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Bulletin - January/ February 2010
Country, Bluegrass & Old Timey
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BETTY AMOS B.A.C.M. 287 Yesterday's Sweetheart ● CD $14.98
27 tracks recorded between 1953 and 1956 by this fine Virginia born singer who was the cousin of Bill & Cliff Carlisle and sang on a number of their recordings (eight of them included here). The material ranges from hardcore honky tonk to novelty songs. Tracks include I'm Just Drifting/ Jole John (a variation of Jole Blon)/ Yes Mam Mamma/ If I Were Smart/ Last Night/ I Will For You/ Tain't Nice To Talk Like That/ Shake A leg/ Something Different, etc.
BETTY AMOS: Cheater Cheater/ Donít Drop It/ Female Hercules/ Gotta Have Some Lovin'/ Hello To The Blues/ Honey Love/ I Will For You/ If I Were Smart/ If You Donít Want It (Salesman Song)/ Is Dat You Myrtle/ Iím Just Drifting/ Jole John/ Just The Girl Next Door/ Key Of Love/ Knothole/ Last Night/ My Baby Donít Love Me No More/ Shake A Leg/ Shyness/ Something Different/ Tainít Nice To Talk Like That/ The Girl That Went Wrong/ The Mainest Thing/ What Would It Take/ Why Do I Love You/ Yes Mam Mamma/ Yesterdayís Sweetheart

JOHNNY BOND Gusto 2128-2 Ten Little Bottles And 15 Other Starday Recordings ● CD $7.98
16 track collection of sides recorded for Starday in the mid 60s by this popular and incredibly prolific and talented performer. It includes his 1964 hit - the humorous Ten Little Bottles along with quite a few other novelty items and some straight ahead country. Other titles include Sick, Sober And Sorry/ You Can Tell The Man Who Boozes/ Show Me The Way To Go Home/ The Dang Hangover/ The Long Tall Shadow/ Judge Roy Bean's Court/ At Dawn I Die and more.

ALEX CAMPBELL & OLABELLE REED Gusto 0965 Old Time Gospel Singing ● CD $4.98
10 tracks, 26 mins, recommended
Fine collection of bluegrass and old time gospel featuring Alex Campbell, his sister Olabelle Reed and their excellent group The New River Ranch Boys featuring the superb Dobro playing of Deacon Brumfield and Ted Lundy on banjo. They perform mostly traditional gospel numbers (When My Time Comes To Go/ Uncloudy Day/ Just Over In The Gloryland/ White Flower, etc) singing solo, in duets or as a trio with Brumfield. Some fine music that would have a higher rating if it weren't for the mediocre sound which sounds like it comes from an electronic stereo master. (FS)

JACK CARDWELL Cactus 103 Stars Of King Hillbilly ● CD $15.98
31 tracks, 78 mins, highly recommended
Alabama born Jack Cardwell was an undeservedly obscure honky tonk singer who is best known for his powerful and moving tribute to Hank Williams The Death Of Hank Williams which was recorded a few days after Hank's death and was the only tribute to chart reaching #2 in the country charts and selling half a million copies. That track is here along with all of his other recordings made for King between 1952 and 1954 plus five previously unissued home demos. Jack was a very fine singer and performs a varied selection of honky tonk ballads, up tempo number and novelty songs and as was common with King he covers a couple of R&B hits - Stick McGhee's Whiskey, Women & Loaded Dice and Gene & Eunice's Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So). Other songs include You Hid Your Cheating Heart/ A Vitamin Called Love/ I Can't Make Up My Mind/ There's A Train Leaving/ (Tell Your Friends To) Stop Laughing At Me/ Lonesome Midnight/ Whadya Want/ Are You Mine, etc. Accompaniments are solid honky tonk with sawing fiddles and steel guitars. The five demos feature just Jack and his acoustic guitar and are fine - I particularly like Strumming My Old Guitar and You Better Listen While I'm Talking which have a real Han Williams quality to them. After his King recordings Jack only recorded sporadically but was still very active in country music and in 1969 co-wrote the hit Jesus Is A Soul Man. (FS)

