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DEWEY AND ELVIS The Life & Times Of A Rock & Roll Dee-Jay by Louis Cantor ● BOOK $34.95
Hardback ,288 pgs, recommended
Counts as four CDs for shipping.
I know, I know, not yet another Elvis book, but thankfully this is something different. This is essentially the biography of groundbreaking, Earth shaking, turntable quaking, southern Disc Jockey Dewey Phillips, someone who's importance in the birth of Rock 'N' Roll can't ever be given enough credit and who's bio is long, long overdue (I guess that the publishers didn't think this would sell without Elvis' name on it.) Dewey Phillips was a hell of a character who leaps off the pages in a compelling, if ultimately tragic, story. The author, Louis Cantor, went to high school with Elvis, but doesn't seem to have actually hung out with him much and was friends with some of Dewey Philips friends, close enough for Rock 'N' Roll huh! Louis ain't much of a writer, but he gets enough great stories and essential historic info compiled that it will stay in my library at least. (JM)

ECHO AND REVERB Fabricating Space In Popular Music Recording, 1900-1960 by Peter Doyle ● BOOK $24.95
Paperbackl, 296 pages, highly recommended
Counts as four CDs for shipping
From Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.0.1) - Echo: 1. A repetition of sound produced by the reflection of sound waves from a wall, mountain, or other obstructing surface. 6. A lingering trace or effect.
Reverb: 1. A reverberative effect produced in recorded music by electronic means.
Prime examples of which that most in the Roots & Rhythm community would know would be Elvis' Sun Records recordings of "Mystery Train" and "Blue Moon". Peter Doyle makes this rather esoteric subject matter come to life in this compelling and informative new book. Probably helping the matter is the fact that Mr. Doyle is also a writer of mystery novels, an art form that relays heavily on creating a certain atmosphere, which is essentially what echo and reverb are used for in music, to add atmosphere and subtext to recordings and to help flesh out certain moods and emotions. No surprise to the seasoned music literature buff would be the artists referencing of Greil Marcus' work as early as page 3, this book compliments easily with Marcus' lexicon of the "Old Weird America." (JM)

ALWAYS MAGIC IN THE AIR The Bomp And Brilliance Brill Building Era by Ken Emerson ● BOOK $15.95
Paperback, 336 Pages, highly recommended Counts as threee CDs for shipping. Chronicles the 1950s - 1960's careers of songwriting teams Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller, Burt Bacharach & Hal David, Neil Sedaka & Howard Greenfield, Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil, Carol King & Gerry Goffin, Doc Pomus & Mort Shuman and Jeff Barry & Ellie Greenwich and host of other players in the Brill building scene of the time like Don Kirshner, Phil Spector, Neil Diamond, George "Shadow" Morton and countless others. In fact the staggering amount of characters that weave in and out of this story would make Dostoevsky proud. Amazingly, all of the great musicians they all wrote for, even Elvis, are pure side stories. The song is the thing and the story of the songwriters complete devotion to it makes for a great read. I am not in love with Ken Emerson's writing style, but the research hours have clearly been exhaustive and thorough. The bulk of this book spans the decade between 1955 and 1965, bookended by Lieber & Stoller's and Doc Pomus' adventures in post war blues and R&B through to The Monkees, Archies and the fragments of great writing teams that churned out tunes for a younger and younger fan base. Pomus comes across pretty heroic, Neil Sedaka comes off as a bit of a jerk (big surprise!); all of their stories are compelling and make for a had book to put down. (JM)



DELBERT MCCLINTON New West 8027 Live From Austin, Texas ● DVD $17.98
See under CD (New West 6099 - $16.98)

SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET New West 8023 Live From Austin, Texas ● DVD $17.98
Sir Doug is joined by Alvin Crow, Augie Meyers, John Perez and others on this live 1981 set of 17 songs including Mendocino/ Rains Came/ It Was Fun While It Lasted/ Groover's Paradise/ Who Were You Thinkin'?/ Tonite, Tonite/ At The Crossroads/ Chicano/ She's About A Mover and more. See under CD (New West 6095 - $16.98) for more details.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Legacy Entertainment 5008 The Legends Of Rock 'n' Roll ● DVD $9.98
22 tracks, 45 mins, highly recommended
Great collection of performances drawn from T.V. shows and video jukeboxes from the 50s and 60s. Most of these are actually live as opposed to lip-synched and highlight is probably the three songs by Bo Diddley from 1965 including a version of Hey Bo Diddley where he dances into the audience while playing guitar. Jerry Lee Lewis is in fine form in the only color clips here which I assume are from around 1970 since it includes his 1969 country hit She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye along with three of his rockin' Sun numbers. Also included is the first early clip I've ever seen by Ronnie Hawkins which is probably lip-synched but is very fine - he does the bluesy I Need Your Lovin' with a very young Levon Helm on bass. It's also great to see Charlie Gracie performing Butterfly live where he gets to take a fine guitar break. The DVD also features Fats Domino, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Bill Haley, Johnny Otis and Buddy Knox. Video quality on many of the clips is pretty rough but it's still a treat to see these great artists in their prime. (FS)



LARRY BRIGHT Tide 1001 Shake That Thing! ● CD $17.98
17 tracks, 42 mins, recommended
It looks like the regular version of this that was out on Del-Fi is no longer available, so for now we have this slimmed down version (in info, but not in music) from the folks at Tide records. Larry Bright was once famously described as "Howlin Wolf trapped in Pat Boones body." I don't know if I would go that far, but Bright was an exceptional white boy blues singer in the 1960s and there are some really swell songs on this. Larry Bright definitely sounds like he grew up with a swamp in his back yard and on a steady diet of barbeque. This features covers of Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry among other classics and quality originals. (JM)

RAY CAMPI & THE SUPRO-KINGS St. George 7711 Rockabilly Blues ● CD $14.98
14 tracks, 43 mins, recommended
First new album in a while by this rockabilly pioneer features 14 tracks recorded in Chicago in 2003. Ray is in great voice on a varied selection of songs - rockabilly, country and blues. The band is generally very good with fine lead guitar from "Rockin' Billy" and Ray plays some fine Dobro on a couple of cuts. The only drawback is the overamplified harmonica by Studebaker John on several cuts which is both excessive and out of place. The tracks where he sits out or plays acoustic harp are much better. Includes Cryin' Blues/ Sugar Cane Mama/ Bucket's Got A Hole In It/ Step It Up And Go/ Lonesome Whistle/ Act Like You Love Me. (Jimmy Rogers' Chicago blues song given a fine boppin' billy treatment)/Mystery Train and others. (FS)

DUANE EDDY Jamie/ Guyden 4036 $1,000,000 Worth Of Twang ● CD $15.98
15 tracks, 33 mins, highly recommended
"$1,000,000.00 Worth Of Twang", that's probably been issued and re-issued about 100 times, but if you don't have it--you should-- this is as nice a version as has come down the pike in recent times. Features the hits you know like Rebel Rouser/ Because They're Young/ Movin' and Groovin'/ The Lonely One, etc, plus great bonus tracks The Secret Seven/ Lost Island and Shazam! Solid notes, pics and trade ad reproductions in fold out booklet. (JM)

