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MAC & BOB B.A.C.M. 067 Songs For Country Home Folks, Vol. 1 ● CD $14.98
26 tracks recorded between 1926 and 1930 by Lester McFarland and Robert Gardner - one of the first old time country vocal duos who accompanied themselves on guitar and mandolin. Ballads, sentimental songs, religious songs and novelty numbers -including Asleep At The Switch/ Just Plain Folks/ The Two Orphans/ Put My Little Shoes Away/ Sarah Jane/ What A Friend We have In Mother/ he Left The One Who Loved Him For Another/ I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles/ Three Leaves Of Shamrock, etc

UNCLE DAVE MACON County 115 Travelin' Down The Road ● CD $15.98

UNCLE DAVE MACON County 3505 Go Long Mule ● CD $15.98
18 sides, 52 min, essential
Lively tracks from the unlikely first star of the Grand Old Opry, Uncle Dave Macon. Born in 1870 in Tennessee, he was a wagoner until until age 50, when his prowess with banjo and his earthy, irrepressible humor and showmanship led him first to vaudeville and then to radio success. These 1926-30 cuts capture him in his glory, raucously bellowing songs like Hold The Woodpile Down & Sail Away Ladies, slyly declaiming on affairs of the heart with She's Got The Money, Too & Oh Baby, You Done Me Wrong or easing the travails of farmlife with Backwater Blues/Don't Get Weary Children & Go Long Mule. With the same cover & liner notes by Bill Knowlton as County LP 545 (o.p.), they still have only 2 songs in common. With Sam & Kirk McGee & Mazy Todd helping out on guitar & fiddle and great sound, this is a must for old-timey fans. (JM)

UNCLE DAVE MACON Spring 101 Uncle Dave At Home ● CD $15.98
21 tracks, 38 mins, highly recommended. Originally issued on a Bear Family LP. A marvelous collection of 21 songs and tunes recorded at Uncle Dave's home in Kittrell, Tennessee in 1950 - just a year before his death at the age of 81. Listening to these performances it's hard to imagine that he was 79 years old at the time as the recordings are full of the fire, spirit and twinkling good humor that distinguished his commercial recordings of the 20s and 30s. The recordings were made by folklorist Charles Faulkner Bryant on a portable tape recorder and although the sound quality isn't exceptional the tapes have been mastered by recording wiz Bob Jones for best possible sound. The material is a mixture of old Macon favorites like Cumberland Mountain Deer Race and All Go Hungry Hash House and songs he had not recorded previously like Bully Of the Town/ Long John Green and Whoa Mule - one of the first songs he learned at the age of nine years old in 1879! The record includes Dave and Bryant chatting between songs. A delightful collection. Now when is someone going to do a comprehensive reissue of his early recordings? (FS)

ROSE MADDOX Arhoolie 314 Rose Of The West Coast Country ● CD $13.98

ROSE MADDOX Arhoolie 428 $35 And A Dream ● CD $13.98
16 tracks, 47 min., recommended Backed by a journeyman group of musicians, vocally accompanied on one number by fellow legend Merle Hagard, and praised at the end of the last song by the equally-esteemed Johnny Cash, this fine set offers the 1994 vintage of the one Rose, Rose Maddox. And a worthwhile vintage it is. Her voice is mellowed and care-worn, just right for country music, and the songs are well-chosen sketches, some old, some new, based on traditional country themes. Featured numbers include Fried Potatoes, Sin City, Blood Stained Hands, Blueridge Mountain Blues, The Place Where Love Comes From, Dusty Memories with Merle Hagard on harmony, Tonight I'm on Stage, and the autobiographical title tune. The music is a delight, and productions values are high, with a fine color photo on the front, fine stereo sound, and heartfelt notes by Arhoolie boss Chris Strachwitz. (DH)

