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ART ADAMS Collector 4477 Rock Crazy Baby ● CD $16.98
30 tracks,59 mins, highly recommended
Art Adams is best known for his two classic singles on the Cherry label which are rockabilly of the highest order and have been reissued many times. Indefatigable rockabilly researcher Cees Klop of Collector has turned up tapes of Art and his band the Rhythm Knights rehearsing at Art's home in the 50s and as a result has added 22 more tracks to Adams' slim discography! The tracks on the rehearsal tapes are mostly rock 'n' roll favorites (Good Rockin' Tonight/ Mystery Train/ Blue Suede Shoes/ Let's Have A Party/ Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On, etc) and some good Adams originals (Teeange Bum/ Down In Tennessee/ She's From Tennessee, etc). The rehearsal performances are, not surprisingly, pretty unpolished with occasional flubs, lyric mixups, etc. but rock like crazy with some fine guitar work from Eddie Weil and are a lot better than issued material by some other artists. Considering the circumstances of the recording the sound quality is excellent. There are also some alternate takes of his issued songs and a radio interview with Art & the band from 1959. The 16 page booklet includes informative notes, much of it in Art's own words and includes some great vintage photos. (FS)

GLORIA MANN Sound 1001 Don't Call Me Barry - The Best Of Gloria Mann ● CD $17.98
26 tracks by mid 50s pop rock singer who had some modest success with the song Teenage Prayer and covers of R&B hits like Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ Earth Angel and Goodnight, Sweetheart. Other songs include You Can't Be Mine/ My Secret Sin/ I Can Tell/ Friendship Ring/ Pretty Eyes/ I'me Living My Life For You/ The Waltz You Saved For Me, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCH2 885 The Complete Meteor Rockabilly & Hillbilly Recordings ● CD $23.98
Two CDs, 42 tracks, highly recommended
Some years Ace rushed out a budget compilation of rockabilly from Lester Bihari's Memphis based Meteor label to compete with a bootleg reissue going the rounds. Now they have upgraded the project with a double CD featuring every hillbilly and rockabilly track recorded for the label between 1954 and 1957 including four not originally issued. The Meteor label was part of the original Memphis constellation. Started in 1952 by the Bihari brothers to record blues, they soon branched out into C&W and rockabilly and although the label was short lived (gone in 1957) they made their mark. The recordings are presented in chronological order and most of the first disc is devoted to fine hillbilly by Bud Deckleman (his classic and much covered Daydreamin'), "Red" Hadley's Wranglers, Haward Swords with The Blue Light Boys, Mac & Jake with The Esquire Trio, Barney Burcam, Buddy Bain, Lendon Smith and Mason Dixon. In the midst of the country there is one fine stab at rockabilly with two bluesy cuts from Jess Hooper and the disc ends with the two sided rockabilly classic bu Junior Thompson - Mama's Little Baby/ Raw Deal. The second disc opens up with Meteor's most famous rockabilly tune - Charlie Feathers' masterpiece get With It/ Tongue Tied Jill and it's mostly rockabilly all the way there on with tracks from Bill Bowen, Brad Suggs, Brad Suggs, Wayne McGinnis, Mary Edwards, Jimmy Haggett, The Velvatones, Jimmy Lamerth, and Steve Carl (including four tracks by Carl originally unreleased). All tracks have been newly remastered and set comes with a 40 page booklet with extensive notes by Memphis researcher Martin Hawkins and lots of photos and label shots. (FS)
