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GALACTIC RAMBLE   Edited by Richard Morton Jack ● BOOK $57.98
Paperback Book, 535 large pages, counts as 22 CDs for shipping, highly recommended
Record collectors take note: this is a real treat for people like us, a big thick tome devoted to the delicious wax that we obsess over. The official scope of the coverage is "British Rock, pop, folk, and jazz of the 1960's and 1970's" with reviews of almost 3,000 albums. Though covering major artists like the Beatles, Stones and Hendrix, this is more impressively a whole host of obscurities and wonderful gems that only had small runs originally and are the stuff of legend nowadays. Bands like Aardvark, Goliath, The Artwoods, and Tomorrow, for example, get in-depth coverage. Albums like "Pop Explosion - Sitar Style" by Sagram, and "Folk Roots, New Routes" by Shirley Collins and Davy Graham, are common sightings in its scope. Featuring original record reviews from the time from the likes of Melody Maker, NME etc., with a merry band of current writers throwing their two cents in on occasion, this is full of fantastic writing, with original adds, record covers and more reprinted throughout, including two beautiful full-color cover gallery sections featuring almost 300 rare LP covers. An absolute must for fans of the Acid Archives book, Ugly Things, and Shindig magazines, and similar beasts. (JM)



CHARLIE FEATHERS El Toro 1020 Can't Hardly Stand It - The Complete 50s Recordings ● CD $28.98
2 CDs, 47 tracks, 121 mins, highly recommended
This outstanding collection gathers up all of Charlie Feathers' 1950's recordings, including all known demos and alternative takes. We get to witness Feathers go from a fine Country singer to a red-hot Rockabilly cat (one of the best). Originally recorded for the Sun, Meteor, King, Flip and Kay record labels, this follows Feathers' career throughout the nifty fifties, providing you with one killer track after the other. Rarities include several alternative and demo takes on Bottle to the Baby, and alternative takes on One Hand Loose/ Can't Hardly Stand it/ I've Been Deceived, and many more. If that doesn't dig deep enough for you, how about My My and Jody's Beat by his guitarist Jody Chastain, with Charlie adding some tasty guitar pickin', and even cooler than that is The Miller Sisters' Someday You Will Pay with Charlie backing them by rockin the spoons. From Peepin' Eyes to Jungle Fever, Feathers was a one of a kind artist and the 50s were just the start of a fantastic recording career that spanned several decades. This is an excellent compliment to the great three CD series of rarities that Norton put out last year, with a ton of stuff here that Charlie Feathers' fans will go ape over. (JM)
JODY CHASTAIN: Jody's Beat/ My My/ CHARLIE FEATHERS: A Wedding Gown of White/ A Wedding Gown of White (alt. take)/ Bottle to the Baby/ Bottle to the Baby (Sun demo version #1)/ Bottle to the Baby (Sun demo version #2)/ Bottle to the Baby (Sun take #1)/ Bottle to the Baby (Sun take #2)/ Bottle to the Baby (alt)/ Bottle to the Baby (alt)/ Can't Hardly Stand It/ Can't Hardly Stand It (alt)/ Corrine Corrina/ Defrost Your Heart/ Defrost Your Heart (alt)/ Defrost Your Heart (demo)/ Everybody's Lovin' My Baby/ Everybody's Lovin' My Baby (alt)/ Frankie and Johnny (take #2)/ Frankie and Johnny (take #5)/ Get With It/ Honky Tonk Kind (take #3)/ Honky Tonk Kind (take #4)/ I've Been Deceived/ I've Been Deceived (alt)/ I've Been Deceived (demo)/ Johnny Come Listen/ Jungle Fever/ Nobody's Woman/ One Hand Loose/ One Hand Loose (alt)/ Peepin' Eyes/ Runnin' Around/ Runnin' Around (demo)/ So Ashamed (take #1)/ So Ashamed (take #2)/ The Man in Love/ This Lonesome Feeling/ Tongue-Tied Jill/ Too Much Alike/ Too Much Alike (alt)/ We're Getting Closer to Being Apart/ When You Come Around/ When You Decide/ Why Don't You/ THE MILLER SISTERS: Someday You Will Pay (Charlie Feathers on spoons)

LENNY LACOUR Night Train 7160 Walkin' The Bullfrog ● CD $15.98
25 tracks, 69 min., recommended
