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Country, Bluegrass & Old Timey
Jean Shepard -> Bob Wills




JEAN SHEPARD & TOMMY OVERSTREET Gusto 2004 Sing 15 Gospel Hits in their Own Style ● CD $6.98
Jean Shepard sings seven cuts including Rock of Ages/ Blessed Assurance/ Crying Holy, Rock of Ages. Tommy Overstreet Sings eight cuts including In the Garden/ Blessed Assurance/ Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.

HOBART SMITH Smithsonian Folkways 40141 In Sacred Trust - The 1963 Fleming Brown Tapes ● CD $15.98
36 tracks, 75 mins, essential
Stunning collection of previously unissued recordings from 1963 by the brilliant Hobart Smith from Virginia who is one of my favorite old time musicians and one of the greatest traditional musicians to come to prominence in the late 50s and early 60s. He was a wonderful singer with an emotion charged style and a virtuoso instrumentalist. About half the tracks are instrumental and his playing is simply staggering - beautifully improvising on traditional tunes whether he is playing banjo, guitar, fiddle or piano - if you've never heard traditional tunes played on the piano you're in for a really pleasant surprise. His performance of the old favorite Cuckoo Bird is simply mind boggling. These recordings were made informally by fellow banjo player Fleming Brown in Chicago and features some fascinating spoken comments from Hobart. Compiled and annotated by Stephen Wade whose 80 page booklet is packed with years of original research discussing Hobart's life and the influences that shaped his music. I almost forgot - Hobart does some clog dancing on a couple of tracks while playing! (FS)

JO STAFFORD B.A.C.M. 123 Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere ● CD $14.98
An odd release for B.A.C.M. featuring 23 songs recorded between 1947 and 1953 by this pop vocalist. The first seven tracks are all traditional songs like Red Rosy Bush/ Black Is The Color/ Poor Wayfaring Stranger/ He Leadeth Me/ Rock Of Ages/ Nearer My God To The Thee/ The Old Rugged Cross, etc. All songs feature her with orchestral arrangements by her husband Paul Weston and some include the Norman Luboff Choir.

SUNSHINE RUBY Cattle 312 Sweetheart Of The Big "D" Jamboree ● CD $18.98
The complete issued recordings (16 tracks) of Ruby Bateman who was only 13 when she hit the country charts in 1953 with Too Young To Tango. Tracks include duets with with Homer & Jethro and Tommy Sands. Sidemen include Paul Blunt (steel guitar), Sonny James (fiddle) and Paul Buskirk (mandolin).
SUNSHINE RUBY: Datin'/ Don't You Know I Love You (with Tommy Sands)/ Hankerin' (with Tommy Sands)/ Hearts Weren't Meant To Be Broken/ I Don't Care What The General Said (i Surrender)/ I Got My First Kiss Last Night/ I Think He Winked At Me/ I Wanna Do Something For Santa Claus/ I'm So Bashful/ Little Girl Love/ My Daddy Has Two Sweethearts./ Nobody Asked Me To Dance/ That Ain't In Any Catalog (with Homer + Jethro)/ Too Fat For The Chimney/ Too Old For Toys (too Young For Boys)/ Too Young To Tango

THE TOBACCO TAGS B.A.C.M. 131 Get Your Head In Here ● CD $14.98
Delightful collection of 24 tracks of old time singing and playing by this excellent group from North Carolina, recorded between 1931 and 1939. The earlier sides feature a trio with two mandolins and a guitar - by 1938 their were several personnel changes and the group configuration changed to two guitars, mandolin and fiddle or string bass. Their repertoire was extensive including blues, old time mountain songs, gospel songs, humorous songs, sentimental songs and novelties. Except for the two earliest tracks which exhibit to much digital noise reduction the sound is fine and their brief notes by Brian Golbey.
THE TOBACCO TAGS: Ain‘t Gonna Do It No More/ Be Good, Baby/ Courtin‘/ Darling, The Answer Is In This Song/ De Way To Spell Chicken/ Don‘t Forget Mother/ Down By The Old Mill Stream/ Get Your Head In Here/ Heart Breaking Blues/ I Love To Ramble In The Roses/ If I Only Had A Home Sweet Home/ It Can‘t Be Done/ Jersey Bull Blues/ Reno Blues/ Ridin‘ The Rails/ Tall And Handsome Comedy/ The Hottest Gal In Town/ Tiny Blue Shoes/ V8 Blues/ We‘ll Know Each Other Up There/ When You Go A-courtin‘/ Why Should It End This Way/ Wild Bill Jones/ Yodeling Mule