BUDDY BAIN, KAY WAYNE, MERLE "RED" TAYLOR WITH: Can We Live It Down?/ Daydreams, Come True/ BILL BOWEN WITH THE ROCKETS: Don't Shoot Me Baby (i'm Not Ready To Die)/ Have Myself A Ball/ BARNEY BURCHAM WITH THE DAYDREAMERS: Can't Steal My Way Around/ Much Too Young For Love/ STEVE CARL WITH THE JAGS: 18 Year Old Blues/ Blacksmith Blues/ Curfew/ Lonely Road/ Stone Cold Mama/ You're For Me/ BUD DECKELMAN WITH THE DAYDREAMERS: Daydreamin'/ Let's Not Pretend/ MASON DIXON WITH THE REDSKINS: Don't Worry bout Nuthin'/ I'll Never Fall Out Of Love With You/ MARY EDWARDS WITH THE SAXONS: Chilly Willy/ Oh! Oh! Mama/ CHARLIE FEATHERS WITH JODY & JERRY: Get With It/ Tongue Tied Jill/ 'RED' HADLEY'S WRANGLERS: Brother, That's All/ Ring Out Those Bells/ JIMMY HAGGETT WITH THE DAYDREAMERS: Gonna Shut You Off Baby/ Tell Her True/ JESS HOOPER WITH THE DAYDREAMERS: All Messed Up/ Sleepy Time Blues/ JIMMY LAMBERTH WITH THE SAXONS: I'll Pretend/ Latch On To Your Baby/ MAC & JAKE WITH THE ESQUIRE TRIO: Yakety Yak/ MAC SALES WITH THE ESQUIRE TRIO: A Gal Named Joe/ WAYNE MCGINNIS WITH THE SWINGSTERS: Lonesome Rhythm Blues/ Rock, Roll And Rhythm/ LENDON SMITH WITH THE JESTERS: Lost Love/ Women/ BRAD SUGGS WITH THE SWINGSTERS: Bop, Baby, Bop/ Charcoal Suit/ HAWARD SWORDS WITH THE BLUE LIGHT BOYS: I'm As Lonely As I Can Be/ You Will Have To Pay/ JUNIOR THOMPSON WITH THE METEORS: Mama's Little Baby/ Raw Deal/ THE VELVATONES WITH MEMPHIS RHYTHM BOYS: Feeling Kinda Lonely/ Real Gone Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55157 Trading Kisses ● CD $18.98
The latest from this label features 30 rarities from eddie Cash, The Sundowners, Jackie Terrell, Jesse Lee King, Max Uballez, Matt Lucas, Don Ellis, Bobby Stringo, Doug Warr, Guy Spitale, The Delatones, Dean Beard, Harold Casner, The Patey Brothers, Arnie Ginsburg and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55158 Schoolday Blues ● CD $18.98
30 more rarities from The Love Brothers, The Jades, Frank Evans & The Topnotchers, Jack & The Knights, Billy Love, The Morris Brothers Band, Danny & The Nitro Tones, Bob & The Bandits, John Sowell, The Lancers, Jackie Cannon, Arbis Hanyel, Aubrey Cagle, Pierre Simoncini, Joey Rand and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55159 Rock-A-Billy Boy ● CD $18.98
30 tracks from Aubrey Cagle, Jack Smedley & The Melody Makers, Gordon Sizemore, L.C. Smith, Bob And Jerry, Ted Creekmore, Buddy Phillips, Fred Thompson, Denver Bill & His Ranch Hands, James Dotson, Gene Henslee, Jay Earls, Doug Amerson, Wareen Robbe, Walter "Arkie" Bittle, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crazy Chicken 5200 Dig That Crazy Chick ● CD $16.98
A collection 22 tracks from the 50s featuring what might be called "night club rock 'n' roll" - polished performances often with a big band accompaniments. Some performances are more convincing than others. Includes Ralph Marterie, Louis Prima, The Delta Rhythm Boys, Larry Ragon, Jimmy Brown & The Four Bells (a nice version of Shake, Rattle & Roll), The Jive Bombers (one of the hotter groups here), The Nite Riders, The Do-Ray-Mi Trio, Scatman Crothers, The Commodores, The Ink Spots, The Lancers and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Flesh Den 6901 Rock'n'Roll Orgy ● CD $17.98
20 tracks, 45 minutes, essential
