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Rhythm & Blues, Soul & Doo Wop



VARIOUS ARTISTS Bar 001 Soul Cargo, Vol. 1 - The Early Years Of "Groove" & "Pop ● CD $16.98
A collection of mid tempo soul from the 60s - often called Northern Soul in present day England it achieved a following as "popcorn" music in Belgium in the late 60s and 70s. Almost half the tracks here are instrumental. In addition to the title track by Leon Haywood there are tracks from Gwen MCRae, Wilmer & the Dukes, Clarence Carter, The Tams, Ramsey Lewis, Jamo Thomas, J.J. Jackson, Freddy Robinson, Slim Harpo and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Big Q 173 From Seed To Weed ● CD $18.98
27 tracks, 79 mins, highly recommended .In their never ending quest to cover all the vices Big Q now takes a smoky look at songs about marijuana with this fine and varied collection of songs from blues and jazz recorded between 1932 and 1947. About half of these have been reissued before on similar compilations on Jass and Trikont but quite a few tracks are not readily available included an unissued version from 1945 of When I'm Low I Get High by The Four Clefs. There's another version of this songs performed in 1936 by Ella Fitzgerald with Chck Webb's Orchestra. Also includes a couple of tracks by the ever delightful Harlem Hamfats plus sides by Julia Lee, Tampa Red, Oscar's Chicago Swingers, Yack taylor, JoJo Adams, Trixie Smith, Lalo Guerero (his classic Latin R&B favorite Marihuana Boogie), Fats Waller and others. (FS)
JOJO ADAMS: When I'm In My Tea/ LOUIS ARMSTRONG ORCH.: Sweet Sue/ BUSTER BAILEY ORCH.: Light Up/ SIDNEY BECHET W/NOBLE SISSLE'S SWINGERS: Viper Mad/ BARNEY BIGARD SEXTET V/JOE THOMAS: Sweet Marijuana Brown/ CAB CALLOWAY ORCH.: The Man From Harlem/ CHAMPION JACK DUPREE: Junker's Blues/ THE FOUR CLEFS: When I'm Low I Get High (unissued)/ BENNY GOODMAN ORCH V/JACK TEAGARDEN: Texas Tea Party/ LALO GUERRERO: Marihuana Boogie/ THE HARLEM HAMFATS: Don't Start No Stuff/ Weed Smoker's Dream/ BOB HOWARD & HIS BOYS: If You're A Viper/ HARLEN LATTIMORE ORCH.: Reefer Man/ JULIA LEE & HER BOYFRIENDS: The Spinach Song (I Didn't Like It The First Time)/ CARL MARTIN: That New Kind Of Stuff/ OSCAR'S CHICAGO SWINGERS: Try Some Of That/ SAM PRICE & HIS TEXAS BLUSICIANS: Do You Dig My Jive/ TRIXIE SMITH: Jack I'm Mellow/ STUFF SMITH & HIS ONYX CLUB BOYS: Here Comes The Man With The Jive/ TAMPA RED & THE CHICAGO FIVE: I'm Gonna Get High/ YACK TAYLOR: Knockin' Myself Out/ FATS WALLER: Reefer Song/ BUCK WASHINGTON: Save The Roach For Me/ WEE WILLIE WAYNE: Junco Partner/ CHICK WEBB ORCH V/ELLA FITZGERALD: When I Get Low I Get High/ GEORGIA WHITE: The Stuff Is Here

