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ENGLAND MARTIN CARTHY Topic TSCD 527 Waiting For Angels ● CD $16.98
Newest from Britain's leading interpreter of English song produced by his talented daughter Eliza who also plays fiddle, melodeon and harmonium on the album. Other guest musicians are featured including Donald Hay (drums & percussion), Martin Simpson (slide guitar), Paul Sartin (oboe), Ben Ivitsky (percussion, viola, trombone and "creaking") and others. A collection of traditional songs and tunes plus the title tune which is an original instrumental composition by Martin plus his take on The Harry Lime Theme. Includes a new version of one of his most famous songs Famous Flower Of Serving Men plus The Foggy Dew/ James Hartley/ The Royal Lament/ Bold General Wolfe and others.

ENGLAND SANDY DENNY Fledgling 5002 A Boxful Of Treasures ● CD $81.98
5 CD set, 88 tracks, essential
Five CD retrospective of recordings made by one of the greatest singers and songwriters to emerge from the British folk scene of the 60s. With a voice of crystalline purity, Sandy had an innate sense for traditional balladry, making old songs fresh and meaningful and writing new songs brimming with emotion and as singable as they come. Her death in 1978 at the age of 30 robbed the world of a major talent. The first four discs of this magnificent set traces her recording career chronologically and is liberally peppered with with previously unissued studio performances, home demos, alternate takes, unissued live performances. It starts with her first commercial recordings from 1967 when she was working with Alex Campbell and his friends and these early recordings reveal that she was already a singer to be reckoned with including a superb version of Campbell's Been On The Road So Long and a powerful version of Jackson Frank's You Never Wanted Me. There are several home recordings from this period including the lovely original Boxful Of Treasures which she later used as the tune of Fotheringay recorded with Fairport and a stunning version of the traditional ballad Geordie. It includes three of the songs she recorded with up and coming group The Strawbs in 1968 including her first recording of her all time classic Who Knows Where The Time Goes. That same year she joined Fairport Convention and both Sandy and Fairport benefited from the collaboration both increasing in musical maturity and Sandy was a big factor in moving the group to further explore English traditional music which culminated in their masterpiece "Liege & Lief". There are a dozen performances from this period including traditional songs along with Denny and Richard Thompson originals. After "Liege & Lief," Sandy left the group to form a new group Fotheringay with her boy friend Trevor Lucas and they moved back to doing more contemporary and original songs though traditional music was still a significant part of their repertoire and Sandy's version of Banks Of The Nile is a truly stellar performance.
For various reasons (discussed in the notes) Fotheringay was ill fated and didn't last very long. Over the next seven years Sandy released a series of four solo albums - the first two "The Northstar Grassman & The Ravens" and "Sandy" consistently superb, the latter to "Like An Old Fashioned Waltz" and "Rendezvous" were less consistent with performances becoming more pop with lush arrangements including string orchestras which at times diluted the power of Sandy's vocals. During this period she briefly rejoined Faiport to record the super "Rising For The Moon". The fourth disc ends with her last studio recording - a beautiful performance of the Bryn Haworth song Moments. The fifth disc consists of mostly previously unissued demos - many just Sandy with her piano and guitar and it's great to hear some of these songs in their raw form, particularly I'm A Dreamer and Rising For The Moon. There are also three live performances with Fairport from 1974 including great performances of Dylan's Knockin' On Heaven's Door and her own It'll Take A Long Long Time. Alltogether there are 26 previously unissued performances and many others that have been long unavailable. In 1986 Hannibal issued a four LP retrospective of Sandy's work which was reissued in 1991 as a