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EDDIE BOND Rarity Records 192609 The Memphis Bopper ● CD $19.98
30 track collection featuring this legendary Memphis rockabilly artist recorded in England in 1982 with the Dave Travis Band and in Nashville in 1979 and 1989 - I'm Satisfied/ Behave, Be Quiet Or Be Gone/ Standing In The Station/ Have You Heard The Gossip/ Feel Like I'm Catching The Blues/ Don't Tear Me Up, Tank Town Boogie/ Night Train To Memphis/ Your Conscience/ No. 9 Train, etc

DUANE EDDY Jamie 4026 Plays Songs Of Our Heritage ● CD $15.98
19 tracks, 48 min, good
Can it be possible - a boring Duane Eddy LP? This set reissues Jamie 3011 from 1960. I knew there was gonna be trouble when the liner notes refer to this set as "unplugged" - just like the answer to "thank you" is "you're welcome", not "no problem", the use of natural sounding instruments is "acoustic" not "unplugged". This set features Duane on banjo & acoustic guitar with the other main instrument being Jim Horn on flute! The songs are folk songs like someone would be playing by a campfire before nodding off to sleep. Tunes include Scarlet Ribbons/ On Top Of Old Smokey/ Cripple Creek, John Henry, etc. On the plus side, the stereo sound from the original master tapes is outstanding & there's eight never before heard tracks that are either undubbed or alternate takes complete with studio chatter. But I just can't picture "dance with the banjo man". (GM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1016 Good Girls Gone Bad - Wild, Weird & Wanted ● CD $18.98
A 27 track collection of female rockabilly, rock 'n' roll and occasional weirdness from the late 50s and early 60s. Many of these cuts have appeared on previous Ace or Bear Family compilations but this does include a couple of cuts not available elsewhere including some unissued songs and alternate takes.
BOB & LUCILLE: Eeenie Meenie Minie Moe/ HELEN BOZEMAN: Sugar Baby/ LINDA BRANNON: I'm Leaving/ JEAN CHAPEL: Welcome To The Club/ DONNA DAMERON: Bopper 486609/ MARY EDWARDS: Chilly Willy/ THE KIRBY SISTERS: Red Velvet/ ALIS LESLEY: He Will Come Back/ MARGARET LEWIS: Conscience I'm Guilty/ Reconsider Me/ Shake A Leg/ BONNIE LOU: Friction Heat/ JEANI MACK: Dirty Dishes/ Super Duper/ THE MILLER SISTERS: Someday You Will Pay/ Ten Cats Down/ SPARKLE MOORE: Flower Of My Heart/ Killer/ Rock-a-bop/ Skull & Crossbones/ Tiger/ BARBARA PITTMAN: Everlasting Love/ I Need A Man/ JACKIE SHANNON: Just Another Lie/ BILLY JOE SPEARS: Get Behind Me Satan And Push/ THE STARR SISTERS: Three Young Chicks

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55166 Rockin' Orbit ● CD $19.98
Fun collection featuring 34 rock 'n' roll and rockabilly cuts from the 50s on the theme of space travel including many cuts making their first appearance on CD. Includes such outer space delights and Rocket To The Moon by The Astro-Notes, Ghost Satellite by Bob & Jerry, Rocket Rock And Roll by Gayle Griffith, Flying Saucer Boogie by Eddie Cletro, Rocketship To The Moon by Tex Roe & The Ramblers, The Sputnik Story by Bill Thomas, First Man On Mars by Jackie Fautheree, Planetary Run by Joe Montgomery, Monkey On The Moon by Gene Hall and other astronautical ditties. Excellent tracks, appropriate cover graphics and booklet with photos of some of the performers.
THE ASTRO-NOTES: Rocket To The Moon/ THE BEL-AIRES: Space Walk/ BOB & JERRY: Ghost Satellite/ EDDIE CLETRO: Flying Saucer Boogie/ DICK DOUGLAS: Rocket Ride/ TERRY DUNAVAN: Rock-it On Mars/ THE FABULOUS IMPERIALS: Moon Beat/ JACKIE FAUTHEREE: First Man On Mars/ JIMMY GARTIN: Gonna Ride That Satelite/ JACKIE GOTROE: Rock It To The Moon/ CASEY GRAMS: Count Down/ GAYLE GRIFFITH: Rocket Rock & Roll/ BILLY JACK HALE: Move Over Buddy/ GENE HALL: Monkey On The Moon/ AL JACOBSON: Sputnik/ JOE JOHNSON: Rocket To The Moon/ JULIAN: Get On The Moon Baby/ GENE LA MARR: Moon Eyes/ HUGH LEWIS: Rockin Moon Man/ JACKIE LOWELL: Rocket Trip/ MEN OF CHANTZ: Count Down/ JOE MONTGOMERY: Planetary Run/ TEX ROE: Rocketship To The Moon/ SONNY SHEATHER: Orbit With Me/ HAROLD SHUTTERS: Rock & Roll Mister Moon/ L.C. SMITH: Honeymoon On A Rocketship/ SKIP STANLEY: Satellite Baby/ Satellite Baby/ BILL THOMAS: The Sputnik Story/ JESSE LEE TURNER: The Little Space Girl/ DANNY WHEELER: Teenie Weenie Man/ COYE WILCOX: Zippy, Hippy, Dippy/ THE WILD TONES: The Martian Band

