD: Pony Tail/ Raunchy/ THE IMPS: Uh Oh/ THE JET TONES: Jet Tone Boogie/ JIMMY AND THE NIGHT HOPPERS: Cruising/ Night Hop/ THE JODIMARS: Midnight/ JOHNNY AND THE HURRICANES: Buckeye/ Red River Rock/ Reveille Rock/ BILL JUSTIS: Moosejaw/ Cattywampus/ THE KEYMEN: Long Tall Sally/ THE KING'S HENCHMEN: All Tore Up/ Flip Flap/ THE KINGSMEN: Weekend/ LAWSON-HAGGART ROCKIN' BAND: Pinetop's Boogie Woogie/ JOE MAPHIS: Guitar Rock 'N' Roll/ SANDY NELSON: Teen Beat/ KENNY PARCHMAN: Satellite Hop/ RED PRYSOCK AND HIS HOUSE ROCKERS: Wiggles/ THE REBEL ROUSERS: The Zombie Walks/ THE ROCK-A-TEENS: Woo Hoo/ THE ROCKETS: Walkin' Home/ THE ROYAL TEENS: Royal Blue/ THE ROYALTONES: Poor Boy/ Wail/ SANTO & JOHNNY: All Night Diner/ School Day/ Sleep Walk/ ARTHUR "GUITAR BOOGIE" SMITH AND HIS CRACKERJACKS: Guitar Bustin'/ Hi-Lo Boogie/ THE VIRTUES: Guitar Boogie Shuffle/ THE VOXPOPPERS: Guitar Stroll/ THE WAILERS: Tall Cool One

VARIOUS ARTISTS Soundway 001 Ghana Soundz: Afro-Beat, Funk And Fusion In 70's Ghana ● CD $18.98
14 tracks, 72 mins, essential
Originally released in 2003 on Skitteesh and later on Soundway in 2004 and now reprinted, this is one of the first viable collections of 70's Ghana Afro-Beat groups that recorded in the wake of Fela Kuti's success in Nigeria. Much of this material was rare and unreleased when it was compiled here, and some exceptional talent is spotlighted including The 3rd Generation Band, Oscar Sulley & the Uhuru Dance Band, Marijata, The Ogyatanaa Show Band, K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas, and Honny & the Bees Band. The influence of Western funk and fusion music has been adopted and absorbed by the musicians to create something truly great of their very own. This CD is a worthy companion to the Nigeria 70 (Strut 044) compilation of West African music. (GMC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Trailer-Park 002 Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands, Vol. 2 ● CD $15.98
The first volume in this series featured weird country recordings - the second is subtitled "demented rock 'n' roll" and features songs about hustlers, monkeys, hod rodders, frogs, bowling, illegal immigrants, boogie pigs, voodoo, delinquents and more including tracks by Chuck Daniels, Bill Brandt (the weird Pink Cadillac with minimalist arrangement), Russ Veers, Bob Arlin (the great East L.A.), Vancie Flowers (her 1962 Wet Back is very timely today), Duke Mitchell, Johnny Wildcard, Bob Roubian (Starts "She's a cracker stacker/ In a biscuit house" and then gets strange!), Jimmie Cross (The Ballad Of James Bong - say no more), Bobby Gregory (the totally tasteless Chinese Rock & Roll) and more.