three CD set. This is not an expanded version of that set but a completly new compilation and apart from the previously unissued material this has a lot of material not on Hannibal set and the Hannibal set has quite a few tracks not featured here so if you have that set you'll want to hang on to it. One curious feature of both sets is that neither includes the Fairport studio recording of Who Knows Where The Time Goes? or the studio recording of John The Gun which are the most well known versions of these popular songs - I wonder why? The box includes a 56 page full colour booklet with a biography of Sandy by Jim Irvin which gives us insight into her character and reveals the insecurity and self destructiveness that lay behind the sublime and beautiful songs she wrote. The booklet has a moving forward by Richard Thompson and tributes and reminiscences from Dick Gaughan, Joe Boyd, John Renbounr, Jerry Donahue, Simon Nicol, Linda Thompson and many others as well as full discographical details on all the performances. (FS)
SANDY DENNY (*** = previously unissued): 3.10 To Yuma/ A Sailor's Life (With FAIRPORT CONVENTION)/ After Halloween (Demo)/ All Our Days (Demo ***)/ At The End Of The Day (Alternate Take Without Strings ***)/ Autopsy (Demo ***)/ Been On The Road So Long/ Bird On A Wire (With FAIRPORT CONVENTION - Radio Session)/ Blackwaterside/ Boxful Of Treasure (Home Recording ***)/ Bruton Town (Radio Session)/ Bushes And Briars (Radio Session)/ By The Time It Gets Dark (***)/ By The Time It Gets Dark (Alternate Take ***)/ By The Time It Gets Dark (Demo ***)/ Cajun Woman (With FAIRPORT CONVENTION)/ Easy To Slip/ Ecoute Ecoute/ Fotheringay (With FAIRPORT CONVENTION)/ Farewell Farewell (With FAIRPORT CONVENTION)/ Full Moon/ Full Moon (Full Moon ***)/ Geordie (Home Recording)/ Go Your Way My Love (Home Recording)/ Gypsy Davey (With FORTHERINGAY)/ Here In Silence/ I Don't Know Where I Stand (With FAIRPORT CONVENTION - Radio Session)/ I'm A Dreamer/ I'm A Dreamer (Demo ***)/ It'll Take A Long Time/ It'll Take A Long Time (With FAIRPORT CONVENTION - Live ***)/ John The Gun (With FAIRPORT CONVENTION - Live ***)/ King & Queen Of England (Home Recording)/ Knockin' On Heaven's Door (With FAIRPORT CONVENTION - Live)/ Late November (With FORTHERINGAY)/ Learning The Game (With THE BUNCH)/ Like An Old Fashioned Waltz/ Losing Game (***)/ Meet On The Ledge (With FAIRPORT CONVENTION)/ Moments (Final Studio Recording)/ Next Time Around (Alternate Take Without Strings ***)/ No End (Solo Take ***)/ No More Sad Refrains/ No More Sad Refrains (Demo ***)/ Nothing More (With FORTHERINGAY)/ Nottamun Town (With FAIRPORT CONVENTION)/ Now And Then (Demo)/ One More Chance (Demo ***)/ One Way Donkey Ride (Demo ***)/ Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood/ Reynardine (With FAIRPORT CONVENTION)/ Rising For The Moon (Demo ***)/ Rising For The Moon (With FAIRPORT CONVENTION)/ Sail Away To The Sea (With THE STRAWBS)/ She Moves Through The Fair (Home Recording ***)/ She Moves Through The Fair (With FAIRPORT CONVENTION - Live ***)/ Si Tu Dois Partir (With FAIRPORT CONVENTION)/ Silver Threads & Golden Needles (With FORTHERINGAY ***)/ Sir Patrick Spens (With FAIRPORT CONVENTION - Radio Session ***)/ Solo/ Still Waters Run Deep (Demo ***)/ Stranger To Himself (Demo)/ Sweet Rosemary (Demo ***)/ Take Away The Load (Demo)/ Take Me Away (Demo ***)/ Tam Lin (With FAIRPORT CONVENTION)/ Tell Me What You See In Me (With THE STRAWBS)/ The Ballad Of Easy Rider (With FAIRPORT CONVENTION)/ The Banks Of The Nile (With FORTHERINGAY)/ The Lady (Demo ***)/ The Lowlands Of Holland (Radio Session)/ The Music Weaver/ The Music Weaver (Demo ***)/ The North Star Grassman & The Ravens/ The Pond & The Stream (With FORTHERINGAY)/ The Sea (With FORTHERINGAY)/ The Sea Captain/ They Don't Seem To Know You (Home Recording ***)/ This Train (With ALEX CAMPBELL & FRIENDS)/ Thro' My Eyes (with IAN MATTHEWS)/ Until The Real Thing Comes Along (Radio Session)/ Walking The Floor Over You/ What Is True (Demo ***)/ Whispering Grass (Radio Session)/ White Dress (With FAIRPORT CONVENTION)/ Who Knows Where The Time Goes (With FAIRPORT CONVENTION - Live ***)/ Who Knows Where The Time Goes (With THE STRAWBS)/ You Never Wanted Me (With ALEX CAMPBELL & FRIENDS)

