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VARIOUS ARTISTS Funky Delicacies 0011 Funky Funky New Orleans ● CD $14.98
14 tracks, 50 min., highly recommended
A collection of high octane, superfunk recorded in the land of Mardi Gras between 1969-1975, which will forever be known as the golden age of extreme funkifacation. If Eddie Bo doesn't get your blood and muscle moving, check your big toe for a white tag. Songs such as Louisiana Homegrown's Chiller are literally too funky for words, while others, including Chuck Cornish's Ali; Funky Thing (about the boxer) and Sonny Jones' Lighten Up, find the occasional vocal poking through the bass thump. The best track might just be If It's Good To Ya, It's Good For Ya (an Eddie Bo classic), in all its previously-unreleased extended-mix greatness. Louisiana Homegrown's two cuts are previously unreleased as well, as are The Scram Band's Don't Change Nothin' and I've Got Reasons. And while Jimmy Hicks' answer song I'm Mr. Big Stuff rides in a similar groove as the original Jean Knight classic, it doesn't touch it for attitude. Send more Eddie Bo. (JC)
EDDIE BO: Hook And Sling (Part 1)/ Hook And Sling (Part 2)/ If It's Good To Ya, It's Good For Ya/ CHUCK CORNISH: Funky Thing/ THE GATURS: Swivel Your Hips/ JIMMY HICKS: I'm Mr. Big Stuff/ SONNY JONES: Lighten Up/ LOUISIANA HOMEGROWN: Chiller/ Homegrown/ THE RHYTHM MASTERS: Black Conversation/ I Can Do Anything You Can/ THE SCRAM BAND: Don't Change Nothin'/ I've Got Reasons/ WALTER WASHINGTON & THE SOUL POWERS: Soul Power

VARIOUS ARTISTS Funky Delicacies 0012 Senator Jones' Funky Funky New Orleans ● CD $14.98
13 tracks, 45 min., recommended
This collection of non-hits from Senator Jones' stable of labels (Hep' Me, Jenmark, Super Dome, JB's, Light House) dishes up the funkiness from the well-known (Johnny Adams) to the (more-or-less) unknown (Fanoms, The Prolifics, Ray J., and almost everyone else). Jones' jazz-informed (often), full-blooded production works overtime to impress. Still, not everything here is wonderful. Kung Fu Man (Parts One & Two) which riffs on the Carl Douglas hit of similar name, never really goes where it promises, and Jones' own Sweet Thing is a bit pedestrian. Likewise Dennis Lee & The Notables attempt at starting a dance craze with Funky Penguin is admirable (if only for the thought) though unsuccessful for good reasons. But Get A Little Bit by Fantoms is so funky and cool it could kill Bobby Sherman. And Ray J's cover of Dr. John's Right Place Wrong Time funks up that which was already far from funkless. His duet with Norma Lee (Everlasting Love makes a decent single too. Any more Fanoms 45s out there? (JC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Funky Delicacies 0014 Funky Funky Houston ● CD $14.98
17 tracks, 51 min., highly recommended
Specifically, the funkiness here all comes from the tiny Houston label, Ovide Records, owned and operated by KCOH-AM disc jockey Skipper Lee Frazier. In his spare time, Frazier managed Archie Bell, whose single Tighten Up went #1 nationally on Atlantic Records, but it was issued on Ovide first. This album collects rare material from the Ovide vaults cut between 1967-72, including three previously unissued tracks. And while a little uneven, the performances are generally quite strong, especially Crackerjack by Americans of '72, Please Heart Don't Break by the TSU Toronados (who acted as house band for Frazier), and Get Your Point Over by Sebastian Williams. A worthy addition to the funk library. (JC)
ACRES OF GRASS: Do You Really Love Me (Inst)/ Football/ AMBASSADORS OF SOUL: Cool Sticks/ AMERICANS OF '68: Baby Baby Baby/ Come On Mama/ Hunching Sticks/ AMERICANS OF '72: Crackerjack/ CHARLES BERRY & THE CHERRIES: Ain't That Something/ BOBO MR SOUL: H.L.I.C./ THE FOUR AVALONS: The Yankee Dance/ THE OVIDE ALL-STARS: Cha Cha/ One Number Cancels The Other/ MARK PUTNEY: Don't Come Round Here Anymore/ Today's Man/ THE TSU TORONADOS: Ain't Nothin' Nowhere/ Please Heart Don't Break/ SEBASTIAN WILLIAMS: Get Your Point Over

VARIOUS ARTISTS Funky Delicacies 0022 Jazzy Funky New Orleans ● CD $14.98
A collection of rare & unreleased jazz funk from 1962-1972. Tracks from the Great Southern label are included (songs by trumpeter Porgy Jones & saxaphonist/flutist Alvin Thomas) as well as never-before released Peacock jams by James Booker.
