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ART ADAMS Collector 4490 Rockin' My Way Around ● CD $16.98
New recordings by Indianapolis rockabilly performer who had a couple of classic singles issued in the 50s. These plus a whole bunch of unissued sides were issued on Collector 4477. Art has performed on and off since his heyday and these recordings were made in 2004 with a good band featuring lead guitarist Bill Stewart who first played with Art in the 60s, slap bassist Michael Strauss and drummer Mark Cutsinger. Art is in pretty good voice on a selection of remakes of his old classics, some new compositions and rockabilly favorites - Tear It Up/ Wreck Of The Old 97/ Sweet Kandie Jean/ Big River/ She's From Tennessee/ Ramrod/ Canadian Lady/ Thirty Days/ Roberta, etc.
ART ADAMS: Big Midnight Special/ Big River/ Boppin The Blues/ Canadian Lady/ Detour/ Down In Tennessee/ Flat Foot Sam/ Get With It/ Good Rockin Tonight/ Hangout/ Hello Josephine/ I Forgot To Remeber To Forget/ I Wanna Hear It Again/ Memphis Dream/ My Baby Loves Me/ Promised Land/ Ramrod/ Red Headed Woman/ Roberta/ She's From Tennessee/ Sweet Kandie Jean/ Tear It Up/ The Wreck Of Old 97/ Thirty Days/ Walking The Dog/ We're Getting Closer To Being Apart

STEVE ALAIMO Henry Stone Music 25003 50s-70s ● CD $16.98
2 CDs, 33 tracks, good
Reissue of Steve's Anthology CD on Hot Productions from '97, with two additional tracks. Steve's best known as the host/co-producer of the 60s Dick Clark show "Where The Action Is" (he's the guy that looked like an early-60s greaser), but what's probably not known about Steve is that he helped bring ska & reggae to the foreground by opening a studio in Jamaica for recording Johnny Nash, Also (I didn't know this!) he was co-owner with Henry Stone on the TK labels!. The only review I can find of Anthology states there's no liner notes or recoding info & as far as I know the same is here. Steve's biggest hit, Every Day I Have To Cry is here, with a lot of tunes sound like Sinatra/Darin pop or plain early 60s pre-Beatles teen pop. Music is OK, but would like to know when it's from! (GM)

DAVIE ALLEN & THE ARROWS Sundazed 6217 Apache '65 ● CD $12.98
14 tracks, 28 min, excellent
CD issue of Tower 5002 from 1965 with 2 bonus tracks. The convoluted history Of guitarist Allen & keyboard player/producer/boy wonder Mike Curb gets started here on this first LP issued as The Arrows. Allen & Curb would play together (since high school) & record under numerous phony names, they worked on sessions as by The Hondells (often with no real Hondells on them) until Mike's Sidewalk Productions got an in with Capitol's new Tower subsidiary. Starting with a remake of Jorgen Ingman's Apache, they made this phony group have a similar American Indian name & called it The Arrows. Here are the early sides with no real group yet, but with Curb & Allen. For you collectors of obscure surf, there's a bunch here that were originally issued under other names for other labels - Tee Pee is Pow Wow by The Sudells, Tomahawk is Slip Stream by The Streamers, & Rebel (Without A Cause) was once put out as by The Hondells. The liner notes make sense of the whole scene. As a bonus, there's a demo of Sorry 'Bout That & the unissued Topsy '65. (GM)

DAVIE ALLEN & THE ARROWS Sundazed 6218 Blues Theme ● CD $12.98
13 tracks, 24 min, essential
CD issue of Tower 5078 from 1967. Davie Allen gets a real set of Arrows and turns from surf hero to King of the Fuzz Guitar. I'm prejudiced about this LP as it was a fave of mine in my teens - even was in a group that did covers of three of the tunes! Blues Theme (not a blues, but named after the character Blue in "The Wild Angels", whose soundtrack this originally was on) was a huge hit on the west coast & did well in the national charts. Action In The Streets was also instrumentally Make Love Not War on the Teenage Rebellion soundtrack. Other tunes include King Fuzz/ Fuzz Theme/ Sorry 'Bout That (whose demo is on the "Apache '65" CD) & great versions of Ghost Riders In The Sky/ Theme From Thunderball and William Tell '67. The three bonus tracks are fine never-issued covers of Theme From "A Summer Place"/ High Noon & Runaway. Liner notes by Deke Dickerson. (GM)

