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LES PAUL Koch Vision 6422 Chasing Sound! ● DVD $22.98
90 minute documentary with 90 minutes of bonus features, essential
A fascinating, detailed look into the life of guitarist, inventor, recording pioneer, radio and television star, and National Treasure Les Paul. Yes, the man whose name you've seen on thousands of guitars played by thousands of guitarists reflects on his early days as a country and jazz musician, how and why he came to invent (or help to invent) the electric guitar, sound-on-sound recording techniques, and multitrack tape machines. We are also taken on a journey through his history with wife/musical partner Mary Ford, a collaboration that produced many hits through much of the 40's and 50's. Plenty of rare photos/ film footage, interviews with such luminaries as Keith Richards, B.B. King, Steve Miller, Jeff Beck, Tony Bennett, and others. Bonus features include live performances from Les Paul's legendary Monday night shows, TV appearances, an extended conversation with the man, plus a photo gallery. (BC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Eagle Eye 39060 Improvisation ● DVD $16.98
Norman Granz and Gjon Mili's uncompleted 1950 film about jazz improvization has been combined with later footage to make a full length film on the subject of jazz improvisation which is featured on disc one of this double DVD. The original 1950 footage features a studio sequence with Charlie Parker, Coleman Hawkins, Ell Fitzgerald, Lester Young, Hank Jones, Ray Brown and Buddy Rich. The added footage includes Duke Ellington at the Cote D'Azur, Count Basie at Montreux in 1977 plus Joe Pass, Ella Fiztgerald and Oscar Peterson. Bonus features on the first disc include a portrait of Norman Granz narrated by Nat Hentoff and portraits by legendary artist David Stne Martin. The second disc includes extra rushhes from the 1950 session, interviews about the session, interviews about Charlie Parker, a photo gallery of 54 previously unseen photos from the session and the Oscar norminated 1944 film by Granz & Mili "Jammin' The Blues" featuring Lester Young, Harry "Sweets" Edison, Illinois Jacquet, BarneyKessell and others.



FREDDIE KEPPARD Retrieval 79017 The Complete Set, 1923-1926 ● CD $11.98
Back in print. 24 tracks featuring this pioneering New Orleans cornetist. Including the handful of titles under his own name along with groups which featured his playing.

WINGY MANONE Jasmine 2563 Wingy Sings, Manone Plays ● CD $11.98
24 track collection from 1935/36 of this legendary one-armed New Orleans trumpeter and vocalist in the company of musicians Mattie Matlock, Nappy Lamare, Bud Freeman, Jack Teagarden and others. Includes his bigest hit Isle Of Capri plus Breeze (Blow My Baby Back To Me)/ I Believe In Miracles/ Lulu's Back In Town/ I've Got A Feelin' You're Foolin'/ The Music Goes 'Round And Around, etc.

DANNY POLO Retrieval 79051 And His Swing Stars - The Complete Sets ● CD $10.98
Danny Polo from Toluca, Illinois was a brilliant clarinetist who was thought by some to be the equal of Benny Goodman. Though an American Polo did much of his recording in Europe and the 24 tracks here were recorded in England and France using mostly local musicians along with some Americans. His 1935 French sesion includes Galand Wilson or Una Mae Carlisle on piano and Oscar Aleman on guitar. Includes the previously unissued title Home, Sweet Home and a couple of previously unissued alternate takes.