BOB ARLIN: East L.A./ ASHLEY BEAUMONT THE 18TH: Fair Sex/ BIG DADDY: Daddy Frog/ BIG SHORTY: The Guy That Looks Like Me/ THE BLUE TEMPOS: Rock & Roll Rhythm/ THE CHARLIE BOP TRIO: Tokyo Queen/ BILL BRANDT: Pink Cadillac/ JIM BURGETT: Split Personality/ TONY BUTALA: Long Black Stockings/ KEITH COURVALE: Steelworker Blues/ JIMMIE CROSS: Ballad Of James Bong/ VANCIE FLOWERS: Wet Back/ BOBBY GREGORY: Chinese Rock & Roll/ LALA GUERRERO: Pancho Rock/ FELTON JARVIS: Swingin' Cat/ JUNIOR JORDAN: The Rock-A-Boogie Piggy/ RIC MASTEN: Missile Monkey/ DUKE MITCHELL: Cholo Joe/ Strike/ NORRIS THE TROUBADOUR: Bote In Bin/ JOHNNY PERRY: The Voo-Doo Man/ BOB ROUBIAN: Cracker Stacker/ RED (HOT) RUSSELL: Pedro Joe/ DON SARGENT: Leadfoot/ JIMMY STAYTON: The Hep Old Frog/ RUSS VEERS: The Answer/ DANNY WELCH: Riding Shotgun/ HONEY WELCH: A Doggone Feeling/ JOHNNY WILDCARD: Rock & Roll Yodel

VARIOUS ARTISTS Trailer-Park 004 Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands, Vol. 4 ● CD $15.98
31 songs + 2 spoken interludes, highly recommended
Our wild and crazy friends at the trailer park are at it again. This time they have turned their attention to the "hippy revolution" of the 1960s with 31 (mostly country) songs dealing with hippies and all that word implies including long hair, love-ins, marijuana, LSD, protesting and more. If you though that Merle Haggard's Okie From Muskogie was pretty scathing stuff, wait until you hear Place For Them Called Hell by Smokey Harless. No collection of hippie songs would be complete without Red RIver Dave's amazing account of the Manson murders - The California Hippie Murders and we also get Hippie In A Blunder by Johnny Bucket, Barber Hair Blues by Wayne Satkamp and Chesney Carroll's tongue in cheek response to Merle Hippie From Mississippi. Autry Inman is here with two ultra patriotic songs The Ballad Of two Brothers and Vietnam Blues, Don Hinson pokes fun at The Protest Singer, Don Bowman fills us in on The San Francisco Scene and Lester Flatt Can't Tell The Boys From The Girls. More songs - serious and comical from Guy Drake, Wild Bill Cooksy, Ben Colder, Wendell Austin and more. The only slightly out of place song is The Evil Dope by Phil Phillips which is about drug use in the hood but it's such an all time classic that if you don't already have it is worth the price of admission. No notes but you'd probably be too stoned to read 'em anyway! (FS)
WENDELL AUSTIN: LSD/ MOE AVERICK: Middle Age Hippie Blues/ JIMMY D. BENNETT: Sapadelic/ DON BOWMAN: The San Francisco Scene/ JOHNNY BUCKETT: Hippie In A Blunder/ CHESNEY CARROLL: Hippie From Mississippi/ LINDA CASSADY: Is Santa Claus A Hippy/ WILD BILL COOKSY: Mississippi Hippie/ FREDDY COUNTRYMAN: Cocaine Blues/ GUY DRAKE: The Marching Hippies/ LESTER FLATT: I Can't Tell The Boys From The Girls/ BUD FREEMAN: Because Of LSD/ SMOKEY HARLESS: Place For Them Called Hell/ DON HINSON: The Protest Singer/ HOMER & JETHRO: Hill Billy Hippie/ AUTRY INMAN: Ballad Of Two Brothers/ Vietnam Blues/ INTRO: The Hippie Revolt/ BUCK JONES: A Box Of Grass/ LARRY KIRBY: Country Western Hippy/ STU MITCHELL: Acid/ BEN OLDER: The Love-In/ PHIL PHILLIPS: The Evil Dope/ JOHNNY PRICE: Marijuana, The Devil Flower/ LEON RAUSCH: Hanoi Jane/ BILLY RAY: The Story Of Suzie/ RED RIVER DAVE: California Hippie Murders!/ WAYNE SATKAMP: Barber Hair Blues/ ALVIE SELF: Hippieville/ SKIT: What The Bible Says About Drug Addiction/ HARRY SNYDER: The Needle/ BILL WOODS: The Story Of Suzy/ VIC WOODWARD & CLAUDIA: Hippie Yippie

VARIOUS ARTISTS Trailer-Park 5 Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands, Vol. 5 ● CD $15.98
31 tracks + 2 spoken segments, 79 mins, highly recommended (I think)
