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LOVE ME TENDER The Stories Behind The World's Best Loved Songs by Max Cryer ● BOOK $16.95
Hardbound, 192 pages, counts as four CDs for shipping
"Love Me Tender" tells the remarkable stories behind forty well-known songs-from "Blue Moon" to "Moon River", from "Greensleeves" to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" - in this very entertaining book. Using a storytelling approach, Cryer uncovers the genesis of assorted spirituals ("Ave Maria", "Amazing Grace"), anthems ("The Star-spangled Banner", "God Save the King/Queen"), show-tunes ("I Could Have Danced All Night", "I Don't Know How to Love Him"), traditional numbers ("Happy Birthday", "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"), contemporary pop songs ("Candle in the Wind", Yesterday"), vaudeville and music-hall ditties ("You Made Me Love You", "It's a Long Way to Tipperary"), and everything in between. Some of his choices are puzzling (why two songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber?) and obscure ("Beyond the Blue Horizon"?), but all n' all this is a very entertaining and informative read.



THE BEL AIRES Crossfire 9512 The Origins Of Surf Music - South Bay Surf, Vol. 1 ● CD $17.98
26 tracks, 67 min., recommended
Although the Bel-Aires only had one hit in the seminal surf number Mr. Moto, founding member Paul Johnson (who once turned down an offer to join the Beach Boys) makes a strong case in the booklet notes for his band's place in surf music history. With recording dates ranging from 1960-1963, these cuts offer the band's early "home recordings," including a version of Mr Moto from 1960, tracks from their "Liberty sessions," and other studio and (later) home recordings from '62-'63. The best cuts (e.g., Volcanic Action, Kamikaze) are strong indeed, but the real interest here is the demos and home taped material that shows the development of the band, and the sound that become known as surf music. The home recordings have the poor sound quality that one would expect for the time, and one recording from a television show called Pickwick Park was actually taped off the TV speaker by Johnson's mother. But as a history of the group and the surf sound that thrived before the British invasion changed everything, the notes and music make up a kind of documentary well worth investigating. And if you pick up a copy of band's Volcanic Action! CD on the Sundazed label, you will have every available piece of Bel-Aires music. (JC)

CHUCK BERRY Hip-O Select 12465-02 You Never Can Tell-Complete Chess Recordings, 1960-66 ● CD $79.98
The second volume devoted to the complete Chess recordings of the great pioneer rocker Chuck Berry is now available. It's a limited edition four CD set (5,000 copies worldwide) with 108 tracks. The `60s hits weren't as plentiful, but the era covered by this new set is filled with Berry classics-to-be such as No Particular Place To Go/ You Never Can Tell/ Nadine (Is It You?)/ Come On, and Promised Land, great instrumentals like his two jams with Bo Diddley (Chuck's Beat/ Bo's Beat), and an increased concentration by Chuck on blues, including a series of great covers of classics like The Things I Used To Do/ Worried Life Blues, and Drifting Blues These were the years prior to Berry leaving Chess for three years at Mercury, and he made the best of them. The set includes 18 previously unreleased tracks, 2 songs previously only available on a publishing sampler, plus numerous other rarities. Besides the hits, the great blues covers, and other familiar fare, the rarities include a 45 minute live in concert segment recorded in Michigan during October of 1963 that was intended for release but was shelved and features hot versions of Guitar Boogie/ Johnny B. Goode, and Let It Rock, among others. There is also a previously unreleased July 1965 session wherein Chuck performs a pair of Big Joe Turner hits, Honey Hush and Shake Rattle & Roll, and the package also includes previously unreleased instrumental versions of Brown Eyed Handsome Man/ My Mustang Ford, and Wee Wee Hours.. The set includes in-depth liner notes by Chuck Berry biographer/discographer Fred Rothwell and features complete session by session recording credits, period graphics and photos, and a '60 to '66 singles discography.