ROSE MADDOX Bear Family BCD 15743 The One Rose ● CD $95.98
4 discs, 111 songs, approx. 5 hours essential
With interest in Rose Maddox rising in recent years, it's easy to forget she also recorded for both Columbia and Capitol. After she and her brothers went their separate ways in 1958, Rose became a solo artist, first for Columbia then for Capitol. This set compiles her complete 1958-1965 Capitol output, much of it a crucial link between the Maddox sound and the Bakersfield sound. The earliest material involves Rose, and brothers Cal and Henry redoing Maddox favorites like Philadelphia Lawyer with added studio musicians. At times their attempts to update the music succeeded, but not always. Move It On Over sounds ridiculous arranged identically to George Jones's White Lightning. Rose also did some of her finest vocal work with Capitol, including a splendid Please Help Me, I'm Falling. As part of the early Bakersfield bunch, she and Buck Owens cut two hit duets: Loose Talk and Mental Cruelty, in 1961. In 1962 her solo Sing A Little Song of Heartache went Top Five. Though Rose rarely stumbled with Capitol, her horrendous version of LaVern Baker's Jim Dandy was an exception. The 1962 "Rose Maddox Sings Bluegrass" LP appears on CD in its entirety for, I believe, the first time. This collection featured Rose backed by Reno and Smiley, with Bill Monroe sitting in (uncredited) on five numbers.. Nine unissued tracks are included along with an excellent photo-laden booklet by Maddox expert Charlie Seemann. Color photos from Capitol's publicity files feature Rose in some of those fantastic eyeball-blasting N.Turk-designed show outfits. (RK)

THE MADDOX BROTHERS & ROSE Arhoolie 391 Americas Most Colorful Hillbilly Band, Original Recordings ● CD $13.98
27 tracks, 69 min. 10 sec. essential
Since most of this material appeared on two 1976 LPs, interest has grown in the Maddox Brothers and Rose. Her singing and the band's importance to both the Bakersfield sound and to rockabilly are finally seen as significant. The material, recorded from 1946 to 1951, holds up today with its sense of fun, hot guitar and Rose's riproaring vocals. They're a riveting listening experience whether you're hearing Hank Williams covers (Move it On Over, Honky Tonkin'), Woody Guthrie's Philadelphia Lawyer, Merle Travis's Dark As A Dungeon or the ferocious Hangover Blues. Still, the remastering wiped out all the highs, toning down the stinging lead guitar and Rose's sharp voice. More offensive is the fact I Want To Live And Love is repeated twice, once mistitled as Muleskinner Blues on Track 12 and on Track 27, under its own name. (RK)

THE MADDOX BROTHERS & ROSE Arhoolie 437 Vol. 2 - America's Most Colorful Hillbilly Band, 1947-5 ● CD $13.98

THE MADDOX BROTHERS & ROSE Arhoolie CD 447 On The Air ● CD $13.98
32 tracks, 79 mins, highly recommended
CD reissue of Arhoolie 5028 and 5033 featuring radio transcriptions from the 40s and early 50s from the personal collection of Rose Maddox. It starts with a complete program broadcast over KFBK (Sacramento) in 1940 when the group was just a trio (Cal, Fred & Rose0 and continues with a program broadcast over KGDM (Stockton) in 1945 with Henry Maddox added on mandolin - both these are from the era before they made any commercial recordings. There are two songs from the group's only appearance on the Grand Ole Opry in 1949 - Gathering Flowers From The Masters Bouquet and I Couldn't Believe It Was True. The remaining cuts are from various transcriptions as well as a couple of unissued studio recordings. The group's great singing and playing are laced with a zany approach to produce some irresistible music. Songs include A Cowboy Has To Yell/ Hold That Critter Down/ Small Town Mama/ If You Ain't Got The Do-Re-Mi (the first recording of Woody Guthries great song)/ Don't Hang Around Me Anymore/ Write Me, Sweetheart/ The Goldrush Is Over/ Breathless Love/ Nobody's Love Is Like Mine. Also includes some great introductions & commercials by Fred as well as humorous dialog. Excellent sound, considering the rarity of the original material, some wonderful vintage photos and sympathetic notes by album's producer Chris Strachwitz. (FS)

