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JIMMY CRAIN Collector 4478 Rock-A-Sock-A-Hop ● CD $16.98
28 tracks, recommended Crain was another of those rockabilly hopefuls that tried to follow in Elvis' footsteps. Unlike many other pretty boys Jimmy was primed and ready when rock 'n' roll caught hold, having quite a bit of guitar (and banjo and mandolin) playing experience already. The Ohio native had only a few releases including the obligatory crazy dance number, Shig-A-Shag, originally on the Spangle label, Why Worry and the guitar instrumental Rockin'. All the rest of the cuts were unreleased in the 50s but most eventually turned up Collector's vinyl predecessor White Label and a few have never been released anywhere. Jimmy's vocals aren't that exciting but when the guitar kicks in things get real gone, like on We're Goin' Rockin' , Learning To Rock And Roll , She Loves Rock And Roll as well some nice rocking instrumentals. Includes booklet with brief notes and a bunch of photos. (AE/FS)

BOBBY CROWN & THE KAPERS Collector 4482 Early Rockers ● CD $16.98
28 tracks, recommended. 28 tracks of fine stripped down rockabilly recorded by Texas singer Bobby Crown and his band The Kapers. Although Bobby only had two singles released included the much in demand One Way Ticket on the Felco label those diligent archeologists at Collector have been able to turn up a whole slew of unissued studio recordings, demos, home recordings and live recordings most of which are pretty good. Includes One Way Ticket/ Shake, Rattle & Roll/ I Gotta Hurry/ Fannie Mae/ I Know Heaven's Waitin'/ Bouncy Beat/ A Chicken Is A Bird/ Greeneyed Baby/ I Forgot To Remember To Forget/ Birth Of Rock 'n Roll/ This Feeling Is Killing Me/ Your LOver Man/ One Way Ticket/ That's All Right/ Blue Moon Of kentucky and more. Includes 18 page booklet with extensive notes, rare photo and label shots. (FS)

DION Ace CDCHD 1002 70s: From Acoustic To The Wall Of Sound ● CD $18.98
21 tracks recorded in the 70s for Warner Brothers and Phil Spector International ranging from solo acoustic tracks to elaborate "wall of sound" arrangements by Spector. Includes Doctor Rock 'n' Roll/ Baby Let's Stick Together/ Sanctuary/ It All Fits Together/ Queen Of 1959/ Josie/ New York City Song/ Peaceful Place/ Harmony Sound/ Only You Know, etc. - many original compositions by Dion.

JACK EARLS Navajo 101 Live ● CD $21.98
Legendary Sun rockabilly performer recorded live in Sweden in 2000 accompanied by a Swedish quintet. Jack sounds pretty good on a selection that includes a lot of songs he originally recorded for Sun (Hey Jim/ Let's Bop/ Crawdad Hole/ Slow Down, etc) along with some covers (Flip, Flop & Fly/ She Sure Can Rock Me/ Roll Over Beethoven, etc.). Band is pretty bland and the thin recorded sound doesn't help.

DUANE EDDY Jamie 4026 Plays Songs Of Our Heritage ● CD $15.98
Reissue of 1960 album remastered from original multi-tracks which were thought lost. Duane plays 11 traditional tunes including Cripple Creek/ John Henry/ Prisoner's Song/ Ole Jack Clark/ On Top Of Old Smokey/ Scarlet Ribbons, etc. Includes 8 bonus tracks - four of the tunes from the album without overdubs and four original mono demos.

CURTIS HOBOCK Star Club 506003 Hey Everybody! ● CD $22.98
28 tracks, recommended Collection of sides recorded between 1958 and 1964 by this fine but obscure rockabilly performer from Hatchie, Tennesse. Though Curtis only had a handful of 45s issued during his heyday numerous unissued titles have come to light including half a dozen tracks recorded to Sun. Some of this unissued material has turned up on various LPs and CDs and this set includes them all plus a dozen tracks that have never been issued before! Most of the material is rockabilly and rock 'n' roll with the occasional country side thrown in for good measure. Some of the unissued tracks are unfinished demos but most of it is worth a listen. Includes his most well known song Hey Everybody which was recorded for Murray Nash's Cee & Cee label in 1964 plus The King Is Back (about you know who)/ Apron Strings/ Crazy Twist/ For All I'm Worth/ I Want To Know/ I Wanna Shake It/ China Rock/ The Whole Town's Talking/ Divorce Me C.O.D./ Broken Heart City/ Tribute To Jim Reeves and others. Includes 12 page illustrated booklet with notes on Hobock's life and career. (FS)

