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SISTER GERTRUDE MORGAN Ropeadope 307 Let's Make A Record CD $14.98
14 tracks, 39 min., recommended
Sister Gertrude Morgan recorded her only album in 1970 in New Orleans (where she moved in 1939 to do God's work, which included running an orphanage, singing and preaching). In 2004 her paintings were displayed in NYC galleries and written up in the Times. A book followed. This reissue of her only LP finds Sister G. powering out a series of sermon-songs while accompanying herself on tambourine. The starkness of these recordings only serve to set off Morgan's energized performances. No listener of I Am The Living Bread ("I'm the bread that raised the dead") or New Jerusalem or The Gift Of God Is Eternal Life could doubt her sincerity. This is a woman who wore a nurse's white uniform and walked among the "sinners" of New Orleans in an attempt to heal their wounded souls. The booklet includes photos and artwork from Morgan. Not for all markets but an arresting document worth a listen. (JC)

PROFESSOR LONGHAIR AIM 1209 Do The Mess Around CD $14.98
20 tracks, 73 min., recommended
What we have here is bunch of Professor Longhair recordings with no identified sources or dates. But that's okay. The hits are all here (Big Chief, Mardi Gras In New Orleans, and the like), but not in the versions that made them famous, which is not to discount these latter-day sides in the least, which feature both live and studio recordings, probably from the late 1970s--Fess died in 1980. And despite a few cuts where the vocals are only approaching being in the right key, these tracks are fiery and charming, mostly feauring small combos sympathetically alligned with our man, as on Doin' It, Stagger Lee, I'm Movin' On, Cry To Me, Hey Now Baby and others. On the driving Tell Me Pretty Baby, everything good comes together to render all the bad juju in the world completely harmless. More than a reminder how important and influential a musician the Professor was. (JC)

TODD RHODES Classics 5159 The Chronological Todd Rhodes, 1952-1954 CD $14.98
16 tracks, 40 mins, highly recommended
The third and final disc of all Todd Rhodes's recordings under his own name is another fine collection of mostly instrumental blues and R&B from four sessions recorded between 1952 and 1954. The first two sessions features several fine vocals by LaVern Baker including the outstanding blues ballad Trying. The third session also features a couple of fine vocal - one from Wynonie Harris clone Cornelius "Pinnochio" James and the other from the undeservedly obscure Saddie Madison - is there anything else by her? The rest is mostly rocking instrumentals with the occasional smoocher. This was pretty much the end of Rhodes as a recording artist though he continued to perform for a number of years. (FS)

CANDI STATON Image 2326 Classic Candi, Vol. 1 CD $16.98
16 tracks, 70 mins, recommended