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crime Dog 101 Bring Back Yesterday, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
28 track collection of vocal group obscurities - The Five Wings, Tune Tones, Honorables, Twilighters, Crystal Tone, Impressions, Demolyrs, Majestics, Off Keys, Elite Jewels, Four Notes, Lee Golden and The Trio Tres Bien, The Swans, etc.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Dynamite DGS 135 Dynamite Group Sounds, Vol. 35 ● CD $17.98
The latest in this excellent series features 26 vocal group rarities.
JESSE BELVIN & THE LARUELS: Where's My Girl/ THE BLENDERS: You'll Never Be Mine Again/ THE CRITERIONS: I Remain Truly Yours/ GEORGE DAVIS & GROUP: Out Of A Million Girls/ THE ESQUIRES: Why Must I Love You/ THE FIVE ECHOS: I Really Do/ THE FIVE EMERALDS: Let Me Take You Out Tonight/ THE FOUR GRADUATES: A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening/ FRANKIE & THE C NOTES: Forever And Ever/ THE GOLDEN TONES: I'm Wrong/ HAROLD & THE CASUALS: Darling Do You Love Me/ THE INTERVALS: Try To Realize/ THE MATADORS: Be Good To Me/ AUSTIN POWELL/JAMES QUINTET: What More Can I Ask/ THE RAIN DROPS: (i Found) Heaven In Love/ THE RAMBLERS: Search My Heart/ THE RHYTHM ACES: That's My Sugar/ THE RICARDOS: Mary's Little Lamb/ THE ROCKAFELLAS: Strike It Rich/ THE SERENADERS: Love Me Now/ THE SUNBEAMS: Please Say You'll Be Mine/ THE TANGIERS: Tabarin/ THE VERSATILES: Lundee Dundee/ THE VIBRAHARPS: Cosy With Rosy/ THE VISTONES: Deserted/ THE YOUNGSTERS: You Told Another Lie

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ember EMBCD 005 Ember House Of Hits ● CD $14.98
21 track, 55 mins, highly recommended Great collection of R&B and vocal group hits recorded for Al Silver's Herald and Ember labels starting with Faye Adam's R&B chart topper Shake A hand in 1953 and ending with Vito & The Salutation crazed 1963 rendition of Unchained Melody which reached #66 in the pop charts. Along the way is one classics after another - A Story Untold by The Nutmegs, When You Dance by the Turbans, In the Still Of the Night by The Five Satins, Walking With Mr. Lee from New Orleans sax giant Lee Allen, Stay by Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs and lots more. Good sound and informative notes by Mike Atherton. (FS)
FAYE ADAMS: Hurts Me To My Heart/ I'll Be True/ Shake A Hand/ LEE ALLEN: Tic Toc/ Walking With Mr. Lee/ THE FIVE SATINS: I'll Be Seeing You/ In The Still Of The Night/ Shadows/ To The Aisle/ THE HONEYCONES: Op/ THE MELLO KINGS: Tonight Tonight/ JOE MORRIS FEAT. AL SAVAGE: I Had A Notion/ BILLY MYLES: The Joker/ THE NUTMEGS: A Story Untold/ Ship Of Love/ THE SILHOUETTES: Get A Job/ THE TURBANS: When You Dance/ VITO & THE SALUTATIONS: Unchained Melody/ MAURICE WILLIAMS & THE ZODIACS: Come Along/ I Remember/ MAURICE WILLIAMS & ZODIACS: Stay

VARIOUS ARTISTS Gold Dust 2001 The Lamp Records Story, Vol. 1 ● CD $18.98
Terrific collection of R&B, blues and doo-wop recorded for Aladdin subsidiary Lamp in the mid 50s. 26 tracks from leonard Lee (Great New Orleans R&B from the male half of Shirley & Lee), Clarence Samuels, The Cues, The Carols, Sheri Washington, The Lovers (Allen Bunn & Little Anne), Margie Hendrix and others. Sound quality is excellent.
THE CAROLS: Keko/ My Search Is Over/ JOHNNY COOK: It's All In Your Mind/ My Dear, My Darling/ THE COOKIES: All Night Mambo/ Don't Let Go/ THE CUES: Forty' Leven Dozen Ways/ Scoochie Scoochie/ BONNIE EVANS: Good Luck To You/ Leave Your Love To Me/ MARGIE HENDRIX: Every Time/ Good Treatment/ LEONARD LEE: Tryin' To Fool Me/ When The Sun Goes Down/ THE LOVERS: Darling, It's Wonderful/ Gotta Whole Lot Of Lovin To Do/ THE MELLO-FELLOWS: Iddy Biddy Chance/ My Friend Charley/ CLARANCE SAMUELS: Life Don't Mean A Thing/ CLARENCE SAMUELS: Crazy With The Heat/ 'SLIM' SANDERS: For Me And My Gal/ No One Can Love You Like I Do/ THE TANTONES: I Love You, Really I Do/ No Matter/ SHERI WASHINGTON: Ain't I Talkin' To You, Baby/ I Got Plenty