AMERICAN FOLK RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOT Hightone 8175 The Lost Topic Tapes: Cowes Harbour 1957 ● CD $11.98
16 tracks, 43 minutes, recommended
After more than twenty-five years working in undeserved obscurity, Ramblin' Jack Elliott resurfaced in the early '90s to reclaim his status as an American folk music icon. His old followers welcomed his return to prominence and the recording studios, but time and years of abuse clearly ravaged this great stylist's voice and musicianship. Some claim that Elliott hit his artistic peak during the early '60s, but many prefer the youthful 1955-1960 period when he busked his way across Europe. Of his numerous British recordings, Elliott's three 10" Topic LPs are usually considered his best. Many rejoiced when researcher Robert Wylie recently found reels of unused material from Topic's May 1957 "Jack Takes the Floor" sessions. Topic had no interest in releasing them, but allowed Wylie to shop the tapes elsewhere. And now, thanks to Hightone Records, here they are. "The Lost Topic Tapes: Cowes Harbor 1957" features mostly traditional pieces, three Woody Guthrie originals and a cover of Grandpa Jones's Old Rattler (attributed to Ivory Joe Hunter!) The performances reflect the informality of the sessions, which were reportedly done on portable equipment on a moored yacht. At the outset it's apparent that Topic skimmed the cream of these recordings to assemble "Jack Takes the Floor." Seven years later the label returned to these sessions to expand Elliott's original albums into a 12" format. What remained - and what Wylie found - were castoffs. Most are good performances with minor flaws: blown guitar notes, vamping to remember forgotten words, and so on. Some are technical: tape flutter affects Black Girl. A few songs are throwaways, such as Freight Train and a Tom Dooley that did not merit release. But all in all, this welcome reissue provides a rare opportunity for many to discover the youthful Elliott. (DS)
RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOT: Acres of Clams/ Big Rock Candy Mountain/ Black Girl/ Chisholm Trail/ Crawdad Song/ Freight Train/ Hard Travelin'/ Jack of Diamonds/ Old Rattler/ Rocky Mountain Belle/ Rusty Jiggs & Sandy Sam/ Streets of Laredo/ Talking ColumbiaBlues/ Tom Dooley/ Tom Joad

AMERICAN FOLK RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOT Hightone 8176 The Lost Topic Tapes: Isle Of Wight 1957 ● CD $11.98
16 tracks, 39 minutes, recommended Though Hightone's title implies a live recording, this album gathers more of the informal Cowes Harbor tapes that Robert Wylie recently uncovered. It includes four Woody Guthrie songs, including Oklahoma Hills and three classic "Songs to Grow On. Highlights include T for Texas, a Dave Macon-inspired version of Ballad of John Henry, a rousing Crash on the Highway, and a whimsical In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree, which Elliott later cut for Vanguard. Again, this is not Grade-A material; fluffed chords, missed meters and tape glitches abound. The Guthrie pieces come off best; Rock Island Line lacks compassion; and frankly, two Jelly Roll Morton specialties I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say and Don't You Leave Me Here should have stayed on the shelf. Elliott's then-wife Jane joins him on Gary Davis's Candy Man. Anyone familiar with Elliott's later recordings will be delighted by these early performances, but longtime fans would be better served by finding the pricey Japanese imports of the classic original Topics. (DS)
RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOT: Ballad of John Henry/ Candy Man/ Car Song/ Closing & Railroad Bill./ Crash on the Highway/ Don't You Leave Me Here/ Howdido/ I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say/ In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree/ Oklahoma Hills/ Old Blue/ Rock Island Line/ Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms/ T for Texas/ Why O Way