MARVIN JACKSON Collector 4481 When You Rock And Roll ● CD $16.98
33 tracks, recommended Marvin Jackson was a fine rockabilly singer and guitar player from Missouri who is best remembered for his fine single Gee Whiz, Miss Liz issued on his own Crestwood label in 1957. That is included here along with several other singles and a lot of tracks from the 50s and early 60s that were not originally issued though some were issued on an old White Label LP (8883). There are also some tracks from the 70s with Marvin performing as a "one man band" though these sound more like overdubbed performances rather than him playing all the instruments at the same time. Marvin had a distinctive and appealing voice and wrote some very catchy songs even though the lyrics were ofen pretty mundane. (FS)

SONNY JAMES Bear Family BCD 16679 Sonny Rocks ● CD $21.98
33 track collection featuring Sonny's more rock flavored numbers including rock ballads. Includes his big hit Young Love plus You're The Reason I'm In Love/ Twenty Feet Of Muddy Water/ First Date, First Love, First Kiss/ Let's Play Love/ Can't Get Over Missin' You/ Let's Go Bunny Huggin'/ Let's Make Up/ Talk Of The School/ Pure Love/ The Day's Not Over Yet and others. It also includes a bonus track - Ric Cartey's original recording of Young Love.

LONNIE MACK Sundazed 6195 The Hills Of Indiana ● CD $11.98
Reissue of Lonnie's last Elektra album from 1971. A bit of a departure from most of his output being a mostly country oriented set with no instrumentals but fine nonetheless including some songs he co-composed along with Don Nix plus songs from Bill Monroe, Carole King, Bob Dyland and others.

THE MERSEYBEATS Bear Family BCD 16604 I Think Of You - The Complete Recordings ● CD $21.98
31 tracks including rare sides sung in German.

RICK NELSON Ace CDCHD 995 Rick's Rarities ● CD $18.98
A collection of 23 tracks from the vaults of Decca/ MCA recorded between 1964 and 1974 including tracks from rare singles, LP cuts and many previously unissued songs. Includes I've Been Lookin'/ Stop The World And Let Me Off/ Freedom And Liberty/ Fiddler Man/ Outside Lookin' In/ Helpless (two versions - on with and one without backing vocals)/ It Doesn't Matter Anymore/ Try To See It My Way/ I'm Called Lonely/ The Lady Came FRom Baltimore/ Promises, etc. Includes 28 page booklet with exetsnive notes and previously unpublished photos.

ELVIS PRESLEY RCA 57868 Elvis - Ultimate Gospel ● CD $17.98
24 track collection of Elvis's best gospel performances newly remastered using DSD technology. Includes How Great Thou Art/ Amazing Grace/ You'll Never Walk Alone/ Milky White Way/ I Believe In The Man In The Sky/ If The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side/ He Touched Me/ Lead Me, Guide Me/ If We Never Meet Again/ Reach Out To Jesus/ Help Me/ Take My Hand Precious Lord, etc.