VARIOUS ARTISTS Gold Dust 2002 The Lamp Records Story, Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
25 tracks, 62 mins, highly recommended. The second volume is particularly fine - it's mostly doo-wop featuring some fine and bluesy groups including The Sharps (with some very cool guitar), The Tantones, Troopers, Heart-Throbs (with a fine female lead who sounds like Little Esther), The Lovers, Minorbops and others. There's one blues cut from the excellent Rebecca Williams recorded in San Francisco with the Fats Gaines band including an excellent guitar player and the set ends with four truly superb cuts by gospel group The Skylight Singers. (FS)
THE DAYBREAKERS: I Wonder Why/ Up, Up And Away/ THE HEART THROBS: All The Way Home/ So Gald/ THE INSPIRATORS: Don't Cry/ Indian Jane/ THE LOVERS: I Wanna Be Loved/ Let's Elope/ Tell Me/ THE MINORBOPS: Need You Tonight/ Want You For My Own/ THE SHARPS: Look My Heart/ Our Love Is Here To Stay/ JIMMY SIMMS: Mystery Of Love/ Nobody But You/ THE SKYLIGHT SINGERS: Certianly Lord/ I'm Going Back Home/ Lord, Have Mercy/ Thank You, Jesus/ THE TANTONES: So Afraid/ Tell Me/ THE TROOPERS: Get Out/ My Resolution/ REBECCA WILLIAMS: Please Give Me A Match/ Take Care Of My Heart

VARIOUS ARTISTS Gold Dust 2003 The Baytone Records Story ● CD $18.98
Fine collection of blues, R&B and doo-wop recorded for the San Francisco based Baytone label between 1958 and 1963.
BABY CALLOWAY: Midnight Blues/ CLAUDE & HIGH TONES: High Sailing/ THE FABULOUS FLAMES: Do You Remember/ Do You Remember (alt.)/ Get To Stepping/ I Need You, Dear/ I'm So All Alone/ Lover/ EGUENE JEFFERSON: Don't Cry No More/ Too Young/ ROLAND MITCHELL BAND: Chuck Wagon (instrumental)/ JOHNNY MORISETTE: (bat Man) For Days/ Bad Shape/ For Days (instr.)/ Run/ MITCH MYRON & GROUP: Runnin' Around/ True Love Is Hard To Find/ THE ROMANCERS: Baby, I Love You So/ You Don't Understand/ RITA THOMAS: Prove You Love Me, Baby/ Take Care Of My Heart/ BIG MAMMA THORNTON: Big Mamm'a Blues/ You Did Me Wrong/ VERNON & JEWELL: It Hit Me Where It Hurts/ Since You Left Me All Alone/ ROBERT "CHICK" WILLIS & GROUP: Pleading/ Yes, I Do

VARIOUS ARTISTS Implant 104 New York To L.A. Acapella All The Way ● CD $18.98
Reissue of fine and rare 1967 album featuring excellent acapella performances recorded in 1967 by four groups - The Ad-Libs, Hudsons, Atlantics and Variations. This CD issue adds two bonus tracks from 1958 by The Gentle-Tones who later became the C-Notes.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEN2 223 The Dial Records Southern Soul Story ● CD $23.98
Two CD set featuring 51 tracks of classic Southern Soul recorded for Buddy Killen's Dial label in Nashville between 1962 and 1975. Joe Tex was the most popular Dial artist and is featured on 10 tracks - some hits and some lesser known singles B-sides. Among the other fine artists here are Bobby Marchan (8 tracks including an unissued song and two alternate Takes), Clarence Reid (3 tracks), Paul Kelly (6 tracks), Clarence Frogman Henry (2 tracks) and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lucky 001 The Best Of Lucky Records ● CD $18.98
16 track collection featuring both sides of eight of the nine releases on John Dolphin's Lucky label in 1954. Includes sides by The Hollywood Flames, The Marbles, King Perry, Jimmie Wright, Chuck Higgins and Joe Houston. But why not include the ninth release?