* = unissued DISC ONE: Drifting Blues/ I Got To Find My Baby/ I Got To Find My Baby (stereo remix)/ Don't You Lie To Me/ Worried Life Blues/ Our Little Rendezvous/ Bye Bye Johnny/ Bye Bye Johnny (stereo remix)/ Run Around/ Run Around (stereo remix)/ Jaguar And Thunderbird/ Diploma For Two/ Little Star/ The Way It Was Before/ Away From You/ Down The Road Apiece/ Down The Road Apiece (stereo remix)/ Confessin' The Blues/ Sweet Sixteen/ Thirteen Question Method/ Stop And Listen/ I Still Got The Blues/ I'm Just A Lucky So And So/ Mad Lad (instrumental)/ Surfin' Steel (Cryin' Steel) (instrumental)/ Route 66 (take 10)/ Route 66 (alt. take 11)/ I'm Talking About You/ Rip It Up/ Come On/ Come On (alternate - stereo)/ Adulteen - previously unreleased commercially/ The Man And The Donkey
DISC TWO: Go Go Go (alternate take)*/ Go Go Go/ Trick Or Treat/ Brown Eyed Handsome Man (instrumental)*/ Brown Eyed Handsome Man/ Brown Eyed Handsome Man (stereo remix)/ All Aboard/ Guitar Boogie*/ Let It Rock*/ Almost Grown*/ Chuck Berry dialog*/ Johnny B. Goode*/ Introduction /Instrumental*/ Sweet Little Sixteen*/ Wee Wee Hours*/ Chuck Berry dialog*/ Maybellene*/ Medley: Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight/Johnny B. Goode/School Day*/ Nadine (Is It You?)/ You Never Can Tell/ The Little Girl From Central/ (The) Things I Used To Do/ I'm In The Danger Zone (previously unreleased commercially)
DISC THREE: Fraulein/ Lonely All The Time (Crazy Arms)/ O Rangutang (unfaded instrumental)/ Big Ben (Blues)/ Promised Land/ Brenda Lee/ No Particular Place To Go/ You Two/ Liverpool Drive (instrumental/ Chuck's Beat (instrumental)/ Bo's Beat (instrumental)/ Little Marie/ Go, Bobby Soxer/ Lonely School Days/ His Daughter Caroline/ Dear Dad/ Want To Be Your Driver/ Spending Christmas*/ The Song Of My Love/ Butterscotch (instrumental/ After It's Over (instrumental)/ Why Should We End This Way DISC FOUR: You Came A Long Way From St. Louis/ She Once Was Mine/ Jamaica Farewell/ My Little Love Light/ I Got A Booking/ St. Louis Blues/ Shake Rattle & Roll (take 23)*/ Wee Wee Hours (instrumental)*/ Honey Hush (take 3)*/ Run Joe/ It's My Own Business/ One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)/ Every Day We Rock And Roll/ My Mustang Ford (instrumental)*/ My Mustang Ford/ My Mustang Ford (stereo remix)/ Merrily We Rock And Roll/ Vaya Con Dios/ Wee Hour Blues/ It Wasn't Me/ It Wasn't Me (stereo remix)/ Ain't That Just Like A Woman/ Right Off Rampart Street/ Welcome Back Pretty Baby/ Sad Day, Long Night (instrumental/ Ramona Say Yes/ Ramona Say Yes (alternate mix)/ Viva Viva Rock `n' Roll/ His Daughter Caroline (fast version)*/ Lonely School Days (fast version)

EDDIE COCHRAN EMI (UK) 267 778-2 The Eddie Cochran Story ● CD $38.98
Four CDs, 134 tracks, essential if you don't have the Bear Family set
In the short space of five years from his first country recordings in 1955 to his tragic death in car accident in 1960 Eddie Cochran accomplished a great deal with many fine recordings under his own name as well as accompanying numerous other performers. Last year Bear Family issued an amazing eight CD set featuring 262 tracks with a large hard cover book (Bear Family 15989 - "Somethin' Else" - $209.98) that reissued just about every extant release featuring Eddie. If that release is too expensive or just too much you should consider this modestrly priced four CD set with 134 tracks featuring at least one take of most of his recordings along with a selection of his work as a session musician. The first disc features his pre Liberty recordings including many tracks that were not discovered until long after his death including his earliest country sides with Hank Cochran (no relation) as by The Cochran Brothers. The duo swiftly latched on to rock 'n' roll and after the first half a dozen tracks most of the rest is rock 'n' roll including Eddie's first solo recordings though only one single was originally issued from his solo sides. It also includes accompaniments to Hank Cochran and Jerry Capehart. The next two discs features at least on take of all his