DAVIE ALLEN & THE ARROWS Sundazed 6219 The Cycle-DElic Sounds Of Davie Allan & The Arrows ● CD $12.98
13 tracks, 32 min, essential
CD issue of Tower 5094 from 1967. From surf to biker fuzz to psychedelic in 3 LPs! The entire last LP ("Blues Theme") was under 20 minutes long - this set starts out with the title tune running almost 7 minutes, pure freak-out & fuzz guitar!. This set has a combo of stuff from his multitude of biker soundtracks (Born Loser's Theme/ Devil's Angels Theme) & stuff just plain weird (Mind Transfferal). Includes three bonus tracks, this time three unissued originals including Angel With A Devil's Heart. Liner notes include an interview with Allen about his studio work. (GM)

CHARLIE FEATHERS/ MAC CURTIS Ace CDCHD 1053 Rockabilly Kings ● CD $16.98
Classic rockabilly featuring the complete King recordings of Charlie Feathers and Mac Curtis including a previously unissued alternate take by Cutis and several alternate takes by Feathers. Newly remastered from original session tapes for best ever sound and including between song session chat and false starts.

ARCH HALL, JR. & THE ARCHERS Norton CED 307 Wild Guitar! ● CD $14.98
48 tracks, 79 min., nearly recommended
Arch Hall, Jr., in case you have forgotten, was the guitar-slinging blonde lead in the classic low-budget teen flicks "The Choppers"," Eegah", "Wild Guitar", and a few others, all filmed between 1959-64. He also founded a band called, predictably, The Archers, whose biggest claim to fame may be that their keyboard player, Alan O'Day, went on to write the hits Rock And Roll Heaven, Angie Baby, and Undercover Angel. This album collects singles and pieces from various movies and throws in a live promotional show recorded outdoors in 1962 at a drive-in in Florida! Musically, the highlights are not as high as they might be, although Monkey In My Hatband deserves a place in history if only for its cool title. Otherwise, a handful of guitar-laden instrumentals make paying attention generally interesting, but perhaps not for 79 minutes. As a documentary of Hall's life in the movie and music biz, however, this album is a marvel. The lengthy booklet notes might be the best part. A fascinating story of a climb among the lower rungs along the ladder of success. (JC)

CHARLIE RICH Varese 66506 Complete Singles Plus ● CD $17.98
25 tracks, 63 min., highly recommended
Long before Charlie Rich's schlock classic Behind Close Doors, he recorded for Sam Philips' Philips International Records (1958-63) and even began his recording life sounding a lot like Elvis (e.g., Big Man, Rebound, and others). Not only are the songs here almost uniformly excellent, but Rich happens to have written most of them, including the familiar Who Will The Next Fool Be, which Bobby "Blue" Bland covered with mighty success, and Sittin' And Thinkin'. Among the five "Bonus Tracks" (the 'Plus' in the title), is the original demo version of There Won't Be Anymore. Rich reportedly never felt at home in the spotlight, but if that's true, these performances don't suffer for it. Includes informative liner notes by Bill Dahl and a CD label that's a reproduction of the Philips International label. A nice package. (JC)