EDDIE BO & CANDY PHILLIPS: Timber (Parts 1&2)/ BO JUNIOR: Coffee Pot (Part 1)/ JAMES BOOKER: Hold My Hand/ Next Time You See/ THE ELECTROSTATS: Setting The Mood/ PORGY JONES: Catch Joe Potato/ Catch Me If You Can/ Dap (Parts 1&2)/ RAY J: Lost Girlfriend/ WILLIE TEE: Teasin' You Again/ Your Love, My Love Together/ ALVIN THOMAS: Sax-O-Soul/ The Hesitation/ The Roach/ The Streetcar/ WALTER "WOLFMAN" WASHINGTON: Good & Juicy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Train 7010 Swing Time Shouters ● CD $14.98
18 tracks, 48 min., recommended
A fine various artist collection focusing on the male blues artists who recorded for the West Coast Swing Time family of labels. Volume one opens with one track by Big Joe Turner, Wine-O-Baby Blues. This is followed by Felix Gross singing What's Your Style, Earl Brown performing Lovin' a Married Woman, Mickey Cooper with Had a Dream Last Night, Jimmy McCracklin doing Gonna Have My Fun, Sylvestor Mike singing Fish House Boogie, and Jimmy Witherspoon with Miss Clawdy B, among others. A nice program, often on the mellow side, with other production values high. (DH)
CLIFFORD BLIVENS & EDGAR HAYES ORCHESTRA: Hobo Boogie*/ EARL BROWN WITH RED CALLENDER: I'm A Lovin' Man/ Lovin' A Married Woman/ MICKEY COOPER: Freight Train Blues*/ I Had A Dream Last Night/ FELIX GROSS: F. G. Boogie/ How Could You/ Let's Get Together/ What's Your Style, Baby*/ JIMMY MCCRACKLIN: I'm Gonna Have My Fun/ True Blues/ SYLVESTER MIKE: Fishhouse Boogie*/ Going Out (In The World)/ Wise Woman/ JOHNNY OTIS ORCH.: Talking to Myself (unknown alternate take) Johnny/ JOE SWIFT WITH RED CALLENDER'S QUINTET: Chicken Leg Chick (Alt. take*)/ JOE TURNER & PETE JOHNSON: Wine-O-Baby Boogie/ JIMMY WITHERSPOON: Miss Claudy B (Alt. take)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Train 7013 Swing Time Jive ● CD $14.98
A fine collection devoted to the more light hearted side of blues, R&B and jazz with a selection of lively and hip numbers from the vaults of Swingtime featuring The Red Saunders Band, Joe Pullum, Pete Peterson, Joe Swift with Johnny Otis Band, Floyd Dixon, Earl Jackson, Charles Brown, Ray Charles and others. With titles like Legs Gettin' Bigger And Bigger/ Gal With A Whole Lotta Loot/ Alligator Meat/ Take Out The Squeal and Bippety Be Bop Pony you know you're in for a good time.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Train 7014 Swing Time Shouters, Vol 2 ● CD $14.98
18 tracks, 48 min., recommended
Volume two in the Shouters series features more work by most of the same singers featured on Volume one. Jimmy Witherspoon weighs in with Big Heart and Funny Style Baby. Felix Gross performs six numbers including Goin' to Get Straight, Flying Baby Boogie, and Don't Make Me Late. Earl Brown sings I Want a Little Girl. Jimmy McCracklin offers up Rockin' Man and House Rockin' Blues, and Percy Mayfield sings Baby You're Still a Square. Cover art closely matches volume one, and there are no liner notes here at all. Sound quality, however, is fine. (DH)
