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JERRY LEE LEWIS Lost And Found   by Joe Bonomo ● BOOK $19.98
Hardbound, 208 pages, counts as three CDS for shipping
Author Joe Bonomo has written a different take on the career of Jerry Lee Lewis: rather than emphasizing his scandalous life-beginning with Lewis' 1958 marriage to 13-year old second cousin Myra-Bonomo has chosen to exhaustively examine 1964's landmark album, "Live" at the Star-Club in order to illustrate the Killer's enduring legacy in the rock 'n' roll pantheon. In documenting the events that led up to the album's recording in Hamburg on April 5, 1964-as well as what came afterward-Bonomo seeks to focus on the sincerity in the best of Lewis' work, while bringing the man to life in new and fascinating ways.

LITTLE RICHARD The Birth Of Rock   by David Kirby ● BOOK $19.98
Hardback, 218 pages, counts as 3 CDs for shipping
David Kirby has an agenda: he wrote this book because he felt that Little Richard hasn't gotten his due as a rock 'n' roll pioneer, and that Tutti Frutti has not been rightfully acknowledged by the rock critic elite (except, notably, in England) as the fulcrum of rock 'n' roll. The book begins by grounding the reader in the fertile soil from which Little Richard's music sprang. In Macon, Georgia, Kirby interviews relatives and local characters who knew Little Richard way back when, citing church and family as his true inspiration. Kirby sees Little Richard as a "foxy warrior", fighting with skill and cunning to take his place among the greats. He makes the creation of Tutti Frutti the centerpiece of the book, thereby forever cementing that song's-and Little Richard's-place in music history.

UGLY THINGS #29   ● BOOK $8.95
Magazine, 224 pages, highly recommended, counts as four CDs for shipping
Always an exciting day for me when U.T. shows up on my doorstep and this issue (Their biggest yet!) didn't disappoint, encased in a beautiful orange cover and chock full of rare and wonderful Rock 'n' Roll from days of old. On top of the dozens of pages of excellent reviews, you get extensive features on Sky Saxon (R.I.P.,) Nico, The Shadows of Knight, Easybeats, San Francisco's Wildflowers, The Nomads, Pretty Things (plus pre-Pretty Things outfit The Fenmen,), and (main cover story) Australia's The Masters Apprentices. Now I know most of those artists aren't exactly household names. No worries: their stories are great and you get some of the best music writers in the world telling their tales. Overflowing with '60s Pop, Psyche, Folk, Punk, Beat, and everything else cool and retro. As far as I'm concerned, this is the best music mag available. If this issue only had its reviews section and it's ads, it would still be a better read than about 90% of the music magazines on the shelves today. If you are familiar with Ugly Things, than you won't be disappointed; if you aren't, you should be. (JM)



EDDIE COCHRAN Rockstar 031 String Fever ● CD $22.98
32 tracks, 78 mins, highly recommended
The title of this CD means exactly what it says: it is a collection of Cochran's finest guitar-led work that satisfies the need to explore his guitar mastery on one tribute CD. This compilation looks at the instrumentals he cut from the beginning of his solo career, just at the end of his tenure as one half of The Cochran Brothers in 1956, right up to his fascination with the Blues at the end of his recording career in late 1959. In between, there's oddities, novelties, prototype surf, funk (sort-of), a stab at classical guitar, and out-and-out rockers. Most of these tracks were not issued during Eddie's lifetime and a few are appearing here for the very first time. The music speaks for its self, and with thorough liner notes, this CD is a must for Cochran fans or fans of no-frills guitar mastery. (GMC)

ELVIS PRESLEY Memphis Recording Service 26956 Tupelo Welcomes Elvis Presley ● CD $28.98
24 tracks, 62 mins, highly recommended
Another special edition from the folks at Memphis Recording Service, this time the package includes a CD containing two homecoming concerts recorded on September 26th 1956 in Tupelo, Mississippi, and a 40 page book of rare photographs and informative text. For his appearance at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show Fairgrounds, Elvis gave afternoon and evening performances which are both contained here. The afternoon performance has more songs, but the evening one has better sound quality (less annoying screaming from the tons of girls present, although neither is exactly state of the art) and Elvis' passionate vocals and the consummate backing of the Jordanaires is more easily heard. Also included are radio interviews with Elvis, and his parents Vernon and Gladys (who sound overwhelmed by the attention being paid to them), but the most telling moments of the recording come when Elvis attempts (in both shows) to get the audience to sit down (to allow people behind to see) and not crowd the front (so little kids don't get crushed); if nothing else, these instances prove that little has changed in 50 plus years of concert going. Although I highly recommend this package, I have to emphasize that it's not for the casual fan; only the Presley die-hards need apply here. (GMC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Abkco (UK) 15591 Phil Spector's Wall Of Sound Retrospective ● CD $16.98
22 tracks, 62 mins, essential
Regardless of how one feels about Phil Spector the man (a man who will probably spend the rest of his life behind bars), it cannot be denied that as a producer he has been the architect of many memorable music moments. This CD collects 21 (the last track is a fascinating solo performance of Spanish Harlem by the man himself) of Spector's greatest pop productions, from the Ronettes, the Crystals, Darlene Love (occasional lead singer of the Crystals), the Righteous Brothers, and Ike & Tina Turner. People of certain age remember the first time these mini-symphonies blasted out of their radios, and how they sounded like nothing else of their era. As music, there's no doubting the greatness of Da Doo Ron Ron/ Be My Baby/ You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling or He's a Rebel, but these same tracks have influenced many an artist down through the years (Bruce Springsteen has spent an entire career trying to capture the Spector magic in his recordings). This set omits Spector's first hit (the Teddy Bears' To Know Him is to Love Him), but the focus here is on the years 1961 to 1966, arguably his peak period. Presented in glorious mono, this material is currently unavailable in the U.S., so this import (complete with detailed information regarding the recording, chart performance, personnel etc. of the songs) is the best way to obtain these priceless tunes. (GMC)
THE CRYSTALS: Da Doo Ron Ron/ He's A Rebel/ He's Sure The Boy I Love/ Then He Kissed Me/ There's No Other Like My Baby/ Uptown/ DARLENE LOVE: Fine Fine Boy/ Today I Met The Boy I'm Gonna Marry/ Wait Till My Bobby Gets Home/ THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS: Unchained Melody/ You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling/ THE RONETTES: Baby I Love You/ Be My Baby/ Best Part Of Breakin' Up/ Born To Be Together/ Do I Love You/ Walking In The Rain/ BOB B. SOXX & THE BLUE JEANS: Not Too Young To Get Married/ Why Do Lovers Break Each Others Hearts/ Zip A Dee Doo Dah/ PHIL SPECTOR: Spanish Harlem/ IKE & TINA TURNER: River Deep Mountain High