Candi Staton is best known as one of the greatest deep soul singers of the early 70s though she got her start as a gospel singer recording with the Jewel Gospel Trio in the 50s and 60s. In the mid and late 70s she turned to a slicker and more disco flavored soul. Then in the early 80s she was born again and for a time was only willing to record gospel and this CD features two of her gospel LPs from the 80s - "make Me A Instrument" from 1982 and "The Annointing" from 1985. Although the arrangements are, at times, overly slick and sometimes made me wince Candi's gorgeous vulnerable and soulful voice conquers all. The second album is particularly strong with varied arrangements including the rocking He Set Me Free, a spellbinding rendition rendition of the gospel standard Blessed Assurance, the country flavored He Cares For You, the hard driving now Jesus Is My Song and the glorious I Will Praise which sounds almost like a Yiddish tune grafted onto a reggae rhythm. Well worth checking out. (FS)

LARRY TAYLOR AV Records 001 They Were In This House CD $14.98
12 tracks, 55 mins, recommended
Fine collection of down home Chicago and soul blues from Chicago singer and drummer Larry Taylor - the stepson of the great Eddie Taylor. Larry is a fine, if not particularly distinctive, vocalist and is accompanied by an excellent group with some particularly nice guitar work from Willie Davis and some solid horn parts from Ronnie G. The material is mostly covers along with a few tasty originals. The covers range from songs by Howling Wolf and Jimmy Reed to songs by Johnnie Taylor and Z.Z. Hill. Songs include Jody Got Your Girl And Gone, Parts 1 & 2/ I Didn't Mean To Hurt Your Feelings/ Tell Me Baby, Parts 1 & 2/ Last $2/ Green Line Blues and more. Well worth a listen. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1087 More Mellow Cats 'n' Kittens CD $18.98
Complementing Ace 1022 this features another fine collection of urban blues and R&B recorded in the 40s and early 50s. In addition to tracks recorded in California for Modern it also includes sides recorded for Bernie Bessman's Sensation. Most of the 24 tracks here are new to CD and 15 are previously unissued! Artists are mostly obscure and include Bardu Ali & His Orchestra (probably Johnny Otis's Orch.), Kitty Stevenson, The Three Bits Rhythm, Butch Stone & His Orch., Pearl Traylor (a truly superb singer), Emmitt Slay & His Slayriders, The Noc-Tunes, Tiny Webb, Jake Porter, Bobby Nunn & The Robins and others. Excellent sound and detailed notes by Tony Rounce.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Blue Lake 55-101 Rare Chicago R&B Vol. 2 CD $16.98
25 tracks, 69 mins, highly recommended
Another splendid collection of urban blues from Chicago featuring 25 tracks recorded between 1945 and 1960. Returning from volume 1 are Dr. Jo Jo Adams, Leon Tarver and the fine female vocalist Lou Mac. Her three sides are very fine indeed and her Albert Is His Name features top notch guitar from Jody Williams. New to this volume is the delightfully named Barrel House Blott, a Wynonie Harris styled blues houter who is featured on two songs including the novelty dialog Brand New Man. Singer/ piano player Jimmy Binkley is featured on five slices of rocking R&B including the topical Hey, Hey Sugar Ray. Big voiced Big Bertha henderson is featured on two fine sides and there are also excellent contributions from Mississppi born vocalist Johnny Sellers (who would re-emerge in the 60s as folk/ blues artist Brother John Sellers), Bobby Prince, Johnny Rogers, female vocalist Skippy Brown, Freddie Hall & His Band and Tasso The Great. About half these tracks have been on CD before but it's worthwhile to have them in this thematic context. Sound quality is excellent and there are informative notes on the artists and personnell. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS El Toro 107 I Love To Hear My baby Call My Name CD $17.98