THE EVERLY BROTHERS Varese 66641 Too Good To Be True - 18 Unreleased Recordings ● CD $12.98
18 tracks, 31 mins, highly recommended
This actually does live up to its title. 17 of the tracks are demo recording of original material recorded between 1957 - 1960, including a grand total of 8 previously unheard tracks! Those are Too Good To Be True/ How Did We Stay Together /I Didn't Mean To Go This Far/ All I Ask Of Life/ I'll Throw Myself at You/ It's Too Late To Say Goodbye/ Kiss Me Once and Do You Love Me. The first 6 of those with full Brothers harmony, the last two Don Everly compositions recorded by him solo. There are also a nice chunk of demos of songs that fans will know like Should We Tell Him/ Maybe Tomorrow, etc.. As the collection comes to a close we get one more stunner an updated version from 1976 of Don doing It's All Over that is well worth inclusion on this fabulous set. (JM)

THE FIREBALLS Ace CHD 1131 Firebeat! ● CD $18.98
This is subtitled "The Great Lost Vocal Album", which means that you get 24 mega-rare unissued tracks from their Beat group period of 1964 - 1967. Featuring tracks like the anti Louie Louie track Louie Go Home and great tracks like Thunder 'N' Lightning/ Codine and much more. On top of that there are 3 bonus tracks from a 1968 TV appearance. All done up with the usual swank production value that we are accustomed to from Ace records.

CHARLIE GRACIE Abkco 9238 The Best Of Charlie Gracie - Cameo Parkway, 1956-1958 ● CD $11.98
20 tracks, 43 mins, highly recommended
I have a great fondness for Charlie Gracie - part of it due to him being one of the first American rock 'n' roll singers I saw live when he toured England in 1957. I went because I enjoyed his hit records but like many others I was astounded at his spectacular guitar playing which has left a lasting impression. While only a few of his Cameo Parkway recordings hint at his instrumental prowess they are most certainly exceptionally fine pop flavored rock 'n' roll items thanks to Charlie's superb and melodic vocals and songs like Butterfly and Wanderin' Eyes have a timeless quality to them. This is the first time they have been legally issued on CD and this CD includes four unissued tracks that were originally issued on a long out of English print LP including the very catchy Snuggle Up Baby which features a fine guitar solo by Charlie. There's two tracks never before issued plus unissued solo acoustic demos of Butterfly and Ninety-Nine Ways with somewhat different lyrics. A thoroughly entertaining set. (FS)

BILL HALEY Bear Family BCD 16509 Rock 'n' Roll Arrives ● CD $149.98
5 CD box set, 113 tracks, essential
Hey, cats, here's where it all begins! Yeah, yeah, I know about Jackie Brenston, Ike Turner, Hank Williams, the Clovers, the Treniers, Amos Milburn, yadda yadda. But those guys were - and are - all classifiable as R&B or country. On the other hand, there's Bill Haley, whose breakthrough records defied any race-bound categories. His Essex waxing of Crazy Man Crazy broke nationally in 1953, signifying an irreversible shift in American popular music. Pop music was changing, and the spit-curled Haley and his Comets were among the catalysts. Bear Family Records, which previously released box sets of Haley's benchmark Decca and lesser '60s sides, spent more than a decade gathering the singer's pre-Rock Around the Clock output. Recorded between 1946 and 1954, these recordings capture Haley's sputtering evolution from a cowboy yodeler into an early rock-and-roll icon. Disc One features Haley's 1948-50 commercial releases, mostly competent country covers for distribution around Philadelphia. Disc Two kicks off with his 1951 cut of Jackie Brenston's Rocket 88, often cited as the first rock-and-roll record. By then Haley's Saddlemen included lead guitarist Danny Cedrone, whose aggressive glissandi would later define the Comets' sound. The disc continues with other 1951-52 Holiday sides, the Saddlemen backing fiddler Curly Herdman and honky-tonker Lou Graham, and the Downhomers' 1946 Vogue picture records, which may or may not include Haley on rhythm guitar. Disc Three covers Haley's complete 1952-53 Essex output. The first Essex date produced 'The Big Bang' of rock and roll: a raucous cover of Jimmy Preston's Rock This Joint, driven by Marshall Lytle's slap bass and Haley's backbeat rhythm - and no drummer! Intended as the novelty 'B'-side of a country weeper, the track's high-decibel energy exploded from the speakers. From that point on the Saddlemen (soon renamed Haley's Comets) would rock like crazy. A drummer was hired in late 1952; a screaming tenor sax was added a year later, shortly before Haley signed with Decca. Discs Four and Five jump back to cover early Haley demos, both solos and acetates with his first bands. Disc Four also contains Haley's earliest known recording, a 1946 Downhomers aircheck from WOWO, Fort Wayne. The sound is generally excellent, though the demos reflect decades of mishandling and deterioration. Reissue producer Chris Gardner's insightful notes bring Haley's evolution into perspective. Easily one of the most significant reissues of 2006. (DS)
BILL HALEY & THE FOUR ACES OF WESTERN SWING: Too Many Parties, Too Many Pals/Four Leaf Clover Blues/Candy Kisses/Tennessee Border/The Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along/Yodel Your Blues Away/Behind the Eight Ball/Foolish Questions/JOHNNY CLIFTON (BILL HALEY): Loveless Blues/Stand Up and Be Counted/BILL HALEY & HIS SADDLEMEN: Deal Me a Hand (I Play the Game Anyway)/Ten Gallon Stetson/Susan Van Dusan/I'm Not to Blame/I'm Gonna Drive Every Tear with a Kiss/Why Do I Cry Over You?/Teardrops from My Eyes/Loveless Blues/My Sweet Little Girl from Nevada/My Palomino and I/Rocket '88'/Tearstains on My Heart/Green Tree Boogie/Down Deep in My Heart/BILL HALEY & LORETTA GLENDENNING: I'm Crying/Pretty Bab/BILL HALEY & HIS SADDLEMEN: A Year Ago This Christmas/I Don't Want to Be Alone This Christmas/Juke Box Cannon Ball/Sundown Boogie/CURLY HERDMAN: Barnyard Special/Rose of My Heart/LOU GRAHAM: Two Timin' Blues/Long Gone Daddy/I'm Lonesome/Sweet Bunch of Roses/Please Make Up Your Fickle Mind/My Heart Tells Me (I'm Still in Love with You)/I'm Lonesome/Sweet Bunch of Roses/Please Make Up Your Fickle Mind/My Heart Tells Me (I'm Still in Love with You)/THE DOWNHOMERS: Out Where the West Winds Blows/Who's Gonna Kiss You When I'm Gone/Boogie Woogie Yodel/Baby I Found out All About You/BILL HALEY & HIS SADDLEMEN: Rock the Joint/Icy Heart/Dance with a Dolly (With a Hole in Her Stockin')/Rocking Chair on the Moon/BILL HALEY WITH HALEY'S COMETS: Stop Beatin' Around the Mulberry Bush/Real Rock Drive/Crazy Man, Crazy/What'cha Gonna Do?/Pat-A-Cake/Fractured/Live It Up!/Farewell, So Long, Goodbye/I'll Be True/Ten Little Indians/Yes Indeed!/Yes Indeed! (alt)/Chattanooga Choo Choo/Straight Jacket/BILL HALEY & THE FOUR ACES OF WESTERN SWING: Rovin' Eyes/Candy and Women/My Mom Heard Me Cry Over You/Cotton Haired Girl/Wreck on the Highway/Yodeler's Lullaby/All I Need Is Some More Lovin'/Candy and Women/Yodel Your Blues Away/Red River Valley/Behind the Eight Ball/Foolish Questions/Easy Rocking Chair/I Wasted a Nickel/My Bucket's Got a Hole in It/Sunday Down in Tennessee/Behind the Eight Ball/BILL HALEY & HIS SADDLEMEN: Rose of My Heart/Within This Broken Heart of Mine/THE DOWNHOMERS: Down Home/Following the Sun All Day/She Taught Me How to Yodel/Cool Water/Baby, I Found out All About You/Open Up Them Pearly Gates for Me/Who's Gonna Kiss You When I'm Gone?/BILL HALEY: Arizona Cowboy Advert/Westinghouse and Twin Bars Advert/Rose of My Heart/Rose of My Heart/Cherry Tree Lane/Cute Little Brown-Eyed Gal/Sweet Bunch of Roses/Yodel Your Blues Away/BILL HALEY & THE FOUR ACES OF WESTERN SWING: Candy and Women/Behind the Eight Ball/Ages and Ages Ago/Honestly/I Dreamed of an Old Love Affair/Whispering/I Love You So Much It Hurts/Little Rock, Arkansas/Bundle of Kisses/Are You Teasing Me?/I Want You/Gotta Have My Baby Back/Take Me in Your Arms and Hold Me/Candy and Women/BILL HALEY & HIS SADDLEMEN: Teardrops from My Eyes