Liberty sides recorded between 1957 and 1960 including, of course, all his great hits like Sittin' In The Balcony/ Drive In Show/ Summertime Blues/ C'Mon Everybody and Somethin' Else as well lots of great lesser known and originally unissued sides and a handful of alternate takes. The last 10 tracks of the third disc are a selection of the instrumentals that were not discovered until the 1980s and show just what a brilliant musician he was. Disc four opens with 11 stereo versions of his Liberty recordings and continues four superb takes of Liberty tracks where he was accompanied by Sonny Curtis & Jerry Allison of The Crickets. There are 18 tracks with Eddie accompanying singers like Gene Bo davis, Ray Stanley, Johnny Burnette, Bob Denton, Gene Vincent and others and the set ends with four live cuts. Unlike Bear family's massive 192 page hard cover book this set is accompanied by an 8 page booklet with two pages of notes, some photos and list of tracks! Still for this price this is a wonderful cross section of all the most important recordings of this rock 'n' roll pioneer. (FS)
THE COCHRAN BROTHERS: Guilty Conscience/ Mr. Fiddle/ Your Tomorrows Never Come/ Two Blue Singing Stars/ JERRY CAPEHART & THE COCHRAN BROTHERS: Walkin' Stick Boogie/ Rollin'/ HANK COCHRAN: Latch On/ EDDIE COCHRAN: Yesterday's Heartbreak/ JERRY CAPEHART: Heart Of A Fool/ EDDIE COCHRAN: My Love To Remember/ THE COCHRAN BROTHERS: Latch On/ EDDIE COCHRAN: Pink Peg Slacks/ THE COCHRAN BROTHERS: Slow Down/ Fools Paradise/ Tired And Sleepy/ Open The Door/ HANK COCHRAN: I'm Ready/ EDDIE COCHRAN: Half Loved/ Teenage Cutie/ Dark Lonely Street/ JERRY CAPEHART: Latch On/ EDDIE COCHRAN: Half Loved (Ver.2)/ Pink Peg Slacks (Ver. 2)/ Long Tall Sally/ Blue Suede Shoes/ Long Tall Sally/ Blue Suede Shoes/ I Almost Lost My Mind/ That's My Desire/ Cotton Picker/ JERRY CAPEHART: That's What It Takes To Make A Man/ EDDIE COCHRAN: Mighty Mean/ Twenty Flight Rock/ Dark Lonely Street/ Completely Sweet/ Sittin' In The Balcony/ Have I Told You Lately That I Love You/ Cradle Baby/ Pocketful Of Hearts/ Mean When I'm Mad/ Tell Me Why/ Proud Of You/ One Kiss/ Am I Blue/ Lovin' Time/ I'm Alone Because I Love You/ Sweetie Pie/ Undying Love/ Completely Sweet (Version 2)/ Drive In Show/ Stockings And Shoes/ Twenty Flight Rock (Version 2)/ Ah, Pretty Girl/ Theresa/ Pretty Girl/ Think Of Me (Stop Version)/ Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie/ Never/ Little Lou/ Ah, Pretty Girl (Version 2, guitar solo)/ Nervous Breakdown/ Love Again/ Summertime Blues/ Crusin' The Drive In/ Nervous Breakdown (Version 2)/ One Minute To One/ Teenage Heaven (Take 7, with dialogue)/ Think Of Me (Chorus Version)/ C'mon Everybody/ Don't Ever Let Me Go/ Let's Get Together/ I Remember/ Teenage Heaven/ I've Waited So Long/ Jelly Bean/ Don't Bye, Bye Baby Me/ Rock And Roll Blues/ My Way (Take 4)/ Three Steps To Heaven/ Weekend/ Three Stars/ Somethin' Else/ Boll Weevil Song/ Milk Cow Blues (Take 3)/ My Love To Remember/ Little Angel (No Overdubs)/ Hallelujah, I Love Her So (No Overdubs)/ Three Steps To Heaven/ Cut Across Shorty/ Cherished Memories/ String Fever (Instrumental)/ Jungle Jingle (Instrumental)/ Guitar Blues (Instrumental)/ Meet Mr Tweedy (Instrumental)/ Gruybo - aka (Drum City) (Instrumental)/ Strollin' Guitar (Instrumental)/ Hammy Blues (Instrumental)/ Songs Of New Orleans (Instrumental)/ Jam Sand-Witch (Instrumental)/ Eddie Blues (Instrumental)/ Pretty Girl (1st Stereo Version)/ I've Waited So Long (Stereo)/ Ah, Pretty Girl (Stereo)/ Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie (Stereo)/ Weekend (Stereo)/ Pretty Girl (Take 2, Stereo)/ Hallelujah, I Love Her So (Stereo)/ Little Angel (Stereo)/ EDDIE COCHRAN WITH THE CRICKETS: Cherished Memories (Stereo)/ Cut Across Shorty (Stereo)/ Cherished Memories (Stereo)/ Three Steps To Heaven (Stereo)/ GENE BO DAVIS: Let's Coast Awhile/ Drowning All My Sorrows/ SKEETS MCDONALD: Heartbreakin' Mama/ You Oughta See Grandma Rock/ RAY STANLEY: My Lovin' Baby/ Kiss And Make Up/ JACK LEWIS: I.O.U./ JOHNNY BURNETTE: Me And The Bear/ AL CASEY: Willa Mae/ BOB DENTON & EDDIE COCHRAN: Thinkin' About You/ Pretty Little Devil/ Sick And Tired/ BOB LUMAN: Guitar Picker/ THE HOLLY TWINS: I Want Elvis For Christmas/ DERRY WEAVER: Itty Bitty Betty/ THE FOUR DOTS: Hide And Go Seek/ Don't Wake Up The Kids/ GENE VINCENT: Now Is The Hour/ EDDIE COCHRAN: Sittin In The Balcony (Live)/ Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (Live)/ Money Honey (Live)/ Sweet Little Sixteen (Live)

