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NOTE: Unless otherwise noted all DVDs offered are in NTSC format which means that they will not play on a European DVD players unless you have a multiple format player.
DUKE ELLINGTON Idem Home Video 1029 Duke Ellington In Hollywood ● DVD $21.98
22 tracks, 60 mins, highly recommended
This priceless compilation of short and medium length films feature the always elegant Ellington "playing" his favorite instrument, his orchestra. From Ellington's film debut in 1929's pre-code "Black and Tan Fantasy" - a delightful yet convoluted piece featuring drama, comedy and great Art Deco-inspired shots - to "An RKO Jamboree No. 7" in 1943, we get to see and hear such Ellington stalwarts as Johnny Hodges, Harry Carney, Sonny Greer and Cootie Williams. "Symphony in Black" is a wonderful 1934 artwork featuring Billie Holiday and 1937's "Daybreak Express" has a fascinating documentary on record making involved in the "plot." Commercial film making at it's finest! Hearing these extended pieces is fantastic - Ellington took advantage of the longer recording time of film over the 3-minute limit of 78s and put it to good use. Always a good thing to be exposed to the music of one of the most important and greatest composers/musicians ever, and being able to watch him - Ellington - is an added treat. With very good transfers, the audio and visual experience here is a historical must that also is extremely entertaining and musically satisfying. (RB)

VARIOUS ARTISTS American Music AMVD 3 New Orleans Piano Players ● DVD $35.98
DVD, 45 min., good
For the super fan of obscure Crescent City jazz piano, this DVD offers rare footage of Walter Fats Pichon (a previously unreleased version on Dark Eyes), Richard M. Jones (from 1952), and Manuel Manneta (from 1957), as well as a listen to a rare 1942 acetate of Burnell Santiago that sounds as if it were recorded at Niagra Falls. Unfortunately, the film footage is usually without sound and another recording is sort of synched to it. Sort of. The most interesting moments come from the tape of Billie Pierce (sister of Sadie Goodson, who is also featured) who tells stories that include such names as Bessie Smith, Ma Rainy, and Ida Cox. Also featured are Olivia Charlot, Joe Robichaux, and Alton Purnell. (JC)



KENNY CLARKE Proper BOX 120 Klooks The Man ● CD $24.98
Four CD, 72 track overview of the founding father of Bop drumming spanning the years 1938 to 1956. Clarke is credited with creating the modern role of the ride cymbal as the primary timekeeper.

MARTIN DENNY Rev-Ola 104 Forbidden Island ● CD $15.98
24 Tracks, 65 mins, recommended
This CD is one of eight Re-issues that Rev-Ola have put out of the classic Denny catalog. All are available to us: Rev 101 - "Exotica," Rev 102 "Exotica Vol. 2," Rev 103 - "Primitiva," Rev 105 "Exotica Vol. 3," Rev 106 - "Hypnotique," Rev 107 "Quiet Village" and Rev 108 "Afro - Desia". This CD, "Primitiva" and-especially-"Quiet Village" are my favorite of Martin Denny's oeuvre. Certainly Denny and Les Baxter were the kings of the Exotica records, with my personal nod going to Denny. This collection features many originals, with two Rodgers & Hammerstein covers and two Les Baxter compositions, one of which Sim Sim Baxter never released himself. These records are kitschy, but they are also well played and orchestrated. The jungle noises aren't just goofy tricks but they set the mood and were well researched by Denny who brought in special percussionists and musicians from album to album (I own a copy of Disneyland's Tiki Room LP, and trust me, there is a difference), although the nucleus of his long lasting group was established on this record. If there was a Martin Denny record or two in every world leaders collection, I can't help but think this world would be a much better place. (JM)

DIZZY GILLESPIE Collectables 7729 Shaw 'Nuff ● CD $11.98
20 tracks, 57 mins, essential
Dizzy in some of his earliest recordings as a leader recorded between February '45 and November '46 for Guild and Musicraft. This is seminal bebop, some beautiful, some chaotic, all of it interesting. Playing in sextets or in front of a well-scored big band, Diz assays the flatted fifths, chord substitutions and high-speed solo creativity he popularized along with Bird, Bud Powell and a few others. His upper-register speed and pure technique are wonderous. He is featured in the company of musicians like Dexter Gordon, Frank Paparelli, Charlie Parker, Slam Stewart, Al Haig, Sonny Stitt, Milt Jackson, Dave Burns, Ray Brown and others. Essential for incipient boppers and lovers of tightly-woven tumultuousness. (PL/ FS)

