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THE LAST OF THE GOOD ROCKING MEN by Todd R. Baptista ● CD $12.95
Softbound, 48 pages, counts as two CDs for shipping This slim book chronicles the career of bass singer Ellison White's who performed with gospel groups Wings Over Jordan and Wingman Quartet as well as doo-wop groups The Four Jacks and The Bombers and also did solo recordings. Based on personal interviews and illustrated with numerous photos it includes anecdotes about the Los Angeles music scene of the 1950s. A percentage of the profits of this book go directly to White.

THE DUBS Castle CCD 1006 25 Original Greatest Hits ● CD $17.98
25 great sides from this outstanding 50s group.
THE DUBS: Be Sure My Love/ Beside My Love/ Blue Velvet/ Chapel Of Dreams/ Connie/ Could This Be Magic?/ Darling/ Darling (Demo)/ Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely/ Don't Laugh At Me/ For All The Tea In China/ For Those Who Think Young/ Gonna Make A Change/ I Won't Have You Breaking My Heart/ If I Only Had Magic/ Is There A Love For Me/ Jump Rock And Roll/ Song In My Heart/ Such Lovin'/ This I Swear/ This To Me Is Love/ Two Hearts Are Better Than One/ Wisdom Of A Fool/ You're Free To Go/ Your Very First Love

FRANKIE & THE FASHIONS Crystal Ball 1045 Crime Don't Pay ● CD $17.98
23 tracks of contemporary doo-wop. Mostly original songs - Crime Don't Pay/ Detective Of Love/ When The Bells Stop Ringing/ I Fought The Law/ Dick Tracey/ The Stars Are OUt Tonight/ Felony Of LOve/ Do You/ Please Don't Cheat On Me/ Iraq Attack, etc.

Z.Z. HILL SDEG 1951 Swamp Dogg Presents The Brand New Z.Z. Hill ● CD $14.98
Reissue of 1971 concept album produced by Swampp Dogg with 11 bonus cuts and 20 page booklet - It Ain't No Use/ SEcond Chance/ Faithful & True/ Hold Back (One Man At A Time)/ Early In The Morning/ Suppertime (Home Just Ain't Home)/ Touch Em With Love, etc. The bonus cuts are rather porrly recorded.

THE IMPRESSIONS Kent CDKEND 213 The Definitive Impressions, Part 2 ● CD $18.98
Complementing Kent 923 this features 28 more classic sides recorded for ABC Paramount in the mid 60s. The first volume concentrated on their hits while this features equally b-sides, album tracks and a few of the hits that didn't make the first volume. Includes (Man Oh Man) I Want To Go Back/ We're In Love/ Little Brown Boy/ I Love You (Yeah)/ Never Could You Be/ You'll Want Me Back/ You've Got Me Runnin/ I've Found That I've Lost/ Puppy Love/ It's All Over and more.

THE JAYNELLS Crystal Ball 1048 We Love Those Oldies ● CD $17.98
Five tracks from 1963 and 17 recent recordings from New York group.

REPARATA & THE DELRONS Mo-Banana 1001 Magical Musical History Tour ● CD $17.98
Collection of sides from the 60s and 70s by Brooklyn girl group trio best known for their hit Whenever A Teenager Cries which is included here along with 28 other tracks (three previously unreleased) including It's Waiting There For You/ Saturday Night Didn't Happen/ You Can't Change A Young Boy's Mind/ Maybe Tomorrow (unreleased)/ San Juan/ Walking In The Rain/ I'm Nobody's Baby Now/ Mama's Little Girl/ Look In My Diary (unreleased) and many more.
REPARATA & THE DELRONS: (we're Gonna) Hold The Night/ Always Waitin'/ Boys & Girls/ Captain Of Your Ship/ He Don't Want You/ Heaven Only Knows/ I Believe/ I Can Hear The Rain/ I Can Tell/ I'm Nobody's Baby Now/ I've Got An Awful Lot Of Losing You To Do/ It's Waiting There For You/ Loneliest Girl In Town/ Look In My Diary (prev Unreleased)/ Mama's Little Girl/ Maybe Tomorrow (prev Unreleased)/ Panic/ Please Say You Love Me Today (prev Unreleased)/ San Juan/ Saturday Night Didn't Happen/ Summer Laughter/ That's What Sends Men To The Bowery/ The Kind Of Trouble That I Love/ Tommy/ Toom Toom (is A Little Boy)/ Walking In The Rain/ Weather Forecast/ Whenever A Teenager Cries/ You Can't Change A Young Boys Mind