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1171 Radio Gold, Vol. 5 ● CD $18.98
30 tracks, 73 mins, highly recommended
Not a new release but not listed before. Another volume in a series of CDs documenting the records that fired the imaginations of UK youth during the 50's and early 60's. While early volumes concentrated on records that played on Europe's Radio Luxembourg or the BBC's Light Programme (a show that only made token attempts to play real rock 'n' roll), this volume spotlights tunes that were hits on U.S. radio during the same era (but were also hits in the U.K. too). As sampling of the diversity of U.S. radio during the years 1956-1962, this comp does a very good job of illustrating that in those days songs that were more Country leaning (the Everly Brothers Walk Right Back; Jimmie Rodgers' Kisses Sweeter Than Wine) could rub shoulders with Pop (Doris Day, Bobby Vee, Perry Como), Folk (The Tarriers, John D. Loudermilk), R&B (the Drifters, the Coasters), rock 'n' roll (Jerry Lee Lewis, Eddie Cochran), and everything in between. There are well known songs here (Poison Ivy/ Baby it's You/ C'mon Everybody), but there's enough lesser known material by certain artists (like Bobby Darin rockin' out on If a Man Answers, for example) to make the compilation interesting from a historical perspective and fun listening to boot. (GMC)
RUTH BROWN: Lucky Lips/ JOHNNY BURNETTE: Little Boy Sad/ THE CHORDETTES: Born To Be With You/ JIMMY CLANTON: Another Sleepless Night/ THE COASTERS: Poison Ivy/ EDDIE COCHRAN: C'mon Everybody/ PERRY COMO: Kewpie Doll/ BOBBY DARIN: If A Man Answers/ FATS DOMINO: Be My Guest/ THE DRIFTERS: When My Little Girl Is Smiling/ THE EVERLY BROTHERS: Walk Right Back/ THE FOUR PREPS: Got A Girl/ DON GIBSON: Sea Of Heartbreak/ CLARENCE "FROGMAN" HENRY: You Always Hurt The One You Love/ JIMMY JONES: Good Timin'/ FRANKIE LAINE: Moonlight Gambler/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: High School Confidential/ JOHN D. LOUDERMILK: Language Of Love/ GARRY MILLS: Look For A Star/ GUY MITCHELL: Heartaches By The Number/ ROY ORBISON: Dream Baby/ JOHNNY PRESTON: Cradle Of Love/ JIMMIE RODGERS: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine/ JACK SCOTT: Burning Bridges/ NEIL SEDAKA: Next Door To An Angel/ THE SHIRELLES: Baby It's You/ THE TARRIERS: Banana Boat Song/ JOHNNY TILLOTSON: It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'/ BOBBY VEE: Run To Him