VARIOUS ARTISTS Mad 1003 The Best Of Mad Records ● CD $18.98
31 tracks, recommended Fine collection of R&B, blues and doo-wop recorded for the Chicago based Mad label around 1957 and '58. On the blues side we have Willie Mabon, Billy "The Kid" Emerson, the obscure but very fine Piney Brown & The Blues Toppers who has an intense gravel voiced vocal style a little like Johnny Copeland and others. For R&B we have Tony Smith, Louis Carpenter's All Stars, "Madman" Jones, Red Hollander (including the great A La Cart) and others and for doo-wop we have John McKinney & the Premiers, The Equallos, Freddie & The Freeloaders and others. There are also a couple of forgettable pop flavored tracks from the Four Shades Of Rhythm and Rudy Robinson and The Tone Blenders but, in general the standard is very high. With a few exceptions the sound quality is excellent. (FS)
LEFTY BATES: Am I Blue/ Background/ PINEY BROWN & THE BLUES TOPPERS: My Love/ Sugar In My Tea/ LOUIS CAPENTER'S ALL STARS: Cha Cha Boogie/ LOUIS CARPENTER'S ALL STARS: Yeah/ BILLY "THE KID" EMERSON: I Never Get Enough/ When It Rains It Pours/ THE EQUALLOS: In Between Tears/ Patty Patty/ Underneath The Sun/ Yodelin/ FOUR SHADES OF RHYTHM: Come Here/ FREDDIE & THE FREELOADERS: Say It/ RED HOLLANDER: Ala Cart/ Simple Steps/ JOHNNY HOLLIDAY: Tell Me Why/ MAD MAN JONES: Hi Fi Apartment/ Oh Henry/ Rooster Rock/ MADMAN JONES: Jess One Mo Time/ LITTLE PRINCE & FREELOADERS: Nursery Love/ WILLIE MABON: I Don't Know/ I Got To Have Her/ I Gotta Go Now/ Michelle/ JOHN MCKINNEY & THE PREMIERS: Angels In The Sky/ Gee (how I Love You)/ RUDY ROBINSON & THE TONE BLENDERS: Don't Say Goodbye/ RUDY ROBINSON & TONE BLENDERS: When You're Hurtin/ TONY SMITH: Big Nellie's

VARIOUS ARTISTS Million 2001 The Best Of Million Records ● CD $18.98
Fine and varied collection of R&B, blues and doo-wop recorded for the Los Angeles based Million label in the early/ mid 50s.
CHRISTINE CHATMAN: Run Cal Run/ Wing's Lament/ THE CHROMATICS: Don't Know Why I Cry/ Tell A Lie/ RAVON DARNELL & THE VOICES: I'll Be Back/ RAVON DARNELL & VOICES: One of These Mornings/ DAN GRISSOM & THE EBB TIDES: Just Fall In Love/ DAN GRISSOM & EBB TIDES: Recess in Heaven/ MAD MILO: Elvis For Christmas/ PEPPY PRINCE: Ain't Nothin Shakin/ Hey Miss Harriette/ SHERRY RAVON: Wabble Lou/ ROY TAN: Happy New Year/ SHERRY WASHINGTON & THE CHROMATICS: Here in the Darkness/ La De So De Do Honeymug/ JAMES WAYNE: Gotta Good Girl/ Junco's Return/ BIG JIM WYNN: Down to the Ocean/ I'm the Boss