VARIOUS ARTISTS B.A.C.M. 129 The Victor Label - Classic Old Time Music ● CD $14.98
24 tracks, 72 mins, highly recommended
Delightful and varied collection of old time music recorded for Victor between 1926 and 1930 focussing on mostly obscure but fine artists and mostly appearing on CD for the first time. Artists include Hiter Colvin, Red Patterson's Piedmont Log Rollers, Judge Sturdy's Orchestra (dance music, complete with calls), The Carolina Twins (David Fletcher and fine harmonica player Gwen Foster), The Tennesee Mountaineers (their stunning Standing On The Promises which has been reissued a couple of times before), The Johnson Brothers (fine duo with two tunes including one with black harmonica player El Watson), Mellie Dunham's Orchestra, Gwen Foster, Jilson Setters (brilliant fiddler), Mr. & Mrs J.W. Baker (fine duo with guitar, banjo and autoharp), Taylor-Griggs Louisiana Melody Makers and more. Sound quality is fine and there are very brief notes by Brian Golbey.
MR. & MRS. J. W. BAKER: On The Banks Of The Sunny Tennessee/ The Newmarket Wreck/ THE CAROLINA TWINS: Your Wagon Needs Greasing/ JACK CAWLEY'S OKLAHOMA RIDGE RUNNERS: The Dawn Waltz/ White River Stomp/ HITER COLVIN: Monroe Stomp/ MELLIE DUNHAM'S ORCHESTRA: Medley Of Reels/ Mountain Rangers/ GWEN FOSTER: Black Pine Waltz/ BILL HELMS & HIS UPSON COUNTY BAND: Roscotrillion/ THE JOHNSON BROTHERS (PAUL & CHARLES): Just A Message From Carolina/ The Soldier‘s Poor Little Boy/ DEMPSON & DENMON LEWIS: Caliope/ THE MOONSHINERS: Fulton County/ Shelby County/ RED PATTERSON'S PIEDMONT LOG ROLLERS: The White Rose/ POPE'S ARKANSAS MOUNTAINEERS: Birmingham/ JILSON SETTERS (AKA J.W. DAY): Black-eyed Susie/ Forked Deer/ JUDGE STURDY'S ORCHESTRA: Old Dan Tucker (country Dance)/ One Snowy Night (quadrille)/ TAYLOR-GRIGGS LOUISIANA MELODY MAKERS: Big Ball Uptown/ Where The Sweet Magnolias Bloom/ THE TENNESSEE MOUNTAINEERS: Standing On The Promises