JERRY LEE LEWIS Artists First 20001 Last Man Standing ● CD $18.98
21 tracks. 67 mins, recommended
Next up on the old legend gets new "Duets" treatment: the one and only, The Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis. This matches the legend up with a host of stars that are at least in their fifties if not actually septuagenarian contemporaries. Only Kid Rock is the real sore spot on this, most aren't quite that embarrassing; don't worry, folks, Jerry Lee didn't let them stick Hip Hop breakdowns in the middle of What Made Milwaukee Famous and Britney Spears is nowhere in sight. Good duets on this record for me were with Bruce Springsteen on his Pink Cadillac a song it would seem almost written with the Killer in mind, Robbie Robertson's Twilight is rather beautiful and it's not hard to like I Saw Her Standing There with an equally still outrageous Little Richard. The best are the tracks with the old country cats, with Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Kris Kristofferson and George Jones all popping in for stellar tracks. Toby Keith is also on here and as much as I loathe him, I have to say his track with Jerry Lee isn't that bad. All in all a good outing, but one that isn't necessarily much better with all of the guests. Heaven forbid that Jerry Lee couldn't just put out a new record without the dog and pony show of mixing in all of these other stars. His playing is still great, his voice is strong and although he may have slowed down some, his spirit is still wild. (JM)

JERRY LEE LEWIS Time Life 19232 A Half Century Of Hits ● CD $39.98
3 CDS, 66 Tracks, 3 hours 10 minutes, highly recommended
Time / Life have stepped up to the plate to try and deliver us the definitive Jerry Lee Lewis career spanning collection and it's real close. A lot of people tend to think that Jerry Lee's musical output was pretty much over with by his late `50s scandal; those who paid attention to country radio as well knew better. Throughout the 1960s, `70s, and up to the early 1980s Jerry Lee Lewis charted more than 65 times on country radio. If you count the early years as well he topped the country charts at least 6 times, with dozens more in the top 20. This three CD set features a grand selection of hits and other great tunes, presented in chronological order from 1957 - 1981. Now the cherry on the top of this is 2--count them: 2--tracks recorded in 1952 that have never appeared anytime, anywhere besides the original acetate that Jerry Lee's friend has held onto and kept in playing condition for well over 50 years! "Don't Stay Away" and "Jerry Lee's Boogie" were Jerry Lee Lewis' first recordings ever, done at the legendary J&M studio in New Orleans. Amazing, but true! These tracks are fantastic and definitely show signs of the crazed genius that we would hear just a few short years later. On top of that there are three additional tracks making their first appearance on an American release. All in all, a fantastic release, the booklet etc. is real nice, although there is a minor printing error in the booklet (it looks as if a sentence, or maybe just a few words are clipped on the bottom of one page), otherwise it is great. Who would have thought that after all these years Jerry Lee Lewis would outlive so many other performers who led so much safer seeming lives? we'll probably have him and Evil Kenevil both living until they are 100.at least I hope so. (JM)
JERRY LEE LEWIS: A Damn Good Country Song/ Another Place, Another Time/ Big Leg Woman/ Bonnie B./ Breathless/ Carry Me Back To Old Virginia/ Chantilly Lace/ Crown Victoria Custom '51/ Don't Let Go/ Don't Stay Away (previously Unreleased)/ Down The Line/ Down The Road A Piece/ Drinkin' Wine Spo-dee-o-dee/ End Of The Road/ Folsom Prison Blues/ Good News Travels Fast (previously Unreleased)/ Great Balls Of Fire/ Green, Green Grass Of Home/ Hadacol Boogie (previously Unreleased)/ Hand Me Down My Walking Cane/ High Heel Sneakers/ High School Confidential/ I Can't Seem To Say Goodbye/ I Wish I Was Eighteen Again/ I'm Feelin' Sorry/ I'm On Fire/ Id Do It All Again/ Invitation To Your Party/ It All Depends (who Will Buy The Wine)/ It Was The Whiskey Talkin' (not Me)/ It'll Be Me/ Jerry Lee's Boogie (previously Unreleased)/ Let's Talk About Us/ Lewis Boogie/ Little Queenie/ Me And Bobby Mcgee/ Meat Man/ Memphis Beat/ Middle Age Crazy/ Miss The Mississippi And You/ Night Train To Memphis/ No Headstone On My Grave/ Once More With Feeling/ One Has My Name...the Other Has My Heart (previously Unreleased)/ One Minute Past Eternity/ Over The Rainbow/ Real Wild Child/ Religious Discussion (with Sam Phillips)/ Rita May/ Rockin' Jerry Lee/ Rockin' Little Angel/ Rockin' My Life Away/ She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye/ That Kind Of Fool/ There Must Be More To Love Than This/ Think About It Darlin'/ Thirty-nine And Holding/ To Make Love Sweeter For You/ What'd I Say/ What's Made Milwaukee Famous (has Made A Loser Out Of Me)/ Who Will The Next Fool Be/ Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On/ Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On/ Workin' Man Blues/ You Win Again/ Your Cheatin' Heart