VARIOUS ARTISTS Big Beat CDWIKD 288 Nippon Girls - Japanese Pop, Beat & Bossa Nova 1966-70 ● CD $18.98
25 tracks, 70 mins, highly recommended
Anyone who thinks that Japanese pop/rock begins and ends with Shonen Knife and the Pizzicato Five, is in for a big surprise with this latest groovy compilation from Big Beat. Based on this evidence, the creators of this music relied heavily on Burt Bacharach, Tony Hatch, Hollywood pop, and 60's lounge and film music for their inspiration. And some of these tracks are truly inspired: sometimes two or three different songs can be heard in one track (such as Peacock Baby/ Suki Sa Suki Sa Suki Sa, and the simply amazing Nagisa No Tenshi). Although the fuzz guitar or Motown beat can be detected, it would seem that neither R&B nor Psychedelic Rock loomed very large in the Japanese pop world. And that's ok with me because this music is exactly what it appears to be: frothy fun to be enjoyed not endlessly analyzed and dissected for hidden significance, like so much of late 60's pop/rock. This CD makes a great companion to the Chartbusters USA Special Edition: Sunshine Pop (Ace 1228); both together tackle two different, yet similar, takes on cheery 60's pop. (GMC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Born Bad 022 Rock Rock Rock - French Rock 'n' Roll, 1956-1959 ● CD $23.98
16 tracks, 41 mins, highly recommended
In case anyone wondered whether the influence of Richard Brooks' film "Blackboard Jungle" - and it's blistering theme song Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and His Comets - was limited only to the U.S. and Britain, here is a CD to definitely answer the question in the negative. This is a collection of pure Bill Haley-style rock 'n' roll made by and for the French. I would love to be able to tell you more about the artists and the movement, but the included liner notes are in French! But one doesn't need a translator to appreciate the excitement and fun that these songs promise and deliver in spades. The one cover tune-Presley's Hound Dog - is sung in English (although I would have been interested to hear a French language treatment!) in a version that gives good menace, while the rest is great fun whether it's Taps Miller's Ferme La Bouche or Emile Lambert's Le Hula Bop. If you're looking for something different, this is it! (GMC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS El Toro 1024 Rollin' The Rock - Texas Rockabilly, Vol. 2 ● CD $18.98
33 tracks, 77 mins, highly recommended
Complementing El Toro 1010 this is a second collection of hot rockabilly recorded by Texas artists in the mid 50s. This one is devoted to five superb artists - Johnny Carroll & His Hot Rocks, Alvis Waybe, Ray Campi & The Snappers, Mac Curtis and Sid King & The Five Strings. Apart from the fact that all these artists are from Texas and all were great, all five artists recorded for Ronnie Weiser's Rollin' Rock label in the 70s and Ronnie pens a tribute to them in the notes. This is all rockabilly at it's best with soulful vocals and hard driving bands with lots of fine guitar work. It's hard to pick favorites as it's all good and if you don't already have this material on other compilations it's a must. Superb sound and informative notes by Dave Penny. (FS)
RAY CAMPI & THE SNAPPERS: Give That Love To Me/ Give That Love To Me/ I Didn't Mean To Be Mean/ I Didn't Mean To Be Mean/ It Ain't Me/ It Ain't Me/ The Crossing/ The Crossing/ You Can't Catch Me/ You Can't Catch Me/ RAY CAMPI WITH JOHN & HENRY: Catapillar/ Catapillar/ Play It Cool/ Play It Cool/ JOHNNY CARROLL & HIS HOT ROCKS: Corrine, Corrina/ Corrine, Corrina/ Crazy, Crazy Lovin' (from "Rock, Baby, Rock It!")/ Crazy, Crazy Lovin' (from "Rock, Baby, Rock It!")/ Hot Rock/ Hot Rock )/ Rock 'n' Roll Ruby/ Rock 'n' Roll Ruby/ Tryin' To Get To You/ Tryin' To Get To You/ Wild, Wild Women (from "Rock, Baby, Rock It!")/ Wild, Wild Women (from "Rock, Baby, Rock It!")/ MAC CURTIS: Goosebumps/ Goosebumps/ Grandaddy's Rockin'/ Grandaddy's Rockin'/ Half Hearted Love/ Half Hearted Love/ If I Had Me A Woman/ If I Had Me A Woman/ Just So You Call Me/ Just So You Call Me/ That Ain't Nothin' But Right/ That Ain't Nothin' But Right/ You Ain't Treatin' Me Right/ You Ain't Treatin' Me Right/ SID KING & THE FIVE STRINGS: Booger Red/ Booger Red/ Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight/ Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight/ Good Rockin' Baby/ Good Rockin' Baby/ I've Got The Blues/ I've Got The Blues/ It's True, I'm Blue/ It's True, I'm Blue/ Let 'Er Roll/ Let 'Er Roll/ When My Baby Left Me/ When My Baby Left Me/ ALVIS WAYNE: Don't Mean Maybe, Baby/ Don't Mean Maybe, Baby/ I Gottum/ I Gottum/ I'd Rather Be With You/ I'd Rather Be With You/ Lay Your Head On My Shoulder/ Lay Your Head On My Shoulder/ Sleep Rock-A-Roll Rock-A-Baby/ Sleep Rock-A-Roll Rock-A-Baby/ Swing Bop Boogie/ Swing Bop Boogie