THE MADDOX BROTHERS & ROSE Arhoolie 467 Live - On The Radio ● CD $13.98
38 tracks, 72 mins, highly recommended
Amazing album of previously unissued recordings taped off the air from 1953 radio shows. The sound quality isn't the greatest but this gives us a rare opportunity to experience the exciting, powerful and zany music Rose and her four brothers made when they performed live. The material includes some songs the Maddoxes had previously recorded (Honky Tonkin'/ On Mexico's Beautiful Shore/ When God Dips His Pen Of LOve In My Heart/ Muleskinner Blues, etc) and a lot they hadn't including Kaw-Liga/ I'm An Old, Old Man/ Take My Hand Precious Lord/ There's A Rainbow In Every Teardrop/ You Gotta Have License/ My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/ / Shot Gun Boogie, etc. Most of the vocals are taken by Rose with a few from Fred and Don and there is one hot instrumental Waterbaby Blues which reveals that in spite of all the craziness the group were very accomplished musicians. There is also some wonderful patter in between the songs and a few brief comedy sketches (Q: "How do I keep the boys from peeking through my keyhole?", A: "Leave the door open") Wonderful and important stuff. (FS)

THE MADDOX BROTHERS & ROSE Bear Family BCD 15850 The Most Colorful Hillbilly Band In America ● CD $95.98
4 CD box set featuring 96 great country, country boogie, rockabilly and novelty numbers recorded between 1952 and 58. Most cuts feature Rose accompanied by her wild, wacky and wonderful brothers with the occasional addition of studio musicians like Jerry Rivers, Merle Travis, Noel Boggs, Joe Maphis, Chet Atkins and others. Includes a few duets with her sister-in-law Retta. Great LP sized 28 page booklet with notes by Robert K. Oermann and great photos

DAISY MAE & OLD BROTHER CHARLIE Cattle 274 The Pure Hillbilly Sound ● CD $18.98
24 tracks from the late 40s/ early 50s featuring this fine but obscure duo from West Virginia. Most of the vocals are taken by Daisy Mae (Ethel Arnett) who is not a particularly good singer but gets by through a lot a conviction. "Old Brother Charlie" (her husband Charles Arnett) provides occasional harmony vocal and a number of recitations. Accompaniments are excellent with electric and steel guitars, piano and bass. Songs include Cotton Lisle Stockings And A Two Dollar Dress/ Fngerprints Upon My Heart/ You Got Stuck/ Too Late To Start All Over/ Our Baby's Gone To Jesus/ I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Darlin' (Then To Be A Young Man's Slave)/ Grace For Every Need/ Two Old Pals, etc.
DAISY MAE & COUSIN CHARLY: Cotton Lisle Stockings And A Two Dollar Dress/ Dogwood Blossom Time/ Fingerprints Upon My Heart/ God Laid His Hand On My Heart/ Grace For Every Need/ I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair/ I Had A Visit From Heaven/ I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Darlin' (than To Be A Young Man's Slave)/ I'm Hongry/ Looking Through The Windows Of Heaven/ New River Train/ Our Baby's Gone To Jesus/ Sparkling Brown Eyes/ Sweeter Than The Flower/ Sweeter Than The Flowers No. 2./ Talking Hands/ Thank God I'll Be No Stranger/ That's Why You're My Sweetheart/ The Boy Across The Street/ Too Late To Start All Over/ Two Old Pals/ Unloved And Unclaimed/ You Got Stuck/ You'll Have To Talk It Over With My Heart

J.E. MAINER'S MOUNTAINEERS Arhoolie CD 456 Run Mountain ● CD $13.98
23 tracks, 74 mins, highly recommended
A delightful collection of traditional country music featuring veteran singer and fiddler J.E. Mainer whose recording career dates back to the 30s. He is joined by his sons and daughter J.E. Mainer Jr. (vocal & guitar), Glenn Mainer (banjo) & Carolyn Mainer (guitar & vocals) plus Earl Cheeks/bass and Otis Overcash. The material is mostly old songs and tunes like Mississippi Sawyer/ Run Mountain/ If I lose Let Me Lose/ Seven And A Half/ Over In the Gloryland/ Hop Along Peter/ Crying Holy/ Rhythm Blues/ Maple On the Hill, etc. The vocals are chaotic and rowdy but totally enchanting in their lack of prention. This is a reissue of Arhoolie LP 5002 plus nine previously unissued tracks. (FS)