Those whackos at Trailer-Park are back with another thematic collection subtitled "Last Kiss Of The Drunken Driver" it's a collection of 50s/ early 60s songs about suicide, drunks, car wrecks, dead teenagers and funerals. Two of the most popular songs in the genre were Last Kiss and Endless Sleep and those two songs are here but in cover versions by Wayne Cochran and Lee Kram respectively. And if you think those are grim wait until you hear Susie Forgive Me by Kenny Karen - a delightful tale about a boy who injures his girl friend in a car accident and then gets shot by the cops while robbing a store to get money for her surgery. More delights include Two Hour Honeymoon by Paul Hampton, Jimmy Cross's truly sick I Want My Baby Back, The Grave by Tony Casanova and more from Honey May, Cliff Gleaves, Benny Joy, Don Bailey, Terry Tyler and others. About the only familiar track is Buddy Knox's great I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself - he sounds so cheerful at the prospect. Get out your handkerchiefs before listening to this one. (FS)
KENNY ANCEL: Teenage Honeymoon/ BILL ANDERSON: Three A.M./ DON BAILEY: Fourteen Stories Down/ TONY CASANOVA: The Grave/ WAYNE COCHRAN: Last Kiss/ JIMMY CROSS: I Want My Baby Back/ TOMMY DEE: Ballad Of Drag Race/ MARK DINNING: The Pickup/ MORT (DOC) DOWNEY JR: Ballad Of Billy Brown/ CLIFF GLEAVES: Long Black Hearse/ PAUL HAMPTON: Two Hour Honeymoon/ BILLY HUNT: Welcome Touch Of Death/ FERLIN HUSKEY: The Drunken Driver/ LOUIE INNIS: Suicide/ INTRO: Signal 30/ BENNY JOY: Dark Angel/ KENNY KAREN: Susie Forgive Me/ STANLEY KIMBALL: No Return/ BUDDY KNOX: I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself/ LEE KRAM: Endless Sleep/ RONNIE LAYNE: Freeway U.S.A./ BOBBY LEEDS: Suicide/ JAMES MASK: I Miss My Teen Angel/ HONEY MAY: Suicide/ THE MYSTICS: Star Crossed Lovers/ JODY REYNOLDS: A Tear For Jesse/ DEE ROBB: The Prom/ RONNIE & LYNDA: He's A Good Boy/ JULIAN ROSE: The Rumor/ SKIT: The Bottle & The Throttle/ BOBBY SWANSON: Angel/ TERRY TYLER: A Thousand Feet Below/ CAL VEALE: Paralyzed

VARIOUS ARTISTS Trailer-Park 6 Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands, Vol. 6 ● CD $15.98
30 tracks, 79 mins, essential
Just when you think that all of the odd, wild and obscure nuggets have been unearthed from the Rock 'n' Roll and Country mine, you get a collection like this with all kinds of crazy diamonds. I personally think that there is a compound somewhere in the Ozark Mountains where they have a bunch of wild-eyed southern boys holed up, fed a steady diet of moonshine and cheeseburgers, with nothing but vintage Grand Ole' Opry broadcasts, Sun Records 45s, and Ed Wood movies for entertainment. At this compound they are given cheap guitars, stand-up basses, and two-piece drum kits and encouraged to record all these wild tracks, which are then made to look like rare old records that nobody has ever heard of... That's my conspiracy theory, and there are plenty more on this collection for you to enjoy. Tackling so many of the pressing issues of the day like: Puberty - (Cowboy) Jack Clement My Voice Is Changing; inter-racial adoption - Johnny Starr Little Brown Baby; government conspiracies - The Space Walkers - Swamp Gas; drug addiction - Margie Singleton - Jesus is My Pusher; and so on. Also possibly the most unsung issue, the one of women wearing other women's hair, thankfully tackled here by Bud & Darlene Chambers in The Wig Song, with the phenomenal line "When a woman wears another woman's hair, you can't hardly tell who they 'air" (sic). You get songs about John Wayne, the Devil, monsters, and even one Sitar