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Bulletin - September 2008
Vintage Rock 'n' Roll & Rockabilly
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All Shook Up - How Rock 'n' Roll Changed America by Glenn C. Altschuler ● BOOK $15.95
Paperback, 226 pages, counts as three CDs for shipping
The birth of rock 'n' roll ignited a firestorm of controversy, but if it generated much sound and fury, what, if anything, did it signify? As Glenn Altschuler-Dean of the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions at Cornell University, and writer of several books on American history and popular culture--reveals in this book, the rise of rock 'n' roll-and the outraged reception to it-in fact can tell us a lot about the values of the United States in the 1950's, a decade that saw a great struggle for the control of popular culture. In particular, the author shows how rock's "switchblade beat" opened up wide fissures in American society along the fault-lines of family, sexuality, and race. As vibrant as the music itself, "All Shook Up" reveals how rock 'n' roll challenged and changed American culture and laid the foundation for the social upheaval of the sixties.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF ROCK 'N' ROLL by Nick Johnstone ● BOOK $14.95
Paperback, 304 pages, counts as three CDs for shipping
British writer Nick Johnstone (he's written for Mojo and Uncut) charts the events of 1956, the year Rock 'n' Roll broke into the mainstream, while exploring its African and American roots. In 1956, Elvis released "Heartbreak Hotel"; Chuck Berry sang "Roll Over Beethoven"; Little Richard blurred the boundary with "Tutti Frutti"; while pop music hit the movie screens with "Rock Around the Clock". Johnstone also shows how the DNA fused in that one burst of creativity persisted over the next 50 years, first reborn as rock with bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and its many incarnations through punk and grunge to the present day.

MYSTERY TRAIN Images Of America In Rock 'n' Roll Music - Fifth Editio n by Greil Marcus ● BOOK $16.98
410 pages, paperback, count as four CDs for shipping
First published in 1975, Greil Marcus's Mystery Train remains a benchmark study of rock 'n' roll and a classic in the field of music criticism. As Anthony DeCurtis wrote in Rolling Stone more than twenty years after Mystery Train originally appeared, "smart, probing, and splendidly written, the book proved to be-and continues to be-powerfully influential, a milestone achievement." Focusing on a handful of performers-Harmonica Frank, Robert Johnson, the Band, Sly Stone, Randy Newman, and Elvis Presley-Marcus opens up the American story of ambition and defeat, dreams and lies. This fifth edition includes an updated version of the sparkling, ever-expanding Notes and Discographies section, exploring the evolution and continuing impact of the performers and recordings featured in the book. If you have read one of the older editions, here's your chance to reacquaint yourself with expert rock criticism; and if you've never been exposed to this book before, you owe it to yourself to read book that, according to Bruce Springsteen, "gets as close to the heart and soul of America and American music as the best of rock 'n'roll."

ROCK 'N' ROLL,'39-'59 by Various Authors ● BOOK $79.98
418 pages, hardbound, counts as 25 CDs for shipping purposes, highly recommended
This mammoth coffee-table book (12 1/2" x 10" x 2" - weight = 6 lbs) is a companion to the Rock 'n' Roll 39-59 art exhibition that took place between June and October 2007, at the Foundation Cartier in Paris.The brief conversation at the beginning with curator Alain Dominique Perrin sets the stage for this fascinating look, through almost 400 illustrations, of not just American rock 'n' roll, but also the society, circumstances, and people that gave birth to it in the first place. These black and white and color photos not only evoke a time and place, they also show us where we were as a nation and how far we've evolved (or not, as the case may be). Essays by Peter Guralnick, Robert Palmer, Charlie GIllett and others, pictures of the musicians, and an assortment of concert posters (for instance - Fats Domino appearing at the Rock Island Armory in 1958 - admission charge $1.75!) , magazine covers, and 78rpm and 45 rpm label shots bring the history vividly to life. Many of the illustrations are full page. A beautifully put together history lesson, of our lives and music, that every teenager in America should see. The section on Elvis Presley, graced by the legendary photographs of Alfred Wertheimer, and the color photos of Norman Petty's studio (not to mention Greil Marcus' "7 Records" essay) alone will knock your socks off! A few quibbles: not enough space given to the part played by Country musicians (aside from token mentions of Hank Williams, Bob Wills, Johnny Cash etc.) in the rock 'n' roll story does irk a little and the occasional use of a whole page for a brief quote is a bit excessive. All in all, though, this book is a great addition to any library and one you will return to again and again to browse and gasp at the gorgeous illustrations. (GMC/ FS)



JOHNNIE ALLAN Jin 9087 Memories ● CD $15.98
22 tracks, highly recommended
Another superb collection of swamp pop from one of the music's greatest performers. Swamp pop is a South Louisiana mixture of rock 'n' roll, R&B, country and cajun music blended together with heartfelt vocals to make an immensely appealing brew. There are few better exponents than Johnnie Allan who has been performing since the 40s. This collection feaures tracks not featured on previous Allen CDs but is far from scraping the bottom of the barrel with great vocals and instrumental work. Among the highlights are the intense burning ballad Ain't Your Memory Got No Pride At All (originally recorded by Merle Haggard), a terrific version of Before The Next Teardrop Falls with the verse thet Freddie Fender sang in Spanish sung in French here, the rockin' I Wonder What Else Could Go Wrong Tonight with some nice Cajun accordion and a storming cover of Charlie Rich's Lonely Weekends. But it's all good. Johnnie tried to retire in 2006 after 50 years in the business but returned to performing in 2007 due to the public clamor! (FS)

CHUCK BERRY Geffen/ Chess 04364-02 Gold ● CD $19.98
2 CDs, 50 tracks, 134 mins, essential
This has been out a while but hasn't been listed before. Fifty plus years since he was referred to as "the black Hank Snow," Chuck Berry's revolutionary music still sounds as great as ever. What more can be said about the music that was the cornerstone of Rock n' Roll and has influenced most all of popular music for the last few generations? Listening to this just reminds me of why I love Rock 'n' Roll so much. From the haunting echo of Berry's first Chess sessions in 1955, with no less than Willie Dixon on Bass and Jerome Green (Bo Diddley's Jerome, who you were supposed to bring things to) on maracas, to early 1960's hits like Nadine and No Particular Place to Go, they are all here, sounding fantastic and all essential for your collection. Maybellene/ Thirty Days/ Brown Eyed Handsome Man/ Roll Over Beethoven, and on and on, it's either a groundbreaking hit, or a lesser known song that could have been a hit, no home in America should be without these classics! Fantastic sound and complete recording info detailed when available. (JM)

THE BYRDS Sundazed 11177 Live At Royal Albert Hall 1971 ● CD $16.98
19 tracks, 77 mins, recommended
This would get a higher rating if not for a pretty awful extended jam in the middle of the set. McGuinn credits this to a point in the set that they had developed for a smoke break, so I recommend to anyone listening to this, when the jam comes up, smoke 'em if you got 'em, or just skip that track. This is a live set featuring a later day line-up of the Byrds, but that's OK, the later line-ups of the Byrds were known to be better live than earlier line-ups, even if the records weren't as good. I do appreciate later material by the Byrds and certainly by this point live; with guitar deity Clarence White onboard, they were an especially multi-layered force to be reckoned with. The master tapes that this recording is taken from were just recently discovered in Roger McGuinn's climatized garage and will be a great surprise treat to Byrds fans. Comprised of electric & acoustic sets, with a mix of classic and newer material, the Byrds at this point definitely seemed to be providing something for all of their fans. Lover Of The Bayou/ You Ain't ack Pages/ Mr. Tambourine Man/ Chestnut Mare/ Eight Miles High/ Mr. Spaceman/ Nashville West, and many more are here and sounding great. The harmonies aren't as rich as they were when Crosby was around, but the playing is definitely top-notch. (JM)

