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REGGAE OWEN GRAY Trojan 80472 Shook, Shimmy & Shake ● CD $18.98
Two CD featuring 50 tracks recorded over a span of 20 years by this great reggae pioneer from his earliest R&B and ska releases, up to his Roots sides from the late seventies. Almost all of his best-known recordings from period are featured, with many appearing on CD for the very first time. Includes Please Don't Let Me Go/ Cutest Little Woman/ She's Gone To Napoli/ Shook Shimmey And Shake/ Incense/ Sitting In The Park/ Reggae Dance/ It's You I Love/ Guava Jelly/ (Stop) Fussing And Fighting/ (What A) Blazing Fire/ I Man Nuh Run/ Ain't Got No Money/ The Greatest Love Of All, etc.

CUBA LA FABULOSA GRACIELA Alma Latina 020 Con Machito Y Su Orquesta ● CD $14.98
20 tracks, 64 minutes, essential
Graciela Grillo has been called "the first lady of latin jazz." The sister of one of the founders of the genre, Machito, she sang for over thirty years with his band, Machito and his Afro-Cubans. Born in Havana in 1915, Graciela began her professional singing career as a teenager in Cuba. She followed her brother to New York City in the early 1940's and soon thereafter cut the classic latin jazz tracks on this CD with his band. (JV)

REGGAE BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS Silverline 284512 The Best Of The Early Years ● CD $17.98
DualDisc CD/DVD, 18 tracks, 60 min., recommended
Yet another repackaging of Marley's seminal early sides, most of which were produced by the legendary Lee Perry, the only exceptions being Soul Shakedown Party (produced by another legendary produced, Leslie Kong), and two songs produced by Marley himself, the classic Trench Town Rock and Lively Up Yourself. What this release has over its competitors is its two-sidedness. The DVD side offers "extras," including the "photo album," where a grand total of 11 photos are available (even one where Bob plays ping pong), and the album liner notes, which, unfortunately, are not available in the actual booklet. Other songs include I Know A Place, African Herbsman, Try Me, Soul Rebel, Kaya, Duppy Conqueror, and more. (JC)

REGGAE THE MAYTALS Trojan 80428 From The Roots ● CD $9.98
Reissue of 1973 album with eight bonus tracks. The original album featured previously "lost" recordings made for Leslie Kong in 1969 and the 8 bonus tracks include alternate takes and unissued songs.

CUBA RICARDO "RICHIE" RAY ORCH. Vampisoul 017 Let's Get Down To The Real Nitty Gritty ● CD $12.98
12 tracks, 31 minutes, highly recommended
1968 was the peak year of the boogaloo dance craze, especially in New York City, and it saw the crossover of this latin dance to the R & B and pop markets. This CD is a reissue of one of the best albums from that time. It contains latin covers of some of the soul and pop hits of the day, from the title song and Soul Man to Tommy James' Mony, Mony. Brooklyn-born Ray left music study at Julliard in 1964 to begin his Latin music recording career and, with his musical partner Bobby Cruz, has been a latin music star ever since. (JV)

CUBA WILLIE ROSARIO Universal 02732 El De A 20 De Willie ● CD $10.98
9 tracks, 40 minutes, highly recommended
Willie Rosario was born in Coamo, Puerto Rico in 1930 and moved to New York with his family as a teenager. After studying journalism and public relations, he locked on to a musical career as a timbalero after seeing Tito Puente play at the Palladium. He formed his own band in the late fifties and secured his first recording contract with Allegre Records in 1962. "Mr. Ritmo" was such a strong rhythm man that he became well known as the bandleader who would not take a solo. This CD reissues one of his classic albums from 1980. (JV)

CUBA PONCHO SANCHEZ Concorde Picante 4519 El Mejor ● CD $12.98
10 tracks, 61 minutes, essential Congero Poncho Sanchez has deservedly been called the west coast Mongo Santamaria. He has earned that title by carrying the torch of latin jazz in Los Angeles area (although he is of Mexican-American rather than Caribbean origin). He cut his chops playing in Cal Tjader's band before starting up his own band in the 1980's. He then proceeded to cut a series of records for the Concord label, of which this is one of the finest, combining innovation with traditional touches. (JV)

SARDINIA VARIOUS ARTISTS Arc EUCD 1914 Music Of Sardinia ● CD $14.98
Lovely and varied collection of music from Sardinia including traditional polyphonic singing, the haunting sound of the launeddas pipes and new music based on traditional sounds. Includes illustrated booklet with notes on all the performances.