Lacour got his big break in 1956 by winning a song writing contest sponsored by Orange Crush soda. His Rock N' Roll Romance sold well and led to a string of early rock and roll singles charitably characterized as off beat. His Jungle Rock is the stuff of Dr. Demento radio shows. After imitating Bill Haley, Elvis Presley, the Big Bopper and others (and often with decent results), Lacour shifted gears: he tried his hand at swamp pop, ran his own label, worked with Chess Records, released a song about Frank SInatra and another about Dennis Rodman and another about a gorilla, cut some disco-flavored records, and still tours. HIs career is a patchwork of weirdness, a series of attempts to market himself to a mainstream music industry that had no idea what to make of him. Along the way he cut some pretty good songs, including Maharishi, It Stopped Raining In My Heart, Walkin' The Bullfrog, and others. The folks at Night Train have managed to issue badly designed graphics and poorly edited notes in an annoying long fold-out, but it's no deal breaker, just a shame. (JC)

BRENDA LEE Ace CDCHD 1222 Queen Of Rock 'n' Roll ● CD $18.98
28 tracks, highly recommended
Though best known for a string of rock ballad hits in the 60s starting with I'm Sorry in 1960, Brenda Lee was one of the finest female rock 'n' roll singers with an incredibly expressive voice and a great rasp that made her rock 'n' roll offering extremely exciting. Brenda made her first recordings in 1956 when she was 11 years old and although her earliest sides sound a bit immature she rapidly acquired a maturity that belied her age. Although her producers favored a pop approach with strings and vocal choruses Brenda's great voice is front and center on these recordings. Most of the tracks here were recorded between 1956 and 1961 and includes her early hits One Step At A Time/ Dynamite/ Rock Around The Christmas Tree/ Dum Dum and Sweet Nothin's along with other great sides like Rock The Bop/ Here Comes That Feelin'/ Ring-A-My Phone and two of my personal favorites Love You Till I Die and Let's Jump The Broomstick. And showing her versatility she does fine versions of R&B songs like Kansas City/ Talkin' 'Bout You and What'd I Say. As usual with Ace this is a quality production with superb sound and a 16 page illustrated booklet with extensive notes. (FS)

CHARLIE RICH Charly SNAJ 744 The Complete Sun Masters ● CD $27.98
Three CD set featuring all of Charlie's recordings made for Sam Phillips between 1958 and 1963 including all of his issued titles, undubbed versions of four of the issued titles, alternate takes and dozens of originally unissued performances including unreleased sides that aren't even on the Bear Family set!

RAY SMITH Bear Family BCD 16936 Rockin' Little Angel - The Sun Years, Plus ● CD $21.98
34 tracks recorded for Sam Phillips' Sun label and his brother Judd's Judd label between 1958 and 1961. A great mix of rockers, ballads and country songs including his one big hit for Judd Rockin' Little Angel. Many of his Sun songs were written by Charlie Rich who plays piano on the sessions. Includes a whole bunch of originally unissued Sun tracks including his version of Breakup which subsequently became a hit for Jerry Lee Lewis. Includes 56 page booklet with notes by Sun authority Martin Hawkins.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Charly SNAJ 743 Sun Rockabilly Meltdown ● CD $27.98
Three CDs, 107 tracks, approx 4 hours, essential
At first glance this is just another collection of rockabilly from THE rockabilly label - Sun, but it's more than that. Apart from the tracks by Elvis almost all the tracks on this wonderful collection were not originally issued by Sun - many not coming to light until the 70s and 80s including originally unissued songs and alternate takes and, from what I can tell, quite a few of the tracks here are making their first appearance on CD and a number appear to have never been reissued before in any format - some don't appear in any Sun discographies! It just never ceases to amaze me as to how good most of the unissued Sun recordings were and so if you love rockabilly you have to have this collection. In addition to Elvis and other familiar name like Jerry Lee Lewis, Warren Smith, Sonny Burgess, Carl perkins, Charlie Rich, Carl Mann, Johnny Cash, Ray Smith (all featured on originally unissued songs or alternate takes) we have great sides from lesser known artists like Dick Penner, Jimmy Williams, Alton & Jimmy, Tommy Blake, Ken Cook, Glenn Honeycutt, Jerry Arnold, Howard Chandler and others. Sound quality is splendid and 28 page booklet has informative notes by compiler Clive Anderson. The only negative is the lack of any discographical info and maybe another couple of CDs worth of material but you can't have everything! (FS)