LONNIE DONEGAN Acrobat ACTRCD 9013 Midnight Special ● CD $24.98
Three CD set with 73 tracks providing the most extensive survey of the early career of Britain's best and most popular exponent of "skiffle." This distinctively British genre blended American blues, folk and jazz with a driving rhythm. This set opens with live recordings when Lonnie was singing and playing banjo with Ken Colyer's and Chris Barber's jazz bands, proceeds through to his breakthrough 1955 hit - his rendition of Leadbelly's Rock Island Line and on through his string of hits between 1955 and '57 (Lost John/ Bring A Little Walter Sylvie/ Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O/ Cumberland Gap etc.) along with singles, EP and LP tracks, rarities, live performances and radio broadcasts. Includes 52 page booklet with extensive documentation of Lonnie's career.
LONNIE DONEGAN: (In The Evening) When The Sun Goes Down (Radio Broadcast)/ Black Girl (Donegan On Stage Outtake)/ Bring A Little Water, Sylvie/ Bring A Little Water, Sylvie (Radio Broadcast)/ Brother Moses Smote The Water (Donegan On Stage Outtake)/ Bury My Body/ Cumberland Gap/ Cumberland Gap (Radio Broadcast)/ Dead Or Alive/ Diggin' My Potatoes/ Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O/ Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O (Radio Broadcast)/ Ella Speed (Donegan On Stage Outtake)/ Frankie And Johnny/ Gamblin' Man/ Glory/ Glory (False Start) (Donegan On Stage Outtake)/ Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad (Radio Broadcast - Voc: Dickie Bishop)/ Ham'n'eggs/ Hard Time Blues (Live)/ Hard Travellin' (Unissued)/ Harmonica Blues (Unissued - Harmonica: Chris Barber)/ How Long, How Long Blues/ I Shall Not Be Moved/ I'm A Ramblin' Man/ I'm Alabammy Bound/ I'm Alabammy Bound (Radio Broadcast)/ I'm Just A Rolling Stone/ I've Got Rocks In My Bed (Unissued)/ Jack O'diamonds/ John Henry/ John Henry (Radio Session)/ Leavin' Blues (Live)/ Lost John/ Lost John (Radio Broadcast)/ Love Is Strange/ Midnight Special/ Midnight Special (Live - Voc: Ken Colyer)/ Midnight Special (Radio Broadcast)/ Midnight Special (Radio Session - Voc: Ken Colyer)/ Mule Skinner Blues/ My Dixie Darling/ New Buryin' Ground/ Nobody Loves Like An Irishman/ Nobody's Child/ Nobody's Child (Live)/ Nobody's Child (Unissued)/ Ol' Riley/ Old Hannah (Go Down Old Hannah)/ On A Christmas Day/ On A Monday/ On A Monday (Radio Broadcast)/ Over In The New Burying Ground (Live)/ Precious Lord, Lead Me On (Live)/ Precious Memories (Donegan On Stage Outtake - Voc: Dickie Bishop)/ Puttin' On The Style/ Railroad Bill/ Railroad Bill (Radio Broadcast)/ Rock Island Line/ Rock Island Line (Unissued)/ Stackalee (Stack O'lee) (Voc: Dickie Bishop)/ Stewball/ Take My Hand, Precious Lord/ The Ballad Of Jesse James (Voc: Dickie Bishop)/ The Grand Coulee Dam/ The Passing Stranger/ Wabash Cannonball/ Wabash Cannonball (Unissued)/ When I Move To The Sky (Radio Broadcast - Voc: Ottilie Patterson)/ When The Sun Goes Down/ Worried Man Blues (Vocal: Dickie Bishop)/ Wreck Of The Old '97/ You Don't Know My Mind (Live)

JAN & DEAN Collector's Choice 949 The Complete Liberty Singles ● CD $24.98
2 CDs, 42 tracks, 115 mins, recommended
History tends to treat Jan & Dean as the red-headed stepbrothers to the Beach Boys. Sure they came first, but they never reached the level of artistic achievement of the Beach Boys or the cult status applied to others of their beach brethren. Jan & Dean did put out a lot of great pop songs and laid the foundation for so much to come. This collection gathers up their recordings for the Liberty record label. They had released ten pretty successful singles on smaller indie labels and built up a following prior to signing to Liberty, but here is where most of the songs for which they are famous are. Surf City/ Little Old Lady From Pasadena, etc are all on here plus album tracks, B-sides and oddities. This isn't the "Complete" set in the manner of gathering up all of the demos and clearing out every take in the vaults, which is fine--there's plenty here to enjoy. Some of my favorites going through this were a few of the odd-ball tracks. Surf City was a big hit, so how about Folk City? Not a great song, but stupid fun. There is also a great version of Bucket-T, a kooky "Batman" song, and their take on Norwegian Wood to keep you entertained. This won't necessarily win over a bunch of new fans, but J&D and Surf bands will be totally stoked! Rad! (JM)

JOHNNY KIDD & THE PIRATES EMI Gold 228 142-2 The Best Of Johnny Kidd & The Pirates ● CD $16.98
2 CDs, 56 tracks, 140 mins, highly recommended
JK & The P's are easily one of the top three Rock 'n Roll acts from the U.K. pre-Beatles, if not the best, and their material has aged especially well over the years. Kidd was a mix of Gene Vincent and Captain Hook, and by all accounts he always put on a hell of a show. Please Don't Touch was not only the first Rock 'n' Roll song written by a British group to hit the charts in England, it was also the first by any British group to hit the Top 20 in the United States. On the strength of that song and Shakin' All Over, (a song so rockin' that Heavy Metal greats Motorhead would cover it as a single, some 20 years later), Johnny Kidd and The Pirates would be legends, but they had a pretty successful and prolific run for a few years at the beginning of the swingin' '60s. As with so many of the greats, the road took Johnny Kidd's life. Traveling back home from a gig in 1966, he was killed in a car crash, making him another specter on the haunted highway of Rock 'n' Roll. This fine collection features all of the A & B sides for all of the group's singles plus lots of lesser known and obscure tracks, rockers, and ballads, with many great cover versions among them. A very nice job has been done on this CD, with literate notes, rare pictures and detailed track info. This is a great documentation of one of the lost legends of Rock 'n' Roll. (JM)

BUDDY KNOX & JIMMY BOWEN Bear Family BCD 16872 With The Rhythm Orchids - Rock! ● CD $24.98
31 tracks, 65 mins, highly recommended
Buddy Knox and Jimmy Bowen started out together, with Buddy Knox primarily on lead. Their first single had each of them take the lead on one side, which got some attention, but Knox was definitely the better talent of the two. Bowen's good looks and ambition propelled him to a brief solo career and then a hugely successful career behind the scenes in the music business. Of the 31 tracks here, 6 are Bowen-led numbers. All the best stuff- Party Doll/ Mary Lou/ Devil Woman/ I think I'm Gonna Kill Myself, etc.-are pure Buddy Knox. For those not familiar, I would compare Knox to Ricky Nelson, so much so for me that when I was a kid, I always thought the big hit Party Doll was done by Nelson. This includes their rare fist single and a few tracks done for the Liberty label, though the bulk is material that was recorded for Roulette. There are a few lesser tracks on this, but it's well worth it for the good ones, and Bear Family has done a great job telling the whole story, while providing excellent sound. (JM)

SLEEPY LABEEF Bear Family BCD 15981 Sleepy Rocks ● CD $24.98
35 tracks, recommended
Unlike many of his contemporary rockers who retired or turned to other forms of music when original rock 'n' roll lost its popularity in the early 60s Sleepy just kept on rocking and continues to do so to this day! This collection ranges from his 1956 note for note cover of Elvis's Baby Let's Play House to his 1979 cover of Sanford Clark's Lonesome For A Letter. In general Sleepy's repertoire is mostly covers of other artists recordings though Sleepy often give them his own distinctive touch though there are six tracks from a 1958 session where he did note for note note covers of six Johnny Cash hits! His early sessions do include some LaBeef originals along with originals by his guitarist Hal Harris including the all time classic rockabilly track All The Time and two takes of the originally unissued Little Bit More. Other tracks include All Alone/ Don't Make Me Go/ Turn Me Loose/ The Ways Of A Woman In Love/ Home Of the Blues/ You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven/ Can't Get You Off My Mind/Shame, Shame, Shame/ Honey Hush/ I'm Coming Home and his fine version of Bo Diddley's Ride On Josephine. An excellent collection though it would have been nice if some of the Johnny Cash imitations had been replaced by some of Sleepy's other rockin' sides. Digipack packaging, impeccable sound and a 40 page booklet with notes, photos and full discographical info. (FS)
SLEEPY LABEEF: Ain't Got No Home/ All Alone/ All The Time/ Baby Let's Play House/ Ballad Of A Teenage Queen/ Can't Get You Off Of My Mind/ Don't Make Me Go/ Good Rockin' Boogie/ Goodnight Irene/ Guess Things Happen That Way/ Home Of The Blues/ Honey Hush/ Honky Tonk Man/ I Ain't Gonna Take It/ I Found Out/ I'm Coming Home/ I'm Through/ Little Bit More/ Little Bit More (alt)/ Lonely/ Lonesome For A Letter/ Ride On Josephine/ Ride On Josephine/ Ridin' Fence/ Roll Over Beethoven/ Shame, Shame, Shame/ Shot-Gun Boogie/ The Ways Of A Woman In Love/ Too Much Monkey Business/ Tore Up/ Turn Me Loose/ Walkin' Slowly/ You Can't Catch Me/ You're So Easy To Love/ You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven

ELVIS PRESLEY RCA 722671 He Touched Me ● CD $11.98
Newly remastered edition of Elvis's third and last original gospel album originally issued in 1972 featuring recordings made in the early 70s. This CD features four bonus cuts from the same period - he Touched Me/ Seeing Is Believing/ An Evening Prayer/ A Thing Called Lov/ Only Believe/ Help Me, etc. 16 songs in all.