29 tracks, 80 min., highly recommended
The theme here is jump blues recorded between 1945-52 with song titles that contain the singer's name. As organizing principles go it doesn't seem all that promising, although it does sound like a decent Jeopardy category. But the scope is sufficiently narrow and the talent sufficiently diverse such that the collection transcends its own artificiality. This CD benefits mightily from the fact that compilers took the tracks from a wide range of labels, including Gotham, DeLuxe, Gilt-Edge, King, Aladdin, Aristocrat, Miracle, RCA Victor, Talent, Imperial, Coral, Okeh, Regent, Capitol, and more! That alone is admirable, as is the running time of nearly 80 minutes, nearing the maximum of the technology. And the music is first rate, including such artists as Sonny Thompson (Sonny's Blues), Johnny Ace (Ace's Wild, Smiley Lewis (Here Comes Smiley, Gatemouth Moore (Hey Mr. Gatemouth, Annie Laurie (Annie's Blues), Muddy Waters (Muddy Jumps One), Roscoe Gordon (Roscoe's Boogie), Red Callender Trio (Red Boogie), Roy Brown (Roy Brown's Boogie), Gene Philips (Gene Jumps The Blues), and many others, some fairly obscure. The booklet notes mention that some of the source material is commercial discs with some surface noise. And while some tracks exhibit some surface noise (Bill Gaither & His Madcaps (Introducing Mr. Gaither, Studs Henderson (Stud's Boogie), there's nothing here to scare anyone away and plenty to attract attention. (JC)
MARION ABERNATHY: Abernathy's Boogie/ JOHNNY ACE: Ace's Wild/ TOM ARCHIA: Hey Tom Archia/ ARCHIBALD: Ballin' With Archie/ EDDIE BOYD: Eddie's Blues/ GATEMOUTH BROWN: Gatemouth Boogie/ ROY BROWN: Roy Brown's Boogie/ BOB CALL: Call's Jump/ RED CALLENDER TRIO: Red Boogie/ PEE WEE CRAYTON: Pee Wee Special/ BILL GAITHER & HIS MADCAPS: Introducing Mr Gaither/ ROSCOE GORDON: Roscoe's Boogie/ STUDS HENDERSON: Studs' Boogie/ PINOCCHIO JAMES: Pinocchio's Blues/ ROEBIE KIRK WITH TAB SMITH'S BAND: Roebie's Blues/ ANNIE LAURIE WITH PAUL GAYTEN'S BAND: Annie's Blues/ JIMMY "BABY FACE" LEWIS: Riding With Jimmy/ SMILEY LEWIS: Here Comes Smiley/ BLAZER BOY LOCKS: Blazer Boy Blues/ PROFESSOR LONGHAIR: Professor Longhair's Boogie/ GATEMOUTH MOORE: Hey Mr Gatemouth/ KING PERRY: Perry's Wiggle Woogie/ GENE PHILLIPS: Gene Jumps The Blues/ I. H. SMALLEY & HIS ROCKETEERS: Smalley's Jump/ J. B. SUMMERS WITH TINY GRIMES ROCKIN' HIGHLAN: Hey Mr J. B./ SONNY THOMPSON: Sonny's Blues/ CROWN PRINCE WATERFORD: Crown Prince Blues/ MUDDY WATERS: Muddy Jumps One/ SMOKEY JOE WHITFIELD: Smokey Joe Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 7758 Boogie Uproar - Texas Blues Blues & R&B, 1947-1954 CD $28.98
Four CD with 103 tracks of Texas jump blues and R&B recorded between 1947 and 1954 with an emphasis on some of the great guitarists from that state and includes the complete recordings from this period of Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown, Zuzu Bollin, James Widemouth Brown, Nelson Carson, R.B. Thibadeaux, Goree Carter and Lester Williams. Most of this material has been out on CD before but it's great to have it all in one place.
