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BULLETIN - May/ June 2010
Rhythm & Blues, Soul & Doo-Wop
Various Artists


VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCH2 1248 The Complete Goldwax Singles, Vol. 3: 1967-1970 ● CD $27.98
2 CDs, 56 tracks The third and final volume of the legendary Memphis label's complete 45's centers mainly on the years 1967 to 1970, with one track from 1977 (actually a bootleg recorded earlier). This volume, while spotlighting many of the label's shining talents-James Carr, Percy Milem, Timmy Thomas, Ivory Joe Hunter, The Ovations-also shows the versatility of the artists in covering different material made famous by other performers (the Animals, the Beatles, the Rascals, and Jerry Lee Lewis, for example). A fitting closing chapter to a great Soul record label.
BEN ATKINS & THE NOMADS: Love Is A Beautiful Thing/ Love Is A Beautiful Thing (Instrumnental Track)/ JAMES CARR: A Man Needs A Woman/ A Message To Young Lovers/ Everybody Needs Somebody/ Freedom Train/ Gonna Send You Back To Georgia/ I'm A Fool For You/ Life Turned Her That Way/ Row, Row Your Boat/ Stronger Than Love/ That's The Way Love Turned Out For Me/ These Ain't Raindrops/ To Love Somebody/ KATHY DAVIS: A Girl In Love/ Teach Me How To Let You Go/ THE FIVE C'S: Love Is A Tricky Thing/ THE FIVE CS: If You're Looking For A Man/ IVORY JOE HUNTER: Did She Ask About Me/ From The First Time We Met/ B.B. JASPER: Hard Luck Guy/ O'ketchee-Me Doggie Creek/ PERCY MILEM: I Don't Know What You've Got (But It's Got Me)/ I Slipped A Little/ I'm Crying Over You/ She's About A Mover/ WILLIAM MORGAN & THE C'S: Medicine Man/ You've Gotta Be Different/ JEANNE NEWMAN: He Called Me Baby/ When Will The Good Apples Fall/ THE OVATIONS: Happiness/ I'm Living Good/ Rockin' Chair/ You Had Your Choice/ CARMOL TAYLOR: Another Man's Shoes/ Love Me Tonight/ Sugar Creek Bottom/ The Train Never Stops At Our Town/ THE TERRY'S: I Don't Feel Guilty/ Stay Away From Brenda/ TIMMY THOMAS: It's My Life/ Whole Lotta Shaking Going On/ WEE WILLIE WALKER: There Goes My Used To Be/ Ticket To Ride/ WILLIE WALKER: A Lucky Loser/ From Warm To Cool To Cold/ You Name It, I've Had It/ You're Running Too Fast/ SPENCER WIGGINS: He's Too Old/ I Never Loved A Woman (The Way I Love You)/ I'm A Poor Man's Son/ Lonely Man/ Once In A While (Is Better Than Never At All)/ Soul City Usa/ That's How Much I Love You/ The Power Of A Woman

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1250 You Heard It Here First! Volume 2 ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 63 mins, highly recommended
Second volume in Ace's series of CDs documenting early versions of songs made famous by other artists. Some of these songs are duplicated from Triple Crown's "Before They Were Hits" series (Bobby Parker's You Got What it Takes, Fred Neil's Everybody's Talkin', Don Cherry's Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye), and some of the "first versions" are extremely obvious (the Chuck Berry, Great Society, and James Brown tracks will no doubt be well known to many), but there are some genuine curiosities here. For example, there's Barry McGuire's original version of California Dreamin': basically the exact same backing track to the Mama's & the Papa's version, including their backing vocals, swapping a harmonica solo for the French horn solo. Also of interest: the original Italian version of Dusty Springfield's hit You Don't Have to Say You Love Me by Pino Donaggio; Billy Joe Royal's cut of Neil Diamond's Hush; Dan Penn's delicate reading of I'm Your Puppet; and South Africa's Solomon Linda's Original Evening Birds doing Mbube, the basis for Wimoweh a.k.a. The Lion Sleeps Tonight, from 1939. This collection, like the first, is geared more to scholars of Rock than casual listeners, but that shouldn't put off the dilettantes. Combined with the usual extensive liner notes, these two Ace CDs are a better buy than the Triple Crown CDs only if one likes context with their music. (GMC)
HOYT AXTON: Sing In The Sunshine/ CHUCK BERRY: Come On/ JAMES BROWN: I Don't Care/ DON CHERRY: Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye/ THE CORPORATION: Candida/ THE DELLS: Higher And Higher/ DON & DEWEY: Leavin' It All It Up To You/ PINO DONAGGIO: Io Che Non Vivo (Senza Te)/ THE FOUR PREPS: Love Of The Common People/ THE FOUR VOICES: Sealed With A Kiss/ THE GREAT SOCIETY: Someone To Love/ THE GREENBRIAR BOYS: Different Drum/ JOHNNY KIDD & THE PIRATES: Shakin' All Over/ SOLOMON LINDA'S ORIGINAL EVENING BIRDS: Mbube/ THE MCCOYS: Sorrow/ BARRY MCGUIRE: California Dreamin'/ FRED NEIL: Everybody's Talkin'/ THE OUTSIDERS: Bend Me Shape Me/ BOBBY PARKER: You Got What It Takes/ DAN PENN: I'm Your Puppet/ JAMES RAY: I Got My Mind Set On You Parts 1 & 2/ SIR MACK RICE: Mustang Sally/ BILLY JOE ROYAL: Hush/ TONY JOE WHITE: Old Man Willis

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1251 Mr. Success - The Bert Berns Story, Volume 2, 1964-67 ● CD $18.98
26 tracks, 74 mins, highly recommended
The story begun with "Twist & Shout: The Bert Berns Story Volume 1 1960-1964" (Ace 1178 - $18.98), is continued here with more gems from one of the great unsung producer/songwriters of the 1960's. It is reasonable to assume that Berns hasn't gotten his due from the Rock critic establishment because he died young (Dec. 30, 1967, at age 38) and so has been forgotten. The point of these CDs is to remind everyone of Bert's genius, and, like the first volume, this one makes a grand case with tracks like Solomon Burke's Everybody Needs Somebody to Love, Wilson Pickett's Come Home Baby, Garnet Mimms' It Was Easier to Hurt Her, and Bobby Harris' Mr. Success. The usual rarities include the uncut version of the McCoys' Hang On Sloopy, an alternate take of Otis Redding's I Got to Go Back (And Watch That Little Girl Dance), and the edited version of Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl. Bottom line: if you have the first volume, then you need the second. And if you don't have either, then what are you waiting for? (GMC)
SOLOMON BURKE: Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/ ROY C: Gone Gone/ THE DRIFTERS: I Don't Want To Go On Without You/ LORRAINE ELLISON: Heart Be Still/ PAT EMBERS: You'll Never Leave Her/ THE EXCITERS: Run Mascara/ ERMA FRANKLIN: Piece Of My Heart/ LARRY HALE: In Front Of Her House/ KENNY HAMBER: Show Me Your Monkey/ BOBBY HARRIS: Mr Success/ MOSES K. & THE PROPHETS: I Went Out With My Baby Tonight/ BEN E. KING: Cry No More/ THE KNIGHT BROTHERS: Come On Girl/ PATTI LABELLE & THE BLUE BELLES: You Forgot How To Love/ BARBARA LEWIS: Better Not Believe Him Aka Sorrow/ TAMI LYNN: I'm Gonna Run Away From You/ THE MCCOYS: Hang On Sloopy/ GARNET MIMMS: I'll Take Good Care Of You/ It Was Easier To Hurt Her/ TAMMY MONTGOMERY: If I Would Marry You/ VAN MORRISON: Brown Eyed Girl/ WILSON PICKETT: Come Home Baby/ THE PUSSYCATS: You May Be Holding My Baby/ OTIS REDDING: I Got To Go Back (And Watch That Little Girl Dance) Aka Look At That Girl/ FREDDIE SCOTT: No One Could Ever Love You/ DON VARNER: Mojo Mama