JIMMY DELL Bear Family BCD 16508 Cool It, Baby ● CD $21.98
20 tracks, 44 mins, recommended
Jimmy Dell (Jimmy Delbridge) was a fine and obscure rock 'n' roll singer and piano player who only had four singles issued between 1955 and 1962 but thanks to Bear Family we get a full CD of this artist featuring eight previously unissued songs and two alternate takes of issued songs. Jimmy was active on the lively Phoenix, Arizona scene and worked closely with the young Duane Eddy and this CD features his first single from 1955 on which he duets with Duane on two country songs in the style of country brothers like Jimmy & Johnny produced by Phoenix legend-to-be Lee Hazlewood and issued on his EB X. Preston label - an impossibly rare release. The remaining recordings are fine rock 'n' roll and were cut between 1956 and 1962 for RCA and Von - many with a band including another Phoenix legend - Al Casey. Two of the tracks Sweet Potatoes and Skippin' are R&B instrumentals featuring Jimmy playing organ and Brad Bauer playing some nice tenor sax. Jimmy recently returned to performing and is scheduled to appear at the "Rockabilly Rave" festival this year. (FS)

WANDA JACKSON Bear Family BCD 16631 Wanda Rocks ● CD $24.98
35 tacks, 80 mins, essential
This one's been out a while but hasn't been reviewed before. With Wanda Jackson finally taking her rightful place in the Rock and Roll hall of fame, hopefully she will get a whole new generation appreciating her fantastic work. Wanda "Rocks" indeed on this collection; if any woman had a better voice for Rock 'N' Roll/ Rockabilly, I've yet to hear her. Covering her key "Rockin'" years from 1956 - 1961, this simply has one great track after another. From her Country flavored I Gotta Know/ Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad, and Honey Bop, to her most famous Rockabilly cuts Let's Have A Party/ Fujiyama Mama/ Mean, Mean Man, and There's A Party Going On, that's only a sample of her greatness. You also get lesser known, but no less great cuts like Tongue Tied/ Funnel of Love, and Who Shot Sam. Wanda could also take songs famously recorded by others and not just put her stamp on them, but absolutely own them, check out Lonely Weekends/ Riot in Cell Block #9 (note her key lyric changes,)/ Tweedle Dee/ Stupid Cupid/ Slippin' and Slidin', and many more, that are as good, if not better in most cases then their classic original versions. I love this collection from start to finish and if you have only a cursory amount of Wanda Jackson in your collection, you definitely need more and this is an essential collection of her work, done in the fine job expected from Bear Family. (JM)
WANDA JACKSON: (Let's Have A) Party/ Baby Loves Him/ Brown Eyed Handsome Man/ Cool Love/ Fallin'/ Fujiyama Mama/ Funnel of Love/ Hard Headed Woman/ Honey Bop/ Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad/ I Gotta Know/ I Wanna Waltz/ It Doesn't Matter Anymore/ Kansas City/ Let My Love Walk In/ Lonely Weekends/ Long Tall Sally/ Lost Weekend/ Man We Had a Party/ Mean Mean Man/ Money Honey/ My Baby Left Me/ Riot in Cell Block #9/ Rock Your Baby/ Searchin'/ Slippin' and Slidin'/ Sparkling Brown Eyes/ Sticks and Stones/ Stupid Cupid/ There's a Party Goin' On/ Tongue Tied/ Tweedle Dee/ Who Shot Sam/ Yakety Yak/ You Bug Me Bad

JON & THE NIGHTRIDERS Crossfire 9511 Stampede! ● CD $17.98
First CD reissue of 1986 album by one of the finest surf music revival groups. Led by guitarist and surf historian John Blair th group included Jeff Nicholson on Bass and Dusty Watson on drums with George White adding sax on a number of tracks. The CD issue features five bonus tracks - four of them live.