THE RED FOX CHASERS Tompkins Square 2219 I'm Gong Down To North Carolina - The Complete Recordin ● CD $22.98
2 CDs, 40 tracks, 124 mins, very highly recommended
North Carolina legends get a fine treatment here, befitting their stature in String Band history. The Red Fox Chasers were an aggregation of musicians whose origins actually did date back to getting together to hunt down the elusive crimson creature and make music around the fire afterward. Primarily featuring Paul Miles (vocal & banjo), Guy Brooks (vocal & fiddle), Bob Cranford (vocal & harmonica), A.P. Thompson (vocal and guitar), with a certain amount of their recorded tracks being just a duo between Bob Cranford and A.P. Thompson. The Chasers weren't around for very long, but they certainly cast a long shadow, influencing generations to come with their fantastic picking and lively performances. Although only recording between 1928-31, they were nonetheless prolific and enormously popular, in the Appalachian region especially. On this collection Tompkins Square does its usual A+ job, beautifully gathering together two disks worth of old-time Mountain Music and wrapping it up in a superb bundle with astute liner notes and fetching design. Tompkins has taken great care on re-mastering, providing some of the best sound I have heard on this group's recordings, even if some had to come directly off of 78's. Includes wonderful tracks: Arkansas Traveler/ May I Sleep in Your Barn Tonight Mister?/ Pretty Polly/ Murder of the Lawson Family/ Turkey in the Straw / Two Babes in the Woods / We Shall Meet on That Beautiful Shore/ Devilish Mary, and many more. Also includes a great four-part skit entitled Making Licker in North Carolina, that was said to be a real crowd pleaser. All in all, a truly exceptional release, if you only buy one old-timey Country recording this year (not surprising if that's all you can afford in this economy), then this is the one you should pick up for sure. (JM)

JESSE RODGERS B.A.C.M. 284 Songs Of The Hills And Plains ● CD $14.98
24 tracks, recommended
A fine and varied selection of material from Jimmie Rodgers' cousin Jesse. Although Jesse was clearly influenced by Jimmie on his early sides he was far from a copyist with his own style and material. The material here ranges from 1935 through 1955 and the earliest sides feature him accompanied only by his own guitar on a selection blues and a sentimental songs. Nine songs from 1936 and '37 feature him accompanied by small groups with guitars and steel guitar. The tracks with The El Patio Trio are particularly nice. We then jump to the late 40s and over the next few years we hear him doing western and honky tonk songs with varied accompaniments. An enjoyable selection with good sound and informative notes by Kevin Coffey. (FS)

RALPH STANLEY & HIS CLINCH MOUNTAIN BOYS Rounder 0614 Can't You Hear The Mountains Calling ● CD $16.98
12 tracks, highly recommended
This was recorded way back in 1981, originally released in 1986, then re-released in 1995 and is now in print once more. That's right: it's so nice they released it thrice! As is the nature of small bluegrass labels, this has appeared on three different labels so far. Let's hope it stays in print for a while on Rounder, who have done a fine job, with crisp sound and updated liner notes. If you are looking for the "man of constant sorrow," he ain't here; this release features a much younger Ralph Stanley delivering an up-beat batch of tunes full of lively playing and lightning quick pickin', plus the fine talents of Charley Sizemore on guitar and lead vocals, Junior Blankenship on lead guitar, Curly Ray Cline on fiddle, and Jack Cooke on acoustic bass, baritone and tenor vocals. Can't You Hear The Mountains Calling/ When You Go Walking After Midnight/ Cotton-eyed Joe, and Dickenson County Breakdown, are but a few of the best tracks, but they are all pretty darn good. (JM)