VARIOUS ARTISTS Antiques 2651 Wrinkle City Relics, Vol. 2 ● CD $17.98
A second collection of fine and rare doo-wop from the enigmatic "wrinkle city." About half the tracks are new to CD and artists include Allen Brooks, The Du Matics, Dungaree Dolls, Hanna Lee, The Chromatics, Phil Soffos, Preston Love, Sequence, Tony Penn & The Startones and others. Sound on some tracks shows noticeable digital noise reduction but is generally pretty good.
THE 4 DU MATICS: Am I In Love/ SONNY ACE & DEL SHARPS: If My Teardrops Could Talk/ DAVE BOND: Tell Me/ ALLEN BROOKS: Ding Dong Darling/ THE CHROMATICS: Would You/ THE CORVETTES: I'm Going to Cry/ GENE DAY: Those Teenage Tears/ THE DOTS: Ring Chimes/ THE DUNGAREE DOLLS: Little Wallflower/ JOHNNY FLAMINGO: All Aboard/ JOHN HURLEY: Lonely Boy/ HANNA LEE: You Mean So Much to Me/ PRESTON LOVE: If You Ever Get Lonely/ THE MARVELS: Just Another Fool/ NATHAN MCKINNEY & CHAMBERS BROTHERS: Soldier Boy/ TONY PENN & STARTONES: No Time For Tears/ QUANTRELL & THE VALLEY RAIDERS: Only Yesterday/ THE REBELS: In My Heart/ THE SAINTS: My Only Love/ THE SEQUENCE: Night Owl/ BARBARA SIMS: It Hurts to Be Hurt/ PHIL SOFFOS: Please Tell Me/ THE TONE BLENDERS: I Thank Heaven/ THE TORNADOS: Please Come Home/ RICHIE WALLIS: Only Heaven Knows/ ROBERTA WATSON & CALENDARS: Dear Donnie/ THE X CITERS: As We Danced

VARIOUS ARTISTS Big Max 801 Desperate Rhythm & Blues, Vol. 1 ● CD $16.98
26 tracks, recommended
A non stop collection of high energy rhythm and blues from the early mid 50s. With of blues shouting, honking saxes and hard driving rhythm sections from the likes of Champion Jack Dupree, Kansas City Jimmy, Bumps Myers, Piney Brown, Al Savage, Jimmy Smith, Jimmy Preston, Jimmy Lewis, Carl Matthews, Elroy Peace, H Bomb Ferguson, Bill Doggett and others. A fair number of these tracks have been reissued before but not programmed like this - with no gap between cuts, if you're planning on dancing to this you'd better have a strong heart! (FS)
SCATMAN BAILEY: My, Oh My/ PAUL BASCOMB: Mumble Blues/ THELMA BAXTER: Poppa Stoppa/ BLUES TAYLOR: Hackensack Mama/ PINEY BROWN: How About Rockin' With Me/ Talkin' About You/ That's Right Baby/ You Bring Out the Wolf In Me/ BILL DOGGETT: Quaker City/ CHAMPION JACK DUPREE: Shake Baby Shake/ H-BOMB FERGUSON: Rock H Bomb Rock/ KANSAS CITY JIMMY: Cheating Woman/ Saturday Night/ FREDDIE KOHLMAN ORCH.: Hole In the Ground/ JIMMY LEWIS: Let's Get Together and Make Some Love/ CARL MATTHEWS: Big Man/ BUMPS MYERS: I'm Clappin' and Shoutin'/ SONNY PARKER: She Sets My Soul On Fire/ ELROY PEACE: Onion Breath Baby/ JIMMY PRESTON: Oh! Babe/ AL SAVAGE: Be Seein' You In My Dreams/ JIMMY SMITH: Mama/ CARMEN TAYLOR: Ooh I/ MILT TRENIER: Youre Killin' Me/ Flip Our Wings/ FLOYD TURNHAM ORCH.: Bashful and Beautiful

VARIOUS ARTISTS Big Max 802 Desperate Rhythm 'n' Blues, Vol. 2 ● CD $16.98
27 tracks, recommended
Another fine collection of hard driving rhythm and blues and black rock 'n' roll from the 50s and this time the compilers have shown us mercy and have included a couple of second gap between each track to let us catch a breath. Some terrific sides though many have been out before on the Dutch Still series though I think that sound here is a little more punchy. Includes sides by The Adventurous, Bo Dudley (the great Shotgun Rider with wild steel guitar from Freddie Roulette), Jesse Allen, Havert Bennett, Babe Blountt (in spite of the unpromising title Bobby Sox Rock this is a tough sides with some fine bluesy fiddle), Dick Barron (a fine cover of Little Richard's Miss Ann), Classie Ballou (the hot Dirty Deal with ferocious guitar that I don't believe is available elsewhere), Kenny Hamber, Ralph Wilson, Pat Petterson, Soug Powell, Texas Red & Jimmy, Little Bebby (a nice cover of Drinkin' Wine Spodie Odie - that's how they spell it!), Pearl Reaves, etc. If it weren't for all the duplication this would deserve a highly recommended rating - the music is certainly great! (FS)
THE ADVENTURERS: Do It/ JESSE ALLEN: Love My Baby/ CLASSIE BALLOU: Dirty Deal/ DICK BARRON: Miss Ann/ HAVERT BENNETT: Jack, You're Dead/ BABE BLOUNTT: Bobby Sox Rock/ LITTLE CLARENCE: Come Into My Heart/ BO DUDLEY: Shotgun Rider/ CHARLES EPPS: Rock With The Boogie/ Shake That Thing/ RONNY GOODE: Hokus Pokus/ KENNY HAMBER: Do The Hully Gully/ STELLA JOHNSON: Yeah Baby/ EDDY JONES & THE CYCLONES: Say What?/ EUGENE LEE: Money Blues/ LITTLE BEBBY: Drinking Wine Spodie Odie/ TOBIN MATTHEWS: Slippin' And Slidin'/ LITTLE EDDIE MINT: Two More Days/ THE NIGHT OWL: You Shouldn't Oughta Done It/ PAT PATTERSON: Rockin' At Midnight/ DOUG POWELL: The Whip/ PEARL REAVES: I Want You To Love Me/ BUDDY SHARPE: Movin' And Groovin'/ SONNY STEVENSON: Bessie Lou/ TEXAS RED & JIMMY: Comin' Home/ ERNEST TUCKER: What's The Matter Claudy/ RALPH WILSON: What's Shakin'