MAXINE SULLIVAN Proper BOX 130 It's Wonderful ● CD $26.98
Four CD set with 100 tracks presenting the best and most popular recordings made by this lisghtly swinging jazz vocalist between 1937 and 1956. She became known for her unusual material - adapting folk songs to her sweet voice in a small swing band. Her most popular recording, included here, was an interpretation of Loch Lomond, arranged for her by Claude Thornhill.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Archeophone 1007 Actionable Offenses - Indecent Phonograph Recordings ● CD $14.98
43 tracks, amazing!
A truly remarkable release from those imaginative folks at Archeophone. A collection of 43 smutty recordings from the 1890s. How smutty can recordings from the 1890s be? Well, without going into details, let's just say that the anonymous (probably Russell Hunting) recitation of the resolution to form The Whores Union might make some of today's rappers blush. Yes, this is the real thing. A collection of monologues, dialogues, limericks and songs with sexual references that range from the metaphorical to the hard core, from the humorous to the purely pornographic. 14 of the songs are from commercial cylinders and although the performers are either anonymous or given pseudonyms are thought to be Cal Stewart, Russell Hunting and James White and the remaining 29 are from home made cylinders by an unknown performer. These recordings are astonishingly rare as it was illegal (an "actionable offense") to sell or play them back in those good old days and many such recordings were destroyed. The recordings were discovered fairly recently - the commercial ones in the vault of the Edison National Historic Site and the home recordings in the hands of a private collector. The performances are truly fascinating and show that people's sexual interests back in those "prudish" days was not much different than those today. Remastering of these 110 year old recordings is astonishing - one can hear every filthy word with complete clarity! The set comes in a slipcase with 60 page booklet with extensive notes to the background of these recordings, the laws passed to suppress them, performer biographies, transcripts of each cylinder and more. Fascinating, entertaining, educational, dirty - what more could you ask for? (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Documents 223715 Jazz In The Charts, Vol. 16 : 1934 (1) ● CD $10.98
This invaluable series continues with 22 tracks from the first part of 1934 including sides by The Casa Loma Orchestra, Harry Reser & His Orch., Benny Goodman & His Orch., Claude Hopkins & His Orch., Ben Pollack & His Orch., Duke Ellington & His Famous Orch., The Mills Brothers, Cab Calloway & His Orch., Adrian Rollini & His Orch and Benny Goodman with The Charleston Chaser.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Documents 223716 Jazz In The Charts, Vol. 17 : 1934 (2) ● CD $10.98
From the middle of 1934 comes 22 tracks by Jack Teagarden & His Orch., Ethel Waters, Claude Hopkins & His Orch., Benny Goodman & His Orch., The Mills Brothers, Joe Sullivan, Chick Webb & His Orch., Henry "Red" Allen & His Orch., Casa Loma Orch., Fats Waller & His Rhythm, Ben Pollack & His Orch. and Cab Calloway & His Cotton Club Orch..