J.E. MAINER'S MOUNTAINEERS B.A.C.M. 122 1935-1939 ● CD $14.98
23 tracks, 66 mins, highly recommended
Wonderful collection of energetic old time mountain music by this North Carolina string band led by singer & fiddler J.E. Mainer who had a lengthy career from the late 20s to the late 60s. The group's instrumental techniques and line up using fiddle, banjo, mandolin and guitar and string bass were an important precursor to the bluegrass style and some of the songs J.E. and his group popularized have become bluegrass staples. The personnell of the group changed over the years with the earliest recordings here featuring J.E.'s brother Wade on banjo and harmony vocal as well as taking vocal lead on a couple of later number. The material is a mix of original songs, traditional songs, sacred songs, old time favorites and more and includes Seven And A Half/ The Longest Train/ Going Back West In The Fall/ Fatal Wreck Of The Bus/ Satisfied 9aparticularly fine version of this religious song with great harmonies)/ Johnson's Old Grey Mule/ Going Down To The River Of Jordan/ Don't Go Out/ Country Blues and others. Sound quality is fine and there are brief notes by Brian Golbey. (FS)
J.E. MAINER'S MOUNTAINEERS: City On The Hill/ Concord Rag (Instr)/ Country Blues (instr.)/ Donít Get Trouble In Your Mind/ Donít Go Out/ Drunkardís Hiccups/ Fatal Wreck Of The Bus/ Going Back West In The Fall/ Going Down To The River Of Jordan/ John Henry Was A Little Boy/ Johnsonís Old Grey Mule/ Let Her Go God Bless Her/ Lights In The Valley/ New Lost Train Blues/ Number 111/ On A Cold Winterís Night/ Satisfied/ Seven And A Half/ The Longest Train/ Watermelon On The Vine/ Why Do You Bob Your Hair Girls/ Wonít Be Worried Long/ Write A Letter To Mother

J.E. MAINER'S MOUNTAINEERS Cattle CCD 238 The Golden Age Of J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers ● CD $18.98
26 tracks, 71 mins, highly recommended
Wonderful collection of old time mountain music by this North Carolina string band led by singer & fiddler J.E. Mainer who had a lengthy career from the late 20s to the late 60s. The group's instrumental techniques and line up using fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar and string bass were an important precursor to the bluegrass style and many of the songs J.E. and his group popularized have become bluegrass staples. This collection features ten tracks drawn from J.E.'s extensive pre-war recording career (over 200 sides!) and sixteen are from 1946. The group didn't change it's style in the intervening years except maybe to become a little more raucous. The material is frequently traditional along with original songs and other artists songs. Among the many fine performances here are Run Mountain/ John Henry No. 2/ The Lonely Train/ Pale Moonlight/ The Yodelling Mountaineer/ I'm Not Turning Backward/ Lonely Tombs/ New Curly Headed Baby/ Maple On the Hill (their big "hit" from 1935) / Answer To Greenback Dollar/ Take Me In the Lifeboat (a particularly lovely version of this old time spiritual) and more including the only old timey recording I've seen with a song written by William Shakespeare - Will S. Hays' adaptation of the Bard's I'll Remember You Love, In My Prayers. Sound is excellent - notes, unfortunately, are in German. (FS)

ZEKE MANNERS & HIS GANG Cattle CCD 230 The Golden Age Of Zeke Manners & His Gang ● CD $18.98
Zeke Manners was a founding member of the Beverly Hillbillies and recorded with Elton Britt in the 30s. These sides were recorded between 1942 and 1949 and includes his 1946 chart hits Sue City Sue and Inflation.

JOE MAPHIS Bear Family BCD 16103 Flying Fingers ● CD $21.98
22 tracks, essential
 At last! For the first time, Joe's brilliant 1955-1960 Columbia instrumentals, the ones that influenced so many rockabillies and surf guitarists are available in their entirety, excluding (thank God), the far less interesting vocals he recorded with wife Rose Lee Maphis. For good measure, his 1960 single for Gene Autry's Republic label is included. Everything on his 1957 Columbia LP "Fire on the Strings" is issued here for the first time on CD including the song that became Joe's trademark tune, Fire on the Strings can be heard along with Guitar Rock and Roll, Flying Fingers, Town Hall Shuffle, Twin Banjo Special (the weakest song on the record) and the Carter Family's Sweet Fern, appropriate since Joe was a Maybelle Carter disciple. The previously reissued 1957 Maphis-Larry Collins EP is here as well, along with seven instrumentals Joe recorded on spec for Columbia in 1959 and 1960. Check out the terrific color snaps inside showing Joe in his best Western duds. Great notes by Rich Kienzle, who'd interviewed Maphis in in the early 1980s. (AK)