CHARLIE RICH Bear Family BCD 16513 Charlie Rocks ● CD $24.98
31 tracks, 75 mins, highly recommended
This is the perfect Charlie Rich CD for your collection. This features all up-beat material from his classic 50's and 60's recordings. So you get not only his famous Sun Records recordings, but also great post-Sun tracks like Big Boss Man/ I Washed My Hands in Muddy Waters, and "Mohair Sam," to name a few. For those who dig Charlie Rich, but thought that the three CD Sun records box set was a bit much, this is the one for you. This captures the essence of the man's early work and is fantastic from start to finish. You get the classics like That's Rich/ Lonely Weekends/ Popcorn Polly/ Rebound/ Charlie's Boogie/ Big Man/ Philadelphia Baby, etc. With Alternative takes of Goodbye Mary Ann/ Whirlwind/ Big Man, and Lonely Weekends. Since this comes from Bear Family, you get the expected quality production, with extensive liner notes, discographal info and song-by-song histories. Charlie Rich was a big man with a big talent and this is a big, wonderful sounding CD. (JM)

CHARLIE RICH Charly SNAJ 744 The Complete Sun Masters ● CD $27.98
3 CDs, 102 tracks, 235 mins, highly recommended
Here we have riches of Charlie, certainly what any Charlie Rich fan has been waiting for. You get one CD of officially released material and then two full disks of "From The Vaults" goodies - including some never before released material. So you get his best known songs from the era like Lonely Weekends/ Midnight Blues/ Break Up, etc, plus a ton of lesser-known originals and covers. Rich was quite under-rated as a songwriter; one of the great aspects of this collection is how it showcases so many great Rich originals, with at least 2/3rds of the material featured here from his own pen. Yes Ma'am/ What's My Name?/ The Ways Of a Woman in Love, and so on, show an artist that should have been bigger long before he did make it big, but for whatever reasons it didn't happen that way. You do get some pretty impressive covers as well, with fine takes on Unchained Melody, and Blue Suede Shoes, just to name a couple put together in an attractive box that includes a richly detailed 36 page booklet with track by track annotation. (JM)
* = previously unissued DISC ONE: Whirlwind/ Philadelphia Baby/ Rebound/ Big Man/ Lonely Weekends/ Everything I Do Is Wrong/ School Days/ Gonna Be Waitin' On My Knees/ Stay/ Who Will The Next Fool Be?/ Caught In The Middle/ Just A Little Bit Sweet/ It's Too Late/ Easy Money,/ Midnight Blues/ Sittin' And Thinkin'/ Finally Found Out/ There's Another Place I Can't Go/ I Need Your Love/ Sad News/ Red Man/ C.C. Rider/ Come Back/ Apple Blossom Time/ Break Up/ That's How Much I Love You/ Juanita/ Whirlwind (undubbed)/ School Days (undubbed)/ It's Too Late (undubbed)/ Come Back (undubbed) DISC TWO: My Baby Done Left Me/ Charlie's Boogie/ Blue Suede Shoes/ Juicehead Baby/ Baby, I Need You/ Oh, Lonely Days/ Portrait Of My Love/ Seven Dreams/ Waiting All Alone*/ The Ways Of A Woman In Love/ Thanks A Lot/ It Hurt Me So/ Donna Lee/ Never Mind Little Girl*/ I Love No One But You/ Deep Freeze,/ Popcorn Polly/ Give In,/ Those Places Round Town,/ Sail Away/ Sail Away (demo)/ Am I To Be The One? (Duet with Jerry Lee Lewis)/ Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair/ Unchained Melody/ I've Lost My Heart To You/ My Heart Cries For You/ Right Behind You Baby/ The Loneliest Days/ Lonely Hurt Within/ Now Everybody Knows/ Don't Put No Headstone On My Grave/ That's Rich/ Time And Again/ Goodbye, Mary Ann/ Gentle As A Lamb/ You Never Know About Love/ Lonely Weekends (Alternate) DISC THREE: Little Woman Friend Of Mine/ Time's A-Wasting/ You Made A Hit/ Yes, Ma'am/ Stop Thief/ What's My Name?/ How Blue Can You Be?/ I Said Baby/ Cloud Nine/ Ain't It A Shame ?/ The Wedding Is Over/ Unsuspecting Me*/ If You Knew/ Somehow We'll Find A Way*/ Every Day (And Evey Night)/ There Won't Be Anymore/ Closed For Repair*/ (We Belong To) Each Other*/ Untitled Instrumental/ Long Way From Tennessee/ Every Day (That You're Away From Me)/ Baby, I Need You/ When/ My Mountain Dew*/ Graveyardville/ Ballad Of Billy Joe (Undubbed)/ Since You Said Goodbye*/ Too Many Tears/ Little By Little*/ Life Is A Flower/ I'm Making Plans/ Stop Fakin' Your Love (Alternate)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1216 Honey & Wine-Another Gerry GOffin & Carole King Song ● CD $18.98
