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Rhythm & Blues, Soul & Doo-Wop
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MOODY SCOTT AIM 1508 Bustin' Out Of The Ghetto ● CD $15.98
14 tracks, 48 min., very highly recommended
Soul singer Scott never saw the widespread fame he deserved in the 1960s and 1970s--an unfortunately familiar story--but this handful of sides cut for the Nashville Sound Stage 7 label (and its label mate Seventy-Seven) leaves little doubt about how talented he was. The title track is early funk with an uncommon perspective, as is A Man In Need Is A Fool. And the deep soul of I'll Find My Sunshine and A Woman's Touch both highlight Scott's powerfully expressive vocals as well as his lyrical gifts. And yes, those are the Muscle Shoals horns you hear pushing through several tracks. Another soul discovery from the vaults of Sound Stage 7. (JC)

BOBBY SMITH Acrobat 4202 Tippin' In ● CD $13.98
28 tracks, 79 mins, recommended
Fine collection of jump blues and jazzy R&B featuring former Erskine Hawkins alto-saxist Bobby Smith. 16 of the tracks are instrumentals by Smith and his combo - a solid group featuring Smith's soulful sax work. The remaining 12 tracks finds Smith accompanying vocal group The Larks and blues singers Eddie Mack, Willie Bryant and Bob Range including a humorous duet between Bryant and Range. Sound quality is generally fine though a number of tracks have clicks and pops that could easily have ben removed. There are informative notes by Dave Penny but no discographical details at all - not even year of issue. (FS)

TED TAYLOR Shout 26 The Ever Wonderful Ted Taylor - The Okeh Years, 1962-66 ● CD $16.98
25 tracks recorded for OKeh between 1962 and 1966 by this distinctive high voiced soul vocalist. Includes his R&B hit Stay Away From My Baby plus lots of other fine tracks - Don't Lie/ You Must have Been Meant For Me/ Be Ever Wonderful/ Him Instead Of Me/ So Hard/ Top Of The World/ I Love You Yes I Do/ Walking Out Of Your Love, etc.

IRMA THOMAS Rounder 2186 After The Rain ● CD $15.98
13 tracks, 49 min., highly recommended
Reports that Thomas (so-called Soul Queen of New Orleans) had been lost in Hurricane Katrina were no more accurate than the federal government's promise of timely assistance to the victims. Thomas was on tour, returned to discover everything she owned destroyed. She recorded this album short months later in Maurice, Louisiana, and both the relatively spare production and the bluesy song selection work to form a powerful document of loss and hope. Blind Willie Johnson's Soul Of A Man, the public domain Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor, and Another Man Done Gone (with new lyrics) are, in Thomas' hands, elegant laments, balanced on the album by more hopeful numbers, including Stevie Wonder's Shelter In The Rain and the David Egan original Stone Survivor. Finer features include the Clyde Otis song Till I Can't Take It Anymore, the Doc Pomus tune I Count The Tears, Sonny Landth's slide guitar work, and Irma Thomas' voice--she still sounds amazing. (JC)

IKE TURNER Funky Delicacies 045 His Woman, Her Man - The Ike Turner Diaries ● CD $15.98
17 tracks, 52 mins, highly recommended
Unlike a lot of other similar CDs, this one is actually chock full of rare and previously unreleased tracks. This features songs that have been tucked away in the vaults for decades, songs that showcase the genius of Ike Turner as a musician and studio wizard. Pulled from a time when Ike was on the cutting edge of technology and his Bolic Sound studio was one of the hottest in the country. On this you get a slowed down monster version of Proud Mary, a stunning take on Alice Cooper's Only Woman Bleed and plenty of funky, funky originals. A lot of these cuts could have easily smashed up the R&B charts of the day, but were shuffled away, not fitting the rock ideal that they were going for at the time. Tina is of course in majestic voice throughout. I'm assuming it is just billed as Ike for legal reasons. Excellent liner notes by Kevin L. Gains. (JM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1068 King Vocal Groups, Vol. 4 - Do Be You ● CD $16.98
Another great collection of 24 doo-wop sides from the vaults of King and Federal including six previously unissued titles from The Swallows, The Ramblers, The Charms and others as well as a previously unissued overdub of The Royals Starting From Tonight along with issued sides from Otis Williams & The Charms, Mascots, Superiors, Royals, Hurricanes, Orchids and more. Includes sleeve notes by vocal group expert Gordon Skadberg.
THE ADMIRALS: Left With A Broken Heart/ Oh Yes/ THE ASCOTS: Darling I'll See You Tonight/ THE CHARMS: The First Sign Of Love (unissued)/ JERRY DORN & GROUP: Thank You (unissued)/ THE FEDERALS: Cold Cash/ THE FIVE KEYS: Dream On/ No Says My Heart/ THE HURRICANES: Fallen Angel/ Yours/ THE MASCOTS: I Waited So Long (unissued)/ I Want Love (unissued)/ That's The Way I Feel/ THE ORCHIDS: Beginning To Miss You/ Oh Why/ THE RAMBLERS: Shame On Me (unissued)/ The Heaven And Earth/ THE ROYALS: Are You Forgetting/ Someone Like You/ Starting From Tonight (unissued overdub)/ THE SUPERIORS: Dance Of Love/ THE SWALLOWS: In The Palm Of My Hand (unissued)/ Rock-A-Bye Baby Rock/ OTIS WILLIAMS & THE CHARMS: Do Be You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1116 The Leiber & Stoller Story, Vol. 2 ● CD $16.98
The second volume devoted to recordings of songs written by the brilliant team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller features 24 tracks recorded between 1956 and 1962 including a number of big hit songs though the versions featured here are not always the hit versions so we have Smokey Joe's Cafe by Buddy Holly, Spanish Harlem by Clyde McPhatter and Searchin' by Alvin Robinson. There are also performances by The Clovers, Ruth Brown, Screamin' Jay Hawkins (the demented Alligator Win), LaVern Baker & Jimmy Roicks, Johnny Mathis, Ben E. KIng, Marv Johnson, The Leiber-Stoller Orchestra and more.
MUHAMMAD ALI (RECORDING AS CASSIUS CLAY): Stand By Me/ LAVERN BAKER AND JIMMY RICKS: You're The Boss/ RICHIE BARRETT: Some Other Guy/ RUTH BROWN: Lucky Lips/ THE CLOVERS: Love Potion Number Nine/ THE COASTERS: One Kiss Led To Another/ VARETTA DILLARD: Old Fashioned/ LONNIE DONEGAN: Sorry, But I'm Gonna Have To Pass/ THE DRIFTERS: There Goes My Baby/ ROY HAMILTON: Lips/ SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS: Alligator Wine/ BUDDY HOLLY: Smokey Joe's Café/ THE ISLEY BROTHERS: Your Old Lady/ JAY AND THE AMERICANS: Yes/ MARV JOHNSON: Keep Tellin' Yourself/ BEN E. KING: On The Horizon/ CHRISTINE KITTRELL: I'm A Woman/ THE LEIBER-STOLLER ORCHESTRA: Café Espresso/ JOHNNY MATHIS: An Open Fire/ CLYDE MCPHATTER: Spanish Harlem/ ALVIN ROBINSON: Searchin'/ BABS TINO: What's Wrong With Me And You/ TIPPIE AND THE CLOVERS: Bossa Nova Baby/ YOUNG JESSIE: Here Comes Henry