COLEMAN HAWKINS JSP JSPCD 931 The Essential Sides Remastered, 1929-1939 ● CD $28.98
4 CD Box Set, 104 tracks, 5 Hours, 15 mins, highly recommended
These tracks cover Hawkin's Pre-War period and pre-1939 "Body and Soul" recordings, which solidified The Hawk's place as the pre-eminent tenor saxophonist of his time - and even most times since! The saxophone was still a young, "novelty" instrument pre Hawkins, and his virtuoso approach helped establish it as a "serious" instrument, one now so closely associated with jazz that it's nearly impossible to remember when the instrument wasn't an imperative part of the jazz lexicon. Hawkin's authoritative sound and style can be heard growing and developing in these tracks, from the first recordings with the Little Chocolate Dandies, to the rare 1936 sessions with The Berries, through his recordings with his own Trio. These are marvelous, nicely re-mastered tracks that feature a true legend bringing an instrument - along with a relatively new music - into the future, into a new art form. Hawkins continued to elevate the instrument and jazz to new levels of artistry for 30 years AFTER these recordings, yet these early tracks alone establish him as a master who laid the basic foundation of the tenor saxophone language, one that virtually all subsequent players of note have drawn from for 70 years, so far. Wonderfully compiled/sounding transfers, with the typical JSP frustrating lack of worthy notes. Then again, you'd need a book to truly do justice to such important recordings... (RB)

TUBBY HAYES Proper BOX 117 The Little Giant ● CD $24.98
An overview of the early years (1954-1956) of one of the most important jazz musicians in the U.K. Compiled and annotated by Hayes' biographer Simon Spillett. Has 71 tracks including five previously unissued. Includes 44 page booklet with biography, session details and rare photos.

FRANKIE LAINE Rev-Ola 191 America's Number One Song Stylist ● CD $15.98
23 tracks, 61 mins, highly recommended
Rev-Ola seems to have some sort of curse: artists tend to die when Rev-Ola puts a CD out for them. First it was Ruth Brown, Then H-Bomb Ferguson and now Frankie Laine! I have only one thing to say about this, Rev-Ola please, please put out a CD for Pat Boone, Barry Manilow or Britney Spears ASAP!
Seriously though, Frankie Laine was a fine artist whose recorded legacy is rather outstanding. This collection is perfect for a fan like me, who finds the Bear Family Frankie Laine box set a little overwhelming, but still wants a sampling of this great vocalist's diverse work. This is just that--a fine sampling of his pop vocal output mixed nicely with his entertaining western songs. Some of his best film songs, like Rawhide, could use inclusion here; other than that, I have no complaints and enjoyed this quite a bit. (JM)

RAMSEY LEWIS Chess (UK) 983 886-3 The In Crowd Anthology ● CD $29.98
Two CD set with 39 tracks featuring the cream of the recordings made by pianist Lewis and his trios for Argo and Cadet between 1964 and 1969. It includes the complete live set, recorded at Washington DC's Bohemian Caverns May 13 & 14, 1965 which yielded one of jazz's biggest crossover hit with The In Crowd. It includes all his other R&B chart hits from this period - Something You Got/ Hang On Sloopy/ A hard Day's Night/ Wade In The Water/ Up Tight and Julia plus lots more.
RAMSEY LEWIS TRIO: A Hard Day's Night (Live)/ Ain't That Peculiar/ Back In The U.S.S.R./ Blue Bongo/ Bold And Black/ Dancing In The Street (Live)/ Day Tripper/ Do Whatever Sets You Free (Live)/ Down By The Riverside/ Eternal Journey/ Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey/ Felicidade (Happiness) (Live)/ Free Again/ Function At The Junction/ Hang On Sloopy (Live)/ Hey Mrs. Jones/ High Heel Sneakers (Edit)/ Hold It Right There/ Hurt So Bad/ Jade East/ Julia/ Les Fleur/ Lonely Avenue/ Maiden Voyage/ My Babe (Live)/ Oh Happy Day (Live)/ One, Two, Three/ Since I Fell For You (Live)/ Soul Man/ Spanish Grease/ The "In" Crowd (Live)/ The Look Of Love (Live)/ The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)/ The More I See You (Live)/ The Tennessee Waltz (Live)/ The Unsilent Majority/ Them Changes (Live)/ Wade In The Water/ You've Been Talkin' Bout Me (Live)