JIMMY MARTIN Bear Family BCD 15705 And The Sunny Mountain Boys ● CD $129.98
5 CDs, 146 tracks, 6 hrs 28 min, essential
What a wonderful set! Beginning with the six classics numbers cut for RCA by Jimmy & The Osborne Brothers in 1954 and concluding with a session cut in April 1974, this box includes everything Jimmy and his band recorded for Decca between those two dates. Among the greatest lead singer spawned by Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys, Jimmy has always led crack bands and the Sunny Mountain Boys offered early employment to such bluegrass greats as banjo players J.D. Crow, Bill Emerson and Vic Jordan, mandolin players Earl Taylor and Paul Williams, bass players Lightnin' Chance and Gloria Belle, among many others. Throughout it all, Jimmy's unabashedly "good 'n country" approach to his music cuts through, producing hard driving, tight bluegrass that features Jimmy's high tenor voice on lead vocals, finely honed vocal harmonies and crisp exhilarating instrumental work. Classic tracks abound, from Save It! Save It!/ I Pulled A Boo Boo/ 20-20 Vision from the classic session with the Osbornes to Skip, Hop & Wobble/ Hit Parade Of Love/ Ocean Of Diamonds and Sophronie, featuring the band with J. Crowe an deither Earl Taylor or Paul Williams. Later classics includes the truckdriver tearjerker Widowmaker plus Freeborn Man/ It Takes One To Know One/ Living Like A Fool and others too numerous to list. Jimmy's bands have always excelled at the traditional gospel repertoire, and examples of this prowess abound, including Prayerbell Of Heaven/ Stormy Waters/ A Beautiful Life and many more. Jimmy's penchant for silliness is also made clear in such titles as Dog Bite Your Hide/ Home Run Man/ The Old Man's Drunk Again and who can forget the immortal Guitar Pickin' President ? But it's ll in good fun, and the sublime cuts far outweigh the ridiculous. A marvelous 42 page booklet by Chris Skinker is included, with an exhaustive and informative discography compiled by Eddie Stubbs and Bear Family majordomo Richard Weize. At the risk of sounding redundant, I tip my hat once more to Bear Family for a wonderful job on a much needed project; most of this stuff has been unavailable in any form for years. (RP)

JIMMY MARTIN CMH 8440 Songs Of A Free Born Man ● CD $16.98
25 tracks 73 mins, highly recommended
Jimmy Martin is one of the greatest of all bluegrass singers and this collection is a real delight. It features sides from three different sessions - an informal jam session from 1959 with Paul Williams & J.D. Crowe, a live concert from 1990 with his full band and a 1992 studio session with "Josh" Graves, Larry Perkins and others including guest vocalists Jett Williams, Mary Stuart, Little Jimmy Dickens and Ricky Skagg. Throughout Jimmy's voice is in top form which means that you're unlikely to hear better singing almost anywhere else. The songs are a mix of Jimmy's most popular songs plus covers of bluegrass and country favorites. Songs include Made In The Shade/ 20-20 Vision/ Lost To Stranger (with a vocal by Jimmy's son Ray)/ Ocean Of Diamonds/ Mansion On the Hill/ Sunny Side Of The Mountain/ Molly & Tenbrooks/ Put My Little Shoes Away/ Widow Maker/ If WE Never Meet Again (This Side Of Heaven)/ It Takes On To Know One/ Honey, You Don't Know My Mind/ Free Born Man, etc. (FS)