Pickin' Man. There're also two great alligator songs: Bobby Hodge's Alligator Man, which celebrates the great alligator hunters of the south, and Johnny Ray Harris's Alligator Meat, which celebrates the fruits of that labor. Aside from Swamp Gas, and Hank Hill (from the show King Of The Hill) doing Red Sovine's Teddy Bear, I can't say as I have ever heard many of the tracks here--and this kinda stuff is what I love! I have made a point of hunting down collections like these for the last 20 years or so. If you like it weird, if obscure Rock 'n' Roll, and Country music, Wrastlin' and b-movies are what you call high-culture, then you won't want to miss this one. (JM)
GLENN BARBER: I Created A Monster/ BILLY BARTON: The Devil My Conscience & I/ TOMMY JIM BEAM: Bayou/ DON BOWMAN: Giddyup Do Nut/ TV Commercials/ BILL CARLISLE: Tiny Space Man/ BUD & DARLENE CHAMBERS: The Wig Song/ JACK CLEMENT: My Voice Is Changing/ JOHNNY RAY HARRIS: Alligator Meat/ LUM HATCHER: Behind The Fear/ White Lightning 'N Excess/ HANK HILL: Teddy Bear/ BOBBY HODGE: Alligator Man/ THE HOUSE BROTHERS: Rock 'Round The Old Corral/ LLOYD HUGO: Mother Trucker/ MERLE KILGORE: Lover's Hell/ LUKE THE DRIFTER JR: I Was With Red Foley/ PINKY PINKSTON: Blue Moon Of Kentucky/ JACKIE POWERS: Heeby Jeeby Blues/ LEROY PULLINS: Out In The Smokehouse Takin' A Bath/ VINCE ROBERTS: Stars Guitar/ JOHN TEXAS ROCKER: Teddy Bears' Epitaph/ MARGIE SINGLETON: Jesus Is My Pusher/ RED SOVINE: The Hero (John Wayne)/ THE SPACE WALKERS: Swamp Gas/ JOHNNY STARR: Little Brown Baby/ BOBBY WAYNE: TV Dream/ GEORGE WESTON: Dead Man/ FARON YOUNG: Dingaka (The Witch Doctor)/ BOBBY ZEHM: Sitar Pickin' Man

VARIOUS ARTISTS Trailer-Park 7 Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands, Vol. 7 ● CD $15.98
32 tracks, 77 mins, highly recommended
Just when you thought it was safe to re-enter the trailer park here comes another wild and crazy collection - mostly with a rock 'n' roll flavor. Songs deal with subjects like 500 pound canaries, stealing hubcaps, fugitives, aftershave, auctioneers, cockroaches, smoking in bed and more. Artists include Jules Blattner, Bob Lee (a Screamin' Jay Hawkins influenced performer), Bill Royal, The Facets, Junior Jordan, Jerry Foster, Bill Peyton, Hong Kong White Sox (a tasteless version of Alley Oop sung in mock Chinese accent as Cholly Oop), Zip & The Zippers, Dudley (a parody of El Paso called El Pizza), Henry Thome, Senator Bobby & Senator McKinley (Bobby Kennedy and Everett McKinley imitators sing (?) Mellow Yellow) and others. (FS)
THE ARISTOKATZ: Next Time/ JULES BLATTNER: 500 Pound Canary/ DAVEY DAVE: Motor Cycle Mike/ JOHNNY DIO: Back Crack Twist/ DUDLEY: El Pizza/ THE FACETS: Auctioneer/ JERRY FOSTER: I Ain't No Beatle/ GROOVY G-MAN: Groovy Grub Worm/ AL HENDRIX: Wait'll You Get a Wiff of My Aftershave Lotion/ HONG KONG WHITE SOX: Cholley Oop/ JERRY & BRAD: The People Hater/ JUNIOR JODAN: Down Boy! Down Boy!/ SPIKE JONES: Japanese Skokiaan/ DANNY LAMEGO: Chickenfeed/ JACK LARSON: Roaches/ BILLY LEDBETTER: Stealing Hubcaps/ BOB LEE: Wanted for Questioning/ KENNY LEE MARTIN: One Night Stand/ LAMAR MORRIS: The Fugitive/ BILL PEYTON: Don't Smoke in Bed/ PLEASANT VALLEY TUNE JAMMERS: Big Foots/ Ugly/ WENDY POWERS: Auctioneer Lover/ MISTER ROMAN: Elvis Reese's Peanut Butter Creme/ GENE ROSS: Rockin' China Doll/ BILL ROYAL: Caffeine-Nicotine-And-Gasoline/ JOHNNY ROYAL: Lover Boy/ SENATOR BOBBY & SENATOR MCKINLEY: Mellow Yellow/ HENRY THOME: Wolf Bait/ THE WARNER BROTHERS: Please Mr. Sullivan/ JOEY WARREN: Goatee/ ZIP & THE ZIPPERS: Gig

VARIOUS ARTISTS Trailer-Park 8 Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands, Vol. 8 ● CD $15.98