JIMMIE NOONE JSP JSPCD 926 Chicago Rhythm, Apex Blues - The REcordings Of Jimmie N ● CD $28.98
4 CDs, 5hrs 10 mins, recommended
Jimmie Noone was born in the Birthplace of Jazz (New Orleans) just as jass was becoming jazz, and the well regarded (and liked) clarinetist played with many of the major cats--Freddie Keppard, Louis Armstrong, Earl Hines and Mildred Bailey--during the early development and growth of the nascent American art form, mostly in a sideman role. He became a well-known leader at the Apex Club in Chicago in 1926 and from that point on kept a small group "traditional" sound going, through the popular advent of Swing and shifting, expanding jazz styles. These recordings span the time frame from when Noone was a well established, though never terribly commercially "successful" player, to the end of his career/life. Full of great versions of popular tunes and foot-patting originals, this set covers the important development of the New Orleans - Chicago sound and style. You could spend a lifetime trying to compile these often obscure recordings (as I'm sure the producer's have) and to have these recordings by an influential, though nearly forgotten clarinetist is seemingly not such a big deal, but is actually a treasure trove of the Great American Art Form. The sound quality varies (as it should), but is more than sufficient overall to please. (RB)

DJANGO REINHARDT Definitive 11286 In Solitaire ● CD $12.98
There's no shortage of recordings available of the great Gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt but this one is a little different as all 15 performances here are completely solo. The performances were recorded between 1937 and 1950 and apart from one electric guitar solo is all acoustic and primarily consist of improvisations - in fact most of the titles are simply titled Improvisation No.1, etc. Most of the performances are two to three minutes long but there are seven minute improvisatory explorations of two of his most famous tunes Nuages and Belleville that were recorded in 1950 as a film soundtrack for an uncompleted film. I believe these are new to CD as is a a tune entitled Two Improvised Guitar Choruses froma recently found acetate from 1937 that was originally broadcast by the B.B.C.

HARRY RESER'S SIX JUMPING JACKS Retreival 79048 1926-1930 ● CD $16.98
24 tracks of jazz with a novelty flavor featuring group led by tenor banjo wizard Harry Reser with varying personnel including Sam Lewis/ trombone, Larry Abbott on clarinet, alto sax and kazoo, Bill Wirges/ piano and harmonium, Tom Stacks/ drums, Tommy Gott/ trumpet and others. With titles like Say Mister! Have You Met Rosie's Sister, Cock-a-doodle, I'm Off My Noodle, My Baby's Back and There's a Trick In Pickin' A Chick-chick-chicken you know you're in for something that's not too serious but all these guys are good musicians and the music is a lot of fun. Beautifully remastered by Harry Coster with detailed notes by Mark Berresford.

