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BULLETIN - May/ June 2010
Vintage Rock 'n' Roll & Rockabilly
Various Artists



VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1240 Bless You California - More Early Songs Of Randy Newman ● CD $18.98
26 tracks, 67 mins, highly recommended
Picking up where On "Vine Street: The Early Songs of Randy Newman" (Ace 1186 - $18.98) left off, "Bless You California" serves up more tunes from Newman's songwriter-for-hire phase and his first two solo albums. Newman's songs are rarely sentimental, often twisted vignettes that don't always lend themselves to interpretations by other singers, but that hasn't stopped people from recording them. It helps that Newman's melodies are equal parts New Orleans R&B and Tin Pan Alley Pop; an interesting combination that gives the songs an exotic edge lacking from other tunes of the time. The songs here span from 1963 to 1971 and featured performers include Irma Thomas, Lou Rawls, Linda Ronstadt, Bobby Darin, the Everly Brothers, Ella Fitzgerald, and Liza Minnelli. Newman fans interested in their hero's early work will get a kick out of this collection. (GMC)
THE BEAU BRUMMELS: Bless You California/ THE BOX TOPS: Let Me Go/ ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS: Wait Till Next Year/ BOBBY DARIN: Look At Me/ MARTIN DENNY: Scarlet Mist/ JACKIE DESHANNON: Hold Your Head High/ THE DOOBIE BROTHERS: tHE Beehive State/ THE EPICS: There's Just No Pleasing You/ THE EVERLY BROTHERS: Illinois/ ELLA FITZGERALD: I Wonder Why/ THE FLEETWOODS: Ask Him If He's Got A Friend For Me/ HARPERS BIZARRE: Happyland/ CLAUDINE LONGET: Snow/ DICK LORY: I Got Over You/ PEGGY MARCH: Leave Me Alone/ LIZA MINNELLI: tHE Debutante's Ball/ NILSSON: Cowboy/ DUFFY POWER: Davy O'brien (Leave That Baby Alone)/ THE ALAN PRICE SET: Tickle Me/ P.J. PROBY: Straight Up/ LOU RAWLS: Let's Burn Down The Cornfield/ LINDA RONSTADT: Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad/ JOHNNY SHEPARD: Twenty Acres Of Land/ CONNIE STEVENS: She'll Never Understand Him (Like I Do)/ IRMA THOMAS: Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)/ WE TALKIES: What Are You Waiting For

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1252 The Birth Of Surf, Volume 2 ● CD $18.98
Second volume (first volume is Ace 1155 - $18.98) tracing the history of surf music covers the period 1960 through 1964 and contains fewer well known hits than the first, but is essential listening for lovers of this kind of early 60's instrumental music featuring 26 tracks in chronological order including five tracks that have never been on CD before. Artists featured include The Ventures, The Rockin' Rebels, Dick Dale & His Del-Tones, The Surfaris, The Chantays, The Lively Ones, The Trashmen, Bobby Fuller & the Fanatics, The Pyramids, The Bel-Aires, The Catalinas and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1254 The Best Of Golden Crest - 48 Tall Cool Ones ● CD $25.98
Just arrived. Two CD set with 48 tracks spotlighting the Long Island based label Golden Crest and its subsidiary Shelley that was active from the mid 50s to mid 60s. The compilation covers the entire gamut of the rock 'n' roll era - rocking instrumentals, teen rock 'n' roll, R&B, doo wop, girl groups and a little pop, soul and jazz. Artists include The Wailers, Donny Lee Moore, Calvin "Hound Dog" Ruffin & His Combo, Mando & The Chili Peppers, The Senators, Coleman Hawkins, Gino & The Dells, Larry Dale, The Montrells, Billy Mure and many more.
BABY STICKS & THE KINGTONES: Pigmy/ ROLAND BENNETT & THE ROCKIN' WHALERS: Money Crazy/ THE BLUESTYLE with CARL VANTERPOOL: Girl/ THE CHESSMEN: Bells Bells/ LARRY DALE & THE HOUSEROCKERS: New York City Blues/ THE DELIGHTS: Mary Don't You Weep/ CARTRELL DICKSON: Why Didn't You Tell Me?/ THE FOUR BARS: What's On Your Mind/ GINO: It's Only A Paper Moon/ Altar Of Dreams/ Hand Clappin' Time/ PAUL GRIFFIN: Ragdoll Baby/ COLEMAN HAWKINS with DON REDMAN ORCHESTRA: Black Velvet/ DICK HEATHERTON: Hey! Travelin' Man/ CARMEN LEGGIO: Newport Riot/ LORD DENT AND HIS INVADERS: Wolf Call/ THE MAD PLAIDS: Blood Rare/ MANDO & THE CHILI PEPPERS: Congo Mombo/ South Of The Border/ THE MONTELLS: A Rang A Lang Lang/ DONNY LEE MOORE: I'm Buggin' Out, Little Baby/ THE OXFORDS featuring BILLY MURE: Toy Balloons/ PAUL & THE FOUR-MOST: Cut-out/ Tight Spot/ THE PRECISIONS: Someone To Watch Over Me/ PRINCE JESSE: Sarah Lee/ THE RHYTHM ROCKERS: Terock/ RICKY & ROBBY: Purple Pedal Pushers/ Suzzane/ AUGIE RIOS with JOHNNY GREEK: Linda Lu/ CALVIN "HOUND DOG" RUFFIN & HIS COMBO: Hurry, Hurry/ I'm Gonna Miss You/ My Little Home On The Range/ THE SENATORS: Loretta/ Poor Little Puppet/ THE SEVEN TEENS: Bug Out/ STEPHANIE & THE GOTHICS: Oh Happy Day/ JOHNNY STEWART: A Whole Lot Of Lovin'/ Come On And Love Me/ LOLA SUGIA: Blue Tears/ THE THREE GRACES: 7 L/ Billy Boy's Tune (billy Boy's Funeral March)/ THE WAILERS: Close Your Eyes/ Dirty Robber/ High Wall/ Mau-mau/ Scotch On The Rocks (tall Cool One)/ Tall Cool One