THE STANLEY BROTHERS Gusto 0547 Sing The Songs Of Bill Monroe ● CD $7.98
23 tracks, recommended
The title is a little misleading since these are not all songs the Stanleys learned from Monroe's recordings - some are traditional songs or country standards that both groups recorded and in some cases the Stanleys recorded the song first. That being said this is a typically superb collection of songs that both The Stanley Brothers and Bill Monroe recorded and certainly some were learned from Monroe's recordings though they are performed in a very different style. So if you don't have them on other Stanley Brothers releases here's a fine selection including Six Months Ain't Long/ Stoney Creek/ How Beautiful Heaven Must Be/ Little Joe/ Jenny Lynn/ This Wicked Path Of Sin/ Pretty Little Miss In The Garden/ I Saw the Light/ Little Maggie/ Back Up And Push/ Over In The Gloryland/ Hills Of Roan County, etc. (FS)

THE STEWART FAMILY Gusto 0964 Original Country Gospel ● CD $7.98
11 tracks, 27 mins, highly recommended
The Stewart Family are a little known but very fine family group from Arkansas that recorded for Gilt Edge and Four Star in the early 50s. Leader of the group was Virgil "Pappy" Stewart who wrote many of the group's songs including Just Out Of Reach which has become a country standard (not here). "Pappy" played guitar and does some very fine pickin' on a couple of the songs with some nifty chord changes. The rest of the group includes sister Baba (accordion) and daughters Bethyl (violin) and Jeanette (bass). Later on they were joined by Bethyl's husband Buddy Brown on mandolin and piano. The arrangements are varied ranging from one guitar with ensemble singing, old timey mandolin and guitar arrangements and bigger group arrangements with accordion and piano. Quite a few of the leads are taken by Bethyl who was an exceptional singer with an aching yearning quality that brings to mind Wilma Lee Cooper. A beautiful collection of gospel songs including the fabulous Sinner Read The Bible and Little Community Church which have long been a favorites of mine. Only a couple of tracks duplicate B.A.C.M. 138 ($14.98) which also includes some of their secular material, including their original version of Just Out Of Reach, and is also highly recommended. (FS)

MEL STREET Gusto 2103-2 That Good Ol' Mountain Dew ● CD $7.98
10 tracks, highly recommended
More heartfelt singing from this great and ill-fated performer. A few tracks duplicate Tee-Vee 0728 including one of his biggest hits Borrowed Angel but this is more than worthwhile, particularly, at the price for the rest including a great and unexpectedly upbeat (for him) version of the title song, a wonderful version of Merle Haggard's Today I Started Loving You Again plus songs like To See Virginia Again/ Let's Put Out The Fire and Hide Me From The World. (FS)

MEL STREET Gusto 2106 At His Best ● CD $10.98
18 tracks, 44 mins, very highly recommended
West Virginia singer Mel Street was one of the greatest honky tonk singers of the 70s with a soulful intensity that could only be matched by George Jones or Gary Stewart. Mel committed suicide in 1978 and the demons that drove him to such a deed might explain his choice of songs - frequently songs of unhappiness brought on by cheating or lost love and in the 70s he had a string of great hits on subject. Most of his hits are available on Tee-Vee 0738 ("20 Greatest Hits" - $10.98) but this collection mostly features him covering other artists hits and his performances are as good as the originals and sometimes better. He draws on songs from Conway Twitty, Waylon Jennings, Cal Smith and others including She Needs Someone To Hold Her/ How Much More Can She Stand/ She's Too Good To Be True/ Burning Bridges/ Ashes Of Love and others. (FS)
MEL STREET: Ashes Of Love/ Big Blue Diamonds/ Burning Bridges/ Good Hearted Woman/ Hard Act To Follow/ Have I Told You Lately That I Love You/ Heart Over Mind/ How Much More Can She Stand/ I've Found Someone Of My Own/ Let The Four Winds Blow/ Lord, I Need Somebody Bad/ Memory Train/ Rub It In/ She Needs Someone To Hold Her/ She's Too Good To Be True/ Strong Enough To Close My Eyes/ This Time I've Hurt Her More Than She Loves Me/ You Cared Enough To Send The Very Best