ALTON & JIMMY: I Just Don't Know/ JERRY ARNOLD: Little Boy Blue/ ERNIE BARTON: She's Gone Away/ Whirlpool/ SMOKEY JOE BAUGH: Hula Bop/ TOMMY BLAKE: I Dig You, Baby (Alternate)/ You Better Believe It (Alternate)/ EDDIE BOND: This Old Heart Of Mine/ EDWIN BRUCE: Rock Boppin' Baby (Alternate)/ SONNY BURGESS: Little Town Baby/ Truckin' Down The Avenue/ We Wanna Boogie (Alternate)/ JOHNNY CASH: Folsom Prison Blues (Alternate)/ Two Timin' Woman (Alternate)/ HOWARD CHANDLER: Wampus Cat/ JEAN CHAPEL: Welcome To The Club/ KEN COOK: Problem Child/ Crazy Baby (Take 2)/ HAROLD DORMAN: To Be With You/ JACK EARLS: Crawdad Hole (Take 3)/ Slow Down/ CHARLIE FEATHERS: Corrine, Corrina/ MICKEY GILLEY: Thinkin' Of Me/ CLIFF GLEAVES: Your Cheatin' Heart/ ROY HALL: I Lost My Baby/ RAY HARRIS: Come On Little Mama/ Love Dumb Baby/ CURTIS HOBACK: Apron Strings/ GLENN HONEYCUTT: If It Wasn't For Love/ On Mobile Bay/ DICKEY LEE: Good Lovin'/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: Cool, Cool Ways (Sexy Ways)/ Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/ Friday Night/ I Don't Love Nobody/ Lewis Boogie/ Mean Woman Blues/ Milkshake Mademoiselle/ Ooby Dooby/ Rockin' With Red (She Knows How To Rock Me)/ Whole Lotta Twistin' Goin' On/ Wild One (Real Wild Child)/ CARL MANN: Baby, I Don't Care/ I Love You, I Adore You/ Pretend/ LUKE MCDANIEL: Go Ahead, Baby/ CARL MCVOY: A Woman's Love (The Thrill Of Your Love)/ Little Girl/ MISSISSIPPI SLIM: Try Doin' Right/ ROY ORBISON: Domino (Undubbed)/ It's Too Late/ KENNETH PARCHMAN: Treat Me Right (Alternate)/ TRACY PENDARVIS: Bop A Cha-Cha Baby/ Hypnotized/ Is It Me?/ Please Be Mine (Come To Me)/ Southbound Line/ DICK PENNER: Cindy Lou/ Don't Need Your Lovin' Baby (Alternate)/ Move, Baby, Move/ CARL PERKINS: Blue Suede Shoes (Alternate Take 3)/ Caldonia/ Dixie Fried/ Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby (Alternate)/ Glad All Over/ Her Love Rubbed Off/ I'm Sorry, I'm Not Sorry/ Pink Pedal Pushers (Alternate)/ Put Your Cat Clothes On (Take 3)/ BARBARA PITTMAN: Voice Of A Fool/ JOHNNY POWERS: Waitin' For You/ ELVIS PRESLEY: I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine/ Milkcow Blues Boogie/ Mystery Train/ Trying To Get To You/ JIMMY PRITCHETT: That's The Way I Feel/ SLIM RHODES: Gonna Romp And Stomp/ CHARLIE RICH: Blue Suede Shoes/ Lonely Weekends (Alternate)/ Yes, Ma'am/ BILLY LEE RILEY: (Come Back Baby) One More Time/ Flying Saucer Rock'n'Roll/ I Want You Baby/ Pearly Lee (Undubbed)/ GENE SIMMONS: I Done Told You/ Shake, Rattle And Roll/ RAY SMITH: Break Up/ I Want To Be Free/ Why, Why, Why (Alternate)/ Willing And Ready/ WARREN SMITH: Dear John/ Who Took My Baby?/ HAYDEN THOMPSON: Blues, Blues, Blues (Alternate Take 2)/ Fairlane Rock/ Mama, Mama, Mama/ One Broken Heart/ JESSE LEE TURNER: Put Me Down/ MACK VICKERY: Drive-In/ JIMMY WAGES: Miss Pearl/ SID WATSON: Don't You Worry/ ONIE WHEELER: That's All/ Walkin' Shoes (Alternate)/ JIMMY WILLIAMS: Fire Engine Red/ Sonny Boy/ MALCOLM YELVINGTON: Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/ Have Myself A Ball/ Rockin' With My Baby

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fantastic Voyage 08 75 Pumpin' Piano Greats ● CD $19.98
Three CD set with 75 tracks featuring rock 'n' roll, boogie Woogie, blue and country boogie all sharing one thing in common - hot piano work. Among the many artists here are Jerry Lee Lewis, Champion Jack Dupree,Moon Mullican, Lloyd Glenn, Camille Howard, Little Richard, Merrill E. Moore, Tennessee Ernie Ford (with Moon Mullican). No real rarities - just lots of hot piano pounding. Excellent sound and 16 page booklet has informative notes by Stu Coleman.