ELVIS PRESLEY RCA 722673 His Hand In Mind ● CD $11.98
Reissue of Elvis's classic 1960 gospel album - newly remastered with four bonus songs from his 1957 "Peace In The Valley" E.P. 16 songs in all including His Hand In Mine/ Milky White Way/ Joshua Fit The Battle/ Mansion Over The Hilltop/ (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley/ Take My hand Precious Lord, etc.

ELVIS PRESLEY RCA 66060 Loving You ● CD $11.98
20 tracks, highly recommended
Not a new release, but reviewed here for the first time. Elvis motion picture soundtracks are a mixed bag indeed, just as the movies themselves were. Standard rule of thumb applies for both: in most cases the earlier it was made, the better chance of it being good. "Loving You" came out in 1957 and I would put it in the top five of his soundtracks already, then with this edition there are 8 bonus tracks, bringing the album up a couple notches--certainly Essential for Elvis fans. Most of us know the title track and the other big hit from the movie, Teddy Bear. Other great tracks from the original are a mix of older standards, covers of recent hits, and a couple that were written for the movie. Lieber & Stoller were corralled to compose the title track as well as the lightweight fun that is Hot Dog. Mean Woman Blues/ Blueberry Hill, and Ivory Joe Hunter's I Need You So stand out among the covers, as well as Let's Have A Party (mostly associated with Wanda Jackson, here the big E does it as Party ). The bonus tracks load the bases with a cover of Titus Turner's Tell Me Why, an alternate version of Party, and an up-tempo version of Loving You, then hits it into the stands with Elvis' first version of the red-hot One Night Of Sin, with mostly the original lyrics, unlike the later cleaned-up version that most of us know better. It's RCA, so the sound is great, taken off original masters. Solid notation (including Loving You trivia), coupled with reproductions of movie stills that made up original LP layout. (JM)

GARY USHER Sundazed 11167 Barefoot Adventure - The 4 Star Sessions, 1962-1966 ● CD $23.98
2 CDs, 36 tracks, 74 mins, recommended
Fans of Surf and southern California sun and fun culture will certainly dig this, though the casual fan might find it a bit challenging. Gary Usher was/is a key figure in Cali music starting from the early '60s, best known as Brian Wilson's early collaborator and for his fine work on many great Byrds records. In the early '60s Usher was a Surf song-making machine. This two CD set gathers up 36 of the most cherry tunes about woodies, ridin' the waves, surfer babes, motorcycles, skate boards and all the rest. Tracks are credited to bands like the Sunsets, the Four Speeds, and the Competitors, but it's all Gary Usher and key friends and studio cats like Hal Blaine, Leon Russell, Glen Campbell, etc. For you Beach Boys completists, there are also a few tracks with Dennis Wilson hitting the skins. Interspersed throughout the tracks you get little nuggets of information and stories from a Gary Usher interview that adds to the fun. Comes in great packaging with extensive notes on all the tracks and more. (JM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Acrobat 6000 The Rock 'n' Roll Explosion ● CD $29.98
6 CDs, 120 tracks, 300 Mins, highly recommended
This is a massive amount of music, in a tight little package (though not a terribly functional little package) for very little money. If you wanted to teach a class on Rock 'N' Roll, this set would pretty much be the perfect collection to tell the story. So many of the classic hits are here, with all of the big names represented - Elvis, Fats Domino, Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and all of their contemporaries as well as some greats that aren't necessarily household names. Next to Gene Vincent's Be Bop A Lu La, there is also his Bluejean Bop, and Race With The Devil. Next to The Platters, there are The Turbins, Cadilacs, Five Keys, and Domino's. Then there's Bo Diddley, Bill Haley, Smiley Lewis--it goes on and on. This is an instant jukebox, and even some of the hardcore collectors might find a track or two that they don't have. Only the full track listing will tell for sure, but I am guessing this could easily replace a lot of lesser compilations in our collections with its fantastic sound and thorough line-up. (JM)
LAVERN BAKER: Jim Dandy/ Tra La La/ Tweedlee Dee/ CHUCK BERRY: Brown Eyed Handsome Man/ Maybellene/ No Money Down/ Roll Over Beethoven/ Thirty Days/ Too Much Monkey Business/ You Can't Catch Me/ JACKIE BRENSTON: Rocket 88/ RUTH BROWN: 5-10-15 Hours/ Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean/ JOHNNY BURNETTE: Train Kept A Rollin'/ THE CADILLACS: Speedo/ SANFORD CLARK: The Fool/ BO DIDDLEY: Bo Diddley/ Bring It To Jerome/ Diddley Daddy/ Pretty Thing/ Who Do You Love/ BILL DOGGETT: Honky Tonk Part 1/ Honky Tonk Part 2/ FATS DOMINO: Ain't It A Shame/ All By Myself/ Blue Monday/ Blueberry Hill/ Bo Weevil/ I'm In Love Again/ My Blue Heaven/ Poor Me/ When My Dreamboat Comes Home/ THE DOMINOES: Sixty Minute Man/ THE DRIFTERS: Bip Bam/ Lucille/ Money Honey/ Ruby Baby/ Such A Night/ Whatcha Gonna Do/ THE ELDORADOS: At My Front Door/ THE FIVE KEYS: Ling Ting Tong/ THE FIVE SATINS: In The Still Of The Nite/ THE G CLEFS: Ka Ding Dong/ BILL HALEY: Birth Of The Boogie/ Burn That Candle/ Choo Choo Ch'boogie/ Dim Dim The Lights/ Don't Knock The Rock/ Hot Dog Buddy Buddy/ Mambo Rock/ R.O.C.K./ Razzle Dazzle/ Rip It Up/ Rock A Beatin Boogie/ Rock Around The Clock/ Rudy's Rock/ See You Later Alligator/ Shake Rattle And Roll/ Two Hound Dogs/ CLARENCE 'FROGMAN' HENRY: Ain't Got No Home/ SMILEY LEWIS: I Hear You Knocking/ LITTLE RICHARD: All Around The World/ Heebie Jeebies/ Long Tall Sally/ Ready Teddy/ Rip It Up/ She's Got It/ Slippin And Slidin/ The Girl Can't Help It/ Tutti Frutti/ JIM LOWE: Green Door/ FRANKIE LYMON AND THE TEENAGERS: I Promise To Remember/ I Want You To Be My Girl/ The A B C's Of Love/ Who Can Explain/ Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ ROY ORBISON: Ooby Dooby/ Rockhouse/ CARL PERKINS: Blue Suede Shoes/ Boppin The Blues/ Dixie Fried/ Honey Don't/ THE PLATTERS: My Prayer/ Only You/ The Great Pretender/ The Magic Touch/ You'll Never Know/ ELVIS PRESLEY: Anyway You Want Me/ Baby Let's Play House/ Blue Moon Of Kentucky/ Blue Suede Shoes/ Don't Be Cruel/ Good Rocking Tonight/ Heartbreak Hotel/ Hound Dog/ I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine/ I Forgot To Remember To Forget/ I Want You I Need You I Love You/ I Was The One/ I'm Left You're Right I'm Gone/ Love Me/ Love Me Tender/ Milkcow Blues Boogie/ Money Honey/ My Baby Left Me/ Mystery Train/ Paralyzed/ That's Allright/ You're A Heartbreaker/ THE ROBINS: Smokey Joe's Cafe/ SHIRLEY AND LEE: I Feel Good/ Let The Good Times Roll/ WARREN SMITH: Ubangi Stomp/ THE TURBANS: When You Dance/ BIG JOE TURNER: Corrinne Corrina/ Honey Hush/ Lipstick Powder And Paint/ GENE VINCENT: Be Bop A Lu La/ Bluejean Bop/ Race With The Devil