THE TEXAS RANGERS B.A.C.M. 285 ● CD $14.98
28 tracks, recommended
Enjoyable collection of western songs featuring four part harmony by group formed at radio station KMBC by singers who had no background in country music. In spite of this, their performances are quite convincing and more enjoyable than some of their contemporaries. The group only made about a dozen commercial recordings but recorded hundreds of radio transcriptions. This set features all their commercial recordings along with a selection of their radio transcription recorded between 1934 and 1942. The group were accompanied by fine instrumentalists including fiddler Sam Leichter, accordionist Paul Sells, guitarist-banjoist Herb Katroska and others and there are several excellent instrumentals including four tracks which finish off the set featuring some dazzling playing by Katroska including a remarkable version of The Flight Of The Bumble Bee. Their material is a mix of western favorites and pop oriented songs and from 1941 there are two patriotic songs The Air Corps Of Uncle Sam and I've Changed My Penthouse For A Pup Tent. Sound quality is better than average and Kevin Coffey provides his usual informative notes. (FS)

MERLE TRAVIS & TEX ANN B.A.C.M. 286 Wild Goose ● CD $14.98
28 tracks, 66 mins, highly recommended
A delightful collection featuring radio transcriptions made in 1946 featuring Merle Travis duetting with his then wife Tex Ann (Sydna Jacqueline Ann Nation) on a selection of traditional American folk songs, gospel songs, original compositions by Mewrle and songs Tex used to perform with her previous husband Oklahoma Buck. There is some of Merle's fine and pioneering guitar work on some of the intros and solos but the emphasis is on the excellent duet vocals and they are joined by an excellent old timey fiddle player. Songs include Mus'rat/ And They Called It Dixieland/ Sourwood Mountain/ The Life Of The Party/ The Dust On Mother's Old Bible/ Heaven Bound Train (possibly the best track with wonderful vocal interplay and great guitar and fiddle) / Baby Don't You Cry No More/ Go Where I Send Thee/ My Worst Worry/ Did You Ever Go Sailing?, etc. I believe this is the first time these recordings have been reissued and they are a delight. (FS)
MERLE TRAVIS & TEX ANN: And They Called It Dixieland/ Baby Donít You Cry No More/ Dear Little Wifey Back Home/ Did You Ever Go Sailing/ Dream Train Engineer/ Go Where I Send Thee/ God Put A Rainbow In The Cloud/ Grandadís Cuspidor/ Heaven Bound Train/ Iíd Like To Go Back/ Lolly To Dum Dey/ MusíRat/ My Worst Worry/ Nickelty Knackelty Now/ Paper Of Pins/ Peg Leg Jack/ Shady Brook Lane/ Someone To Call Me Honey/ Sourwood Mountain/ The Courtiní Song/ The Dust On Motherís Old Bible/ The Dutchmanís Wife/ The Life Of The Party/ The Wise Old Owl/ This World Is Such A Lonely Place/ Tomorrow (Iíll Be In My Dixieland Home Again)/ Whyíd I Fall For Abner/ Wild Goose