VARIOUS ARTISTS My Little Bug 1001 Odds & Ends ● CD $18.98
A fine collection of 24 vocal group rarities from the late 50s/ early 60s. Some of the tracks have been reissued before but many are making their first CD appearance. Gloria Brown & Group, Allen Ryan & Group, Duane Calvert (two really fine performances), The Invictors, The Drapers, The Thornton Sisters (a six member family group), Johnny & The Novels (two unissued demos), The Socialites, The Viscounts, Clay Fulton & The Cindells (a previously unissued track), Linda Lou & The Hit Makers, Roni Powers & Group, The Excels and others. Generally excellent sound.
GLORIA BROWN & GROUP: Happy Birthday/ DUANE CALVERT: My Love For You/ Somewhere, Somehow/ THE DRAPERS: Merry-go-round/ The Love I Wish I Had/ THE EXCELS: You're Mine Forever/ CLAY FULTON & THE CINDELLS: Wishing Well/ THE INVICTORS: I Don't Wanna Go/ JOHNNY & THE NOVELS: Again/ Red, Red Robin/ THE KITTENS: Hot Water/ MIKE LAWING & THE DISSONAIRS: One Love/ LINDA LOU & THE HIT MAKERS: The Difference In Our Age/ The Torch Is Out/ BRUCE MARVELLO & THE RED COATS: Teenage Broken Heart/ THE PHAROTONES: (give Me A) Chance/ RONI POWERS & GROUP: An Angel Up In Heaven/ ALLEN RYAN & GROUP: My Reverie/ You Left Me/ THE SOCIALITES: Jimmy/ THE THORNTON SISTERS: Watch Your Step/ THE UNIQUES: Hey Senorita/ THE VISCOUNTS: Wandering/ You're Only Happy (when You Hurt Me)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Pepto Roma 504 Dazzling Group Sounds, Vol. 4 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 68 mins, highly recommended The latest in this excellent series is another fine collection of 26 vocal group rarities - most making their first appearance on CD. Includes sides by The Rip Chords, Unforgettables, Tides (a really nice doo-wop treatment of Sam Cooke's Bring It On Home), The Serenaders (an acapella version of Nite Owl), La La & The Lalretts (a terrific female group), Five Stars, Corvetts, Richard Barrett & The Sevilles, Alan Knight & Group, The Mello-Chords (the beautiful I'm So All Alone), The Orioles ( a fine version of Sincerely), Clicks (very soulful vocals and a nice baritone sax solo), Donna Evans & Group, Lulu Reed & Group, The Belvaderes, Orchids and other. Generally excellent sound.
RICHARD BARRETT & THE SEVILLES: I Am Yours/ THE BELVADERES (DUSTERS): Don't Leave Me Here To Cry/ THE BOOMERANGS: Telling Lies/ THE CHARMERS: The Beating Of Our Hearts/ THE CLICKS: You Ran Away From My Heart/ THE CORVETTS: In the Chapel/ DONNA EVANS & GROUP: Sorry/ THE FIVE STARS (CLEO PERRY & INSPIRATORS): Let's Fall In Love/ THE FLANNELS: So Shy/ EDWARD HARRIS & THE BLUEDOTS: You're Closer To My Heart Than My Shadow/ THE HI LITES: Zanzee/ BILL KENNY & GROUP: Forgetting You/ ALAN KNIGHT & GROUP: Until I Know/ LA LA & THE LALARETTS: This Day Is Ours/ THE MATADORS: If You Left Me Today/ THE MELLO-CHORDS: I'm So All Alone/ THE ORCHIDS: Beginning To Miss You/ THE ORIOLES: Sincerely/ THE PREMIERS & THE INVICTAS: Magic of Love/ LULU REED & GROUP: Just Whisper/ THE RIP CHORDS: I Laughed So Hard/ THE SERENADERS: Nite Owl/ THE SPARKLERS: Dreamy Eyes/ THE TIDES: Bring It On Home/ THE UNFORGETTABLES: Oh Wishing Well/ ROBIN WILSON & GROUP: Close To Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Phone Me 102 Lost And Forgotten, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
Just arrived - 24 track collection of doo-wop rarities - The Daytons, Belgianettes, Darrell Lee & The Monte Clairs, Howard Guyton, Nick Pace & The Pacers, DeJan & The Elgins, Marty Hill & Group, The Kid, The Four Dimensions, The Del-Rays, Bill Watkins & Group, The Dischords (two previously unissued sides), The Ramblers and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Proper BOX 61 The Big Horn - The History Of The Honkin' & Screamin' S ● CD $25.98
4 discs, 106 tracks, essential
If you ever thought you might like honking sax, RUSH & get this! No way this is ever going to be topped! Subtitled "The History Of Honkin' & Screamin Saxophone, anyone who was anyone & recorded before '52 is here! All the big names - Illinois Jacquet, Arnett Cobb, Jack McVea, Paul Williams, Lee Allan, Big Jay McNeely, Lockjaw Davis, Earl Bostic, Red Prysock. All the legendary names - Lynn Hope, Hal "Cornbread" Singer, Willis "Gator Tail" Jackson, Tom Archia, Plas Johnson. Even some little-known greats - James Von Streeter, Fats Noel, even a duo from Tiny Davis's all-girl band, Birdie Davis & Margaret Blackstrom. With bands led by Count Basie, Lionel Hampton, Wynonie Harris, Tiny Grimes, Bullmoose Jackson, Dave Bartholomew, etc. With a hefty pic & fact-filled 68 page booklet! (GM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS RNS 5010 Rare Northern Soul, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
Fine collection with a misleading title since only about half the tracks here fall into that slick urban soul style called Northern Soul - the rest is a mixture of blues, straight R&B, New Orleans R&B, doo-wop and even Southern soul! Artists featured include Mr. Wiggles (Jimmy Reed style blues), Jimmy Ruffin, Donlad Jenkins & The Delights, Marie Knight, The Delcardos, Mickey Woods, The Soothers, The Turnpikes, Hal Miller, Daisy Burris (fine New Orleans style R&B), Larry Davis (superb bluesman), Kip Anderson (great Southern soulster), Dorisetta Clark and others.
KIP ANDERSON: I Done You Wrong/ THE ARABIANS: Please Take A Chance On Me/ DEAN BARLOW: Yesterday's Kisses/ THE BOB-WHEELS: Love Me/ DAISY BURRIS: Take The Same Thing/ CHUBBY & THE TURNPIKES: I Know The Inside Story/ DORISETTA CLARK: You Love Me (You Love Me Not)/ LARRY DAVIS: I've Been Hurt So Many Times/ BOBBY DAY: Pretty Little Girl Next Door/ THE DELCARDOS: She's The One I Love/ THE DISTANTS: Open Your Heart/ THE DOWNBEATS: Put Yourself In My Place/ DONALD JENKINS & THE DELIGHTS: Somebody Help Me/ MARIE KNIGHT: Come On Baby (Hold My Hand)/ HAL MILLER: A Blessing In Disguise/ A.C. REED: My Baby's Been Cheating/ JIMMY RICKS: Oh What A Feeling/ JIMMY RUFFIN: Don't Feel Sorry For Me/ MABEL SCOTT: No More/ THE SOOTHERS: I Believe In You/ SHERRI TAYLOR & SINGIN' SAMMY WARD: Lover/ THE TURNPIKES: Cast A Spell/ SINGIN' SAMMY WARD: Who's The Fool/ MR. WIGGLES: Wash My Back/ MICKEY WOODS: Poor Sam Jones