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16683 Rockin' And Boppin' In The Desert, Vol. 2 ● CD $24.98
30 tracks, 64 mins, highly recommended
Here we have the long awaited follow up CD with more great Arizona scorchers. This compilation would almost be worth it alone for the hilarious and rockin' Morbid Institution by Rusty Isabell; thankfully, there are a lot of killers on this one. In fact this whole collection is a must for Rockabilly fans and hardcore Rock'N' Roll collectors, with a tons of really rare stuff. Other artists making a return trip from volume one -- Jimmy Dell, Gene Maltais, Jimmy Johnson, Lonesome Long John Roller -- all deliver the goods. Then there is my second favorite track, Devil's Den by Duane Turley With The Tads, a highly dramatic stomper full of western intrigue. The big star on this would have to be the very young Waylon Jennings doing Rave On. What a treat! Western Swing star Rex Allen also pops up for the rockin Knock, Knock, Rattle, but a lot of the best tracks are by the mostly unknowns. The Pledges, The Gigolos, The Dropouts, etc., plus not one, but two actual Arizona Highway Patrolmen have cuts here: Peso Dollar & The Counterfeit Bills deliver on Sixteen Miles (a take off on Sixteen Tons) and Ken Patrick does Night Train. Patrick would eventually meet his fate in 1973, gunned down by members of the Black Panthers. Now that's the Wild West! Most of these tracks only ever appeared on small local labels, with six of the tracks being unreleased until now. As can be expected, this comes in a great package with a big thick booklet with write-ups on each and every track. Superb! (JM)
REX ALLEN: Knock Knock Rattle/ JIMMY BENNETT: Whole Lotta Shakin Goin' On/ JIMMY DELL: Message, The/ JERRY DEMAR: (She Wants a) Lover Man/ PESO DOLLAR: Sixteen Miles/ THE DROPOUTS: I'm Leaving/ JAMIE FALCO: Stop/ THE GIGOLOS: Night Creature/ THE HAWKS: A Little More Wine My Dear?/ RUSTY ISABELL: Morbid Institution/ WAYLON JENNINGS: Rave On/ JIMMY JOHNSON: How About Me Pretty Baby?/ BARRY LANE: Oh Geronimo/ CURTIS LEE: Pure Love/ GARY LEMEL: Rockin In the Halls/ FRANKIE LOREN: Everyone Will Know/ GENE MALTAIS: Lovemakin'/ SLIM MARBLES: Switch, The/ AL MARION: Kay/ RON MOLINA: Esmarella/ KEN PATRICK: Night Train/ DAL PERKINS: Kiss Me Goodnight/ THE PLEDGES: Betty Jean/ GEORGE RICHIE: But In a Millon Years/ LONESOME LONG JOHN ROLLER: Hay Momma/ NIKI SULLIVAN: I Told Everybody/ DICK TERRY: Mean Bean/ DUANE TURLEY: Devil's Den/ GEORGE TYLER: I'm Going Back To Texas/ EASY DEAL WILSON: Gotta Have You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55188 Rhythm Feet ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 69 mins, highly recommended
Lead off track Susy Ann sets the tone right by exclaiming about the song's muse: "Compared To You, all The Other Girls are Lame!" Compared to this compilation, so many others comps are lame! A fine feast of the obscure kinda Rock n' Roll that we love around here. Delightfully Lo-Fi bashers like Baby Lou by Bob Osburn, Red Lips by Mondo, and Weekend Girl by Wally Biniak (totally rare track, taken off of an acetate), not to mention the title track Rhythm Feet by Carroll (Wild Red) Pegues. There is sort of a Girl Song theme going on, but like most of the Buffalo Bop releases of late, that theme is tenuous at best. This is fine when the off theme tracks are as cool as Flying Saucers by The Thunderbirds, If You're Square by The Rhythm-Addicts, and Houston and Dorsey's cover of Green Door, which has a little Open The Door Richard mixed in. The most perplexing track here has got to be Cool Cats by Dick Mason, with totally square (trying to be hip) vocals, but blistering guitar work. So overall I give this a 4 switchblade (out of a possible 5) rating. (JM)
MACKEY BEERS & THE ROCKITTS: Lorie Lee/ WALLY BINIAK: Weekend Girl/ RAY BURDEN: Sweet Lou From Lou/ GUS COLLETTI: At The ROck & Roll Party/ DONNIE DEAN: Frankie & Johnny/ ANGIE GARCIA: Hi Yo Silver/ GARY & THE DETONATORS: I Wanta Dance/ JOHNNY GOSEY: I Lost My Baby/ JAY HAGGARD: I Want You Now Honey Doll/ I Will Ask, I Will Plead/ HERB & REX: Baby Don't Leave Me/ DON HOPKINS: Little Miss Pretty/ That's No Way To Treat Your Girl/ HOUSTON & DORSEY: The Green Door/ JOE THE SHAKER: Yea, Pretty Baby/ ROBIN LEE & THE LAVENDERS: Pretty Patti/ TINY LYMAN & HIS JUKES: Mary Jon/ DOYLE MADDEN: Gonna Learn To Rock/ DICK MASON: Cool Cats/ MONDO: Red Lips/ BOB OSBURN: Baby Lou/ CARROLL (WILD RED) PEGUES: Rhythm Feet/ JOHNNY REDD: Rockin'With Ruby/ THE RHYTHM ADDICTS: Hey! Watcha Say BabE!/ THE RHYTHM-ADDICTS: If You're Square/ GARY SHELTON: My Hero/ THE SPIRALS: Baby? You Just Wait/ FRANKIE TARO: Susy Ann/ THE THUNDERBIRDS: Flying Saucers/ AL TURNAGE & THE TURNPIKES: Hollywood Rock

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collector 4523 Let's Rock Now ● CD $16.98
30 tracks, mins, highly recommended
An outstanding collection of Rock 'n' Roll obscurities, almost worth the price of admission for the Johnson Brothers tracks alone; their Casting My Spell, and Zombie Lou are pure magic. Other fantastic tracks like Ronnie Summers & Chuck Vedder Orch. Doing Ballin' The Jack,' The Roadrunners sterling instrumental The Flop The Panting Panther with OH! What Are You Doing? just to name a few, but hardly the only great ones. There are a fair number of cover songs on this, but trust me, for the most part they are wild and unique versions. Collector has been putting out a lot of great comps lately, and this is the best out of the ones that I have heard. (JM)
MARTIN CARRILLO & THE PANICS: Don't Take My Girl/ LES CUNNINGHAM: Lonesome Truck Driver's Blues/ THE DAWNBEATS: Midnight Express/ THE EPICS: Romp, The/ WAYNE FONTANA & THE MINDBENDERS: Road Runner/ DANNY GOODE: Let's Dance/ Walking The Dog/ BILLY HALL: I Need Some Lovin/ LARRY HALLOWAY: Teen Beat/ JIM HUNTER: Bad Boy/ Twist Tina Twist/ THE JACKSON BROTHERS: The Wrong Door/ THE JAMES BOYS: That's All/ DANNY JOHNSON: Tired Of Working For The Other Man/ THE JOHNSON BROTHERS: Casting My Spell/ Zombie Lou/ THE KEY BROTHERS: Lulu's Party/ LITTLE BOBBIE: Keep A Knockin/ LOUIE & THE AMBASSADORS: Talk That Talk/ THE NIGHTBEATS: Nightbeat/ THE PANTING PANTHER: Oh! What Are They Doin/ BOB RINGMAN: Call Me/ THE ROADRUNNERS: Flop, The/ JAMES STALLCUP: Baby Let's Make Love/ STANLEY & GENE: Moon Rocket Road/ RONNIE SUMMERS: Jack, The/ JAY SWAN: I Got My Mojo Working/ THE TEEM-STERS: Clearfield Twist/ BILLY TIRCUIT: Green Lizard/ BIG BOY WILLIAMS & CREW: Welder's Test