HOBO JACK TURNER B.A.C.M. 283 Ernest Hare aka Hobo Jack Turner ● CD $14.98
20 tracks, fair
20 tracks recorded between 1928 and 1930 by Ernest Hare and issued under the name of Hobo Jack Turner. Like Vernon Dalhart, Hare started his career in light opera and vaudeville and had only a brief flirtation with hillbilly music mostly covering other artists' songs for Columbia's budget priced Velvet Tone, Diva and Clarion labels with the intention of skimming off some of the sales from people who couldn't afford the originals by artists like Harry McClintock, Jimmie Rodgers, Fields & Hall and others. Hare was a pleasant singer with a warm bass-baritone voice but his performances are pretty tepid - regardless of the song, he sounded as excited as if he was reciting the alphabet. He is accompanied by an undistinguished guitarist (possibly himself). Songs include Bowery Bums/ Seven days From Now/ Fifty Years Repentin'/ The Bum Song/ Big Rock Candy Mountain/ A Hobo's Life Is A Happy Life/ In The Jailhouse Now, etc. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Cactus CORCD 1 Coral Hillbilly ● CD $15.98
32 tracks, recommended
More fine uptempo hillbilly from the early/ mid 50s - this time for the Coral label. Only a few familiar names here along with a lot of fine obscure artists. Among the best known names here are Marvin Rainwater (one side of his first single from 1955), Kenny Roberts (three novelty songs including a cover of Billy Brigg's obnoxious The Sissy Song) and Tommy Duncan (a fine 1955 rendition of San Antonio Rose). Other artists include Doug Bragg (two songs including the fine train song Texas Special), Red Smith (the bluesy Whoah Boy), Blackie Crawford, Lloyd Weaver, Jim Atkins (a fine cover of Lattie Moore's Juke Joint Johnny), Chuck Murphy (an answer song to hank Williams - My Bucket's Been Fixed), Joe Martin, Marty Roberts, Slim Williams, Tabby West and others. Usual fine sound and lack of notes. (FS)
JIM ATKINS: Juke Joint Johnny/ DOUG BRAGG: Barbed Wire Love/ Texas Special/ DANNY BROWN: Love 'Em & Let 'Em Be/ BILL CASON: City Slicker/ BLACKIE CRAWFORD: Baby Buggy Blues/ Jump Jack Jump/ MILT DICKEY: Checkbook Baby/ TOMMY DUNCAN: San Antonio Rose/ RUSTY KEEFER: I'm Just Here To get My Baby Out of Jail/ JOE MARTIN: Milk Cow Blues/ LEON MERRITT: Wishin' I Was Kissin' You/ CHUCK MURPHY: My Bucket's Been Fixed/ MARVIN RAINWATER: I Gotta Go Get My Baby/ JOHNNY RECTOR: Have You Ever Been Kissed/ If They Ever Get Together/ DEWEY RITTER: When My Day Rolls Around/ KENNY ROBERTS: F.O.B. Tennessee/ Hush Puppies/ MARTY ROBERTS: A Gambler's Love/ Brand New Love Affair/ KENNY ROBERTS & TOMMY SOSEBEE: The Sissy Song/ AL RUNYON: Bonita Chiquita Senorita/ RED SMITH: Whoa Boy/ TOMMY SOSEBEE: All Night Boogie/ Barbershop Boogie/ TEXAS BILL STRENGTH: Paper Boy Boogie/ LOYD WEAVER: One Wheel Draggin'/ TABBY WEST: Inchin' Up/ Let's Make Love or Go Home One/ SLIM WILLIAMS: Lovin' Overtime/ Yoke of Oxen