CLIFFORD BLIVENS: Achin' Heart Boogie/ Fat Man Blues/ EARL BROWN W/ RED CALLENDER: I Want A Little Girl/ MICKEY COOPER: It's Too Late Baby/ FELIX GROSS: Can't Do That No More/ Don't Makle Me Late/ Flying Baby Boogie/ Goin' To Get Straight/ Six Eight Boogie/ Worried About You Baby/ EARL JACKSON: So Help Me/ PERCY MAYFIELD: Baby You're Still A Square/ JIMMY MCCRACKLIN: House Rockin' Blues/ Rockin' Man/ SYLVESTOR MIKE: Million Things On My Mind/ Rubber Leg Woman/ JIMMY WITHERSPOON: Big Heart/ Funny Style Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Train 7015 Swing Time Gospel, Vol. 1 ● CD $14.98
21 tracks, 57 mins, recommended
This set is a fine collection of acapella gospel from the vaults of Swingtime and Downbeat, a label not generally thought as a gospel label. Downbeat is responsible for launching the career of the great Soul Stirrers and this disc features their first commercial recordings that Downbeat issued in the mid 40s though they are supposed to have been recorded in 1939. These are truly lovely performances and it's unfortunate that the sound quality on these is not too good. Yes the original 78s are very rare and poor quality pressings but a couple of these were issued on Spirit Feel with superior sound. Still they are magnificent. The rest of the groups are pretty obscure and for the most part relatively pedestrian with the exception of the excellent Nightengale Jubalaires who verge closer to the harder school of gospel singing. The other groups are the Wingman Quartet, Stars Of Harmony and Kansas City Gospel Singers. There is also a bonus track not listed - track 17 is a fine and powerful performance that really builds. I think it might be the Stars Of Harmony but I'm not sure. The (sometime inaccurate) liner notes are very enthusiastic about Rough And Rocky Road by The Stars Of Harmony but it's not included on the disc! (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Train 7026 Legendary Labels Of Louisiana - Best Of Sapphire ● CD $14.98
16 tracks, 39 min., recommended
An eclectic mix of 50's numbers culled from the archives of New Orleans' own Sapphire Records, a small independent label whose owners recorded their artists at Cosimo Matassa's studio on North Rampart, just like their more successful counterparts like Imperial Records. And the folks at Sapphire used the same well known Crescent City musicians. The result is that all of these numbers, even the ones in Spanish (!), are firmly r&b in sound. Featured tracks include the original version of Mardi Gras Mambo by Jody Levens, Geraldine by Casanova & the Chants, Why Should I by the Flips, Hound Dog Blues by the El-Der Rocks, Crying the Blues by Billy Tircuit and the Moonbeams, La Paloma and Cienito Lindo by Tito Guizar, and Juke Box Boogie Woogie Chick by Snookum Russell. Musical gumbo to be sure, and loads of fun, everything from doo-wop to Louisiana styled blues, all offered here with informative liner notes and solid sound quality. (DH)
CASANOVA & THE CHANTS: Geraldine/ I Know You/ GLADYS DEVORE: Yes Ma'am/ THE EL-DER ROCKS: Back Room/ Hound Dog Blues/ THE FLIPS: Why Should I/ TITO GUIZAR: Cienito Lindo/ La Paloma/ Take Me In Your Arms/ JODY LEVENS: Jingle Bell Boogie/ Mardi Gras Mambo/ SNOOKUM RUSSELL: Basin Street Ain't Basin Street No More/ Juke Box Boogie Woogie Chick/ BILLY TIRCUIT & THE MOONBEAMS: Crying The Blues/ Teenage Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Train 7029 The Count Basie Alumni ● CD $14.98