VARIOUS ARTISTS Documents 223717 Jazz In The Charts, Vol. 18 : 1934 (3) ● CD $10.98
23 tracks from the last of 1934 - Benny Goodman & His Musc Hall Orch., The casa Loma Orch., Luis Russell & His Orch., Fats Waller & His Rhyth, Duke Ellington & His Orch., Cab Calloway & His Cotton Club Orch., Fletcher Henderson & His Orch. and The Dorsey Brothers Orch.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Documents 223718 Jazz In The Charts, Vol. 19 : 1934-1935 ● CD $10.98
From the end of 1934 and beginning of 1935 we have 22 tracks from Ethel Waters, Ina Rae Hutton & Her Melodears, The Dorsey Brothers Orch., Fats Waller & His Rhythm, The Casa Loma Orch., Benny Goodman & His Music Hall Orch., Red Norvo & His Swing Septet, Harry Rosenthal & His Orch. and Cab Calloway & His Orch.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Documents 223719 Jazz In The Charts, Vol. 20 : 1935 ● CD $10.98
1935 continues with 23 tracks featuring The Dorsey Brothers Orch., Teddy Wilson & His Orch., Benny Goodman & His Orch., The Casa Loma Orch., Mills Blue Rhythm band, Fats Waller & His Rhythm, Chick Bullock, Jimmie Lunceford & His Orch., Louis Prima & His New Orleans Gang, Duke Ellington & His Orch. and Henry "Red Allen & His Orch.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Proper BOX 128 Gypsy Jazz ● CD $26.98
Four CD set, 97 tracks, very highly recommended
Django Reinhardt was the first and foremost practitioner of "Gypsy Jazz" - jazz infused with the soul of Gypsy music. His incredible talent was to prove an inspiration for many other musicians and this set presents a survey of the music featuring musicians from throughout Europe. In addition to a number of important and rare tracks by the master himself there are also contributions from Gus Viseur's Music (with guitarist Jean "Matlo" Ferret), Oscar Aleman (a great Argentinian guitarist who spent a long time in Europe where the recordings here were made, Le Trio Ferret (Jean "Matlo" Ferret with his brothers Albert and Pierre), Svenska Hotkvintetten (Swedish Hot Quintete), Sarane Ferret (a fourth guitar playing Ferret brother) with Le Swing Quintette De Paris, Quintette du Hot Club de Belgique, Orchestre Swing Jo Reinhardt (Django's brother taking the lead), Svend Asmussen, Jean Bonal and more. If you love the music of Django Reinhardt you'll love this collection. Great music, excellent sound and informative booklet with notes and discographical info. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Retrieval 79050 Hot Dance Bands From OKeh, 1923-193 ● CD $19.98
Two CD set, 48 tracks, highly recommended
A fine selection of some of the more obscure hot dance bands that recorded for OKeh. Most of these groups only recorded a handful of recordings and, in some cases, the tracks here represents their entire recorded output. The difference between hot dance music and jazz is pretty tenuous and these tracks, in addition to fine ensemble work, also fetures the occasional hot solo. The tracks are presented chronologically and include Ace Brogode & His Ten Virginians, The Arkansas Travellers (including Miff Mole, Frank Trumbauer and Rube Bloom), The Melody Sheiks (a Sam Lanin group with Red Nichols & Herb Winfield), Emerson Gill & His Orch., MIckey Guy And His Rose Tree Cafe Orchestra, The Palledo Orchestra Of St. Louis, Jack Glasser & His Colonial Inn ORchestra, Vincent Lopez & His Casa Lopez Orchestra, Sol. S. Wagner & His Orch., The Goofus Five (with the great Adrian Rollini on baritone sax and goofus {a variation on the harmonica}), Arnold Frank & His Roger's Cafe Orchestra, Gus Arnheim & His Ambassador Hotel Orchestra, The Jazz Pilots, Ben Selvins & His Orch., etc. Most of the previous Retrieval featured the remastering talents of the great John R.T. Davies and his replacement on this collection, Harry Coster, does a splendid job producing a rich warm sound from these 75+ year old recordings. Includes extensive notes by Chris Ellis and full discographical information. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Timeless 1-045 Ragtime To Jazz 2 : 1916-1922 ● CD $15.98
A second volume of recordings from the birth of jazz features 26 recordings made between 1916 and 1922 featuring Fred Van Epps Trio, Earl Fuller's Famous Jazz Band, Paul Biese & His Novelty Orchestra, The Louisiana Five, Yerkes Novelty Five, Whiteway Jazz Band, Eubie Blake, Lanin's Southern Serenaders, Mamie Smith's Jazz Hounds, Bobby Lee & His Music Landers, etc. Compiled and remastered by John R.T. Davies with notes by Mark Beresford, rare photos and full discographical details.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Vintage Music Productions 221 Hot Dance On Gennett ● CD $14.98
25 track collection of hot dance band music recorded for the great early label Gennett between 1923 and 1929 by mostly obscure bands making their first appearance on CD. Includes Red Sanders & His Orchestra from 1925 featuring an early solo by Red Norvo and Charllie Kerr's Famous Players from the same year featuring a solo by Eddie lANG. Other group include The Original Memphis Melody Boys, Blue Beaver Orch., The Hollywood Players, Riverside Dance Band, Johnny Ringer's Rosemont Ballroom Orch., Alex Jackson's Plantation Orch., Vanm & His Hotel Half Moon Orch., etc. The earliest sides from acoustic recordings have a bit too much digital noise reduction but sound quality on the rest is fine and booklet includes notes on all the bands and full discographical info.


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