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VARIOUS ARTISTS Pepto Roma 502 Dazzling Group Sounds, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
Fine collection of 26 doo-wop rarities - many making their first appearance on CD. Includes The Equalos, Biscaynes (a fine cover of Oh What A Night), Symbols, Jimmy Von Carl & The June Voices, Four Buddies, Lions, Lee Tillman & Group, Charioteers, Metronomes, Rainbeaus, Sonny Woods & The Twigs, The Distants, Pyramiders, Du Droppers, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Pepto Roma 503 Dazzling Group Sounds, Vol. 3 ● CD $17.98
26 more fine vocal group rarities - many new to CD. Includes The El Pollos, Mandells, Chimes, Chanteclairs, Linda Carr & The Impossibles, The Marvellos, Belvaderes, Pyramiders, Labradors, Echoes, Ella Johnson & Group, Charmers, Billy Bunn & His Buddies, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS P-Vine PCD 5678 Raid On Cedar Street - The Nashville Blues Treasures ● CD $37.98
2 CDs, 56 tracks, very good. 56 tracks recorded for Red Wortham's Sur-Speed, Bullet & Delta Records ranging between the late 40s and late 60s including many unissued tracks.A mix of blues, R&B, soul, gospel and some rock. It includes 13 sides by Shy Guy Douglas whose tracks range from down home blues harmonica instrumentals like Evening Soul to pop rubbish like Yankee Doodle. It also includes John Colbert who later became better known as J. Blackfoot, Robert Garrett (fine unissued blues), Robin Russell & The Tempo Rhythm, Larry Birdsong, Levert Allison, The George Williams Revue (a soul group with 9 tracks - all apparently unissued), Johnny Bragg (including a remake of Just Walking In The Rain), The Dixie Travelers (an excellent gospel group), Sherman Bratchers, Dusty Brooks, The Chques and others. There's some very good stuff here along with a fair amount of pedestrian material. A single CD of the best tracks here would be much more worthwhile. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS RDD 101 Rainy Day Doo-Wop ● CD $18.98
28 tracks, 72 mins, highly recommended. Excellent collection of doo-wop songs on the subject of rain. Includes the cult favorite Rainy Day Bells by The Globetrotters - a group featuring Meadowlark Lemon of legendary basketball team The Harlem Globetrotters. Rain seems to bring out the sad side of songwriters as this fine collection shows. Also includes Lonely Rain by The Mascots, Drip Drop by The Dogers, The Rain by Marquees, Rain by The Dells, September In the Rain by The Royal Jokers, In The Rain by The Charmers, Let It Rain by The Five Pennies, Listen To The Rain by The Delteens, Walking In The Rain by The Execs and others. Every track is worthwhile and sound quality is excellent. (FS)
THE CATALINA SIX: It Had To Rain/ THE CHARMERS: In The Rain/ DEE CLARK: Raindrops/ THE DELLS: Rain/ EDDIE DELMAR: Garden In The Rain/ THE DELTEENS: Listen To The Rain/ THE DODGERS: Drip Drop/ THE DRIFTERS: Drip Drop/ THE EXECS: Walking In The Rain/ THE FIVE PENNIES: Let It Rain/ THE FOUR CLIPPERS: Rain/ THE FOUR FELLOWS: In The Rain/ THE GLOBETROTTERS: Rainy Day Bells/ THE INSPIRATIONS: Raindrops/ THE INTERVALS: Here's That Rainy Day/ THE JIVE FIVE: Another Rainy Day/ Rain/ THE JOYLARKS: In The Rain/ THE KAC TIES: Walking In The Rain/ THE KINGS FIVE: I Hear The Rain/ THE MARQUEES: The Rain/ THE MASCOTS: Lonely Rain/ THE ORLANDOS: Cloudburst/ THE PARAKEETS: The Rain Starts To Fall/ THE ROYAL JOKERS: September In The Rain/ THE TIFANOS: It's Raining/ THE VERNALLS: Raindrops/ THE VIDEOS: Trickle Trickle

VARIOUS ARTISTS Sound 100 The Best Of Sound Records ● CD $18.98
28 tracks collection of sides recorded in the mid 50s for this Philadelphia based label. Mostly doo-wop with a bit of pop and a couple of hot R&B instrumentals from Doc Stark & The Nite Riders. Includes 10 tracks by singer Gloria Mann ranging from doo-wop to Dinah Washington style ballads plus The Revels, Billy Duke & The Dukes, The Twin Tunes and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Wheels 102 Doo Wop Coast To Coast, Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
26 track collection of vocal group rarities - many making their first appearance on CD.
TONY ALLEN & THE CHIMES: Jonelle/ THE ARROWS: Pretty Little Thing/ THE CAMELOTS: Daddys Going Away Again (demo)/ THE CAPTANS: Feel Like Balling Some More/ THE CHEVRONS: On Saturday Night/ THE CLOUDS: I Do/ Rock & Roll Boogie/ THE COLLEGIANS: He Will Break Your Heart/ THE COMPANIONS: Oh What A Feeling/ THE DAY BROTHERS: Cleopatra Brown/ THE DUDROPPERS: I Found Out/ THE DUDROPPPERS: Little Girl Little Girl/ THE EARLS: My Marie/ THE ESQUIRES: Mission Bells/ THE FIVE DIAMONDS: My Love/ The Night/ THE HEARTBREAKERS: I'm Seeking Revenge/ THE IMPERIALS: Why Did You Leave Me/ THE LIFESAVERS: Didn't You Know/ THE MAGICS: Chapel Bells/ EDNA MCGRIFF & TOMCATS: Sh Boom/ THE PEBBLES: Let Me Hear It Again/ THE PREMIERS: Baby/ THE SKY BOYS: Mad Baby Mad/ JOE TURNER & GROUP: Lipstick Powder & Paint/ LEE WARD & GROUP: You Are My Sunshine


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