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bacchus Archives 11103 The Soul Side Of The Street ● CD $15.98
15 soul and funk tracks produced by Phoenix, Arizona entrepreneur Hadley Murrell between 1964 and 1972. About half the tracks were issued on Murre's Wind Hit label or licensed to labels like MoSoul, Ronn and others while the remainder are previously unissued. Artists include Freddi & Henchi & The Soulsetters, Eddie & Ernie, The Servicemen, Freddy Love, Ray & The Dew Drops, The Soulsetters (two tracks including the cult favorite Cecil, The Unwanted French Fry), The New Bloods and others. Includes eight page fold out booklet with notes, photos and label shots.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bandera BR 2504 Best Doo-Wops Of Bandera Records ● CD $17.98
20 tracks, 50 mins, fair
There is absolutely no way that I could recommend this as a Doo Wop compilation. Unfortunately there a lot of these slapped together compilations that get put out with the Doo Wop moniker attached to it; there is maybe twenty percent of the tracks on this one that even resemble Doo Wop. There is a lot of Soul, Blues and R&B, there are a lot of good tracks on it, but it is most definitely not a Doo Wop compilation. The overall sound is O.K. at best and the packaging sucks, with zero notes, photos, anything. I'm kind of surprised that they bothered to even put a track listing on it. So that's all there is to this, a track list, if you look at the track list and see some songs that you need to have, then go ahead and pick it up, just don't expect much from this one. (JM)
THE BOOMERANGS: Cut You Loose/ Telling Lies/ BOBBY DAVIS: One Love Have I/ Sheís A Problem/ THE DIALTONES: Oh Baby Come Dance With Me/ Ruby Had Gone/ THE EPICS: Rowdy Mae/ Summerís Coming In/ THE FLEETONES: Please Tell Me/ Your Lover Man/ THE IMPRESSIONS: Listen/ Shorty's Got To Go/ THE LOVELIGHTS: I Found A Lover/ You Better Stop It/ JAMES MACK: Save Your Love/ Stolen Honey/ THE MAJESTICS: From Out Of This World/ You Didnít Learn That In School/ JIMMY LEE ROBINSON: Times Is Hard/ Twist It Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Brunswick 33016 Brunswick Top 40 R&B Singles, 1966-1975 ● CD $23.98
2 CDs, 40 tracks, 123 min., highly recommended
When producer Carl Davis left Okeh for Brunswick, some great musicians followed. This worthwhile collection emphasizes just how much talent was living under Brunswick/Dakar labels between 1966-75. The obvious killers include Jackie Wilson's Higher & Higher, Tyrone Davis' Can I Change My Mind, Turn Back The Hands Of Time, and Turning Point, the Chi-Lites Have You Seen Her and Oh Girl, all of which were not just in the top 40 of Billboard's R&B chart, but #1! But at least half the fun here is such lesser-known hits (if that's not a contradiction) as Follow The Leader by Major Lance (former Okeh star), I Love You and Love Uprising by former Okeh man Otis Leavill (sometimes Leaville), Baby Boy by Fred Hughs, The Funky Chicken by Willie Henderson, and Gotta Find Me A Lover by Erma Franklin. Other artists include The Lost Generation, Barbara Acklin, LaVern Baker, Gene Chandler, and The Artistics. Downside? Liner notes written in an annoyingly small font size. Must be someone's idea to save money. (JC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Disky 903278 Return Of The Pusherman ● CD $18.98
Three CD set with 54 tracks of funky 70s soul 
THE BAR-KAYS: Son Of Shaft/ BLACK IVORY: Surrender/ THE BLACKBYRDS: Do It Fluid/ WILLIE BOBO: Do What You Wanna Do/ Funky Sneakers/ LINDA CLIFFORD: You Can Do It/ DENNIS COFFEE: Scorpio/ Theme From Black Belt Jones/ RUTH COPELAND: I Got A Thing For You Daddy/ CREATIVE SOURCE: Migration/ THE CYMANDE: Brothers On The Slide/ LEE DORSEY: Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky/ Night People/ THE DRAMATICS: Beware Of The Man/ ENCHANTMENT: Dance To The Music/ ISAAC HAYES: Cafe Regios/ Chocolate Chip/ Run Fay Run/ Theme From Shaft/ HIDDEN STRENGTH: It Didn't Have To Be That Way/ SLY JOHNSON: Fine Brown Frame/ BILLY JONES: We Want Peace/ FREDERIC KNIGHT: Your Love's All Over Me/ KOOL & THE GANG: Funky Man/ LINDA LYNDELL: What A Man/ MACEO & ALL THE KINGS MEN: Got To Getcha/ MASTERFLEET: Malfunktion/ Skull Stone/ CURTIS MAYFIELD: Mother's Son/ Pusherman/ Superfly/ JIMMY MCGRIFF: Fat Cakes/ THE METERS: Look Ka Py Py/ THE MOHAWKS: The Champ/ AARON NEVILLE: Hercules/ THE NOTATIONS: Superpeople/ PLEASURE: Joyous/ CHUCK RAINEY: Got It Together/ LOU RAWLS: For What It's Worth/ GOOGIE RENE: Smokey Joe's La La/ THE RIMSHOTS: Dance Girl/ GIL SCOTT-HERON & BRIAN JACKSON: The Bottle/ EDDY SENAY: Shakedown/ SLY & THE FAMILY STONE: Remember Who You Are/ THE SOUL SEARCHERS: It's All In Your Mind/ Your Love Is So Doggone Good/ THE SOUND EXPERIENCE: Don't Bother Me/ THE STAPLE SINGERS: If You're Ready/ JOE TEX: Give The Baby Anything That The Baby Wants/ TIMMY THOMAS: Why Can't We Live Together/ IKE & TINA TURNER: Doin' It/ AL WILSON: How's Your Love Life/ BOBBY WOMACK: What Is This/ Woman's Gotta Have It