JACK SCOTT BGO BGOCD 639 The Spirit MOves Me/ Burning Bridges ● CD $17.98
24 tracks, 61 mins, highly recommended
Two LPs on one CD by this superb performer. "The Spirit Moves Me" was originally issued on Top Rank in 1960 and finds Jack tackling 12 traditional African American spirituals and doing a fine job. His powerful baritone is ideally suited to this material and with the Fabulous Chantones on vocal backup this is an excellent set. In 1960 Top Rank folden and Jack and his Top Rank masters were acquired by Capitol who issued "Burning Bridges" in 1961 featuring most of his Top Rank and Capitol hits from this period including the title songs, the great What In The World's Come Over, his exciting treatment of the cowboy standard Cool Water and others. Occasionally the strings and choruses are laid on a bit too thickl and a few of the songs are throw aways but, on the whole, this was another splendid album. Booklet includes original artowkr and notes as well as new notes by John Tobler. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1042 Rock 'n' Roll Bell Ringers ● CD $16.98
26 tracks, interesting
Back in the 50s there were several budget labels that rushed out covers of current hits - usually by unknown or even unnamed artists. New York's Bell label was one such label and this collection features 26 of those covers. Even though they used top studio musicians like Al Caiola, Billy Mure and Panama and Sy Oliver most of the performances are pale, emasculated versions of the originals. The most well known names here are Buddy Lucas (who does Hound Dog and When My Dreamboat Come Home) and Edna McGriff (who does three songs including The Fool). Tom & Jerry, who here cover Jan & Arnie's Baby Talk, became much better known when they changed their name to Simon & Garfunkel! Other artists include The Michael Stewart Quartet, Jim Brown, Jimmy Leyden, Barry Frank and other obscurities. One of the interesting feature of the Bell releases is that many of them were issued in attractive picture sleeves and many of these are reproduced in the 12 page booklet. This disc is of greater interest historically than musically! (FS)
JIM BROWN & THE FOUR BELLS: Mambo Baby/ JIMMY CARROLL & ORCHESTRA: Big Guitar/ Raunchy/ SAM CEE: Johnny B Goode/ BARRY FRANK: A Rose And A Baby Ruth/ Black Denim Trousers And Motor Cycle Boots/ Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ DANNY LANHAM: A Lover's Question/ JIMMY LEYDEN: Stranded In The Jungle/ BUDDY LUCAS: Hound Dog/ When My Dreamboat Comes Home/ ARTIE MALVIN: Jailhouse Rock/ EDNA MCGRIFF: Don't You Just Know It/ Start Movin' (in My Direction)/ The Fool/ BOB MILLER: I'm Stickin' With You/ JOHNNY NEWTON & THE TAGS: Sorry (i Ran All The Way Home)/ SY OLIVER & ORCHESTRA WITH JIM BROWN: I Want You To Be My Baby/ Maybellene/ Seventeen/ ELLIE RUSSELL WITH MICHAEL STEWART QUARTET: Dungaree Doll/ ELLIE RUSSELL WITH THE THREE BELLES: Tweedle Dee/ MICHAEL STEWART QUARTET: Juke Box Baby/ STUDIO "B" SEVEN: Honky Tonk Part 2/ TOM & JERRY: Baby Talk/ TONY WILSON: The Stroll

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1044 Elemental Instrumentals ● CD $16.98
A collection of 28 hot instrumentals recorded for Jim Kirchstein's legendary Wisconsin based Cuca label and its subsidiaries in the early 60s. Most of these incredibly rare tracks are making their first appearance on CD and the set includes several previously unissued tracks. Includes sides by The Tornados, Citations, Stage-Men, Grand Prix's, Six Shooters, Tikis, Thundermen, Continentals, Vibratones and others. Includes 16 page illustrated booklet with extensive notes by Rob Finnis.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1051 King Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 2 ● CD $16.98
The second volume of rockers from the vaults of King and affiliated labels is devoted to 24 tracks of black rock 'n' roll and up tempo R&B including many tracks making their first appearance on CD and including a couple of previously unissued alternate takes. Includes sides by Roy Milton & His Orch., The Swallows, Joe Tex, Otis Williams & The Charms, Little Willie John (an alternate take of Leave My Kitten Alone), Johnny Pate, Bill Doggett (the vocal version of Honky Tonk with Tommy Brown singing), Luther & Little Eva, Gene Redd & The Globe Trotters, Donnie Elbert, Hank Ballard & The Midnighters (an extended version of Broadway) and more.
HANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERS: Broadway (extended Version)/ Daddy Rolling Stone/ Sugaree/ THE BOBBETTES: Dance With Me Georgie/ THE CHARMS: Ko Ko Mo (i Love You So)/ BILL DOGGETT: Honky Tonk #3/ Honky Tonk/ DONNIE ELBERT: Believe It Or Not (alt Take)/ Leona/ Let's Do The Stroll/ LITTLE WILLIE JOHN: Leave My Kitten Alone (alternate Take)/ Let's Rock While The Rockin's Good/ LUTHER & LITTLE EVA: Love Is Strange/ ROY MILTON & HIS ORCHESTRA (VOCALS BY ROY MI: Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu/ JOHNNY PATE & HIS ORCHESTRA: Walkin' With Mr Lee/ GENE REDD & THE GLOBE TROTTERS: Red River Valley Rock/ ROY AND GLORIA: So Good, So Fine, You're Mine/ THE SWALLOWS: Itchy Twitchy Feeling/ JOE TEX: Davy, You Upset My Home/ She's Mine/ TITUS TURNER: Have Mercy Baby/ Return Of Stagolee/ OTIS WILLIAMS & THE CHARMS: Don't Wake Up The Kids/ Two Hearts '61