Four CD set featuring live performances recorded at the annual festival organized by and featuring Fairport Convention. The recordings span the period 1979 through 2003 and features guest artists like Richard Thompson, Robert Plant, Jerry Donahue, Bob Fox, Cathy LeSurf, The Dylan Project, Trevor Lucas, Loudon Wainwright III, Maddy Prior and many more. A total of 65 tracks, most previously unissued. Each CD has a different theme and each has its own booklet. It also featured a 136 page full colour book with year-by-year commentary, fan and band recollections and every set-list plus many photos. In addition there is a 48 page village guide to Cropredy and a "build your own Cropredy" model of the festival field.

ENGLAND FAIRPORT CONVENTION Island (UK) IMCD 308 "Babbacombe" Lee ● CD $18.98
17 tracks, 50 mins, very good
Newly remastered and repackaged rerelease of the 1971 album presents us with an album-length concept piece detailing the sad life and tragic end of John Lee, "the man they couldn't hang," a true historical figure of 100 years ago. This was the abbreviated Fairport lineup of Nicol, Swarbrick, Pegg, and Mattacks and the sound is admittedly a little thin. Still, using what they've got, they attack the subject with gusto and Fairport fans will get a kick out of it. Nobody lives happily ever after in this intricately contrived succession of ballads and ballad fragments, telling a sad and gruesome story. And there's not much to hum when it's all over. The two bonus tracks are from a 1975 BBC TV show on the subject including a vocal by Sandy Denny on Breakfast In Mayfair (DC)

15 tracks, 56 mins, recommended
Reissue of the groups 1973 album with the three Daves (Mattacks, Pegg & Swabrick), Trevor Lucas on acoustic guitar and vocals and the brilliant Jerry Donahue on guitar. Most of the songs are originals by the group with the exception of the lively instrumental medley The Hens March Through The Midden/ The Four Poster Bed. I particularly like Lucas's evocative The Plainsmen based on a traditional tune. Guest appearances by Sandy denny, Richard Thompson, Gerry Conway and others. The five bonus songs are from a 1973 live show, four of them live versions of songs from the original album plus Donahue's exciting version of Jerry Reed's instrumental The Claw. Includes booklet with new notes by Donahue. (FS)

ENGLAND FOTHERINGAY Fledgling 3044 Fotheringay ● CD $17.98
13 tracks, highly recommended
Reissue of superb 1970 album - the only one of this excellent band formed by Sandy Denny and her husband Trevor Lucas after Sandy left Fairport. They joined by outstanding American guitarist Jerry Donahue, drummer Gerry Conway and bass playerPat Donaldson. It includes five moving originals written by Sandy, the glorious and anthemic Peace In The End written by Sandy & Trevor and alone worth the price of the album, a terrific version of the traditional song Banks Of The Nile and great covers of Gordon Lightfoot's The Way I Feel and Dylan's Too Much Of Nothing. There are four bonus live tracks recorded at the Holland Pop Festival in June, 1970 which are pretty expendable. A pity, since there is some great unissued Fotheringay material lurking out there. Still it's great to have the original album available again. (FS)

ENGLAND THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND Amoeba 2 Nebulous Nearnesses ● CD $14.98
61 min, 13 tracks, recommended
After a few "reformation" dates at the turn of the Millennium, The ISB did what seemed to be unthinkable - they reformed with all 3 original members, with the semi-legendary Clive Palmer playing with Robin Williamson & Mike Heron for the 1st time since their debut LP in '66. They were even going to tour the US! Yes, it was unthinkable - Robin stopped showing up for rehearsals & ended up "leaving". Mike & Clive did carry on to some wondrous results. This set was recorded live at Peter Gabriel's studio & revisited their first few LPs. There are just 2 of Robin's songs here, including the epic Ducks On A Pond, sung by Clive, who does one of his own numbers from the first LP, Empty Pocket Blues. The majority is from the Heron canon & includes such wonderful tunes as Chinese White/ Hedgehog's Song/ Cousin Caterpillar & ending with the majestic A Very Cellular Song. Done in their initial ramshackle acoustic guise, this makes you forget about their waning days trying to be a rock band! (GM)