VARIOUS ARTISTS Doo-Wop 602 Lonely Doo-Wops, Vol. #1 ● CD $17.98
First of three volumes featuring doo wop songs about loneliness  - 25 songs in all.
THE BABY DOLLS: I'm Lonely/ THE CALVAES: Lonely Lonely Village/ JOHN CAPRI: When I'm Lonely/ NICK CARDELL: I Stand Alone/ THE CELESTRALS: Alone/ THE CHANTERS: Lonesome Me/ THE DEL RAYS: When We're Alone/ THE ENCHANTERS: Lonely Heart/ THE EPICS: Lonely/ THE ESCOS: I'm Lonesome For You/ THE FABULAIRS: Lonely Days Lonely Nights/ THE FASCINATORS: Can't You See I'm Lonely/ THE FIVE STARS: So Lonely Baby/ THE HI-FI'S: I'm So Lonely/ THE ILLUSIONS: Lonely Soldier/ ANN KEITH: Lonely Girl/ JERRY LANDIS: I'm Lonely/ RUSTY LANE: Lonely One/ THE MAJESTICS: Lonely Heart/ THE MALIBUS: Leave Me Alone/ THE MASCOTS: Lonely Rain/ THE MINTS: (Don't Leave Me) Alone/ PARLIAMENT: Lonely Island/ GUY VILLARI: I'm All Alone/ LUCILLE WATKINS & VOLUMES: You Left Me Lonely

VARIOUS ARTISTS Doo-Wop 603 Lonely Doo-Wops, Vol. #2 ● CD $17.98
The second volume has 25 more lonesome, lonely doo-wops.
THE CASHMERES: Four Lonely Nights/ THE CRICKETS: I'm Going To Love My Life Alone/ THE DAPS: When You're Alone/ THE DEBONAIRES: Little Lonely Room/ THE DEL AIRES: I'm Lonely/ THE DEL RIOS: Alone on a Rainy Night/ THE DOTS: Heartsick and Lonely/ THE DWELLERS: Lonely Guy/ THE FABULOUS FLAMES: I'm So All Alone/ THE FABULOUS PEARL DEVINES: So Lonely/ THE FOUR ELDORADOS: A Lonely Boy/ JIM KEMPER: Lonely and Blue For Kathie/ THE KING CROONERS: Lonely Nights/ GLORIA KNIGHT: Lonely Girl/ JESSIE LEE: Lonely Broken Heart/ LEE MARENO: Lonely Summer/ THE PICCADILLY PIPERS: A Lonely Lover's Prayer/ THE QUINTONES: Lonely Telephone/ THE REGENTS: I'm So Lonely/ JOHNNY ROCKER: Song of the Lonely Guitar/ THE SOUND MASTERS: Lonely Lonely/ PAUL STEFFEN: Hey Lonely One/ THE TRINIDADS: One Lonely Night/ THE VALETS: You and You Alone/ JIMMY VON CARL: Lonely Night

VARIOUS ARTISTS Doo-Wop 604 Lonely Doo-Wops, Vol. #3 ● CD $17.98
They're still lonely with 26 songs this time.
TOM ALLEN: Lone Lonely One/ LEE ANDREWS & THE HEARTS: My Lonely Room/ THE BARRIES: Lonliest Man In Town/ THE BLEU LIGHTS: Lonely Man's Prayer/ JOE CALDWELL: Guess I'm the Lonely One/ LEE CLARK: All Alone In My Lonely Room/ THE CLIMATICS: All Alone/ COOKIE & THE CUPCAKES: I've Been So Lonely/ PAUL DEMARCO & THE VALIENTS: Lonely Guy/ DANIEL DERRIS: How Lonely Can I Be/ THE FEATHERS: Lonesome Tonight/ THE FIVE TROJANS: Alone In This World/ THE IVORIES: Alone/ THE JADES: Walking All Alone/ THE KIDS FROM TEXAS: I'm So Lonely/ THE LOVE LETTERS: Walking the Streets/ THE LOVERS: Caravan of Lonely Men/ RONNIE MATHEWS: Lonesome Teenagers/ THE MELLOWS: No More Lonliness/ THE MILTO SISTERS: Lonely Sea/ NICKIE & NITE LITES: I'm Lonely/ PETER PETE & LOVERS: Lonely Island/ JULES SAVOY: Lonesome Heart/ THE ULTIMATES: Lonely Night/ ROLLIE WILLIS & CONTENDERS: Whenever I Get Lonely