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collector 4525 Slow Boogie Rockin', Vol. 7 ● CD $16.98
30 tracks, highly recommended
I really like Collector's "Slow Boogie Rockin'" series - the slow/ mid tempo rockers allow for a lot of bluesy feel and intense vocals. It opens with the odd sounding Set Me Free by Bob Sanning & The Rhythmatics which includes an accordion solo and the group also does the tough instrumental Drag with searing sax. There are several other fine instrumentals from Johnny Zorro, Frankie Daye & His Knights, The Graytones and others. J.C. Gilbert & The Rhythm Shakers do the very intense Just Sing The Blues and Rick Sumlin & The Little Darlin's do a great version of the swamp pop classic Mathilda and there are tracks by Jimmy Duncan, Jim Edgar & The Roadrunners, Sundown Blues (a fine rockin' acoustic rendition of Jimmie Rodger's T.B. Blues), Tom King & The Starfires and others. Fine stuff. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collector 4526 Rock Girls Rock ● CD $16.98
30 tracks, recommended
30 obscure sides by female rockers. Nothing here comes even close to mtaching the ferocity of Wanda Jackson but this is entertaining collection featuring sides by Frankie & Margie (who are reminiscent of The Miller Sisters), Nanny Miller ( who sounds around 10 years old but is a pretty good rocker), Darlene Yoshimoto (a cover of Stupid Cupid), Betty Logan (the great bluesy country item Slim Jim with some nice harmonica), Cheri Robbins, The Leslie Sisters (a nice cover of Dance With Me Henry), Sue Patrick & The Normads (her hot You Found A New Love sounds like it was recorded in a phone booth!), Jenny Lou Crumpler (the infectious Just Around The Corner), Joey Kay, Brenda Keefer (an interesting version of the Sun favorite Down The Line), Rita Paul and others. (FS)
THE ADAMS SISTERS: Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy/ ANGELINE & HAWAII'S TEEN TOWNERS: Hula Rock & Roll/ THE BEAU-BELLES: My Heart Keeps A' Rockin'/ BERNADETTE: Slosh, The/ BRENDA BURNS: I'll Come Running/ CHARLES & MARGIE (THE SHYDERS): Love, Love, Love/ THE COOK SISTERS: Honeysuckle Vine/ JENNY LOU CRUMPLER & BILL POLLARD'S RHYTHMAIRES: Just Around The Corner/ JEANIE DELL & JOHNNY B. & THE ROCK-A-BOPS: Jeanie Dell, Johnny B. & The Rock-A-Bops/ ELVIE EASTER: Boomerang Baby/ THE EDWARD TWINS: No More Sugartime/ Sugartime Twist/ FRANKIE & MARGIE: Bop Guitar/ JOEY KAY: Johnny Bom Bonney/ HARRIET KAY & NICK PERITO & BILL HARRINGTON: Mountains Of Kisses/ Pianola Pete/ THE KAY-DOLL SISTERS & JOMAIL TRIO: Squre Dance In The Park/ BRENDA KEEFER: Twist On Down The Line/ CLARA LEE: Everyone But Me/ THE LESLIE SISTERS: Dance With Me Henry/ BETTY LOGAN: Slim Jim/ JOYCE LYNN: Stop That Knockin'/ NANNY MILLER: Mean, Mean Daddy/ SUE PATRICK & THE NOMADS: You Found A New Love/ RITA PAUL: Lovem 'N Leavem Lover/ CHERI ROBBINS: Please Don't Call Me Lonesome/ JULIE STEVENS & THE PREMIERS: Crazy Bells/ SHARON STRAUSS: Blue Jean Blues/ BETTY VALCHAR & THE WESTERNERS: The Farmers Daughter/ DARLENE YOSHIMOTO & THE AZTEC COMBO: Stupid Cupid

VARIOUS ARTISTS Documents 223002 Rock 'n' Roll ● CD $19.98
After being out of print for a while this title is now available again. Another of those ridiculously low priced box sets from the German Documents label - this features 10 cds with 200 tracks from the dawn of rock 'n' roll - mostly recorded between 1953 and 1955 with a few earlier and featuring a mix of up tempo country, rockabilly, a little bit of rocking R&B and some of the recordings that helped launch the rock 'n roll boom of the 50s. Though doo-wop is strangely absent and a few of the selection seem totally incongruous this is a fun collection that includes, among many others, Chuck Berry, Merrill Moore, Luke McDaniel, Bobby Lord, Chuck Miller,  Harmonica Frank, Jaye P. Morgan (!), Elvis Presley, Charlie Gracie, Hank Penny, Milt Dickey,George Jones, Hardrock Gunter, Clarence Garlow, Big Joe Turner,  Eddy Arnold, Carl Smith, Speedy West and many many more. Sound quality is satisfactory and for all its flaws this has some great music at an amazing price.
JOHNNY ACE: How Can You Be So Mean/ Yes Baby/ FAYE ADAMS: I'll Be True To You/ ANNISTEEN ALLEN: My Baby Keeps Rolling/ EDDY ARNOLD: Hep Cat Baby/ This Is The Thanks I Get/ CHARLINE ARTHUR: Kiss The Baby Goodnight/ GLENN BARBER: Ice Cold Water/ LOUIE BASHELL: Oklahoma Boogie/ BOYD BENNETT & THE ROCKETS: My Boy Flat Top/ Seventeen/ The Most/ You Upset Me Baby/ CHUCK BERRY: Maybelline/ BIG MAYBELLE: Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/ BOB BLUM: Rompin' Stompin' Good Time/ Thanks To You/ JOHNNY BOND: Put Me To Bed/ LEE BONDS: Done Gone Crazy/ TINY BRADSHAW: The Train Kept-a-rollin'/ JACKIE BRENSTON: In My Real Gone Rocket/ NAPPY BROWN: That Man/ ROY BROWN: Good Rockin' Tonight/ RUTH BROWN: Bye Bye Young Men/ PAUL BUNNY: Such A Night/ THE CARLISLES: Busy Body Boogie/ JIMMY CAVELLO & THE HOUSE ROCKERS: Rock The Joint/ BOBBY CHARLES: Later Alligator/ EDDIE CLETRO: Flyin' Saucer Boogie/ ROSEMARY CLOONEY: Come-on-a-my-house/ DOROTHY COLLINS: My Boy Flat Top/ THE COLLINS KIDS: Beetle Bug Bop/ THE CROWS: Gee/ SONNY DAE: Rock Around The Clock/ JIMMIE DAVIS: Cherokee Boogie/ KEN DAVIS: Shook Shake/ THE DELMORE BROTHERS: Freight Train Boogie/ LITTLE JIMMY DICKENS: Blackeyed Joe's/ Hey Worm!/ DUB DICKERSON: My Gal Gertie/ MILT DICKEY: Checkbook Baby/ BO DIDDLEY: Bo Diddley/ RAMBLIN' JIMMY DOLAN: Hot Rod Race/ EDDIE & CHUCK: Boogie The Blues/ TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD & BETTY HUTTON: The Honeymoon's Over/ WERLY FAIRBURN: I Feel Like Cryin'/ Love Spelled Backwards Is Evol/ Prison Cell Of Love/ TERRY FELL: Truck Drivin' Man/ H-BOMB FERGUSON: Rock H-Bomb, Rock/ SONNY FISHER: Hey Mama/ Rockin' & Rollin'/ Rockin' Daddy/ Sneaky Pete/ RED FOLEY: Pinball Boogie/ I Gotta Have You/ EDDIE FONTAINE: Boom-de-dee-boom/ Rock Love/ TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD: Catfish Boogie/ I Don't Know/ CLARENCE GARLOW: Crawfishin'/ BOOTS GILBERT: Man! Turn Me Loose/ Take It Or Leave It/ LONNIE GLOSSON: Pan American Boogie/ CURTIS GORDON: Baby, Baby Me/ Caffeine & Nicotine/ Divided Heart/ I'd Do It For You/ I'd Like To Tell You/ CHARLIE GRACIE: Head Home Honey/ Honey, Honey/ My Baby Loves Me/ Wildwood Boogie/ LOU GRAHAM: Long Gone Daddy/ RUDY GRAY: There's Gonna Be A Ball/ BUCK GRIFFIN: Bawlin' & Squalin'/ It Don't Make No Never Mind/ Meadowlark Boogie/ GAYLE GRIFFITH: I'm Gonna Anchor My Heart/ Rockin' & A-knockin'/ HARDROCK GUNTER: Fallen Angel/ Honky Tonk Baby/ I'll Give 'em Rhythm/ BILL HALEY & THE COMETS: A.b.c. Boogie/ Chattanooga Choo-choo/ Crazy Man, Crazy/ Dim, Dim The Light/ Green Tree Boogie/ Happy Baby/ Jukebox Cannonball/ Pat-a-cake/ Real Rock Drive/ Rock Around The Clock/ Rock The Joint/ Rocket 88/ Shake, Rattle & Roll/ Straight Jacket/ Sundown Boogie/ Ten Little Indians/ Thirteen Women/ Two Hound Dogs/ ROY HALL: Don't Stop Now/ See You Later Alligator/ GUNTER HARDROCK: Gonna Dance All Night/ HARMONICA FRANK: Rockin' Chair Daddy/ The Great Medical Menagerist/ WYNONIE HARRIS: All She Wants To Do Is Rock/ HAWKSHAW HAWKINS: Waitin' For My Baby/ JIMMY HEAP: Go Ahead On/ GENE HENSLEE: Dig'n & Datin'/ JOHNNY HICKS: Hey Now Honey/ AUTRY INMAN: Uh Uh Honey/ LOUIS INNIS & CHARLIE GORE: Female Hound Dog/ THE JODIMARS: Let's All Rock Together/ Well Now Dig This/ GEORGE JONES: No Money In This Deal/ Play It Cool Man/ Why Baby Why/ SID KING & THE FIVE STRINGS: Sag, Drag & Fall/ LARRY LEE: I'm Wonderin' Now/ LITTLE RICHARD: Tutti Frutti/ BOBBY LORD: No More, No More/ LUKE MCDANIEL: Crying My Heart Out For You/ Daddy-o Rock/ Honey, Won't You Please Come Home/ Hurt Me So/ Money Bag Woman/ The Automobile Song/ SKEETS MCDONALD: Don't Let The Star Get In Your/ CHUCK MILLER: Boogie Blues/ Hawk-eye/ Hopahoola Boogie/ House Of Blue Lights/ Idaho Red/ Lookout Mountain/ LATTIE MOORE: Juke Joint Johnny/ Pull Down The Blinds/ MERRILL MOORE: Doggie House Boogie/ Fly Right Boogie/ Hard Top Race/ Nola/ Red Light/ Snatchin' & Grabbin'/ Sweet Jennie Lee/ Ten, Ten A.M./ JAYE P. MORGEN: Pepper Hot Baby/ BILLY NELSON: Pack, Shack & Stack/ JOHNNY OTIS: Rock Me Baby/ DANNY OVERBEA: Forty Cups Of Coffee/ PAT PATRICK: Hot Springs/ BUNNY PAUL: Answer The Call/ Honey Love/ I'm Gonna Have Some Fun/ Lovey Dovey/ New Love/ You Came A Long Way From St. Louis/ HANK PENNY: Fan It/ Flamin' Mamie/ Two Timin' Mama/ CARL PERKINS: Gone, Gone, Gone/ EARL PETERSON: Boogie Blues/ ELVIS PRESLEY: Blue Moon Of Kentucky/ Good Rockin' Tonight/ I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shi/ That's All Right/ LOUIS PRIMA: Oh Babe/ WADE RAY: Idaho Red/ MARTY ROBERTS: Brand New Love Affair/ TOMMY SCOTT: Cats & Dogs/ Dig Me Little Mama/ Jumpin From Six To Six/ FRANK SIMON: Sugar Plum Boogie/ JIMMY SIMPSON: Honky Tonk Spree/ CARL SMITH: Back Up Buddy/ Go, Boy Go/ RED SMITH: Whoa Boy/ FRANK STARR: The Dirty Bird Song/ CLIFFIE STONE: Jump Rope Boogie/ DANNY TAYLOR: You Look Bad/ FORD TENNESSEE ERNIE: Blackberry Boogie/ Shotgun Boogie/ AL TERRY: Good Deal, Lucille/ COTTON THOMSON: How Long/ MERLE TRAVIS: Louisiana Boogie/ THE TRENIERS: Oh, Look-A-There/ Rock-a-beatin' Boogie/ BIG JOE TURNER: Feelin' Happy/ ZEB TURNER: Jersey Rock/ T. TEXAS TYLER: Hot Rod Rag/ UNKNOWN: Crooked Dice/ RUSTY WELLINGTON: Jump Jump Honey/ SPEEDY WEST: Stratosphere Boogie/ PAUL WESTMORELAND: Caffeine & Nicotine/ Dig That Hot Rod/ HANK WILLIAMS: Move It On Over/ BOB WILLS: Cadillac In Model A/ Sittin' On The Top Of The World/ PRISCILLA WRIGHT: Don't Call Me/ MALCOLM YELVINGTON: Drinkin' Wine Spoo-dee-o-dee/ REX ZARIO: Go Man, Get Gone