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16065 Atomic Platters - Cold War Music From The Golden Age Of ● CD $195.98
There have been a number of albums devoted to music about the the atomic bomb and the cold war but you can trust Bear Family to do the definitive set. This five CD set plus DVD set features more than 100 songs from the late 40s to late 60s - country, blues, rock 'n' roll, pop, gospel, calypso and jazz from artists like Slim Gaillard, The Buchanan Brothers, Doris Day, Carson Robison, Hank Williams, Billy Chambers, Al Rex, Floyd Tillman, Sammy Salvo, Roosevelt Sykes, Warren Smith, The Louvin Brothers, The Goldwaters, Tom Lehrer, Dr. Strangelove & The Fallouts, The Pilgrim Travelers, Roy Acuff, Louisiana Red, Bo Diddley, Buddy Hawk & His Buddies, Jimmie Driftwood, The Jewels, The Charades, Bobby Marchan & The Clowns and many more. Interspersed are some amazing civil defence spots including advice on what do in the event of a nuclear war from personalities like Groucho Marx, Bob Hope, Pat Boone, Fred McMurray (you too can buildout shelter for less than $100), Boris Karloff, Johnny Cash and others as well as advice from emergency broadcasting service CONELRAD (CONtrol of ELectromagnetic RADiation). The fifth CD features two full length civil defence LPS from 196 "If The Bomb Falls" and "The Complacent Americans". The DVD features nine educational films on "What Is Communism?", "Our Cities Must Fight", etc. Complementing is a 292 page hard cover book with extensive notes in English and German by Bill Geerhart & Ken Stitz with hundreds of illustrations - artist photos, label shots, covers of civil defense manuals, lobby cards and poster from films on the subject, dummy newspaper headlines, comic book covers and more. A spectacular and invaluable production.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Cattle 314 The Golden Age Of Country Music, Vol. 5 ● CD $18.98
Includes 7 tracks by Johnny Hicks, 4 by The Country Choir (managed by Johnny Hicks), 4 by Neal Burris, 4 by The Shenandoa Trio and 8 by Billy Brown.
BILLY BROWN: Don't Hold Back./ I Hope I Don't Live Long Enough To Lose You/ I Never Knew I'd Miss You/ I'm Sending Back Everything But Memories/ Jealous Stars/ Rich In Love/ Tight Wad/ Trusting Heart/ NEAL BURRIS: Bonita Chiquita/ Put A Little Sweetnin' (in Your Love)/ Start The Music/ Why Live If Life Is Not Worth Living/ THE COUNTRY CHOIR: God Be With You/ Now The Day Is Over/ Rock Of Ages/ Who At My Door Is Standing?/ JOHNNY HICKS: Are You Sorry (that You Love Me?)/ Brush The Dust Off Your Bible/ Honky Tonk Heart/ I Got A Ring For Her Finger/ I Need A Good Woman Bad/ Sippin' Cider/ You All Come/ THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY TRIO: Cabin Of Love/ Let Me Rest (at The End Of My Journey)/ Little Sunshine Girl/ While I'm Reading Your Letter

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collector 2874 Slew Foot Boppin' Billies ● CD $16.98
How can you not love a title like that?! 30 more rare uptempo hillbilly, hillbilly boogie and occasional Western Swing cut from the late 40s and early 50s. Excellent sound and 16 page booklet has detailed notes, artist photos and label shots.
ERNIE BENEDICT & HIS RANGER RIDERS: Hillbilly City Nashville Tenn/ BIG SLIM & HIS OKLAHOMA BOYS: Wheeling Boogie/ LEE BROOME & THE BROOME BROTHERS: Tennessee Saturday Night/ BUCK BUCHANAN & TEXAS TOP HANDS: You're Rockin The Boat/ STONEY CALHOUN & THE NITE OWLS: Hot 'n Cold/ DAKOTA HANK: Live Fast Love Hard Die Young/ CORKY EDMINSTER & HIS KANSAS CORRAL GANG: Twin Guitar Boogie/ ART GENTRY & HIS NASHVILLE SERENADERS: Shotgun Boogie/ CURLY GIBSON & THE SUNSHINE PLAY BOYS: Hand Me The Mustard/ JIM HALL: Swami Mooh Lah/ JAM UP AND HONEY: Slew Foot Mama/ Wild Honey Rag/ LEON JENKINS & HIS TEXAS SHOWBOYS: Too Fat Boogie/ BRAD KING & HIS DUDE RANCH GANG: Who Do You Think You're Foolin/ RED KIRK: Knock Out The Lights And Call The Law/ DUDE MARTIN: Pistol Boogie/ EDDIE MCMULLEN'S SLEEPY VALLEY FIVE: Eddie's Steel Guitar Boogie/ MORRIS MILLS: Jumbalia Answer/ CHUCK MURPHY: Boogie Jackson/ The Honeymoon Is Over/ TEX OWENS & THE PRAIRIE PIRATES: Porcupine Serenade/ RAYMOND PARISH: Painter's Blues/ CHAS PETERS & WALT SHRUM & HIS COLORADO HILLI: You've Been Honkey Tonkin/ RUSTY & THE THREE STRINGS: Three Strings Boogie/ TEX RYDER & THE TEXAS TOMCATS: Milk Bucket Boogie/ SAGE BRUSH SANDY & HIS SERENADERS: My Boogie Woogie Baby/ WILLIE SAMPLES & RICOCHETS: I Don't Care/ TENNESSEE BUCK & THE THREE STRINGS: Tennessee Border/ JIM WILSON: Big Fat Mama/ MICKEY WOODWARD: Would You Mind