STUFF SMITH Jazz Legends 1013 Hot Jazz Violin, 1930-1940 ● CD $10.98
21 tracks of mostly small group swing featuring the great jazz violinist Stuff Smith. There are two tracks from 1930 with a large band and the rest are from 1936 to 1940 with his Onyx Club Boys. Trumpeter Jonah Jones is present on all these sessions with other musicians including Raymond Smith piano), Bobby Bennett (guitar), Cozy Cole (drums), George Clark (tenor) and others. Excellent sound and informative notes by Scott Yanow who compiled this collection.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Archeophone 9011 1915 - They'd Sooner Sleep On Thistles ● CD $14.98
Another volume in this splendid series documenting some of the most popular recordings of the early years of the recording industry. This time we look at 1915 - with Europe at war, America was attempting to remain neutral and a number of songs issued that year reflected that attitude. Most notably this set this set includes two versions of the song i Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier - the most popular by Morton Harvey was deleted after America declared war. Other artists featured here include Alice Green & Edward Hamilton, Harry McDonough, George MacFarlane, John McCormack ( a version of the popular war song It's A Long Way To Tipperary), Raymond Dixon, Miss Alice Nelson, The Peerless Quartet, Henry Burr, The Lyric Quartet, American Quartet, Al Jolson and others. Usual high quality Archeophone production with superb sound and 24 page illustarted notes with copious notes on the events of the year, the artists and the songs.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Documents 223700 Jazz In The Charts, Vol. 1: 1917-1921 ● CD $10.98
25 tracks, 76 mins, highly recommended
First in a series of 100 CDs (!) covering the most popular jazz recordings from 1917 to 1954. Although there is no details of the methodology used to determine these chart successes their is sufficient information out there to be able to make a reasonable educated guess. Each CD is housed in a handsome small hardbound book with 28 page booklet with notes on all the performances (in English & German) plus photos, label shots, sheet music covers and full discographical data.
This first volume cover the years 1917 to 1954 and includes recordings by The original Dixieland Jazz band, W.C. Handy's Orchestra Of Memphis, various Wilbur Sweatman groups, Mamie Smith & Her Jazz Hounds and Coon-Sanders Novelty Orchestra. Sound quality is generally excellent. (FS)
COON-SANDERS NOVELTY ORCHESTRA: Some Little Bird/ W. C. HANDY'S ORCHESTRA OF MEMPHIS: Livery Stable Blues/ ORIGINAL DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND (BACK HOME: (Back Home Again In) Indiana/ ORIGINAL DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND: At The Jazz Band Ball/ Darktown Strutter's Ball/ Home Again Blues/ Jazz Me Blues/ Livery Stable Blues/ Margie (intro: Singin' The Blues)/ Palesteena/ Royal Garden Blues/ St. Louis Blues/ Sweet Mama (papa's Gettin' Mad)/ Tiger Rag/ MAMIE SMITH & HER JAZZ HOUNDS: Crazy Blues/ MAMIE SMITH & HER JAZZ BAND: Dangerous Blues/ MAMIE SMITH & HER JAZZ HOUNDS: Fare Thee Honey Blues/ MAMIE SMITH'S JAZZ HOUNDS: Royal Garden Blues/ You Can't Keep A Good Man Down/ WILBUR SWEATMAN: A Good Man Is Hard To Find (Intro:Sweet Child)/ Everybody's Crazy 'bout The Doggone Blues/ I'll Say She Does/ WILBUR C. SWEATMAN'S ORIGINAL JAZZ ORCHESTRA: Indianola (intro: Those Draftin' Blues)/ WILBUR SWEATMAN'S ORIGINAL JAZZ BAND: Slide, Kelly, Slide/ ETHEL WATERS ACC. BY CORDY WILLIAMS' JAZZ MAST: Down Home Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Documents 223701 Jazz In The Charts, Vol. 2: 1921-1923 ● CD $10.98
The second volume features 17 tracks recorded between 1921 and '23 by Eubie Blake & His Shuffle Along Orch., Noble Sissle, James P. Johnson, Ethel Waters, Mamie Smith & her Jazz Hounds, The OKeh Syncopaters, The Georgians, Bessie Smith and more.
EUBIE BLAKE & HIS SHUFFLE ALONG ORCHESTRA: Bandana Days/ THE CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS: My Honey's Lovin' Arms/ COTTON PICKERS: Hot Lips/ THE GEORGIANS: I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate/ JAMES P. JOHNSON: Carolina Shout/ THE OKEH SYNCOPATORS (HARRY RESER GROUP): I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate/ ORIGINAL DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND: Bow Wow Blues (my Mama Treats Me Like A Dog)/ Some Of These Days/ NOBLE SISSLE: Arkansas Blues (a Down Home Chant)/ BESSIE SMITH: Down Hearted Blues/ Gulf Coast Blues/ MAMIE SMITH & HER JAZZ HOUNDS: You Can Have Him, I Don't Want Him, Didn't Love Him Anyhow Blues/ You've Got To See Mama Ev'ry Night/ MAMIE SMITH AND HER JAZZ HOUNDS: Lonesome Mama Blues/ ETHEL WATERS & HER JAZZ MASTERS: There'll Be Some Changes Made/ Tiger Rag/ ETHEL WATERS' JAZZ MASTERS: Spread Yo' Stuff