VARIOUS ARTISTS Buffalo Bop 55198 Strictly Instrumental, Vol. 11 ● CD $19.98
28 tracks, 63 mins, highly recommended
With this, we get another rompin', stompin' collection of Rock 'N' Roll instrumental madness. As usual with Buffalo Bop releases, this has great sound, super obscure tracks and reproductions of original release labels for all the collectors to drool over. Includes The Tempests Lemon Lime, The Rebel Rousers War Paint, The Savoys Razorback, and all kinds of other obscure greats. The tie for top track comes down to Alfredo Mendieta & Guitar's Chicken Run and Mitch Wayne & The United Sounds' Shazam #1. Can't wait for Vol. 12. (JM)
AL ALLEN: Egghead/ JAY BEE & THE KATS: Tension/ THE BEL-TONES: Breaktime/ JAY BROWN & THE JETS: Hanky-Panky/ Rocking the Guitar/ THE COUNTDOWNS: Do It/ THE FABULOUS PLAYBOYS: Shortnin' Bread/ THE FLINTALES: Flintales Rock/ THE MARLINS: Let Down/ Saw Mill Run/ ALFREDO MENDIETA & GUITAR: Chicken Run/ THE POLARAS: Breaker/ THE REBEL ROUSERS: War Paint/ THE REE-GENTS: Downshiftin'/ THE RHYTHM ROCKERS: R. R. Boogie/ THE RHYTHMICS: Besame Mucho/ Comin' Through/ THE ROYALTONES: Poor Boy/ Wail!/ THE SAVOYS: Razorback/ THE SCAVENGERS: Curfue/ THE TEMPESTS: Count Down/ Lemon Lime/ Midnight/ THE VISCOUNTS: Chug-a-Lug/ Dig/ JIMMIE VOLK: Spring Time Rock/ MITCH WAYNE & THE UNITED SOUNDS: Shazam #1

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fantastic Voyage 038 This Record Is Not To Be Broadcast, Vol. 2 ● CD $19.98
2 CDs, 51 tracks, 142 mins, highly recommended
Here we have yet another fascinating foray into the joys of state-sponsored censorship. We listen in as browbeating bureaucrats ban the boisterous, bouncy and brazen, but also the banal and barely bawdy. Sometimes the BBC banned songs for obvious reasons: Fats Waller's Reefer Song, for its drug content, Wynonie Harris's Lovin' Machine for its overtly sexual nature, Louis Prima's Please Don't Squeeza De Bannana for its not-so-overtly sexual nature, etc. This collection gets more interesting when you are trying to figure out why exactly they banned songs like The Kingston Trios A Worried Man (advertising buying a Cadillac), The Playmates Beep, Beep (for promoting un-safe road driving), Lonnie Donegan's Nobody Loves an Irishman, (not for fear of offending the Irish, but amazingly fear of offending the Turkish!) etc. The excellent annotation, with notations taken directly from the BBC files, will tell the whole story, and even if you aren't as interested in the story of the times, this is an excellent two CD collection of less often-compiled tracks, with splendid sound quality. (JM)
LALE ANDERSEN: Lili Marleen/ JOHNNY BURNETTE TRIO: Honey Hush/ ERNEST BUTCHER: Peaceful Street/ JOHNNY CASH: Guess Things Happen That Way/ THE COASTERS: Charlie Brown/ ALMA COGAN: Love Is/ PERRY COMO: Moonlight Love/ Somebody Up There Likes Me/ THE CREW CUTS: Angels In The Sky/ BING CROSBY: Miss You/ BOBBY DARIN: Mighty Mighty Man/ LONNIE DONEGAN: Nobody Loves Like An Irishman/ Whoa Buck (Whoa Back, Buck)/ DURIUM DANCE BAND: She Was Only A Postmaster's Daughter/ ROBERT EARL: The Test Of Time/ THE ELEGANTS: Little Star/ ELLA FITZGERALD: To Keep My Love Alive/ GEORGE FORMBY: When I'm Cleaning Windows/ THE FOUR LADS: The Mocking Bird/ CONNIE FRANCIS: I Leaned On A Man/ BILLY FURY: A Christmas Prayer/ THE GOONS: A Russian Love Song/ EYDIE GORME: The Voice In My Heart/ BILLY GRAVES: The Shag (Is Totally Cool)/ WYNONIE HARRIS: Lovin' Machine/ AL HIBBLER: He/ JOHNNY HORTON: The Battle Of New Orleans/ THE KINGSTON TRIO: A Worried Man/ EARTHA KITT: I Want To Be Evil/ FRANKIE LAINE: In The Beginning/ TOM LEHRER: Be Prepared/ We Will All Go Together When We Go/ GUY MITCHELL: Ninety Nine Years (Dead Or Alive)/ LOU MONTE: Lazy Mary/ MORRIS AND MITCH: The Tommy Rot Story/ KEN PLATT: Ting Tong Tang/ THE PLAYMATES: Beep Beep/ ELVIS PRESLEY: Hard Headed Woman/ LOUIS PRIMA & HIS ORCHESTRA: Please No Squeeza De Banana/ CLIFF RICHARD: High Class Baby/ FRANK SINATRA: You'll Get Yours/ BESSIE SMITH: Gimme A Pigfoot And A Bottle Of Beer/ SONS OF THE PIONEERS: Old Man Atom/ THE KIRBY STONE FOUR: Baubles, Bangles And Beads/ BILLY STORM: I've Come Of Age/ CONWAY TWITTY: Danny Boy/ JIMMY WAKELY: One Has My Name, The Other Has My Heart/ FATS WALLER: The Reefer Song (If You're A Viper)/ RUBY WRIGHT: Three Stars/ JOHN ZACHERLE: Dinner With Drac (Parts 1 And 2)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lesley 3 The Great Lost Story Of The Rock-A-Ballad, Vol. 2 ● CD $15.98
31 tracks, 75 mins, highly recommended
Another fine selection of rock 'n' roll which is even better than the first volume. Highlight for me is the fabulous A Tear For Jessie by Jody Reynolds - a great minor key suicide song somewhat in the vein as his classic Endless Sleep but possibly better. Gene Dunlap's What Do I Want is another powerful bluesy performance and although Troyce Key's version of Ray Charles' Drown In My Own Tears is more blue-eyed soul than rock-a-ballad it certainly is a superb performance. Eddie Cash's Land Of Promise is another real winner with Elvis like vocal and great loping rhythm. Other artists include Ronnie Smith, Chuck Wiley, Mel McGonnigle, Ric Cartey, Duane Schurb, The Phaetons, Jett Powers (an early recording of James Marcus Smith who was later to achieve fame as P.J. Proby), Bobby & Terry Caraway (Everly Brothers imitators), Jimmy Ford and others. Though there are a number of duds here (like the aforementioned Jett Powers track) the standard is generally high and there are a number of really superb tracks that deserve to be better know. (FS)
BOBBY BARE: Another Love Has Ended/ THE BLUE ECHOES: Debbie/ BOBBY & TERRY CARAWAY: Sweet Lies/ RIC CARTEY: My Heart Belongs to You/ EDDIE CASH: Land of Promises/ JACKIE LEE COCHRAN: Endless Love/ TERRY DALY: Why Did This Happen/ JUNIOR DEAN: Surrender/ JIMMY DONLEY: What Must I Do/ GENE DUNLAP: What Do I Want/ BOB EHRET: So Lonely/ JIMMY FORD: We Belong Together/ JACKIE GOTROE: Don't Treat Me This Way/ TROYCE KEY: Drown in My Own Tears/ MEL MCGONNIGLE: Cheryl Baby/ THE MOONLIGHTERS: Glow of Love/ JACKE MORNINGSTAR: No Date/ GENE MORRIS: I've Got a Love/ BILL MORRISON: The One I Left Behind/ LARRY O'KEEFE: Love's Dream/ ALLEN PAGE: Sugar Tree/ THE PHAETONS: As You Know/ JETT POWERS: Teen-Age Quarrel/ JODY REYNOLDS: A Tear For Jessie/ DUANE SCHURB: You're a Fool/ RONNIE SMITH: It Hurts Me So/ DANNY STEWART: Somewhere Along the Line/ GENE SUMMERS: I'll Never Be Lonely/ LARRY TERRY: Why Did She Go/ THE VIBES: Crying For You/ CHUCK WILEY: Little Star, Little Star