HOWARD TATE Private Music 52692 Rediscovered ● CD $17.98
12 tracks, 44 min, essential You may not have heard Tate, but a lot of people you like have covered his tunes - BB King did Ain't Nobody Home, both Jimi Hendrix & Mike Bloomfield/Al Kooper Supersession did Stop, Janis Joplin made a solo career around Get It While You Can, hell, even Grand Funk did Look At Granny Run Run. Connected with the great writer/pianist Jerry Ragovoy, Tate did 3 LPs in the late 60s - early 70s & disappeared for 30 years, until being spotted in a supermarket in my old NJ hometown by a member of The Bluenotes! Tate tore it up at last years San Francisco Blues Festival & this CD shows his voice is as wonderful as ever! Most tunes by Ragovy along with a cover of Kiss by Prince, & ending with a sublime version of Get It While You Can with just Howard backed by Ragovy's gospel piano. (GM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 983 Ooh Bop Sha Boo ● CD $18.98
24 track collection of doo-wop gems from King and its affiliated Federal and DeLuxe labels. The recordings feature 17 different groups and cover the period 1954 to 1962.Although many of these tracks have appeared on CD before the tracks here are beautifully remastered from the original tapes and include an illustrated booklet with notes.
THE CALIFORNIANS: My Angel/ THE CHANTERS: I Need Your Tenderness/ My, My, Darling/ THE CRYSTALS: God Only Knows/ THE FEDERALS: Come Go With Me/ THE FIVE KEYS: You Broke The Only Heart/ THE GUYTONES: Ooh Bop Sha Boo (give All Your Love To Me)/ Tell Me (how Was I To Know)/ THE HURRICANES: Dear Mother/ THE FIVE JETS: Tell Me You're Mine/ KENNY MARTIN: Ask Me/ THE MASCOTS: Lonely Rain/ Story Of My Heart/ THE PYRAMIDS: Deep In My Heart For You/ THE STRANGERS: Blue Flowers/ THE SWALLOWS: Eternally/ Who Knows, Do You?/ THE TEMPTATIONS: Roach's Rock/ Standing Alone/ THE TENDERFOOTS: I'm Yours Anyhow/ Those Golden Bells/ THE VELVET KEYS: My Baby's Gone/ OTIS WILLIAMS & THE CHARMS: Let Some Love In Your Heart/ So Can I

VARIOUS ARTISTS BGP CDBGPD 150 Stax Of Funk, Vol. 2 - More Funky Truth ● CD $18.98
21 high quality slabs of funk from Stax - mostly rare tracks only issued on 45 rpm including The Staple Singers, Calvin Scott, Rufus Thomas (the unreleased Doin' The Side Saddle), The Bar Kays, Albert King, Jimmy McCracklin, Inez Foxx and many more.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Doo-Wop Records 0004 Cry Baby Doo-Wops ● CD $18.98
25 tracks, 64 mins, recommended Fine 25 track collection of doo-wop songs with the word "Cry" in the title. As you might expect from the theme, most of the tracks are slow and sad but there are some up tempo numbers including the great opening rocker Cry Baby by Lloyd Logan & the Yachtsmen. Other tracks I Won't Cry by The Classmen, Don't Cry by The Dreamers (a real beauty), Cry Angel Cry by The Apollos, I Just Cry by Johnny Flamingo (a soulful mid tempo track), I'm Not Crying Anymore by The Cordials, Someone's Gonna Cry by The Five Cats and more weepers from The Chalets, Robins, Merrill Warner, The Chromatics and others. Sound quality is excellent and many of the tracks are making their first appearance on CD. (FS)
THE APOLLOS: Cry Angel Cry/ THE CAROUSELLES: I've Cried Enough/ THE CASTALEERS: That's Why I Cry/ THE CHALETS: Who's Laughing Who's Crying/ THE CHROMATICS: Don't Know Why I Cry/ JERRY CIUFO: Don't Cry/ THE CLASSMEN: I Won't Cry/ THE CORDIALS: I'm Not Crying Anymore/ VINNIE DOWNS: An Angel Never Cries/ THE DREAMERS: Don't Cry/ THE EMERALDS: Lover's Cry/ THE ENCHANTERS: Why Are You Crying/ THE ESCORTS: My Heart Cries For You/ THE FIVE CATS: Someone's Gonna Cry/ JOHNNY FLAMINGO: I Just Cry/ THE GRAND PREES: Sit And Cry/ EDWARD HAMILTON & THE ARABIANS: Now You Have To Cry Alone/ THE IDOLS: Why Must I Cry/ LLOYD LOGAN & THE YACHTSMEN: Cry Baby/ RONNIE MOORE & THE IVORY TONES: Your Turn To Cry/ THE PARLIMENTS: You Make Me Wanna Cry/ RITCHIE & THE HALLMATES: Joannie Don't You Cry/ THE ROBINS: Cry Over You/ THE STRINGBEANS: Stop Your Crying/ MERRILL WARNER: Sit Hope And Cry