SAM THE SHAM & THE PHARAOHS Golden Lion 1002 The Complete Wooly Bully Years ● CD $69.98
Uno, dos, 1-2-3-quatro - here they are - the complete recordings made between 1963 and 1968 by one of the most colorful bands in America. Three CDs with 93 tracks. Led by Domingo "Sam The Sham" Samudio they performed pounding Tex-Mex rock and R&B featuring great greasy organ playing by Sam and hot sax from Butch Gibson. It includes all the hits (Wooly Bully/ Ju Ju Hand/ Ring Dang Doo/ Little Red Riding Hood, etc) and lots more. Although best known for their novelty songs they also turned in fine covers of R&B favorites like Every Woman I Know (Crazy 'About An Automobile)?/ Long Tall Sally/ Got My Mojo Working/ Mystery Train/ Leave My Kitten Alone and others plus original compositions. Their sessions were produced by former Sun sideman Stan Kesler. 16 page booklet has reproductions of their album covers and (too brief) notes. the pounding, greasy, Tex-Mex sound of Sam the Sham. 10 big hits rounded up by 4 great LP cuts, from 1965's Wooly Bully to 1967's Black Sheep , from the voodoo jive of Ring Dang Doo & Juju Hand to the storybook jive of Li'l Red Riding Hood & The Hair On My Chinny Chin Chin , this is relentless, great greasy organ from Sam and wonder sax from Butch Gibson. Also includes Pharaoh A-Go-Go/ Sorry 'Bout That/ (I'm In With) The Out Crowd , etc. (GM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 985 Rockin' From Coast To Coast, Vol. 3 ● CD $18.98
The third volume in this great series (previous volumes are Ace 496 and 715) features 26 sides from the 50s and early 60s - a mix of rockabilly, rock 'n' roll and rocking R&B from the likes of Danny Dell & The Trends, Flash Terry, Jamie Coe, Mickey & Sylvia, DWight Pullen, Pat Kelly With The Shamrocks, Bertice Reading, Kid Thomas, Johnny O'Keefe & The Deejays, Hank Mizell, Del Reeves, Ted Taylor, The Fendermen and others. It also includes the excellent recently discovered Too Much Loving (Going On) by an unknown rockabilly performer. Although many of the tracks have been on CD before the sound quality here put most previous reissues to shame and set comes with 20 page booklet with detailed notes, artist photos and label shots. (FS)
BIG BOB: Your Line Was Busy/ THE BLONDE BOMBER: Strollie Bun/ SHIRLEY CADELL: The Big Bounce/ JAMIE COE: Summertime Symphony/ DON COVAY: Believe It Or Not/ KEN DAVIS: Shook Shake (like A Big Mix Cake)/ THE DEL-TONES: Rockin' Blues/ DANNY DELL: Froggy Went A Courting/ ELROY DIETZEL: Rock'n'bones/ THE FENDERMEN: Muleskinner Blues (cuca Records' Version)/ GEORGE FLEMING: I'm Gonna Tell/ WILD CHILD GIPSON: Uncle John/ PAT KELLY: Hey Doll Baby/ MICKEY & SYLVIA: No Good Lover/ HANK MIZELL: I'm Ready/ JOHNNY O'KEEFE: Shake Baby Shake/ MARY PETTI: Hey, Lawdy Lawdy/ DWIGHT PULLEN: Sunglasses After Dark/ BERTICE READING: Rock Baby, Rock/ DEL REEVES: My Baby Loves To Rock/ RONNIE & ROY: Big Fat Sally/ TED TAYLOR: Everywhere I Go/ FLASH TERRY: Cool It/ KID THOMAS: Rockin' This Joint To-nite/ UNKNOWN ROCKABILLY ARTIST: Too Much Loving (going On)/ BOBBY VERNE: Red Hot Car

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 989 Girls With Guitars ● CD $18.98
A bit of a different girl group compilation since the girl not only sing but also play their own instruments. 24 tracks from the 60s by The Girls, The Angels (a previously unissued tracks), Goldie & The Gingerbreads, Sugar & The Spices, The Goodees, Pat Powdrill & The Power Drills, The Daughters Of Eve, The Percells, Lonnie Mack & The Charmaines, Sugar & The Spices, The Hairem, She and others. Includes 20 page booklet with extensive notes by compiler Mick Patrick.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 990 Crazy 'Bout An Automobile ● CD $18.98
25 tracks from the 50s and 60s exploring America's ever popular fascination with cars. It includes rock 'n roll, R&B and blues - some familiar, some obscure - all with great sound. Includes a version of the title song by Al Vance plus Four In The Floor by The Shutdowns, Hot-Rod by The Mar-keys, Buick '59 by Vernon Green & The Medallions, Cruisin' by The Hollywood Vines and more from Ronny & The Daytonas, Chuck Berry, The Del-Vikings, Mercy Dee, Bruce & Terry and others. Includes booklet with notes by Rob Finnis.
CHUCK BERRY: You Can't Catch Me/ JACKIE BRENSTON & HIS DELTA CATS: Rocket 88/ BRUCE & TERRY: Custom Machine/ THE CHORDETTES: No Wheels/ MERCY DEE: Come Back Maybellene/ THE DEL VIKINGS: Flat Tire/ THE DELICATES: Black & White Thunderbird/ THE EXPORTS: Car Hop/ VERNON GREEN & THE MEDALLIONS: Buick 59/ THE HOLLYWOOD VINES: Cruisin'/ JAN & ARNIE: Gas Money/ JAN & DEAN: Drag City/ THE JESTERS: Cadillac Man/ THE MARKEYS: Hot Rod/ OSCAR MCLOLLIE: Roll Hot Rod Roll/ THE MEDALLIONS: Speedin'/ THE RALLY PACKS: Move Out Little Mustang/ NELSON RIDDLE: Route 66 Theme/ THE RIP CHORDS: Hey Little Cobra/ RONNY & THE DAYTONAS: Bucket T/ CHARLIE RYAN: Hot Rod Lincoln/ THE SHUTDOWNS: Four In The Floor/ VINCE TAYLOR: Brand New Cadillac/ AL VANCE: Every Woman I Know (crazy About An Automobile)/ GENE VINCENT: Why Don't You People Learn To Drive