VARIOUS ARTISTS Documents 223003 Oldies But Goldies ● CD $19.98
After being out of print for a while this title is now available again. A ton of fun for only $19.98, or to be more precise, 200 tracks on 10 CDS featuring recordings made between 1939 and 1955. Disc 1 is devoted to "Rock 'n' Roll Favourites" with tracks by Carl Perkins, The Jodimars, Roy Hall, The Collins Kids, Sonny isher, Little Richard, Jimmie Davis, etc. Discs 2 & 3 feature rhythm & blues includingLouis Jordan, Dave Bartholomew, Champion jack Dupree, B.B. King, Wynonie Harris, H-Bomb Ferguson, Big Mama Thornton, Mabel Scott, Ruth Brown and more. Disc 4 is doo-wop with The Mills Brothers, Five Crowns, Blenders, Spaniels, Thunderbirds, Five Scamps, etc. Disc 5 is jazz with Woody herman, Zutty Simngleton's Creoles, Armand Hug's Jazzmen, Frankie Trumabuer, Joshua Johnson, Benny Goodman, etc. Disc 6 is country - Tennessee Ernie Ford, Red Foley, George Morgan, Ernest Tubb, Pee Wee King, Eddy Arnold, Carl Smith, etc. Disc 7 gives us some country boogies - Red Foley, Chuck Miller, Jesse Rodgers, Arthur Smith, Moon Mullican, Hawkshaw Hawkins, The Delmore Brothers. Disc 8 is devoted to swing - Judy Garland, Gene Krupa & Anita O' Day, Count Basie, Lucky Millinder, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, etc. The 9th disc features pop and includes Nat King Cole, Julie London, Ella Fitzgerald, The Chordettes, Jo Stafford, Perry Como, The Mills Brothers and others and we end up with 20 tracks of blues on disc 10 from Amos Milburn, Roy Brown, Elmore James, Terry Timmons, Big Mama Thornton, Jimmy McCracklin, Howlin' Wolf, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Documents 223506 Rock Around The Clock ● CD $19.98
After being out of print for a while this title is now available again. Like their previous collection "Rock 'n Roll" (Documents 223002) this low priced 10 cd set presents 200 tracks from the dawn of rock 'n' roll - mostly recorded between 1953 and 1956 with a few earlier and featuring a mix of up tempo country, rockabilly, a little bit of rocking R&B and some of the recordings that helped launch the rock 'n roll boom of the 50s. Strangely there is very little doo-wop but this is a fun collection - the artist selection is much narrower than that first set but includes, among others, Bill Haley, Lavern Baker, Elvis Presley, T Tennessee Ernie Ford, Buddy Holly, Johnny Otis with The Robins, Gene Vincent, Chuck Willis, Wynonie Harris, Roy Brown, etc. No notes but fine sound - just put this on your CD changer and rock!
LAVERN BAKER: Bop-ting-a-ling/ Good Daddy/ How Long/ I Want To Rock/ Jim Dandy/ Lost Child/ That‘s All I Need/ Tweedlee Dee/ DAVE BARTHOLOMEW: Another Mule/ Cat Music/ Country Boy/ Messy Bessy/ My Ding A Ling/ Night Train/ The Ice Man/ The Monkey/ CHARLEY BOOKER: Charley‘s Boogie Woogie/ JACKIE BRENSTON: My Real Gone Rocket/ Rocket 88/ ROY BROWN: Ain‘t No Rocking No More/ Beautician Blues/ Big Town/ Cadillac Baby/ Laughing But Crying/ Mighty Mighty Man/ Money Can‘t Buy Love/ Rockin‘at Midnight/ RUTH BROWN: 51015 Hours/ Ever Since My Baby‘s Gone/ I Would If I Could/ I‘ll Wait For You/ Mam He Treats Your Daughter Mean/ Sentimental Journey/ Shine On Bright Moon/ The Tears Keep Tumbling Down/ To Many Men/ BO DIDDLEY: Bo Diddley/ Cops And Robbers/ Diddley Daddy/ Diddy Wah Diddy/ Down Home Special/ I‘m A Man/ I‘m Looking For A Woman/ Pretty Thing/ You Don‘t Love Me/ FATS DOMINO: Blue Monday/ Blueberry Hill/ My Blue Heaven/ Reeling And Rocking/ Rockin‘ Chair/ Rosemary/ The Fat Man/ THE DRIFTERS: Bip Bam/ Everyone‘s Laughing/ Honey Love/ If I Didn‘t Love You Like I Do/ Lucille/ Money Honey/ Ruby Baby/ Such A Night/ There You Go/ Warm Your Heart/ TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD: Country Junction/ Sixteen Tons/ Tennessee Border/ The Shot Gun Boogie/ Tailor Made Woman/ I‘ll Never Be Free/ Rock City Boogie/ BILL HALEY: Abc Boogie/ Green Tree Boogie/ Mambo Rock/ Razzle Dazzle/ Rock Around The Clock/ Rock-a-beatin‘ Boogie/ Rock/ See You Later Alligator/ Shake, Rattle And Roll/ Ten Little Indians/ WYNONIE HARRIS: All She Wants To Do Is Rock/ Bite Again, Bite Again/ Confessin‘ The Blues/ Feel That Old Age Coming On/ Good Rockin‘ Tonight/ Mister Blues Is Coming To Town/ Oh Babe/ Put It Back/ Wynonie‘s Boogie/ BUDDY HOLLY: Blue Suede Shoes/ Don‘t Come Back Knocking/ Honky Tonk/ Keep A Knockin‘/ Love Me/ Rip It Up/ Rock Around With Ollie Vee/ Rock-a-bye-rock/ Shake, Rattle And Roll/ You And I Are Through/ You Are My One Desire/ B. B. KING: Shake It Up And Go/ You Know I Love You/ LITTLE RICHARD: Ain‘t That Good News/ All Around The World/ Get Rich Quick/ I Love My Baby/ I‘m Just A Lonely Guy/ Little Richard‘s Boogie/ Long Tall Sally/ Ready Teddy/ Slippin‘ And Slidin‘/ The Girl Can‘t Help It/ Tutti Frutti/ JOHNNY OTIS: Ain‘t Nothin‘ Shakin‘/ Boogie Guitar/ Double Crossing Blues/ Head Hunter/ If I Didn‘t Love You So/ Lover‘s Lane Boogie/ New Orleans Shuffle/ Our Romance Is Gone/ THE PLATTERS: Beer Barrel Boogie/ I‘ll Cry When You‘re Gone/ Love All Night/ Maggie Doesn‘t Work Here Anymore/ Only You (federal Version)/ Red Sails In The Sunset/ Sentimental Journey/ Shake It Up Mambo/ You Made Me Cry/ ELVIS PRESLEY: Blue Moon/ Blue Moon Of Kentucky/ Blue Suede Shoes/ Don‘t Be Cruel/ Good Rockin‘ Tonight/ Heartbreak Hotel/ Hound Dog/ Love Me Tender/ Milkcow Blues Boogie/ Money Honey/ That‘s All Right/ When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again/ You‘re A Heartbreaker/ LLOYD PRICE: All Alone/ Baby Please Come Home/ Carry Me Home/ Froglegs/ I‘m Glad, Glad/ Lawdy Miss Clawdy/ Lord, Lord Amen/ Night And Day Blues/ Rock n‘ Roll Dance/ PROFESSOR LONGHAIR: Boogie Woogie/ In The Night/ Longhair Stomp/ Mardi Gras In New Orleans/ Walk Your Blues Away/ Willie Mae/ LITTLE RICHARD: Heeby Jeebies/ BIG MAMA THORNTON: All Right Baby/ Cotton Picking Blues/ Hard Times/ Hound Dog/ Just Can‘t Help Myself/ Nightmare/ No Jody For Me/ Rockabye Baby/ They Call Me Big Mama/ Willie Mae‘s Blues/ BIG JOE TURNER: Boogie Woogie Country Girl/ Chains Of Love/ Flip, Flop And Fly/ Low Down Dog/ Midnight Cannonball/ Morning Glories/ Rock A While/ Shake, Rattle And Roll/ Sweet Sixteen/ Well All Right/ IKE TURNER: Lookin‘ For My Baby/ Troubles And Heartaches/ You‘re Driving Me Insane/ GENE VINCENT: Be-bop-a-lula/ Bluejean Bop/ Bop Street/ Jezebel/ Peg O‘ My Heart/ Race With The Devil/ Up A Lazy River/ Wedding Bells/ You Told A Fib/ CHUCK WILLIS: Caldonia/ Going To The River/ I Can Tell/ I Feel So Bad/ If I Had A Million/ I‘ve Been Treated Wrong Too Long/ Keep A Knockin‘/ Lawdy Miss Mary/ Let‘s Jump Tonight/ Ring Ding Doo