ZUZU BOLLIN: Cry, Cry,cry/ Headlight Blues/ Stayin' Chain/ Why Don't You Eat Where You Slept Last Night/ CLARENCE 'GATEMOUTH' BROWN: 2 O'clock In The Morning/ After Sunset/ Atomic Energy/ Baby Take It Easy/ Boogie Rambler/ Boogie Uproar/ Depression Blues/ Didn't Reach My Goal/ Dirty Work At The Crossroad/ For Now, So Long/ Gate Walks To Board/ Gatemouth Boogie/ Good Looking Woman/ Guitar In My Hand/ Hurry Back Good News/ I Live My Life/ I've Been Mistreated/ It Can Never Be That Way/ Just Got Lucky/ Justice Blues/ Mary Is Fine/ Mercy On Me/ Midnight Hour/ My Time's Expensive/ Okie Dokie Stomp/ Pale Dry Boogie Part 1/ Pale Dry Boogie Part 2/ Please Tell Me Baby/ Sad Hour/ September Song/ She Walk Right In/ She Winked Her Eye/ Taking My Chances/ That's Your Daddy Yaddy Yo/ Too Late Baby/ Win With Me Baby/ Without Me Baby/ You Got Money/ JAMES 'WIDE MOUTH' BROWN: A Weary Silent Night/ Boogie Woogie Nighthawk/ NELSON CARLSON: Crazy About My Baby/ Lost/ My Baby Left Me/ Waiting For Love/ GOREE CARTER: Back Home Blues/ Bull Corn Blues/ Christmas Time/ Come On Let's Boogie/ Drunk Or Sober/ Every Dog Has His Day/ Everybody's Love Crazy/ How Can You Love Me/ Hoy-hoy/ I Just Thought Of You/ I'll Send You/ I'm Just Another Fool/ I'm Your Boogie Man/ I've Got News For You/ If It's True What Theey Tell Me/ It Is True/ Let's Make Love/ Let's Rock/ Loney World/ Love's A Gamble/ My Love Is Coming Down/ My Wish/ Please Say You're Mine/ Rock Awhile/ Serenade/ Seven Days/ She's Just Old Fashioned/ She's My Best Bet/ Sweet Ole Woman's Blues/ Tell Me, Is There Still A Chance/ True Love Is Hard To Find/ What A Friend Will Do/ When Night Falls/ Workin' With My Baby/ You Are My Everything/ R.B. THIBADEAUX: New Kind Of Loving/ R.b. Boogie/ LESTER WILLIAMS: All I Need Is You/ Brand New Baby/ Don't Treat Me So Low Down/ Dowling Street Hop/ Hey Jack/ I Can't Lose With The Stuff I Use/ I Know That Chick/ I'm So Glad I Could Jump And Shout/ If You Knew How Much I Loved You/ Let Me Tell You A Thing Or Two/ Lost Gal/ Mary Lou/ My Home Ain't Here/ Sweet Lovin' Daddy/ Texas Town/ The Folks Around The Corner/ Trying To Forget/ Winter Time Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Regal 3301 New Orleans Rarities CD $16.98
25 tracks, 66 mins, highly recommended
Splendid collection of New Orleans blues and R&B from the period of 1949 through 1954. Although not all of these are rarities there's lots of fine music here and if you don't already have Jewel King's 3x7=21, Archibald's classic two part Stack-A-Lee or one of Guitar Slim's earliest sides New Arrival they are here for your listening delight. Among the lesser known items are two very fine sides by Lloyd Price's younger brother Little Leo with an excellent band including some touch guitar, two by the Johnson Brothers Combo (one of the brothers being Plas Johnson), the two earliest recordings of Bobby Marchan plus tracks by Mr. Google Eyes, The Bayou Boys (possibly not from New Orleans), The Mardi Gras Loungers, Slim Saunders and others. Excellent sound and four page booklet with brief notes on the artists and personnell. (FS)
ARCHIBALD: Crescent City Bounce/ Little Miss Muffett/ Stack-A' Lee, Part 1/ Stack-A' Lee, Part 2/ THE BAYOU BOYS: Bambalaya/ MR. GOOGLE EYES WITH BILLY FORD & HIS ORCH.: No Wine, No Women/ Rough And Rocky Road/ GUITAR SLIM & HIS PLAYBOYS: New Arrival/ THE JOHNSON BROTHERS COMBO: Mello Mama/ Our Boogie/ JEWEL KING: I Love A Fellow/ Passion Blues/ LITTLE BUBBER: Runnin' Round/ LITTLE LEO: Handwriting On The Wall/ What's It All About/ BOBBY MARCHAN AND HIS BAND: Just A Little Walk/ You Made A Fool Of Me/ THE MARDI GRAS LOUNGERS: Hello, Mello Baby/ Wailin' Walk/ ROSE MITCHELL: Slipping In/ SLIM SAUNDERS: Get Away/ Let's Have Some Fun/ GEORGE STEVENSON: Meet Me At Grandma's Joint/ Teasin' Tan