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bop 007 Saturday Night On Bop Street, Vol. 7 ● CD $17.98
30 fabulous rockabilly sides - all of it has been reissued before though a number are not currently available and just about every track is a killer including the great opener The Slide by Ray Pate & The Rhythm Rockers, Rocket Morgan's hot Louisiana rockabilly Tag Along, a wild version of Flip FLop & Fly by JOhnny Bell and others from The Moonlighters, Dewey Guy & The Fabulous Six, The Ducats, Macy Skipper, Dwain Bell, etc.
JOHNNY BACHELOR: Mumbles/ DWAIN BELL: Rock And Roll On A Saturday Night/ JOHNNY BELL: Flip Flop And Fly/ The Third Degree/ BUCKY & THE PREMIERES: Cruisin'/ STEVE CARL & THE JAGS: Stone Cold Mama/ EDDIE DANIELS: I Wanna Know/ DAVE "DIDDLE" DAY: Blue Moon Baby/ TIM DINKINS: Cattin' Tonight/ THE DUCATS: Hey Woman/ BRACEY EVERETT: The Lover's Curse/ DEWEY GUY & THE FABULOUS SIX: Rock A While/ RON HAYDOCK & THE BOPPERS: 99 Chicks/ BILLY HOGAN & THE TWI-LIGHTERS: Shake It Over Sputnik/ HANK LEGAULT: I Know/ THE MOONLIGHTERS: Broken Heart/ Guitar Man/ Rock-A-Bayou Baby/ Rockin' On My Guitar/ ROCKET MORGAN: Tag Along/ RAY PATE & THE RHYTHM ROCKETS: The Slide/ JIMMY PATTON: Let Me Slide/ DAVID RAY: Lonesome Baby Blues/ DON RUBY: Rockin' Piano - Outta Tune Guitar/ RODNEY SCOTT: Granny Went Rockin'/ GARY SHELTON: Goodbye Little Darlin' Goodbye/ MACY (SKIP) SKIPPER: Quick Sand Love/ Who Put The Squeeze On Eloise?/ THE VIBES: Pretty Baby/ DON WILLIS: Boppin' High School Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bop 008 Saturday Night On Bop Street, Vol. 8 ● CD $17.98
Like previous volumes in this series all 30 tracks here have been out before - sometimes a couple of times but just about every track is a winner with great vocals, hot guitar and occasional sax or piano solos. It includes sides by Cookie Roberts, Larry Don, Al Ferrier & His Boppin Billies, Ron Haydock & The Boppers, Darrell Rhodes & The Falcons, The Night Raiders, Bill Lawrence & The Cousins, Roy Orbison & The Teen Kings, Ric Cartey, Irvin Russ and more.
HUGH BARRETT & THE VICTORS: Got The Bull By The Horns/ RON BERRY & THE DREAMERS: I'm Crazy Bout That Woman/ BILL BLANK: Hard Luck/ RIC CARTEY: Scratching On My Screen/ THE DAZZLERS: Somethin Baby/ JIMMY DELL: I've Got A Dollar/ LITTLE JIMMY DEMPSEY: Bop Hop/ RICHIE DERAN & THE NEW TONES: Girl And A Hot Rod/ LARRY DON: Honey Bun/ EARL EPPS: Be Bop Blues/ JIMMY FAUTHEREE: Can't Find The Door Knob/ AL FERRIER: Blues Stop Knocking At My Door/ Let's Go Boppin Tonight/ RON HAYDOCK & THE BOPPERS: Knock Out/ BENNY INGRAM: Jello Sal/ ROC LARUE WITH THE THREE PALS: Baby Take Me Back/ BILL LAWRENCE & THE COUSINS: Hey Baby/ CHARLEY MAYBEE: Little Judy/ DON MURPHY & THE HI-LITERS: Mean Mama Blues/ THE NIGHT RAIDERS: Cottonpickin/ ROY ORBISON & THE TEEN KINGS: A Cat Called Domino/ THE PHANTOM: Love Me/ JETT POWERS: Go Girl Go/ DARRELL RHODES & THE FALCONS: Four O'clock Baby/ COOKIE ROBERTS: Draggin The Drive Inn's/ IRVIN RUSS: Crazy Alligator/ BOBBY SMITH: Bevy Mae/ FRANK STARR & HIS ROCK-AWAY BOYS: Dig Them Squeaky Shoes/ "WILD" BILL TAYLOR & THE CLEFS: Little Jewel/ GENE WYATT: Lover Boy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55172 Fright'nin ● CD $18.98
30 rockabilly and rock 'n' roll rarities - Daryl Britt, The Thrashers, George Walsh, Johnny LIon, Billy Land, JOhnny Angel, Chuck Johnston and more.
JOHNNY ANGEL: The Fever/ DARYL BRITT: Lover Lover/ AUBREY CAGLE: Be-bop Blues/ KENNETH CASTLEMAN WITH THE WANDERERS: Match Box/ DON EVANS: It's So Fright'nin/ FABIO AND BRUNO: Do You Know/ JAN FAGGARD: Lost Without You/ ART FOSTER: Houston Texas/ Jay Dancing/ HAROLD & BOB: Stray Cat/ CHUCK JOHNSTON: String Bean/ Weepin & Wailin/ BILLY LAND: Shimmy Shake/ GARY LEATH AND HIS NU-TONES: Sensation/ JOHNNY LION: Haunted Heart/ LITTLE BILL: Sweet Cucumber/ TOMMY LOVE AND THE DEADBEATS: Wow Wow/ MICKEY MICHAELS AND THE FORRESTALS: Koffee Shop Rock/ WALTER PERKINS AND THE TURFS: Solid Rock/ You Hook Me Baby/ BOBBY REED: High School U.s.a/ JIMMY RIDLEY AND THE SENTINELS: Rock A Bye Baby/ JERRY ROSS: Ever'body's Tryin/ Small Little Girl/ JACK SCOTT: Geraldine/ CLYDE STACY & THE NITECAPS: Hoy Hoy/ THE THRASHERS: Fort Lauderdale U.s.a/ THE VAN DELLES: I Got The Blues/ GEORGE WALSH: Don't Let Me Down/ EASY DEAL WILSON: Gotta Have You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55173 Sugar Doll ● CD $18.98
30 more obscurities from female rockers.
JOYCE ALLEN: Baby Oh Baby/ BEVERLY BEA: Sugar Plum/ CAROLE BENNETT WITH THE SATISFIERS: He's Coming Back/ JACKIE LYNN BLEVINS, JOYCE DOUL AND THE SKY ROCKETS: Devil Doll/ NANCY DAWN WITH THE HI-FI GUYS: Glue Me Back Jack/ LIBBY DEAN: Full Time Lover/ BETTY FOLEY: Old Moon/ MAUREEN GRAY: Come On And Dance/ EVELYN HARLENE: I Wanta Be Free/ DIANNE HOLTZ: I Got The Hurt/ JUDY JAE AND THE MOONGLOW'S: Scrapbook Twist/ JUDY JAE AND THE MOONGLOWS: Twisteree/ SHARON LEE: Rockin And Washing Sue/ LOU & GINNY: Do I Do Right/ BARBARA LEE MAC: Big Fat Mama/ DOROTHY MINOR: Bye Bye Baby/ PAT MOLITTIER: The Usa/ NONA RAE: You Can't Get Away From Me/ NORMA AND LINDA: Do Dee Oodle Dee Do I'm In Love/ PAT PARKER: Boy Watcher/ NEDRA PRICE AND THE MOONGLOWS: Let's Have A Party/ NONA RAE: Real Kool Kitty/ JO ANN REYNOLDS: Ring A Ding Dong Dandy/ CHERI ROBBINS: Please Don't Call Me Lonesome/ LINDA SCOTT: I've Told Every Little Star/ SALLY STARR: Rockin In The Nursery/ MARY JO TRAPE: What Would Johnny Say/ UNKNOWN ARTIST: Mama's Alibi/ PENNY WEST AND THE LUCKY PENNY TRIO: Needle In A Haystack/ EVELYN WHITE: Mind Your Own Business