VARIOUS ARTISTS EMI Gold 65401-2 Rock 'n' Roll - 132 Original Hits ● CD $24.98
Six CD set with 132 tracks of rock 'n' roll from the 50s and early 60s mostly drawn from the various labels owned by EMI (Liberty, Imperial, U.K. Columbia, Gee, etc.). Being an English release it also features a fair number of hits by English artists. Among the many artists featured are Eddie Cochran, The Swinging Blue Jeans, Tony Crombie & The Rockets, Johnny Burnette, The Chordettes, The Mudlarks, Fats Domino, Adam Faith and many others. I'm not quite sure what the Kinsgton Trio are doing on a rock 'n' roll compilation though their M.T.A. was a hit. And there's one rather silly faux pas - Blue Suede Shoes by Carl perkins is listed as licensed from Sun but it's not the Sun recording - I'm not sure where it's from but it is pretty good. An entertaining set.
BOBBY ANGELO & THE TUXEDOS: Baby Sittin'/ Skinny Lizzie/ BILLIE ANTHONY: Rock A Billy/ This Ole House/ FRANKIE AVALON: Gingerbread/ THE AVONS: Rubber Ball/ Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat/ THE BEACH BOYS: Fun Fun Fun/ I Get Around/ JIMMY BOWEN: I'm Sticking With You/ ROY BROWN: Let The Four Winds Blow/ TOMMY BRUCE & THE BRUISERS: Ain't Misbehavin'/ JOHNNY BURNETTE: Cincinnati Fireball/ Dream Lover/ Dreamin'/ You're Sixteen/ THE CHANTELS: Maybe/ THE CHIFFONS: One Fine Day/ THE CHORDETTES: Mr Sandman/ THE CLOVERS: Love Potion No. 9/ EDDIE COCHRAN: C'mon Everybody/ Somethin' Else/ Summertime Blues/ THE COUGARS: Saturday Nite At The Duck Pond/ THE CRICKETS: Don't Ever Change/ They Call Her La Bamba/ TONY CROMBIE & HIS ROCKETS: Rock 'n' Roller Coaster/ Shortnin' Bread Rock/ THE DAKOTAS: Cruel Sea/ DION: Runaround Sue/ The Wanderer/ A Teenager In Love/ ERNIE K. DOE: Mother In Law/ FATS DOMINO: Ain't That A Shame/ I Want To Walk You Home/ Margie/ Whole Lotta Loving/ RAL DONNER: Girl Of My Best Friend/ CRAIG DOUGLAS: Only Sixteen/ When My Little Girl Is Smiling/ THE DUBS: Don't Ask Me (To Be Lonely)/ THE ELIGIBLES: Car Trouble/ RAY ELLINGTON: Giddy Up A Ding Dong/ THE ESSEX: A Walkin' Miracle/ THE EVERLY BROTHERS: All I Have To Do Is Dream/ Claudette/ Wake Up Little Susie/ THE EXCITERS: Tell Him/ ADAM FAITH: High School Confidential/ Poor Me/ What Do You Want/ SHANE & THE FENTONES FENTON: I'm A Moody Guy/ SHANE FENTON & THE FENTONES: Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue/ Hey Miss Ruby/ It's All Over Now/ THE FLAMINGOS: I Only Have Eyes For You/ THE FOURMOST: A Little Loving/ BOBBY FREEMAN: Do You Wanna Dance/ ERNIE FREEMAN: Raunchy/ THURSTON HARRIS & THE SHARPS: Little Bitty Pretty One/ RONNIE HAWKINS: Forty Days (To Come Back Home)/ THE HONEYCOMBS: Have I The Right/ FERLIN HUSKY: A Fallen Star/ WANDA JACKSON: Hard Headed Woman/ Let's Have A Party/ Yakety Yak/ SONNY JAMES: Young Love/ TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS: Hanky Panky/ Mony Mony/ JAN & DEAN: Surf City/ Tallahassee Lassie/ Who Put The Bop (In The Bomp Bomp Bomp)/ MARV JOHNSON: You Got What It Takes/ THE JORDANAIRES: Don't Be Cruel/ JOHNNY KIDD & THE PIRATES: I'll Never Get Over You/ Please Don't Touch/ THE KINGSTON TRIO: MTA/ BUDDY KNOX: Hula Love/ Party Doll/ Rock Your Little Baby To Sleep/ She's Gone/ DON LANG: Six Five Special/ Big Beat/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: Great Balls Of Fire/ Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/ LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS: A Prayer And A Juke Box/ Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop/ Tears On My Pillow/ LITTLE EVA: Locomotion/ FRANKIE LYMON & THE TEENAGERS: Baby Baby (Rock Rock Rock)/ Goody Goody/ Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ THE MARCELS: Blue Moon/ ROBERT MITCHUM: Ballad Of Thunder Road/ THE MUDLARKS: Book Of Love/ Lollipop/ SANDY NELSON: Bony Moronie/ Shake Rattle And Roll/ JOHNNY OTIS SHOW: Ma (He's Makin' Eyes at Me)/ Willie And The Hand Jive/ LARRY PAGE: That'll Be The Day/ THE PARAMOUNTS: Poison Ivy/ CARL PERKINS: Blue Suede Shoes/ THE PILTDOWN MEN: Piltdown Rides Again/ CLIFF RICHARD: High Class Baby/ THE ROCK-A-TEENS: Woo Hoo/ JIMMIE RODGERS: Honeycomb/ Kisses Sweeter Than Wine/ Oh Oh I'm Falling In Love Again/ THE RONETTES: Silhouettes/ TOMMY SANDS: Goin' Steady/ Maybelline/ THE SHADOWS: Apache/ Kon Tiki/ HELEN SHAPIRO: Lipstick On Your Collar/ Walkin' Back To Happiness/ THE SWINGING BLUE JEANS: Hippy Hippy Shake/ Shakin' All Over/ Tutti Frutti/ VINCE TAYLOR & PLAYBOYS: Brand New Cadillac/ RICKY VALANCE: Tell Laura I Love Her/ BOBBY VEE: Take Good Care Of My Baby/ Bo Diddley/ Peggy Sue/ Suzie Baby/ THE VENTURES: Perfidia/ Walk Don't Run/ GENE VINCENT: Be Bop A Lula/ Pistol Packin' Mama/ Bluejean Bop/ Good Golly Miss Molly/ THE VIPERS SKIFFLE GROUP: Cumberland Gap