VARIOUS ARTISTS Doo-Wop 606 Hop On The Doo-Wop Express ● CD $17.98
Entertaining collection of 30 songs about trains - mostly doo-wop along with some girl group titles. Because of the subject nature, a majority of the songs are up tempo in nature - often with a bluesy flavor. Includes Rock And Roll Train by The Illusions, Chigga Lugga Choo Choo by Penny Rae, Calyspo Train by The Chancellors, Heartbreaking Train by The Crowns plus more from The Cardinals, Commodores, Moonglows (the great Mr. Engineer), The Magnetics, Valentines, Blue Knights and others. It also includes the intriguing Public Transportation by The La Rells which is about buses and appears a commentary about segeregation disguised as Coasters style novelty song.
THE BLUE KNIGHTS: Train of No Return/ THE CARDINALS: Choo Choo/ THE CHANCELLORS: Calypso Train/ THE COMMERCIALS: Lover's Train/ THE COMMODORES: Riding On A Train/ THE CRYSTELS: Oh That Train/ THE CUMBERS: Train Car Boat or Plane/ THE FIVE THRILLS: Love Express/ THE GENIES: There Goes That Train/ GO TOGETHER: Train/ THE ILLUSIONS: Rock and Roll Train/ THE INDTANTS: Gravy Train/ THE JAYHAWKS: Love Train/ THE LA RELLS: Public Transportation/ THE LOVE NOTES: Get On My Train/ THE LYDELLS: Hear That Train/ THE MAGNETICS: The Train/ THE MONTEREYS: Train Whistle Blues/ THE MOONGLOWS: 219 Train/ Mr Engineer/ THE PENGUINS: Big Bobo's Party Train/ PENNY RAE: Chugga Lugga Choo Choo/ THE RIVIERAS: Midnight Flyer/ THE SWANS: Night Train/ THE TRAMPS: Midnight Flyer/ THE TREBELAIRES: There Goes That Train/ THE TWILIGHTERS: Gotta Get On That Train/ THE VALENTINES: Woo Woo Train

VARIOUS ARTISTS Empire Musicwerks 450 816 Atlas Jazz Explosion ● CD $12.98
25 tracks, 63 mins, highly recommended
The album title is a bit confusing as little more than half the tracks are from the Atlas label and very little is what I would consider jazz. But if you like hot sax dominated instrumental R&B then this disc is for you. The first 11 sides feature some fine recordings in the mid 50s for the Los Angeles based Vita and Mambo labels by bands led by alto and tenor saxist Jackie Kelso who started with Roy Milton's band and after these solo sides joined Johnny Otis's band and later worked with Phil Spector. His sides are solid, no nonsense, R&B with solid instrumental work all round. The remaining sides were recorded for Thomas Robinson's New York based Atlas label between 1951 and '59 with nine tracks devoted to the excellent Charlie Singleton who, like Kelso, switched between alto and tenor and is also accompanied by fine bands including a couple of tracks with singleton duetting with fellow saxist Big John Greer. Singleton and his band also accompanied Atlas blues shouter H-Bomb Ferguson. There's a fine two part instrumental from 1959 by drummer Harold Austin with a small group with clarinet and electric guitar leads. Vocalist June Davis is the only real jazz artist with her Billie Holliday flavored I Am One Of God's Children and the novelty 8-9-10. It's a shame that the title might put off R&B fans and the content might disappoint jazz fans. Excellent sound, informative notes by Bill Dahl and full discographical info. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Empire Musicwerks 450 834-2 West Coast Sock Hop - The Arvee Records Story ● CD $12.98
Great collection of mostly rocking R&B along with some rock 'n' roll, blues and doo-wop recorded between 1958 and 1965 for the Los Angeles based Arvee label including sides issued on the Orbit imprint but using the same numbering series. Includes hits by The Marathons and The Olympics plus early sides by Scott Walker as Scott Engel. Also featured are Johnny "Guitar" Watson, The Robins, Ray Agee, Little Joe Hinton, The Tramps, Wally Cox, Dudley and others - 30 tracks in all. Includes fold out booklet with extensive notes by Bill Dahl.
RAY AGEE: From Now On/ WALLY COX: I Can't Help It/ The Heebee Jeebees/ THE DEVILLES: Joan Of Love/ Tell Me So/ DUDLEY: El Pizza/ SCOTT ENGEL: Good For Nothin'/ The Living End/ LITTLE JOE HINTON: Let's Start A Romance/ Your Kind Of Love/ THE MARATHONS: C. Percy Mercy Of Scotland Yard/ Chicken Spaceman/ Peanut Butter/ Talkin' Trash/ Tight Sweater/ THE OLYMPICS: (Baby) Hully Gully/ Big Boy Pete/ Dance By The Light Of The Moon/ Shimmy Like Kate/ The Stomp/ THE ROBINS: Just Like That/ Live Wire Suzie/ Oh No/ Whole Lot Of Imagination/ THE TRAMPS: Midnight Flyer/ Ride On/ Your Love/ JOHNNY WATSON: Johnny Guitar/ Untouchable/ BEAMON YOUNG: Some Day

VARIOUS ARTISTS ERCD 780 The Best Doo-Wops Of Eastman Records ● CD $17.98
16 tracks recorded in mid to late 50s for small Los Angeles label.Most of the tracks have ben out on CD before.
BENNY BUNN & INSPIRATIONS: If I Were A King/ In Desperation/ BENNIE EARL: Draw Up the Papers/ Whole Lotta Lovin/ THE JAYHAWKS: Betty Brown/ I Wish the World Owed Me A Living/ New Love/ Start the Fire/ SONNY KNIGHT: Barbara/ I'm Lost Without You/ Lipstick Kisses/ Eat Your Mush and Hush/ MARVIN PHILLIPS: Git It/ Hot Biscuits and Gravy/ DANNY TYRELL & THE CLEESHAWS: Let's Walk Let's Talk/ You're Only Seventeen