1946 to '49 Swingtime recordings by bands led by former Count Basie sidemen - trombonist Vic Dickenson and tenor sax men Lucky Thompson and Buddy Tate. With Marshall Royal and Maxwell Davis.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Train 7044 Legendary Labels Of Louisiana - The Best Of Hermitage ● CD $14.98
20 tracks, 48 min., recommended
A delightful and thorough look at the 1962-1963 output of William "Hoss" Allen's Hermitage label, an outfit with something of a split personality, in that about half of its tracks reflect the black musical styles of the label's Nashville home base, while the other half reflect Allen's tendency to record in New Orleans. The first nine numbers here clearly come from the Crescent City; they include I Get the Blues When It Rains by Alonzo Stewart, Eternity and I Can't Help It by Joe and Ann, and Southern Style by Eskew Reeder's Eskerettes. And on the Nashville side of the roster, the program includes six r&b sides by Sam Baker - including Rainin' and Stormin', Keep on Scratchin', and Sweet Little Angel - two numbers by Good Jelly Bess (a male performer according to my ear), two by Preston Jackson, and one by Henry Moore. The mix of strong ballads with upbeat dance numbers makes for a particularly enjoyable program. (DH)
SAM BAKER: Keep On Scratchin'/ Little Mama/ Rainin' And Stormin'/ Sweet Little Angel/ Tossin' And Turnin'/ Why Does A Woman Treat A Man So Bad/ GOOD JELLY BESS: A Little Piece At A Time/ Come And Get It/ PRESTON JACKSON: Three Quarter Stomp Part 1/ Three Quarter Stomp Part 2/ JOE & ANN: Doubtful/ Eternity/ I Can't Help/ Runnin' And Foolin'/ HENRY MOORE: Let The World End Tomorrow/ ESKEW REEDER'S ESKERETTES: Love Is A Many Splendered Thing/ Southern Style/ ALONZO STEWART: I Get Blues When It Rains/ I'm Sill In Love With You/ WILLIE B.: I Trusted In You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Train 7045 New Orleans Rock 'n Roll Party ● CD $14.98
23 tracks, 52 mins, highly recommended
Terrific collection of New Orleans R&B from the late 50s and early 60s. Mostly obscure artists recording for tiny labels like Pontchartrain, Dewitt, Arcadia and Concertone but most have that distinctive New Orleans sound with riffing, rolling horns and a strong backbeat. Among the artists here are Billy Tircuit, Stella Johnson (the terrific Trial Of Stagger Lee), Chris Kenner, Earl Williams, Byron Gipson, Al Reed (a wonderful New Orleans style version of El Rancho Grande)!), Calvin "Hound Dog" Ruffin, Big Al Downing (doing a prefect Fat Domino impersonation on his two songs), The Mel Lastie Band and others. Only one clinker here - the dismal ballad Face The Facts by Billy Tircuit. Many of the tracks sound like they were dubbed from 45s but the sound is by no means bad. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Train 7046 Legendary Labels Of Louisiana - Best Of Scram ● CD $14.98
17 tracks of New Orleans R&B, soul and funk (9 of them previously unissued) recorded for Al Scramuzza's Scram label in the late 60s - Walter Washington, Errol Chandler, Sonny Jones, Curly Moore, Richie Matta, The Jades, Benny Spellman and The Scram Band.