VARIOUS ARTISTS RNS 5011 Rare Northern Soul, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
Like the first volume this is only part Northern soul - the rest is blues, R&B and doo-wop. Among the artists featured are The Corselles, Bill Baker, The Turnpikes, Bobby Long & The Dealers, Popcorn Wylie & The Mohawks (a hot version of the Barrett Strong hit Money), The Wanderers, The Souvenirs, Polka Dot Slim, Elliot Small, Lamont Dozier, Linda Griner, Peppermint Harris, Charles Sheffield (his great It's Your Voodoo Workin') and others. Generally excellent sound.
BILL BAKER: Another Sleepless Night/ THE CADILLACS: Fool/ CHUBBY & THE TURNPIKES: I Didn't Try/ THE CORSELLS: Party Time/ THE DOWNBEATS: Request Of A Fool/ LAMONT DOZIER: Dearest One/ FREDDIE GORMAN: The Day Will Come/ LINDA GRINER: Goodbye Cruel Love/ PEPPERMINT HARRIS: Wait Until It Happens To You/ POOKIE HUDSON: This Gets To Me/ MAJOR LANCE: I've Got A Girl/ BOBBY LONG & THE DEALERS: I Gotta have You Too/ CONNIE MCGILL & THE VISIONS: Take It Like A Man/ NATE NELSON: Once Again/ POLKA DOT SLIM: A Thing You Gotta Face/ POPCORN WYLIE & THE MOHAWKS: Money/ THE RADIANTS: One Day I'll Show You/ MABEL SCOTT: Who Would Love A Man Like That/ CHARLES SHEFFIELD: It's Your Voodoo Workin'/ ELLIOT SMALL: I'm A Devil/ THE SOUVENIERS: I Could've Danced All Night/ THE TURNPIKES: Nothing But Promises/ THE WANDERERS: You Can't Run Away From Me/ THE WESTSIDERS: Don't You Know/ WILLIE WHITE: 99 Beefsteaks