VARIOUS ARTISTS Funky Delicacies 0073 Funky Funky New York ● CD $15.98
16 tracks, 53 min., highly recommended
These may be New York acts, but a lot of them brought some of the south with them when they came east. And I'm not sure the New York funk sound is as distinct an animal as the booklet noter claims, but the city of origin isn't necessarily the most relevant organizing principal when it comes to great funk song collections. At any rate, some of the best cuts here (Impeach The President and Roy C's Theme by Roy C & The Honeydrippers, and Communication Is Where It's At by Billy The Baron And His Smokin' Challengers) are also the most sampled songs by recent performers, including Biz Markie, Spoonie Gee, A Tribe Called Quest, and many others. Although Takin' Inventory by Family Portrait is at least as cool. Same goes for Chick A BoomHave You Had Any Lately (instrumental) by The Pearl Mixed Company (Pearl Woods).The big funky apple. (JC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 7775 Vocal Groups - Classic Doo-Wop Remastered ● CD $28.98
JSP enters the vocal group stakes with this four CD set with 104 tracks presented chronologically. The first disc features the roots of the doo-wop sound covering recordings from 1932 through 1950 by The Three Keys, Mills Brothers, Ink Spots, Three Barons, Four Tunes, Melody Masters, Whispers, Three Riffs and more. The second disc highlights the transition from the older jump and pop style to a more R&B influenced style in the period 1951 through 1953 with tracks by The Royales, Cardinals, Mel-O-Dots, Marylanders, Five Sharps (their priceless Stormy Weather), The Hornets, Checkers, Du Droppers, Moonglows, etc. The final discs present the fully fledged doo-wop style with recordings from 1953 through 1955 by The Lamplighters, Crickets, Cookies, Chords, Teardrops, Robins, Topps, Eagles, Orchids, Five Royales, Marigolds, Hollywood Flames, Thunderbirds, Grady Chapman & The Suedes, The Hearts, Nutmegs, Kansas City Tomcats and more. Booklets have recording dates, personnel and brief notes by Neil Slaven. Diehard doo-wop fans will have everything here but this set provides a great introduction to this import musical genre. It's too bad that around 25% of the tracks are duplicated on the better produced Proper BOX 44 ("Dawn Of Doo-Wop" - $24.98) and BOX 79 ("Doo-Wop Delights"- $24.98). Still, between the three sets you can get a lot of great music at a very reasonable price.
THE CABINEERS: What‘s The Matter With You/ THE CADILLACS: Gloria/ THE CARDINALS: Please Don‘t Leave Me/ The Door Is Still Open/ THE CATS AND THE FIDDLE: I‘d Rather Drink Muddy Water/ THE CHARIOTEERS: Don‘t Play No Mambo/ Ooh Looka There Ain‘t She Pretty/ THE CHARMS: Hearts Of Stone/ THE CHECKERS: I Wasn‘t Thinkin‘, I Was Drinkin‘/ THE CHORDS: Sh-boom/ THE CLICKS: Peace And Contentment/ THE CLOVERS: Ting-a-ling/ Your Cash Ain‘t Nothin‘ At Trash/ THE COOKIES: Don‘t Let Go/ THE CRICKETS: Fine As Wine/ THE CROWS: Gee/ THE DANDERLIERS: Chop Chop Boom/ THE DREAMERS: Bye Bye/ THE DU DROPPERS: I Found Out/ THE EAGLES: Trying To Get To You/ THE EL DORADOS: At My Front Door/ THE FIVE CíS: Tell Me/ THE FIVE KEYS: The Glory Of Love/ THE FIVE ROYALES: You Didn‘t Learn It At Home4/ THE FIVE SHARPS: Stormy Weather/ THE FIVE THRILLS: Feel So Good/ THE FLAIRS: Love Me Girl/ THE FLAMINGOS: Get With It/ THE FOUR BARS: Grief By Day, Grief By Night/ THE FOUR BLAZES: Mary Jo/ THE FOUR BLUES: The Blues Can Jump/ THE FOUR CLEFS: I Like Pie, I Like Cake/ THE FOUR TUNES: (i Wonder) Where Is My Love/ THE FOUR VAGABONDS: Hoe Cake, Hominy And Sassafras Tea/ SHIRLEY GUNTER & THE QUEENS: Oop Shoop/ THE HARPTONES: A Sunday Kind Of Love/ THE HAWKS: I-yi/ THE HEARTS: Lonely Nights/ THE HOLLYWOOD FLAMES: I‘m Leavin‘/ THE HORNETS: Lonesome Baby/ THE INK SPOTS: Hey, Doc!/ If I Didn‘t Care/ Knock-kneed Sal/ Whispering Grass/ THE KANSAS CITY TOMCATS: Nobody Knows/ THE LAMPLIGHTERS: Hug A Little, Kiss A Little/ THE LARKS: Eyesight To The Blind/ LITTLE RICHARD & THE TEMPO TOPPERS: Rice, Red Beans And Turnip Greens/ THE MAGIC TONES: Good Googa Mooga/ THE MARIGOLDS: Rollin‘ Stone/ THE MARYLANDERS: Make Me Thrill Again/ CLYDE MCPHATTER & THE DRIFTERS: Money Honey/ THE MEDALLIONS: Buick í59/ THE MEL-O-DOTS: One More Time/ THE MELLO-MOODS: How Could You/ THE MELODY MASTERS: Wig Blues/ THE MILLS BROTHERS: My Walking Stick/ Sweet And Slow/ Sweet Georgia Brown/ Swing Is The Thing/ THE MIRACLES: My Angel/ THE MOONGLOWS: Baby Please/ THE MOROCCOS: Red Hots And Chili Mac/ THE NUTMEGS: A Story Untold/ THE ORCHIDS: Newly Wed/ THE ORIOLES: It‘s Too Soon To Know/ THE PEACHEROOS: Be Bop Baby/ THE PENGUINS: Earth Angel/ THE PLATTERS: The Great Pretender/ THE PRISONAIRES: Just Walking In The Rain/ THE PYRAMIDS: And I Need You/ THE QUAILTONES: Tears Of Love/ THE RAINBOWS: Mary Lee/ THE RAVENS: Write Me A Letter/ THE RAY-O-VACS: My Baby‘s Gone/ THE RED CAPS: I‘ve Learned A Lesson I‘ll Never Forget/ THE RIVALS: Rival Blues/ THE ROBINS: Around About Midnite/ Riot In Cell Block No. 9/ Smokey Joe‘s Cafe/ THE ROCKETS: Big Leg Mama/ THE ROYALES: Too Much Of A Little Bit/ THE ROYALS: Work With Me Annie/ THE SPANIELS: Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite/ THE SPIDERS: Witchcraft/ THE STRIDERS: Five O‘clock Blues/ THE SUEDES: I Need You So/ THE SULTANS: Lemon Squeezing Daddy/ THE SWALLOWS: Will You Be Mine/ THE TEARDROPS: The Stars Are Out Tonight/ THE THREE BARONS: Milk Shake Stand/ THE THREE KEYS: Nagasaki/ THE THREE RIFFS: Jumping Jack/ THE THREE SHARPS AND A FLAT: That‘s The Rhythm/ THE THUNDERBIRDS: Baby Let‘s Play House/ THE TOPPERS: Baby Let Me Bang Your Box/ THE TOPPS: What Do You Do/ THE TURBANS: No No Cherry/ When You Dance/ THE VOCALEERS: Is It A Dream/ BILLY WARD & THE DOMINOES: Sixty Minute Man/ THE WHISPERS: Ever Lovin‘ Slick/ OTIS WILLIAMSí NEW GROUP: That‘s Your Mistake