ERROL CHANDLER: Lonely Place/ What Have I Done/ MARY JANE HOOPER: Remember When (original / instrumental)/ THE JADES: For Once in My Life/ I've Got Love for My Baby/ So Glad I Found You (mix 1)/ There's Nothing I Can Do/ What A Fool I've Been/ SONNY JONES: I Wonder (vocal)/ Seven Days/ RICHIE MATTA: Time Out/ CURLY MOORE: Back in Mother's Arms/ Not Just You/ THE SCRAM BAND: Compromise/ BENNY SPELLMAN: Let's Start All Over/ WALTER "WOLFMAN" WASHINGTON: Goody Man/ Mary Jane (vocal)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Train 7076 New Orleans Senior Prom ● CD $14.98
23 tracks, 52 minutes, recommended
Subtitled "1 Hour of Crescent City Rock & Roll and Teenage Heartbreak", this has a ton of little known NO R&B & a bunch of great smoochin' swamp pop. The closest to a "name" artist is Danny Zella, heard on the wonderful Youngster Meets Monster, but there plenty of fine unknowns including Julian with Tasso & His Orch - Beings You're Acting So Smart, Chuck Como - I'm Not A Know-It-All & The Scotchtones - Sake Wa Dookie. Only complaint, no info given, just band names & titles. However, it what's in the grooves that counts! (GM)
VINCE ANTHONY AND THE BLUENOTES: Clarabel/ JOE CARL AND THE DUKES OF RHYTHM: Defeated/ Don't Leave Me Alone/ THE CHEVIES WITH EDWARD NICHOLSON: I Love That Girl So/ THE CHEVIES WITH WAYNE JOHNSON: Come On and Love Me/ COLLAY AND THE SATELLITES: Little Girl Next Door/ CHUCK COMO: Bells in My Heart/ I Followed A Dream/ I'm Not A Know it All/ Teardrops on My Pillow/ FATS FITZGERALD AND THE PLAYBOYS: Cornbread Blues/ Haunted Blues/ JULIAN WITH TASSO AND HIS ORCHESTRA: Being As You're Acting So Smart/ Get On the Moon/ MILSON LUCE: Don't Break Your Promise to Me/ I Got You/ SCAT MAN PATIN AND THE RAM RODS: Ginning/ Red Beans & Rice/ THE SCOTCHTONES: Do You Have the Right/ Sake Wa Dukie/ DANNY ZELLA: Zebra/ Youngster Meets Monster

VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Train 7086 The Best Of Spinett ● CD $14.98
18 tracks, 39 mins, recommended
Another in Night Train's series devoted to the "Legendary Labels Of Louisiana" - this one features 18 sides recorded for Spinett - a label formed by Frankie Ford and his manager Joe Caronno in 1957 and lasted for two years. Many of the recordings featured various combinations of New Orleans musicians recording out of contract - usually Ford, Huey "Piano" Smith and Mac Rebennac - and were issued under such pseudonyms as The Cheerleaders, Snuffy Smith (their Lumumba is a very bizarre political song) and The Three Stooges. Other artists recorded under their real names including Louis Hayward, Roland Stone (his Preacher's Daughter is a great steal of James Wayne's Junco Partner), high pitched vocalist Stormy, Bobby Lonero and Johnny Meyers. Nothing terribly profound here but a nice bunch of entertaining music with that distinctive New Orleans feel. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Train 7115 Legendary Labels Of Louisiana - The Best Of Rustone ● CD $14.98
16 tracks - most of them recorded for the tiny Rustone label out of Houma, Louisiana in the early 60s. Six of the tracks are by fine swamp pop band Emmet & The Jades, four by soulful R&B vocalist Willie West, two by The Scotchtones including their much in demand rocker Sake Wa Dukie and two by swamp pop vocalist Bobby Jay. The last two tracks are by Jack & The Rippers - a later incarnation of Emmet & The Jades issued on the Houma label in the late 60s.