26 tracks, 70 mins, essential
A song collection as good as "Goffin & King: A Gerry Goffin and Carole King Song Collection 1961-1967" (Ace 1170 - $18.98) screamed for a follow-up, and here it is. Like the first set, this one also mixes well known tracks by the Drifters (Up on the Roof), the Monkees (Pleasant Valley Sunday), and Bobby Vee (Go Away Little Girl) with lesser known songs by popular artists (the Turtles, Jan & Dean, the Hollies). There's also the odd track presented here in a version that's not the best known (Nancy Wilson doing No Easy Way Down, famously cut by Dusty Springfield; Jody Miller doing He Hit Me (And it Felt Like a Kiss), which was originally a notorious flop for the Crystals). And when the artists run the gamut from Gene Pitney to Freddie Scott to Connie Stevens to the Rising Sons (Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder's early band) you know that diversity is the name of the game. Bottom line: if you have the first volume, then this volume is mandatory. (GMC)
MAXINE BROWN: Oh No, Not My Baby/ ANDREA CARROLL: That Boy I Used To Know/ BERTELL DACHE: Not Just Tomorrow, But Always (Mono Single Version)/ CAROLYN DAYE: A Long Way To Be Happy/ JACKIE DESHANNON: Child Of Mine/ THE DRIFTERS: Up On The Roof/ MARIANNE FAITHFULL: Is This What I Get For Loving You/ THE HOLLIES: Honey & Wine/ CHUCK JACKSON: I Need You/ PETER JAMES: Stage Door/ JAN & DEAN: The Best Friend I Ever Had/ BEN E. KING: Tell Daddy/ BARBARA LEWIS: Don't Forget About Me/ GENE MCDANIELS: Point Of No Return/ JODY MILLER: He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)/ THE MONKEES: Pleasant Valley Sunday/ TAMMY MONTGOMERY: Make The Night A Little Longer/ THE MYDDLE CLASS: I Happen To Love You/ GENE PITNEY: Every Breath I Take/ THE RISING SONS: Take A Giant Step/ FREDDIE SCOTT: Brand New World/ ARLENE SMITH: He Knows I Love Him Too Much/ CONNIE STEVENS: They're Jealous Of Me/ THE TURTLES: So Goes Love/ BOBBY VEE: Go Away Little Girl/ NANCY WILSON: No Easy Way Down

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 1219 Your Heard Them here First - Rock's Icons Before They ● CD $18.98
24 tracks, 58 mins, highly recommended
Ever wanted to hear what a band with both Neil Young and Rick James as members sounded like? Or a band with Ry Cooder and Taj Mahal? How about early Joe Cocker, David Bowie (when he was still using his real name David Jones), pre-Humble Pie Peter Frampton, or Warren Zevon? Well, here's your chance because Ace has helpfully compiled a CD with pre-fame tracks by all of the above and more. The time frame of these tracks ranges from 1959 to 1968 (exception: an early Lou Reed track that didn't make its first appearance anywhere until 2000 via another Ace collection) and many truly reflect their time: for example, Cocker's cover of the Beatles' I'll Cry Instead is pure imitation Beat Group and is hardly in the same league as the innovative overhaul Cocker and his cohorts would later give the Beatles' She Came in Through the Bathroom Window. A few tracks are not what you would expect, like The Mynah Birds (the group with Young and James) very folk-rock It's My Time; others hint at what the artist would eventually become, like Levon & the Hawks' (aka The Band) The Stones I Throw and The Beefeaters' (The Byrds) Please Let Me Love You. Most unbelievable moment: that Bill Medley was a part of the Coasters' rip-off Prison Break by The Paramours. Oh well, I guess everyone has to start somewhere. Anyway, this collection is loads of fun and totally worth it if only to hear Marty Balin making like a teen idol on You Made Me Fall. (GMC)