VARIOUS ARTISTS Documents 223702 Jazz In The Charts, Vol. 3: 1923-1925 ● CD $10.98
The third volume covers 1923-25 with 21 tracks from The Original Memphis Five, Bessie Smith, Ethel Waters, Fletcher Henderson & His Orch., King Oliver's Jazz Band, The California Ramblers, Jean Goldkette & His Orch., Coon Sanders Original Nighthawks, Clarence Williams Blue Five, etc.
THE CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS: California, Here I Come/ Moonlight Kisses/ Roamin' To Wyomin'/ Shine/ COON SANDERS' ORIGINAL NIGHTHAWK ORCHEST: Night Hawk Blues/ JEAN GOLDKETTE & HIS ORCHESTRA: Where The Lazy Daisies Grow/ W. C. HANDY'S ORCHESTRA: St. Louis Blues/ FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCHESTRA: Charleston Crazy/ Gulf Coast Blues/ BENNIE MOTEN'S KANSAS CITY ORCHESTRA: South/ KING OLIVER'S JAZZ BAND: Dipper Mouth Blues/ High Society Rag/ ORIGINAL MEMPHIS FIVE: Who's Sorry Now/ MA RAINEY & HER GEORGIA BAND: See See Rider Blues/ NOBLE SISSLE & EUBIE BLAKE: Down Hearted Blues/ BESSIE SMITH & HER DOWN HOME BOYS: Aggravatin' Papa/ CLARA SMITH & HER JAZZ BAND: Chicago Blues/ BESSIE SMITH WITH CLARENCE WILLIAMS: 'tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do/ Baby Won't You Please Come Home Blues/ ETHEL WATERS WITH JOE SMITH'S JAZZ MASTERS: Georgia Blues/ CLARENCE WILLIAMS' BLUE FIVE: 'tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do/ Everybody Loves My Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Documents 223703 Jazz In The Charts, Vol. 4: 1925-1926 ● CD $10.98
The fourth volume takes us to 1925 and '26 with 22 tracks from Jeane Goldkette & His Orch., Clarence Williams Blue Five, Ethel Waters & her Ebony Four, Bessie Smith, Fletcher Henderson & His Orch., Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five, Harry Reser's Orchestra and more.
LOUIS ARMSTRONG & HIS HOT FIVE: Muskrat Ramble/ COON-SANDERS ORIGINAL NIGHTHAWK ORCHESTR: Flamin' Mamie/ Yes Sir, That's My Baby/ THE GEORGIANS: Horse/ JEAN GOLDKETTE & HIS ORCHESTRA: Lonesome And Sorry/ Remember/ Sorry And Blue/ FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCHESTRA: Carolina Stomp/ Dinah/ Sugarfoot Stomp/ HARRY RESER'S ORCHESTRA: Someone Is Losin' Susann/ HARRY RESER'S SYNCOPATORS: Yearning (just For You)/ BESSIE SMITH: Careless Love Blues/ I Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle/ Lost Your Head Blues/ The St. Louis Blues/ I Ain't Got Nobody/ ETHEL WATERS: I've Found A New Baby/ Sugar/ Dinah/ Sweet Georgia Brown/ CLARENCE WILLIAMS' BLUE FIVE: Cake Walkin' Babies From Home

VARIOUS ARTISTS Documents 223704 Jazz In The Charts, Vol. 5: 1927 ● CD $10.98
Volume 5 is devoted to 1927 with 21 tracks featuring Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers, Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra, Fletcher Henderson & His Orch., King Oliver & His Dixie Syncopaters, Red Nichols & His Five Pennies, Frankie Trumbauer & His Orch., Fletcher Henderson & His Orch., Duke Ellington & His Washingtonians, etc.
LOUIS ARMSTRONG & HIS HOT FIVE: Big Butter And Egg Man/ THE CHARLESTON CHASERS: One Sweet Letter From You/ Someday, Sweetheart/ DUKE ELLINGTON & HIS WASHINGTONIANS: East St. Louis Toodle-oo/ JEAN GOLDKETTE & HIS ORCHESTRA: A Lane In Spain/ Don't Be Angry With Me/ I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover/ Look At The World And Smile/ Sunday/ FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCHESTRA: Fidgety Feet/ Henderson Stomp/ Stockholm Stomp/ JELLY ROLL MORTON: Grandpa's Spells/ Black Bottom Stomp/ Original Jelly Roll Blues/ BENNIE MOTEN'S KANSAS CITY ORCHESTRA: Kansas City Shuffle/ RED NICHOLS & HIS FIVE PENNIES: Washboard Blues/ KING OLIVER & HIS DIXIE SYNCOPATORS: Someday, Sweetheart/ BESSIE SMITH & HER BAND: After You've Gone/ FRANKIE TRUMBAUER & HIS ORCHESTRA: Singing The Blues/ ETHEL WATERS WITH WILL MARION COOK'S SINGING O: I'm Coming, Virginia