VARIOUS ARTISTS Cactus STACD 3 Starday Hillbilly, Vol. 3 ● CD $15.98
32 tracks, highly recommended
Subtitled "32 great hillbilly boppers and honky tonks" this third collection from the great Starday label certainly lives up to it's title with lots of soulful singing, sawing fiddles and soaring steel guitar. About 50% of the tracks have been out before (on Jasmine and Dixie) but this is well worth while for the rest. Artists are mostly obscure but the musical standard is very high featuring tracks by Pat Patterson, Blackie Crawford, Mary Joe Chelette (the raucous Cat Fishing with Wanda Jackson like growls), Tommy Castle (the fine minor key Wanderlust), Ken Clark (a great blend of bluegrass and honky tonk on Big Man), Jimmie & Dorothy Blakely, Red Mansel, Bob Jones, KIng Sterling, Joe Price, Jim Cunningham, Joe Gibson, Patsy Elshire, Johnny Sutherland, Lucky Hill and others. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Cactus KINCD 4 King Hillbilly, Vol. 4 ● CD $15.98
32 tracks, highly recommended
Another great collection drawn from the extensive King catalog featuring up tempo hillbilly, honky tonk, country boogie and more. Includes Boots Woodall, Jimmy Thomason, Luke McDaniel, Jimmie Osborne (the great honky tonker It Just Tears Me To Pieces), Moon Mullican (two songs including the rocking Grandpa Stole My baby), Billy Hughes (the remarkable Cocaine Blues), Redd Stewart, Joe Wheeler, Hawkshaw Hawkins (a fine cover of Hank Williams' Pan American), Ray Baker (fine bluegrass gospel), Wade Mainer and more. (FS)
RAY BAKER: Preach The Word/ JACK CARDWELL: Day Done Broke Too Soon This Morning/ COWBOY COPAS: Texas Red/ THE DELMORE BROTHERS: Gotta Have Some Lovin'/ CHARLIE GORE: Who's Been Draggin' Your Little Red Wagon/ HAWKSHAW HAWKINS: Pan American/ BILLY HUGHES: Cocaine Blues/ LOUIE INNIS: Let's Make Up Tonight Honey/ There's A Red Hot Fire In The Old Locomotive/ WADE MAINER: The Girl I Left In Sunny Tennessee/ LUKE MCDANIEL: I Can't Go/ Money Bag Woman/ LATTIE MOORE: 100,000 Women Can't Be Wrong/ I'm Gonna Tell You Something/ MOON MULLICAN: A Thousand & One Sleepless Nights/ Grandpa Stole My Baby/ BOB NEWMAN: Give You A Dose Of Your Own Medicine/ MATTIE O'NEIL & SALTY HOLMES: Stuck With Love/ JIMMIE OSBORNE: It Just Tears Me All To Pieces/ Tissue Paper Heart/ WAYNE RANEY: Adam Come & Get Your Rib/ FLOYD ROBINSON: G-I-R-L Girls/ TOMMY SCOTT: Gonna Paint The Town Red/ REDD STEWART: Brother Drop Dead (Boogie)/ JIMMY THOMASON: Honey Baby/ ZEB TURNER: Hung Down My Head & Cried/ BOB & WANDA WAYNE: Home Made Wine/ JOE WHEELER: Do I Love Her, Deed I Do/ Shut My Mouth Wide Open/ BOOTS WOODALL: Rattle Snakin' Daddy/ THE YORK BROTHERS: Gravy Train