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55174 Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 8 ● CD $18.98
The latest in this series features 30 instrumentals.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collector 7759 Early Rock & Roll From New Zealand, Vol. 13 & 14 ● CD $16.98
Another double CD for the price of one featuring 56 New Zealand rockers from the 50s and early 60s. This is the end of this series and includes 11 previously unissued sides from a worn lo-fi tape made by New Zealand's first rocker Johnny Devlin at a high school performance before he made his first commercial recording in 1958. He does covers of American hits like Long Tall Sally/ Young Love/ Bluejean Bop/ Hound Dog and others. It also features sides by The Tornados, The Pic-Tones, The Gondoliers, The Maori Hi-Five, Tony & The Initials, The Wildcats, Bob Paris and others. Includes 24 page booklet with detailed notes and rare photos.
THE ASTRO BEATS: Bugle Call Jenka/ PETER BOSA: Scottish & Irish Melody/ PETER COLLINS & HIS DEACONAIRES: Fire Devil/ JIM COYLE WITH THE GARTH YOUNG TRIO: England Swings/ Silver Theads & Golden Needles/ THE DETOURS: Murphy The Surfie/ JOHNNY DEVLIN: Be-bop-a-lula/ Bluejean Bop/ Devlin's Rock (inst.)/ Don't Be Cruel/ Hound Dog/ Long Tall Sally/ Lång Tall Sally/ Money Honey/ This Ole House/ Young Love/ THE DIAMONDS: Lucille/ TONY EAGLETON & THE INITIALS: On Again Off Again/ Twistin Time/ IVOR FISHER & THE SATELLITES: Come Back My Love/ THE GONDOLIERS: Boomerang (inst.)/ Go Man Go (inst.)/ Guitar Boogie/ MIKE GRAYSON & THE M.G COMBO: Memphis Tennessee/ RON HALLS WITH DONNA REID & THE PIC-TONES: Satellite/ THE INVADERS: The Rise & Fall Of Flingel Bunt/ THE MAORI HI-FIVE: American Ptrol/ Chariot Rock/ Goody Goody/ Reveille Rock/ THE MINORS: Avalanche/ AL PAGET SEXTET: 12th Street Rag/ Gunshot/ Peter Gunn Theme/ BOB PARIS: Guitar Country Style/ You Don't Know What Lonesome Is/ Paris Twist/ THE PIC-TONES: Boomerang (inst.)/ Hashish (inst.)/ My Bonnie (inst.)/ Pistol Packin Mama/ THE ROCKETEERS: Tequila (inst.)/ ROD STONE: Skye Boat/ THE STRANGERS: I Love Paris/ The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs/ GRAEME SUMMER: Do The Blue Beat (inst.)/ See You Later Alligator/ TEDDY (BENNETT) & THE BEARS: Piperliner/ TONY & THE INTIALS: Drunken Sailor/ Jingle Jangle Jingle/ Liebestraum/ Tavern In The Town/ THE TORNADOS: Honky Tonk (inst.)/ THE WILDCATS: Wildcat Bop