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 257 Dave Hamilton's Detroit Dancers, Vol. 3 ● CD $16.98
24 tracks, 69 min., recommended
Volumes 1 and 2 came out in 1998 and 1999 respectively, so the wait has been a long one for this follow up. Kent researchers (especially Ady Croasdell) have not been passing the time idly, unless pouring over hundreds of tapes left by musician/producer Dave Hamilton doesn't count as work. Luckily for everyone, this collection is another fine set of rare and unreleased soul recorded between 1964-88 (though almost everything is in the 1960s) from artists whose run the gamut from obscure to unknown. But then that's all part of the fun. Serious collectors should thrill at the inclusion of the originally released version of James Lately's 1964 gem Love, Friends And Money (previously Kent released an undubbed master erroneously identified as the 45 version, so this sets the record straight, so to speak). Other standouts worth falling down for include Simon Barbee's unpromisingly titled The Wind, Little Ann's four songs (Sweep It Out In The Shed, The Smile On Your Face, Possession, and the alt. version of What Should I Do), The great Tobi Lark's edgy and raw True True Love, and the apparent demo of I Mean You Girl by the mysterious Richard Coombs, who is backed only by an electric guitar. When track 18 pops up with its drum machine, the recording date jumps forward to 1988, although it (Ride The Gospel Train by The Tolbert Family Singers) and track 19 (Look Up And Smile by Chicago Pete) are stylistically from the same mold as the others. Not sure if the "Dancers" is the title is strictly accurate, unless slow dancing counts, since The Tokays' Honest I Do appears hear in all but a capella form. And it's wonderful. They say volume 4 will be the last in this worthwhile series. Perhaps. (JC)
THE ADDITIONS: Until The End Of Time/ SIMON BARBEE: The Wind/ THE BARRINO BROTHERS: The Bad Things (You Said To Me)/ CHARMAINE: Send My Baby Back To Me/ CHICAGO PETE: Look Up And Smile/ CHICO & BUDDY: I Donít Know What You Got/ RICHARD COOMBS: I Mean You Girl/ THE EBONETTES: Side By Side aka Just A Mistake/ THE FUTURE KIND: It Takes A Lot Of Living/ DAVE HAMILTON: Blue Vibes/ You Did (Instrumental)/ J.T. RHYTHM: I Love The Way You Do/ TOBI LARK: True True Love/ JAMES LATELY: Love, Friends & Money/ LITTLE ANN: Possession/ Sweep It Out In The Shed/ The Smile On Your Face/ What Should I Do (Alt version)/ PRISCILLA PAGE & PEPE THE POODLE: Throw The Poor Dog A Bone/ ELAYNE STARR: In the Morning (When I Rise)/ THE TOKAYS: Honest I Do/ O.C. TOLBERT: Along Came A Woman/ Goodness/ THE TOLBERT FAMILY SINGERS: Ride The Gospel Train