15 tracks, 60 mins, highly recommended Lovely collection of traditional Irish songs sung in Gaelic by superb young Gaelic singer from Donegal. About half the tracks are solo unaccompanied while others feature subtle accompaniments on mandolin, concertina or uileann pipes. A couple of tracks feature Doimnic singing with a female choir for a truly spine chilling experience. Includes booklet with lyric transcripts (in Gaelic) and notes on the songs (in Gaelic and English). (FS)

ENGLAND OYSTERBAND & FRIENDS Westpark 87105 The Big Session, Vol. 1 ● CD $21.98
15 tracks, highly recommended
Superb set recorded live featuring the brilliant folk rock group Oysterband joined by guest vocalists and instrumentalists like Phil Beer, Eliza Carthy, Jim Moray, James O'Grady, Brett Sparks, June Tabor and others. The music is a mix of traditional and contemporary and features some stunning performances with inovative arrangements of songs like John Barley Corn/ Lowlands (a particularly nice performance by June Tabor with James O'Grady on uileann pipes)/ Fuse/ The New Jerusalem/ The House Carpenter (a powerful version with vocals from Americans Brett & Rennie Sparks)/ We Shall Come Home/ Factory Girls and others. Great stuff! Roll on volume 2! (FS)

ENGLAND PENTANGLE Hux 049 The Lost Broadcasts, 1968-1972 ● CD $25.98
Two CD set with 42 tracks recorded live on BBC radio by this great folk group. Only a handful of these still existed in the BBC Archives but research turned up more on BBC World Service transcription discs with the rest coming from recordings taped off the air by a private collectors. Mostly versions of songs from their commercial albums along with a couple not recorded elsewhere. Includes Hear My Call/ Let No Man Steal Your Thyme/ Every Night When The Sun Goes in/ Orlando/ I've Got A Feeling/ I Loved A Lass/ Bruton Town/ The Cuckoo/ Moondog/ Train Song/ The Trees They Do Grow High/ Light Flight and many more.

IRELAND PLANXTY Columbia (UK) 202 534 Live 2004 ● CD $27.98
DVD Approx 2 hours, essential
As wonderful as the CD of this concert is (see below), this DVD for only a few dollars more has much more to offer. We get to see the band in action at the concert and there are five additional performances. The concert is beautifully filmed with the cameras switching from long views of the band to close ups of them playing their instruments to the expression on their faces all of it done in a beautiful and seamless manner which matches the flow of the music. In addition there is a 30 minute documentary about the group and a series of extended interviews. This is a must for any lover of Irish music. (FS)

IRELAND PLANXTY Columbia (UK) 517 391 Live 2004 ● CD $24.98
13 tracks, highly recommended
The greatest Irish group of the 70s reunited in early 2004 to perform a series of concerts and this superb CD is drawn from one of those concerts. Although the quartet hadn't performed together for more than 20 years it sounds like they never broke up with the creative empathy they had as strong as ever. The vocals by Andy and Christy are as good as ever and the instrumental work from Andy, Christy, Donal and Liam are a joy. Most of the material is old favorites like The Good Ship Kangaroo/ Arthur McBride/ The Blacksmith/ As I Roved Out/ Raggle Taggle Gypsies/ Tabhair Dom Do Lamh and others. A DVD of this concert is also available with three additional songs and a documentary (Columbia 202534 - $27.98). (FS)