JIMMY MARTIN Deluxe 7863 Jimmy Martin's 20 Greatest Hits ● CD $9.98
Jimmy Martin is one of the great voices in bluegrass and his classic recordings for Decca and RCA are the equal of almost anybody else in the genre. Like most of Decca's traditional country artists he was dropped by the label in the 70s and started recording for Gusto from where these recordings come. His singing was still fine and his band The Sunny Mountain Boys (no personell is listed) provide solid accompaniments on banjo, fiddle, dobro & bass. The songs are a mixture of remakes of his more popular Decca songs along with old bluegrass and country standards - Freeborn Man/ Pete, The Best Coon Dog In The State Of Tennessee/ Uncle Pen/ Blue Moon Of Kentucky/ Honey, You Don't Know My Mind/ Widow Maker/ I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still)/ Run Pete Run/ One Woman Man/ Taylor Made Sally Good and more. Very nice indeed. (FS)

FRANKIE MARVIN Cattle CCD 239 The Golden Age Of Frankie Marvin ● CD $18.98
Although singer/ guitarist Frankie Marvin is not a well known name he spent many years working with his brother Johnny accompanying gene Autry and wrote several songs that Autry recorded.17 of the songs here are from the late 20s and early 30s with Marvin accompanying himself on regular guitar or steel guitar with occasional other accompaniments. Material often shows the influence of the always popular Jimmie Rodgers. There are 8 songs from the mid 40s in a more Western flavored vein with small western groups.

JOHNNY MARVIN B.A.C.M. 075 I'm The Man Who's Been Forgotten ● CD $14.98
22 tracks from the late 20s and the 30s by singer/ guitarist who was the brother of Frankie Marvin (featured on BACM 003). Both Marvin brothers worked with Gene Autry - Frankie as a musician and Johnny as a songwriter and producer of Gene's "Melody Ranch" radio program. This collection features several songs that were later recorded by Autry including Goodbye Pinto/ Old November Moon and Rhythm Of the Hoofbeats.
JOHNNY MARVIN: Atlanta Bound/ Goodbye Pinto/ Hello Swanee Hello/ Home On The Range/ Iíd Rather Be On The Outside/ Iím Beginning To Care/ Iím Ridiní A Trail/ Iím The Man Thatís Been Forgotten Pt. 1/ Iím The Man Thatís Been Forgotten Pt. 2/ Jailhouse Blues/ Little Sweetheart Of The Prairie/ Ma & Pa Send Their Sweetest Love/ Mad Magician/ Old November Moon/ Our Old Grey Mare/ Rhythm Of The Hoofbeats/ Seven Come Eleven/ Somewhere In The Rockies/ The Man With The Big Black Mustache/ Watermelon Smiling On The Vine/ When I Kissed That Gal Goodbye/ When You Hear Me Call

LOUISE MASSEY & THE WESTERNERS Bronco Buster 9026 Swing West ● CD $21.98
Western swing flavored group from the 40s.
LOUISE MASSEY & THE WESTERNERS: Billie Boy/ Ciribiribin (Inst.)/ Dude Cowboy/ Gals Don't Mean a Thing (in My Young Life)/ Honeysuckle Schottische (Inst.)/ I Only Want a Buddy Not a Sweetheart/ I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes/ Listen to the Mocking Bird/ Little Brown Jug (Inst.)/ Mistakes/ My Adobe Hacienda/ Rancho Grande/ Rock and Rye Polka (Inst.)/ Starlight Schottische (Inst.)/ Tears on My Pillow/ The Honey Song (Honey I'm in Love with You)/ The Little Wooden Whistle Wouldn't Whistle/ There'll Come a Day/ Varsovienna (Inst.)/ Ye Old Rye Waltz (Inst.)

LOUISE MASSEY & THE WESTERNERS Cattle CCD 235 Ridin' Down That Old Texas Trail ● CD $18.98
24 tracks recorded between 1934 and '42 by this fine western swing flavored band which also includes polkas, waltzes and items with a Mexican flavor.