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collector 2875 More Boppin .. More Rockin' ● CD $16.98
30 more rarities. Most of these appear to be from the early/ mid 50s and includes a fair amount of mainstream country.
JIMMY AVANT & THE COUNTRY SERENADES: Devil On An Angel/ AL BRITT: You Waited Too Long/ LARRY BRYANT: I Remember/ Keep Right On Trying/ CECIL CAMPELL & HIS TENNESSEE RAMBLERS: Steel Guitar Swing/ MARY CARR & THE CARL-TUNES: Who Taught Who/ TOM CARTER & THE RAMRODS: Frankie And Johnny/ D.J. CHAPMAN: Hey Porter/ THE CONTRY COUSINS: Don't Stay Out Late/ THE CONTRY RAMBLERS: Walkin Talkin Cryin Barely Beatin Broken Heart/ BIG JIM DE NOONE: Crazy Fiddle/ THE ECHO VALLEY RANGERS: All Because Of You/ THE EDWARDS BROTHERS: Heart Thief/ DON EPPERSON & HIS KENTUCKIANS: You're Gone Again/ GENE FINNEY: Love Of A Lifetime/ BENNIE HESS: Queen Of Sylvan Beach/ RED LE BLANC: I Love Her Right Or Wrong/ HERBERT G. MAPP & THE RAMBLERS: Silver Streak/ BILLY MARTIN: You Ain't Lovin/ LEE MELSON & HIS MISSOURI NITE HAWKS: Boss Man Blues/ THE MISSISSIPPI VALLEY BOYS: Lookin For My Baby/ RAY MITCHAM: Out Yonder/ JACK RENO: Wonder Drug/ KENNY ROGERS & JOYCE SINGO: Raindrops/ SONS OF THE PURPLE SAGE: When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again/ RED SPEEKS: Mountain Boy/ LES & HELEN TUSSEY & THE GOLDEN HILL BOYS: They Went Around/ DON WARD WITH MILLIE REID: Free From The Chains/ I'm Gonna Cry/ JOHN WATSON & KIRK BROTHERS: Getting-right

VARIOUS ARTISTS County 3533 Old Time Mountain Banjo ● CD $15.98
Wonderful and varied collection of tunes and songs featuring banjo playing recorded in the late 20s and early 30s.Superb sound and 16 page illustrated booklet with detailed notes and information on banjo tunings.
CLARENCE ASHLEY: Coo Coo Bird/ THE COON CREEK GIRLS: Banjo Pickin' Girl/ JOHN HAMMOND: Little Birdie/ W.A. HINTON: Leather Britches/ FRANK JENKINS: Baptist Shout/ Home Sweet Home/ BUELL KAZEE: Orphan Girl/ BASCOM LAMAR LUNSFORD: Italy/ UNCLE DAVE MACON: Don't Get Weary Children/ LAND NORRIS: Charming Betsy/ CHARLIE POOLE & LUCY TERRY: Don't Let Your Deal Go Down Medley/ THE RED HEADED FIDDLERS: Far In The Mountain/ B.F. SHELTON: Oh Molly Dear/ Pretty Polly/ SMITH & ALLGOOD: American & Spanish Fandango/ MARION UNDERWOOD: Coal Creek March/ DOCK WALSH: Going Back To Jericho/ WHITTER, HENDLEY, & SMALL: Shuffle Feet Shuffle

VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 7755 Mountain Gospel ● CD $28.98
Four CDS, 100 tracks, essential
Fabulous collection of old time gospel music featuring 100 tracks recorded between 1926 and 1941 - the first in depth look at this genre. It includes the complete recordings of the fantastic singer/ guitarist Alfred G. Karnes and the great and terrifically exciting Ernest Phipps & His Holiness Quartet previously available on the now out of print Document CD "Kentucky Gospel." It includes many sides not previously on CDs and the music is tremendously varied including unaccompanied quartets, string bands, brother duets, sacred harp groups and even some novelty gospel numbers. Apart from the aforementioned Karnes and Phipps, highlights include 12 gorgeous sides by Ernest V. Stoneman with harmony vocals accompanied by guitar, fiddle and organ; three tracks by The Bush Family/ Brothers; a lovely duet by The Anglin Twins featuring Jack Anglin who later became half of Johnnie & Jack, the delightful Virginia Dandies featuring vocal by Walter Smith who also appears as Kid Williams on two songs with fine steel guitar, groups led by J.E. Mainer and his brother Wade, the terrific Bill Carlisle and much more. Sound quality varies but generally excellent and there brief notes on many of the artists and discographical information. This is one of those sets you'll return to again and again because of the variety and everywhere you look you'll find an obscure gem. (FS)
ALABAMA SACRED HARP SINGERS: Cuba/ I Belong To This Band/ Old Ship Of Zion/ THE ALCOA QUARTET: I'm Redeemed/ THE ANGLIN TWINS: Just Inside The Pearly Gates/ THE AVONDALE MILLS QUARTET: Rejoicing All The Way/ BIRD'S KENTUCKY CORN CRACKERS: Crossed Old Jordan's Stream/ THE BLUE RIDGE SINGERS: Glory Is Rising In My Soul/ I Want To Go There Don't You/ THE BUSH BROTHERS: On The Glory Road/ When The Gates Of Glory Open/ THE BUSH FAMILY: Music In My Soul/ BILL CARLISLE: He Will Be Your Savior Too/ The Heavenly Train/ THE CAROLINA GOSPEL SINGERS: My Prayer/ THE CAROLINA RAMBLERS: I Got A Home In The Beulah Land/ That Lonesome Valley/ THE CHUMBLER FAMILY: Jacob's Ladder/ EDITH & SHERMAN COLLINS: I Can't Feel At Home In This World Anymore/ THE COON CREEK GIRLS: Sowing On The Mountain/ PHIL & FRANK CROW: Abraham/ PHIL CROW TRIO: I'm A Gittin' Ready To Go/ THE CROWDER BROTHERS: The Sailing Ship/ DANIELS-DEASON SACRED HARP: Coronation/ THE DEAL FAMILY: Everybody Will Be Happy Over There/ He Is Coming After Me/ Joy Among The Angels/ ‘Twill Be All Glory Over There/ THE DIXIE REELERS: I Shall Not Be Moved/ Lonesome Valley (Part 2)/ THE EVA QUARTETTE: Bringing In The Sheaves/ THE GARLAND BROTHERS & GRINSTEAD: Beautiful/ Just Over The River/ THE GIDDENS SISTERS: I'm Going Home To Die No More/ MR & MRS R .N. GRISHAM: We'll Be At Home Again/ ELDER G. P. HARRIS: My God The Spring Of All My Joys/ GOLDEN. P. HARRIS: I'll Lead A Christian Life/ THE HILL BROTHERS WITH WILLIE SIMMONS: I Am On My Way To Heaven/ REV. CALBERT HOLSTEIN & SISTER BILLIE HOLSTEIN: Ring The Bells Of Freedom/ ALFRED G. KARNES: Called To The Foreign Field/ Do Not Wait ‘Till I'm Laid Beneath The Clay/ I Am Bound For The Promised Land/ The Days Of My Childhood Plays/ To The Work/ We Shall All Be Reunited/ When They Ring The Golden Bells/ Where We'll Never Grow Old/ THE LAUREL (MISSISSIPPI) FIREMAN'S QUARTET: What A Change/ THE LUBBOCK TEXAS QUARTET: Turn Away/ WADE MAINER & THE SONS OF THE MOUNTAINEERS: Home In The Sky/ Life's Ev'nin' Sun/ Mansions In The Sky/ The Precious Jewel/ THE MCCRAVY BROTHERS: Dip Me In The Golden Sea/ No Hidin' Place Down There/ Sometimes/ Sunrise/ MCVAY & JOHNSON: Ain't Gonna Lay My Armor Down/ I'll Be Ready When The Bridegroom Comes/ THE MORRIS BROTHERS & EUNICE: Gabriel's Trumpet/ J.E. MAINER’S MOUNTAINEERS: In A Little Village Churchyard/ Just Over In The Gloryland/ Lights In The Valley/ This World Is Not My Home/ BYRON PARKER & HIS MOUNTAINEERS: He Is My Friend And Guide/ I Love My Saviour/ ERNEST PHIPPS & HIS HOLINESS SINGERS – A LITTLE: A Little Talk With Jesus/ ERNEST PHIPPS & HIS HOLINESS SINGERS – BRIGHT T: Bright Tomorrow/ ERNEST PHIPPS & HIS HOLINESS QUARTET: Do, Lord Remember Me/ Don't Grieve After Me/ Happy In Prison/ ERNEST PHIPPS & HIS HOLINESS SINGERS – I KNOW T: I Know That Jesus Set Me Free/ ERNEST PHIPPS & HIS HOLINESS QUARTET: I Want To Go Where Jesus Is/ ERNEST PHIPPS & HIS HOLINESS SINGERS – IF THE L: If The Light Has Gone Out In Your Soul/ ERNEST PHIPPS & HIS HOLINESS QUARTET: Jesus Getting Us Ready For That Great Day/ Old Ship Of Zion/ ERNEST PHIPPS & HIS HOLINESS SINGERS – SHINE ON: Shine On Me/ ERNEST PHIPPS & HIS HOLINESS SINGERS – WENT UP: Went Up In The Clouds Of Heaven/ WILLIAM REXROAT'S CEDAR CREST SINGERS: What Kind Of Shoes You Going To Wear/ RIDGEL'S FOUNTAIN CITIANS: Hallelujah To The Lamb/ ROSWELL SACRED HARP: Odem/ THE SOUTHERN MELODY BOYS: Tribulation Days/ ERNEST STONEMAN: Down To Jordan And Be Saved/ Going Down The Valley/ Hallelujah Side/ I Am Resolved/ I Remember Calvary/ Know My Name Is There/ No More Goodbyes/ Sweeping Through The Gates/ Tell Mother I Will Meet Her/ The Sinless Summerland/ There's A Light Lit Up In Galilee/ THE VAUGHAN QUARTET: In Steps Of Light/ THE VIRGINIA DANDIES: God's Getting Worried/ There's A Beautiful City Called Heaven/ KID WILLIAMS: I'm Glad I Counted The Cost/ When He Died He Got A Home In Hell/ WILLIAMS & WILLIAMS: Though Your Sins Be Scarlet/ IRA & EUGENE YATES: You'll Never Go To Heaven With Your Powder And Paint