VARIOUS ARTISTS Soho 040 Gospel Greats CD $19.98
Three CDs, 60 tracks, highly recommend Inexpensive three CD set of gospel music featuring 60 tracks drawn from releases on the Fremeaux label. No real surprises but an excellent select selection. Disc one features female gospel vocalists from the 30s and 40s like Mahalia Jackson, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Marie Knight, Sallie Martin, Willie Mae Ford Smith and others. The second disc features singers from the 20s and 30s accompanying themselves - mostly on guitar - Josh White, Blind Roosevelt Graves, Washington Phillips, Blind Willie Johnson, Arizona Dranes and more. The third disc features mostly quartets and precahers - Golden gate Quartet, The Dixeaires, Norfolk Jubilee Quartet, Rev. D.C. Rice, Elder Curry and more. Sound quality is excellent and the first disc has an eight page booklet with brief notes. If you don't already have this material this is an ideal introduction and if you it makes for great listening. (FS)
MARIAN ANDERSON: Deep River/ BARBECUE BOB: Jesus‘ Blood Can Make Me Whole/ DEACON L.J. BATES (BLIND LEMON JEFFERSON): Where Shall I Be?/ THE BESSEMER SUNSET FOUR: Climbing Jacob‘s Ladder/ BULL CITY RED: I Saw The Light/ CRUMPTON & SUMMERS: Everybody Ought To Pray Sometime/ ELDER CURRY: Memphis Flu/ BLIND WILLIE DAVIS: When The Saints Go Marching In/ REV GARY DAVIS: Twelve Gates To The City/ THE DIXIE HUMMINGBIRDS: I Looked Down The Line/ THE DIXIEAIRES: Joe Louis Is A Fightin‘ Man/ THOMAS A. DORSEY: If You Seen My Saviour/ ARIZONA DRANES: I‘ll Go Where You Want Me To/ THE FAMOUS BLUE JAY SINGERS: Brother Jonah/ A. C. FOREHAND: Mother‘s Prayer/ GEORGIA PEACH: Where The Sun Will Never Go Down/ THE GOLDEN GATE QUARTET: Atom And Evil/ Pick A Bale Of Cotton/ Stalin Wasn‘t Stalllin‘/ BLIND ROOSEVELT GRAVES: I‘ll Be Rested (when The Roll Is Called)/ BESSIE GRIFFIN: Someday Somewhere/ THE HEAVENLY GOSPEL SINGERS: Precious Lord, Take My Hand/ MAHALIA JACKSON: Amazing Grace/ Go Tell It On The Mountain/ God‘s Gonna Separate The Wheat From The Tares/ BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON: Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground/ Praise God I‘m Satisfied/ MARIE KNIGHT: What Could I Do/ THE LARKS (SOUTHERN HARMONAIRES): Honey On The Rock/ SISTER LILLIE MAE LITTLEJOHN: Go Devil Go/ ROBERTA MARTIN: What A Friend/ SALLIE MARTIN: God Is A Battle Axe/ MOTHER MCCOLLUM: You Can't Hide/ LONNIE MCINTORSH: How Much I Owe/ BLIND WILLIE MCTELL & KATE MCTELL: God Don‘t Like It/ God Don‘t Like It/ MEMPHIS MINNIE: Let Me Ride/ MITCHELL’S CHRISTIAN SINGERS: Them Bones/ KID PRINCE MOORE: Church Bells/ BLIND GUSSIE NESBITT: Pure Religion/ REV A.W. NIX: The Black Diamond Express To Hell 1 & 2/ THE NORFOLK JUBILEE QUARTET: Didn‘t It Rain/ No Hiding Place/ WASHINGTON PHILLIPS: Denomination Blues 1 & 2/ Denomination Blues 1 & 2/ REV D.C. RICE: He‘s Got His Eyes On Me/ PAUL ROBESON: Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child/ THE SELAH SINGERS: Sorrow Valley/ THE SILVER LEAF QUARTET: Will The Circle Be Unbroken/ WILLIE MAE FORD SMITH: Going On With The Spirit/ THE SOUTHERN SONS: Lord Have Mercy/ BLIND JOE TAGGART: Religion Is Something Within You/ SISTER ROSETTA THARPE: Rock Me/ This Train/ I Was Healed/ You Gotta Move/ HENRY THOMAS: Jonah In The Wilderness/ CLARA WARD: How I Got Over/ The Fountain/ JOSH WHITE: Jesus Going To Make Up My Dying Bed/ Lord I Want To Die Easy/ MARION WILLIAMS: How Far Am I From Canaan