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lesley 4 The Great Lost Story Of The Rock-A-Ballad, Vol. 3 ● CD $15.98
30 more fine sides - many of them more mid tempo than ballads. Not quite as strong as the first two volumes this is another fine collection of mostly obscure material including tracks by Andrew Nash & The Renown, Billy Riley (his classic Sun recording Trouble Bound), Tony Casanova (the "death song" The Grave), The Strikes, Johnny Fortune (the very fine If You Love Me), Gene Watson and others.
TONY CASANOVA: The Grave/ JOEY CASTLE: Wild Love/ EDDY CLERMONT: My Love/ JACKIE LEE COCHRAN: Georgia Lee Brown/ SONNY COLE: I Need A Lotta Lovin'/ JERRY DEAN: Don't Say Goodbye/ FRANK DEATON: My Love For You/ BOB DENTON: On My Mind Again/ DON ELLIS: A Woman's Love/ JOHNNY FORTUNE: If You Love Me/ DON HEAD: Never Before/ THW KIDS FROM TEXAS: I'm So Lonely/ ROC LaRUE: Teenage Blues/ JERRY MARTIN: Lovely One/ ANDREW NASH & THE RENOWNS: Wild One/ THE ORBITS: Darlin'/ KENNY OWEN: High School Sweater/ THE PROWLERS: Most Of All/ DARRELL RHODES: Prayer Of A Boy In Love/ BILLY RILEY: Trouble Bound/ THE ROAD RUNNERS: Rains/ MEL ROBBINS: To Know You/ MARK ROBINSON: Want Me/ LYNN ROWE: Last Date/ HAROLD SHUTTERS: Blues Of A Broken Heart/ JIMMY STAYTON: Why Do You Treat Me This Way/ JOHNNIE STRICKLAND: Don't Leave Me Lonely/ I've Heard That Line Before/ THE STRIKES: Come Back To Me/ GENE WATSON: I'll Always Love You

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lesley 5 Coral Records Rock & Roll Party ● CD $15.98
34 tracks, 76 mins, recommended
34 track collection of rock 'n' roll recorded for the Coral label from the mid 50s through the early 60s. Many of these tracks have been reissued before but it's nice to have them all together in this thematic compilation. The set opens with the fine Rock, Rock, Rock by Jimmy Cavello & His House Rockers - a fine artist whose career dates back to the 1940s. There are two exceptional tracks from the hot 5 Chavis Brothers with great vocals and hot guitar and Ivan (Jerry Allison) is here with his frequently reissued Real Wild Child with its sublime rock 'n' roll guitar solos from Buddy Holly. Other artists include Don Cornell (pretty bland), Billy Williams, The Dawn Breakers, Dorothy Collins, Moon Mullican, Dick Vale (his Rock-A-Billy Blues is not bad but it's neither rockabilly or blues!), Baker Knight (the fine Just RelaxThat's My Babe recorded just a few months before he hit it big on Liberty with Memphis), The Goofers, Roy Berkeley (a fine cover of Paul Evans' Hushabye Little Guitar or is it the other round?) and others. A fair number of duds but with 34 tracks there's more than enough good stuff to make this worthwhile. (FS)
THE 5 CHAVIS BROTHERS: Baby, Don't Leave Me/ Old Time Rock & Roll/ THE BAY BOPS: Follow The Rock/ ROY BERKELEY: Hushabye Little Guitar/ BILL CAREY: Record Hop/ JIMMY CAVELLO: Rock, Rock, Rock/ Soda Shoppe Rock/ DOROTHY COLLINS: Cool It Baby/ My Boy, Flat Top/ DON CORNELL: Mama Guitar/ Teenage Meeting/ ALAN DALE: Don't Knock The Rock/ The Girl Can't Help It/ THE DAWN BREAKERS: Boy With The Be-Bop Glasses/ ALAN FREED: Rock N Roll Boogie/ THE GOOFERS: Flip Flop & Fly/ The Dipsy Doodle/ CHARLIE GRACIE: Angel Of Love/ I'm A Fool That's Why/ IVAN: Real Wild Child/ BAKER KNIGHT: Just Relax/ THE LANCERS: Alphabet Rock/ Rock Around The Island/ THE MATYS BROTHERS: Crazy Street/ MOON MULLICAN: Moon's Rock/ TERRY NOLAND: Sugar Drop/ There Was A Fungus Among Us/ BOB RILEY: Waiting/ JOHNNY RIVERS: That's My Babe/ THE SERENADERS: Misery/ DICK VALE: Rock-A-Billy Blues/ Sure Nuff/ BILLY WILLIAMS: Red Hot Love/ Steppin' Out Tonight