VARIOUS ARTISTS Eagle 90206 Rare Fifties Boston Rockabilly, Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98
Not a new release but we haven't listed it before. 33 rare rockabilly and rock 'n' roll tracks including 12 previously unissued and many not available elsewhere including several hot instros. Includes Brenton Herlihy & The Ramblers, The Buccaneers, The Phaetons, Jackie Dallas, The Rhythm Masters (their Janie Jane has the only rockabilly accordion solo I know of), Joe Therrien Jr., The Belveders, The Dusters, Steve Colt, Ricky Coyne, Roddy & Joy and others.
THE ANGELS: Buckshot/ JOHNNY BELL: The Third Degree/ THE BELVEDERES: Eagle Bounce (unissued)/ THE BLUE ECHOES THE: It's Witchcraft/ THE BUCCANEERS: Oh Why?/ PAUL CHAPLAIN: Nicotine/ STEVE COLT: Devil Is A Woman In Disguise (unissued)/ JACK LINCOLN COUGHLIN: Crazy Arms (unissued)/ RICKY COYNE: Kaw-Liga/ JACKIE DALLAS: Lorraine/ BARRY DARVELL: Geronimo Stomp/ THE DUSTERS: She's Mine/ BRINTON HERLIHY: Reform School Baby (unissued)/ ARTIE HOLMES: Hey Little Cindy/ THE JAGUARS: St. Louis Blues (false start) (unissued)/ St. Louis Blues (unissued)/ BOBBY JAMES: Let's Go/ RUSS KENDALL: Boston Baby/ BILLY KID: Chatter (unissued)/ HERBIE LEE: Champagne Charlene/ LITTLE JIMMY MERRITT: Honky Tonk Angel/ THE NITE ROCKERS: Nite Rock/ THE PHAETONS: Fling/ JIMMY RHODES: I Wanna Go/ THE RHYTHM MASTERS: Janie Janie (unissued)/ THE RHYTHM ROCKERS: Just Rockin'/ BOB RILEY: The Midnight Line/ RODDY & JOY: She's Gonna Be Mine/ THE STARLITES: Sentimental Journey/ SMOKEY STOVER: Let's Have A Ball/ TERRY & THE PIRATES: Short Shorts (unissued)/ JOE THERRIEN: Rock-A-Billy Boogie/ THE UNIQUES: Rock 'N' Rudolph