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 324 Stompin', Vol. 24 CD $15.98
22 tracks, highly recommended
Four more volumes in this excellent series featuring rocking blues, R&B and black rock 'n' roll. A couple of familiar titles here from Elmore James and June Bateman but most of the tracks are fairly obscure featuring artists like The Nitehawks, Al Reed, Billy Peek (the hot instrumental Prancing sounding just like Ike Turner), Bobby Davis, Phil Flowers (the fine down home Move On), Icky Renrut (Ike Turner's alter ego with the hot Jack Rabbit featuring a vocal by Jimmy Thomas), Eddie Renae & The Titans, Teddy Reynolds (the romping New Orleans flavored Louise), Kitty Noble (the fine Till The Cows Come Home with nice slide guitar), Jimmy Raney & Slim Slaughter, Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton (the great Hound Dog inspired Tom Cat with tough guitar) and more. Excellent sound, informed notes and label shots of most of the titles here. (FS)
JUNE BATEMAN: Possum Belly Overalls/ BENNIE BUNN: Rock & Roll Luau/ KING COLEMAN: Alley Rat/ BABY CORTEZ: Honey Baby/ BOBBY DAVIS: Going To New Orleans/ PHIL FLOWERS: Move On/ RUFUS GORDON: Long Tall Sally/ BIG BOY GROVES: Bucket O' Blood/ ELMORE JAMES: Cry For Me Baby/ BILLY LAMONT: Hear Me Now/ LITTLE ARTHUR MATHEWS: I'm Gonna Whale On You/ Someday Baby/ THE NITEHAWKS: Boogie Chillun'/ KITTY NOBLE: Till The Cows Come Home/ BILLY PEEK: Prancin'/ JIMMY RANEY & SLIM SLAUGHTER: You Drink Too Much Booze/ AL REED: Top Notch Grade "a"/ EDDIE RENAE & TITANS: Snake Leg/ ICKY RENRUT: Jack Rabbit/ TEDDY REYNOLDS: Louise/ TABBY THOMAS: Louisiana Hop/ WILLIE MAE "BIG MAMA" THORNTON: Tom Cat

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 325 Stompin', Vol. 25 CD $15.98
Another fine collection featuring 22 sides from the late 40s through the mid 50s - about half making their first appearance on CD. Includes some terrific female singers like Georgia Lane, Eunice Davis, Tangerine, Edith Mackey, Mamie Thomas and others plus sides by King James, "Shy Guy" Douglas, Choker Campbell, Billie McAllister, George Benson (the 10 year old future guitar wizard with a cover of Ray Charles' It Should Have Been Me) and more.
MARGIE ANDERSON: Yes I Know/ DON ARCHER: Fathead Blues/ BABY DOLL: Down By The Woodshed/ GEORGE BENSON: It Should Have Been Me/ ROSE BROWN & JIMMIE HARRIS: Back From Korea/ CLIFF BUTLER: You Name It/ CHOCKER CAMPBELL: Have You Seen My Baby/ VELMA CROSS: I'll Be Oh So Good/ EUNICE DAVIS: Every Time Your Lips Meet Mine/ Let's Have A Party/ TOM "SHY GUY" DOUGLAS: Raid On Cedar Street/ FRANK HAYWOOD: Rock-a-Bye Baby/ EMMETT HOBSON: Looka' Here Mattie Bee/ DOTTIE JOHNSON: It's A Shame/ KING JAMES: I Just Wanna' Love/ Wild Wooly Woman/ GEORGIA LANE: Oo-wee Mr. Jeff/ EDITH MACKEY: Skillet's Gonna' Fry/ BILLIE MCALLISTER: Well Alright Baby/ TANGERINE: Cadillac Baby/ MAMIE THOMAS: Miss Good Blues/ BILL WALKER: Wine-O

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 326 Stompin', Vol. 26 CD $15.98