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lesley 6 Brunswick Rock & Roll Party, Vol. 1 ● CD $15.98
30 tracks, highly recommended
A fine collection of rock 'n' roll and a touch of rockabilly recorded for Brunswick in the mid/ late 50s. It opens in fine form with Australian Johnny O'Keefe's original Real Wild Child which was covered by several American artists and also the hot flip Shake Baby Shake. Veline Hackert has a fine loping tempo rockabilly number Show Me How and Chuck & Bill have the excellent Watch Your Step with a guitar solo that sounds a bit like Buddy Holly! The Holly connection is also present in Don Webb's excellent Holly flavored Little Ditty Baby which was recorded in Norman Petty's studio - I believe that Webb was discovered by Maria Elena. Arthur Osborne's hey Ruby also has that West Texas sound. Other artists include Austin Smiley, Bobby Jackson, Johnny Duffett, Terry Noland, Freddie Neil (the future reclusive folk singer/ songwriter Fred Neil with the hot Listen Kitten), "Big" Tiny Little, The Paris Brothers (fine Everly Brothers sounding duo), George Cromwell (excellent New Orleans flavored sound on Washed Up), The Accents (the great up tempo doo-wop Wiggle Wiggle), Chuck Johnson, Billy Riley, Billy Rocka and others. Another entertaining collection from Lesley. (FS)
THE ACCENTS: Wiggle Wiggle/ CHUCK & BILL: Watch Your Step/ DOUGLAS CORNELL: Hey! Cool/ GEORGE CROMWELL: Washed Up/ HOMER DENISON JR.: Chickie Run/ JOHNNY DUFFETT: Just Give Me Your Heart/ VELINE HACKERT: Show Me How/ BOBBY JACKSON: Wow, Man!/ CHUCK JOHNSTON: Stop Baby/ Sweet Baby/ BIG "TINY" LITTLE: School Day/ SANDEE MOORE: Goody Gumdrop/ FREDDIE NEIL: Listen Kitten/ TERRY NOLAND: Patty Baby/ JOHNNY O'KEEFE: Real Wild Child/ Shake Baby Shake/ ARTHUR OSBORNE: Don't Give Me Heartaches/ Hey Ruby/ THE PARIS BROTHERS: This is It/ PUMPKIN: 1/2 Past 17/ Boom-Boom/ EDDIE REARDON: Who is Eddie?/ BILLY RILEY: Rockin' On the Moon/ BILLY ROCKA: I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry/ Listen Pretty Baby/ AUSTIN SMILEY: Keep Me in Mind/ RONNIE SMITH: Lookie, Lookie, Lookie/ WAYNE WALKER: Little Ole You/ You've Got Me/ DON WEBB: Little Ditty Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Norton CED 355 Kim Fowley - One Man's Garbage, Lost Treasures, 1959-69 ● CD $14.98
16 tracks, 37 mins, highly recommended
Kim Fowley is as unique, wild and fascinating a character that Rock 'N' Roll has ever produced: a songwriter, producer, performer, DJ, manager, and whatever else you can think of. Now in his 50th year in the music business, he still rules the scene (although that scene might be a bit smaller) with a host of projects in the works. According to his own tally (and I believe it), he has sold over 102 million records so far. These two fantastic compilations from Norton records aren't going to focus on the best-selling of those productions, but a whole mess of his oddities and obscurities from his first decade in the biz. If you already have Ace records' "Impossible But True, The Kim Fowley Story" (Ace 888 - $18.98), don't worry; as far as I can tell, there is no crossover tracks between the compilations, and if you dug that comp, you will most certainly dig these. Tons 'o' sweet cuts like Mo And Jo - The Yo Yo Song, Blue Bells - Moccasin, Donnie And The Outcasts - Big Fat Alaskan, etc. This one even features the great Kim Fowley And Mars Bonfire - Surf Pigs, which has never been issued before. Certainly these comps aren't for everyone -- you do have to have a certain tolerance for some pretty far-out musical statements as well as some downright obnoxious behavior -- but fans of the fruity and far-out like me, will definitely enjoy. (JM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Norton CED 356 Kim Fowley - Another Man's Gold, Lost Treasures 1959-69 ● CD $14.98
16 tracks, 36 mins, highly recommended
Here's another batch of teenage wonders, Rock 'n' Roll outlaws, and Sunset Strip weirdos. It's the second of two recent compilations from Norton records, and hopefully not the last. By all appearances, the Kim Fowley vaults have a long way to go before all of the nuggets are released; hopefully we will get more from this decade and then dig into the '70s and beyond. Some highlights from this edition would be The Vaqueros with Vaquero Beat, Aston Martin And The Moon Discs - Fallout, Hollywood Argyles - Long Hair & Unsquare Dude Called Jack, U.S. Rockets - March Of The Siamese Children and many more great ones. I think that this volume is actually the better of the two, both are definitely keepers though. Never before released gems for this volume are Bonnie And The Treasures - Eleventh Commandment Of Love and Renegades - Ghost Train. Very Cool! (JM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Pet 008 Soft Sounds For Gentle People - 5 ● CD $15.98
21 tracks, 53 mins, highly recommended
Here's the brand spanking new edition in the "Soft Sounds" franchise. As usual you get another wonderful smattering of obscure pop-psych gems. This is pure Topanga Canyon meets Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory and, as always, a unique musical document of an incredibly fertile time in American pop-culture history. Sure, sometimes when you listen to these collections you might feel that you are hanging out in Greg Brady's groovy bachelor pad, but that's not such a bad sounding idea to me. Killer tracks by the likes of Fraternity of Man, The Rainy Daze, Phoenix Trolley, Misty Morn, The Lollipop Fantasy, etc. you get the picture. Always remember to: "Kill The Cobra!" (JM)
THE 1ST CENTURY: Looking Down/ BENTLEY ROAD: Kill the Cobra/ THE CAPES OF GOOD HOPE: Lady Margaret/ THE CARNIVAL: The Four Seasons/ THE CHARTER MEMBERS: All the World's Kings/ THE DELICATE BALANCE: Autumn Wind/ DEVIL'S BRIGADE: Dreaming Is/ THE FLOWER POT: Gentle People/ THE FRATERNITY OF MAN: Wispy Paisley Skies/ THE JOHNNYS: Nothing Sacred/ THE LOLLIPOP FANTASY: It's a Groovy World/ MISTY MORN: Summer Sunshine/ MOUSE: Look at the Sun/ PEOPLE: Ridin' High/ THE PHOENIX TROLLEY: When Charley's Doing his Thing/ THE RAINY DAZE: Blood of Oblivion/ ROMAN CHARIOT: Five Sensations/ THE SANDALS: House of Painted Glass/ STIX & STONZ: Take a Bus/ THINGS TO COME: Hello/ WELLS AND FARGO: Mother Goose Sonata