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55167 Rock Tick Tock ● CD $19.98
Fine collection of rare rockabilly and rock 'n' roll from the 50s and early 60s. About half the tracks here have been reissued on CD before. It includes three of Roy Head's early TNT sides with the Traits, the title song by Jimmy Dee, the fine Knees Shakin' by Frank Starr with some fine sax work, a nice cover of Be Bop A Lula by Hughie Scott which doesn't attempt to copies Gene's arrangement plus tracks by Ralph Bowman, The Nightbeats, Mel Dorsey, Gene McKown, Gary Link, David Ray, Mike McAlister, The McMillin Brothers and others.
RALPH BOWMAN: Can't Love Nobody But You/ THE CREWNECKS: Crewnecks & Khakis/ JIMMY DEE: Rock-tick-tock/ VINNIE DI SANO: Wild Desire/ MEL DORSEY: Little Lil/ BILLY DUKE: Rocky Piano/ CHARLES DURHAM: Teenage Beat/ RITCHIE HART: Vacation Time/ JIMMY KRISS: You've Got Me Worried/ GARY LINK: Rhythm Rock/ MIKE MCALISTER: I Don't Dig It/ Twenty One/ GENE MCKOWN: Little Mary/ Rock-a-billy Rhythm/ THE MCMILLIN BROTHERS: Satisfied/ GLENN MOONEY: The Big Surf/ THE NIGHTBEATS: Cryin' All Night/ DAVID RAY: Lonesome Baby Blues/ STAN ROSS: Please Don't Tease/ HUGHIE SCOTT: Be Bop A Lula/ KIRBY ST.ROMAIN: Baby Doll/ FRANK STARR: Knees Shakin'/ ART STUART: Just Like The Other One/ THE TRAITS: Summertime Love/ Live It Up/ My Baby's Fine/ One More Time/ Walking All Day/ CHUCK TRAVIS: Gone Too Soon/ GAYLON WAYNE: High School's On Fire

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55168 Rock-A-Billy Choo Choo ● CD $19.98
Great collection of rockabilly, rock 'n' roll and rockin' country on the subject of trains including many tracks not previously on CD. Includes Stan Johnson (the great Big Black Train), Eddie Plew, Jimmy North, Dick Paige, Cliff Lee & The Rhythm KIngs (a fine cover of Hank Snow's Golden Rocket), Grover Pruitt, Marty Martin (his early 60s recording of Box Car Willie - Martin later changed his name to Boxcar Willie), Buddy Aldo, The Ly-Dells, Zen Fuller, Tracy Pendarvis, Wade Cagle, Gene Simmons, Jack Kingston, Rod Morris and more. Excellent sound and booklet has artist photos and label shots.
BUDDY ALDO: Gotta Get To Memphis/ WADE CAGLE: Groovy Train/ EDDIE CARTER: Railroad Stomp/ THE CHUCK-A-LUCKS: Devil's Train/ DOUG CORBY: Heartbreak Train/ FLOYD FLETCHER: Move On Down The Track/ ZEN FULLER: Mem'ry Train/ THE JADES: Lost Train/ STAN JOHNSON: Big Black Train/ JACK KINGSTON: Freight Train Blues/ CLIFF LEE & THE RHYTHM KINGS: Golden Rocket/ THE LY-DELLS: Hear That Train/ CHUCK MANNING: Let's Go/ MARTY MARTIN: Box Car Willie/ ARLIE MILLER: Big Black Train/ ROD MORRIS: The Ghost Of Casey Jones/ JOHNNY NELMS: Mr.freight Train/ JIMMY NORTH: Leavin' Town/ DICK PAIGE: Big Train/ TRACY PENDARVIS: South Bound Line/ EDDIE PLEW: Midnight Train/ GROVER PRUITT: Mean Train/ JODY REYNOLDS: Long Black Train/ SALADIN: Choo Choo Twist/ TOMMY SENA & THE VALCOUNTS: Choo Choo Train/ GENE SIMMONS: Going Back To Memphis/ TICO & THE TRIUMPHS: Express Train/ THE TITANS: The Noplace Special/ ERNIE WALKER: The Wreck Of The Ninety 7

VARIOUS ARTISTS Romulan UFOX 04 Girls In The Garage, Part 3 ● CD $15.98
Reissue of old LP with 8 bonus cuts featuring 23 tracks by obscure girl groups from the 60s. It's hard to be objective about this, either you find it inept or charming. Me, I'd rather listen to Plommons outtakes than sit in the front row at the Grammies. Highlights on this CD include the ultra cool Jacqueline Taieb - 7:00 AM ("which mini skirt shall I wear today"), Jenny & The Statesiders - Putty In Your Hands (pre-Yardbirds version) and The Tone Benders - Little Black Egg plus tracks by The Liverbirds, Mandy & The Girlfriends, The Cake, The Surfer Girls and more. Cover rated R. (AE)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Teen 6083 Let's Go Rocking At The High School Dance, Vol. 1 ● CD $16.98
Reissue of old LP featuring 16 tracks.
THE AUSTIN SISTERS: It Happened At The Hop/ ACE BALL: High School Wedding Ring/ BOBBY BOND: Sweet Love/ BOBBY COMSTOCK: Jealous Fool/ THE CRESCENDOS: Crazy Hop/ ALVIS EDWARDS: Real Gone Baby/ LEE EMERSON: What A Night/ CHIP FISHER: No One/ VERN GODOWN: Keep Walking/ DEROY GREEN: At The Teen Center/ TOMMY MARIS: Teenage Love/ RAY RUFF: I Took A Liking To You/ JIM SWEENEY: The Midnight Hour/ R. DEAN TAYLOR: At The High School Dance/ GLEN WENDELL: I'm Still In School/ DANNY WOLFE: Pucker Paint


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