LONG JOHN BALDRY & THE HOOCHIE COOCHIE MEN: Up Above My Head I Hear Music In the Air/ MARTY BALIN: You Made Me Fall/ THE BEEFEATERS: Please Let Me Love You/ MICHAEL BLESSING: The New Recruit/ J.J. CALE: Outside Lookin' In/ CHERILYN: Dream Baby/ JOE COCKER: I'll Cry Instead/ LINK CROMWELL: Crazy Like A Fox/ THE HERD: I Can Fly/ THE INTERNATIONAL SUBMARINE BAND: Truck Driving Man/ DAVIE JONES AND THE KING BEES: Liza Jane/ DANNY LEE: Stop Calling Me Baby/ ARTHUR LEE AND THE LAG'S: Rumble Stilts Skins/ LEVON & THE HAWKS: The Stones I Throw/ LYME & CYBELLE: Follow Me/ THE MYNAH BIRDS: It's My Time/ THE PARAMOURS: Prison Break/ BO PETE: Groovy Little Susie/ THE PIGEONS: In The Midnight Hour/ LEWIS REED: Your Love/ THE RISING SUNS: 1983/ MARK ROBINSON: Can't Let Her See Me Cry/ THE ROCKETS: Hole In My Pocket/ FLIP SLOAN: Little Girl In The Cabin

VARIOUS ARTISTS Bear Family BCD 16721 That'll Flat Git It, Vol. 21 - Atlantic Records ● CD $21.98
29 tracks, highly recommended
This was issued about a year ago but the first batches we got had pages missing from the booklet - a problem which has now been fixed. The "missing" volume 21 in this great series finally appears and was worth the wait featuring 29 hot sides from the vaults of Atlantic and it's subsidiary Atco and EastWest labels. Though mostly associated with black music in its early years the labels management brought the same degree of great taste to its rockabilly and rock 'n' roll releases as it did to blues, R&B and jazz even though very few of its rock 'n' roll releases made much impact on the charts. Among the artists featured here are Hal Willis (the fabulous My PInk Cadillac), Al Henderson, Teddy Redell (the original recording of Judy later recorded by Elvis), Bobby Brant (aka Bobby Poe with the hot Rockin' Nellie with great piano from Big Al Downing), The Kingsmen (not rockabilly but hot rock 'n' roll instrumentals by group that was actually Bill Haley's Comets in 1958), Dean Beard (his classic Rakin' And Scrapin' ), Mad Man Taylor, Barbara Greene (hot covers of Little Richard's Long Tall Sally and Slippin' & Slidin with tough unknown guitarist and King Curtis on sax), Pat & The Satellites (bluesy instrumental), David Gates (11 years after these fine rockabilly sides he formed the group Bread), Sonny West (the original recording of Rave On by it's writer recorded at Norman Petty's studios) and others. As usual for Bear Family the sound quality is incredible and the 52 page booklet has extensive notes on all the artists, rare photos and full discographical info. (FS)
DEAN BEARD: Party Party/ Rakin' And Scrapin'/ BOBBY BRANT: Piano Nellie/ THE CASTLE KINGS: Jeanette/ BRACEY EVERETT: The Lover's Curse/ DAVID GATES: Swingin' Baby Doll/ Walkin' And Talkin'/ BARBARA GREENE: Long Tall Sally/ Slippin' And Slidin'/ AL HENDERSON: Ding Dong Dandy/ Mary Jane/ THE KINGSMEN: Better Believe It/ The Cat Walk/ Weekend/ PAT & THE SATELLITES: Jupiter C/ RAY & LINDY: Big Betty/ TEDDY REDELL: Can't You See/ Judy/ GLENN REEVES: Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/ Rockin' Country Style/ JIMMY SIMMONS: Too Hot To Handle/ MAD MAN TAYLOR: Rock 'n' Roll Espanole/ Rumble Tumble/ BUDDY THOMPSON: I've Got A Good Thing Going/ This Is The Night/ JUNIOR THOMPSON: Jungle Girl/ SONNY WEST: Rave On/ HAL WILLIS: Bop-A-Dee Bop-A-Doo/ My Pink Cadillac

VARIOUS ARTISTS Fantastic Voyage 17 Good Rockin' Tonight - Red Hot Rockabilly ● CD $22.98
Three CD set with 75 great rockabilly and rock 'n' roll sides from the period 1954 through 1958. There are a handful of more obscure sides but it's mostly the usual suspects - Elvis, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, Eddie Bond, Johnny Carroll, Warren Smith, Billy Lee Riley, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Johnny Burnette Trio, etc. There's also some country artists trying their hand at this new fangled thing like Autry Inman, Ferlin Huskey, Webb Pierce and others. Among the lesser known artists are Jimmy Lloyd, Johnnie Strickland, Slick Slavin, Billy Harlan, etc. The set is arranged approximately chronologically opening with Elvis's 1954 rendition of Good Rockin' Tongight and ending with Connie Dycus's 1958 Rock-A-Bye Baby Rock. Excellent sound and booklet has brief notes and some nice label shots. If you don't have much rockabilly than this would be a great introduction.