VARIOUS ARTISTS Smith & Co. 1189 Great Rock 'n' Roll Instrumentals, Vol. 2 - Just About ● CD $15.98
Two CDs, 64 tracks, 147 mins, highly recommended
Complementing Smith & Co. 1173 this is another great and modestly priced collection of rock 'n' roll instrumentals along with some rocking blues, country and big band instrumentals. Disc one is predominantly guitar oriented titles while disc two throws the emphasis on the sax. Alongside familiar hits from Duane Eddy, Preston Epps, Santo & Johnny, The Fireballs, The Royaltones, Sandy Nelson, Johnny & The Hurricanes, Bill Black's Combo and others there are also less familiar titles from these artists along with great obscurities like Fickle Chicken by The Atmospheres, Uh Oh by The Imps, Guitar Stroll by The Voxpoppers, the bluesy Catwalk by Tiny Fuller, All Tore Up by The Kings Henchmen, Strollsville by Boots Brown & His Blockbusters, Rockin' Crickets by The Hot Toddies and more. We also get some hot instrumentals from country guitarists Chet Atkins, Joe Maphis and Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith, blues guitarist Pee Wee Crayton and the Lawson-Haggart Big Band turn in a hard driving version of the 1929 hits Pinetop's Boogie Woogie. Altogether a speldnid collection with excellent sound and it comes with a 12 page booklet with informative notes by Dave Travis. (FS)
LEE ALLEN AND HIS BAND: Rockin' at Cosimo's/ DAVE APPELL AND THE APPLEJACKS: Applejack/ CHET ATKINS: Boo Boo Stick Beat/ One Man Boogie/ THE ATMOSPHERES: The Fickle Chicken/ SIL AUSTIN: Shufflin' Home/ Train Whistle/ CHUCK BERRY: Guitar Boogie/ One O'clock Jump/ BILL BLACK'S COMBO: Smokie Part 2/ JOHNNY BRANTLEY'S ALL STARS: Pot Luck/ BOOTS BROWN: Cerveza/ Strollsville/ AL CASEY: The Stinger/ THE CHAMPS: Double Eagle Rock/ PEE WEE CRAYTON: Blues Before Dawn/ DUANE EDDY AND THE REBELS: Forty Miles of Bad Road/ Peter Gunn/ Some Kinda Earthquake/ Yep/ PRESTON EPPS: Bongo Rock/ RAY ETHIER: President's Walk/ THE FIREBALLS: Torquay/ TINY FULLER: Catwalk/ BILL HALEY AND THE COMETS: A Rocking Little Tune/ Calling All Comets/ DALE HAWKINS: Cross Ties/ DEAN HIGHTOWER: Plunkin' Party/ THE HOT-TODDYS: Rockin' Crickets/ MUVVA "GUITAR" HUBBARD: Pony Tail/ Raunchy/ THE IMPS: Uh Oh/ THE JET TONES: Jet Tone Boogie/ JIMMY AND THE NIGHT HOPPERS: Cruising/ Night Hop/ THE JODIMARS: Midnight/ JOHNNY AND THE HURRICANES: Buckeye/ Red River Rock/ Reveille Rock/ BILL JUSTIS: Moosejaw/ Cattywampus/ THE KEYMEN: Long Tall Sally/ THE KING'S HENCHMEN: All Tore Up/ Flip Flap/ THE KINGSMEN: Weekend/ LAWSON-HAGGART ROCKIN' BAND: Pinetop's Boogie Woogie/ JOE MAPHIS: Guitar Rock 'N' Roll/ SANDY NELSON: Teen Beat/ KENNY PARCHMAN: Satellite Hop/ RED PRYSOCK AND HIS HOUSE ROCKERS: Wiggles/ THE REBEL ROUSERS: The Zombie Walks/ THE ROCK-A-TEENS: Woo Hoo/ THE ROCKETS: Walkin' Home/ THE ROYAL TEENS: Royal Blue/ THE ROYALTONES: Poor Boy/ Wail/ SANTO & JOHNNY: All Night Diner/ School Day/ Sleep Walk/ ARTHUR "GUITAR BOOGIE" SMITH AND HIS CRACKERJACKS: Guitar Bustin'/ Hi-Lo Boogie/ THE VIRTUES: Guitar Boogie Shuffle/ THE VOXPOPPERS: Guitar Stroll/ THE WAILERS: Tall Cool One