VARIOUS ARTISTS Proper BOX 95 Blazing Bluegrass ● CD $24.98
Four CD set with 103 tracks of classic early bluegrass with one CD devoted to Bill Monroe, one to Flatt & Scruggs, one to The Stanley Brothers plus a various artists discs with sides by The Blue Sky Boys, J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers, Tommy Magness, Jim & Jesse, Mattie, Martha & Minnie, Shenandoah Valley Boys, The Hodges Brothers and others.
THE BAILEY BROTHERS: Beautiful Brown Eyes/ Have You Forgotten/ Heart's Hall Of Fame/ THE BLUE SKY BOYS: In The Hills Of Roane County/ Story Of The Knoxville Girl/ JIM EANES: Wiggle Worm Wiggle/ FLATT & SCRUGGS: Be Ready For Tomorrow May Never Come/ Brother I'm Getting Ready To Go/ Dear Old Dixie/ Dim Lights Thick Smoke/ Don't This Road Look Rough And Rocky/ Earl's Breakdown/ Flint Hill Special/ Foggy Mountain Chimes/ Foggy Mountain Special/ Get In Line Brothers/ I'd Rather Be Alone/ I'll Go Steppin' Too/ I'm Gonna Settle Down/ I'm Lonesome And Blue/ If I Should Wander Back To You/ Mother Prays Loud In Her Sleep/ My Darling's Last Goodbye/ Over The Hills To The Poorhouse/ Reunion In Heaven/ Someone Took My Place With You/ Thinking About You/ Till The End Of The World Rolls Around/ Tis Sweet To Be Remembered/ Why Did You Wander/ You're Not A Drop In The Bucket/ THE HODGES BROTHERS: It Won't Be Long/ JIM & JESSE: Air Mail Special/ I'll Wash Your Love From My Heart/ TOMMY MAGNESS: Little Country Preacher/ When I Safely Reach The Other Shore/ WADE MAINER: Little Birdie/ The Girl I Left In Sunny Tennessee/ J.E. MAINER'S MOUNTAINEERS: Lonely Tombs/ MARTHA, MATTIE & MINNIE: Can't Live With ’em/ JIMMY MARTIN: My Lonely Heart/ Blue Eyed Darling/ Save It Save It/ She's Just A Cute Thing/ THE MCCORMICK BROTHERS: Banjo Twist/ BILL MONROE: Alabama Waltz/ Blue Grass Breakdown/ Blue Grass Special/ Blue Moon Of Kentucky/ Can't You Hear Me Calling/ Goodbye Old Pal/ Heavy Traffic Ahead/ I'm Blue I'm Lonesome/ I'm Going Back To Old Kentucky/ It's Mighty Dark To Travel/ Little Cabin Home On The Hill/ Mansions For Me/ Molly And Tenbrooks/ Old Cross Road Is Waitin'/ Remember The Cross/ Shine Hallelujah Shine/ Summertime Is Past And Gone/ That Home Above/ The Coupon Song/ Toy Heart/ Travelin' This Lonesome Road/ True Life Blues/ Were You There/ Wicked Path Of Sin/ Y'all Come/ RENO & SMILEY: Crazy Finger Blues/ I'm Gone Long Gone/ I'm The Talk Of The Town/ Tennessee Cut-up Breakdown/ There's Another Baby Waiting For Me Down The Line/ THE SHENANDOAH BOYS: Ridin' The Waves/ JIMMIE SKINNER: Doin' My Time/ Will You Be Ready/ THE STANLEY BROTHERS: A Voice From On High/ Are You Waiting Just For Me/ Blue Moon Of Kentucky/ Calling From Heaven/ Could You Love Me (one More Time)/ Dickson County Breakdown/ Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet/ Harbour Of Love/ Hey Hey Hey/ I Just Got Wise/ I Long To See The Old Folks/ I'm Lonesome Without You/ Little Birdie/ Little Glass Of Wine/ Memories Of Mother/ Our Last Goodbye/ Poison Lies/ Pretty Polly/ Say You Won't Be Mine/ Sweetest Love/ The Fields Have Turned To Brown/ The Little Girl And The Dreadful Snake/ The Lonesome River/ The Wandering Boy/ This Weary Heart You Stole Away