VARIOUS ARTISTS EMI Gold 519 574-2 The Mersey Sound ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 75 mins, recommended
The "Mersey Sound" would basically be the early Beatles and all of the bands that they played with back in jolly ol' Liverpool. Liverpool is officially the European Capitol Of Culture for 2008, so this collection is part of a huge amount of celebration of the city's arts, culture etc. The biggest proponent of the "Mersey" would probably be Gerry And The Pacemakers, who are well-represented here with many tracks and much info in the booklet by Gerry himself. You also get lads and birds like Cilia Black, Billy J Kramer & the Dakotas, The Swinging Blue jeans, The Fourmost, Cindy Cole, The Pathfinders, etc. Lovingly detailed liner notes tell the story, often from the folks that were there themselves. (JM)
STEVE ALDO: Everybody Has To Cry/ CILLA BLACK: Anyone Who Had A Heart/ Liverpool Lullaby/ Love Of The Loved/ THE BLACKWELLS: Why Don't You Love Me/ LEE CASTLE AND THE BARONS: A Love She Can Count On/ CINDY COLE: He's Sure The Boy I Love/ Lonely City Blue Boy/ JASON EDDIE AND THE CENTREMEN: Come On Baby/ THE FOURMOST: A Little Loving/ Hello Little Girl/ I'm In Love/ Yakety Yak/ GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS: A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues/ Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying/ Ferry Cross The Mersey/ You'll Never Walk Alone/ BILLY J. KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS: From A Window/ I'll Keep You Satisfied/ Trains And Boats And Planes/ THE KUBAS: The Face/ BERYL MARSDEN: Break-A-Way/ Let's Go Somewhere/ THE PATHFINDERS: Don't You Believe It/ THE SCAFFOLD: Lily The Pink/ Liverpool Lou (Single Version)/ Thank U Very Much/ THE SWINGING BLUE JEANS: Good Lovin'/ You're No Good/ TIFFANY'S THOUGHTS: Find Out What's Happening