VARIOUS ARTISTS Smith & Co. 1192 Great British Skiffle, Vol. 4 - Just About As Good As I ● CD $15.98
The British skiffle phenomenon was a fairly short lived one but it seems that the Smith & Co. label are determined to issue just about all of it including pre-skiffle and post-skiffle music in the same vein. This two CD set features another 60 tracks covering the period 1950 through 1959 including sides by Lonnie Donegan, Johnny Duncan & The Blue Grass Boys, Ken Colyer's Skiffle Group, Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group, Lazy Ade's Late Hour Boys, Beryl Bryden with Alexis Korner, The 2.19 Skiffle GRoup, Avon Cities Skiffle Group, Alexis Korner's Skiffle Group, The Vipers Skiffle Group, Original Barnstormers Spasm Band, City Ramblers Skiffle Group and many more. As an extra treat it includes the wonderful 1957 parody by the great Peter Sellers doing the old music hall song Any Old Iron accompanied by Mate's Spoffle Group featuring Fred Spoons E.P.N.S. that reached #17 in the British charts.
THE 2.19 SKIFFLE GROUP: Railroad Bill/ This Little Light Of Mine/ Where Can I Go/ LAZY ADE'S LATE HOUR BOYS: Hello Jim Eadie/ THE AVON CITIES SKIFFLE GROUP: Hey Hey Daddy Blues/ I'm On My Way To Canaan's Land/ Roll 'Em Pete/ ARTHUR BAIRD SKIFFLE GROUP: Union Maid/ CHRIS BARBER'S SKIFFLE GROUP FEATURING JOHNNY: Blowin' Down This Old Dusty Road/ CHRIS BARBER'S WASHBOARD WONDERS: Whoop It Up/ DICKIE BISHOP & HIS SIDEKICKS: Cumberland Gap/ BERYL BRYDEN WITH ALEXIS KORNER: This Train/ BERYL BRYDEN'S BACK ROOM SKIFFLE FEATURING ALE: He Know How To Rock Me/ THE CITY RAMBLERS SKIFFLE GROUP: Jubilee/ The Derby Ram/ The Grey Goose/ Tom Dooley/ THE COFFEE BAR SKIFFLERS: Frankie & Johnny/ KEN COLYER AND JOHN R.T. DAVIES: Muddy Ole River/ KEN COLYER'S SKIFFLE GROUP: Ella Speed/ BOB CORT SKIFFLE: Eight More Miles To Louisville/ Where'D You Get Your Whiskey/ Maggie May/ THE DELTA SKIFFLE GROUP: John Brown's Body/ LONNIE DONEGAN: Gloryland/ The Gold Rush Is Over/ Midnight Special/ The Cotton Song/ JOHNNY DUNCAN & THE BLUE GRASS BOYS: Out Of Business/ Press On/ Travelin' Blues/ Which Way Did He Go/ EDEN STREET SKIFFLE GROUP: Pay Me My Money Down/ THE HALLELUJAH SKIFFLE GROUP FEATURING CLINT: Just A Closer Walk With Thee/ THE IMPS: Let Me Lie/ JIMMY JACKSON'S ROCK 'N' SKIFFLE: Midnight Train/ Reckon I'll Go To/ ALEXIS KORNER'S SKIFFLE GROUP: County Jail/ National Defence Blues/ HUMPHREY LYTTELTON & HIS BAND FEATURING ADE MONSB: Hoppin' Mad/ CHAS MCDEVITT SKIFFLE GROUP: Ace In The Hole/ Good Morning Blues/ THE ORIGINAL BARNSTORMERS SPASM BAND: Stormin' The Barn/ That's All There Is/ DAVID ROSS: Last Train To San Fernando/ PETER SELLERS PRESENTS MATE'S SPOFFLE GROUPS F: Any Old Iron/ BETTY SMITH SKIFFLE: Double Shuffle/ THE SOHO SKIFFLE GROUP: I Shall Not Be Moved/ SONNY STEWART & HIS SKIFFLE GROUP: Mama Don't Allow/ THE VIPERS SKIFFLE GROUP: Easy Rider/ I Know The Lord Laid His Hands On Me/ I Saw The Light/ John B. Sails/ Putting On The Style/ This Land Is Your Land/ BOB WALLIS' WASHBOARD BEATERS: Julian Johnson/ THE WEST 5 SKIFFLE GROUP: I'm Satisfied With My Gal/ NORRIE WESTCOTT & THE CELLARMEN SKIFFLE GROUP: Oh Mary Don't You Weep/ AL YOUNG & THE BAND BOYS FEATURING DICKIE B: Wabash Cannonball

VARIOUS ARTISTS Spin-It 701 Pepper-Hot Baby ● CD $16.98
22 tracks, recommended
Entertaining collection of obscure 50s rock 'n' roll by female artists - much of it with an R&B flavor. Artists include Jane Turzy, Lillian Briggs, Bonnie Davis, Kay Adams (a fine cover of Little Willie John's All Around The World), Bunny Paul (the hot Whatcha Gonna Do with bluesy guitar), The Perry Sisters, Barbara Greene (her great covers of Little Richard's Long Tall Sally and Slippin' And Slidin' are the most exciting tracks here), Betty Jean Morris (her Shack Daddy is another real winner), WEndy Powers and others. Excellent sound and, as far as I can tell, all the tracks are making their first appearance on CD. (FS)
KAY ADAMS: All Around The World/ It Just Ain't Love/ LILLIAN BRIGGS: Boogie Blues/ I/ She Sells Seashells/ BONNIE DAVIS: Pepper-Hot Baby/ BARBARA GREENE: Long Tall Sally/ Slippin' And Slidin'/ JOAN HAGER: Will You Willyum?/ CAROL HUGHES: Never Go 'Way/ Pick Another Baby/ LEE KANE: It's All Your Fault/ To You I Give My Love/ BETTY JEAN MORRIS: Shack Daddy/ BUNNY PAUL: Whatcha Gonna Do/ THE PERRY SISTERS: Willie Boy/ WENDY POWERS: Lucky Lucky Love/ DODIE RANDLE: I Fell In Love Again/ Man Hunt/ ROBERTA SHERWOOD: Love Is A-Breakin' Out/ JANE TURZY: Looky Look/ Who, Baby, Who