VARIOUS ARTISTS Smithsonian Folkways 40163 Classic Bluegrass From Smithsonian Folkways, Vol. 2 ● CD $11.98
Budget priced compilation of bluegrass drawn from the Folkways catalog and recorded between 1956 and 1998 ranging from the traditional old time sounds of Bill Monroe & Doc Watson, The Lilly Brothers and Ola Belle Reed to the more contemporary stylings of David Johnson, Harley Allen and Bill Price. It also includes The Country Gentlemen, Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard, Red Allen & Frank wakefeild, Eric Weissberg, Sonny Miller, Earl Taylor, Bob Everhart and others. Most tracks are on currently available CDs but a few were only previously available on LP. Includes 32 page booklet with notes on all the performances.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Starday 0577 16 Biggest Country Hits of the 40s ● CD $9.98
15 trendsetting recording artists of the 40s, seven of whom have since been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Includes Filipino Baby sung by Cowboy Copas/ Tennessee Waltz by Pee Wee King,/ Mule Train by Grandpa Jones, Won't You Ride in My Little Red Wagon by Hank Penny/ Cowboy's Sweetheart by Patsy Montana plus sides by Hank Thompson, Moon Mullican, The Delmore Brothers and others. Some are original performances, some are remakes.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Texas Moon 1006 Singin' In the Saddle ● CD $16.98
29 track collection of western songs drawn from 40s radio transcriptions made for the U.S. Treasure Dept and U.S. Navy. Includes Roy Rogers, Andy Parker & The Plainsmen, Jimmy Wakely, The Sons Of The Pioneers, Rex Allen, Tex Williams & The Frontiersmen, Hi Bussie & The Frontiersmen, Johnny Bond and Billy Armstrong.