VARIOUS ARTISTS Pan American 1956003 Teenage Queen ● CD $16.98
25 tracks, highly recommended
Great collection of mid 50s rockabilly, rock 'n' roll and rocking R&B. It's all been out before but several tracks are not too easy to find and musical and sound quality are exceptional throughout. It includes sides by Lonnie Barron (the great title song), Eddie Dugosh (a rockabilly cover of bluesman Elmore James' Strange Kinda Feeling), Sonny Burgess, Johnny Amelio (his fantastic Jugue), Charlie Gracie, Doug Sahm & The Knights (his second release from 1959 Crazy Daisy), Jimmy Cavello & The Houserockers, Sandy Scott, Paul Williams, Marty Robbins (one of his toughest rockers Respectfully Miss Brooks), Ray Scott, Wane Haas (his tough Betty Ann with smoking sax and guitar solos), Jimmy Lamberth, Jackie Lee Cochran and more. There are more collections on this label and based on this one we'll try and track them down. (FS)
JOHNNY AMELIO: Jugue/ LONNIE BARRON: Teenage Queen/ SONNY BURGESS: Red Headed Woman/ JIMMY CAVELLO: Rock, Rock, Rock/ EDDIE COCHRAN: Skinny Jim/ JACKIE LEE COCHRAN: Mama Don't You Think I Know/ THE DENHAMS: Cry Baby, Cry/ DAVE DUDLEY: Rock & Roll Nursery Rhyme/ EDDIE DUGOSH: Strange Kinda Feeling/ ROY GAINES: Right Now Baby/ CHARLIE GRACIE: Wildwood Boogie/ WAYNE HAAS: Betty Ann/ MAYNARD HORLICK: Rollin' On Down The Street/ FERLIN HUSKY: Wang Dang Do/ THE JIV-A-TONES: Flirty Gertie/ JIMMY LAMBERTH: Latch On To Your Baby/ BOBBY MITCHELL: No, No, No/ MARTY ROBBINS: Respectfully Miss Brooks/ DOUG SAHM: Crazy Daisy/ RAY SCOTT: Bopping Wig Wam Willie/ SANDY SCOTT: Shake It Up/ PAUL WILLIAMS: Rock It Davy Crockett/ ROD WILLIS: Somebody's Been Rocking My Baby/ YOUNG JESSIE: Hit, Git And Split/ BEN JOE ZEPPA: Topsy Turvy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Proper BOX 146 Rare Rock 'n' Roll Rampage ● CD $26.98
Four CDs, 100 tracks, highly recommended
Although there are quite a few collections out there that look at early rock 'n' roll from the perspective of rockabilly - that Southern blend of supercharged down home blues and honky tonk hillbilly this is the first in-depth look at the early days of urban rock 'n' roll. Apart from Boyd Bennet and the Rockets most of the artists here show very little hillbilly influence and the blues roots are the jump blues of artists like Louis Jordan and Jimmy Preston along with elements of pop and jazz thrown into the mix. The set opens with two tracks from 1951 by the remarkable Jimmmy Cavello & His Rockers - Cavello, who is still active today 81. He was a fine singer and dynamite sax player and was one of the earliest white artists to perform jump R&B and these early sides include covers of tunes by Joe Morris and Jimmy Preston along with his own meaningful Leave Married Women Alone. The rest of the set draws from the period 1953 to 1957 and features several more fine sides by Cavallo though some are more geared towards a teen audience. The set features a fair proportion of sides recorded by the superb Boyd Bennett & His Rockets who were one of the best bands working in the pop rock genre in the 50's. They started off in a Bill Haley vein but rock a lot harder on their best stuff, probably due to their rubbing shoulders with all of those R&B greats at King records. Their repertoire includes a mix of originals and R&B and rock 'n' roll covers. Freddie Bell were a pioneering rock 'n' roll group in Philadelphia starting with the obscure Teen label before moving to Mercury. Although having no U.S. hits they made some fine music though occasionally strayed into teen pap. They were among the first white artists to cover Hound Dog and seeing them live led to Elvis recording the songs. This set includes their original 1955 Teen recording of Hound Dog along with their 1956 remake for Mercury. Some of their later sides feature the stellar guitar playing of Mickey Baker. There are 11 tracks by Jimmy Daley and The Ding-A-Lings but don't go looking for any biographica information on Daley as he was a fictional character from the movie "Rock Pretty Baby" buty Decca went ahead and issued an album from the movie as by Jimmy Daley & The Ding-A-Lings - the Ding-A-Lings were actually the Henry Macini Orchestra! Other artists include The Treniers, Dave Appel & The Applejacks (a pretty bland group), Rusty Draper, Eddie Fontaine, Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones (a fine, more rockabilly flavored group), Paul Hampton and others. Sound quality is superb and the 44 page booklet has extensive notes by Adam Komorowski and full discographical info. (FS)
DAVE APPELL & THE APPLEJACKS: Applejack/ Country Dance/ Ooh, Baby, Ooh/ Ring Around My Baby/ Sweet Patootie Pie/ Teenage Meeting (Gonna Rock It Up Right)/ The Love Express/ The Rock And Roll Story/ FREDDIE BELL & THE BELL BOYS: All Right, Okay, You Win/ Big Bad Wolf/ Five-Ten-Fifteen Hours/ Giddy Up A Ding Dong/ Hey There You/ Hound Dog/ Hound Dog/ I Said It And I'm Glad/ Move Me Baby/ Rockin' Is My Business/ Rockin' The Polonaise/ Rompin' And Stompin'/ Stay Loose, Mother Goose/ Take The First Train Out Of Town/ Teach You To Rock/ The Hucklebuck/ Voo Doo/ BOYD BENNETT: Blue Suede Shoes/ Cool Disc Jockey/ Dig Like You've Never Dug/ Hit That Jive Jack/ The Most/ Right Around The Corner/ Seventeen/ Tenessee Rock 'N' Roll/ Banjo Rock 'N' Roll/ Boogie At Midnight/ High School Hop/ Little Ole You/ My Boy Flat Top/ Oo-Oo-Oo/ Partners For Life/ Poison Ivy/ Rockin' Up A Storm/ You Upset Me Baby/ JOE BENNETT & THE SPARKTONES: Black Slacks/ Boppin Rock Boogie/ Penny Loafers And Bobby Socks/ Rocket/ FRANKIE BRENT: Be My Girl/ Rockin' Shoes/ JIMMY CAVALLO: Cherry Pie/ Foot Stompin'/ Ha Ha Ha Blues/ I'm With You/ Leave Married Women Alone/ Let 'M Roll/ Ooh-Wee (You Sure Look To Me)/ Rock The Joint/ Rock, Rock, Rock/ Soda Shoppe Rock/ That's The Groovy Thing/ The Big Beat/ THE CUES: Crackerjack/ Crazy Crazy Party/ JIMMY DALEY: Big Band Rock 'N' Roll/ Can I Steal A Little Love/ Dark Blue/ Hot Rod/ Juke Box Rock/ Rock Pretty Baby/ Rockabye Lullabye Blues/ Rockin' The Boogie/ Teen Age Bop/ The Most/ The Saint's Rock 'N' Roll/ DANNY & THE JUNIORS: At The Hop/ Sometimes/ RUSTY DRAPER: Buzz Buzz Buzz/ No Huhu/ Pink Cadillac/ Tiger Lilly/ EDDIE FONTAINE: Cool It Baby/ Hey Marie! Dance With Me/ Honky Tonk Man/ One And Only/ Rock Love/ PAUL HAMPTON: Classy Babe/ Play It Cool/ Rockin' Doll/ BOB JAXON: Beach Party/ Come On Down/ I'm Hangin' Around/ THE TRENIERS: Bald Head/ Good Rockin' Tonight/ Rock 'N' Roll Call/ Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie/ Say Hey/ BIG T. TYLER: King Kong/ KIP TYLER: Bongo Rock/ How's About A Little Kiss/ Red Lips And Green Eyes

VARIOUS ARTISTS Smith & Co. 1125 Great Rockabilly - Just About As Good As It Gets ● CD $15.98
2 CDs, 64 tracks, 2 hours 27 min., highly recommended
Absolutely jammed with the coolest rockabilly available anywhere, this compilation is the best of all worlds. It offers such must-haves as Baby Let's Play House and Mystery Train by Elvis Presley, Be-Bop-A-Lula by Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps, Ooby Dooby by Roy Orbison, Get Rhythm by Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two, Blue Suede Shoes by Carl Perkins, Train Kept A' Rollin' and Tear It Up by Johnny Burnette & The Rock 'n' Roll Trio, and such, and generous helpings of lesser known wonders, including Ducktail by Joe Clay, Rockin' Rollin' Stone by Andy Starr, Draggin' by Curtis Gordon, Let's Elope Baby by Janis Martin (billed as the "female Elvis"), and on and on. One especially nice feature is that the compilers add rockabilly tracks by people who are better known for other styles but recorded a cut or two of rockabilly along the way (e.g., Rock It by George Jones and Hot And Cold by Marvin Rainwater). And a few rarities made the mix, too, including Rock-Ola Ruby by Sonny West. And everything was cut during the golden years of 1955-56. Other artists include Johnny Carroll,, Sonny Fisher, Slim Rhodes, Buck Griffin, Sanford Clark, Skeets McDonald, Jack Earls & The Jimbos, Don Woody, Tommy Spurlin, Buddy Holly, Malcolm Yelvington, Roy Duke, and others from a variety of labels, including Sun, King, Starday, Capitol, Mart, Decca, and Lin, among others. And the sound is good, too. An instant, first-class rockabilly library! There's a volume 2 too. (JC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Yellow Label 42752 Bullet And Sur-Speed Rock 'n' Roll ● CD $16.98
26 tracks recorded for the Nashville based Bullet and Sur-Speed label between the late 50s and mid 60s. Includes Big C. & The Wizards, Don Bailey (two tracks including the bizarre Navigatin' Woman), Don Chapel (brother of Jean Chapel and Martha Carson who later established a career as a country songwriter), Sherman Bratcher, The Villains, The Nomads, Patty Oden and others.


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