VARIOUS ARTISTS STCTU 1 Songs The Cramps Taught Us, Vol. 1 ● CD $19.98
31 tracks, 77 mins, essential
Back in stock in very limited quantities. Some of you might be familiar with the series of compilations called "Born Bad," which were great, but this series takes the same concept and improves on it 1,000 percent! The Cramps are one of the greatest Punk Rock bands ever and a huge part of their charm is in how they take wild, obscure Rockabilly, Garage and R&B songs from the 1950's and '60s and rework them--or downright steal from them--to create their own songs. The main folks in the Cramps, singer Lux Interior and guitarist Poison Ivy, are rabid record collectors and have always shown a spotlight on obscure artists and tunes and are personally responsible for reviving certain artist's careers. These compilations take the best of the "Born Bad" tracks and add many more to them to create an unbelievably cool set of CDs with a noticeable improvement in overall sound quality. Volume one features such gems as Hipsville 29 BC by The Sparkles, Jelly Roll Rock by Walter Brown & His Band, Love Me by The Phantom, and Sinners by Freddie and the Hitchhikers alongside better known numbers by the Sonics, Andre Williams, Jack Scott, Bo Diddley, etc.. On top of this, you get absolutely beautiful cover art and layout in the best EC comics vein and thorough notes that not only tell you about the original artist/song, but also how the Cramps used each of them. I love these comps and I just can't recommend them enough. Since I picked these up, I have easily listened to each volume at least 20 times. (JM)
WALTER BROWN: Jelly Roll Rock/ THE BUSTERS: Bust Out/ RONNIE COOK: Goo Goo Muck/ KEITH COURVALE: Trapped Love/ BO DIDDLEY: Dancing Girl/ ELROY DIETZEL: Rock-n-Bones/ LEE DRESSER: Beat Out My Love/ CHARLIE FEATHERS: I Can't Hardly Stand It/ THE FRANTICS: Werewolf/ FREDDIE & THE HITCH HIKERS: Sinners/ THE GROUPIES: Primitive/ DALE HAWKINS: Tornado/ R. LEWIS: Get Off The Road/ THE PHANTOM: Love Me/ JETT POWERS: Go Girl Go/ ELVIS PRESLEY: Do The Clam/ DWIGHT PULLEN: Sunglasses After Dark/ THE RIPTIDES: Machine Gun/ THE RUMBLERS: Boss/ THE RUNABOUTS: The Strangeness In Me/ JACK SCOTT: The Way I Walk/ THE SHELLS: Whiplash/ SHERIFF & THE RAVELS: Shombolar/ THE SONICS: Strychnine/ THE SPARKES: Hipsville 29 BC/ ANDY STARR: Give Me A Woman/ THE THIRD BARDO: Five Years Ahead Of My Time/ HAYDEN THOMPSON: Blues Blues Blues/ THE TRASHMEN: Surfin' Bird/ ANDRE WILLIAMS: Bacon Fat/ LINK WRAY: Fatback

VARIOUS ARTISTS Superb 200 Surf Bunnies & Hot Rod Honeys ● CD $18.98
32 tracks, 70 mins, recommended
If you thought the Honeys (produced by Brian Wilson) were the only "surf girl group" around in the early 60's, well here's proof that were more: a collection of female artists singing odes to surfing, surfer boys, motorcycles, and hot rodin'. The best way to approach the music on this CD is to think of it as the surf music equivalent of those "death songs" that were popular in the early 60's; that is to say, surf music was fad that producers were mad to cash in on, so what better way than to have pretty girls singing about boys and cars. This is producer's music, for the most part, pure and simple, which is not necessarily a bad thing; after all, "girl group" pop was also producer's music and that genre yielded some stone cold classics. I wouldn't say that there's any "classics" here, but there's plenty of fun to had by grooving to tracks by the Beach Girls, Surf Bunnies, Westwoods, Carol & Cheryl, Fashions (surf meets R&B), and Surfer Girls. Some of the solo singers working the style include: Carol Connors, Susan Lynn, D.D. Hope, Donna Loren, and Jo Ann Campbell. Anyone who digs 60's girl rock can purchase this disc with confidence. (GMC)
JUNE AUGUST: What Does a Lifeguard Do in the Fall?/ THE BEACH GIRLS: He's My Surfin' Guy/ Skiing in the Snow/ THE BERMUDAS: Chu Sen Ling/ HAL BLAINE: Dance to the Surfing Band/ JO ANN CAMPBELL: Motocycle Michael/ CAROL & CHERYL: Go Go G.T.O./ BERNADETTE CASTRO: Sports Car Sally/ CAROL CONNORS: A Swingin' Summer/ Yum Yum Yamaha/ THE DARBY SISTERS: Go Back Go Back to Your Pontiac/ THE DELICATES: Black & White Thunderbird/ THE FASHIONS: Surfer's Memories/ D. D. HOPE: California Surfer/ DONNA LOREN: The Cycle Set/ SUSAN LYNN: Don't Drag No More/ THE MAJORETTES: White Lewis/ MARIE & THE PAPAYA GIRLS: Hot Rod City/ THE PETITES: Baby Blue Mustang/ Get Your Daddy's Car Tonight/ THE PETTICOTES: Surfin' Sally/ THE POWDER PUFFS: You Can't Take My Boyfriends Woodie/ THE SATISFACTIONS: Daddy, You Just Gotta Let Him IN/ THE SEA SHELLS: Love Those Beach Boys/ THE STOREY SISTERS: Bad Motorcycle/ THE SURF BUNNIES: Hot Rod High/ Our Surfer Boys/ Surf Bunnie Beach/ THE SURFER GIRLS: Draggin' Wagon/ THE SURFETTES: Sammy the Sidewalk Surfer/ ROBIN WARD: In His Car/ THE WESTWOODS: I Miss My Surfer Boy Too

VARIOUS ARTISTS TNT 0135 35 Explosive Boppin' Blasters ● CD $16.98
35 tracks, 79 mins, highly recommended
Great collection of rockabilly, rock 'n' roll and up tempo hillbilly recorded for Bob Tanner's TNT label of San Antonio, Texas in the 1950s. Founded in 1953 the label issued more than 100 singles over the next eight years and was the label to first record artists like Bill Anderson and Roy Head. The label recorded a broad spectrum of Texas music and in addition to those mentioned above it also recorded blues and Cajun music. This collection features Head's first recording as a member of the Traits One More Time as well as the label's most succesful title - the great rocker Henrietta which was picked up for distribution by Dot. There are a number of other titles by Dee here (one originally unissued) and they are all hard driving rock 'n' roll. Rockabilly legend Ray Campi also got his start with TNT and his great Catapillar and Play It Cool are both here along with alternate take sof the songs. Other artists include The Bluenotes, Glenn Reeves (fine uptemnpo hillbilly), Glenn Kirby, Bill Morrison (hot rockabilly), Betty Barnes, Johnny Olenn, Jimmy Burton and others. Quite a few of the tracks have been reissued before but it's good to have them all together. Sound quality is excellent but there are no notes. (FS)
EAST ADAMS: I Had Someone Else Before I Had You/ BETTY BARNES: Pepinest, Pepinest, Papy/ What Would You Do/ THE BELLNOTES: I Love Her So/ JIMMY BURTON: Wild River/ RAY CAMPI: Catapillar/ Catapillar (unissued alt take)/ Play It Cool/ Play It Cool (unissued alt take)/ THE DAVIS SISTERS: Ricochet/ JIMMY DEE: Ain't That Love (unissued)/ Don't Cry No More/ Henrietta/ Here I Come/ I Feel Like Rockin'/ Rock-Tick-Tock/ You're Late Miss Kate/ JERRY DOVE: Pink Bow Tie/ SANDY FORD: Cat Man Boogie/ THE JACOBY BROS: Bicycle Wreck/ Food Plan Boogie/ DOTTY JONES: Honey, Honey/ GLENN KIRBY: I Love Blue Eyes/ RAY LIBERTO: I Want You To Love Me/ CURLEY LIPHAM: Start, Step, Stop, Chop/ CECIL MOORE: I Got It Bad/ BILL MORRISON: Baby Be Good/ Set Me Free/ JOHNNY OLENN: Sally Let Your Bangs Hang/ LEON PAYNE: My Ship Of Dreams/ GLENN REEVES: I Ain't Got Room To Rock/ I'm Johnny On The Spot/ The Blues Are Out Tonight/ Wated Time, Wasted Tears/ THE TRAITS: One More Time