Finally, available again. This 20 tune collection might just be the hottest rockabilly CD of all! Even if you have most of these already on LP or other CDs you'll appreciate the convenience of having a solid lineup of rockers at your fingertips. There are lots of favorites like the Van Brothers masterpiece Servant Of Love featuring amazing guitar work, the manic-paced Rock-Ola Ruby by Sonny West, Terry Daley's raging Mark waxing You Don't Bug Me No More , Vern Pullens' classic Bop Crazy Baby , Tommy Lam's great Speed Limit , Jimmy Patton's outa control Oakie's In The Pokie , Don Willis' perfect Satellite 45 Boppin' High School Baby and on and on. Put this baby in a time capsule so future generations will remember what rockin' was all about. (AE)
GRAHAM B.: Rock And Roll Fever/ GENE BROWN: Big Door/ EDDIE CASH: Doing All Right/ TERRY DALY: You Don't Bug Me/ JUNIOR DEAN: Chick Chick/ DERRELL FELTS: Playmates/ TOMMY LAM: Speed Limit/ CURTIS LONG: Hootchey Cootchey/ DALE MCBRIDE: Prissy Missy/ GENE NORMAN: Snaggle Tooth Ann/ WEYMAN PARHAM: Hang Loose/ JIMMY PATTON: Okie's In The Pokie/ VERN PULLENS: Bop Crazy Baby/ DARRELL RHODES: Four O'Clock Baby/ THE ROCK-A-TONES: One More Chance/ THE VAN BROTHERS: Servant Of Love/ DON WADE: Oh Love/ WAYNE WALKER: All I Can Do Is Cry/ SONNY WEST: Rock-Ola Ruby/ DON WILLIS: Boppin' High School Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Train 7141 Legendary Labels Of Louisiana - Chase Records, Vol. 1 ● CD $16.98
27 tracks of rock, soul and R&B covering the years 1963-1966 - Mike Ancona & The Jokers, The Aubry Twins, Chris Miller & The Soul Brothers, Dow Jones (!), The Pirates and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Night Train 7142 Legendary Labels Of Louisiana - Chase Records, Vol. 2 ● CD $16.98
24 more tracks from 1965-1970 - Deacon John, The Singing Bodies, The Aubry Twins, Paul Varisco and The Chitlins.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Shimmy Records 101 Rockabilly Boy ● CD $17.98
Excellent collection of rare but great rockabilly from the 50s. Most of these titles have been out on Ace, Buffalo Bop, Collector and other labels but this is a particularly well chosen collection and some tracks are not readily available. Includes the Aubry Cagle (the title song and the super hot Bop & Stroll), Parker Cunningham, Burri Manso, Gray Montgomery, Hank davis, Jim Wilson, Buddy Miller, The Sabres, Ray Pate & the Rhythm Rockers, The Boppers, Rusty York (a great rockabilly version of The Girl Can't Help It), Huelyn Duvall and others. 25 hot tracks in all.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stardust 1163 Rock 'n' Roll & Rock-A-Billy Inferno ● CD $11.98
33 tracks, 67 mins, highly recommended
Great collection at a bargain price featuring some really hot rock 'n' roll and rockabilly tracks along with some intriguing audio memorabilia. The artists are a mix of the familiar and the obscure - most of the obscure ones have been out before on Buffalo Bop but they're all good. It includes sides by The Nighthawks (with Buddy Holly on guitar!), Elvis (his great version of Maybelline from the Louisiana Hayride), Little Richard (a fine remake of Lucille), Gene Vincent, Bill Haley & The Comets, Jimmy Apostle, Tommy Palm, Kenny & The Be-Bops, Lloyd Arnold, Mel McGonnigle, Conway Twitty, Lafayette Yarborough and others. Interspersed are 10 spoken word pices including 50s commercials (including a truly scary one for a "Nuclear Survival Course Album"), an interview with Elvis and his band from 1955, an outrageous debate over the meaning of rock 'n' roll from 1958, Eddie Cochran plugging a radio station and more. Great music, excellent sound, brief notes - a whole lot of fun. (FS)