VARIOUS ARTISTS Big Max 803 Desperate Rhythm & Blues, Vol. 3 ● CD $16.98
Another 26 rocking R&B sides - much of previously on CD but all of it hot with sides by Dean And Jean (with hot guitar), Rosetta Perry, Modest "Show Stopper" Clifton, Bobby And The Troubadours, The Egyptians, Eddie Moore, Big Bill Schaeffer, Lost John Hunter, Bullmoose Jackson, Big Charles Jackson, etc.
BOBBY & THE TROUBADOURS: Long Tall Sally/ MONROE CHAPMAN: Come Dance With Rudy/ MODEST "SHOW STOPPER" CLIFTON: Pretty Little Baby/ DEAN AND JEAN: Oh Yeah/ THE EGYPTIANS: Flipping Their Top/ BIG CHARLES GREEN: Rocking To the Moon To-night/ FOX HALL: Do the Rock and Roll/ LOST JOHN HUNTER: Cool Down Mama/ BULL MOOSE JACKSON: Watch My Signals/ MATTIE JACKSON: I Want to Do It/ CHARLES KELLY: Telegram/ TIPPO LITE: Jumping This Morning/ BOBBY MARTIN: Tootsie Roll/ EDDIE MOORE: Touch of Your Love/ THE NON-VALES: Cool Cat & His White Bucks/ ROSETTA PERRY: Farewell Blues/ CLARENCE SAMUELS: We're Goin' to the Hop/ BIG BILL SCHAEFFER: I Hate, But I Like Popcorn/ LITTLE SONNY: I Love You Baby Until the Day I Die/ TENDER SLIM: I'm Checkin' Up/ BO TOLIVER: Farm Dell Rock/ JEANETTE (BABY) WASHINGTON: Move On/ Too Late/ K.C. "MOJO" WATSON: Love Blood Hound/ BOB WILLIAMS: My Goose is Cooked/ BEVERLY WRIGHT: Kissin' Boogie

VARIOUS ARTISTS CD 1000 Doo-Wop & A Touch Of Soul ● CD $17.98
24 tracks, recommended
A fine and varied collection - about two-thirds doo-wop and a third "northern soul. Most of the material is making its first appearance on CD and the material ranges from slow ballads to up tempo rockers. There are two fine versions of the doo-wop ballad Give Me Your LOve - the excellent commercial version by The Columbus Pharaohs and a gorgeous acapella demo by One-For-All. Other artists include Beres Hammond (Northern soul), Kat & The Kings (superb live doo-wop), The Sof-Tones (the lovely doo-wop ballad Oh Why), Jiving Juniors (a Jamaican group doing a soul ballad), The Shantones, The Teardrops (fine girl group), Richard Dickson (an excellent cover of A Thousand Miles Away), Little Dee & The Bel Aires, Fred & The Turbines (fine uptempo soul) and others. Sound quality is generally excellent though a few tracks have excessive digital noise reduction. Bare bones production and label sais "promotional copy" but all copies come that way! (FS)
THE ANDANTES: If You Were Mine/ THE COLONAIRES: Devil's Angel/ THE COLUMBUS PHARAOHS: Give Me Your Love/ THE COMBINATIONS: What'cha Gonna Do/ THE DEBS: Whadaya Want/ RICHARD DICKSON: A Thousand Miles Away/ CELL FOSTER & THE AUDIOS: Another Chance/ FRED & THE TURBINES: Bernadine/ BERES HAMMOND: Do This Word a Favor/ THE HIGHLANDERS: I Laughed/ THE INTICERS: Since You Left/ THE JIVING JUNIORS: We Belong Together/ TY KARIM: You Just Don't Know/ KAT & THE KINGS: Lonely Girl/ LITTLE DEE & THE BEL AIRES: Are You My Girl/ MIXED FEELINGS: Sha-La-La/ ONE FOR ALL: Give Me Your Love/ THE SHANTONES: Come to Me/ THE SOF-TONES: Oh Why/ THE STROLLERS: Bitter Dreams/ THE TEARDROPS: A Prayer/ Wait For Me/ THE VAN DYKES: Tears of Joy

VARIOUS ARTISTS Crystal Ball 1109 When Planets Collide ● CD $17.98
30 tracks (plus one bonus track) recorded for the short lived New York based Planet label and it's subsidiaries Galaxie, Kip and Pik between 1959 and 1961. The label's principal claim to fame is having recorded the original version of There's A Moon Out Tonight by The Capris which was subsequently acquired by Old Town. That recording is not featured here though the flip Indian Girl is and there is a fine version of the song from a 1985 reunion of The Capris. The rest of the tracks here are a mix of doo-wop (Tony & The Day, The Casanovas, Barry & The Highlights, etc.) and pop (Tony Carmen, Tommy Lisi, Paul Knight, etc.)
BARRY & HIGHLIGHTS: I'll Never Love Again/ The Wonderful Years/ THE BEAU-BELLS: There's Some Hawaiian Lyin'/ THE CAPRIS: Indian Girl/ TONY CARMEN: The Prom Is Over/ THE CASANOVAS: Deep in the Heart of the Jungle/ In My Land of Dreams/ THE CASHMERES: Tall Boy Little Girl/ Vanguard To Venus/ THE CASTALEERS: My Baby's All Right/ That's Why I Cry/ THE DEL-RAYS: Lorraine/ The Bounce/ THE FAIRMONTS: Lucky Guy/ Times and Places/ THE JAN-ELLS: Last Walk Tonight/ Love Is A Place/ PAUL KNIGHT: Fortune Teller/ Once A Fool/ THE KNIGHT NEATS: Hey Girl/ BRUCE LEE: Debby/ BOBBY LEWIS: I'm Following You/ TOMMY LISI: Adele/ Close Your Eyes and Dream/ THE ORIGINAL CAPRIS: There's A Moon Out Tonight (live 1985)/ AL RICCIO & NOBLEMEN: For Losing You/ Look To Me For Love/ TONY & THE DAY DREAMS: Christmas Lullaby/ Hand In Hand/ I'll Never Tell/ Why Don't You Be Nice