VARIOUS ARTISTS Einstein 510 Confidential Doo Wop, Vol. 10 ● CD $18.98
Latest in this fine series of rare doo-wop features 28 tracks - many not previously on CD.
LEE ANDREWS & GROUP: If You Only Cared/ THE CAPITALS: Cause I Love You/ THE CELEBRITIES: I Want You/ TERRY CLINTON & THE BERRY CUPS: Delores My Darling/ THE CRESCENDOS: I'll Be Seeing You/ THE DUSTERS: Give Me Time/ THE FABULOUS FLAMES: Josephine/ FOUR BROTHERS & A COUSIN: Whispering Wind/ SAMMY HAGAN & THE VISCOUNTS: Smoochie Poochie/ FRANK HARRIS & GROUP: A Sweet Dream/ THE HAYDEN SISTERS: Silent Tears/ THE HEARTS: It's Unbelievable/ DARLA HOOD & THE ROCKETEERS: No Secret Now/ THE INKSPOTS: Bewildered/ Secret Love/ THE INTERLUDES: Darling I'll Be True/ Wilted Rosebud/ GARY LANE & THE MAD LADS: What Do You Do When/ JIMMY LANE & THE SUGARTONES: Constantly/ ANNIE LAURIE & GROUP: You Promised Love/ THE MAJORS: Come On Up To My Room/ THE MASCOTS: The Way I Feel/ BETTE MCLAURIN & THE FOUR FELLOWS: So Will I/ THE PENGUINS: Heavenly Angel/ THE ROULETTES: Wouldn't Be Goin' Steady/ AL SAVAGE & GROUP: A Fool Was I/ THE VELVETONES: Stars of Wonder/ LACILLE WATKINS & THE BELLTONES: Maybe You'll Be There

VARIOUS ARTISTS Famous Groove 971054 Soul Vocal Groups ● CD $18.98
15 tracks from two obscure Los Angeles group - 9 by The Nights and 6 by Thee Dupremes.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Gold Dust 2005 The Wildcat Records Story ● CD $17.98
23 tracks drawn from this small label active in San Antonio, Texas in the mid 50s. A varied selection of material including rock 'n' roll (Garland Davis, Baby Ray, Al Epp), doo-wop (The Pharaohs, Lyrics, Corridors, Johnny Ballard & The Zodiacs), R&B instrumentals (one side by Jack Arnold & The Chalecos and four y the excellent Spot Barnett Orchestra including a great version of Summertime and one track with a young Doug Sahm on bass), novelty (George Lester & The Chalecos), country (Ronnie Chambers) and black gospel (four tracks by the superb Bells Of Joy which are alone worth the price).