THE VISCOUNTS Vulture 3001 Harlem Nocturne ● CD $17.98
30 tracks, 69 mins, highly recommended
Back in stock after being unavailable for a long while. The Viscounts were a New Jersey combo that hit it big in 1960 with their atmospheric version of Harlem Nocturne (it actually charted again in 1965!) Harry Haller's sax was raunchy and moody but what set them apart was the dirge of Larry Vecchio's organ coupled with the weird, tremolo heavy meandering of Bobby Spievak's guitar playing. They put the "Harlem Nocturne" touch on Summertime/ September Song/ Sophisticated Lady and and others just to show it was no fluke. Of course they could rock too proving it on Viscount Rock/ Dig/ Night Train/ When The Saints Go Marching In, and others. This great collection has 12 tracks in stereo including Nocturne. A must for instrumental collectors. (AE/FS)

SONNY WEST Rollercoaster RCCD 3050 Sweet Rockin' Rock-Ola Ruby ● CD $19.98
24 tracks, recommended
24 tracks recorded between 1956 and 2002 by this rocker from New Mexico who is probably best known for have co-composed Oh Boy and Rave On which were big hits for Buddy Holly and The Crickets. This CD includes West original demo for Oh Boy (originally called All My Love) and his original Atlantic recording of Rave On. Itit also includes his classic rockabilly single Sweet Rockin' Baby/ Rock-Ola Ruby. The rest of the tracks are unissued sides recorded in various studios over the years and ranging from fine rockabilly to bland pop. There are seven tracks from 2002 with Sonny doing vocals and playing all the instruments which is better than some of the earlier sides. Includes 16 page booklet with extensive notes, photos and full discography. (FS)

THE YOUNGBLOODS Sundazed 6181 Rock Festival ● CD $12.98
11 tracks, 39 min, recommended
For such a great band, the Youngbloods have been poorly served on reissue. Their 3 RCA classic LPs have been haphazardly reissued by BMG, the early tracks on Mercury are hidden on an Australian anthology & until now, their Raccoon/ Warners material has been non-existent. Fortunately, Sundazed has remedied the situation by putting out the 4 group LPs on the label they owned in the early 70s. And as a favor, their entire career is told throughout the 4 discs. This was the 1st, originally Raccoon 1878 from 1970. The band is heard live as a very loose trio, with Lowell "Banana" Levinger switching between guitar & electric piano, Jesse Colin Young on vocals & bass, & Joe Bauer on drums. Their manger Richard Anderson AKA Earthquake, makes his 1st of many appearances on harp. This set is taken from a few California shows including The Family Dog SF, Provo Park Berkeley & U of Santa Cruz. Includes one of my all-time fave Y'bloods tunes, the electric-piano based instrumental On Beautiful Lake Spenard as well as such other faves as Josianne & It's A Lovely Day. (GM)

THE YOUNGBLOODS Sundazed 6180 Ride The Wind ● CD $12.98
6 tracks, 37 min, highly recommended
Perhaps their best late-period album, originally Raccoon 2561 from '71. This has the trio in a performance from the Fillmore East in 11/70. All the tunes are lengthy, jazzy workouts with the only new thing being a cover of Fred Neil's The Dolphin. The rest are reworked versions of Sugar Babe/ Get Together/ Sunlight/ Beautiful & the title tune. (GM)

THE YOUNGBLOODS Sundazed 6182 High On A Ridgetop ● CD $12.98
10 tunes, 41 minutes, recommended
Reissue of Raccoon 2653 from '72. The Youngbloods go out in a whimper. A very pleasant whimper, but a whimper nonetheless. There's only one new original here, Jesse Colin Young's Dreamboat. The rest are laid-back version of mostly oldies, with a few interesting ideas, like Running Bear & Speedo, & with a few nice but done-to-death or not necessary covers including She Caught The Katy & Left Me A Mule To Ride which had just been done by Taj Mahal, Dylan's I Shall Be Released, even the Ritchie Valens double-sider La Bamba/ Donna and The Beatles' She Came In Through The Bathroom Window. (GM)

THE YOUNGBLOODS Sundazed 6183 Good & Dusty ● CD $12.98
11 tracks, 44 min, recommended
Reissue of Raccoon 2566 from '71. The Y'bloods are now back to quartet with the addition of Michael Kane on bass, which allows Jesse Colin Young to go back on guitar as well as tenor sax! And there's also honorary 5th member Earthquake on harp. These are mostly low-key covers of blues & R&B, though it does have the 1st appearance of the classic Young tune Light Shine as well as Banana's Hippie From Olema.  Includes some nice versions of That's How Strong My Love Is/ Willie & The Hand Jive/ Stagger Lee/ Let The Good Times Roll. (GM)

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