AMERICAN FOLK PETE SEEGER Smithsonian Folkways 40152 American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 3 ● CD $15.98
27 tracks, 75 minutes, recommended
Even by the early '40s, Pete Seeger's straight-ahead, driving approach to traditional song stood apart from such artistically minded folk interpreters as Bradley Kincaid, Richard Dyer-Bennet, and Burl Ives, among others. A generation of youngsters discovered folk song through Seeger's simple, unpretentious Folkways LPs, often from copies borrowed from public libraries. Among his most popular albums were five volumes of "American Favorite Ballads." Released during the early '60s, their influence extended beyond conventional urban folk circles. Doc Watson learned St. James Hospital from one of Seeger's ballad albums and covered it on his first Vanguard LP. This volume continues Jeff Place and Guy Logsdon's distillation of Seeger's "American Favorite Ballads" LPs onto compact disc. Many of these songs will be familiar to folk enthusiasts, all performed with a loose spontaneity that reflects producer Moe Asch's "one-take" efficiency. Place and Logsdon contribute extensive, high-toned notes on the songs and Seeger's political and environmental activism, but nothing about how these recordings were made and marketed. Tip: This is a great collection to give any precocious preschooler who's ready to move beyond Raffi. (DS)
PETE SEEGER: Ain't It A Shame/ Arkansas Traveler/ Boll Weevil/ Deep Blue Sea/ E-ri-e Canal/ El-a-noy/ Erie Canal/ Golden Vanity/ Ground Hog/ Gypsy Davy/ Lady Of Carlysle/ My Good Man/ New River Train/ Ni Irish Need Apply/ Old Blue/ Paddy Works Upon The Railroad/ She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain/ Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child/ St. James Hospital/ St. Louis Blues/ Swanee River/ The Boys From County Mayo/ The Girl I Left Behind/ The Titanic/ When I First Came To This Land/ When I Was Single/ Wond'rous Love

ENGLAND STEELEYE SPAN Park 70 They Call Her Babylon ● CD $14.98
11 tracks, recommended
After a brief hiatus Maddy Prior is back with Steeleye (hooray!). Guitarist Bob Johnson has left and has been replaced by Ken Nicol who was formerly with The Albion Band and proves to be a very good replacement giving the group a slightly different but very effective sound. They are joined by ace fiddler Peter Knight, Maddy's husband Rick Kemp on vocal and bass and Liam Genocky on drums. After 35 years the band still sounds fresh and exciting and Maddy's vocals are a real joy. The songs substantially revamped versions of traditional material, often with new tunes and changed lyrics. (FS)

SCOTLAND SHEILA STEWART Offspring 101 ... And Time Goes On ● CD $19.98
An excellent collection featuring Sheila Stewart - a member of the famous Stewarts Of Blair. This collection includes 5 songs (Rosie/ Jock Stewart/ Never Wed An Auld Man, etc) and six delightful folk tales, usually with a humorous ending (The Parrot/ The Three Wishes/ The Trampman/ Aplley & Orangey, etc)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Emergent 591 594 Beautiful Dreamer - The Songs Of Stephen Foster ● CD $16.98
18 tracks, highly recommended
A tribute album that's not only good but essential, since there's no other contemporary album of Stephen Foster songs, even though his music lies at the deepest roots of American music. The performances range from the predictably excellent (John Prine's My Old Kentucky Home/ Goodnight, Mavis Staples on Hard Times Come Again No More, Nelly was a Lady by Alvin Youngblood-Hart) to the surprising (Raul Malo, Suzy Bogguss) to the literally out of nowhere (Judith Edelman's magnificent No One to Love). But what most impresses about this set is Foster's melodies, and the way that he uses the themes of Southern sentimentality and the minstrel show not to champion slavery or mock blacks but to encompass tragedy and show how deeply haunting is the quest for freedom. (DM)

IRELAND VARIOUS ARTISTS Gael Linn CEFCD 184 Seoltai Seidte - Setting Sail ● CD $25.98
Two CD set featuring 43 performances originally issued on 78 rpm discs by Gael Linn (the last company in Ireland to make 78s) between 1957 and 1961. It includes traditional singers singing in Gaelic as well as great instrumentalists - Sean ac Dhonncha, Seosamh O hEannai, Tommy Reck, Denis Murphy, Aine Ni Ghallchobhair, Sean de hOra, Willie Clancy, Vincent Broderick, Paddy Canny, Maire Nic Dhonnchadha, Joe Burke and others. Includes 96 page booklet with notes on the historical context of the recordings, notes on the performers and lyrc transcriptions.