BOB LUMAN Bear Family BCD 16259 Let's Think About Living - His Recordings, 1955-1967 ● CD $139.98
Four CD box set with 117 tracks plus 104 page hard cover book, highly recommended
His first indie label records were stripped-down, high-energy rockabilly. His striking good looks and animated live performances electrified audiences at Shreveport's Louisiana Hayride. A major label saddled him with calculated productions aimed at a teen market. Since he wasn't a songwriter, he trusted his mentors to supply him with material, most of it beneath his talents. When his career finally broke, he'd been drafted into the army. His career entered a renaissance in the '70s. His fans were shocked when he died unexpectedly at age 42, few knowing about his substance abuse problem. Sound familiar? Like his Memphis counterpart, Bob Luman was a versatile, muscular rocker who was equally skilled at handling ballads. Bear Family Records previously issued a box set covering Luman's later career as a country hit maker. After many delays, here's a four-CD box covering the early years. Disc One serves the platters that hardcore Lumanites savor most: unrelenting rockabilly, mostly backed by guitar hero James Burton and bassist Jim Kirkland. About half the tracks are band demos, six released on Rolling Rock long after Luman's death. The rest of disc contains Luman's classic 1957 Imperials, including Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache, Red Hot, All Night Long, and Wild-Eyed Women and three songs from the low-budget film Carnival Rock. Eddie Cochran also backs Luman on a demo of Cotton Picker. Disc Two finds Luman recording for Capitol sans Burton and Kirkland, whom Ozzie Nelson spirited away to back up his boy. No rockabilly here, but decent California corporate rock and roll. In 1959 Luman signed with publisher Wesley Rose, who delivered the singer (and the Everly Brothers) to the fledgling Warner Brothers label. Luman's third WB release, the Boudleaux Bryant-penned Let's Think About Living, was a career-making chart hit, but a draft notice destroyed his momentum. Much of the WB and Hickory product that followed was workmanlike Nashville productions. Though the arrangements often recalled other singer's hits, Luman's distinctive baritone always shined. Eleven titles on Disc Four find Luman working with Glenn Barber in Huey P. Meaux's suburban Houston studio - great stripped-down honky-tonk. Hank Davis's notes capture the artist as a talented, likeable man who trusted too many people in a greedy, underhanded business. A welcome reissue. (DS)
BOB LUMAN: (Can't Get You) Off My Mind/ (Empty Walls) A Lonely Room/ (I Get So) Sentimental/ A Lover's Prayer/ All Night Long/ All Night Long/ Almost Persuaded/ Amarillo Blues/ Bad Bad Day/ Belonging To You/ Big River Rose/ Bigger Men Than I (Have Cried)/ Blue Days, Black Nights/ Boom Boom Boom Yippy Yi Ya/ Boom Boom Boom Yippy Yi Ya (alt)/ Boston Rocker/ Buttercup/ Can't Take The Country From The Boy/ Chain Of Love/ Class of '59/ Class of '59/ Come On And Sing/ Come On And Sing (alt)/ Dreamy Doll/ Envy/ Everybody's Talkin'/ Everytime The World Goes 'Round/ Fire Engine Red/ Five Miles Away From Home (Soon I'll See Mary)/ Freedom Of Living/ Freedom Of Living (overdub)/ Go On Home Boy/ Guitar Picker/ Hardly Anymore/ Hello Baby/ Hello Baby/ Hey Joe/ I Know My Baby Cares/ I Like Your Kind Of Love (& Sue Thompson)/ I Love You Because/ I Love You So Much It Hurts/ I'm Gonna Write A Song About You/ If You Don't Love Me (Then Why Don't You Leave Me Alone)/ In The Deep Dark Jungle/ Interstate Forty/ It's A Sin/ It's A Sin (alt)/ It's All Over (But The Shouting)/ Jealous Heart/ Jumping With The Shadows/ Let Her Go/ Let It Happen/ Let's Think About Living/ Lonely Road/ Loretta/ Loretta/ Lousiana Man/ Love Creator/ Love Stay Away From Me/ Love Worked A Miracle/ Make Up Your Mind Baby/ Make Up Your Mind Baby/ Make Up Your Mind Baby (wild version)/ Meet Mr. Mud/ My Baby Walks All Over Me/ My Baby Walks All Over Me/ Night Without End/ No Use in Lying/ Oh Lonesome Me/ Old Friends/ Old George Dickel/ Poor Boy Blues/ Poor Boy Blues (alternate vocal)/ Poor Boy Blues (instrumental overdub)/ Precious/ Private Eye/ Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache/ Red Cadillac And A Black Mustache/ Red Hot/ Rocks Of Reno/ Run On Home Baby Brother/ Running Scared/ Saving It For You/ Shadow Rock/ So Happy For You/ Something Special/ Still Loving You/ Stranger Than Fiction/ Svengali/ Tears From Out Of Nowhere/ That's Alright/ That's Alright/ The Best Years Of My Wife/ The Creep/ The Creep/ The File/ The Fool/ The Great Snowman/ The Pig Latin Song/ This Is The Night/ Throwin' Kisses/ Too Hot To Dance (& Sue Thompson)/ Try Me/ Whenever You're Ready/ Why, Why, Bye, Bye/ Wild Eyed Woman/ Yes Dear, There Is A Virginia/ You Turned Down The Lights/ You Win Again/ You're Everything/ You're Like A Stranger In My Arms/ You're The Cause Of It All/ You're Welcome/ You've Got Everything/ Your Love/ Your Love/ Your Love

DELBERT MCCLINTON New West 6099 Live From Austin, Texas ● CD $16.98
15 tracks, 60 min., highly recommended
Another in the series of Austin City Limits releases from New West, this show from December 18, 1982, finds McClinton at the top of his form, blending blues, soul, and honky tonk with his graveled, world-wearied voice. Having scored his first national hit with 1981's Giving It Up For Your Love, McClinton wouldn't find popularity like this until his "rediscovery," which recently yielded a Grammy a mere 25 years after he deserved one. In this made-for-teevee show, the DM approach is applied to such fan favorites as Randall Bramblett's Plain Old Makin' Love, Otis Redding's I've Got Dreams To Remember, Shaky Ground, The Jealous Kind, Going Back To Louisiana, Mess Of Blues, A Fool In Love, and Al Green's Take Me To The RiverLess familiar McClinton moments include the Jesse Stone-penned winner Lipstick, Powder and Paint, Bobby Blue Bland's classic Turn On Your Love Light, the lyically clever Let Love Come Between Us, and others. The addition of a horn section pumps up an already impressive energy level. Great stuff. Also available on DVD (New West 8027 - $17.98) (JC)

RAY PETERSON Bear Family BCD 15880 Tell Laura I Love Her ● CD $24.98
31 track collection featuring Ray's best sides from RCA & Dunes. The 1957-59 RCA sides include his huge hit Tell Laura I Love Her plus the original version of The Wonder Of You which was later a hit for Elvis, his hit of Fever and the originally unreleased Doggone It. His 1960-63 tunes for his own Dunes label includes his hit version of Corrine, Corrina produced by Phil Spector, and the original version of Give Us Your Blessing, later a huge hit for The Shangri-Las. Comes in a deluxe digipac format with 44 page booklet biography by Johnny Vallis and rare photos.