VARIOUS ARTISTS Grapevine GVCD 3010 Troubled Waters - Deep Soul From The Deep South ● CD $21.98
A collection of 23 tracks of Southern soul mostly recorded for Malaco and its subsidiaries between the late 60s and early 80s including several previously unissued tracks. Some of the material seems to me to be a bit slick to be considered "deep soul" but I'm no expert. Includes tracks by Sam Dees, Billy Cee, McKinley Mitchell, Hank Sample, Dorothy Moore, Joe Wilson, Joe Johnson, Betty & Charles, Eddie Houston, Anita Mitchell, J. Count Hughes, etc. Includes 12 page illustrated booklet with notes by British soul expert John Ridley.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Horizon Sound 101 Classic Corner Collections ● CD $17.98
Fine collection of obscure doo wop from the 50s and early 60s - minimal duplication with other compilations.
ART "TURK" CARAMAN & GROUP: Falling For You/ THE CELTICS: Darlene Darling/ THE CREATIONS: This Is Our Night/ THE DAYLIGHTERS: I Can't Stop Crying/ THE DESIRES: Phyllis Beloved/ THE DREAMGIRLS: Oh This Is Why/ ELROY & THE EXCITEMENTS: My Love Will Never Die/ THE EMBERS: Wait For Me/ THE ENSENADAS: Love I Beg Of You/ THE ESQUIRES: Why Must I Love You/ THE FABULONS: Just Like A Fool/ THE FABULOUS PEARL DEVINES: So Lonely/ THE FLAMES: My Joan/ TOMMY INETT AND GROUP: I'll Always Be True/ THE IVORIES: Alone/ THE LYRICS: You/ THE MELO-GENTS: Baby Be Mine/ THE MONTEREYS: First Kiss/ THE ORIGINALS: I Still Love You/ THE PARAMOUNTS: Take My Heart/ THE ROYAL JESTERS: Is That Good Enough For You/ THE SEMINOLES: It Takes A Lot/ THE SENSATIONS: My Debut To Love/ THE TOKENS: Oh What A Night/ THE VIBRATIONS: All My Love Belongs To You/ THE WIL-SONES: Let Me Help You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Jax 503 New Orleans Vocal Group Connection, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
Available again. A second fine collection of bluesy vocal group sounds from New Orleans featuring 25 tracks from The Moonbeams, Sha-Weez, Bees, Hawks, Barons, Kidds, Pelicans, Spiders, Toppers, Blue Diamonds and others. Excellent sound and brief notes.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Jax 504 New Orleans Vocal Groups Connection Volume 3 ● CD $17.98
Available again. 25 more fine examples of New Orleans vocal group gems from the 50s - The Blenders, Bees, Sha-Weez, Kidds, Blenders, Hawks, Barons, Pelicans, Toppers, Dave Collins & The Scrubs, The Goldenaires and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Massabesic 105 The Rhythm Teens ● CD $14.98
Fine collection of New England vocal group sounds recorded in the late 50s. Includes 10 previously unissued tracks by the excellent Dappers - 6 of them acapella, four excellent unissued tracks by The Statics plus tracks by the Del_tones (one unissued) plus issued tracks from the Dreamtones, Five Gents, Supremes, Georgia Manis & The Allecians and others - 23 tracks all told. Includes 8 page illustrated booklet with informative notes.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Post 2001 The Post Records Story ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 70 mins, recommended Excellent collection of blues, R&B and doo-wop issued in the 50s on the Imperial subsidiary Post including sides by Earl Curry, The Kidds, The Salmas Brothers (bland pop - the weakest tracks here), Pee Wee Crayton, The Sharp Tones, Ruth Durand, Lil Son Jackson, Clifton Chenier (four great sides from his first session in 1954) and others. (FS)
CLIFTON CHENIER: Country Bred/ Rockin' Hop/ Rockin' The Bop/ Tell Me/ PEE WEE CRAYTON: Don't Go/ I Must Go On/ EARL CURRY: Love Somebody/ Somebody Stole My Girl From Me/ Special Girl/ Hobo/ RUTH DURAND: I'm Wise/ Tin Can Alley/ THE GAY NOTES: Crossroads/ Hear My Plea/ THE HAWKS: These Blues/ Why Oh Why/ LIL SON JACKSON: Lonely Blues/ No Money/ THE KIDDS: I Won't Be Back/ You Broke My Heart/ ELMORE NIXON: Don't Do It/ Them Women/ AL REED: Drops Of Rain/ She's Rolling/ THE SALMAS BROTHERS: City Born, City Bred/ I Don't Care/ THE SHARP TONES: Made To Love/ Since I Fell For You/ T-BONE WALKER: I Get So Weary/ The Reason