VARIOUS ARTISTS Documents 223705 Jazz In the Charts, Vol. 6 : 1927-1928 ● CD $10.98
This excellent series continues with 21 of the most popular jazz tunes from the latter part of 1927 and the early part of 1928 including sides by Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra, Johnny Dodds' Black Bottom Stompers, Red Nichols & His Five Pennies, The California Ramblers, Frankie Trumbauer & His Orchestra, Louis Armstrong & His Hot Seven, Bix Beiderbecke, Bessie Smith, Coon-Sanders Original Nighthawk Orchestra and others.
LOUIS ARMSTRONG & HIS HOT SEVEN: Keyhole Blues/ Potato Head Blues/ BIX BEIDERBECKE & HIS GANG: At The Jazz Band Ball/ BIX BEIDERBECKE: In A Mist/ THE CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS: Lazy Weather/ COON-SANDERS ORIGINAL NIGHTHAWK ORCHESTRA: Is She My Girlfriend?/ JOHNNY DODDSí BLACK BOTTOM STOMPERS: Wild Man Blues/ JEAN GOLDKETTE & HIS ORCHESTRA: I‘m Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now/ ALBERTA HUNTER WITH FATS WALLER: Beale Street Blues/ JELLY ROLL MORTONíS RED HOT PEPPERS: Wolverine Blues/ BENNIE MOTENíS KANSAS CITY ORCHESTRA: Moten Stomp/ RED NICHOLS & HIS FIVE PENNIES: Bugle Call Rag/ Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider/ Riverboat Shuffle/ KING OLIVER & HIS DIXIE SYNCOPATORS: Willie The Weeper/ BESSIE SMITH: A Good Man Is Hard To Find/ Alexander‘s Ragtime Band/ FRANKIE TRUMBAUER & HIS ORCHESTRA: I‘m Coming, Virginia/ Riverboat Shuffle/ There‘s A Cradle In Caroline/ CLARENCE WILLIAMSí BLUE SEVEN: Baby, Won‘t You Please Come Home

VARIOUS ARTISTS Documents 223706 Jazz In the Charts, Vol. 7 : 1928 ● CD $10.98
1928 contiunuies with 22 tracks from Frank Trumbauer with Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington & His Orch., The California Ramblers, Bessie Smith, Red Nichols & His Five Pennies, Harry Reser's Syncopaters, Coon-Sanders Original Nighthawk Orchestra, Jean Goldkette & His Orch., Louis Armtrong & his Hot Five, etc.
LOUIS ARMSTRONG & HIS HOT FIVE: A Monday Date/ Hotter Than That/ Struttin‘ With Some Barbecue/ West End Blues/ THE CALIFORNIA RAMBLERS: Singapore Sorrows/ COON-SANDERS ORIGINAL NIGHTHAWK ORCHESTR: Down Where The Sun Goes Down/ Ready For The River/ BING CROSBY WITH FRANKIE TRUMBAUER: Mississippi Mud/ THE DORSEY BROTHERS ORCHESTRA: Coquette/ Dixie Dawn/ DUKE ELLINGTON & HIS ORCHESTRA: Black And Tan Fantasy/ Creole Love Call/ Diga Diga Doo/ Doin‘ The New Low Down/ JEAN GOLDKETTE & HIS ORCHESTRA: Rosette/ FLETCHER HENDERSON & HIS ORCHESTRA: King Porter Stomp/ RED NICHOLS & HIS FIVE PENNIES: Nobody‘s Sweetheart/ KING OLIVER & HIS DIXIE SYNCOPATORS: Four Or Five Times/ BEN POLLACK & HIS CALIFORNIANS: Sweet Sue Ė Just You/ HARRY RESERíS SYNCOPATORS: Imagination/ BESSIE SMITH: Empty Bed Blues/ FRANKIE TRUMBAUER & HIS ORCHESTRA: Dusky Stevedore