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 998 Beach Party - Garpax Surf & Drag ● CD $18.98
26 track collection of surf and drag music recorded for multi-talented Los Angeles entrepreneur Gary Paxton's Garpax label. Includes 8 previously unissued tracks.
BUCKY & THE DALES: Firewater/ LORD DOUGLAS BYRON: Big Bad Ho Dad/ THE CAPTIVATIONS: Little Bitty King Of The Road/ Red Hot Scrambler-go/ Speedshift/ Wild Wild Mustang/ THE FASHIONS: Surfers Memories/ Surfin' Back To School/ KENNY & THE HO-DADDIES: Goofy Guitar/ Surf Dance/ KENNY & THE SULTANS: The Wipe Out/ With Vigor/ DAVE KINZIE: Beach Party (all Summer Long)/ LONNIE MCLAUGHLIN & THE PREMIERS: Warpath/ GENE MOLES: Kaha Huna (goddess Of Surfing)/ GARY PAXTON: The Scavenger/ Two Hump Dual Bump Camel Named Robert E Lee/ THE ROCKETS BAND: Countdown/ Warrior/ JUDY RUSSELL: Surfin' With Jimmy/ SANDFORD & THE SANDIES: Let's Go To The Beach/ THE SURF BUNNIES: Summertime Is Surfin' Time/ THE TORQUAYS: Escondido/ Surfer's Cry/ VINCE & THE WAIKIKI RUMBLERS: Waikiki Rumble/ THE ZIP-CODES: Dear Mr Henry Ford

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1004 The Later Jin Singles - Promised Land ● CD $18.98
26 tracks, highly recommended Ace 878 featured some of the great rock 'n' roll and swamp pop recorded as singles for Floyd Soileau's Jin label between 1958 and 1961. This new release features singles recorded between 1962 and 1976 featuring more great rock 'n roll and swamp pop with the occasional blues and Zydeco track thrown in for good measure. It includes a number of national and local hits including Johnnie Allan's great version of Chuck Berry's The Promised Land, Tommy McClain's version of Don Gibson's Sweet Dreams and Rufus Jagneaux's infectious Opelousas Sostan as well as fine sides by Rockin' Sidney, Billy Lewis & The Rockin' Hearts, Ronnie Bennett (a version of James Wayne's Traveling Mood with Johnny Winter's Band), Rockin' dave Allen, Clint West & The Fabulous Boogie King, Kenny Tibbs & The Jokers and more. Includes 12 page booklet with comments on the tracks by Floyd himself. (FS)
JOHNNIE ALLAN: Pont Breaux/ The Promised Land/ Lonely Weekends/ ROCKIN' DAVE ALLEN: My Little Darling/ RONNIE BENNETT WITH JOHNNY WINTER'S BAND: Traveling Mood/ ROD BERNARD & CLIFTON CHENIER: Shake, Rattle And Roll/ RUFUS JAGNEAUX: Opelousas Sostan/ BILLY LEWIS AND THE ROCKIN' HEARTS: Growing Old/ Show Me How To Twist/ LONESOME GEORGE: Send Your Lovin' My Way/ LEE MARTIN WITH THE VELVET TONES: Lover's Plea/ TOMMY MCLAIN: Sweet Dreams/ RANDY AND THE ROCKETS: No More Trouble/ Rockets' Twist/ ROCKIN' SIDNEY: It Really Is A Hurtin' Thing/ No Good Woman/ You Ain't Nothing But Fine/ OTIS SMITH: Sunday School Woman/ SKIP STEWART: Take Her Back/ PRENTICE THOMAS: Bad Moon Rising/ KENNY TIBBS AND THE JOKERS: Living In A Dream/ CLINT WEST: When My Heart Hurts No More/ Boogie Chillun/ Night Train/ Try Me/ MARGO WHITE: I'm Not Ashamed