Fine collection of 22 down home blues though unlike previous volumes many of the tracks here have been out on CD before. However if you don't already have them there are some excellent sides from Walter Price, Allen Bunn (his superb Too Much Competition), Po' Joe Williams (one of Big Joe's Vee-Jay sides), Elmon Mickle, Mojo Watson, Kasandra (this one's a real obscurity - an early blues side by soul and funk singer John KaSandra featuring some dynamite guitar), Papa Lightfoot, Morris pejoe, Little Sonny, The Bighampton Blues Boys (their classic Cross Cut SawTHE BINGHAMPTON BLUES BOYS: Cross Cut Saw/ Slim'stwist/ BLUE CHARLIE: I'm Goingto Kill That Hen/ ALLEN BUNN: Too Much Competition/ ROBERT GILL: I Only Had A Little/ EDDIE HOPE: A Fool No More/ BOBO JENKINS: Tell Me Whereyou Stayed Last Night/ You Will Never Understand/ KASANDREA: My Conscience Is Bothering Me/ PAPA LIGHTFOOT: P.l. Blues/ LITTLE MILTON: Boogie Woogie Woogie Baby/ LITTLE SONNY: Love Shock/ ELMON MICKLE: Independent Walk/ Short And Fat/ MORRIS PEJOE: Tired Of Cryin' Over You/ WALTER PRICE: Six Weeks Of Misery/ SQUARE WALTON: Bad Hangover/ CLEAR WATERS: Hillbilly Blues/ MOJO WATSON: I'm The Only One/ JUNIOR WELLS: Lawdy! Lawdy!/ PO' JOE WILLIAMS: Goin' Back/ JAMES WILLIAMSON: The Woman I Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stompin' 327 Stompin', Vol. 27 CD $15.98
Another down home flavored collection with a lot of tracks on CD before but all of it is fine and rocking.
BIG ED: Biscuit Baking Mama/ BIRMINGHAM JUNIOR: You're Too Bad/ SCHOOLBOY CLEVE: She's Gone/ CALVIN FRAZIER: Track Down/ McKINLEY JAMES: Ain't Gonna Pick No Cotton/ CLARENCE JOHNSON: Baby Come Back To Me/ That's Not Right/ EDDIE JONES: Certainly All/ CLIFFORD KING: Chicken Shack Boogie/ JOHN LEE: Rhythm Rockin' Boogie/ LITTLE SONNY: I Love You Baby Until The Day I Die/ LITTLE WALTER JNR.: Miss O'mally's Rally/ JOE HILL LOUIS: Hydramatic Woman/ ELMON MICKLE: Jackson Blues/ Lonesome Highway/ WILLIE NIX: Just Can't Stay/ JIMMY ROGERS: Sloppy Drunk/ DOCTOR ROSS: Industrial Boogie/ SUNNYLAND SLIM: Going Back To Memphis/ It's You Baby/ CLEAR WATERS: Boogie Woogie Baby/ JO JO WILLIAMS: Rock'n'roll Boogie

VARIOUS ARTISTS Storyville 8060 Barrelhouse Blues & Boogie Woogie, Vol. 4 CD $24.98
Fine collection of piano blues and boogie recorded in Denmark and Switzerland by some of the greats of piano blues and boogie in the 60s and early 70s. Includes Champion Jack Dupree (six tracks - solo and with rhythm accompaniment), Little Brother Montgomery (one track), Speckled Red (two), Eddie Boyd (two really superb tracks), Sunnyland Slim (two tracks) and Memphis Slim (three tracks).

VARIOUS ARTISTS Storyville 8061 Barrelhouse Blues & Boogie Woogie, Vol. 5 CD $24.98
More fine piano blues and boogie recorded in Europe in the 60s and 70s by piano legends Champion Jack Dupree, Speckled Red, Memphis Slim, Sunnyland Slim, Eddie Boyd and Little Brother Montgomery. Although there's no shortage of recordings by these artists the performances are all consistently fine and the exceptional sound quality makes for extremly pleasing listening.

ZORA YOUNG Delmark 784 Tore Up From The Floor Up CD $14.98
Second Delmark album from fine Chicago blueswoman includes six original songs as well as some choice covers and an interview.


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