EARL SCRUGGS/ DOC WATSON/ RICKY SKAGGS Rounder 0526 The Three Pickers ● CD $15.98
23 tracks, 65 min., essential
Recorded live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, this wonderful album captures the Scruggs-Watson-Skaggs concert commissioned and committed to television by PBS. This disc collects those performances and adds a pair (, Doin' My Time) that never made it to the small screen. While the three play together, each master musician also performs with his own group (Scruggs with "Family & Friends, Watson with his grandson Richard Watson, and Skaggs with Kentucky Thunder). As an added wonder, Allison Krauss steps on stage to sing and fiddle with her usual aplomb. The songs, chosen by the three primaries themselves, are mainly comprised of such old favorites as A.P. Carter's The Storms Are On The Ocean and Foggy Mountain Top, and Jimmie Rodgers' Daybreak Blues, as well as public domain pieces such as The Banks Of The Ohio, Don't Let Your Deal Go Down, Feast Here Tonight, Katy Hill, and more. Three of the greatest pickers to walk the planet in a relatively relaxed setting--who could ask for more? (JC)

BOB WILLS & HIS TEXAS PLAYBOYS Cattle 315 28 Rare Presto Label Items ● CD $18.98
28 rare transcriptions done by Bob & The Texas Playboys in 1949 by the Presto Company for the Crossley Automobile Company with Eldon Shamblin, Herb Remington, Jesse Ashlock, Tiny Moore, Luke Wills and others. The band is hot and the recordings feature vocals by Ashlock, Billy Jack Wills, Carl Luper and others. The Presto sessions include a number of songs not recorded elsewhere. Over 90 titles are known to exist so hopefully more releases will be forthcoming.
BOB WILLS & THE TEXAS PLAYBOYS: A Heart Full Of Love (for A Handful Of Kisses)/ Beaumont Rag/ By An Old Watermill By A Waterfall/ Dipsy Doodle/ Elmer's Tune/ Gray Eagle/ Ida (Sweet As Apple Cider)/ In The Mood/ Just A Little Lovin' (will Go A Long Way)/ Just Friends/ Liberty/ Lonesome Hearted Blues/ Mexicali Rose/ My Life's Been A Pleasure/ Playboy Chimes/ Rainbow/ Rosetta/ Rubber Dolly/ Silver Bells/ Spanish Fandango/ Sugar Moon/ Sunrise Serenade/ Talking 'bout You/ Texas Home/ The Waltz You Saved For Me/ This Is Southland/ Tuxedo Junction/ Whose Heart Are You Breaking Now?


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