LEON MCAULIFFE Bronco Buster 9010 World Masters, 1953 ● CD $18.98
22 tracks, 41 minutes, good. These mostly instrumental transcription recordings were originally done for the World Label. They followed a period when McAuliffe, after leaving Bob Will's band during the war, experimented with more of a prominent jazz big band sound. The public proved less than enthusiastic and McAuliffe soon brought back the fiddles and the cowboy hats. However he retained his strong interest in swing music, and this can be heard here in the regular use of horn solos and the inclusion of tunes like Perdido and In the Mood on this disk. The leader's steel playing is solid if not particularly exciting and is heard to best advantage on This is Southland and classics like Boot Heel Drag. This disk certainly has some fine moments but overall the pace is fairly laid back, too much so for śmy tastes. Fans of McAuliffe take note, but expect only flashes of the greatness and originality that prompted Wills to cry, "Take it away, Leon!" (DP)
LEON MCAULIFFE: Bear Creek Hop/ Beaumont Rag/ Black and White Rag/ Blue Skirt Waltz/ Boil'Em Cabbage Down/ Boot Heel Drag/ Bouncin' Bobbie/ Cherrylane Waltz/ Cimarron Blues/ Close Shave/ Don'cha Hear Dem Bells (Voc. Leon with Trio)./ Goin' Home/ I've Never Lived in Tennessee (I'd like to Try it There)(voc. By Leon)/ In the Mood/ Little Rock Getaway/ Mandy Make up Your Mind/ Mister Steel Guitar/ Nite Train/ One O'clock Jump/ Perdido/ Texas Drummer Boy/ this Is Southland

LEON MCAULIFFE & HIS CIMARRON BOYS Jasmine 3514 Take It Away The Leon Way! ● CD $11.98
Fine collection of 27 tracks from the 50s. There are no recording details provided but it's mostly Leon with a smallish group including some fine fiddling (presumably Cecil Brower). It's mostly instrumental with the occasional vocal from Leon or Jim Hall. Includes Leon's boogie/ Fiddle Boogie/ In The Mood/ Sizzlin' Cecil/ Liberty/ You Gotta Stop Your Running Around/ Eatin' Right Out Of Your Hand/ If It Weren't For A Dream/ Twin Fiddle Rag, etc.

DARRELL MCCALL Bear Family BCD 15846 The Real McCall ● CD $129.98
5 CD set featuring all the recordings from 1960 to 1981 by this outstanding honky tonk singer. 143 tracks in all including blues demos for Jimmy Reed, rare commercials and radio transcriptions.

HARRY MCCLINTOCK B.A.C.M. 082 The Great American Bum ● CD $14.98
22 tracks, 66 mins, highly recommended. 22 tracks recorded between 1928 and 1931 by this fascinating performer whose classic recording of In The Big Rock Candy Mountain from 1928 (featured here) was included in "Oh Brother Where Art Thou". McClintock was a world traveler who settled in San Francisco in the 1917 where he landed a radio spot on KFRC in 1925. McClintock, who was involved in the labor movement, performed a mix of hobo, vaudeville and cowboy songs including another song that has become a standard Hallelujah, I'm A Bum. Half the songs feature just Mac and his guitar - most of the rest feature a small group ("The Haywire Orchestra") and one song features fiddler Virgil Ward. Includes Can I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight Mister/ Get Along Little Dogies/ The Man On The Flying Trapeze/ Trail To Mexico/ The Trusty Lariat/ Roamin'/ My Last Old Dollar/ The Bum Song/ Bald Top Mountain/ Jerry Go 'Ile That Car/ Circus Days and more. (FS)
HARRY MCCLINTOCK: Bald Top Mountain/ Billy Venero/ Can I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight Mister/ Circus Days/ Fifty Years From Now/ Fireman Save My Child/ Get Along Little Dogies/ Hallelujah Iím A Bum/ Hobo Spring Song/ Homespun Gal/ If I Had My Druthers/ In The Big Rock Candy Mountains/ Jerry Go ‘ile That Car/ My Dadís Dinner Pail/ My Last Old Dollar/ Old Chisholm Trail/ Roaminí/ The Bum Song/ The Bum Song #2/ The Man On The Flying Trapeze/ The Trusty Lariat/ Trail To Mexico

THE MCCORMICK BROTHERS Bronco Buster 9027 Hot Bluegrass Rhythm ● CD $21.98
20 tracks from the 50s and early 60s by fine bluegrass group who also tried their hand at rockabilly.
THE MCCORMICK BROTHERS: Are You Feeling Blue/ Banjo Trot (Inst.)/ Banjo Twist (Inst.)/ Before I Met You/ Big Eyes/ Blue Blue Mood/ Bugle Call Rag (Inst.)/ C.n.r. Special/ Coffee, Coffee, Coffee/ Darling, Why Can't You Be True/ Haskell's Five String (Inst.)/ Landslide Special (Inst.)/ Lonesome for You/ No Substitute Will Do/ Red Hen Boogie/ Runnin' Round on Me/ Shuffle and Deal/ The Billy Goat Boogie/ The Bluegrass Express./ The Dobro Twist (Inst.)