VARIOUS ARTISTS El Toro 1023 Got Them Hill Billy Blues - 32 Black Blues Boppers ● CD $17.98
32 tracks, 75 mins, highly recommended
What a great idea! Compiler Dave Penny has put together a collection that shows the rockabilly influence on African-American R&B musicians. Since rockabilly emerged at the confluence of blues and hillbilly it's not at all surprising that black artists would take some of the tropes of rockabilly and apply it to their own music - in some cases the artists were clearly trying to emulate their white counterparts while in other cases they used it as the jumping off point for their own brand of blues. Most of the tracks here have been reissued before but by putting them into this context Dave has made the connection that few of us would have noticed before - I certainly haven't. Among the many artists here featured as boppin' billies are Oscar McLollie, Eddie Daniels, John Greer, Roy Gaines, Magic Sam, Jimmy Newsome, Bobo Jenkins, Arthur Gunter, Roy Brown, Johnny Fuller and many more including Joe Clay. Wait a minute - isn't Joe Clay white? Yes but the three tracks here of classic rockabilly by him were recorded in a New York studio with accompaniment by a black R&B band featuring Mickey Baker on guitar and two drummers! A terrific collection with superb sound and informative notes from Mr. Penny. Great music and a thought provoking concept. (FS)
CHUCK BERRY: The Down Bound Train/ ROY BROWN: Be My Love Tonight/ Hip Shakin' Baby/ JOE CLAY: Crackerjack/ Get On The Right Track, Baby/ You Look That Good To Me/ EDDIE DANIELS: I Wanna Know (Why You Love Me So)/ AL DOWNING: Down On The Farm/ JOHNNIE FULLER: All Night Long/ First Stage Of The Blues/ ROY "MR GUITAR" GAINES: Worried 'Bout You Baby/ ROSCO GORDON: Sally Jo/ JOHN GREER: Come Back, Maybelline/ ARTHUR GUNTER: Honey Babe/ BOBO JENKINS: Tell Me Who/ LAZY LESTER: I'm A Lover Not A Fighter/ MAGIC SAM: 21 Days In Jail/ Love Me With A Feeling/ JERRY MCCAIN: My Next Door Neighbor/ OSCAR MCLOLLIE: Roll, Hot Rod, Roll!/ MERCY DEE: Oh Oh Please/ True Love/ MCKINLEY MITCHELL: Rock, Everybody, Rock/ JIMMY NEWSOME: Long Gone Lonesome Blues/ PICO PETE: Hot Dog/ EDDIE RIFF: Ain't That Lovin' You Baby/ My Baby's Gone/ RAY SHARPE: Oh, My Baby's Gone/ T.V. SLIM: Flatfoot Sam/ TARHEEL SLIM: Number 9 Train/ Wildcat Tamer/ CLEAR WATERS: Hill Billy Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fantastic Voyage 040 R&B Spotlight '59 ● CD $19.98
Another great collection of R&B chart hits - this time from 1959 with two CDs featuring 60 tracks - many of which also were pop hits. Includes all time classics like Kansas City by Wilbert Harrison, Charlie Brown by The Coasters, So Fine by The Fiestas, Personality by Lloyd Price and many more from Clyde McPhatter, The Impalas, Lavern Baker, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Nat "King" Cole, The Crests, Dee Clark and much more.
THE ACCENTS: Wiggle, Wiggle/ LAVERN BAKER: I Waited Too Long/ So High So Low/ Tiny Tim/ HANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERS: Teardrops On Your Letter/ The Twist/ RICHARD BARRETT WITH THE CHANTELS: Summer's Love/ CHUCK BERRY: Almost Grown/ Back In The Usa/ Little Queenie/ NAPPY BROWN: I Cried Like A Baby/ RUTH BROWN: I Don't Know/ Jack O'Diamonds/ THE CADILLACS: Peek-A-Boo/ DEE CLARK: Hey Little Girl/ Just Keep It Up/ THE CLOVERS: Love Potion No 9/ THE COASTERS: Along Came Jones/ Charlie Brown/ Poison Ivy/ NAT "KING" COLE: Midnight Flyer/ DAVE "BABY" CORTEZ: Happy Organ/ THE CRESTS: 16 Candles/ The Angels Listened In/ BO DIDDLEY: Crackin' Up/ I'm Sorry/ Say Man/ FATS DOMINO: Be My Guest/ I Want To Walk You Home/ I'm Ready/ THE FIESTAS: So Fine/ THE FIVE SATINS: Shadows/ THE FLAMINGOS: I Only Have Eyes For You/ Lovers Never Say Goodbye/ FRANKIE FORD: Alimony/ Sea Cruise/ PAUL GAYTEN: The Hunch/ THE GENIES: Who's That Knocking/ WILBERT HARRISON: Kansas City/ RONNIE HAWKINS: Mary Lou/ THE IMPALAS: Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)/ LITTLE WILLIE JOHN: Leave My Kitten Alone/ LIGHTNIN' SLIM: Rooster Blues/ LITTLE WALTER: Everything Gonna Be Alright/ MARIE & REX: I Can't Sit Down/ BIG JAY MCNEELY & BAND: There Is Something On Your Mind/ CLYDE MCPHATTER: Lovey Dovey/ Since You've Been Gone/ You Went Back On Your Word/ PHIL PHILLIPS WITH THE TWILIGHTS: Sea Of Love/ LLOYD PRICE: Come Into My Heart/ Personality/ JIMMY REED: I Told You Baby/ RAY SHARPE: Linda Lu/ THE SKYLINERS: Since I Don't Have You/ THE SPACEMEN: The Clouds/ SONNY SPENCER: Gilee/ TITUS TURNER: Return Of Stagolee/ SARAH VAUGHAN: Broken-Hearted Melody/ Smooth Operator

VARIOUS ARTISTS Funkadelphia 13 The Philly Sound You Never Heard, Volume 1 ● CD $14.98
The first of two volumes featuring rare and unissued soul featuring Morris Bailey as writer, producer or arranger. The first volume features male vocalist and groups including The Orientals, Donnie Elbert, Johnny Newbag, Tyrone Chetsnut, Lou Jackson, The Thoughts and others. 22 tracks recorded between 1964 and 1972 - four previously unissued. Includes 8 page booklet with notes and rare photos.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Funkadelphia 14 The Philly Sound You Never Heard, Volume 2 ● CD $14.98
22 more fine sides - this one featuring female vocalists and groups including five previously unissued. Includes Bette Renee & The Thrilettes, The Femm-ells, Little Teena Bronson, Fay Simmons, Joan Proctor, Mel Vena Allen and more.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Get S 4003 The Get It ● CD $16.98
22 tracks of rare and raw funk recorded between 1967 and 1969 from the likes of Piney Brown, Eldridhe Holmes, Bo Dud & Johnny Twist, The Original Soul Senders, Untouchable Machine Shop, Lattimore Brown, Beau Dollar (with Lonnie Mack on guitar!), Abrhama & The Casanovas, Original Soul Senders, Freddie & The Kinfolk, Andre Williams, JImmy "The Preacher" Ellis and others. Most tracks appear on CD for the first time.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Jasmine 520 Shake, Rattle And Roll - R&B's Greatest Hits, 1953-1958 ● CD $16.98
There are lots of compilations of R&B hits out there but this two CD set with 50 tracks attempts to assemble the best of the best recorded between 1953 and 1958 containing 49 songs that topped the Billboard R&B charts and one that reached #2. It includes some of the most influential and iconic performers and recordings of the era. Presented in chronological order it opens with Ruth Brown's Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean and closes with Jackie Wilson's proto soul classic Lonely Teardrops. Along the way we hear from Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters, The Midnighters, Etta James & The Peaches, Bo Diddley, Jay McShann's Orchestra, Little Richard, The Platters, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, The Coasters, Bobby Bland, Sam Cooke and more.
*=stereo JOHNNY ACE: Pledging My Love/ FAYE ADAMS: Shake A Hand/ LAVERN BAKER AND THE GLIDERS: Jim Dandy/ CHUCK BERRY: Schoolday/ Sweet Little Sixteen/ Maybellene/ BOBBY BLAND: Farther Up The Road/ THE BOBBETTES: Mr Lee/ RUTH BROWN: Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean/ RAY CHARLES AND HIS BAND: I've Got A Woman/ THE COASTERS: Searchin/ Young Blood/ Yakety Yak/ NAT KING COLE: Looking Back/ SAM COOKE: I'll Come Running Back To You/ You Send Me/ BO DIDDLEY: Bo Diddley/ FATS DOMINO: Ain't It A Shame/ Blue Monday/ Blueberry Hill/ I'm In Love Again/ I'm Walkin/ THE DRIFTERS FEATURING CLYDE MCPHATTER: Honey Love/ TOMMY EDWARDS: It's All In The Game/ ERNIE FREEMAN: Raunchy/ ETTA JAMES AND THE PEACHES: The Wallflower/ LITTLE WILLIE JOHN: Fever/ B.B. KING & HIS ORCHESTRA: You Upset Me Baby/ LITTLE RICHARD AND HIS BAND: Long Tall Sally/ Lucille/ Rip It Up/ LITTLE WALTER AND HIS JUKES: My Babe/ CLYDE MCPHATTER: A Lover's Question/ Long Lonely Nights/ Treasure Of Love/ Money Honey/ JAY MCSHANN'S ORCHESTRA: Hands Off/ THE MIDNIGHTERS: Annie Had A Baby/ Work With Me Annie/ THE PLATTERS: My Prayer/ Only You (And You Alone)/ The Great Pretender/ Twilight Time/ SHIRLEY AND LEE: Let The Good Times Roll/ THE SILHOUETTES: Get A Job/ BIG MAMA THORNTON: Hound Dog/ JOE TURNER: Shake Rattle And Roll/ LARRY WILLIAMS: Short Fat Fannie/ CHUCK WILLIS *: What Am I Living For/ JACKIE WILSON: Lonely Teardrops