CHUCK BERRY (FEATURING JOHNNIE JOHNSON): Rock And Roll Music/ Roll Over Beethoven/ You Can't Catch Me/ JACKIE BRENSTON & HIS DELTA CATS (FEATURING IKE: Rocket 88/ GUNTER LEE CARR (AKA CECIL GANT): We're Gonna Rock/ RAY CHARLES: Hallelujah I Love Her So/ It Should've Been Me/ Mess Around/ DON COLE (FEATURING AL CASEY): Snake-Eyed Mama/ FATS DOMINO: All By Myself/ Please Don't Leave Me/ The Fat Man/ CHAMPION JACK DUPREE: Bad Whiskey & Wild Women/ Daybreak Rock/ Shake Baby Shake/ TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD (FEATURING BILLY LIEBERT): Shot Gun Boogie/ TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD (FEATURING MOON MULLICAN): Country Junction/ CECIL GANT: Cecil Boogie No. 2/ Cecil's Googie/ LLOYD GLENN: Chica Boo/ Honky Tonk Train/ Old Time Suffle/ ROSCO GORDON: T Model Boogie/ HARDROCK GUNTER (FEATURING HUEL MURPHY): Birmingham Bounce/ Gonna Dance All Night/ ROY HALL: All By Myself/ Don't Stop Now/ She Sure Can Rock Me/ CAMILLE HOWARD: Fire-Ball Boogie/ Instantaneous Boogie/ X-Temporaneous Boogie/ WANDA JACKSON (FEATURING MERRILL MOORE): Cool Love/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee- O-Dee/ It'll Be Me/ Pumpin' Piano Rock/ LITTLE RICHARD: Long Tall Sally/ Slippin' And Slidin'/ Tutti-Frutti/ LITTLE WILLIE LITTLEFIELD: Jim Wilson's Boogie/ DICK LORY (FEATURING OWEN BRADLEY): Ballroom Baby/ JANIS MARTIN (FEATURING FLOYD CRAMER): Let's Elope Baby/ Will You, Willyum/ JANIS MARTIN (FEATURING SHORTY LONG): Barefoot Baby/ AMOS MILBURN: Amos Boogie/ Chicken Shack Boogie/ Down The Road Apiece/ CHUCK MILLER: Boogie Blues/ Chuck's Boogie/ House Of Blue Lights/ Miller's Boogie/ Vim Vam Vamoose/ MERRILL E. MOORE: Fly Right Boogie/ Red Light/ Rock-Rockola/ ELLA MAE MORSE (FEATURING GERRY WIGGINS): Rock Me All Night Long/ ELLA MAE MORSE WITH FREDDIE SLACK: House Of Blue Lights/ Pigfoot Pete/ MOON MULLICAN: Country Boogie/ I Done It/ I'll Sail My Ship Alone/ I'm Mad At You/ Pipeline Blues/ Seven Nights To Rock/ CARL PERKINS (FEATURING JERRY LEE LEWIS): Put Your Cat Clothes On/ PIANO RED: Rockin' With Red/ Wildfire/ Woo-Ee/ PROFESSOR LONGHAIR: Hey Little Girl/ Ball The Wall/ Walk Your Blues Away/ FREDDIE SLACK: Blackout Boogie/ HUEY 'PIANO' SMITH: The Rockin' Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Flu'/ BIG JOE TURNER WITH PETE JOHNSON: Roll 'Em Pete/ DON WOODY (FEATURING OWEN BRADLEY): Barking Up The Wrong Tree/ Bird Dog

VARIOUS ARTISTS GVC 2023 Windy City Bop - Chicago Rockabilly, 1955-1958 ● CD $18.98
2 CDs, 60 tracks, 137 mins, highly recommended
A great and hot collection of rockabilly, rock 'n' roll and country boogie recorded in Chicago in the mid 50s. There are a few familiar names like Dale Hawkins, Billy Barrix, Mickey Hawks and Bobby Sisco along with lots of obscure artists like John Hampton (his fantastic Shadow Blues), Ray Stanley, Stony Calhoun, Lennie LaCour, Cliff Davis & His Kentucky Play Boys, The Rockin' R's (their Crazy Baby and it's flip The Beat are personal favorites), Harry Carter & the Rhythmaires and others. Chicago is, of course, the city for blues and many of these sides were cut for labels best known for their blues releases and chances are that some of the accompanying musicians are blues performers. We even get some fine black rockabilly from bluesmen G. "Davy" Crockett, Clear Waters and Magic Sam. Although most of the tracks have been reissued on CD before it's nice to have them together here in this thematic compilation. Sound quality is fine and the booklet has informative notes by Dave Penny. Note there is a typo on the cover as the time frame is lsited as 1945 to 1958 - it's actually 1955 to 1958! (FS)
