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Bulletin - September 2008
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ENGLISH FOLK ROCK 33 1/3: SHOOT OUT THE LIGHTS   by Hayden Childs $10.98
116 pages, paper, counts as one CD for shipping
The latest volume in Continuum Book's series of tomes that analyze and celebrate some of the best albums that rock and roll has to offer, has turned its spotlight on the final album Richard and Linda Thompson recorded together as husband and wife, 1980's Shoot Out the Lights. It is a testament to the power of simple production and lyrical directness, yet behind those qualities its eight songs run through a gamut of deep emotion: despair, loss, fear, betrayal, indifference, and, ultimately, existential abandon. Hayden Childs-a co-founder and co-editor of pop culture journal The High Hat-weaves the story of this astonishing record from the perspective of a man who is obsessed with it, a man who is living and reliving his own trip through Hell.



IRELAND THE BOTHY BAND Mulligan (US) 3007 Old Hag You Have Killed Me $17.98
12 tracks, 43 mins, essential
Another classic Irish folk album back in print on CD. This is the second album from 1976 by this magnificent band put together by multi-instrumentalist Donal Lunny after Planxty split up in 1975. In addition to Lunny the band consisted of brilliant musicians including Matt Molloy on flute & whistle, Paddy Keenan on pipes and whistle, Kevin Burke on fiddle, Triona Ni Dhomnaill on clavinet and harmonium and her brother Michael on guitar. On the instrumental sets the performances range from beautifully subtle to wildly exhilarating and the vocal tracks by Triona or Michael - some in Gaelic - are a joy. Their group acapella performance of the Scottish mouth music piece Fionnghuala's Bothy is utterly spellbinding. (FS)

IRELAND DOLORES KEANE & JOHN FAULKNER Mulligan 3033 Broken Hearted I'll Wonder $16.98
11 tracks, essential
Another fantastic Irish folk album reissued in the USA. This 1979 album is an utterly superb set of traditional songs and music featuring the beautifully spine-chilling vocals of Keane and the excellent vocals, guitar and bouzouki of Faulkner, who sounds a little like Andy Irvine. They are joined by Eamon Curran/pipes & whistle and Kieran Crehan/fiddle. Includes The Ploughboy/ Will Ye Go to Flanders/ Johnny Lovely Johnny/ The Low Low Lands Of Holland/ Alan Tyne Of Harrow and one of my all time favorite songs The Bonnie Light Horseman from whence comes the album's title. (FS)

AMERICAN FOLK TOM PAXTON Collectables 6970 Outward Bound $11.98
13 tracks, 36 mins, recommended
This is a straight re-issue of Paxton's 1966 album, with original liner notes by Paxton re-printed in full. This was Paxton's third album (all on Elektra) so he was a pretty well known Folk singer/songwriter by this point. Probably the most well known song on here is My Son, John, the tale of a soldier's return home that would help inspire the anti-war movement of the 1960's. Other lesser-known but quality songs featured here--The King Of My Backyard/ Is This any Way To Run an Airline?, and Talking Pop Art--show a more playful side of the troubadour. All in all, not really a spectacular album, but most Folk fans will find a good amount to enjoy. (JM)

AMERICAN FOLK TOM PAXTON Collectables 6971 Morning Again $11.98
10 tracks, 35 mins, recommended
Tom Paxton grew a serious moustache for his serious pictures on the cover of this serious record. Released in 1968, this was Paxton's fifth record to date and certainly a strong one. This came out soon after Woody Guthrie's death and no doubt Woody was heavy on his mind at the time of making this. Soon after it's release Paxton would play at the legendary "A Tribute to Woody Guthrie" concert at New York's Carnegie Hall. Stand Out Tracks like Jennifer's Rabbit/ Mr. Blue/ Talking Vietnam Pot Luck Blues/ Morning Again, etc. (JM)


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