EMMET & THE JADES: Blowin' The Rock/ Change Of Plan/ Hit The Road/ No One/ The Nearness Of You/ They Tell Me/ JACK & THE RIPPERS: Someone To Love/ Why Can't I Cry/ BOBBY JAY: Because Of You/ You're Gonna Cry/ THE SCOTCHTONES: Do You Have The Right/ Sake Wa Dukie/ WILLIE WEST: A Man Like Me/ Did You Have Fun/ It's No Use To Try/ Willie Knows How

VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Train 7131 Sax Kari - Fumigate Funky Broadway ● CD $14.98
29 tracks, good
A collection of 29 tracks recorded in New Orleans between 1963 and 1968 under the guidance of the remarkable Sax Kari - a figure who appears prominently as a musician, producer, songwriter and more from the late 40s through to the present day. His work is represented on dozens of labels including important independents as well tiny labels some of them run by himself. The music here represents the full range of Kari's eclectic talents from the down home bllues of Polka Dot Slim to the lounge music of Kari himself with The Codes. We also hear urban blues (Warren Lee Taylor), funky New Orleans R&B (Chris Kenner), soul (Charles "Soul" Brown) and more. There's lots of good music here that's not available elsewhere but I find it hard to recommend this because of the poor sound quality. Tracks are presumably mastered from worn 45s and the sound is frequently distorted. I know these records are not that easy to come by but I think with greater effort to track down better copies and with more care in remastering it could have been much better. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Train 7139 Ike Turner - The Bad Man - The Ike Turner Diaries ● CD $14.98
A collection of mostly obscure sides recorded for Ike's own labels (Innis, Prann, Sonja, etc). In addition to performancees by Ike and Ike & Tina it also includes sides by Robbie Montgomery, The Ikettes, Fontella Bass, Vernon Guy, Bobby John and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Train 7141 Legendary Labels Of Louisiana - Chase Records, Vol. 1 ● CD $14.98
Headed up by New Orleans' promotion king Stanley Chaisson, Chase released a variety of music from garage rock to R&B, all of which had a pro's ear for the regional and sometimes national hit. Volume one contains a sumptuous twenty-seven track selection that includes six tracks by local legends The Jokers (including There's Got To Be A Girl, a #1 New Orleans record for 17 weeks) along with tracks by local hit makers The Aubrey Twins plus Chris Miller & The Soul Brothers, Dow Jones (!), The Pirates and others.
MIKE ANCONA & THE JOKERS: There'll Come A Day/ To Say I Love You/ MIKE ANCONA AND THE JOKERS: Bound For Love/ There's Got To Be A Girl/ Tides of Time/ MIKE ANCONE & THE JOKERS: To Tease and Please/ THE AUBREY TWINS: Hip-Ity Hop/ Take Me Home With You THE/ THE AUBRY TWINS: Hoot Hoot Night Owl/ I Won't Share Your Love/ Oh Baby Mine/ Shy One The/ Susie Q/ There's Something Special Bout My Baby/ THE FABULIERS: I Go Walking/ The Night Belongs To You/ DOW JONES: Rip It Up/ True Fine Mama/ CHRIS MILLER & THE SOUL BROTHERS: Lets Get A Little Thing Going/ Look At Me/ Time Out for Love/ THE PIRATES: Big Boy Pete/ Cuttin Out/ Little Boy Sad/ Naughty Girl/ THEIR SINGING BODIES: Diagnosis-Neurosis/ You Gotta Feel It

VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Train 7142 Legendary Labels Of Louisiana - Chase Records, Vol. 2 ● CD $14.98
24 more tracks from 1965-1970 - Deacon John, The Singing Bodies, The Aubry Twins, Paul Varisco and The Chitlins.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Train 7146 Don't Be No Square - Get Hip To Quezerque ● CD $14.98
A collection of 23 tracks recorded between 1959 and 1981 and produced by underrated New Orleans producer/ arranger Wardell Quezerque (pronounced "keh-zare" - hence the rhyming album titles). The music is a mix of New Orleans R&B, soul, funk and a bit of pop. 13 tracks were on previously issued LPs/ CDs on Night Train/ Funky Delicacies or Soulville albums. The rest are from rare singles or unissued. Artists include Elliot Small, Wardell & The Sultans, Warren (Lee) Taylor, Irma Thomas, Reggie Hall, Donald Lee Richardson, Joe Wilson, Tommy Val, Joe Wilson, June Gardner, Jim Cotton and others.
