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Well we've turned up another fine country label from England - this time a whole series of vintage country music reissues put out by the British Archive Of Country Music under the guidance of the Archives curator David Barnes. These releases feature mostly recordings from the 20s and 30s and includes some very obscure artists - even a few British country artists recorded in the 30s! Most CDs have 20 tracks and sound quality is generally excellent - they are attractively packaged and come with brief notes by Brian Golbey. For the most part there is very little duplication with other available reissues. Check above link for full details.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 854 King Hillbilly Bop & Boogie ● CD $18.98
26 tracks, 68 min, highly recommended Excellent & important collection of pre-rockabilly sides from the legendary Cincinnati label. The set starts & ends with 2 versions of It's Raining Here This Morning by Grandpa Jones, with Merle Kilgore on guitar. This '44 recording is to rockabilly what Rocket 88 is to rock 'n' roll - probably the earliest recording to have a sense of things to come. The rest were recorded '46-55 & include some well-known names - Moon Mullican (Grandpa Stole My Baby, The Delmore Bros (Beale Street Boogie), Cowboy Copas (Three Strikes & You're Out, Luke Wills' Rhythm Busters (Four Or Five Times) plus some great rockin' sides by Hardrock Gunter, Clyde Moody, Tommy Scott (Rockin' & Rollin') & my fave Bill Carlisle's Rockin' Chair Boogie ("Let's lollygag & smooch & love/ cuz I like to rock"). Lots of detailed liner notes, but the printing's miniscule! (GM)
BREWSTER AVENUE RHYTHM BOYS FEATURING ZE: Stop And Go Boogie (rag Man Boogie Inst.)/ JACK CARDWELL: Day Done Broke Too Soon This Morning/ Ko Ko Mo (i Love You So)/ BILL CARLISLE: Rockin' Chair Money/ COWBOY COPAS: Three Strikes And You're Out/ MEL COX & THE FLYING RANCH BOYS: She's A Backwoods Woman/ THE DELMORE BROTHERS: Beale Street Boogie/ CHARLIE GORE: Stumbling Block/ HARDROCK GUNTER: I Put My Britches On Just Like Everybody Else/ HERB & KAY: We Did/ FAIRLEY HOLDEN: Papa's Getting Old/ LOUIE INNIS: I Ain't Got A Pot (to Peel Potatoes In)/ Sing Your Song Baby/ ANN JONES: Hi-ballin' Daddy/ GRANDPA JONES: It's Raining Here This Morning (original)/ It's Raining Here This Morning (remake)/ You'll Make Our Shack A Mansion/ BILL LONG: What A Waste (of Good Corn Likker)/ SHORTY LONG: Goodnight Cincinnati, Good Morning Tennessee/ LUKE MCDANIEL: Money Bag Woman/ CLYDE MOODY: Tend To Your Business/ MOON MULLICAN: Grandpa Stole My Baby/ TOMMY SCOTT: Rockin' And Rollin'/ REDD STEWART: Brother Drop Dead (boogie)/ JIMMIE WIDENER: What A Line/ LUKE WILLS' RHYTHM BUSTERS: Four Or Five Times