VARIOUS ARTISTS Nu-Kat NKR 100 The Best R&B Of Nu-Kat ● CD $16.98
A collection of 21 tracks from the Virginia based Nu-Kat label recorded in the late 50s/ early 60s. Mostly doo-wop plus some R&B. It includes 16 issued sides plus unissued alternate takes.
THE CONTINENTAL FIVE: King Of Rock And Roll/ King Of Rock And Roll(unissued Alternate)/ Moe & Joe/ Moe & Joe (unissued Alternate)/ My Lonely Friend/ Predelia/ Predelia (unissued Alternate)/ LUCKY EDWARD: Tell Me That You Love Me/ BUNIE FITZ: Just A Fool For You/ One More Chance/ THE FIVE ROSES: Don't Cry Della/ Don't Cry Della (unissued Alternate)/ Romance In The Spring/ LADY NELL: Don't Forget/ Lovin' Daddy/ LUCKY EDWARD: Lonesome Walk/ THE VELVETONES: I'm Leaving Home/ Impossible/ Impossible(unissued Alternate)/ WALTER & LOLA: Broken Heart/ No Mercy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Numero 9 Eccentric Soul - The Big Mack Label ● CD $19.98
19 tracks, 52 min., highly recommended
The Numero label's Eccentric Soul series (starting with the Capsoul label story) is easily the most interesting and best researched of any label's soul reissue program. This time the focus is on Ed McCoy's tiny Detroit label, Big Mack, named for its owner. McCoy apparently used the eclectic approach inasmuch as no single soul style predominates. He even started a subsidiary called Wildcat to release white garage bands such as The Sleepwalkers. The most pleasing musical moment at Big Mack came when Bob and Fred (Bob Thomas and Fred Brown) waxed their own I'll Be On My Way, a sweet slice of violin-driven goodness. But as seemingly radio friendly as the song was, it went nowhere. Other obscure groups worth (re)discovering here include L. Hollis & the Mackadoos, Edd Henry, Ms. Tyree "Sugar" Jones, Essence, Soul President, Mae Young, The Performers, and The Manhattens (with an "e"), who also recorded as Grand Prix's (especially after The Manhattans, with an "a," became popular), and whose 1962 doo wop effort Why Should I Cry is another standout. (The tracks here were cut between 1961-73.) The booklet houses informative notes, rare photos, and the story of a label worth reading about. (JC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Popcorn 6005 Rare Female Doo-Wops ● CD $16.98
Fine collection of 24 tracks - most making it's first appearance on CD. Quite a few of tracks are not structly doo-wop but rather R&B vocals with vocal group backing. Still there are a lot of fine performances here from the likes of The Delltones, The Hampton Sisters, The Debs, Gay Charmers, (a vocal version of Bill Dogget's hit Honky Tonk), Blossoms, The Jan Raye Quartet, Tiny Topsy & Group, Cora Woods & Group, Pauline Rogers & Group, Claudia Swann and more.
THE BLOSSOMS WITH EDDIE BEAL'S MUSIC: Have Faith In Me/ He Promised Me/ BONNIE DAVIS & THE PICADILLY PIPERS: How Could You/ Since You're Gone/ THE DEBS: Shoo Doo-Be Doo/ Whadaya Want?/ THE DELLTONES: Believe It/ My Special Love/ THE GAY CHARMERS: Honky Tonk/ GLORIA GUNTER & GROUP: Your Love Reminds Me/ THE HAMILTON SISTERS WITH MISTER FREDDY & HI: My Blue Heaven/ THE HAMPTON SISTERS WITH MISTER FREDDY & HIS: Do You Wanna Ride?/ THE HAMPTON SISTERS FEATURING ALETRA HAMPTON: Hey Little Boy/ My Heart Tells Me/ VIKKI NELSON & GROUP: Bright and Early/ By My Side/ JAN RAYE QUARTET FEATURING LILYANN: Soda Pop/ PAULINE ROGERS & GROUP: I've Been Pretending (Everything's All Right)/ JEAN SIMMS & GROUP: A Love Like You/ You Took My Loving/ CLAUDIA SWANN & GROUP WITH THE BUDDY GRIFFIN ORC: Please Come Back To Me/ HELEN THOMPSON & THE STREET SINGERS: Oh Baby (Where Did You Stay Last Night)/ TINY TOPSY & GROUP: Cha Cha Sue/ CORA WOODS & GROUP: Where Are You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Right Not Wrong 501 Sisters- You Can Pick Your Friends But Not Your Sisters ● CD $17.98
27 tracks featuring sister groups includes doo-wop, girl group sounds and pop from groups like The Paulette Sisters, DeJohn Sisters, Rhodes Sisters, Brigidi Sisters, Johnson Sisters, hamilton Sisters, Hayden Sisters, Keffer Sisters, Cannon Sisters and other sibling groups. Many of the tracks are making their first appearance on CD.
THE BRIGIDI SISTERS: Fascinated/ THE CANNON SISTERS: I Don't Want To Be the One/ Valley of Love/ THE CLINGER SISTERS: Shoop Shoop De Doop Rama Lama Ding Dong Yeah Yeah Yeah/ THE CRAMPTON SISTERS: It's Gonna Take A Miracle/ THE DEJOHN SISTERS: Straighten Up and Fly Right/ THE GINO SISTERS: Gone You're Gone/ THE HAMILTON SISTERS: Lonely Cabin/ You Are the One/ THE HAYDEN SISTERS: Mr Blues/ Silent Tears/ THE HILL SISTERS: Oh My Love Sweet Love/ THE JOHNSON SISTERS: I Found My Place/ Tough Lookin Guy/ THE KEIFER SISTERS: Happy Happy Birthday Baby/ THE KIM SISTERS: Mister Majic Moon/ THE LEVERETT SISTERS: Stop Think It Over/ THE MILLER SISTERS: How Am I To Know/ THE MITLE SISTERS: Let Me Tell You/ THE PAULETTE SISTERS: I Was Yours/ THE POWELL SISTERS: Dim Dim the Lights/ THE QUINTO SISTERS: Summer Nights/ THE RHODES SISTERS: Your Birthday Presents Birthday/ THE SHERRY SISTERS: Stay Away From Bobby/ THE SYLTE SISTERS: Cinderella Jones/ THE VILLETTE SISTERS: The Rainbow/ THE VONNAIR SISTERS: Dum Papa Too Tah Tah

VARIOUS ARTISTS RR 445 The Very Best Doo-Wops Of Richie Records ● CD $17.98
20 fine sides recorded for this small label based out of New York in the early 60s. A varied collection of soulful ballads and rockin' up tempo numbers.
THE ADAPTERS: Believe Me/ Confess/ THE CONTINENTALS: Billy The Kidder/ Boys Who Don"t Understand/ FRANKIE & THE C-NOTES: Forever And Ever/ JOHNNY & THE DREAMS: You're Too Young For Me/ LONNIE & THE CRISIS: Bells In The Chapel/ Santa Town Usa/ THE MONTELS: That's Alright With Me/ Union Hall/ THE SINCERES: If You Sould Leave Me/ Please Don't Cheat On Me/ TEDDY & THE CONTINENTALS: Crossfire With My Baby/ Crying Over You/ Do You/ Everybody Pony/ Tick Tock/ Tighten Up/ THE VERSATONES: Hold Me Lover/ Will She Return