30 tracks, 80 mins, highly recommended
If you don't have a good recipe for cooking up opossum, or a bail bondsman on speed-dial, then you might not quite understand this collection. Basically this is a gathering of unhinged, uninhibited, and often unlawful Country recordings, the likes of which you probably haven't ever quite experienced before. You get songs about being drunk - Drunk On The Street by Bo Ratliff, Drunk-Drunk-Again by Billy Brown; songs about mental problems - Insane by Katie Lee, unlucky love - Cousin Zeke's Lover Man Minus Sex Appeal; ghosts - Slim O'Mary's Ghost Of Henry Wells; more songs about getting drunk - Luke Gibbons' Queen Of Skid Row; and then a couple tragic tales of motherhood - The Hi-Fi Guys with Rock 'n Roll Killed My Mother, and the title track Please Don't Go Topless Mother by that talented little scamp Troy Hess. You also get a bonus drunk song with an unissued Phillips recording Drunk by J.W. Brown, possibly the oddest and best track on here. If you have some beer that needs crying into, or you need to kill some time waiting for your grandma to get out of prison, than this CD is certainly made for you; the rest of us are just witnesses. (JM)
HOUSTON BARKS: Stranger/ RUSS "BIG DADDY" BLACKWELL: The Little Monster/ BILLY BROWN: Drunk - Drunk Again/ J.W. BROWN: Drunk/ WAYLAND CHANDLER: Cold Cold Grave/ Just About Dawn/ LOY CLINGMAN: It's Nothing To Me/ COUSIN ZEKE: Lover Man Minus Sex Appeal/ TEX CRADDOCK: Carolina Beach/ DICK CURLESS: Chick Inspector/ LUKE GIBBONS: Prisoner's Promise/ Queen Of Skid Row/ LEON HART: Long White Line/ TROY HESS: Please Don't Go Topless Mother/ Wild Hog Boogie/ THE HI FI GUYS: Rock ‘n Roll Killed My Mother/ HOWARD & THE TRUETONES: Harlan County/ GINNY KENNEDY: Miss Irene/ DUKE LARSON: Heartbreakin' Special/ KATIE LEE: Insane/ THE LUMBERJACK: Hell Bound Train/ DUDE MARTIN: On A Hill/ FILTHY MCNASTY: Ice Man/ SLIM O'MARY: Ghost Of Henry Wells/ BO RATLIFF: Drunk On The Street/ SIERRA RHYTHMS: Big Feet/ JOHNNY STARR: Fire Burns/ BOOTS TILL: Shadows Of The Prison Bars/ PATSY TIMMONS: Answer To Life To Go/ CHUCK WELLS: Down & Out

VARIOUS ARTISTS Yazoo 2202 The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of ● CD $25.98
Two CDs, 46 tracks, 138 mins, utterly essential
Even if this two CD set didn't have the never before reissued Son House tracks from 1930 this would still be an essential release with an incredible selection of some of the rarest and finest pre war country blues and old time music recordings with superb sound but the presence of the Son House tracks elevates this to the supreme release of the last few years. Copies of House's first three 78s for Paramounts are exceedingly rare but have been in the hands of collectors since the late 50s and have been reissued numerous times and now someone has found the fourth 78 and it's every bit as good as the other three. Mississippi County Farm Blues is a bit different in feel to his other recordings with a melody based on Blind Lemon Jefferson's See That My Grave Is Kept Clean only with a secular theme. It features stunning vocals and lyrical slide guitar work - a true masterpiece. The flipside Clarksdale Moan is almost as good - a rhythmic paean to that important Mississippi city. Although all the other blues and black gospel tracks have been reissued before the sound quality here is improved substantially - the Document reissue of Jaybird Coleman's magnificent Boll Weevil is almost unlistenable - here the full strength of Coleman's singing and harmonica playing come through. There are other blues gems from John Byrd, Ollis Martin, The Memphis Jug Band (their gorgeous Jim Strainer