CAJUN VARIOUS ARTISTS JSP JSPCD 7749 Cajun Country Volume 2: More Hits From The Swamp ● CD $28.98
Complementing JSP 7726 this is another great compilation of early Cajun music featuring 100 tracks recorded between the birt of Cajun music recording in 1928 and 1939 and includes a lot of titles not currently available on CD as well as titles that have not available since the original 78s were issued. Includes legendary performers like Joe & Cleoma Falcon, Amede Ardoin, The Hackberry Ramblers, Nathan Abshire and Happy Fats along with obscure but fine performers like Dudley & James Fawvor, Delma Lachney, Delint. Guillory & Lewis LaFleur, Bartmon Montet & Joswell Dupuis, Slim Doucet and others. Sound quality is generally excellent and there are informative notes by Pat Harrison and discographical details.
NATHAN ABSHIRE & THE RAYNE-BO RAMBLERS: La Valse De Riceville/ One Step De Laccissine/ One Step De Morse/ THE ALLEY BOYS OF ABBEVILLE: Abbeville Breakdown/ Apres Jengler A Toi/ Jolie Petite Blonde/ Quel Espoire (What's The Use)/ Tu Ma Quite Seul (The Prisoner's Song)/ Tu Peus Pa Me Faire Ca (You Can't Put That Monkey On My Back)/ AMEDE ARDOIN: La Valse Ah Abe (Abe's Waltz)/ Madam Atchen (Mrs. Atchen)/ Two Step De Eunice/ Two Step De La Prairie Soileau (Prairie Soileau Two Step/ La Valse De Amities (Love Waltz)/ Les Blues De Crowley (Crowley Blues)/ Les Blues De Voyage (Travel Blues)/ Oberlin/ THE BREAUX BROTHERS: La Valse Du Bayou Plaquemine (Plaquemine Bayou Waltz)/ GUIDRY BROTHERS: La Valse Du Mariage/ SOILEAU COUZENS: Sur Le Chemin Chez Moi (On My Way Home)/ JOE CREDUER & ALBERT BABINEAUX: La Fille Que J'Aime (The Girl I Love)/ Ma Cherie (My Cherie)/ THE DIXIE RAMBLERS: Barroom Blues/ SLIM DOUCET: Chere Yeux Noir/ OSCAR DOUCET & ALIUS SOILEAU: Oh Baby!/ When I Met You At The Gate/ JOE & CLEOMA FALCON: Mes Yeux Bleu/ DUDLEY & JAMES FAWVOR: T'est Petite A Ete T'Est Meon (You Are Little And You Are Cute)/ FOUR ACES: Aces Breakdown/ Lake Charles Waltz/ COLUMBUS FRUGE: Bayou Teche/ The Toad (Saud Crapaud)/ J.B. FUSELIER & HIS MERRYMAKERS: Ma Chere Bouclett (My Curly Headed Girl)/ Mon Chere Vieux Maison Dan Swet/ Redell Breakdown/ Two Step De La Tell/ Vien Don Ma Reguin (Come And Meet Me)/ BIXY GUIDRY & PERCY BABINEAUX: J'Vai Jouer Celea Pour Toi (I'll Play This For You)/ DELINT. GUILLORY & LEWIS LAFLEUR: Alone At Home/ Quelqun Est Jalous (Somebody Is Jealous)/ Stop That/ HACKBERRY RAMBLERS: 'Neath The Weeping Willow Tree/ Darbone's Creole Stomp/ J'Ai Pres Parley/ Louisiana Breakdown/ Rice City Stomp/ HAPPY FATS & HIS RAYNE-BO RAMBLERS: Aux Bal Se Te Maurice/ Gran Prairie/ La Place Mon Coeur Desire/ La Veuve De La Coulee/ Le Reponse De Blues De Bosco/ Les Blues De Bosco/ Les Ecrivis Dan Platin/ Nouveau Grand Gueydan/ Oublies Moi Jamais Petite/ Rayne Breakdown/ Ta Oblis De Vernier/ Vain Ton Don A Ma Mort/ Valse De Maria Bueller/ DIDIER HERBERT: I Woke Up One Morning In May/ JOE'S ACADIANS: Il Ya Pas La Claire De Lune (No Moonlight)/ Si Tu Voudroit Marriez Avec Moi (Marry Me)/ JOLLY BOYS OF LAFAYETTE: Jolly Boys Breakdown/ DELMA LACHNEY: Baoille/ Riviere Rouge/ ANGELAS LE JEUNNE: Bayou Pom Pom One Step/ Valse De Pointe Noire/ MCGHEE & ARDOIN: Amadie Two Step/ Blues De Basille/ La Valse A Austin Ardoin/ La Valse A Thomas Ardoin/ La Valse De Gueydan/ One Step D'Oberlin/ One Step des Chameaux/ Two Step D'Elton/ Valse A Alcee Poulard/ Valse Des Opelusas/ MILLER'S MERRYMAKERS: Cajun Breakdown/ Elton Two Step/ Lake Arthur Stomp/ Pine Island/ Round Up Hop/ ARTELUS MISTRIC: Belle Of Point Clair/ You Belong To Me/ BARTMON MONTET & JOSWELL DUPUIS: Je M'En Suis (I'm Going Away)/ L'Abandoner (The Abandoned Waltz)/ DEWEY SEGURA: Far Away From Home Blues/ Rosalia/ Your (sic) Small And Sweet/ THE SEGURA BROTHERS: A Mosquito Ate Up My Sweetheart/ New Iberia Polka/ FLOYD SHREVE & THE THREE ACES: Lonesome Blues/ LEO SOILEAU & HIS RHYTHM BOYS: Chere Liza/ LEO SOILEAU & HIS THREE ACES: Hackberry Hop/ LEO SOILEAU & HIS RHYTHM BOYS: La Valse De La Rosa/ THE THIBODEAUX BOYS: La Two Step A Erby/ La Vieux Vals An' Onc Mack/ Tu Pen Pas Ma Retter De Revere/ JOE WERNER & THE RAMBLERS: Crap Shooter's Hop/ She's My Flapper And My Baby