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lesley 01 The Great Lost Story Of The Rock-A-Ballad ● CD $15.98
31 tracks, recommended
This was a pleasant surprise - I was expecting another one of those collections of schmaltzy teen pop but this is a different animal altogether. Basically slowed down rock 'n' roll - ballads, sure - teenage love, sometimes - but much of it with a hard edge. The sort of thing that Elvis and Gene Vincent used to do so well. While there's nothing here up to that standard there's lot of fine and worthwhile music here from the mid/ late 50s including sides by Clyde Stacy, Joe South (one of his earliest sides - the tough It's Only You), Carl Cherry (the great Baby Doll with fine jangling guitar), The Phantom, Johnny Garmon (the bluesy Since I Found You), Jimmy Reagan (the terrific Lonely, Lonely Heart with superb bluesy guitar and Elvis influenced vocal), Jody Reynolds (Fire Of Love - his followup to Endless Sleep with the same bass guitar sound and similar tune), Frank Evans, Allen Page, Derrell Felts, Edwin Bruce, Artie Dillon, Bobby Edwards, Chuck Sims and others. Sound quality on some cuts is a bit muffled but is generally pretty good. (FS)
EDWIN BRUCE: Part of My Life/ JODY CHASTAIN: I've Waited Too Long/ CARL CHERRY: Baby Doll/ SANFORD CLARK: Still as the Night/ BUDDY COVELLE: I'll Go on Loving You/ BOBBY CROWN: Your Conscience/ ARTIE DILLON: Blue/ LARRY DOWD & THE ROCK-A-TONES: Forbidden Love/ BOBBY EDWARDS: Stranger to Me/ BILLY ELDRIDGE: My Blue Tears/ FRANK EVANS: I'd Like to Start Again/ DERRELL FELTS: The Weeper/ JOHNNY GARMON: Since I Found You/ JOHNNY GARNER: Little Starry Eyes/ ALLEN PAGE: I Wish You Were Wishing/ THE PHANTOM: Whisper Your Love/ ROYCE PORTER: I End Up Crying/ Our Perfect Romance/ JIMMY REAGAN: Lonely, Lonely Heart/ JODY REYNOLDS: The Fire of Love/ RODNEY SCOTT: Bitter Tears/ CHUCK SIMS: Life Isn't Long Enough/ JOE SOUTH: It's Only You/ My Fondest Memories/ CLYDE STACY: So Young/ BOBBY SWANSON: The Ballad of Angel/ BRUCE TURNER: The Ideal Girl/ DARRYL VINCENT: Because I Love You/ GENE WATSON: Life's Valley/ ALVIS WAYNE: I'd Rather Be with You/ BOBBY WILLIAMS: If Dreams Could Come True

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lesley 02 Imperial Rock & Roll Party ● CD $15.98
30 tracks, highly recommended
An excellent collection of rockers recorded for Imperial - mostly in the mid 50s. There are af few familiar tracks from the likes of Roy Brown, Bobby Mitchell and The Burnette but most of the material is fairly obscure with many tracks making their first appearance on CD and most of them are very good including several hot instrumentals. Artists include Jimmie Haskell, JImmie Maddin (an excellent cover of Eddie Cochran's Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie with fine guitar), Art Roberts (a couple of hot instrumentals including the bizareely titled Give Her The Ax, Max), Bobby Jay, Freddie Fender (his 1959 bluesy rocker Mean Woman), Simon Scott, Merle Kilgore, Jimmie Craig (the Buddy Hollyish Oh! Little Girl!), Buddy Lowe (the great bluesy and intense It Happened To Me with tough guitar), Bobby Charles (a fine cover of fellow New Orleanian Fats Domino's Let The Four Winds Blow), Jackie Walker (two songs including a fine cover of Peggy Sue with some superb guitar work - James Burton?) and more. A most worthwhile set with excellent sound but no notes. (FS)
SONNY ANDERSON: Lonely Lonely Train/ Yes, Iím Gonna Love You/ JAY BLUE: The Coolest/ ROY BROWN: Hip Shakiní Baby/ THE BURNETTE BROTHERS: My Honey/ BOBBY CHARLES: Four Winds/ JIMMY CRAIG: Oh! Little Girl!/ RONNIE DIAMOND: Life Begins At 4 Oíclock/ FREDDIE FENDER: Holy One/ Mean Woman/ JOHNNY GARNER: Fool/ JIMMIE HASKELL: Astrosonic/ Rockiní In The Orbit (Space Satellite)/ BOBBY JAY: So Lonely/ Sweet Little Stranger/ MERLE KILGORE: Hang Doll/ Start All Over Again/ TOMMY LOMONTE: Iím Leaving/ Yeah, Yeah Yeah/ BUDDY LOWE: It Happened To Me/ JIMMIE MADDIN: Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie/ BOBBY MITCHELL: Iím Gonna Be A Wheel Someday/ SANDY NELSON: All Night Long/ ART ROBERTS: Giver Her The Ax, Max/ Terrible Ivan/ SIMON SCOTT: Move It Baby/ What Kind Of Woman/ SLICK SLAVIN: Speed Crazy/ RONNY SMITH: I Started Out Walkiní/ Long Time No Love/ JACKIE WALKER: Good, Good Feeliní/ Peggy Sue