ENGLAND VARIOUS ARTISTS Gott Discs 011 Folk Festival - A Celebration of Music Recorded At The ● CD $39.98
Wonderful two CD box featuring 35 tracks recorded live between 1974 and 2000 at Britain's longest running folk festival which has been held every year at the seaside town of Sidmouth on the South coast of Devon since 1954. Includes Nic Jones, Coope Boyes & Simpson, Jackie Daly & Seamus Creagh, Show Of hands, Chris While & JUlie Matthews, Nancy Kerr & James Fagan, Chris Wood & Any Cutting, June Tabor, Danu, Kate Rusby, Vin Garbutt, Shirley & Dolly Collins, Roy Harris, Pete Morton, Martin Carthy, Ray Fisher, Jimmy Cooper and many others. Packaged in handsome 12"x 6" box with 28 page illustrated booklet with a history of the festival and discussion of all the performances.
PETER BELLAMY: The Parson's Peaches/ ERIC BIBB: Saucer 'N' Cup/ MARTIN CARTHY: Skewbald/ The Rainbow/ SHIRLEY & DOLLY COLLINS: All Things Are Quite Silent/ COOPE BOYES & SIMPSON: Jerusalem Revisited/ JIMMY COOPER: The Bluebells Of Scotland/ JACKIE DALY & SEAMUS CREAGH: The Macroom Lasses-The Rambler In Cork/ DANU: Mary & The Soldier/ RAY FISHER: The Butcher Boy/ FLOOK: The Calico Set/ VIN GARBUTT: City Of Angels/ ROY HARRIS: Barbary Allen/ HOME SERVICE: Lili Marlene Walks Away/ NIC JONES: Barrack Street/ Flanders Shores/ The Bonny Lighthorseman/ NANCY KERR & JAMES FAGAN: Dance To Your Daddy-The Flaming Drones/ JOHN KIRKPATRICK: Dennis Crowther's No. 2-Dennis Crowther's No. 1/ RALPH MCTELL: Peppers & Tomatoes/ Streets Of London/ KEVIN MITCHELL: False Lover John/ PETE MORTON: John Barleycorn/ KELLY JOE PHELPS: Cypress Grove/ KATE RUSBY: I Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love Tonight?/ SHOW OF HANDS: Cousin Jack/ Dark Fields/ JUNE TABOR: She Moves Among Men/ JOHN TAMS BAND: Scarecrow/ NORMA WATERSON: There Aint No Sweet Man That's Worth The Salt Of My Tears/ WATERSON : CARTHY: When First I Came To Caledonia/ THE WATERSONS: Dido Bendigo/ CHRIS WHILE & JULIE MATTHEWS: Even The Desert Bears A Seed/ CHRIS WOOD & ANDY CUTTING: Hares On The Mountain-Elizabeth Clare/ THE YETTIES: The Exmoor Hunt Song