JOHNNY RIVERS Shout Factory 31011 Secret Agent Man - The Ultimate Johnny Rivers Anthology ● CD $24.98
2 CDs, 36 tracks, 121 mins, recommended
This could easily be titled "Johnny Rivers plays and sings the greatest Rock `N' Roll hits of the 50's and 60' Plus Secret Agent Man, Poor Side of Town and Seventh Son." But that's alright (Mama), Johnny Rivers was and still is one of the great interpreters of other peoples songs, always known for a great voice and fiery performances. Shout Factory have done a fine job collecting all of the best Rock `N' Roll and country recording that Rivers has done over the last 40 plus years, with this swell 2 CD set, with an attractive fold out digi-pack design and extensive liner notes compiled in a 20 page booklet. Johnny Rivers is one of those artists that I don't think about that much and kind of forget that he is a lot of fun, so this was a pleasure to listen to. Set also includes previously unreleased tracks Rollin' Stone and Let It Rock. (JM)

THE SHANGRI-LAS Madacy 51903 Golden Legends ● CD $5.98
14 tracks, 38 mins, recommended
This is a nice little overview of the bands most popular songs. All original recordings of great tunes like Leader Of The Pack, Remember (Walking In The Sand), Give Him a Great Big Kiss, Out On The Streets, You Cheated, You Lied, plus nine others. Most written by the golden pens of George "Shadow" Morton, Barry and Greenwich, with a little Leibor and others thrown in for good measure. I've always been a huge fan of the Shangri-las' melodramatic shtick and they are easily one of my favorite girl groups of the `60s. For someone who doesn't have a collection of their material, this is an o.k. place to start. Not much in the line of info, pictures etc., but a parcel of great songs that still sound fantastic. (JM)
THE SHANGRI-LAS: Give Him A Great Big Kiss/ Give Us Your Blessings/ He Cried/ Heaven Only Knows/ I Can Never Go Home Anymore/ Leader Of The Pack/ Long Live Our Love/ Maybe/ Out In The Streets/ Past, Present And Future/ Remember (walking In The Sand)/ Right Now And Not Later/ The Boy/ You Cheated, You Lied

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1050 The Golden Age Of American Rock 'n' Roll - Bubbling Und ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 74 mins, highly recommended
"Bubbling Under" is a term Billboard magazine used for a special chart they had for songs that were ranked just below the Top 100. This usually meant they were records that were hitting in certain regions, but not hitting nationally yet, or in the case of the 30 contenders here, never at all. Doesn't mean that they weren't good songs--far from it--just songs that the guardian angels of Rock `N' Roll weren't looking after, or in some likely early cases, not enough payola was spread around to the powers that be. These songs don't qualify as one hit wonders, even though a lot of these songs are further attempts by one hit wonders, for instance, ten years after Rocket 88 Jackie Brensten did the excellent Trouble Up The Road, or Book Of Love, the hopeful follow up to the #2 hit All American Boy by Bobby Bare. Then there are the pre-mature outings the likes of Holy One by Freddy Fender, a fantastic Rock `N' Roll ballad that was a #1 hit in 1960 San Antonio; it would be a full 15 years before a much different Freddy would make the national charts. You also get Over You, the great New Orleans soul by Aaron Neville (unsurprisingly written by Allen Troussaint), something, in my opinion, cooler than anything Mr. Neville ever crooned as a solo artist in the `90s. All in all a fascinating compilation, with equally fascinating liner notes, showing us what could have been so many times in the world of Pop, Rock `N' Roll, Doo Wop, R&B, Surf and Soul and whatever you would call Kim Fowley (under the name of Jack B Nimble & The Quicks (Yeash!!)) doing Nut Rocker, an amped up instrumental take on the Nutcracker, which I actually thought was a Top 40 hit by the way Fowley talks about it on his satellite radio show. So you get a whole lot of bridesmaids without a bride in site, but lots of girlfriends hanging out in the corner of the recording studio. (JM)
RICKY ALLEN: Cut You A-loose/ BOBBY BARE: Book Of Love/ ROD BERNARD: Colinda/ BILLY & THE ESSENTIALS: Maybe You'll Be There/ JACKIE BRENSTEN: Trouble Up The Road/ BARRY DARVELL: How Will It End?/ THE DEL VIKINGS: Bring Back Your Heart/ THE DELICATES: Ronnie Is My Lover/ RAL DONNER: I Got Burned/ THE DUCANES: I'm So Happy/ THE EARLS: Life Is But A Dream/ THE EMOTIONS: A Story Untold/ FREDDIE FENDER: Holy One/ HARMONICA FATS: Tore Up/ RONNIE HAWKINS: Bo Diddley/ THE JESTERS: The Wind/ JOE & ANN: Gee Baby/ RICKY LYONS: Shim Sham Shuffle/ THE MEMOS: My Type Of Girl/ THE METALLICS: Need Your Love/ AARON NEVILLE: Over You/ JACK B. NIMBLE: Nut Rocker/ ROBERT PARKER: All Night Long Part 1/ EDDIE QUINTEROS: Come Dance With Me/ THE ROBINS: White Cliffs Of Dover/ RUSTY & DOUG: Louisiana Man/ THE TORNADOES: Bustin' Surfboards/ THE VICEROYS: Seagrams (seagreen)/ DOUG WARREN & THE RAYS: If The World Don't End Tomorrow (i'm Comin' After You)/ DANNY WHITE: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1130 Hard Workin' Man The Jack Nitzsche Story Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
This is the second volume dedicated to the genius producer Jack Nitzsche. Nitzsche ranks right up there with Phil Spector (his one time boss) and Joe Meek. Whether working with Soul or Rock 'N' Roll artists or on film soundtracks, his touch is one of the ones that really left it's mark. Ace gives this the deluxe edition as usual with copious notes and fantastic sound. Artists range from The Robins, Rightious Brothers and the Neville Brothers to Captain Beefheart, The Monkees and The Tubes. Collecting a lot of fantastic and more obscure tracks by many.
C.C. ADCOCK: Stealiní All Day/ MERRY CLAYTON: Itís In His Kiss/ CRAZY HORSE: I Donít Want To Talk About It/ RAL DONNER: Donít Put Your Heart In His Hand/ THE EVERLY BROTHERS: Mr Soul/ THE GAS CO: Blow Your Mind/ TAMMY GRIMES: Nobody Needs Your Love/ JOHN LEE HOOKER, MILES DAVIS AND TAJ MAHAL: Bank Robbery/ FRANKIE LAINE: Iím Gonna Be Strong (promo version)/ DONNA LOREN: Woman In Love (With You)/ THE MONKEES: Porpoise Song/ THE NEVILLE BROTHERS: Break Away/ JACK NITZSCHE: Iím The Loneliest Fool/ Surf Finger/ Hard Workiní Man/ EMIL OíCONNOR: Some Of Your Loviní/ NOONEY RICKETT: A Man Needs Love/ THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS: Just Once In My Life/ THE ROBINS: Just Like That/ THE SATISFACTIONS: Baby Iím So Glad Itís Raining/ THE TUBES: Donít Touch Me There/ THE TURTLES: You Know What I Mean/ BOBBY VEE: Like Someone In Love/ KAREN VERROS: You Just Gotta Know My Mind/ ZALMAN YANOVSKY: As Long As Youíre Here/ TIMI YURO: Teardrops ‘Till Dawn