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16440 That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 20 - Event Records ● CD $21.98
37 tracks, 77 mins, highly recommended The long awaited 20th volume in this great series featuring label oriented collections of rockabilly and rock 'n' roll from the 50s and early 60s. This one features 37 tracks recorded for Al Hawkes' Event label based in Westbrook, Maine in the mid/ late 50s including 17 previously unissued songs or alternate takes. A mix of rockabilly, rock 'n' roll plus some group sounds and country. Star of the show is Curtis Johnson who has 12 tracks including his classic Baby, Baby. Some of his cuts feature superb guitar work from Leonard "Sonny" Breau who also appears on an early recording of trucker favorite Dick Curless on the great bluesy country song Evil Hearted Man. Another exceptional artist is Boston rocker Ricky Coyne who is heard on three fine songs including an outstanding unissued cover of Larry Williams' Short Fat Fannie. Other artists include Scotty McKay, The Javalans, Slim Martin, Johnny Houston (the dullest artist here), Danny Harrison, The Dreamers, Joe Taylor and others. As always for Bear Family the sound quality is stunning and the CD comes with a 52 page booklet crammed ful of information, discographical data and rare photos including one showing Joe Taylor with Buddy Holly! (FS)
ROY ALDRIDGE: It's Not Easy To Forget/ BILL BRADDY & THE WESTERN STARLIGHTERS: Blue Eyed Blonde/ JIMMY COPELAND: Jealous Hearted Me/ RICKY COYNE: I Want You To Know/ Rollin' Pin Min/ Short Fat Fannie/ DICK CURLESS: Evil Hearted Man Blues/ THE DREAMERS: Ding Dong/ Rock And Roll Baby/ THE FOUR DAPPERS: Baby You Done Me Wrong/ Say I Do/ DANNY HARRISON: Rock-a-billy Boogie/ JOHNNY HOUSTON: Give Me A Kiss For Christmas/ Rockin' On The Range/ Slick Chic/ Torrid Tessie Lee/ THE JAVALINS: Come Dance With Me/ Hold On Tight/ Your Love Will Come My Way/ CURTIS JOHNSON: Baby Let's Play House/ Baby, Baby/ Heading For The High School Hop/ I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine/ I Need You Baby To Love (guitar)/ I Need You Baby To Love (sax)/ Let's Do A Little Rockin' (guitar)/ Let's Do A Little Rockin' (sax)/ Lover Boy/ Lover Boy (with Accoustic Guitar)/ Teenage Love Affair/ You're The One/ HERBIE LEE III: Champagne, Charlene/ SLIM MARTIN: Bunny Hop Rock/ SCOTTY MCKAY: Evenin' Time/ Rollin' Dynamite/ JOE TAYLOR: The Red Bird Boogie/ THE WESTERN STARLIGHTERS: Rockin' Too Much