VARIOUS ARTISTS Smith & Co. 1188 Great British Rock 'n' Roll Instrumentals ● CD $15.98
Two CD with 61 tracks from the mid/ late 50s of rock 'n' roll instrumentals by various British groups. Material is a mix of covers of American songs and originals and artists include The Sleepwalkers, The Shadows/ Drifters (Cliff Richard's backup band that were originally known as The Drifters and was changed to The Shadows after they realized that there was an American group with the same name), Keith Bird & The Birdies, Bert Weedon, Bob Cort Skiffle Group, etc.
BUD ASHTON: 40 Miles Of Bad Road/ Some Kind-a Earthquake/ WINIFRED ATWELL: Five Finger Boogie/ Vine Street Boogie/ CHRIS BARBER'S JAZZ BAND: Bearcat Crawl/ THE JOHN BARRY SEVEN: Little John/ Mab Mab/ Rebel Rouser/ ART BAXTER & HIS ROCK 'N' ROLL SINNERS: Art's Theme/ Bax To The Wall/ KEITH BIRD & THE BIRDIES: Peter Gunn/ KEN COLYER'S SKIFFLE GROUP: House Rent Stomp/ BOB CORT SKIFFLE GROUP FEATURING KEN SYKORA: Bouncing Around/ TONY CROMBIE & HIS ROCKETS: Rex Rocks/ THE DRIFTERS: Chinchilla/ Driftin'/ Jet Black/ RAY ELLINGTON QUARTET: Strip The Camshaft/ JOHNNY (THE GASH) GRAY: Big Guitar/ STAN GREIG'S JAZZ BAND: Skinnie Minnie/ WEE WILLIE HARRIS: Got A Match/ THE JETSTREAMS: Bongo Rock/ THUNDERCLAP JONES: Sound Barrier Boogie/ DON LANG & HIS FRANTIC FIVE: Hand Jive Boogie/ Riverside Rock/ Tequila/ The Climb/ LORD ROCKINGHAM'S XI: Hoots Mon/ KEN MACKINTOSH: Mojo/ Raunchy/ Squatty/ The Swivel/ JOHNNY PARKER'S BARRELHOUSE GROUP: Hold That Thing/ JOHNNY PARKER'S BARRELHOUSE FOUR: Mr. Freddy Blues/ JOHNNY PARKER'S WASHBOARD BAND: Canine Stomp/ No. 69/ Up There/ JACK PARNELL: The Golden Striker/ RED PRICE: Weekend/ THE ROCK 'N' ROLLERS: Applejack/ THE SAINTS JAZZ BAND: Boogie Woogie Stomp/ HERBERT SEITER WITH HIS RHYTHM GROUP: Crazy Fingers/ Eccentric Boogie/ RAY SENDIT & HIS ROCKEY TEAM: Spike's Rock/ THE SHADOWS: Bongo Blues/ ERNIE SHEAR & THE LEW RANDALL BAND: Cannonball/ VICTOR SILVESTER & HIS ROCK 'N' ROLL RHYTHM: Rockin' Rhythm Roll/ Society Rock/ THE SLEEPWALKERS: Golden Mile/ Sleepwalk/ STEVE STANNARD & HIS SEXTET: Reveille Rock/ THE TED TAYLOR FOUR: Son Of Honky Tonk/ THE VAMPIRES: Clap Trap/ OZZIE WARLOCK & THE WIZARDS: Juke Box Fury/ Wow/ BERT WEEDON: Big Beat Boogie/ Guitar Boogie Shuffle/ Lonely Guitar/ Nashville Boogie/ D.r. Rock/ Honky Tonk