THE BARONS: Society Don't Let Us Down/ THE BATES SISTERS: Symphony For The Broken-Hearted/ CHARLENE PM: Believe What I Say/ CHUCK COMO: I Followed A Dream/ JIM COTTON: Tall People/ JUNE GARDNER: Hot Seat/ REGGIE HALL: Work/ EARL HARRISON: Humphrey's Stomp/ SMOKEY JOHNSON: Dirty Red/ EDWARD JONES: Everything Wil Turn Out Right/ DENIESE KEEBLER: Love School/ WARREN LEE: Every Day Every Hour/ THE MEDALLIONS: Why Do You Look At Me?/ RAYMOND MYLES: Prayer From A Twelve Year Old Boy/ ROBERT PARKER: Barefootin' Boogaloo/ DONALD LEE RICHARDSON: I've Learned My Lesson/ ELLIOTT SMALL: I'm A Devil/ WILLIE TEE: Walking Up A One Way/ IRMA THOMAS: Full Time Woman/ TOMMY VAL: Summer Is Here/ WARDELL & THE SULTANS: I'm Broke/ JOE WILSON: Pretty Oakland Woman/ You Need Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Train 7152 New Orleans Will Rise Again ● CD $14.98
22 Tracks All proceeds from this CD benefit the New Orleans Musicians' Clinic. This is chock full of rare and unreleased material from a lot of the usual suspects that you think of when you think New Orleans, Aaron Neville, Ernie K-Doe, Jessie Hill, Luther Kent etc.. The nature and recording dates of these tracks are wide and varied, one track being Jerry Raines' excellent Dirty Rotten Mother Fuyer dating back to 1959! Stand out track has to be Ernie K-Doe's My Mother In Law's In My Hair Again, - I'm amazed that this hasn't come out before, it is actually a really great track.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Soul-Tay-Shus 6364 Legendary Labels Of Louisana - Best Of International City ● CD $18.98
Two CD set with 40 tracks of rare & unreleased New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Muscle Shoals Recordings 1964-1970
*= unreleased CHICK CARBO: Biggest Fool In Town/ I'm A Determined Man/ Ordinarity/ Someone*/ The Story Of My Life/ Touch Me/ When The Wind Blows In Chicago*/ Witchcraft/ WAYMAN DIXON: My Broken Heart*/ St. James Infirmary*/ GEORGE & LEE: Nobody But You/ You Were Made For Me/ GERRI HALL: I Cried A Tear/ Mr. Blues/ SENATOR JONES: Country Soul/ Enie Meenie Miney Minnie & Moe/ Miniskirt Dance/ Sweet Thing/ BOBBY MARCHAN: Any Way You Want It/ What Can I Do/ ROBERT PARKER: Funky Bump*/ Rockin' Pneumonia/ The Hiccup/ The Hiccup(Instrumental Remix)*/ Wash Mama Wash*/ You See Me/ You Shaking Things Up/ GEORGE PERKINS: Starting All Over/ CAROLYN PORTER: Put Your Mind Where Your Heart Is/ The Man I'm Looking For/ TOMMY RIDGLEY: Don't Take My Sunshine Away*/ Fly In My Pie/ I'm Asking Forgiveness/ I'm Not The Same Person/ If I Ever Needed Someone*/ My Love Gets Stronger/ Something On Your Mind/ When I Meet My Girl/ LEE TILLMAN: Better World/ Down The Road


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