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16723 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 23 - Columbia Records ● CD $21.98
The third volume issued of rockabilly and rockin' country recorded for Columbia and Epic in the mid 50s. Includes sides by Ronnie Self, Marty Robbins, Leon Smith, Johnny Horton, Billy "Crash" Craddock, Jay Cee Hill (five fine tracks - two previously unissued), Chuck Murphy, Jimmy Boyd, The Collins Kids, John D. Loudermilk, carl Story (bluegrass rockabilly!), Billy Brown and others. Includes 44 page booklet with extensive notes, rare photos and discographical info.
JIMMY BOYD: Crazy Mixed-Up Blue/ Rockin' Down The Mississippi/ BILLY BROWN: Flip Out/ Meet Me In The Alley, Sally/ THE COLLINS KIDS: Hot Rod/ Mercy/ Move A Little Closer/ BILLY 'CRASH' CRADDOCK: Boom Boom Baby/ Well Don't You Know/ JAY CEE HILL: A Love So Fine/ Bump!/ Romp Stompin' Boogie/ She's Gone/ Since My Baby Left Me/ JOHNNY HORTON: Cherokee Boogie/ Goodbye Lonesome, Hello Baby Doll/ BOBBY LORD: High Voltage/ JOHN D. LOUDERMILK: Susie's House/ CHUCK MURPHY: Rhythm Hall/ MARTY ROBBINS: Long Gone Lonesome Blues/ Respectfully Miss Brooks/ RONNIE SELF: Big Blon' Baby/ You're So Right For Me/ THE SKEE BROTHERS: Big Deal/ That's All She Wrote/ LEON SMITH: Little Forty Ford/ CARL STORY: What A Line/ MEL TILLIS: Teen Age Wedding/ BILLY WALKER: Leavin' On My Mind/ EDDIE ZACK: I'm Gonna Roll And Rock