VARIOUS ARTISTS Soul Time 106 Soul Vocal Group Delights, Vol. 6 - Lover's Choice ● CD $16.98
21 rarities from the 60s and early 70s.
THE CAPITOLS: Hello Stranger/ THE CARLTONS: Can't You Hear the Beat/ CHANNEL THREE: The Sweetest Thing/ THE DIPLOMATS: He's Got You Now/ THE ESQUIRES: Girls in the City/ THE FIVE SPECIAL: The More I Get To Know You/ THE GEES: It's All Over/ THE HESITATIONS: Is This the Way to Treat a Girl/ HONEY & THE BEES: Come Get It/ THE IMPRESSIONS: Sooner or Later/ THE INTRIGUES: I'm Gonna Love You/ THE INVITATIONS: They Say The Girl's Crazy/ LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS: If I Love You/ NATURAL FOUR: You Bring Out the Best in Me/ THE SENSATIONS: I Won't Be Hurt/ THE STOPPERS: Come Back Baby/ THE VAN DYKES: Save My Love For a Rainy Day/ THE WHATNAUTS: Blues Fly Away/ THE WHISPERS: The Story Book of Love/ WINDY CITY: Just For You/ THE YOUNGHEARTS: I've Got Love for My Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Titanic 44203 Deep Soul Discoveries, Vol. 3 ● CD $18.98
22 tracks, highly recommended. Another excellent collection of mostly obscure, but fine, deep soul. There are a few familiar names - Little Milton, Irma Thomas, Clyde McPhatter with some of their lesser known titles along with a whole heap of obscure artists like Willie Davis, The Heartstoppers (their She'll Snatch Him is a real highlight), Little Junior Cannady (the wonderful and bluesy I Need Somebody Bad Tonight), Margie Alexander, Al Robinson, Ealy & Willis, Tommie Young, The Exceptional Three, Jesse Boone & The Astros, Warren Lee and others. Excellent sound but no notes. (FS)
MARGIE ALEXANDER: Can I Be Your Main Thing/ JESSE BOONE & THE ASTROS: I'm in Need of You/ LITTLE JUNIOR CANNADY: I Need Somebody Bad Tonight/ JOHNNY COPELAND: I Can Tell/ EALEY & WILLIS: You've Got to Hurt Before You Heal/ THE EXCEPTIONAL THREE: What About Me/ THE HEARTSTOPPERS: She'll Snatch Him/ CISSY HOUSTON: Darling Take Me Back/ LITTLE FRANKIE LEE: Strung Out On You/ WARREN LEE: Keep You Mine/ RUSS LEWIS: Love Made Me Blue/ LITTLE MILTON: The Cost of Living/ CLYDE MCPHATTER: I Found My Love/ JOHNNY R.: Is It Over/ AL ROBINSON: Give Her Up/ BILLY ROBINSON & BURNERS: Shucks You Left the Fire Burning/ JAMES SPENCER: I Need Your Love/ QUE SUNRYSE: Friday 13th/ IRMA THOMAS: Full Time Woman/ FRANK TURNER: All For My Kids/ TOMMIE YOUNG: You Can't Have Your Cake (and Eat It Too)

VARIOUS ARTISTS UADW 100 United Artists Doo-Wop, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
First of four CDs featuring vocal groups recording for United Artists in the late 50s and early 60s. The volume features 25 tracks including six tracks by the brilliant Clovers including a couple of all time favorites Love Potion No. 9 and Lovey. It also features tracks by Bernie Lawrence, Susie & The Four Trumpets, The Cherokees, Champlains, Wanderers, Satellites, Marcels, Sonny Moore and The Emersons.
THE CHAMPLAINS: Ding Dong/ Have You Changed Your Mind/ THE CHECKERS: My Heavenly Angel/ THE CHEROKEES: Bed Bug/ THE CLOVERS: Burning Fire/ Easy Lovin'/ Love Potion/ Lovey/ That Old Black Magic/ Yes It's You/ THE EMERSONS: Down In The Valley/ Lonliness/ BERNIE LAWRENCE: Collecting Girls/ That Was Yesterday/ THE MARCELS: The Bell/ SONNY MOORE: Bloodshed In Tombstone/ Daddy's Little Girl/ THE SATELLITES: I Found A Girl/ My Piggies Gotta Dance/ SUSIE & THE FOUR TRUMPETS: Little Girl Blue/ Starry Eyes/ THE WANDERERS: After He Breaks Your Heart/ I'll Know/ Run Run Seniorita/ You Can't Run Away From Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS UADW 101 United Artists Doo-Wop, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
25 more sides.
LEE ANDREWS & HEARTS: All I Ask Is Love/ Boom/ Glad To Be Here/ Just Suppose/ Maybe You'll Be There/ Nobody's Home/ LEE ANDREWS & THE HEARTS: Try The Impossible/ Why Do I/ THE CHARADES: Bright Red Skinny Pants/ Let Me Love You/ Make Me Happy Baby/ Shang A Lang Ding Dong/ THE CLOVERS: I'm Confessin' That I Love You/ THE DELACARDOS: Hold Back The Tears/ I Got It/ Mr. Dillon/ Thing A Ma Jig/ THE ELEGANTS: Happiness/ Let My Prayers Be With You/ Speak Low/ Spiral/ THE FANTASTICS: Dancing Doll/ I Told You Once/ SAL MURE: Desire/ Morse Code