G. "DAVY' CROCKETT: Look Out Mable/ HAROLD ALLEN: I Need Some Lovin'/ BILLY BARRIX: Almost/ Cool Off Baby/ THE BRAVES: Won't You Come Along With Me/ Woodpecker Rock/ STONY CALHOUN: Bounce, Baby, Bounce/ EVERETT CARPENTER: Let Your Hair Down, Baby/ Run, Run Mabel/ HARRY CARTER & THE DIXIE RHYTHMAIRES: Jump, Baby, Jump/ Rhythm In My Soul/ HARRY CARTER & THE RHYTHMAIRES: I Don't Want You/ You Made Me Love You/ JACKIE CRAY: Maybelle/ CLIFF DAVIS & HIS KENTUCKY PLAY BOYS: Hard Hearted Girl/ Rocky Road Blues/ NANCY DAWN & THE HI-FI GUYS: Glue Me Back, Jack/ BING DAY: Pony Tail Partner/ BOBBY DEAN: Just Go Wild Over Rock And Roll/ FRANK DEATON & THE MAD LADS: Just A Little Bit More/ HERBIE DUNCAN: Hot Lips Baby/ Little Angel/ EDDIE & CHUCK: Boogie The Blues/ EDDIE FONTAINE: Nothin' Shakin'/ DICK GLASSER: Crazy Love/ JOHN HAMPTON: Honey Hush/ Shadow Blues/ DALE HAWKINS: Baby Baby/ Little Pig/ Take My Heart/ MICKEY HAWKS: Bip Bop Boom/ Rock And Roll Rhythm/ WES HOLLY: Shufflin' Shoes/ BENNY INGRAM: Jello Sal/ LOU JOSIE: Why Did You Leave Me?/ LENNIE LACOUR: Rockin' Rosalie/ UNCLE BUCK LITE & THE RHYTHM ROCKERS: Mr Ducktail/ PAUL LOUISE: Don't Move A Muscle/ MAGIC SAM: 21 Days In Jail/ J. MIKEL & THE HEPCATS: Bettyjean Rock/ Sweetest Thing/ TOMMY MITCHELL: Juke Box, Help Me Find My Baby/ HANK MIZELL: Jungle Rock/ JOE PENNY: Bip A Little, Bop A Lot/ BILLY PRAGER & HIS CARAVANS: Do It Bop/ Everybody's Rockin'/ BOB REED: Choctaw Boogie/ THE ROCKIN' R'S: Crazy Baby/ The Beat/ THE SILVA-TONES: Roses Are Blooming/ BOBBY SISCO: Go, Go, Go/ Tall, Dark & Handsome Man/ RAY STANLEY: I Can't Wait/ Over A Coke/ JIMMY STEWART: Rock On The Moon/ Nuthin' But A Nuthin'/ CARL TRANTHAM & THE RHYTHM ALL STARS: Deedle Deedle Dum/ Where There's A Will (There's A Way)/ CLEAR WATERS: Hill Billy Blues/ WOLF: Stompin' To The Beat

VARIOUS ARTISTS Proper BOX 149 The Roots Of Led Zepellin ● CD $27.98
3 CDs, 60 tracks. 164 mins, 1 DVD 48 Mins, highly recommended
Say what thou wilt about Led Zeppelin, but they definitely had great taste in music. This expansive set gathers up a whole host of Roots music that influenced (was borrowed from, or some say down-right stolen by) Led Zep. This is a who's who of vintage Blues, R&B, and Rock & Roll. Sister Rosetta Tharpe's Down By The Riverside, Howlin' Wolf's How Many More Years, Bukka White's Fixin' To Die, and Eddie Cochran's Twenty Flight Rock, being examples of what's store for you. Each of the three music disks takes on a style, with one being primarily Blues, one Rhythm & Blues going into Rock & Roll and one that is chock full of early R&R and Rockabilly. So basically you get three CDs full of some of the greatest music ever made--nothing too obscure to regular Roots customers, but nice to have all in one place. Occasionally a track will be alternate to the famous version, like Little Richard's The Girl Can't Help It, a later recording with big brassy horns all over it, most tracks though are original, well known versions. The DVD features a bunch of music-writer types talking about the history of the music that inspired Led Zeppelin and that makes up the CDs herein. Not that enlightening to me, being a music-writer type myself, but more novice fans will probably enjoy. My Highly Recommended rating is mostly for all of the great music together in one spot. (JM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Psychic Circle 7019 Phantom Guitars: A Cool Collection Of Twangin' Guitar ● CD $18.98