VARIOUS ARTISTS Sittin' In 1001 Ladies Up Front - Female Led Vocal Quartets ● CD $17.98
25 track collection featuring vocal groups with female leads recorded between 1946 and 1953. This was previously available on the defunct Big Q label. It features Celestine Stewart & The Charmers, Dolores Brown & the Auditones, Ann Nichols & The Bluebirds, The Sugar Tones and others. Some fine music though remastering uses excessive noise reduction.
DOLORES BROWN & THE AUDITONES: A Good Deal/ Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man/ I'm Holding Tight To My Love For You/ Near You/ BONNIE DAVIS & THE PICCADILLY PIPERS: All Of Me/ I Want My Baby/ Out In The Cold Again/ When You Come Back To Me/ HELEN FOSTER & THE CHAPTERS: They Tell Me/ MAGGIE HATHAWAY & HER BLUESMEN: Here Goes A Fool/ Too Late To Be Good Blues/ ZILLA MAYS & THE BOYFRIENDS: Why Do You Cry/ ANN NICHOLS & BLUEBIRDS: I Wonder What It Takes To Make Me Happy/ ANN NICHOLS & THE BLUEBIRDS: Let Me Know/ ANN NICHOLS & THE BLUEBIRDS: Lost In A Fog Over You/ ANN NICHOLS & BLUEBIRDS: Those Magic Words/ CELESTINE STEWART & THE CHARMERS: If I Didn't Have You/ Waitin' For The Train To Come In/ HELEN STEWART & THE CALDWELLS: After My Laughter Came Tears/ I Don't Worry Anymore/ I Still Feel The Same About You/ Loving Up A Solid Breeze/ THE SUGAR-TONES: The Sun Shines Once Again/ Today Is Your Birthday/ Your Fool Again

VARIOUS ARTISTS Still 1169 Black Huchia Cuthia ● CD $16.98
Another of those collections of obscure rockin' blues, R&B and black rock 'n' roll. This one has the goofiest title yet - if anyone knows what "Black Huchia Cuthia" means please let me know! This one has 25 sides from Texas Red & Jimmy, The Manhattan Rhythm Boys, Crook Jr., Bill Walker, Clifford KIng, MOdest "Sho Stopper" Cifton, Leo PRice And Band, Guitar Tommy Moore & The 5 Js, Bob Lee & The Mike Moore Orch., Sammy & The Five Notes, Piney Brown, Honeyboy Bryant and more.

VARIOUS Valmor 90404 Rock 'n' Roll Versus Rhythm And Blues ● CD $15.98
16 tracks, highly recommended
Straight reissue of vinyl gem from some years back. 8 hot and obscure R&B tunes vs 8 rock 'n' roll tunes looks like a battle where everybody will win, especially the listener. All of these are instrumentals too, so expect lots of virtuoso playing - particularly guitar. The R&B forces have marshaled Ike Turner - Double Mint , Mickey Baker - Shake Walkin' , Johnny Otis with Pete Lewis on guitar - Groove Juice and The Pinetoppers with Johnny Jenkins on guitar - Pinetop among others. On the rock'n'roll front we have Bob & Jerry - Ghost Satellite, The Virtues - Tel-Star Guitar (both of them are way out there), The Strangers - Hill Stomp and Norb Kamin - Nite Rider and other string-busters. (AE)

RANDOLPH WALKER All N All 1 My Love Is Powerful ● CD $14.98
10 tracks, 41 min., good
Walker has a nice gravelly edge to his churchy singing as he moves through a set of (mostly) soul evergreens, which takes some guts, since listeners cannot help but make mental comparisons with the originators: Sam Cooke (You Send Me), Otis Redding (Try A Little Tenderness, Ben E. King (Stand By Me), etc. In general Walker does a respectable job here, with the exception of Never Can Say Goodbye, the physics of which seems fundamentally incompatible with his singing style. But I find myself wishing Walker were singing gospel songs. The title track is the best cut with Everybody's Trying To Get Over not far behind. (JC)

LYNN WHITE Blues Works 5502 At Her Best ● CD $15.98
13 tracks, 59 min., recommended
White moves comfortably from soul to blues throughout. Predictably, a lot of songs are about romance, where she cheats on, misses, seeks revenge against, loves her man. Her sexy vocals (think Millie Jackson without the bitchiness) lead to heavy breathing on Slow And Easy/ Take Me To The Mountain Top, a duet with Willie Clayton that is all kinds of fun--as are her duets with David Sanders on the Dr. John song Losing Battle and with J. Blackfoot on May The Best Man Win, right down to the little off-the-cuff exchanges at the end. White covers three George Jackson tunes (Lonely Woman On The Loose, Back In The Streets Again, Cheatin' In The Next Room), which proves her good taste, and pens a few herself (You Left Your Homework Undone, I Didn't Make My Move To Soon, and Blues In My Bedroom). The arrangements are merely adequate, and it would have been nice if the horn section wasn't just a keyboard. Still, a fine effort, though more likely to please soul fans than blues fans. Of course, most of us are both. (JC)

JACKIE WILSON Edsel MEDCD 768 The History Of Jackie Wilson, Vol. 1 - Coast To Coast ● CD $27.98
First in a series of three two CD set presenting the different phases in the career of this great R&B, soul and pop singer. This first volume focusses mostly on the early years of his career in the late 50s and early 60s with an emphasis on his rockin' R&B sides including some later tracks with the same feel. This includes such hits as Reet Petite/ Lonely Teardrops/ I'll Be Satisfied/ Baby Workout/ Shake, Shake, Shake and others along with lesser known singles and obscure b-sides. It includes four tracks making their first appearance on CD and includes a 12 page booklet with detailed notes by Tony Rounce.


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