VARIOUS ARTISTS Boulevard Vintage 4004 Elvis - Inspiration ● CD $28.98
Three CD box set devoted to the King. The first two dics features 40 blues, R&B and country songs that Elvis covered or was inspired by including tracks from Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, Leon Payne, Jimmy Wakely, Lonnie Johnson, Eddy Arnold, Hank Snow, The Trumpeteers, Ivory Joe Hunter, Big Mama Thornton, Billy Ward & His Dominoes, Junior Parker, Red Foley, The Golden Gate Quartet and others. The third disc features a rare 23 minute interview recorder at The Empire Stadium, Vancouver, Canada in 1957. Includes 32 page illustrated booklet with extensive notes.
EDDY ARNOLD: I'll Hold You In My Heart/ It's A Sin/ When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again/ KOKOMO ARNOLD: Milk Cow Blues/ THE CLOVERS: Fool Fool Fool/ ARTHUR "BIG BOY" CRUDUP: My Baby Left Me/ So Glad You're Mine/ That's All Right/ THE DRIFTERS: Money Honey/ Such A Night/ RED FOLEY: Old Shep/ THE GOLDEN GATE QUARTET: I Will Be Home Again/ Joshua Fit The Battle/ Swing Down Chariot/ WYNONIE HARRIS: Good Rockin' Tonight/ IVORY JOE HUNTER: I Need You So/ It's A Sin/ THE INK SPOTS: That's When Your Heartaches Begin/ LONNIE JOHNSON: Tomorrow Night/ BILL LANDFORD & THE LANDFORDAIRES: Run On For A Long Time/ DEAN MARTIN: I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine/ BILL MONROE: Blue Moon of Kentucky/ SONNY TIL & THE ORIOLES: Crying In The Chapel/ JUNIOR PARKER: Mystery Train/ LEON PAYNE: I Love You Because/ THE PILGRIM TRAVELLERS: I'll Be Home For Christmas/ LLOYD PRICE: Lawdy Miss Clawdy/ THE SHELTON BROTHERS: Just Because/ HANK SNOW: A Fool Such As I/ I'm Movin' On/ RUFUS THOMAS: Tiger Man/ BIG MAMA THORNTON: Hound Dog/ THE TRUMPETEERS: Milky White Way/ ERNEST TUBB: Blue Christmas/ JIMMY WAKELY: I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin')/ BILLY WARD & HIS DOMINOS: Rags To Riches/ HANK WILLIAMS: I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/ Your Cheatin' Heart/ BOB WILLS: Faded Love/ JOHNNIE LEE WILLS & HIS BOYS: Milk Cow Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Castle CMEDD 810 Freight Train - The Skiffle Explosion ● CD $22.98
Two CD set featuring 52 tracks recorded between 1955 and 1957 featuring the most popular British skiffle artists and the biggest skiffle hits.  Includes fold out booklet with notes by Chas McDevitt.
2.19 SKIFFLE GROUP: Railroad Bill/ AVON CITIES SKIFFLE GROUP: Fisherman's Blues/ Green Corn/ This Little Light Of Mine/ CHRIS BARBER SKIFFLE GROUP: Can't You Line 'Em/ Doin' My Time/ Where Could I Go/ DICKIE BISHOP & HIS SIDEKICKS: No Other Baby/ CITY RAMBLERS: Boodle-Am-Shake/ KEN COLYER SKIFFLE GROUP: Down By The Riverside/ Sportin' Life/ BOB CORT SKIFFLE GROUP: Six-Five Special/ THE CRANES SKIFFLE GROUP: Freight Train/ CYRIL DAVIES & ALEXIS KORNER: Skip To My Lou/ DELTA SKIFFLE GROUP: Open Up Them Pearly Gates/ LONNIE DONEGAN: Alabammy Bound/ Bring A Little Water Sylvie/ Cumberland Gap/ Diggin' My Potatoes/ Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O/ Gamblin' Man/ Grand Coulee Dam/ Jack O'Diamonds/ John Henry/ Lost John/ Midnight Special/ Puttin' On The Style/ Rock Island Line/ JOHNNY DUNCAN & THE BLUEGRASS BOYS: Footsteps In The Snow/ Kaw Liga/ Last Train To San Fernando/ EDEN STREET SKIFFLE GROUP: Raise A Ruckus Tonight/ LES HOBEAUX: Mama Don't Allow/ LEA VALLEY SKIFFLE GROUP: I'm Gonna Walk & Talk/ LEVEE BREAKERS: Wild About My Lovin'/ CHAS MCDEVITT SKIFFLE GROUP (WITH SHIRLEY DOU: Across The Bridge/ CHAS MCDEVITT SKIFFLE GROUP: Badman Stackolee/ Freight Train/ Greenback Dollar/ I'm Satisfied/ Johnnie-O/ My Old Man/ New Orleans/ Sportin Life/ BRIAN NEWEY SKIFFLE GROUP: Toll The Bell Easy/ STATION SKIFFLE GROUP: Steamboat Bill/ THE VIPERS: Cumberland Gap/ Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O/ Streamline Train/ WESTCOTT SKIFFLE GROUP: Goodmornin' Blues/ THE WORRIED MEN: This Little Light