VARIOUS ARTISTS Jasmine 527 Berry Gordy - Motor City Roots ● CD $15.98
This 25 track compilation is the first ever attempt to gather together examples of Motown founder Berry Gordy's song writing and production skills in the late 1950s prior to the formation of his legendary label. This unique collection brings together many of the records that helped in the formation of Motown like Jackie Wilson's Reet Petite written by Gordy and often cited as his first recorded composition along with Kenny Martin's version of My Love Is Coming Down which is making it's CD debut. To top it off this set also features the earliest pre-Motown recordings of Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Marv Johnson and Eddie Holland. There are also two sides by The Five Stars - a vocal group, two of whose members went on to form The Originals.
LAVERN BAKER: It's So Fine/ TOM CLAY & THE RAYBER VOICES: Marry Me/ Never Before/ BOBBY DARIN: Action (Speaks Louder Than Words)/ THE FIDELTONES: Is It Too Late/ THE FIVE STARS: Baby Baby/ Blabber Mouth/ HARVEY FUQUA: Don't Be Afraid Of Love/ BRIANT HOLLAND: In Nature Boy/ EDDIE HOLLAND: Little Miss Ruby/ You (You You You You)/ MARV JOHNSON: My Baby O/ Once Upon A Time/ BOB KAYLI: Everyone Was There/ I Took A Dare/ AL KENT: That's Why (I Love You)/ KENNY MARTIN: My Love Is Coming Down/ THE MIRACLES: Got A Job/ I Cry/ I Need Some Money/ My Momma Done Told Me/ THE SOLITAIRES: Thrill Of Love/ JACKIE WILSON: Etcetra/ Lonely Teardrops/ Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want To Meet)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 322 Birth Of Soul - Special Chicago Edition ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 60 min, essential
Essential for soul fans for several reasons, not the least of which is the opening cut, a 1957 unissued demo of Jerry Butler & The Impressions' For Your Precious Love, recorded for the tiny Bandera label, which decided to pass on one of the greatest soul songs ever. Curtis Mayfield and his guitar provide the only instrumentation. Not as god-like as the later Vee-Jay recording, but amazing nonetheless. Both sides of Major Lance's 1960 Mercury single (I've Got A Girl b/w Phylis) offer more than a hint of the talent that the world would admire couple of years later when he signed with OKeh. Also indispensable is Betty Everett's I'll Weep No More from 1959, cut for the Cobra label, and Eugene Record's first vinyl outing as a member of The Chanteurs, You've Got A Great Love. He later sang with the Hi-Lites who changed their name to the Chi-Lites before they became superstars. Roscoe Gordon's Let 'Em Try, a Vee Jay waxing from 1961, is another bit of required listening, as is the incredible Cool Breeze from Gerald Sims & The Daylighters, and Etta James' stunner Waiting For Charlie To Come. Other coolness supplied by The Kavetts, Barbara Lewis, Sugar Pie DeSanto, The Accents, The Drew-Vels, The Radiants, The Dells, and more. Very few missteps, informative booklet notes (with photos of the record labels), and 23 tracks unissued on Kent until now. (JC)
THE ACCENTS: Enchanted Garden/ JAN BRADLEY: Behind The Curtains/ JERRY BUTLER: Isle Of Sirens/ For Your Precious Love (Demo)/ GENE CHANDLER: Think Nothing About It/ THE CHANTEURS: You've Got A Great Love/ DEE CLARK: That's My Girl/ SUGAR PIE DE SANTO: My Baby's Got Soul/ THE DELLS: Hi Diddley Dee Dum Dum (It's A Good Feeling)/ DON & BOB: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/ THE DREW-VELS: Tell Him/ ETTA & HARVEY: My Heart Cries/ BETTY EVERETT: I'll Weep No More/ WADE FLEMONS: At The Party/ ROSCO GORDON: Let 'Em Try/ THE IMPRESSIONS: Senorita I Love You/ ETTA JAMES: Waiting For Charlie To Come Home/ THE KAVETTS: I've Got A Story To Tell You/ MAJOR LANCE: I've Got A Girl/ Phyllis/ BARBARA LEWIS: Puppy Love/ THE RADIANTS: Father Knows Best/ THE SHEPPARDS: Tragic/ GERALD SIMS & THE DAYLIGHTERS: Cool Breeze