VARIOUS ARTISTS Documents 223707 Jazz In the Charts, Vol. 8 : 1928-1929 ● CD $10.98
Volume 8 ends 1928 and starts into 1929 with McKinney's Cotton Pickers, Dorsey Brothers Orchestra, Louis Armstrong & His Savoy Ballroom Five, Ethel waters, Bessie Smith, Jean Goldkette & His Orch., Red Nichols & His Five Pennies, Fats Waller and more.
LOUIS ARMSTRONG & HIS ORCHESTRA: Ain‘t Misbehavin‘/ LOUIS ARMSTRONG & HIS SAVOY BALLROOM FIVE: St. James Infirmary/ LOUIS ARMSTRONG & HIS ORCHESTRA: When You‘re Smiling/ BEN'S BAD BOYS (BEN POLLACK): Yellow Dog Blues/ THE CHARLESTON CHASERS: Moanin‘ Low/ COON-SANDERS ORIGINAL NIGHTHAWK ORCHESTR: I Gotta Great Big Date With A Little Bitta Girl/ Little Orphan Annie/ THE DORSEY BROTHERS ORCHESTRA: Let‘s Do It (let‘s Fall In Love)/ Sally Of My Dreams/ DUKE ELLINGTON & HIS ORCHESTRA: The Mooche/ JEAN GOLDKETTE & HIS ORCHESTRA: Painting The Clouds With Sunshine/ Tip Toe Th Rough The Tulips/ MCKINNEYíS COTTON PICKERS: Milenberg Joys/ IRVING MILLS & HIS HOTSY TOTSY GANG: Ain‘t Misbehavin‘/ BENNIE MOTENíS KANSAS CITY ORCHESTRA: South/ RED NICHOLS & HIS FIVE PENNIES: [back Home Again In] Indiana/ HARRY RESERíS SYNCOPATORS: Piccolo Pete/ BESSIE SMITH: Nobody Knows You When You‘re Down And Out/ CLARENCE íPINE TOP' SMITH: Pine Top‘s Boogie Woogie/ FATS WALLER: Ain‘t Misbehavin‘/ ETHEL WATERS: Am I Blue?/ Birmingham Bertha/ True Blue Lou

VARIOUS ARTISTS Empire Musikwerks 450 696-2 Jukebox Jazz From The Southside Of Chicago ● CD $12.98
Although for the past 30 years or so jazz has been almost exclusively confined to LP or CD format there were many performances issued as singles in earlier years. This fine collection features 20 tracks recorded in the early and mid 50s fof Chicago's Parrot label and its Blue Lake subsidiary. Includes performances by Jimmy Rushing (backed by Frank "Floorshow" Culley and his combo), Herbie Fields, Coleman Hawkins, The Benson-Ogletree Band, Red Saunders, Paul Bascombe, Lonnie Simmons Quartet, Joe Sanders (with the Red Saunders band) and The King Fleming Quintet.
PAUL BASCOMB: Jan Pt.1/ Jan Pt.2/ BENSON-OGLETREE BAND: Riverboat/ Uptown Stomp/ HERBIE FIELDS: Harlem Nocturne/ Mr. Jump/ KING FLEMING QUINTETTE: One O'Clock Jump/ Williams Blues/ COLEMAN HAWKINS: Blue Blue Days (Goin' Down Home)/ I'll Follow My Secret Heart/ I'll Tell You Later/ What A Difference A Day Makes/ JIMMY RUSHING: Clothes Pin Blues/ Mr. Five By Five/ RED SAUNDERS: Riverboat/ Summertime/ LONNIE SIMMONS QUARTET: Black Orchid/ I Can't Get Started/ JOE WILLIAMS: In The Evening/ Time For Moving

VARIOUS ARTISTS Proper BOX 114 Squeeze Me - The Jazz And Swing Accordion Story ● CD $24.98
4 CDs, 101 tracks, 4 hours, 53 min., highly recommended
Documenting the accordion in jazz between 1929-1955, this engaging collection moves in chronological order through its 101 songs and includes recordings by Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra, The Jungle Band (featuring Cootie Williams & Johnny Hodges), Guerino Et Son Orchestre Musette De La Boite A Matelots (featuring Django Reinhardt)--and that's just the start of Disc 1! For the accordianphobic, the instrument in question is often not the center of musical attention, especially on the first two CDs. Many heavily represented performers are less than household names these days, including Le Quartette Swing Emile Carrara (6 tracks), Gus Viseur (8 tracks), Joe Mooney Quartet (10 tracks), Quintet Johnny Meyer (8 tracks), Tito Burns And His Sextet (6 tracks), Art Van Damme (9 tracks), Mat Mathews (10 tracks). As usual Proper has done a first-rate job, right down to the generous 44-page booklet full of notes and great pics. (JC)