AFRICA-MISCELLANEOUS VARIOUS ARTISTS Manteca 232 Sahara: Blues Of The Desert ● CD $29.98
Two CD set featuring 21 tracks of recordings by mostly African performers and mostly from the regions surrounding the Sahara desert where the musical connections to African-American blues seem to be the strongest. While the actual connections may be tenuous the music here has a compelling and moving quality that is certainly echoed in the blues. Performers include Malouma, Ali Farka Toure, Hamza El Din, Mariem Hassan con Leyoad (an extraordinarily intense vocal), Nass Marrakech, Aster Aweke, Youssou N'Dour, Compagnie Meskaoui, Markus James, Abrham Afewerki, Laye Sow, etc. Includes 12 page booklet with track by track commentary.

HAWAII VARIOUS ARTISTS Take Two 506 Hawaiian Memories - Vintage Recordings, 1928-1941 ● CD $27.98
Two CD set with 40 tracks featuring original Hawaiian musicians as well as mainlanders "going native" with Hawaiian accompaniments. Includes Bing Crosby with Lani McIntire & His Hwaiians, Johnny Noble's Hwaiians, Ray Kinney with Dick McIntire's Harmony Hawaiians, Mike Hanapi & His Ilima Islanders, Sol K. Bright & His Hollywaiians, Tony Martin With Mannie Klein And His Swing-A-Hulas, Harry Owens & Orchestra, Sol Hoopi & His Novelty Quartet, Louis Armstrong with The Polynesians and others. Sound quality is excellent and there is a 20 page illustrated booklet with notes by Ian Whitcomb. As far as I can tell there is no duplication with the recent JSP box set though there is some duplications with previously issued CDs on Harlequin.

"Gumboot," a synchronized dance, could be described as a symbol of the black working class experience in South Africa. It's a spectacular and rousing style, danced by a team of men who, clad in heavy gumboots (rubber boots), stamp, slap, clap and kick their heels in perfect synchronisation against the beat provided by musicians, mostly on guitar. This remarkable CD, featuring field recordings made in the 80s and 90s, captures this exciting experience and the comprehensive notes and photos paint a vivid background.

CENTRAL ASIA VARIOUS ARTISTS World Music Network 1129 Rough Guide To The Music Of Central Asia ● CD $14.98
Delightful and varied collection of music from the previously little known group of nations that were part of the Soviet Union until they achieved independence in 1991. These are the "stans" - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The material includes soulful vocals with small ensembles, refined classical music played on the long necked lute accompanied by frame drum, small folk orchestras, folk rock bands merging traditional and electric instrumentations, throat singing, solo instrumentalists and more including an example of Tajikistan rap! Includes 12 page booklet putting this varied music into perspective.

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