VARIOUS ARTISTS Cactus 052 High On The Hog: Honky Tonk & Hillbilly Bop, 1958-68 ● CD $15.98
30 tracks, highly recommended
Another great collection of up tempo country from Cactus - this time featuring artists recorded for tiny independent labels who mostly released only a handful of releases - often produced by the artists themselves. Though not as polished as their major label counterparts the music is often more raw and honest and there are some very fine performances including the title song by Jimmy & Russ Williams, the hot Shotgun Wedding by E. Johnson, a fine rendition of Jimmie Rodger's T For Texas by Bill Lanham, two gorgeous laid back sides by Otis Pierce, a talented California based performer, who recorded a superb folk album for Bay Records in 1975 plus sides by Howard Western, Johnny Acton, Gene Smith (the fine bluegrass flavored Old Man Stone), James D. Burhus (the great Don't Monkey With My Widder), Ken Patrick (the bluesy Night Train), Carl Stevens, Sharlet Sexton (her superb Since My Baby Put Me Down is almost pure rockabilly) and others. The only artist here who had any kind of extensive career are The York Brothers with the Monday Morning Blues recorded for their own York label. Another winner from Cactus. (FS)
JOHNNY ACTON: Snuffy Smith/ ARNOLD BENNETT: Wahoo/ PAULA BERRY: Third Angle/ WALLY BLACK: Iím A Country Boy/ BUDDY BRUCE: Rolling On/ JAMES D. BURHUS: Donít Monkey With My Widder/ LARRY BUTLER: 13th Notch/ RUDY GADDIS: Stranger With A Colt 45/ WOODY & LENA HIX: Lovely Little Baby/ CHARLES HUFF: Legend Of Hole/ E. JOHNSTON: Shotgun Weddiní/ DUB JONES: A Hundred Times This Week/ BILL LANHAM: T For Texas/ DOTTIE MAE: A Good Man Is Hard To Find/ JIM NESBITT: A Tiger In My Tank/ KEN PATRICK: Night Train/ OTIS PIERCE: Annabelle/ Blue Eyed Darliní/ TONY SENN: You Canít Kiss Me/ SHARLET SEXTON: Since My Baby Put Me Down/ GENE SMITH: Old Man Stone/ CHUCK STACEY: You Think Itís Funny/ BILLY STARR: I Wanta/ CARL STEVENS: Big Eyed Blonde/ WALLACE WALTERS: Thereís Not Room For Two/ HOWARD WESTERN: Sawmill Boogie Blues/ JIMMY & RUSS WILLIAMS: High On The Hog/ RAY WILSON: Heart Stealer/ THE YORK BROTHERS: Monday Morning Blues/ ROBERT ZEHM: Satanís Suitcase

VARIOUS ARTISTS El Toro CH 103 Collector's Choice, Vol. 3 - Firecracker Stomp ● CD $16.98
The third volume of rare up tempo country and hillbilly boogie in El Toro's "Collector's Choice" series features another 20 choice sides from the early/ mid 50s including tracks by Jimmie Lane, Shorty Long & Dolly Dimple, Jeanne Gayle, Marty Robbins, The Andrews Brothers, Opal Jean, Carolyn Bradshaw, Texas Bill Strength, Eddie Star, Elaine Gay and others.
THE ANDREWS BROTHERS: Store Bought/ CAROLYN BRADSHAW: Oh, I Like It!/ JIMMY DEAN: Freight Train Blues/ ELAINE GAY: Rock Love/ JEANNE GAYLE: I'm Movin' On/ OPAL JEAN: Tennessee Courtin' Time/ That Done It/ JIMMY LANE: Firecracker Stomp/ PETE LANE: One-Two-Three Skidoo/ SHORTY LONG: Standing In The Station/ Hillbilly Wedding/ LONZO & OSCAR: Wild Oats/ BOBBY LORD: Hawk-Eye/ MYRNA LORRIE & BUDDY DE VAL: I'm Your Man/ THE RHYTHM ROCKERS: Dig These Blues/ BOBBY ROBERTS: I'm Gonna Comb You Outta My Hair/ MARTY ROBERTS: A Gambler's Love/ EDDY STAR: Love Me, Love Me/ TEXAS BILL STRENGTH: Cry, Cry, Cry/ BILL TAYLOR: Jack & Jill

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fremeaux & Associes 5179 Banjo - An American Five String History ● CD $37.98
Two CD set with 40 tracks of five string banjo music covering the period 1901 through 1956. The first eight tracks covering the period 1901 through 1925 present early styles of popular, semi classical and ragtime featuring artists like John Pidoux, Fred Bacon, "Vess" Ossman, Olly Oakley and others. Most of the rest drawing on commercial and field recordings features in the banjo in the context of old time music, bluegrass and folk music featuring performers like Richard Burnett, Uncle Dave Macon, Dock Boggs, Rufus Crisp, Charlie Lowe, Pete Steele, Charlie Poole, Pete Seeger, Wade Ward and others. Considering the importance of the banjo in African-American music only a handful of recordings by African-American artists is featuring. Notwithstanding that this is a fine and varied collection with a fair number of tracks not readily available elsewhere.


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