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16724 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 24 - Roulette Records ● CD $21.98
36 tracks, 80 mins, highly recommended
The 24th volume in this great series is devoted to Morris Levy's Roulette label along with sides acquired from Roulette's purchase of George Goldner's Gone, Rama & Gee labels. Most of these tracks were previously available on the four CD series of Roulette rock 'n' roll reissues on Sequel but those have been out of print for many years and, of course, this set benefits from Bear Family supper high production values with stellar sound quality and extensive documentation in Colin Escott's 52 page booklet crammed full of interesting facts and anecdotes. Among the highlights are three classic tracks by country singer Jimmie Logsdon recording as Jimmy Lloyd, four by the superb and obscure country flavored rocker Joe Tate featuring some very cool steel guitar work and the outstanding Going Back To St. Louis by Mack Vickery who is best known as a songwriter. But it's all worthwhile including sides by Jimmy Bowen (a better than average sides from this generally drab singer), Johnny Rivers (four early sides including the originally unissued That's Rock 'n' Roll), The Shades (four originally unissued sides by these utter obscurities featuring hot guitar), Bob Davies, Don "Red" Roberts and others. (FS)
JIMMY BOWEN: My Baby's Gone/ JO ANN CAMPBELL: You're Driving Me Mad/ THE CHAPPARALS: Leapin' Guitar/ BOB DAVIES: Hole In My Bucket/ Never Anymore/ Rock To The Music/ BILLY & DON HART: Rock-A-Bop-A-Lina/ JIMMY ISLE: Goin' Wild/ ROC LARUE: Baby Take Me Back/ JIMMY LLOYD (JIMMIE LOGSDON): I Got A Rocket In My Pocket/ Where The Rio De Rosa Flows/ You're Gone Baby/ VINCE MALOY: Crazy About You/ Hubba Hubba Ding Ding/ JOHNNY RIVERS: Baby Come Back/ Long, Long Walk/ That's Rock 'n' Roll/ DON 'RED' ROBERTS: Don't Say Maybe/ Only One/ THE ROCK-A-TEENS: Doggone It Baby (alt)/ Janis Will Rock/ Lotta Boppin' (alt)/ THE SHADES: Baby, Baby/ Guitar Hop/ Jeri Lee/ School Bus/ THE SKEE BROTHERS: Romeo Joe/ JIMMY STONE: Found/ JOHNNIE STRICKLAND: She's Mine/ You've Got What It Takes/ JOE TATE: I Guess It's Love/ I'm Free/ Rock 'n' Roll Mama/ Satellite Rock/ MACK VICKERY: Goin' Back To St. Louis/ High School Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Charly SNAD 551 The Million Dollar Quartet - 50th Anniversary Special ● CD $17.98
2 CDs, 73 tracks, 2 hours 24 min., recommended
The legendary MDQ session was an impromptu (probably) gathering of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash at Sun Studios. Perhaps not completely impromptu because Sam Phillips had a newspaper photographer and reporter on hand to document the proceedings. And at some point after it started, Phillips or his proxy flipped a switch on a tape recorder. That's the good news. The other good news is that most of the songs that the fellows all knew were old country gospel. The bad news is that most every song is just a fragment, just a verse or two; and Johnny Cash is nowhere to be heard--some of the taped remarks make it pretty clear he's gone. Million Dollar Trio? Several theories exist, but based on the evidence the most likely would seem to be that Cash sang with the others (before the tape was turned on) when the reporter was around and posed while the flash bulbs popped, but then when he wasn't needed, he left. (One account claims he went shopping, a story so mundane and uninteresting that it has the ring of truth.) In any case, it's Cashless. Still, this is all kinds of fun, recorded, as it was, in 1956 before any of these guys had seen a million dollars. Disc #1 is the complete session (as far as anyone knows), unlike the original 1980 release. Disc #2 consists of solo work by the MDQ members and includes some of the usual suspects (especially from Elvis) and some less often compiled pieces (especially from Lewis)--32 cuts in all. Very cool if not completely satisfying. (JC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collector 4502 Stomp Shake Rock ● CD $16.98
30 tracks, 64 mins, recommended
Fine and varied collection of rare rockabilly, rock 'n' roll and a touch of country from the 50s and early 60s. Includes sides by James Wallis & The Roadrunners, Jimmy Payne & Dick Barton & The Rebels Their I get The Blues is one of the highlights here with great vocals and hot guitar), The Cavaliers (a tough guitar instrumental Blowin' Smoke), George Young (the horrible Buggin' Baby), Otis White & The Hillrockers (the great Buddy Holly flavored Honey, Honey, Honey), Larry O'Keefe (the fine Rolling Stone), Jessie James & The Odd Balls, Don Romano & The Bill Clay Orch., Carlos Casal Jr., Jerry Matthews, Gar Bacon, etc. About one third of the tracks have been reissued on CD before but the rest are new to CD including a couple of unissued demos. Fine sound and eight page booklet with a couple of artist photos and lots of rare label shots. (FS)
GAR BACON: Pucker up/ BILLY BARNETTE & THE SEARCHERS: Stomp shake & twist/ HULAN BASS: Little bitty man/ THE BONNEVILLES: Swanee river stomp/ BOBBY BOYLE & THE REVENUERS: I couldn't care less/ FRANKIE BRENT: No rock and roll here/ CARLOS CASAL JR: You'll change your mind/ THE CAVALIERS: Blowin smoke/ THE COACHMEN: El dorado/ ERNIE COLE: Whatever you do/ SONNY FREEZE: Welcome to my world/ BOBBY GRAY: Dixie doodley dandy/ RANDY HARD & THE HI-LITES: Beach baby/ JESSIE JAMES & THE ODD BALLS: Confusion/ MEL KIMBROUGH: Ha ha hey hey/ SONNY LEONARD: No daze Blues/ LITTLE DEAN & THE TWILITE RAMBLERS: Honey honey honey/ JERRY MATTHEWS: Long long long/ My little baby/ LARRY O'KEEFE: Had enough/ Rolling Stone/ JIMMY PAYN & DICK BARTON & THE REBELS: I get the blues/ DON ROMANO & BILL CLAY ORCH.: One note rock/ GRADY SCOTT: It's a habit of mine/ JERRY TOWNSEND & THE JAMES BRAXTON COMBO: Cold cold day/ THE UNKNOWNS: Crazy daisy/ JAMES WALLIS & THE ROADRUNNERS: Sheet board down/ DALE WEHBA WITH THE REBELS & THE UNTOUCHABLES: Baby/ OTIS WHITE & THE HILLROCKERS: Shape up/ GEORGE YOUNG: Buggin baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collector 4503 Rock & Roll With Piano, Vol. 11 ● CD $16.98
Another 30 tracks of rock 'n' roll with the piano dominating the instrumental arrangements. About a dozen of these tracks have been out on CD before but the rest are making their first appearance on CD though it's probably stretching things a bit to categorize "Big" Tiny Little as rock 'n' roll. Includes sides by Larry Lindsay & The Lads, Dee page & His Western Allstars, Ray campi (his fine Billie Jean which has been reissued before), Gene Hall, Jerry Ballanger & The DJs, Pancho Villa, The Ambitions with Les King & The Beatniks, Charlie Rich (a fine instrumental track), The fairlanes, The Bel-Airs, Ralph Sutton & A. Trappier (more jazz than anything else but their Boogie Joys certainly rocks!) and others. Fine sound and booklet has artist and label shots.
THE AMBITIONS WITH LES KING & THE BEATNIKS: That‘s My Baby/ JERRY BALLENGER & THE D.J.íS: ShoeĖshine Man/ THE BEL-AIRS: Kami-kaze/ BILLY BYRD: Teen Age Blues/ RAY CAMPI: Billie Jean/ STAN DEE: So Fine/ STEVE DOUGLAS & THE REBEL ROWSERS: Surfers Twist/ THE FAIRLANES: If The World Don‘t End Tomorrow/ Little Girl, Little Girl/ GENE HALL: Monkey On The Moon/ LARRY LINDSAY & THE LADS: Please Please Baby/ ôBIG" TINY LITTLE: The Honeydripper/ You Are My Sunshine/ FRANKIE MANN & JOE RAMIREZ & THE JUMPING JACKS: Run You Down/ TEDDY LEE MICHAEL: Back To School Again/ MELVIN MORRIS: Heartaches Of A Love Untrue/ JIMMY NELIS WITH THE COUNTS: Rockin‘ Rocket/ THE ONBEATS: Catastrophe/ DEE PAGE & HIS WESTERN ALLSTARS: Steelball Twist/ MICHAEL A. PRITCHETT: Monkeyshine/ LARRY REYNOLDS & THE ECHOES: The Flea/ C. RICH: Charlie‘s Boogie/ CHUCK STACY: Dog-gone These Heartaches/ RALPH SUTTON & A.TRAPPIER: Boogie Joys/ UNKNOWN BAND: Unknown Title/ THE UPTOWNERS: Cricket/ PANCHO VILLA: Baby Cakes Hunch/ Bobby‘s Guitar/ HAPPY WAINWRIGHT & THE SHINN BONES: Dem-o-cat/ JOHNNY WHITE: Bad Loser