FATS WALLER JSP JSPCD 928 The Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2: Handful Of Keys ● CD $28.98
4 CD box set, 101 tracks, 5 Hours 15 mins, highly recommended
Subtitled "Pianist, Songwriter, Entertainer, Innovator," this set covers recordings from 1929-1934, wherein Thomas "Fats" Waller proves he was a master of these descriptors. Easily taken for granted with his bubbly and entertaining personality and accessible style, it's easy to forget what a true artist Waller was and what a great and long lasting contribution he made to jazz. This set puts it all into perspective, from deft/bristling keyboard runs to energetic, often-satiric vocals. Waller, a brilliant stride pianist, dabbles with New Orleans Hot, Boogie and "Chicago" styles of jazz, turning it into a style uniquely his own. Hard to imagine there was a Great Depression on when these tracks were recorded (leading to Waller only releasing two sides in 1930); the songs are upbeat, light-hearted, and joyous - very representative of a man that lived life to its fullest. Beautifully compiled and with very nice sound, the only thing this fantastic set is lacking are notes that are worthy of the music and the effort that went into putting this together. Five hours plus of music and you still want more... (RB)
FATS WALLER: A Porterís Love Song To A Chambermaid/ A Shine On Your Shoes-Louisiana Hayride/ After Youíve Gone/ Ainít Misbehaviní/ Arkansas Blues/ Armful Oí Sweetness/ Baby, Oh! Where Can You Be?/ Baby, Oh! Where Can You Be?/ Baby, Oh! Where Can You Be?/ Baby, Oh! Where Can You Be?/ Believe It, Beloved/ Big Business: Part 1/ Big Business: Part 2/ Breakiní The Ice/ Chances Are/ China Boy/ Dallas Blues/ Do Me A Favor/ Donít Let It Bother You/ Dragginí My Heart Around/ Dream Man/ Egyptian-Ella/ Gee, Ainít I Good To You?/ Georgia May/ Girls Like You Were Meant For Boys Like Me/ Gladyse/ Gladyse/ Goiní About/ Goiní About/ Handful Of Keys/ Harlem Fuss/ Have A Little Dream On Me/ Honeysuckle Rose/ How Can You Face Me?/ I Got The Ritz From The One I Love/ I Need Someone Like You/ I Wish I Were Twins/ I Wish I Were Twins/ I Would Do Anything For You/ I Would Do Anything For You/ If It Isnít Love/ Iíd Love It/ Iím Crazy ‘Bout My Baby/ Iím Crazy ‘Bout My Baby/ Iím Growing Fonder Of You/ Iím Sorry Dear/ Iíve Got A Feeling Iím Falling/ Iíve Got A Feeling Iím Falling/ Iíve Got a Feeling Iím Falling/ Letís Pretend Thereís A Moon/ Lies/ Lookiní For Another Sweetie/ Lookiní Good But Feeliní Bad/ Love Me Or Leave Me/ Love Me Or Leave Me/ Mandy/ Mean Old Bed Bug Blues/ Mean Old Bed Bug Blues/ Miss Hannah/ My Fate Is In Your Hands/ My Fate Is In Your Hands/ My Feelinís Are Hurt/ Numb Fumbliní/ Peggy/ Plain Dirt/ Ridiní But Walkiní/ Royal Garden Blues/ Serenade For A Wealthy Widow/ Six Or Seven Times/ Smashing Thirds/ St Louis Blues/ Sweet Savannah Sue/ Sweetie Pie/ Tanglefoot/ Tanglefoot/ Thatís All/ Thatís How I Feel Today/ Thatís What I Like About You/ The Minor Drag/ The Way I Feel Today/ Then Iíll Be Tired Of You/ Tiger Rag/ Turn On The Heat/ Valentine Stomp/ Valentine Stomp/ Waiting At The End Of The Road/ Waiting At The End Of The Road/ Waiting At The End of The Road/ Waitiní At The End Of The Road/ When Iím Alone/ Where Ever Thereís A Will/ Wherever Thereís A Will, Baby/ Wonít You Get Off It, Please?/ Yellow Dog Blues/ Yellow Dog Blues/ Yes Suh!/ Yes Suh!/ You Donít Understand/ You Rascal You/ Youíre Not The Only Oyster In The Stew/ Youíve Got To Be Modernistic


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