DEL MCCOURY Arhoolie 9030 I Wonder Where You Are Tonight ● CD $9.98
14 tracks, 39 min., essential
 Previously available on CD as Arhoolie 5006. This is a reissue of a 1967 LP, with two previously unissued tracks. It is noteworthy for being the first album by this very popular singer/ bandleader, and also as one of the few bluegrass albums Arhoolie's Chris Strachwitz made. Like many since, Chris fell under the spell of Del's plaintive vocal style, learned as a member of Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys. Del is ably backed here by a wonderful group, including Bill Emerson on banjo, mandolinist Wayne Yates, Tommy Neal or Dewey Renfro on bass, and the sparkling fiddling of Billy Baker. Every song is an example of great traditional bluegrass, with Hey, Hey Bartender/ Willie Roy/ The Prisoner's Song/ I Wonder Where You Are Tonight/ Flower In The Wildwood/ Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On/ A Beautiful Life. (RP)

DEL MCCOURY Rebel 1709 Livin' On The Mountain ● CD $15.98

DEL MCCOURY Rounder 0303 Deeper Shade Of Blue ● CD $17.98

DEL MCCOURY & THE DIXIE PALS Rounder 0019 High On A Mountain ● CD $17.98

DEL MCCOURY BAND Rounder 0292 Blue Side Of Town ● CD $17.98
Del has been recognized for many years as a fine Monroe style vocalist; his influence on the last two generations of singers has been enormous. His prowess hasn't diminished a bit, and his sons Ronnie on mandolin and Rob on banjo have helped to make his band among the finest on the circuit. This also includes bassist Mike Brantley and fiddler Tad Marks. Fine traditional bluegrass, with a remake of Del's classic High On A Mountain. Del also turns his attention to songs by Steve Earle, Steve Young, David Olney, George Jones, Ernest Tubb (Try Me One More Time) and Big Boy Crudup's That's Alright Mama. The singing and playing is never less than wonderful here, but traditionalists may prefer his prior Rounder release Don't Stop The Music (Rounder 0245). (RP)

DEL MCCOURY BAND Rounder 0363 The Cold Hard Facts ● CD $17.98
13 minutes, 38 minutes, essential Another superlative release by the greatest and hardest working band in bluegrass today! Del McCoury possesses the most expressive and chilling voice in the genre, an authentic high mountain tenor that is perfectly suited to the blues oriented material he prefers. As the title would suggest, this collection is particularly dark and melancholy, exploring themes of loss, sorrow, and deceit with an intensity that is almost painful at times. The band, featuring the driving mandolin and banjo work of sons Ronnie and Rob McCoury and the fiddle playing of Jason Carter , is at the peak of their form. Ronnie McCoury's playing in particular is nothing short of amazing, lightning fast and right on the money, and it's easy to see why he's earned repeated recognition and honors from his peers. The material is from sources as varied as Robert McCray, Tom Petty, and Willie Nelson, as well as the writing talents of the band, but you'd never know it. The group succeeds in making every tune sound as if it were written to be bluegrass. This is bluegrass history in the making folks, don't miss it! (DP)

RONNIE MCCOURY Rounder 0453 Heartbreak Town ● CD $17.98
First solo album by the talented son of bluegrass legend Del McCoury. Ronnie's music is steeped in the traditional sound of his father but is informed with a contemporary sensibility. Ronnie is an excellent singer and mandolin player and is joined by an all star cast of backing musicicians (Del McCoury, Stuart Duncan, Jerry Douglas, David Grisman, etc) on a selection of predominantly original songs.

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