25 tracks, 56 mins, highly recommended
In the U.K. in the early 60's, instrumental group (also Cliff Richard's sometime backing band) The Shadows were heroes to all aspiring musicians, and very popular on the charts as well. Naturally, imitators sprang up in their wake and 25 tracks by these hopefuls are on display on this kickin' compilation. Marvel at one-single-wonders like The Krew Kats (featuring top U.K. session musician Big Jim Sullivan on guitar), The Phantoms, Bobby Taylor, and The Executives (featuring future U.K. music journalist Roy Carr and Tony Ashton of Ashton, Gardner & Dyke). This stuff is quite similar to the instrumental surf music that was coming out of America around the same time, which should make it appealing to the Dick Dale fans in the listening audience. Or if you just like lots of echo and tremelo arm bending with guitar playing, then this CD is just made for you. (GMC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Smith & Co. 1170 Great Rockabilly -Just About As Good As It Gets, Vol. 3 ● CD $15.98
The third volume in this series is another two CD set - this time with 70 tracks! A mix of the familiar (Elvis, Johnny Burnette, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, etc), cult favorites (Don Willis, Ronnie Self, Big Al Downing, Thomas Wayne, Mac Curtis and others), some country stars trying their hand at this new fangled rock 'n' roll (Red Foley, Hank Thompson, Justin Tubb, etc.) and real obscurities (Jimmy Pritchett, Johnny T. Talley, Jimmy & Johnny, Jackie Dee, etc.). Chances are, if you have a big collection you'll have most of what's here but even if you do this is a splendid collection of rockers at a very reasonable price.
BILLY ADAMS: You Gotta Have A Ducktail/ ANDY ANDERSON & THE ROLLING STONES: Johnny Valentine/ BENNY BARNES & THE ECHOES: You Gotta Pay/ BILLY BROWN: Flip Out/ Meet Me In The Alley Sally/ JOHNNY BURNETTE & THE ROCK 'N ROLL TRIO: Eager Beaver Baby/ Honey Hush/ AL CASEY: Willa Mae/ JOHNNY CASH: Big River/ Blue Train/ EDDIE COCHRAN: Cradle Baby/ Mean When I'm Mad/ THE COLLINS KIDS: Hoy Hoy/ BILLY "CRASH" CRADDOCK: Ah Poor Little Baby/ GENE CRISS: Hep Cat Baby/ MAC CURTIS: Half Hearted Love/ JACKIE DEE: Buddy/ DUB DICKERSON: (I Think) I'm Falling In Love/ BIG "AL" DOWNING: Down On The Farm/ CHARLIE FEATHERS: Too Much Alike/ RED FOLEY: Crazy Little Guitar Man/ JOHNNY GARNER: Didi Didi/ GLEN GLENN: Everybody's Moving/ Would Ja/ CURTIS GORDON: Rock Roll Jump Live/ SAMMY GOWANS: Rockin' By Myself/ RUDY GRAYZELL: Judy/ BUDDY HOLLY: Blue Days, Black Nights/ Love Me/ WANDA JACKSON: Honey Bop/ Rock Your Baby/ JIMMY & JOHNNY: I Can't Find The Doorknob/ HOYT JOHNSON & THE FOUR RECORDERS: Eenie Meenie Minie Mo/ SID KING & THE FIVE STRINGS: Gonnas Shake This Schack Tonight/ BILL LAWRENCE: Hey Baby/ JIMMY LLOYD: You're Gone Baby/ BOB LUMAN: All Night Long/ Red Cadillac & Black Moustache/ JANIS MARTIN: My Boy Elvis/ LUKE MCDANIEL: Huh Babe/ SKEETS MCDONALD: You're There/ RICKY NELSON: Believe What You Say/ My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/ JIMMY C. NEWMAN: Carry On/ KENNY PARCHMAN: Treat Me Right/ CARL PERKINS: All Mama's Children/ Gone Gone Gone/ ELVIS PRESLEY: Good Rockin' Tonight/ You're A Heartbreaker/ JIMMY PRITCHETT: That's The Way I Feel/ JERRY REED: I'm Stuck/ BILLY LEE RILEY: I Want You Baby/ Red Hot/ TOMMY SANDS & THE SHARKS: The Worrying Kind/ JACK SCOTT: Leroy/ RONNIE SELF: Bop A Lena/ RAY SHARPE: Oh My Baby's Gone/ GENE SIMMONS: Drinkin' Wine/ I Done Told You/ JOHNNY STRICKLAND: She's Mine/ JOHNNY T. TALLEY: I've Changed My Wild Mind/ HANK THOMPSON & HIS BRAZOS VALLEY BOYS: Rockin' In The Congo/ BOBBY LEE TRAMMEL: You The Mostest Girl/ JUSTIN TUBB: Rock It On Down To My House/ GENE VINCENT & THE BLUE CAPS: Blue Jean Bop/ GENE VINCENT & THE BLUE CAPS: Crazy Legs/ JACKIE WALKER: Only Teenagers Allowed/ THOMAS WAYNE: You're The One That Done It/ DON WILLIS: Boppin' High School Baby/ Warrior Sam

VARIOUS ARTISTS Sub Rosa 286 Dr. Boogie Presents 26 Deranged & Smokin' Cool Cats ● CD $15.98
26 tracks, 57 mins highly recommended
The first two volumes in the "Dr. Boogie" series (Sub Rosa 271 - $15.98 & 279 - $15.98) featured rare blues and R&B - this one is devoted to obscure rockabilly. Although almost all the tracks have been reissued before this is a particular strong collection with one hot tune after another including three incendiary instrumentals. Artists featured include Johnny Jay, Curly Coldiron, Eddie Cash, The Calls (the great Country Woman with pounding piano), Bill LOgsdon & The Royal Notes (the great guitar instrumental Spitfire), Ronnie Haig, Jimmie Dee (his Guitar Pickin' man features some dynamic guitar work), Harvey Hunt, Bill Moss, Jay Brown & The Jets and many more. Sound is excellent, notes are minimal. (FS)
RONNIE ALLEN: Juvenile Delinquent/ JAY BROWN & THE JETS: Hanky Panky/ THE CALS: Country Woman/ EDDIE CASH: Doin' Allright/ CURLY COLDIRON: Rockin' Spot/ CHUCK DALLIS: Good Show But No Go/ BING DAY: I Can't Help It/ JIMMIE DEE: Guitar Pickin' Man/ JIMMY EDWARDS: Love Bug Crawl/ JIMMY EVANS: The Joint's Really Jumpin/ JOHN FRIIS & THE VALIANTS: Bop A Lena/ WAYNE HAAS: Betty Ann/ RONNIE HAIG: Money Is The Thing Of The Past/ GARY HODGE: Not For Love Or Money/ T.K. HULIN: Little Bitty Boy/ HARVEY HUNT: Big Dog Little Dog/ JOHNNY JAY: Sugar Doll/ JOHNNY KNIGHT: Rock'n'roll Guitars/ BILL LOGSDON & THE ROYAL NOTES: Spitfire/ GENE MALTAIS: Crazy Baby/ BILL MOSS: Rockabilly Ho/ CHARLES PAGE: Baby You've Been To School/ CHARLES SENNS: Gee Whee Liz/ THE TRASHERS: Sledgehammer/ AL URBAN: Gonna Be Better Times/ DANNY VERNE: Red Hot Car

VARIOUS ARTISTS Sundazed 11201 213 South Michigan Ave - 60's Garage & Psychedelia ● CD $23.98
2 CDs, 40 tracks, 98 mins, highly recommended
Here we have another great gaggle of garage gems, from the swinging scenesters at Sundazed records, concentrating on the indie label U.S.A. records and its off-shoots that put out a heap of American Rock & Roll in a few year span of the mid 1960's. The Cryan' Shames are one of the best known Garage bands on this comp (at least in the world of Garage enthusiasts) they are here with Ben Franklin's Almanac and the demo for You're Gonna Lose That Girl. Joining the 'Shames we have winners like The Cherry Slush, The Daughters of Eve, The Jokers, Lord and the Flies, The Foggy Notions, and many, many more. An first-rate collection, put together in an excellent fashion, certain not to disappoint. (JM)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Yellow Label 306652 The Best Of Crest Records - Rockin' & Rollin' ● CD $16.98