VARIOUS ARTISTS Rhino 73346 Rockin' Bones - 1950s Punk & Rockabilly ● CD $69.98
Four CD set in book form package with 101 sides of great rockabilly and rock 'n' roll - mostly from the 50s with a handful from the 60s. Although this includes some of the legendary greats like Elvis, Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly there are lots of great obscurities like Billy Eldridge, Jackie Gotroe, Danny Dell, Joyce Green, Art Adams, Tommy Blake, Jeff Daniels, Kip Tyler, Maylon Humphries, Ric Cartey, Jimmy Wages, Edwin Bruce, Benny Cliff and others. There is some duplication with Rhino's earlier vintage rock 'n' roll collection "Loud, Fast & Out Of Control." Sound quality is superb and it comes with 64 page book with introductory notes by james Austin & Deke Dickerson and track by track notes by Colin Escott. Nice juvenile delinquent cover reminiscent of some of those on Buffalo Bops CDs.
ART ADAMS: Dancing Doll/ Rock Crazy Baby/ HASIL ADKINS: Chicken Walk/ BILL ALLEN: Please Give Me Something/ RONNIE ALLEN: Juvenile Delinquent/ TOMMY BELL: Swamp Gal/ BOYD BENNETT: Move/ TOMMY BLAKE: Lordy Hoody/ BOB AND LUCILLE: Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Moe/ EDDIE BOND: Rockin' Daddy/ EDWIN BRUCE: Rock Boppin' Baby/ DORSEY BURNETTE: Bertha Lou/ JOHNNY BURNETTE: Rock Billy Boogie/ BOBBY & TERRY CARAWAY: Ballin' Keen/ STEVE CARL: Curfew/ JOHNNY CARROLL: Wild Wild Women/ RICK CARTEY: Oooh-Eeee/ JOHNNY CASH: Get Rhythm/ JOE CLAY: Duck Tail/ BENNY CLIFF TRIO: Shake Um Up Rock/ EDDIE COCHRAN: Summertime Blues/ LORRIE AND LARRY COLLINS: Mercy/ Whistle Bait/ PAT CUPP: Long Gone Daddy/ JEFF DANIELS: Daddy-O-Rock/ Switch Blade Sam/ RONNIE DAWSON: Rockin' Bones/ RONNIE DEE: Action Packed/ DANNY DELL: Froggy Went A Courting/ JACKIE DESHANNON: Trouble/ ELROY DIETZEL: Rock-N-Bones/ JOHNNY DOLLAR: Action Packed/ LARRY DOWD: Pink Cadilla/ AL DOWNING: Down On The Farm/ JIMMY EDWARDS: Love Bug Crawl/ BILLY ELDRIDGE: Let's Go Baby/ CHARLIE FEATHERS: One Hand Loose/ PAT FERGUSON: Fool I Am/ SONNY FISHER: Pink And Black/ JIM FLAHERTY'S CARAVAN: Real Gone Daddy/ FREDDIE AND THE HITCH-HIKERS: Sinners/ JOYCE GEEN: Black Cadillac/ CURTIS GORDON: Draggin'/ JACKIE GOTROE: Lobo Jones/ RAY HARRIS: Come On Little Mama/ DALE HAWKINS: Susie-Q/ RONNIE HAWKINS: Who Do You Love/ BUDDY HOLLY: Rock Around With Ollie Vee/ Down The Line/ FAT DADDY HOLMES: Chicken Rock/ MAYLON HUMPHRIES: Worried 'Bout You Baby/ WANDA JACKSON: Fujiyama Mama/ JESSE JAMES: Red Hot Rockin Blues/ JOHN & JACKIE: Little Girl/ JOE D. JOHNSON: Rattlesnake Daddy/ COMMONWEALTH JONES: Who's Been Here/ CORKY JONES (BUCK OWENS): Rhythm And Booze/ THUMPER JONES (GEORGE JONES): Rock It/ BENNY JOY: Spin The Bottle/ JOHN KERBY: Get Hot Or Go Home/ JOHNNY KIDD: Shakin' All Over/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On/ JIMMY LLOYD: I Got A Rocket In My Pocket/ BOB LUMAN: Red Hot/ JANIS MARTIN: Bang Bang/ HANK MIZELL: Jungle Rock/ JACKIE MORNINGSTAR: Rockin' In The Graveyard/ RICKY NELSON: Believe What You Say/ ROY ORBISON: Domino/ RONNIE PEARSON: Hot Shot/ CARL PERKINS: Blue Suede Shoes/ Put Your Cat Clothes On/ THE PHAETONS: I Love My Baby/ THE PHANTOM: Love Me/ BARBARA PITTMAN: I Need A Man/ JOHNNY POWERS: Long Blond Hair, Red Rose Lips/ ELVIS PRESLEY: Baby Let's Play House/ One Night Of Sin/ DWIGHT PULLEN: Sunglasses After Dark/ DARRELL RHODES: Lou Lou/ BILLY LEE RILEY: Flyin' Sauers Rock 'N' Roll/ THE ROCKIN' R'S: Crazy Baby/ JACK SCOTT: The Way I Walk/ WARREN SMITH: Ubangi Stomp/ THE STRING KINGS: Bloodshot/ GENE SUMMERS: School Of Rock 'N Roll/ TOM TALL: Stack-A-Records/ VINCE TAYLOR: Brand New Cadillac/ LARRY TERRY: Hep Cat/ BOBBY LEE TRAMMELL: Shirley Lee/ KIP TYLER: Rumble Rock/ She's My Witch/ GENE VINCENT: Cat Man/ Woman Love/ DON WADE: Oh Love/ JIMMY WAGES: Miss Pearl/ SONNY WEST: Sweet Rockin'/ DON WILLIS: Boppin' High School Baby/ HAL WILLIS: My Pink Cadillac/ PEANUTS WILSON: Cast Iron Arm/ LINK WRAY: Rumble

VARIOUS ARTISTS Yeaah! 505 Teen Town U.S.A., Vol. 5 ● CD $17.98
30 tracks, 72 minutes, fans only
These collections aren't known for raucous R&B and R&R, but more tame and sensitive teen hits of the `50s and `60s. You are most definitely not getting ham hocks and grits or cornpone and cowboy stew on these tracks, but more like a cracker sandwich on white bread, with a desert of non-fat vanilla pudding. So you get 29 tracks by a bunch of suburbanite simper-tones that thought Pat Boone was peachy keen and 1 track - It's Cold Outside by the Choir, which is great, but easily found on better collections. (JM)
BILLY AND THE STENOTONES: My Prayer/ JOEY BROOKS: Little Girl/ THE CHOIR: It's Cold Outside/ BOBBY COMSTOCK: Just A Piece Of Paper/ THE CRESCENDOS: I'm So Ashamed/ KEN DAVIS: Come Again/ DANNY DEUER: Image Of Love/ NELLA DODDS: Come See About Me/ THE ENCHANTERS: I Lied To My Heart/ ENIS: Baby Goodbye/ JAY FANNING: Baby Baby/ EDDIE FONTAINE: Goodness It's Gladys!/ DAVID GATES: Jo Baby/ JOHNNY & STAN: Don't Let It Happen (to You)/ JOYCE & PRIVATEERS: Honor Roll Of Love/ RICHIE KALL: King Lover/ JR LARUE & GOLDTONES: I Know Better/ JIMMY MENG: Drive-in Show/ GENE MONTGOMERY: I Gotta Do The Latest Dance/ JERRY NAYLOR: Stop Your Crying/ KEITH O'CONNOR: Cindy Lou/ SONNY PARKS: Raindrops On A River/ THE QUINN-TEENS: I Hurt So/ PATTY SURBEY: Hey Boy!/ JOEY TED: Lonely Nights/ TEX & CHEX: I Do Love You/ THE TORQUAYS: Pineapple Moon/ SAMMY VAUGHN & STAR MARKS: Always Be Mine/ SONNY WILSON: I Ain't Giving Up Nothin/ LEE WAYNE WOODARD: Same Thing

BOBBY VEE Liberty (UK) 367 379-2 The Singles Collection ● CD $26.98
Three CD set with 95 tracks recorded between 1959 and 1977 featuring all Bobby's U.S. singles plus U.K. only singles and rare Italian language versions of singles.

MALCOM YELVINGTON Bear Family BCD 16757 It's Me Baby - The Sun Years, Plus ● CD $21.98
Malcolm Yelvington was one of the pioneer rockers at Sun even though his roots were strongly in country. This collection features all of Malcolm's recordings for Sun and Meteor including unissued songs and alternate takes. Perhaps a few more alternate takes than anyone but the most diehard Yelvington fan would really want but at least they are all here. Usual stellar sound from Bear Family plus detailed notes and full discographical details.


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