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A number of great releases that hit my stereo every month donít necessarily fit into any of the categories normally featured in the Roots and Rhythm catalog. I have talked Frank into giving me some space each catalog to shine a light on some of these offbeat gems and genre-defying oddities. In the future you can look here to find Experimental, Psyche, Avant-garde, Garage Rock, Acid Folk, and pretty much anything else that I think will work in my little corner of the catalog. So enjoy! I hope to turn you on to something new (JM)




224 pages, essential
Counts as four CDs for shipping. One of the best music magazines going right now and probably the best dealing with '50s - '70s Rock & Roll. Cover story is of the glorious MC5, including extensive previously unpublished interview with the band's late great lead singer Rob Tyner. If the MC5 are a bit too loud and unruly for you, there are plenty of features like '66 Sunset Strip rockers The Sons Of Adam, English folk-rock outfit Trees, the Norwegian Beat Scene in the '60s, English pogo pop darlings The Pop Rivits, psychedelic teens The Tiffany Shade from Ohio, The Cedars from Lebanon, and much more great and obscure music coverage from all over the world. Also includes a record, book and DVD review section that is worth the price of admission by itself. All this in a perfect bound, glossy covered 224 page package that is sure to blow your mind. (JM)



BEAVER & KRAUSE Collector's Choice 643 The Nonesuch Guide To Electronic Music ● CD $12.98
68 tracks, 48 mins, highly recommended
This is an essential record in the history of electronic music and the Moog synthesizer. There is only one traditionally structured song on here Piece Three, which opens and closes the CD. The rest is a work out in method and potential of the Moog, the song list of which reads more like an owners manual than a pop music record, Sine Waveform : Harmonic Synthesis/ Portamento: Ribbon Control, and Tape Delay: Multiple Repaet to name but a few of the hits. This was quite mind blowing at the time and still pretty cerebrally enthralling even in these jaded times. Certainly this isn't for everybody, but for electronic enthusiasts it's a must. (JM)

CASSIUS CLAY Rev-Ola 241 I Am The Greatest ● CD $15.98
10 rounds, recommended
The man who would be Mohamed Ali made his recording debut in typically colorful fashion, with brilliant recitations of his boxing poetry from around the time of his immortal fights with Sonny Liston. Mostly live in front of a rowdy crowd, with occasional musical accompaniment. Starting with his classic I am The Greatest, then for variety, track two is I am The Double Greatest, and so on. Not all will be fond of his two-fisted poetics, but I loved it and certainly any Ali fans will get a kick out of it. You even get some actual singing out of him with an o.k. version of Stand By Me for a bonus CD track. (JM)

DEMIAN Fallout 2094 Demian ● CD $17.98
8 tracks, 33 mins, lightly recommended
There were many fine hard psyche/proto punk bands that came out of the great state of Texas in the 1960's, and Bubbly Puppy were one of my all time favorites. Demian is what Bubbly Puppy evolved into and unfortunately a lot of what I really liked about the original band was, by this point, replaced by the earmarks of hard rock that would be bogging down the '70s: extended guitar solos and concentration on heavy riffs instead of songwriting (also big mustaches, but that's more of a personal gripe). In general this is above average for that kind of record, with a little of the B.P. magic eking out here and there, but all in all this was a bit of a disappointment for me. Big fans of this era and completists will be the ones who will enjoy this the most. (JM)

MAGIC BUBBLE Fallout 2093 Magic Bubble ● CD $17.98
12 tracks, 39 mins, recommended
"Fly with me to sunshine land, where love and peace are real." That's just one groovy line from this CD re-issue of a little known psych rock outing. This is Hippy rock of the highest order (pun intended), with tales of getting busted by the man and general alternative lifestyle matters. Made up of Canadian brother and sister Frank and Rita Rondell, Magic Bubble is comprised of an interesting mix of styles. The two switch off on vocals from song to song, with Frank's sounding a bit like early Blood Sweat & Tears. Rita's, on the other hand, are the stand-out tracks on the record, and if all of the songs on this were of the caliber of the lead-off track, than I would highly recommend this; as it is, I can only give this a light recommendation for big fans of late '60s rock 'n psyche. (JM)

ED SANDERS Collector's Choice 865 Beer Cans On The Moon ● CD $12.98
12 tracks, 37 mins, highly recommended
Fugs main man, Beat poet, and writer of the best book on the Manson Family-"The Family" --Ed Sanders was and still is an odd-ball renaissance man. Collector's Choice have done us a favor and re-issued his infamous and hard to find solo LPs from the early '70s. Taking off in new directions from the Fugs, "Beer Cans." finds Sanders taking a more rock & Roll approach, but with his Freak flag still waving. Musically this falls somewhere around Frank Zappa's Mothers records and Commander Cody, with a heavy left wing/ Anti-Nixon administration bent to the lyrics. Truly, Sanders records are a unique experience even if they don't always meet the same high water mark that the Fugs did in previous years. (JM)

ED SANDERS Collector's Choice 866 Sander's Truckstop ● CD $12.98
11 tracks, 37 mins, highly recommended
My favorite of Sanders' solo albums from the 1970s, "Sanders' Truckstop" is a brilliant piece of musical and cultural satire. This is Country music that was made to piss off Country music fans, but somewhere along the way actually embraced the genre. Certain to bring a tear to your eye, Jimmy Joe, The Hippybilly Boy tells a tale of a radical Hippy that doesn't want to leave the red-neck country and is eventually embraced by his community only after a tragedy occurred. Many more tales of heartbreak and woe are to be found here for those who like their country a little more Dixie-fried than usual. Both re-issues feature quality liner notes by the esteemed Ritchie Utenberger. (JM)

GIL TRYTHALL Omni 108 Country Moog ● CD $16.98
25 tracks, 77 mins, essential for the right person
This goes from the sublime to the ridiculous, and then pretty much stays in the ridiculous. What a wonderful time capsule this collection is. There was a great wave of Moog records in the wake of Wendy (don't call her Walter) Carlos's massively successful "Switched On Bach" LP and the two LPs represented are two of the finest and the best pop culture pieces in the bunch. Gil Trythall was picked to spearhead these Country Moog projects; being an academic, a Moog enthusiast and quite an innovative player he made a perfect choice. These albums came out in the early '70s, featuring solid gold Country music hits from the previous 2 decades, but heavily focused on songs from the recent charts. You get rip roaring electronic takes on Cattle Call/ Wildwood Flower/ Polk Salad Annie/ Harper Valley P.T.A., etc. Sure, this isn't everybody's cup of tea, but I love it and it's the perfect record to get your retro kitsch party started. (JM)



VARIOUS ARTISTS Norton ED 322 Rock-A-Round ● LP $9.98
18 tracks, about 42 mins, highly recommended
Here is another great new compilation from the Rock n' Roll fanatics over at Norton records. Sub-titled "Hair-Raising Rock N' Roll From The Vaults Of The National Recording Corporation, 1958 -60." If you dug the stupendous "Songs The Cramps Taught Us" from our last catalog, than this one is right up your alley and if you got all three of those comps than there are two tracks here that crossover from those, otherwise, there is a whole lot of cuts unique to this outing. Gracing the beautiful cover of this LP are Esquerita and Wayne Cochrane and their fabulous dueling pompadours. Inside you get such gems as: Joe South I'm Snowed,, Four Mints Wolf, Tommy Roe and the Satins Caveman, Night Owls You Shouldn't Oughta Done It, and much more goodness. This one is vinyl only, so break out the turntables and have a party! (JM)


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