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VARIOUS ARTISTS Hop 777 Hillbilly Hop, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
The second collection of rockin' country and country flavored rock 'n' roll (with a lower issue number!) features 28 fine sides, mostly from the 50s, from the likes of The Wilburn Brothers, Judy & Joyce, Joe D. Johnson (his classic Rattlesnake Daddy), The Nettles Sisters, Willie Swanson (the odd Arson Carson), Bob Wills, Ted Self (excellent Buddy Holly flavored Come Rock Me Tow Sleep), Werly Fairburn, Moon Mullican (the odly titled Cush Cush Ky-Yay), Hank Swatley (a great rocking version of Jack Guthrie's Oakie Boogie), The Rhythm Harmoneers, Bobby Bernell, Darnell Miller, Mike Page, Sheb Wooly and others. Some duplication with other available reissues. Generally excellent sound.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Memphis Records 7033 They Thought They Were Elvis - Vocal Clones, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
25 tracks, 62 mins, recommended. Available again. The subtitle "25 Rare Elvis Imitators" is a little uncharitable as many of these artists are simply covering Elvis hits or were inspired by Elvis rather than imitating him. Some like Dick Banks, Orion, Rodney Scott and Douglas Ray are a little more obviously influenced by Elvis than others! This set includes a fine version of One Night by Roy Head, Billy Barrix's hot Cool Off Baby (a thinly disguised reworking of Baby, Let's Play House with great guitar), Jody Reynolds' fine Blue Moon Of Kentucky, Vince Everett's bluesy I Ain't Gonna Be Your Lonesome Dog No More and tracks by Sleepy Labeef, Boyd Bennett, Johnny Powers, Jimmy Lee, Conway Twitty, Tommy Hand, etc. Most of the tracks are from the 50s and 60s which is all to the good. The less said about David Kaye's posthumous tribute which ends the set the better. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mr. D.J. 101 Cruisin' Classics, Vol. 1 - Lost Rock 'n' Roll Treasures ● CD $17.98
30 tracks, 67 mins, highly recommended. Available again. A very hot collection of black and white rock 'n roll from the 50s. Intriguingly it includes a track from 1954 called Oh Maria which is supposed to be by the Cubans featuring Chuck Berry before he signed to Chess! Is it? Could be - it is a calypso flavored number not unlike some of those Chuck recorded for Chess but no guitar - so.... Among the rockin' gems here are Buck Rogers & His Jets doing Rose Marie, The Satans cover Lazy Lester's rockin' blues Sugar Coated Love, Sleepy LaBeef outrasps Hank Ballad on his version of Tore Up, T.V. Slim tells what happened when Flatfoot Sam Met Jim Dandy, Clyde Stacy does one of those great clanging guitar instrumentals, the previously unissued Tranquilizer which is anything but tranquil and Terry Clement & His True Tones treat us to a great Cajun instrumental with accordion French Blues.. Lots more from Big Al Downing, Claude Robinson & Group, the wonderful Five Chavis Brothers, Floyd Dakil Combo, Paul Peek, James Carter & The Sentimentals, Dick Holler, Rod Bernard (about the only slow number here!), Lee Diamond & The Upsetters and many others. Some duplication with other reissues. (FS)
T.V. SLIM : Flat Foot Sam Meets Jim Dandy/ ROD BERNARD: These Were Our Songs/ CHUCK BERRY: Oh Maria/ THE BLONDE BOMBER: You Can Run But Can't Hide/ JAMES CARTER: Hey Baby Hey/ THE CHAVIS BROTHERS: Old Time Rock And Roll/ EDDIE CLEARWATER: Hey Bernadine/ TERRY CLEMENT: French's Blues (instr.)/ THE CYCLONES: Bullwhip Rock (instr.)/ FLOYD DAKIL: Dance Franny Dance/ LEE DIAMOND: Mama Loochie/ BIG AL DOWNING: Miss Lucy/ RONNIE HAIG: Rocking With The Rhythm And Blues/ STACY HENRY: Jimmy Plays A Horn/ THE HIGHLIGHTS: Studio Blues(instr.)/ DICK HOLLER: Double Shot/ DUSTY KEITH: Hold Me Baby/ SLEEPY LABEEF: Tore Up/ BILL LITTLE: Bye Bye Baby/ FRANKIE LOWERY: Kansas City Train/ MARLON "MADMAN" MITCHELL: Ice Cold Baby/ PAUL PEEK: Sweet Skinny Jenny/ BIG WALTER PRICE: Ain't No Use You Lyin'/ CLAUDE ROBINSON: Cotton Pickin' Mama/ BUCK ROGERS: Rose Marie/ THE SATANS: Sugar Coated Love/ CLYDE STACY: Tranquilizer (instr.)/ GENE TERRY: Cinderella Cinderella/ KID THOMAS: Rockin' This Joint Tonight/ DANNY ZELLA: Sapphire