30 tracks, 66 mins, highly recommended
Country Music song publisher Sylvester Cross (owner of American Music) started Crest Records in the late 40's cutting first R&B, then later hillbilly, rockabilly, and rock 'n' roll sides during the 50's and early 60's. Crest had few hits, but this nifty collection includes Eddie Cochran's first solo single (Skinny Jim), and early single from Glen Campbell (Buzzsaw, as The Gee Cees), as well as cool tracks by Tom Wilson, Tom Tall, Hal Jackson, Buddy Lowe, Bob Denton (w/Eddie Cochran), Smoki Whitfield, and more. A bit of a mixed bag, but great music nonetheless and well compiled and annotated by the Yellow Label. (GMC)
PHIL BAUGH: Bumble Twist/ DICK BILLS: Rockin' And A Rollin'/ JIMMY BOWEN: Somebody To Love/ BOBBY & TERRY CALOWAY: Ballin' Keen/ DON CARSON: Three Carburettors/ TONY CASANOVA: Yea, Yea, Come Another Day/ THE CLASSICS: You're The Prettiest One/ EDDIE COCHRAN: Skinny Jim/ MARTY COOPER: Ean't Walk 'Em Off/ GENE BO DAVIS: Drowning All My Sorrows/ TOMMY DEE: Three Stars/ BOB DENTON: Pretty Little Devil/ THE DESERT STARS: Ridin' The Frets/ JOHNNY DONN: What Happened Last Night?/ BOBBY EDWARDS: You're The Reason/ THE FOUR YOUNG MEN: Don't Be A Bashful Little Girl/ FRANK & ERNIE: Spotlight/ GLEN GARRISON: Lovin' Lorene/ THE GEE CEES: Buzzsaw/ HAL JACKSON & THE CHROMATICS: Wild Man Wild/ TOMMY LAW: Cool Juice/ JACK LEWIS: I.O.U./ BUDDY LOWE: Umm, Kiss Me Goodnight/ TOM REEVES: Primitive Love/ HANK SANDERS: Been Gone A Long Time/ BILL SKIDMORE III: Date Bait/ NORM SKYLAR: Rock 'N' Roll Blues/ TOM TALL: Stack A Records/ SMOKI WHITFIELD: Function At The Junction/ TOM WILSON: Can You Bop?

WE FIVE Big Beat CDWIKD 286 There Stands The Door - The Best Of We Five ● CD $18.98
22 tracks, 59 mins, highly recommended
In 1965, while British pop/rock was ruling the American charts, Folk Rock chimed its way out of Los Angeles as the home-team response. We Five, led by Mike Stewart (brother of John, of The Kingston Trio and solo fame), had one of the biggest Folk Rock hit singles, You Were On My Mind, in 1965: a jangling, glorious piece of perfect pop music that featured the soaring voice of Beverly Bivens and some of the greatest harmony singing this side of The Association. Although the group never managed another big hit (their version of Dino Valenti's Lets Get Together"came close), the other songs they cut during their brief life-span (the original group split in 1967) are equally fine, as demonstrated on this definitive collection. Sure Folk Rock runs rampant among these compositions, but there's also a bluesy strain that crops up in unexpected places (as on High Flying Bird) that sets this group apart from later contemporaries the Mamas and the Papas and Spanky & Our Gang. Folk Rock may have been the prevue to coming attractions in the evolution of Rock (would country-rock and psychedelia, among other things, have happened without it?), but it was more than a necessary transitional period; it produced some of the most innovative (the Byrds) and beautiful music ever. If you're a fan or interested in the style, then this collection is a must. (GMC)


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