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16442 Sentimental Journey, Vol. 2 - The Train Never Stops ● CD $21.98
The first volume in this series is all German songs. This volume features 24 country songs about trains plus two orchestral versions of Sentimental Journey which bookend this set. Artists include Johnny Cash (Train Of Love), LIttle Jimmy Dickens (Night Train To Memphis), Johnny Horton (First Train Headin' South ), Boxcar Willie (Lonesome Hobo), Marty Robbins (Ghost Train), Jimmy Martin (Train 45) plus songs from Jim & Jesse, Merle Haggard, Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs, Lawton Williams, Roy Acuff, Jone Emery and others. 40 page booklet has brief notes in German plus artist photos and lots of color photos of trains.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16618 Jole Blon - 23 Artists, One Theme ● CD $31.98
26 tracks, highly recommended
ole Blon
is probably the most well known Cajun song that was first recorded by Amedee Breaux in 1929 and achieved it's greatest fame as a Cajun anthem with Harry Choates's 1946 version which inspired a number of versions by country artists. This great collection features 26 recordings based around the song including Breaux's original recording, a remake by him from 1951, Choates's hit 1946 version and several other versions by Cajun musicians plus a slew of versions by country artists which sometimes took the songs to unusual places - Moon Mullican (New Pretty Blonde, Jole BLon's Sister and Jole Blon Is Gone, Amen), Bud Messner & His Sky Line Boys, JOhnny Bond & His Red River Boys (The Daughter Of Jole Blon), Jesse james & All The Boys (When Jole Blon & Kilroy Got Married), Hank Snow (When Mexican Joe Met Jole Blon), Jack Rivers (Shame, Shame On Jolie), Tommy Thompson (Dinner With Jole Blon), Sheb Wooley (Peepin' Through The Keyhole (Watching Jole Blon)), Betty Amos (Jole John), Charles Lee (Rock & Roll Jolie Blonde Blonde) and others. Great sound and deluxe fold out digipack package with 72 page booklet with extensive notes by Kevin Coffey which covers all the performances and includes lots of great photos. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Cattle 275 Fabulous Country Vocal Teams ● CD $18.98
26 tracks featuring vocal duets and trios recording for Columbia in the early 50s. Includes The Callahan Brothers, The Carter Sisters with Mother Maybelle, The Colewell Brothers, Biff Collie & Little Marge, The Mercer Brothers (my favorite group here with a sound very similar to the Delmore Brothers) and Lonie & Thomie Thompson.
THE CALLAHAN BROTHERS: All Over You/ Bluest Blues On My Mind/ I Have Shifted Gears/ I've Had My Share Of Sorrow/ Lips That Trouble Me/ You Have Used My Heart (like An Old Rag Doll)/ THE CARTER SISTERS & MOTHER MAYBELLE: Fair And Tender Ladies/ I Never Will Marry/ BIFF COLLIE & LITTLE MARGE: I Don't Care Who Knows/ Why Are You Blue/ THE COLWELL BROTHERS: Bluebonnet Lane/ Mountain Valley Blues/ The City Song/ Thing-a-ma-jig/ THE MERCER BROTHERS: If Nickels Were Dimes/ It Ain't No Use/ Just You Wait And See/ Me And My Busted Heart/ No Place To Hang My Hat/ Tell Me Who/ What's He Got That I Ain't Got (that Makes You Love Him So)/ Wish Bone/ LONIE & THOMIE THOMPSON: Frost Is On The Trees/ I'll Never Get You Out Of My Mind/ The Waltz Of Shawnee/ They Tell Me I'm Crazy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Collector 2868 Sweet Little Boppin' ● CD $16.98
Another great collection of obscure but fine hillbilly boogie and uptempo country in Collector's "Boppin' Hillbilly" series. Apart from Ramblin' Tommy Scott and Jerry Irby most of the artists recorded only a few sides including Johnny DeChaine & The Cara Sister, Jim Pipkins & The Tall Timber Boys, Kenny Thompson & His Westernaires (two previously tracks), Ralph Pruett, Larry Bryant, Bob Roark & The Country Band, Ichabod Powell, Alton Guyon & His Boogie Blues Boys, Jimmie Dawson, Howard Perkins, Jerry Gray & The Southern Gentlemen, Dakota Roundup and others. Sound quality is decent and booklet has informative notes, artist photos and label shots.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Country Routes 31 Seven Come Eleven : Texas Swing On Radio & TV, 1946-64 ● CD $16.98
Another fine collection of rarities from Country Routes featuring live broadcast performances by Adolf Hofner (San Antonio, 1961), The Home Folks (with Johnny Gimble, Waco, 1955), Hoyle Nix & His West Texas Cowboys (Big Spring, 1964), Rusty Locke & The Western Swing Band (San Antonio, 1956), Rip Ramsey & The Texas Wanderers (Amarillo, 1950),Moon Mullican & The Showboys (Odessa, 1950) and Dickie Jones & The Skyliners (1946/47)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Indigo IGOCD 2520 Drunk & Nutty - Hillbillies Foolin' With The Blues ● CD $17.98
Two CD set set featuring 50 fine sides from the 20s and 30s featuring white country artists doing blues songs. Includes Charlie Poole & The North Carolina Ramblers, Bill Cox & Cliff Hobbs, Al Dexter, Homer Callahan, Riley Puckett, Frank Hutchison, Roy Acuff, The Rhythm Wreckers, Sam McGee, Dock Boggs, Ted Daffan, The Carter Family, Prince Albert Hunt, The Georgia Crackers, Gene Autry, etc. Lots of great music with decent sound and informative notes by Neil Slaven. HOWEVER, most of these tracks are available elsewhere - half of them on the Columbia collection "White Country Blues".
ROY ACUFF: Steel Guitar Blues/ THE ALLEN BROTHERS: Drunk And Nutty Blues/ Jake Walk Blues/ TOM ASHLEY: Haunted Road Blues/ ASHLEY'S MELODY MEN: Bath House Blues/ GENE AUTRY: Dallas County Jail Blues/ Do Right Daddy Blues/ DOCK BOGGS: Country Blues/ HOMER CALLAHAN: Rattle Snake Daddy/ THE CALLAHAN BROTHERS: Somebody's Been Using That Thing/ BILL CARLISLE: Bell Clappin' Mama/ CLIFF CARLISLE: Ash Can Blues/ CARLISLE & BALL: Guitar Blues/ THE CAROLINA TAR HEELS: Farm Land Blues/ THE CARTER FAMILY: Coal Miner's Blues/ BILL COX: Georgia Brown Blues/ COX & HUBBS: Oozlin' Daddy Blues/ DARBY & TARLTON: Sweet Sarah Blues/ THE DELMORE BROTHERS: Lonesome Jailhouse Blues/ AL DEXTER: New Jelly Roll Blues/ THE DIXON BROTHERS: Weave Room Blues/ GWEN FOSTER: Wilkes Country Blues/ THE GEORGIA CRACKERS: Stockade Blues/ LONNIE GLOSSON: Arkansas Hard Luck Blues/ LARRY HENSLEY: Matchbox Blues/ PRINCE ALBERT HUNT: Blues In A Bottle/ FRANK HUTCHINSON: Kc Blues/ Worried Blues/ DICK JUSTICE: Brown Skin Blues/ DAVE MCCARN: Bay Rum Blues/ W. LEE MCDANIEL: Dirty Hangover Blues/ SAM MCGEE: Railroad Blues/ NARMOUR & SMITH: Carroll County Blues/ NELSTONE'S HAWAIIANS: Mobile Blues/ CHARLIE POOLE: If The River Was Whiskey/ Ramblin' Blues/ THE PRAIRIE RAMBLERS: Deep Elem Blues/ Jug Rag/ RILEY PUCKETT: Darkey's Wail/ THE RHYTHM WRECKERS: Never No Mo' Blues/ LEMUEL TURNER: Jake Bottle Blues/ BOB WILLS: Frankie Jean

PORTER WAGONER Shell Point 1003 Unplugged ● CD $14.98
After 50 years in the country music biz Porter still sounds mighty fine on this mixture of new and older songs accompanied by an excellent band. Willie Nelson appears as a guest for a couple of duets. Includes Silence In The Wind/ Silver Eagle Meets The Great Speckled Bird/ I Cried Again/ After All/ Satan Wore Satin - 10 songs in all.


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