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collector 4483 Rock, Rock, Rockin' Tonight ● CD $16.98
Collector Records continues to turn up previously unreissued rockabilly and rock 'n' roll rarities. Some of the tracks have been out on CD before but many are making their first digital appearance. Includes LaVerne Stovall, The Epkons, The Vandelles, Johnny Fortune, Gerald Self, Billy Wood & The Virginians, The Rhythm Rockers, Jerry Merrett & The Clowns, Clayton Waton & The Silhouettes, Pete Peters, Dusty Rivers & The Rangers, Harry Carter & Matthews Band, etc. Some nice stuff here. 8 page booklet has artist photos and label shots.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Hip-O 02251 The Golden Era Of Rock 'n' Roll, 1954-1963 ● CD $39.98
Dovetailing with Hip-O 02252 ("The Roots Of Rock 'n' Roll" - see R&B section) this gives us 62 seminal rock 'n' roll classics in the nine year period from 1954 to 1964 - starting with Bill Haley's Rock Around The Clock and ending with The Beach Boys' Surfin' USA. It includes 33 tunes that reached #1 in the charts but, unfortunately, there is no Elvis. It does include sides by The Moonglows, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Shirley & Lee, Johnny Burnette's Rock 'n' Roll Trio, The Five Satins, Dale Hawkins, The Big Bopper, Buddy Holly, Huey "Piano" Smith & The Clowns, The Monotones, Eddie Cochran, The Drifters, Jackie Wilson, Santo & Johnny, The Ventures, Hank Ballard & The Midnighters, Del Shannon, Gary "U.S." Bonds, The Angels and lots more. Set comes in fold out digipack with 48 page illustrated booklet with notes by Billy Altman.
LEE ANDREWS & THE HEARTS: Tear Drops/ THE ANGELS: My Boyfriend's Back/ LAVERN BAKER: Jim Dandy/ HANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERS: Finger Poppin' Time/ THE BEACH BOYS: Surfin' U.s.a./ CHUCK BERRY: Maybellene/ THE BIG BOPPER: Chantilly Lace/ THE BOBBETTES: Mr. Lee/ GARY "U.S." BONDS: Quarter To Three/ JOHNNY BURNETTE AND THE ROCK & ROLL TRIO: Train Kept A-rollin'/ THE CADETS: Stranded In The Jungle/ THE CHAMPS: Tequila/ GENE CHANDLER: Duke Of Earl/ RAY CHARLES: What'd I Say/ THE CHIFFONS: He's So Fine/ THE COASTERS: Yakety Yak/ EDDIE COCHRAN: Summertime Blues/ SAM COOKE: I'll Come Running Back To You/ THE CROWS: Gee/ DANNY & THE JUNIORS: At The Hop/ JOEY DEE & THE STARLITERS: Peppermint Twist, Pt.1/ THE DEL VIKINGS: Come Go With Me/ THE DIAMONDS: Little Darlin'/ BO DIDDLEY: Bo Diddley/ DION: Runaround Sue/ FATS DOMINO: Ain't That A Shame/ THE DRIFTERS: There Goes My Baby/ DUANE EDDY: Rebel Rouser/ THE ELEGANTS: Little Star/ THE EVERLY BROTHERS: Bye Bye Love/ THE FIVE SATINS: In The Still Of The Night/ THE FLAMINGOS: I Only Have Eyes For You/ FRANKIE FORD: Sea Cruise/ THE FOUR SEASONS: Sherry/ BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS: Rock Around The Clock/ WILBERT HARRISON: Kansas City/ DALE HAWKINS: Susie-q/ BUDDY HOLLY: Peggy Sue/ BRENDA LEE: Sweet Nothin's/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/ LITTLE RICHARD: Tutti Frutti/ FRANKIE LYMON & THE TEENAGERS: Why Do Fool Fall In Love/ THE MARCELS: Blue Moon/ MICKEY & SYLVIA: Love Is Strange/ THE MONOTONES: Book Of Love/ THE MOONGLOWS: Sincerely/ RICKY NELSON: Believe What You Say/ ROY ORBISON: Only The Lonely/ THE PENGUINS: Earth Angel/ CARL PERKINS: Blue Suede Shoes/ THE PLATTERS: Only You/ SANTO & JOHNNY: Sleep Walk/ DEL SHANNON: Runaway/ THE SHIRELLES: Will You Love Me Tomorrow?/ SHIRLEY & LEE: Let The Good Times Roll/ THE SKYLINERS: Since I Don't Have You/ HUEY "PIANO" SMITH & THE CLOWNS: Rocking Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu/ BIG JOE TURNER: Shake, Rattle & Roll/ RITCHIE VALENS: La Bamba/ THE VENTURES: Walk, Don't Run/ GENE VINCENT & HIS BLUE CAPS: Be-bop-a-lula/ JACKIE WILSON: Lonely Teardrops