VARIOUS ARTISTS Spectrum (UK) 531 585-5 British Rock 'n' Roll Anthology ● CD $27.98
5 CDs, highly recommended We've reviewed other British Rock 'n' Roll compilations before, but this is the first one to give a really good overview of the seminal period during which British music was finding its feet. With songs representing everything from Skiffle to Beat Boom, this set functions very well as a music history lesson. In addition to hearing important songs from influential people like Billy Fury, Marty Wilde, and Tommy Steele, we get early numbers from later stars Joe Cocker, Steve Marriott, Rod Stewart, the Who (when they were still called the High Numbers), Tom Jones, and Lulu. Sure, there's quite a few covers of U.S. rock 'n' roll and R&B, but nothing disgraceful; unlike American white-washer Pat Boone, the Brits respected the original recordings and tried to do them justice. Anyone interested in a definitive collection of pre-British Invasion British music would do best by starting here. (GMC)
THE ANIMALS: Baby Let Me Take You Home/ THE BEATLES: Ain't She Sweet/ CLIFF BENNETT & THE REBEL ROUSERS: You've Got What I Like/ DAVE BERRY: My Baby Left Me/ THE BIG THREE: Some Other Guy/ THE BROOK BROTHERS: Warpaint/ JOE BROWN & THE BRUVVERS: A Picture Of You/ Darktown Strutters Ball/ I'm Henry The Eighth I Am/ TOMMY BRUCE & THE BRUISERS: Ain't Misbehavin'/ JOEY CASTELL: I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone/ PETULA CLARK: Baby Lover/ JOE COCKER: I'll Cry Instead/ LOUISE CORDET: I'm Just A Baby/ LYN CORNELL: I Sold My Heart To The Junkman/ TONY CROMBIE & THE ROCKETS: Teach You To Rock/ JIM DALE: Be My Girl/ CYRIL DAVIES: Country Line Special/ THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP: Dimples/ TERRY DENE: Baby She's Gone/ Pretty Little Pearly/ Start Movin (In My Direction)/ THE DENNISONS: Walking The Dog/ LEE DIAMOND & THE CHEROKEES: I'll Step Down/ LONNIE DONEGAN: Cumberland Gap/ Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O/ Have A Drink On Me/ Rock Island Line/ CRAIG DOUGLAS: Nothin' Shakin'/ VINCE EAGER & THE VAGABONDS: Yea Yea/ BERN ELLIOT & THE FENMEN: Money/ ADAM FAITH: Poor Me/ GEORGIE FAME: Do The Dog/ CHRIS FARLOWE: Air Travel/ WAYNE FONTANA & THE MINDBENDERS: Hello Josephine/ THE FOUR JONES BOYS: Tutti Frutti/ BILLY FURY: Maybe Tomorrow/ Wondrous Place/ That's Love/ THE GOONS: Bloodnok's Rock 'N' Roll Call/ JET HARRIS: Besame Mucho (Kiss Me)/ Man With The Golden Arm/ WEE WILLIE HARRIS: Love Bug Crawl/ Rockin At The Two I's/ JET HARRIS & TONY MEEHAN: Diamonds/ TED HEATH & HIS MUSIC: Tequila/ COLIN HICKS: Wild Eyes And Tender Lips/ THE HIGH NUMBERS: I'm The Face/ CASEY HOWIE & THE SENIORS: True Fine Mama/ PETER JAY & THE JAYWALKERS: Can Can 62/ THE JETSTREAMS: Bongo Rock/ DAVY JONES: Amapola/ TOM JONES: Chills And Fever/ JIMMY JUSTICE: Bloodshot Eyes/ EDEN KANE: Get Lost (In My Arms)/ Well I Ask You/ SALLY KELLY: Little Cutie/ JOHNNY KIDD: Shakin' All Over/ LULU & THE LUVVERS: Shout/ THE MARAUDERS: That's What I Want/ STEVE MARRIOTT: Give Her My Regards/ THE MOJOS: Everything's Alright/ THE MOST BROTHERS: Whole Lotta Woman/ NERO & THE GLADIATORS: Entry Of The Gladiators/ ANTHONY NEWLEY: Idle On Parade/ JIMMY POWELL: Sugar Babe (Part 2)/ LORD ROCKINGHAM'S XI: Hoots Mon!/ Wee Tom/ MARION RYAN: Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ THE SHADOWS: Wonderful Land/ HELEN SHAPIRO: Don't Treat Me Like A Child/ MORT SHUMAN: Turn Me Loose/ THE SOUTHLANDERS: The Mole In The Hole/ TOMMY STEELE & THE STEELMEN: Come On, Let's Go/ Rock With The Caveman/ Singing The Blues/ Tallahassee Lassie/ ROD STEWART: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/ RHET STOLLER: Chariot/ VINCE TAYLOR & THE PLAYBOYS: Brand New Cadillac/ THE TORNADOS: Telstar/ THE UNDERTAKERS: Just A Little Bit/ FRANKIE VAUGHAN: Green Door/ Seventeen/ These Dangerous Years/ THE VISCOUNTS: Rockin' Little Angel/ Shortnin' Bread/ Who Put The Bomp (In The Bomp Bomp Bomp)/ MARTY WILDE: A Teenager In Love/ Bad Boy/ Endless Sleep/ Honeycomb