VARIOUS ARTISTS Triple Crown 108 Before They Were Hits Or We Did It First, Vol. 8 ● CD $17.98
25 tracks, 67 mins, recommended
Remember Harry Nilsson's haunting performance of Everybody's Talking from the movie Midnight Cowboy? Did you know that song was originally written and preformed by folk artist Fred Neil? I did, but I certainly didn't know that R&B group Chairman of the Board recorded Clarence Carter's immortal weeper Patches first. This fascinating collection contains 25 "original" versions of hit songs. The music runs the gamut from Blues and R&B to New Wave pop; not everything will be of interest to our listeners (I doubt anyone reading this will care about Robert Hazard's bizarre rendition of Cyndi Lauper's 80's hit Girls Just Want to Have Fun), but certainly The Benny Goodman Orchestera's Goody Goody, Georgie Shaw's Honey Comb, Roy Hamilton's Hurt, and Brenda Lee's Always on My Mind will be of considerable interest. Fans of 70's pop will no doubt find John Kurtz's version of Drift Away, Leo Sayer's The Show Must Go On, and Scott English's Brandy (better known as Mandy, when Barry Manilow did it) worthy of investigation. This collection is a mixed bag to be sure, but-as noted on the cover-collectors and music historians will find this irresistible. (GMC)
THE BELL SISTERS: Boom Boom My Honey aka Gonna Get Along Without You Now/ CILLA BLACK: Alfie/ BUFFALONGO: Dancing in the Moonlight/ THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: Patches/ BILL COURTNEY: Wishing Star (original demo)/ THE DEMONS: Take Me As I Am/ THE EARLS: Remember When aka Remember Then/ SCOTT ENGLISH: Brandy aka Mandy/ THE FIVE CLASSICS: My Imagination/ THE FOUR PREPS: Gidget/ THE GOGGLES: Don't Say You Don't Remember/ THE BENNY GOODMAN ORCHESTRA: Goody Goody/ BUDDY GRECO: Mr. Lonely/ ROY HAMILTON: Hurt/ ROBERT HAZARD: Girls Just Want to Have Fun/ JOHN KURTZ: Driftaway/ BRENDA LEE: Always on My Mind/ FRED NEIL: Everybody's Talkin'/ LAURA NYRO: Wedding Bell Blues/ THE PRINCETONES: Bada Bada aka Guardian Angel/ THE RENDEZVOUS: Here Comes the Bride aka That Was the Time/ RAY SAPORITA: Hercules/ LEO SAYER: The Show Must Go On/ SHADDEN & KING LEARS: Come Back When You Grow Up/ GEORGIE SHAW: Honey Comb

VARIOUS ARTISTS Triple Crown 109 Before They Were Hits Or We Did It First, Vol. 9 ● CD $17.98
25 tracks, 67 mins, recommended
Next volume in this interesting series has more R&B oriented material than the previous entry, and is lighter on the 70's pop. Highlights include Roy Hamilton's The Aisle (hit version: The Five Satins), Laura Nyro's Stoney End, Arthur Alexander's Sharing the Night Together, Arthur Gunter's Baby Let's Play House, Keely Smith's One Less Bell to Answer, and Bobby Parker's You Got What it Takes. Now, whether or not these songs are indeed the "original" versions is up for debate, but that doesn't take away the fun of being able to contrast these non-hit versions with their chart making counterparts. For example, I was always under the impression that Gene Pitney recorded the first version of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and yet here's The Fairmount Singers whom I've never heard of nor can find any information about other than that they recorded the song three months before Gene. It's this kind of revelation that makes CDs like this so much fun. (GMC)
ARTHUR ALEXANDER: Sharing the Night Together/ RICHARD BARRETT: Fairy Tale (original demo)/ THE BROTHERS FOUR: Mr. Tambourine Man/ THE BYRDS: You Showed Me/ DON CHERRY: Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye/ DON COVAY & GOODTIMES: Poney Time/ DON & DEWEY: Big Boy Pete/ THE EVERGREEN BLUES: Midnight Confessions/ THE FAIRMOUNT SINGERS: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance/ THE FEATHERS: Why Don't You Write Me/ FLEETWOOD MAC: Black Magic Woman/ ARTHUR GUNTER: Baby Let's Play House/ ROY HAMILTON: The Aisle/ BILLY LAWRENCE: Playground in My Mind/ THE LIMELIGHTERS: Those Were the Days/ THE LITTLE DARLINGS: Little Bit O Soul/ THE MIRACLES: Shop Around (original version)/ LAURA NYRO: Stoney End/ BOBBY PARKER: You Got What It Takes/ ARTIE SCHROECK: The Lovin' Things/ KEELY SMITH: One Less Bell to Answer/ CARL SPENCER: Let the Little Girl Dance/ LEZLIE VALENTINE: Love On a Two Way Street/ MAURICE WILLIAMS & THE ZODIACS: May I/ KAI WINDING: Time is On My Side


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