VARIOUS ARTISTS Golden Stars 5305 Rock & Soul Instrumental Classics ● CD $15.98
Three CD set with 42 instrumentals - mostly from the 50s and early 60s plus a few later ones.
RAY BARRETTO: El Watusi/ BB BAND: Green Onions/ B. BUMBLE & THE STINGERS: Bumble Boogie/ Nut Rocker/ THE CHAMPS: Tequila/ THE CHANTAYS: Pipeline/ DAVE "BABY" CORTEZ: Rinky Dink/ The Happy Organ/ KING CURTIS: Peter Gunn Theme/ Soul Serenade/ Watermelon Man/ BILL DOGGETT: Honky Tonk, Pt. 1/ Honky Tonk, Pt. 2/ DUANE EDDY: Because They're Young/ Rebel Rouser/ PRESTON EPPS: Bongo Rock/ RICK GALE & THE SURF RIDERS: Let's Go Trippin'/ Penetration/ HOT BUTTER: Popcorn/ JOHNNY & THE HURRICANES: Beatnik Fly/ Crossfire/ Red River Rock/ Reveille Rock/ BILL JUSTIS: Raunchy/ RAMSEY LEWIS: Hang On Sloopy/ The "in" Crowd/ THE MAR-KEYS: Last Night/ THE MARKETTS: Batman Theme/ SANDY NELSON: Let There Be Drums/ Teen Beat '65/ THE ROCK-A-TEENS: Woo-hoo/ THE ROUTERS: Let's Go (pony)/ THE ROYALTONES: Poor Boy/ SANTANA: Jingo/ SANTO & JOHNNY: Sleep Walk/ THE SURFARIS: Wipe Out/ THE TORNADOES: Telstar/ LEX VANDYKE: Kon-tiki/ THE VENTURES: Apache/ Hawaii Five-o/ Slaughter On Tenth Avenue/ Walk, Don't Run