VARIOUS ARTISTS Norton CED 291 Kicksville, Vol. 2 - Raw Rockabilly Acetates ● CD $14.98
Great collection of crude and wild rockabilly taken from one-off acetates recorded in the 50s. Apart from Hasil Adkins recorded in Detroit in 1957 the rest of the artists are complete obscurities - The Crew, Eddie McCall & The Three Shades, Morty Shann & The Morticians, Joe, Ron & George, Jimmy Sysum & The Rockin' Three, Ferris Coffey and others including a couple of unknown artists.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Official 5005 More Wild & Frantic ● CD $18.98
26 tracks, highly recommended. Another exciting collection of hot black rock 'n' roll and R&B showing the influence of the great Little Richard. There are some familiar items here along with whole lot of obscure items - there is also some duplication with Mr. Maestro 300. There is even a cut by the man himself featuring his fabulous 1959 recording of Fats Domino's I'm In Love Again which was issued under the name of his backing group The Upsetters as Richard had supposedly given up rock 'n roll for religion at the time! Among the gravel voiced rockers here are Vinni Vincent, Joe McCoy & His Real McCoys, The Royal Jokers, Kid Thomas (his classic though frequently reissued Rockin' This Joint Tonite), Otis Redding (one of his first recordings from 1961), Billy La Mont, Baby Cortez, Don Covay, Jimmy Breedlove, Pretty Boy, Bunker Hill (with a vocal that make Richard seem tame!), Andy Wilson, Johnny "Rockhouse" Green, Mr.P.T. & The Party Timers and more. Excellent sound and booklet has artist photos and label shots. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Pink 'n Black 00000 Cat'n Around ● CD $15.98
17 tracks, 47 min, excellent. Early sampler from this British rockabilly label best known for The Dance Hall Crashers, who aren't here. What we do have is some fine 90s Britabilly by such find bands as Number Nine, who open up with a blistering Lonesome Train, The Go Getters who check in with a nice version of You Don't Love Me by the true king of Rock'n'Roll, Bo Diddley, & The Blue Devils do a hot I Wish You Would. Many of the tunes are originals by such bands as Cat'n Around, The Nick Gilroy Combo, & my fave, the gorgeous Irish singer Imelda Clabby (great name!) Also tracks by Carlos & The Bandidos, The Infernos. (GM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Robomonk 1001 A Tribute To The Four Seasons & Their Sounds, Vol. 1 ● CD $18.98
27 track collection featuring groups influenced by the immensely popular Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.
ADRIAN BAKER: Candy Baby/ THE BLISTERS: 50 Miles In Twenty Hours/ THE CYCLONE III: You've Got A Bomb/ PAUL DA VINCI: Your Baby Ain't Your Baby Anymore/ THE DEMOTRONS: Sleep Sleep Sleep/ THE DEVONS: Come On/ THE ECCENTRICS: Share Me/ THE EXPRESSIONS: One Plus One/ THE FACES: I'll Walk Alone/ MICKEY FARRELL & THE DYNAMICS: Baby Mine/ THE FRATERNITY BROTHERS: Big Town/ LARRY & LEGENDS: Don't Pick On My Baby/ THE MADISONS: Cheryl Anne/ SCOTT OBERLE: Cupids Poison Dart/ PLAYGROUND: Playgirl/ Valerie/ THE PROPHETS: Rag Doll Boy/ RUDY: Last Time (i'll Cry Over You)/ TONY SARA: Love Sick Begger/ THE SHOESTRINGS: Candy Andy/ THE SKUNKS: Little Angel/ SOCIETY'S CHILDREN: A Tribute To The Four Seasons/ STEPHEN CRANE VILLAGE FEAT BOBBY VALLI: Hey Summer/ THE STOWAWAYS: Where Are You When I'm Lonely/ TAM & THE TURN-ONS: Cheryl Ann/ Wait A Minute/ TIM TAM & THE TURN-ONS: Kimberly

VARIOUS ARTISTS Rock 'n' Roll 500 Let's Go Rock And Roll ● CD $21.98
30 tracks, 70 mins, highly recommended. Entertaining collection of rock 'n' roll from the late 50s and early 60s mixing familiar tracks with obscurities. Although quite a bit of it is teen oriented, with a few exceptions, it rocks pretty hard. Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones are featured on seven songs including their big hit Black Slacks - most of their other tracks are very worthwhile too with some excellent guitar work. There is also fine guitar work on the five tracks by the Bell Notes, including, of course their hit I've Had It. The Castle Kings do a fine job on their three songs including a rocking version of Loch Lomond that probably won't win them any friends in Scotland. The Dell Vikings are featured on their two best songs Come Go With Me and Whispering Bells There's one cut each by The Marcels, Del Chords, Sharptones, Caps, Mark IV, Rebelaires, Spades, Nite Rockers, Temptations (not the Motown group) and Al McGee. The only duds are the three cocktail lounge rockers from The Fabulous Four. Good sound throughout. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stomper Time 15 Memphis Rockabillies, Hillbillies & Honky Tonk, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
Fine collection of rockabilly and rockin' country from Memphis recorded for Marshall Ellis's Erwin and associated labels. 38 tracks from artists like Hoyt Johnson, Jimmy Evans, Ray Scott, Jerry Dion, Retus Blair, Jimmy Roby, Harmonica Frank Floyd, Monarchs IV, Lee Carzle, Eddie Bond and others. Includes a couple of previously unissued demos by Hoyt Johnson. Includes 12 page booklet with detailed notes, photos, label shots and discographical info.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Teenie Weenie FR 1005 Teen-Age Dreams, Vol. 4 ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 70 min., recommended Available again. Volume four in this appropriately-titled series once again offers a generous collection of early to mid-60's soft rock rarities, among them the first efforts of some well known names. Highlights include Your Big Brown Eyes by Bobby Comstock, You'll Never Forget by Bobby Vinton, When I Get Through With You by Lee Sellars, My Girl by Eddy & the Centuries, What Can I Do by Johnny Dawn & the Passions, Young Lovers After Midnight by Dale Ward, I Met a Girl by Johnny David, Always Always by Johnny Cymbal, Picture of Love by the Laurels, and Taste of the Blues by Buddy Holly's boyhood friend Bob Montgomery. Sound quality is surprisingly good given the rarity of the material; the notes are thorough and informative, and the cover art is a caricature pin-up of Barbie-like proportions. What more could a one-time teenager ask for? (DH)


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