Blues), Jesse "Babyface" Thomas, Blind Roosevelt Graves & Uaroy Graves, Lottie Kimbrough and others. Since old time country music is less well represented on CD than blues and black gospel many of those tracks are making their appearance here for the first time and several tracks are from previously unissued acetates. The Georgia Pot Lickers Brunswick 78 of Up Jumped A Rabbit/ Chicken Don't Roost Too High featuring the magnificent twin fiddle work of Lowe Stokes and A.A. Gray is as mythically rare as the Son House. Other old timey highlights includes the gorgeous Fightin' The War With Spain by Wilmer Watts & the Lonely Eagles, the beautiful, previously unissued, We All Love Mother by The Crowder Brothers with lovely fiddle and slide guitar, the remarkable Smith & Irvine performing Lonesome Road Blues as a piano duet and more from Freeny's Barn dance band, Ernest Phipps & His Holiness Singers, The Grayson County Railsplitters, Asa Martin & Roy Hobbs, Osey Helton and others. There's just one musical treasure after another. The two CD set comes packaged in a DVD size case with specially commissioned cover by R. Crumb and comes with a booklet with a humorous essay by Rich Nevin on the craziness of record collecting and gorgeous full color label shots of a dozen of the included titles. My only criticism is the complete absence of any discographical information or notes on the performances. Still the music is so good this still counts as THE release of the last few years. (FS)
AMEDIE ARDOIN & DENNIS MCGEE: Two Step De La Prairie Soileau/ ASHLEY & FOSTER: Bull Dog Sal (unissued)/ ANDREW & JIM BAXTER: Operator Blues/ DOCK BOGGS: Old Rub Alcohol Blues/ JOHN BYRD: Old Timbrook Blues/ JAYBIRD COLEMAN: Boll Weevil/ Mistreatin' Mama/ THE CROWDER BROTHERS: We All Love Mother (unissued)/ FREENY'S BARN DANCE BAND: Croquet Habits/ THE GEORGIA POT LICKERS: Chicken Don't Roost Too High/ Up Jumped The Rabbit/ JACK GOWDLOCK: Rollin Dough Blues/ BLIND ROOSEVELT GRAVES & VAROY GRAVES: I Shall Not Be Moved/ GRAYSON & WHITTER: My Mind Is To Marry (unissued)/ THE GRAYSON COUNTY RAILSPLITTERS: Ain't That Trouble In Mind (unissued)/ J.D. HARRIS: The Grey Eagle/ WILLIAM HARRIS: I'm Leavin' Town (but I Sho' Don't Wanna Go)/ ROY HARVEY & JESS JOHNSTON AND THE WEST VIRG: John Hardy Blues/ OSEY HELTON: Green River/ KING SOLOMON HILL: Whoopee Blues (alternate Take)/ SON HOUSE: Clarksdale Moan/ Mississippi County Farm Blues/ TOMMY JOHNSON: Slidin' Delta/ LUKE JORDON: If I Call You Mama/ THE KENTUCKY RAMBLERS: Ginseng Blues/ LOTTIE KIMBROUGH: Don't Speak To Me/ OLLIS MARTIN: Police And High Sheriff Come Ridin' Down/ ASA MARTIN & ROY HOBBS: Wild Cat Rag/ KEN MAYNARD: Sweet Betsey From Pike (unissued)/ THE MEMPHIS JUG BAND: Jim Strainer Blues/ MEMPHIS MINNIE & JOE MCCOY: I'm Going Back Home/ MIDDLE GEORGIA SINGING CONVENTION NO. 1: Bells Of Love/ CHUBBY PARKER: Davey Crockett/ ERNEST PHIPPS AND HIS HOLINESS SINGERS: A Little Talk With Jesus/ YANK RACHEL WITH SLEEPY JOHN ESTES & JAB JONE: Sweet Mama/ LONG "CLEEVE" REED & LITTLE HARVEY HULL - THE DOWN HOM: Original Stack O' Lee Blues/ BILL SHEPHERD WITH HAYES SHEPHERD & ED WEBB: Bound Steel Blues/ SMITH & IRVINE: Lonesome Road Blues/ THE SWEET BROTHERS: I'm Gonna Marry That Pretty Little Girl/ JESSE "BABYFACE" THOMAS: Down In Texas Blues/ THE THREE STRIPED GEARS: Alabama Blues/ WADE WARD: Married Man's Blues (unissued)/ WILMER WATTS & THE LONELY EAGLES: Fightin' In The War With Spain/ HENRY WHITTER: It's A Rough Road To Georgia (unissued)/ REV. B.L. WIGHTMAN WITH LOTTIE KIMBROUGH & CONGREG: Live The Life/ GEESHIE WILEY: Skinny Leg Blues


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