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 327 Carnival Northern Soul ● CD $18.98
26 tracks, 72 mins, recommended
In the 90's Kent issued a three-CD set documenting the history of Carnival Records, the "Carnival of Soul" series (two of the three volumes: Vol. 1, Kent 108 and Vol. 3, Kent 124, are still available - $18.98 each). This compilation is a one disc distillation of those three original CDs. Carnival was a New Jersey R&B label that specialized in soul balladry, Northern Soul stompers, and uptown blues from the mid 60's into the early 70's. Included are tracks by The Metrics, Phil Terrell, The Manhattans, Barbara Brown, Lee Williams, The Lovettes, and The Pets (an early George Clinton production). There's some stunners here (especially The Pets' I Say Yeah), but there's also some just ok stuff, so approach with an open mind. But the original "Carnival of Soul" compilations are legendary, so perhaps the best way to take this set is as the first taste, and after which tracking down the three volume set is probably the best way to approach this material. (GMC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 332 Westbound - Detroit Northern Soul ● CD $18.98
26 tracks, 73 mins, highly recommended
This "Northern Soul" themed collection contains tracks from the Westbound label- "second only to Motown" - from the 60's and 70's. The Westbound m.o. seems to have been a breezy mix of the best elements of the Philly, Stax, and Willie Mitchell brands of Soul, which created a familiar yet unique brand of R&B that sounds as fresh today as it did then. From Denise LaSalle to The Detroit Emeralds, from Superlatives to Houston Outlaws, from Funkadelic to Emmanuel Laskey this is music that's vibrant, fun and danceable. (GMC)
BOB & HAROLD: I Can't See Myself Doing Without You/ DENISE & ABE: Ain't That Lovin'/ THE DETROIT EMERALDS: Holding On/ THE FANTASTIC FOUR: I Got To Have Your Love/ CAESAR FRAZIER: Till Another Day/ FUNKADELIC: Can't Shake It Loose/ EDDIE HILL: I Am So Thankful/ THE HOUSTON OUTLAWS: Ain't No Telling/ It's No Fun Being Alone/ DENISE LA SALLE: Do Me Right/ EMANUEL LASKEY: Never My Love/ THE MAGICTONES: Happy Days/ I'm Slowly Moulding/ Till You Decide To Come Home/ JOE MATTHEWS: Third World/ What Every Little Girl Needs/ THE NEW HOLIDAYS: Maybe So, Maybe No/ My Baby Ain't No Plaything/ JIMMY SCOTT: What Am I Gonna Do (About You Baby)/ DAMON SHAW: Love Love Love/ Feel The Need/ MELVIN SPARKS FEATURING JIMMY SCOTT: I've Got To Have You/ THE SUPERLATIVES: Don't Let True Love Die/ Lonely In A Crowd/ UNIQUE BLEND: Gonna Spread The News/ THE UNIQUE BLEND: Yes I'm In Love

VARIOUS ARTISTS Kent CDKEND 334 The Sweetest Feeling - A Van McCoy Songbook, 1962-1973 ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 72 mins, highly recommended
If Van McCoy is remembered at all by the average music fan, it's for his 1975 Disco classic The Hustle, but before that, during the 1960's and early 70's, McCoy had enjoyed success and acclaim as a songwriter for an array of artists from Walter Jackson and Bobby Vee to Lesley Gore and Betty Everett. This collection salutes McCoy's songwriting with a small taste of his wares. Included are tracks by Erma Franklin (I Get the Sweetest Feeling), Everett (Getting Mighty Crowded, later covered by Elvis Costello), Barbara Lewis (Baby I'm Yours), Little Esther Phillips (Some Things You Never Get Used To), and lesser lights like Billy T. Soul, The Spellbinders, Oscar Weathers, Brenda & the Tabulations, the Ad Libs, and Sharon Ridley. All in all, a fine tribute to a man who left us way too soon. (GMC)
THE AD LIBS: Nothing Worse Than Being Alone/ BRENDA & THE TABULATIONS: A Love You Can Depend On/ JERRY BUTLER: I Can't Stand to See You Cry/ G.C. CAMERON: Let Me Down Easy/ BETTY EVERETT: Gettin' Mighty Crowded/ ARETHA FRANKLIN: So Soon/ ERMA FRANKLIN: I Get the Sweetest Feeling/ DONNY HATHAWAY: Giving Up/ ILANA: Where Would You Be Today/ CHUCK JACKSON: Who's Gonna Pick Up the Pieces?/ GLADYS KNIGHT AND THE PIPS: Stop and Get a Hold of Myself/ BARBARA LEWIS: Baby I'm Yours/ MELBA MOORE: Lean on Me/ LITTLE ESTHER PHILLIPS: Some Things You Never Get Used To/ SHARON RIDLEY: Stay a While with Me/ RUBY & THE ROMANTICS: When You're Young and in Love/ NINA SIMONE: Either Way I Lose/ BILLY T. SOUL: The Way to a Woman's Heart/ THE SPELLBINDERS: For You/ IRMA THOMAS: It's Starting to Get to Me Now/ TERI THORNTON: Why Don't You Love Me/ OSCAR WEATHERS: The Spoiler/ JACKIE WILSON: I've Lost You/ NANCY WILSON: Where Does That Leave Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Now Again 5063 California Funk - Rare Funk 45s From The Golden State ● CD $16.98
21 tracks, 64 mins, very highly recommended
This CD is a fascinating examination of California's unique take on funk music in the late 60's. The detailed liner notes give great insight into what funk music meant to the Black community, how it was influenced by James Brown and the prevailing unrest endemic to California's disillusioned Black populace. This is some tough, hard hitting music: All Blinded Into One by Water Color, What Goes Around Comes Around by Arthur Monday, Curse Upon the World by Apple & the Three Oranges, and Politician Rag by King Soloman to name but a few. Before Rap, this was the music through which young, disenfranchised Black people vented their frustrations at the injustice and poverty that surrounded them every day. The first compilation of its kind (according to the liner notes) is very well done, highly listenable, educational, and nearly essential. (GMC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Official 50-003 RCA-Victor Jump 'n' Jive, Vol. 3 ● CD $16.98
22 tracks, 58 mins, highly recommended
If you liked the first two volumes in this series then this one is another for you with 22 more fine and mostly up tempo R&B from the early 50s featuring many of the same artists from the first two volumes - TNT Tribble, Arbee Stidham, Jesse Stone, Big John Greer, Hot Lips Page, etc. plus a couple of fine artists new to this volume - Eddie "Sugarman" Penigar and future member of The Trenier, Gene Gilbeaux. A mix of vocal and instrumental cuts in excellent sound. (FS)
GENE GILBEAUX & HIS ORCH.: Up The Hill With Jeep/ BIG JOHN GREER & HIS RHYTHM ROCKERS: Big John's A Blowin'/ Clambake Boogie/ I'm The Fat Man/ Red Juice/ JOHN GREER & HIS RHYTHM ROCKERS: I'll Never Let You Go/ Ride Pretty Baby/ HOT LIPS PAGE & HIS ORCH.: I Wanna Ride Like The Cowboys Do/ Strike, While The Iron Is Hot!/ GENE PARRISH: Screamin' In My Sleep/ EDDIE SUGARMAN PENIGAR: Brand New Baby/ ARBEE STIDHAM: I've Got So Many Worries/ Stidham Jumps/ You'll Be Sorry/ JESSE STONE & ORCH.: Hey, Sister Lucy (What Makes Your Lips So Juicy)/ Sneaky Pete/ Who Killed 'Er (Who Killed The Big Black Widow)/ MILT TRENIER & HIS SOLID SIX: Flip Our Wigs/ You're Killin' Me/ TNT TRIBBLE & CREW: Mr. Von/ TNT TRIBBLE & FRANK MOTLEY: I Get My Kicks In The Country/ Tv Boogie Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Official 50-004 RCA-Victor Jump 'n' Jive, Vol. 4 ● CD $16.98
22 tracks, highly recommended
Another fine collection of blues shouters with hot R&B bands with lots of tough honkin'. Artists include Jesse Stone & His Orch., Dossie Terry (the great gambling song When I Hit The Number), John Greer, Ford Nelson Quintet, Boots Brown & His Blockbusters (the storming instrumental Block Buster), Danny "Run Joe" Taylor, Buddy Lucas & His Orch. and others. (FS)
BOOTS BROWN & HIS BLOCKBUSTERS: Block Buster/ BIG JOHN GREER: Bottle It Up And Go/ JOHN GREER: Come Back Maybelline/ Strong Red Whiskey/ Too Long/ LES HARRIS: 96 Lbs./ GEORGE JAMES & HIS ORCH.: '53 Convertible/ INEZ JONES: Take A Back Seat, Mr. Jackson/ BUDDY LUCAS & HIS ORCH.: I Know What I'm Doin'/ BUDDY LUCAS & ORCH.: I Got Drunk/ JIMMY MCPHAIL: Some Folks Do It And Some Folks Don't/ That's How Much I Love You/ FORD NELSON QUINTET: Little Annie/ MELVIN SMITH: Businessman's Blues/ I'm Out Of My Mind/ Looped/ Sarah Kelly (From Plumnelly)/ JESSE STONE & HIS ORCH.: Keep Your Big Mouth Shut/ Who's Zat?/ JESSE STONE ORCH.: Get It While You Can/ DANNY "RUN JOE" TAYLOR: You Look Bad/ DOSSIE TERRY: When I Hit The Number