EDDIE BOND: Rockin' Daddy/ EDWIN BRUCE: Sweet Woman/ SONNY BURGESS: Ain't Got A Thing/ We Wanna Boogie/ JOHNNY BURNETTE TRIO: Lonesome Train/ Rock Billy Boogie/ The Train Kept A-Rollin'/ JOHNNY CARROLL: Rock 'n' Roll Ruby/ JOE CLAY: Duck Tail/ Sixteen Chicks/ JACKIE LEE COCHRAN: Mama Don't You Think I Know/ Ruby Pearl/ LORRIE & LARRY COLLLINS: Whistle Bait/ SIMON CRUM: Bop Cat Bop/ JACKIE DEE: Buddy/ CONNIE DYCUS: Rock-A-Bye Baby Rock/ JACK EARLS & THE JIMBOS: Slow Down/ JIMMY EDWARDS: Love Bug Crawl/ THE FARMER BOYS: Cool Down Mame/ CHARLIE FEATHERS: One Hand Loose/ GLEN GLENN: Everybody's Movin'/ CURTIS GORDON: Draggin'/ BILLY HARLAN: I Wanna Bop/ RAY HARRIS: Come On Little Mama/ Greenback Dollar, Watch And Chain/ FERLIN HUSKEY: Slow Down Brother/ AUTRY INMAN: Be Bop Baby/ It Would Be A Doggone Lie/ WANDA JACKSON: Cool Love/ Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad/ Mean Mean Man/ SLEEPY LABEEF: All The Time/ BRENDA LEE: Bigelow 6-200/ Little Jonah (Rock On Your Steel Guitar)/ JERRY LEE LEWIS: Great Balls Of Fire/ High School Confidential/ Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On/ JIMMY LLOYD: I Got A Rocket In My Pocket/ BOB LUMAN: Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache/ Try Me/ GENE MALTAIS: Crazy Baby/ JANIS MARTIN: All Right, Baby/ Bang Bang/ Will You, Willyum/ SKEETS MCDONALD: Heart Breakin' Mama/ THE MILLER SISTERS: Ten Cats Down/ TERRY NOLAND: Ten Little Women/ ROY ORBISON: Ooby Dooby/ Rockhouse/ CARL PERKINS: Blue Suede Shoes/ Dixie Fried/ Matchbox/ WEBB PIERCE: Teenage Boogie/ BARBARA PITTMAN: I Need A Man/ ELVIS PRESLEY: Baby Let's Play House/ Good Rockin' Tonight/ Mystery Train/ DWIGHT PULLEN: Sunglasses After Dark/ BILLY LEE RILEY: Baby Please Don't Go/ Flyin' Saucers Rock 'n' Roll/ Red Hot/ JACK SCOTT: Leroy/ Two-Timin' Woman/ RONNIE SELF: Bop-A-Lena/ GENE SIMMONS: I Done Told You/ MACY "SKIP" SKIPPER: Quicksand Love/ SLICK SLAVIN: Speed Crazy/ RAY SMITH: Right Behind You Baby/ WARREN SMITH: I ve Got Love If You Want It/ Miss Froggie/ Ubangi Stomp/ JOHNNIE STRICKLAND: She's Mine/ HAYDEN THOMPSON: Love My Baby/ LEW WILLIAMS: Cat Talk/ PEANUTS WILSON: Cast Iron Arm

VARIOUS ARTISTS Flesh Den 6909 Rock 'n' Roll Orgy ● CD $17.98
27 tracks, 61 mins, highly recommended
Here's another outstanding offering of oddities and obscurities. If you have previous volumes in this outrageous series, then you know what to expect. For the uninitiated, what you have here is a (un)healthy dose of primal hillbilly madness, moonshine powered maniacs carving out their own little slice of Rock 'N' Roll history. Some of the tracks here have appeared on similar compilations like the splendidly bizarre (and somewhat annoying) Woodpecker Rock by The Braves featuring Nat Couty. Though a number of tracks are hitting the shiny round plastic for the first time. Other gems include 50 Megatons by Sonny Russell, Go Slow Fatso by Bobby Ruteledge, and Wild Hog Hop by Bennie Hess. Possibly the rarest cut on here would be the alternate acetate that was recently unearthed for I'm Gone by Vic Gallon, a scratchy, but impressive piece of Rockabilly archeology. Strap yourself in for a wild ride. (JM)
BILLY ADAMS: Rock Pretty Mama/ THE BRAVES, VOCAL NAT COUTY: Woodpecker Rock/ BOB CALLAWAY: Tick Tock (Early Version)/ BOBBY CARTER: If You're Gonna Shake It/ RIC CARTEY: Scratching On My Screen/ JOHNNY DOVE: Looking For Money/ VIC GALLON: I'm Gone (Alt Version)/ STAN GUNN AND THE COUNTRY HEPCATS: Baby Sitter Boogie/ BENNIE HESS: Wild Hog Hop/ DOTTIE JONES: Honey Honey/ JACK LANE: King Fool/ HANK LEGAULT: I Knew/ MIKE MCALISTER: I Don't Dig It/ THE MORRIS BROTHERS: Rockin Country Fever/ DUBB PRITCHETT: Five O'Clock Hop/ THE REBEL ROUSERS: Red Headed Woman/ THE REBELAIRES, FEATURING SAMMY SMITH: Satellite Rock/ DARRELL RHODES: Runnin' And Chasin'/ ROBBIE ROBBINS: Hurry/ SONNY RUSSELL: 50 Megatons/ BOBBY RUTLEDGE: Go Slow Fatso/ CURLY SANDERS: Brand New Rock And Roll/ LAVERNE STOVALL: Left Behind/ BUCK TRAIL: Knocked Out Joint On Mars/ WALLACE WATERS: Holiday Hill/ BILL WATKINS: Missed The Workhouse


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