VARIOUS ARTISTS Soul Time 103 Soul Vocal Group Delights, Vol. 3 - LOver's Choice ● CD $16.98
A collection of 22 soul ballads from the late 60s and early 70s - hits and rarities - The Tavares, Ace Spectrum, The Enchanters, Frankie & The Spindles, The Vee Gees, Diplomats, Magic Touch, Billy Butler & Infinity, The Carltons, Monitors, Impressions and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Stomper Time 17 Fernwood Rhythm 'n' Blues From Memphis ● CD $16.98
32 tracks, 78 mins, highly recommended. Excellent collection of sides recorded between 1959 and 1966 for Ronald "Slim" Wallace's Fernwood label and subsidiaries Pure Gold, Saviour and others. The material is varied and includes blues, R&B, doo-wop, gospel and swamp pop. Among the highlights are nine tracks by Arkansas bluesman Willie Cobbs including his classic You Don't Love. There are also two fine 1966 sides by Earl Forest - the last by this drummer/ vocalist who got his start as a member of the legendary Beale Streeters. Jeb Stuart is another fine artist - one songs is blues and the other is superb early Southern soul - both with terrific guitar. There are four sides by the excellent vocal group The Lyrics whose music overlaps doo-wop and Southern soul - they later went on to record for Goldwax. There are two fine instrumentals by a band led by baritone saxist Donnie Williams (aka Don Nix) - the rest of the band are probably members of the Stax house band. Prophet G. Lusk is a terrific and powerful gospel vocalist. Other artists here include O'Henry & Barbara, Barbara Perry (who has the only real dud here), The Memphis Sounds, Eddie Carroll, Kenneth Rice and gospel duo The Bogard Brothers. Excellent sound and booklet includes photos, discography and informative notes by Dave Travis. (FS)
THE BOGARD BROTHERS: Just Over There/ Stop And Let Me Ride/ EDDIE CARROLL: Golden Door Night Club/ I've Never Met An Angel Before/ WILLIE COBBS: Big Boss Man/ Come On Home/ Here Is My Heart/ Kiss Me One More Time/ Lonely Boy/ Mistreated Blues/ My Little Girl/ Too Sad/ You Don't Love Me/ EARL FOREST: Don't Leave Me/ Now It's Alright/ PROPHET G. LUSK: Everybody Ought To Serve The Load/ Going Home To Jesus/ THE LYRICS: Crying Over You/ Down In The Alley/ Let's Be Sweethearts Again/ You And Your Fellow/ THE MEMPHIS SOUNDS: Girl Of My Dreams/ Millionaire Without Love/ O'HENRY: Wanna Jean/ Why Do I Leave You/ BARBARA PERRY: Bobby Is A Bad Boy/ KENNETH RICE: Carol/ I Feel Blue/ JEB STUART: A Big Blue World/ A Whole Lot Of Tears/ DONNIE WILLIAMS: Boogie Chilluns Playhouse/ Mister B


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