VARIOUS ARTISTS Spectrum (UK) 531 645-9 The Rock Collection - The Rock 'n' Roll Years ● CD $24.98
Four CD set with 95 tracks of 50s rock 'n' roll (plus some blues) drawn from Universal's extensive catalog of labels (Decca, Brunswick, Chess, MGM, Mercury, etc) and being a British release it includes British rockers as well as American ones. Among the many artists featured are Bill Haley & The Comets, Buddy Holly, Pat Boone, The Diamonds, Danny & The Juniors, Billy Fury, Howlin' Wolf, Phil Phillips, Big Bopper, Bo Diddley, Sanford Clark, Johnny Preston, The Fontane Sisters, Gale Storm, Terry Dene, Joe Brown & The Bruvvers and many more. No surprises but an entertaining and varied selection of tracks.
FREDDIE BELL & THE BELLBOYS: Giddy Up A Ding Dong/ JOE BENNETT & THE SPARKLETONES: Black Slacks/ ROD BERNARD: This Should Go On Forever/ CHUCK BERRY: Johnny B. Goode/ Maybellene/ Rock And Roll Music/ School Day (Ring Ring Goes The Bell)/ THE BIG BOPPER: Big Bopper's Wedding/ Chantilly Lace/ PAT BOONE: Ain't That A Shame/ Don't Forbid Me/ Long Tall Sally/ Why Baby Why/ BRENDA LEE, OWEN BRADLEY: Dum Dum/ JOE BROWN & THE BRUVVERS: The Darktown Strutters' Ball/ SANFORD CLARK: The Fool/ THE CREW CUTS: Sh-Boom/ THE CRICKETS: Maybe Baby/ Oh, Boy!/ That'll Be The Day/ DANNY & THE JUNIORS: Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay/ DANNY AND THE JUNIORS: At The Hop/ THE DEL-VIKINGS: Come Along With Me/ TERRY DENE: A White Sport Coat/ Start Movin (In My Direction)/ THE DIAMONDS: Little Darlin'/ Why Do Fools Fall In Love/ BO DIDDLEY: Bo Diddley/ Roadrunner/ LONNIE DONEGAN: Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O/ Rock Island Line/ JIMMY EDWARDS: Love Bug Crawl/ THE ELEGANTS: Little Star/ EDDIE FONTAINE: Nothin' Shakin' (But The Leaves On The Trees)/ THE FONTANE SISTERS: Eddie My Love/ CONNIE FRANCIS: Lipstick On Your Collar/ Plenty Good Lovin/ Robot Man/ Stupid Cupid/ BILLY FURY: Collette/ Maybe Tomorrow/ That's Love/ BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS: (We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock/ Rock A-Beatin' Boogie/ Shake, Rattle And Roll/ The Saints Rock 'N Roll/ DALE HAWKINS: Susie-Q/ CLARENCE "FROGMAN" HENRY: Ain't Got No Home/ BUDDY HOLLY: Midnight Shift/ Peggy Sue/ Rave On/ HOWLIN' WOLF: Smokestack Lightnin'/ TAB HUNTER: Ninety-Nine Ways/ THE IMPALAS: Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)/ JIMMY JONES: Good Timing/ Handy Man/ THE KALIN TWINS: When/ BRENDA LEE: Let's Jump The Broomstick/ That's All You Gotta Do/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: Blue Suede Shoes/ Breathless/ High School Confidential/ What'd I Say/ LITTLE WALTER: My Babe/ JIM LOWE: The Green Door/ JIMMY MCCRACKLIN: The Walk/ THE MONOTONES: Book Of Love/ NERVOUS NORVUS: Transfusion/ PHIL PHILLIPS & THE TWILIGHTS: Sea Of Love/ THE PLATTERS: Only You (And You Alone)/ The Great Pretender/ JOHNNY PRESTON: Charming Billy/ Cradle Of Love/ Running Bear/ LLOYD PRICE: Personality/ Stagger Lee/ Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day?)/ MARVIN RAINWATER: I Dig You Baby/ Whole Lotta Woman/ LORD ROCKINGHAM'S XI: Hoots Mon!/ Wee Tom/ THE ROYAL TEENS: Short Shorts/ TOMMY STEELE: Come On, Let's Go/ Give! Give! Give!/ Tallahassee Lassie/ Rock With The Caveman/ GALE STORM: I Hear You Knocking/ CONWAY TWITTY: Danny Boy/ It's Only Make Believe/ Mona Lisa/ The Story Of My Love/ MUDDY WATERS: Mannish Boy/ MARTY WILDE: Endless Sleep/ SHEB WOOLEY: The Purple People Eater/ RUSTY YORK: Sugaree

VARIOUS ARTISTS Sublime Frequencies 051 Singapore A-Go-Go ● CD $16.98
22 tracks, 59 mins, highly recommended
Although similar in concept to Big Beat's "Nippon Girls" (Big Beat 288 - $18.98), Singapore A-G0-Go comes off as much less polished and more earthy than the former collection. The goal of this collection is to document the music made during the years 1963 to 1975, a mix of Peranakan ("Straits Chinese"), Malay, Tamil, and Western culture that came to be known as "a-go-go" or "off-beat cha-cha", that came out of Singapore. The groups that recorded this music were known as "guitar bands" and there were only a handful of bands that dominated the scene: The Silvertones, Tony and the Polar Bears, The Travelers, The Melodians, and The Stylers. These groups backed singers Grace Lee, Chew Yan, Lim Ling, Lene Lim, and Linda Yong, while recording instrumentals of their own. This music might not be quite as polished as the music coming out of Japan, but in its own way it has charm and it was revered in non-Communist China in its time. In short: this is a fascinating document of a style of music that owed a lot to Western rock and roll, and yet has a groove and style all its own. (GMC)

THE VENTURES Micro Werks 54 Anthology ● CD $18.98
Two Cds, 28 tracks, 60 mins, highly recommended Rock and Roll Hall of Famers The Ventures' recorded output has been released on CD in numerous collections, but this one offers superb sound quality, and, perhaps more importantly, no "filler". From the breakthrough hit Walk, Don't Run to their last charted single Hawaii Five-O, this has every one of their 25 charted hits and more, with a special nod to the Peter Lorre impersonation on Wild Thing. Plenty of reverb with just enough fuzz guitar to please any fan of vintage Surf/Instrumental rock. (BC)


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