VARIOUS ARTISTS Official 50-006 RCA Rhythm & Blues, Vol. 1 ● CD $16.98
Essentially a continuation of the "RCA-Victor Jump & Jive" series but includes some slower paced items as well as some great doo-wop stylings. There are two tracks by veteran bandleader Cab Calloway who holds his own with the young R&B upstarts on tow fine sides plus tracks from Annisteen Allen, The Heartbreakers, Melvin Smith, Bixie Crawford, Jackie Davis Trio, The Robins, Al Sears & His Orch., Otis Blackwell, Meredith Howard and others.
ANNISTEEN ALLEN WITH LUCKY MILLINDER'S ORCH.: Moanin' The Blues/ OTIS BLACKWELL: Wake Up Fool/ RED CALLENDER SEXTETTE: Chico's Boogie/ CAB CALLOWAY & HIS CAB JIVERS: Rooming House Boogie/ Your Voice/ BIXIE CRAWFORD WITH ERNEST A. FREEMAN & ORCH.: Please Let Me Be/ Tonight Of All Nights/ JACKIE DAVIS TRIO: Do Baby Do/ THE HEARTBREAKERS: Heartbreaker/ Wanda/ You're So Necessary To Me/ MEREDITH HOWARD: Cold Potato/ Jelly And Bread/ LUCKY MILLINDER & HIS ORCH.: D' Natural Blues/ BOBBY PRINCE: Have A Little Pity/ I'm Such A Fool Over You/ THE ROBINS: (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I/ All Night Baby/ AL SEARS & HIS ORCH.: Huffin' And Puffin'/ MELVIN SMITH: Everybody's Got The Blues/ DANNY "RUN JOE" TAYLOR: Gator Tail/ RUDY TRAYLOR & ORCH. (MARY LOUISE & THE TRAYL: Those Magic Words

VARIOUS ARTISTS Official 50-007 RCA Rhythm & Blues, Vol. 2 ● CD $16.98
Another 22 fine sides with tracks from Cab Calloway (two songs including the topical Ol' Joe Louis), Otis Blackwell, Meredith Howard, Mevin Smith and others.
OTIS BLACKWELL: Fool That I Be/ Number 000/ BILLY BUNN & HIS BUDDIES: That's When Your Heartaches Begin/ CAB CALLOWAY & HIS CAB JIVERS: I Beeped When I Shoulda Bopped/ Ol' Joe Louis/ JACKIE DAVIS TRIO: Buzz Me Baby/ THE HEARTBREAKERS: I'm Only Fooling My Heart/ Rockin' Daddy-O/ Why Don't I/ MEREDITH HOWARD: Easy Come, Easy Go Blues/ Home Cookin' Mama/ GEORGE JAMES WITH HOWARD BIGGS ORCH.: Goose Grease/ LUCKY MILLINDER ORCH. (ANNISTEEN ALLEN, PAUL B: I'll Never Be Free/ LUCKY MILLINDER ORCH. (ANNISTEEN ALLEN, VCL.): In The Middle Of The Night/ BOBBY PRINCE: I'm In Bad Shape/ THE ROBINS: I'll Do It/ My Heart's The Biggest Fool/ AL SEARS & HIS ORCH.: In The Good Old Summertime/ MELVIN SMITH: It Went Down Easy/ TERRY TIMMONS: Ain't Supposed To Be Like That/ Eating My Heart Out For You/ Worried Woman Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS RB 5263 T-Bird Party ● CD $16.98
17 tracks, 40 mins, recommended
A wild and wacky collection of greasy R&B and rocking blues recorded between 1957 and 1961. The opening cuts by Winehead Willie & Sweet Lucie Brown, Sneeze & Breeze and Satch Arnold almost sound like they were recorded at a wild party with crazy repartee from the "artists" with music playing in the background. After that we have a varied selection of rocking doo-wop, R&B and blues, most of it new to CD, featuring sides by Frantic Johnny Rogers (rocking doo-wop with hot guitar), T. Valentine, J.C. Davis (the crazed Sweet Sweet Love), Betty James (the sequel to her great I'm A Little Mixed Up - I'm Not Mixed Up Anymore - what a graet singer she is!), Little Luther (his great Du De Squat with hot blues harp), Sinner Strong (more fine harp), Charles Sheffield and others. Excellent sound quality. (FS)
SATCH ARNOLD: On The Run/ DANNY BROWN: Chewin' Gum/ J.C. DAVIS: Sweet Sweet Love/ BETTY JAMES: I'm Not Mixed Up Anymore/ DAVEY JONES: The Chase/ JOHNNY KNIGHT: Little Ann/ LITTLE LUTHER: Du De Squat/ JOHN J. MOSES: Night Out/ THE QUARTER NOTES: Punkanilla/ FRANTIC JOHNNY ROGERS: Sassy/ CHARLES SHEFFIELD: The Kangaroo/ SNEEZE & BREEZE: Bongo Boo Boo/ SINNER STRONG: Don't Knock It/ 'CILE TURNER: Crap Shootin' Sinner/ T. VALENTINE: Teen Age Jump/ WINEHEAD WILLIE & SWEET LUCIE BROWN: The Last Of The Bigtime Spenders Parts 1 & 2