VARIOUS ARTISTS Triple Crown 103 Before They Were Hits, Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98
Original versions of songs that were later a hit for someone else or were hits for the original artist in a different demo - includes Tony Romeo (the original of I'm Gonna Make You Mine - a hit for Lou Christie), Jackie Wilson (the original demo and later hit version of Baby Workout), The Newtones (Can't You See - a hit for The Five Discs) and others from Tracy Russell, The Newports, The Platters, Dee Dee Warwick and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Woody 505 Found In The Basement, Vol. 5 ● CD $18.98
Subtitled "Teen And Doo Wop Rarities" this is more "teen" than "doo wop" and much of the doo-wop is of the teen variety. It also includes girl groups and soul and a lot of it sounds like it's from the 60s or later. Includes The Colgates, Harbor-Lites, Joey Valentine, Johnny Mathis (covering Frankie Avalon's hit Venus!), The Roulettes, Peter Shrayder, Barry Lee & The Four Evers, Florence Devore, The Sweet Bippies, Peter & The Infinits, etc.
THE AVANTIS: Denice/ Next Door To An Angel/ DWIGHT BECK: Teen Angel/ DEBBY BOONE: Oh No Not My Baby/ THE CARDIGAN BROTHERS: Everybody Loves A Guy Named Johnny/ KEITH CHRISTMAS: My Girl/ THE COLGATES: The Streets Of The Bronx (acap)/ FLORENCE DEVORE: Kiss Me Now/ TONY DOUGLAS: Gabby Abby/ THE HARBOR LITES: What Would I Do Without You/ THE HARVEY SISTERS: Kiss Of Love/ BARRY LEE & 4-EVERS: Make It/ JOHNNY MATHIS: Venus/ PETER & THE INFINITS: She's Laughing At You/ CHUCK ROBERTS: Old Enough To Fall In Love/ THE ROULETTES: Archibald The Second "the Duke Of Nothing"/ BOBBY SHERMAN: The Telegram/ PETER SHRAYDER: Take My Back Baby/ THE STARLINGS: Baby, I Love You/ THE SWEET BIPPIES: Bubblegum Music/ THE TREE TOPS: Don't Worry Baby/ THE TREN-DELLS: Mr. Doughnut Man/ JOEY VALENTINE: Going To The Movies/ THE VOXPOPPERS: Wishing For Your Love

RUSTY YORK Bear Family BCD 16543 Rusty Rocks ● CD $21.98
28 tracks by one of the finest rockabilly artists of the 50's. He was a pretty good singer and a dynamite guitar player, usually backed by a powerful band. Best known now for his rockin' cover version of Marty Robbins' Sugaree recorded for Jewel but picked by Chess, this collection features all his recordings made between 1957 and 1964 including a few previously unissued alternate takes and a number of tracks that have not been on CD before. Wherever possible, Bear Family have remastered from original master tapes and the set comes with profusely illustrated 52 page booklet with notes by Colin Escott and full discographical notes. Includes Sugaree/ The Girl Can't Help It (two takes)/ Peggy Sue (two takes)/ Shae 'Em Up Baby/ Sweet Talk/ Sadie Mae/ Tremblin'/ La Dee Dah/ Goodnight Cinvinnati, Good Morning Tennessee/ You'd Better Leave My Baby Alone/ Don 't Do It/ Molly Darlin'/ Tore Up Over You (two takes)/ A Fallen Star and more.


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