MISCELLANEOUS VARIOUS ARTISTS Sanctuary SMETD 137 Transatlantic Folk Box Set ● CD $27.98
Three CD limited edition 3-CD box set featuring 70 tracks recorded between 1961 and 1977 for the Transatlantic label and its various subsidiaries and afilliates. Although there have been many folk compilations drawn from this label this CD is far ranging and includes a lot of tracks not previously on CD. It includes traditional songs, topical songs and original songs. Artists include The Dubliners (a powerful version of Brendan Behan's Patriot Game), Black Country Three, Alex Campbell, Josh McRae (a fascinating look at the assassination of John F. Kennedy in The Ballad Of Lee Harvey Oswald), Bob & Carole Pegg, John Renbourn, Finbar & Eddie Furey, Hamlish Imlach, Archie Fisher, Bob Bunting, Mr. Fox, The Humblebums, Unicorn, Dave Cartwright, Contraband (fine electric Scottish group - several of its members later went on to form Ossian), Dave Swarbrick, Gerry Rafferty, The Dransfields, Carolanne Pegg, Ian Campbell Group, Bert Jansch, Young Tradition (their wonderful Chicken On A Raft), The Grehan Sisters, Silly Wizard, Sweeney's Men, Royston & Heather Wood, Andrew Cronshaw and many more. Includes eight page booklet with all too brief notes.
HARVEY ANDREWS: A Most Peculiar Man/ Targets/ DAVE & TONI ARTHUR: John Peel/ BLACK COUNTRY THREE: Three Ravens/ MARC BRIERLEY: Dragonfly/ BOB BUNTING: You Gotta Go Down This Way/ ISLA CAMERON: Died For Love/ ALEX CAMPBELL: Night Visiting Song/ DAVID CAMPBELL: Her Hair Did Not Hang Low/ IAN CAMPBELL GROUP: Rocking The Cradle/ The Circle Game/ SYDNEY CARTER & SHEILA HANCOCK: Come Down From Aldermaston/ DAVE CARTWRIGHT: Song For Susan/ CONTRABAND: Rattlin' Roarin' Willie/ ANDREW CRONSHAW: Time To Go Home/ DECAMERON: Journey's End/ RICHARD DIGANCE: Working Class Millionaire/ THE DRANSFIELDS: Up To Now/ THE DUBLINERS: The Patriot Game/ The Wild Rover/ ARCHIE FISHER: Open The Door Softly/ MR. FOX: Join Us In Our Game/ FINBAR & EDDIE FUREY: The Lonesome Boatman/ GORDON GILTRAP: Lucifer's Cage/ THE GREHAN SISTERS: Henry Joy/ STEFAN GROSSMAN: Little Sally Walker/ GRYPHON: The Ploughboy's Dream/ OWEN HAND: The Gardener/ JEAN HART: She Moved Through The Fair/ ALAN HULL: We Can Swing Together/ THE HUMBLEBUMS (FEATURING GERRY RAFFERTY): Rick Rack/ THE HUMBLEBUMS (FEATURING BILLY CONNOLLY): Saturday Rolling About Sunday/ HAMISH IMLACH: Goodbye Booze/ JOHN JAMES: Morning Brings Light/ Stranger In The World/ BERT JANSCH: Angi/ Running From Home/ THE JOHNSTONS: Both Sides Now/ Marcie/ JOSH MACRAE: Ballad Of Lee Harvey Oswald/ THE MCCALMANS: A Man's A Man/ Standing In The Rain/ MATT MCGINN: Eternity Will Soon Be Over/ MAE MCKENNA: Old Man/ RALPH MCTELL: England 1914/ Streets Of London/ LEA NICHOLSON: God Bless The Unemployed/ WATT NICOLL: Kiss The Children/ BOB & CAROLE PEGG: Ballad Of The Five Continents/ CAROLANNE PEGG: Open The Door/ BOB PEGG & NICK STRUTT: Starchild/ PENTANGLE: Let No Man Steal Your Thyme/ Light Flight/ GERRY RAFFERTY: Don't Count Me Out/ JOHN RENBOURN: White House Blues/ LEON ROSSELSON: The Rules Of The Game/ THE SALLYANGIE: Love In Ice Crystals/ SILLY WIZARD: My Loves In Germany/ DAVE SLESS: Pretty Polly/ STORYTELLER: Morning Glow/ DAVE SWARBRICK: It Suits Me Well/ SWEENEY'S MEN: Dreams For Me/ Hall Of Mirrors/ STEVE TILSTON: One Man Band/ UNICORN: I Loved Her So Long/ MIKE & LAL WATERSON: Rubber Band/ ROYSTON & HEATHER WOOD: The Cutty Wren/ SPIKE WOODS: The Big Bird/ YOUNG TRADITION: Chicken On A Raft/ John Barleycorn



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