VARIOUS ARTISTS Panic 101 You Better Believe It! White Trash Rockers, 1955-1969 ● CD $19.98
27 tracks, highly recommended (I think!)
A collection of rare rockin' rarities that are considered as "white trash rockers" - i.e. a certain amount of good "bad" taste, sleaze or psychosis (according to liner notes). Includes Jimmy Cavello, Stan Gunn, Julia Bates (the Loretta Lynn flavored country song You Done Messed Around And Made A Mean Woman Mad), Jackie Dunham (the fine bluesy I'll Leave It Up To You), Les Paxton, Tommie Martin & The XLs (totally insane vocals), Bobby Warren (Motorcycle Maniac which includes the line "I got the wind in my hair and bugs on my teeth"), Johnny Sharp & The Yellow-Jackets, Beecher Hickman (his Hulla Hulla Lula sounds like it was recorded in the artists' bathroom!), The Musical Linn Twins (Rockin Out The Blues must be heard to be believed - even then you won't believe it!), Jimmy Simpson, Mystery Trio (a wild female group), Donnie B. Waugh and others who have probably been committed by now. Includes 12 page booklet with notes and photos. You might need to take some dramamine before putting this on! (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stomper Time 19 Memphis Rockabillies, Hillbillies & Honky Tonkers ● CD $16.98
A collection of 36 tracks recorded for Jody Chastain and Buford Cody's Memphis and Co & Wi labels in the early/ mid 60s including sides not originally issued and four previously unissued tracks. Includes sides by Lloyd Arnold, Eddie Bond, Jim Cannon, Bobby Davis, Charlie Feathers, Thomas Ingle, Le Sabres, Ramon Maupin, Doyle "Cyclone" nelson, The Rebel Rousers, The Runabouts, Jim Shaw nd Mel Smith. Includes 12 page illustrated booklet with notes and full discographical info.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stomper Time 20 Hot Rockin' Music From Tennessee ● CD $16.98
27 tracks, very good
Collection of 27 tracks of rockabilly and country recorded for drummer Jimmy Martin's Jaxon label based out of Jackson, Tennessee between 1955 and '57. Includes both sides of all five singles issued plus 17 unissued tracks and alternate takes. The label is best known for issuing Carl Man''s first recordings and this set includes seven tracks not originally issued including a demo of Mona Lisa which was later a big hit when he recorded it for Sam Phillips. These were previously on Stomper Time 5. It also includes tracks by Martin himself (with vocal by Ramsey Kearney), guitarist Eddie Bush and group, Kenny Parchman, old time country duo Robert & Gladys Luter & The Ky Pals as well as a couple of artists who never had any of their sides issued on the label - Larry Brinkley and Eddie Starr. Nothing really outstanding here though there's some decent sides along with a fair amount of pedestrian material but it provides a useful glimpse into the working of one of the small local labels of the time. Intriguingly, Dave Travis's notes point out that Jimmy Martin was a good friend of Carl Perkins and has tapes of 24 songs he recorded by Carl between 1953 and 1959 which can't be released for legal reasons. Let us hope that situation changes soon! (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Varese Vintage 66613 Sun Records - 25 Rock 'n' Roll Classics ● CD $13.98
Fine collection ranging from the hits (Blue Suede Shoes by Carl Perkins, Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On by Jerry Lee Lewis, etc.) to originally unissued obscurities (I Need Your Lovin' Kiss by Harold Jenkins, You Better Dig It by Bill Johnson, etc). Also includes Malcolm Yelvington, Jack earls, Billye Lee Riley, Gene Simmons, Bill Justis, Warren Smith, Edwin Bruce, Ray Smith, Carl Mann, etc.
ED BRUCE: Sweet Woman/ SONNY BURGESS: Red Headed Woman/ Sadie's Back In Town/ JACK EARLS: Let's Bop/ BILLY "THE KID" EMERSON: Shim Sham Shimmy/ MICKEY GILLEY: Have A Little Party (Come On Baby)/ BILL JOHNSON: You Better Dig It/ BILL JUSTIS: College Man/ Raunchy/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: Great Balls Of Fire/ Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On/ CARL MANN: Ain't Got No Home/ ROY ORBISON: Ooby Dooby/ CARL PERKINS: Blue Suede Shoes/ Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (Alternate Take)/ CHARLIE RICH: Donna Lee/ BILLY RILEY: Pearly Lee/ Rock With Me Baby/ GENE SIMMONS: Juicy Fruit/ RAY SMITH: You Made A Hit/ WARREN SMITH: Got Love If You Want It/ Rock and Roll Ruby/ JEB STUART: I Betcha Gonna Like It/ CONWAY TWITTY: I Need Your Lovin' Kiss (Alternate Take)/ MALCOLM YELVINGTON: Rockin' With My Baby (Have Myself A Ball)

LINK WRAY Acadia 8082 Wray's Three Track Shack ● CD $22.98
Three early 70s Polydor albums on two CDs - Link's two comeback albums - "Link Wray" and "Beans & Fatback" and an album by the mysterious vocalist Mordicai Jones (actually Bobby Howard) accompanied by Link and the band. These were all recorded on a three track setup in a shack in the middle of the Maryland woods.


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