VARIOUS ARTISTS UADW 102 United Artists Doo-Wop, Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98
This volume has 25 cuts.
THE BELMONTS: Come With Me/ I Don't Know Why, I Just Do/ I Got A Feeling/ Night Time/ To Be With You/ Wintertime/ You're Like A Mystery/ THE CLOVERS: Stay Awhile/ JOYCE DAVIS & NELSON DUPREE: I Want To Marry You/ You're Something Else/ BARTELL DOUCHE: Not Just Tomorrow, But Always/ FERRIS & THE WHEELS: He Was A Fortune Teller/ Moments Like This/ THE FIVE SATINS: On A Lover's Island/ Til The End/ THE FOUR J'S: Don't Fight, Be Nice/ Rock And Roll Age/ Rock And Roll Age/ THE JAY SISTERS: Sure Fire Love/ THE JAYE SISTERS: G-3/ TONY MIDDLETON: Drifting/ Memories Are Made Of This/ RAY & LINDY: Angel Love/ Yes, That's Love/ THE TAMMYS: Part Of Growing Up/ Take Back Your Ring

VARIOUS ARTISTS UADW 103 United Artists Doo-Wop, Vol. 4 ● CD $17.98
25 more - this time from The Four Horsemen, Johnny Maestro, The Falcons, Reasons, Annie Williams, The Jamies, Bartell Douche, The Belmonts, West Siders, Clovers (including their great One Mint Julep) and Donna Lee Anne.
DONNA LEE ANNE: Four O'Clock/ THE BELMONTS: Then I Walked Away/ Where You Gonna Run To Girl/ THE CLOVERS: Have Gun Will Travel/ One Mint Julep/ The Honeydripper/ THE FALCONS: I + Love + You/ Pow! You're In Love/ The Teacher/ Today My Love Has Gone Away/ Waiting For You/ Wonderful Love/ Working Man's Song/ THE FOUR HORSEMEN: A Long, Long Time/ My Heartbeat/ THE JAMIES: Don't Darken My Door/ The Evening Star/ JOHNNY MAESTRO: Before I Loved Her/ Fifty Million Heartbeats/ THE REASONS: Come Play With Me/ Hey Come On/ THE WESTSIDERS: Don't You Know/ ANNIE WILLIAMS: I Got A Man/ Playboy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Unart URCD 2000 The Best Of Unart Records ● CD $18.98
A collection of 30 tracks recorded for the New York based Unart label in the late 50s. A mix of R&B, doo-wop, pop and blues. It includes three tracks by the superb Falcons including their classic hit You're So Fine, it includes the obscure Ritchie Valens tribute song A Letter To Donna by The Kittens and a couple of hot blues tracks from Wendell Smith and Bobby Long. It also features The Five Delights, Delicates, Del Knights, Bobbi & The Beaus, The Acorns, Embers, etc.

OTIS WILLIAMS & THE CHARMS Collectables 2873 Ivory Tower - The Very Best Of Otis Williams & The Charms ● CD $15.98
25 track collection of this superb group ranging from their first recording Heaven Only Knows recorded for Rockin' in 1953 through to Silver Star recorded for King in 1960 and taking some of their best and most popular DeLuxe and King material including Bye Bye Baby/ Who Knows/ Hearts Of Stone/ When We Get Together/ Ling, Ting Tong/ Ivory Tower/ Blues Stay Away From Me/ One Kind Word FRom You/ United/ The First Sign Of Love/ My Prayer Tonight, etc.

BILL WITHERS Raven 160 Just As I Am/ Still Bill ● CD $17.98
24 tracks, 78 mins, highly recommended This excellent collection brings together Bill's first two Sussex albums (1971 & '72) plus two bonus tracks. Withers was a superb singer with a distinctive and original approach and an outstanding songwriter who wrote intelligent lyrics - often with a socially conscious edge. His music effortlessly bridges R&B, soul and pop. The first album "Just As I Am" was produced by Booker T. Jones and includes Withers' first two hits Ain't No Sunshine and Grandma's Hands as well as other fine songs like the powerful Harlem, the grim and others including a great cover of The Beatles' Let It Be. "Still Bill" from 1972 has a bit of a funk flavor and features more fine original songs and includes his next two hits, the gospelish Lean On Me, and Use Me. One of the bonus songs is duet with Bobby Womack on a very funky treatment of Womack's It's All Over Now. Includes an 8 page booklet with informative notes by Terry Reilly. (FS)


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