VARIOUS ARTISTS Regal 3303 Paul Gayten The Crescent City Roll ● CD $16.98
25 tracks, highly recommended
25 sides recorded in New Orleans between 1955 and 1957 and produced by singer/ piano player/ songwriter & bandleader Paul Gayten and mostly originally unissued. This is essentially a reissue of the long out of print P-Vine two LP set which first reissued these sides. There are six sides by Gayten under his own name with his superb band which included Lee Allen/ ts, Red Tyler/ ts, Edgar Blanchard/ gtr, Roland Cook/ b and Charles "Hungry" Williams/ drums. Williams and Cook each have two fine vocals with Gayten's band which also accompanies most of the other artists here - most of them obscure including Ralph Williams, Al Little, Virginia Dannow, Buddy Stewart, Alonzo Stewart, Sherman Jones and S. Johnson. This set also includes Oscar "T.V." Slim's 1957 remake of his great Flatfoot Sam with Gayetn's band. Sound quality is excellent and the four page booklet has informative notes. (FS)
ROLAND COOK: Hear My Plea/ Tell Me Baby/ VIRGINIA DANNOW: Blow Top Blues/ Standing On The Corner/ PAUL GAYTEN: Just One More Chance/ Love Is Like A Fire/ Needing Your Love/ Nervous Boogie/ One More Kiss/ Tired Of Crying/ ROBERT GREEN: Nobody Knows/ What More Can I Do/ S. JOHNSON: Don't You Worry/ Red Hot Mama/ SHERMAN JONES: Dream Girl/ AL LITTLE: I Must Forget/ Just Like That/ ALONZO STEWART: I Get The Blues When It Rains/ Still In Love/ BUDDY STEWART: Don't Come Back/ One Love/ T.V. SLIM: Flat Foot Sam/ CHARLES WILLIAMS: Darling/ So Worried/ RALPH WILLIAMS: Lonely

VARIOUS ARTISTS Soul World 109 These Male Group Northern Soul Rarities ● CD $17.98
A collection of 25 male group Northern soul rarities - mostly tracks making their first appearance on CD. Includes sides by The New Wanderers, Galahads, Thee Midnighters, The Entertainers, Icemen, Danderliers, Inticers, Districts, etc.
THE CLASSICS: So Glad That I Found You/ THE DANDERLIERS: All the Way/ THE DISTRICTS: One Lover (Just Won't Do)/ THE DRAPERS: (I Know) Your Love Has Gone Away/ THE ENDEAVORS: Beware of Your Friends/ THE ENTERTAINERS: Beg Me/ THE EXECUTIVE FOUR: I Got a Good Thing Goin'/ THE FANTASTICS: Goodbye To Love/ THE FOUR EXCEPTIONS: A Sad Goodbye/ THE FOUR REPUTATIONS: Call On Me/ THE GALAHADS: I've Got To Find a Way/ THE ICEMEN: It's Time You Knew/ THE INTICERS: I Got To Find Me a Baby/ THE ISONICS: Sugar/ ROSEY JONES & THE SUPERIORS: All I Need Is Half a Chance/ THE LADDINS: I'll Kiss Your Teardops Away/ THE MIDNITERS: You're Gonna Make Me Cry/ THE MILLIONAIRES: Breakdown/ THE NEW WANDERERS: This Man In Love/ THE PARISIANS: Twinkle Little Star/ THE ROYAL ROBINS: Something About You Sends Me/ THE SHOW STOPPERS: Heartbreaker/ SOUL BROTHERS INC: Teardrops/ THE SOUL GENTS: Wonders of Love/ THE SQUIRES: Don't Accuse Me

VARIOUS ARTISTS Soul World 110 The Ultimate Torch ● CD $17.98
27 tracks, 70 mins, highly recommended
Another volume in Soul World's salute to England's greatest Northern Soul clubs-and the underappreciated and/or obscure R&B tracks that they made famous-this one spotlights the Golden Torch club located in Stoke. This one has lots of high energy cuts from Tony Clarke, Larry Williams & Johnny Watson, J.J. Barnes, Roy Hamilton, The Dramatics, Major Lance, and more. Another winner from the gang at Soul World. (GMC)
J. J. BARNES: Our Love is in the Pocket/ ROSE BATISTE: Hit and Run/ BILL BLACK'S COMBO: Little Queenie/ JAMES BOUNTY: Prove Yourself a Lady/ CHUBBY CHECKER: You Just Don't Know/ TONY CLARKE: Landslide/ THE DELLS: Run For Cover/ THE DRAMATICS: Inky Dinky Wang Dang Doo/ FATHER'S ANGELS: Bok to Bach/ MR. FLOODS PARTY: Compared to What/ THE FULLER BROTHERS: Time's A Wasting/ MAMIE GALORE: It Ain't Necessary/ ROY HAMILTON: Crackin Up Over You/ MAJOR LANCE: You Don't Want Me No More/ JOY LOVEJOY: In Orbit/ RUFUS LUMLEY: I'm Standing/ EDDIE PARKER: Love You Baby/ N. F. PORTER: Keep on Keeping On/ SAM & KITTY: I've Got Something Good/ THE SHOWMEN: Our Love Will Grow/ THE SOUL TWINS: Quick Change Artist/ THE SUPERLATIVES: I Still Love You/ THE TEMPO'S: (Countdown) Here I Come/ JIMMY THOMAS: The Beautiful Night/ LARRY WILLIAMS & JOHNNY WATSON: Too Late/ BOB WILSON & THE SAN REMO STRINGS: All Turned On/ THE YOUNGHEARTS: A Little Togetherness

VARIOUS ARTISTS Soul World 113 24 Highlights FRom Blackpool Mecca's Highland Room ● CD $17.98
24 tracks, 78 mins, highly recommended
The Highland Room was another famous Northern Soul club, in Blackpool, England (that was, conversely, located in a ballroom known as "the Mecca"), that our buddies at Soul World have seen fit to salute with one of the label's tasteful compilations. As usual with Soul World, there's no dates noted on these tracks (although they sound like they were recorded in the early 70's), but who cares when you've got great (and influential) tracks like the Carstairs' It Really Hurts Me Girl, Tell Me Why by Life, Nolan Porter's Oh Baby, Love Don't Go Thru No Changes On Me by a pre-Disco Sister Sledge, I'm Your Pimp by the mysterious Skull Snaps (whose eponymous album has been sampled by countless rap artists), and Oscar Perry's I Got What You Need. Many of these acts have been lost to the mists of time, but there's gold to be had out there and I'm glad Soul World has the time to work the mines. (GMC)
MEL BRITT: She'll Come Running Back/ THE BROTHERS: Are You Ready For This/ THE CARSTAIRS: It Really Hurts Me Girl/ CRYSTAL MOTION: You're My Main Squeeze/ LOU EDWARDS & TODAY'S PEOPLE: Talkin' About Poor Folks/ THE FANTASTIC PUZZLES: Come Back/ JAMES FOUNTAIN: Seven Day Lover/ MARVIN HOLDES & JUSTICE: You Better Keep Her/ HOSANNA: Hip It!/ BOBBY HUTTON: Lend a Hand/ LIFE: Tell Me Why/ MAGIC NIGHT: If You and I Had Never Met/ CHARLES MANN: It's All Over/ THE MONTCLAIRS: Hung Up On Your Love/ OSCAR PERRY: I Got What You Need/ NOLAN PORTER: Oh Baby/ PRINCE GEORGE: Wrong Crowd/ SISTER SLEDGE: Love Don't Go Thru No Changes On Me/ THE SKULL SNAPS: I'm Your Pimp/ KENNY SMITH: Lord What's Happening (To Your People)/ VOICES OF EAST HARLEM: Cashing In/ PETE WARNER: I Just Want To Spend My Life With You/ BILLY WOODS: Let Me Make You Happy/ WORLD COLUMN: So Is the Sun


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