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Various Artists Collections - Zydeco

VARIOUS ARTISTS Maison De Soul 1030 101 Proof Zydeco ● CD $15.98
A rockin' collection of young, old, famous and not-so-famous names from the Zydeco scene. Although released on the Louisiana based Maison De Soul label, as many as half of the selections are either previously unreleased of licensed from other record companies. It's no surprise that the strongest, purest cuts come from the best known names - Boozoo Chavis' Zydeco Hee Haw, Rockin' Sidney's Jalapeno Lena and the legendary Clifton Chenier's Johnny Can't Dance (1975) - but also offered here are promising examples of new and fresh Zydeco talent. Highlights of these include a feverish live rendition of Turn On Your Lovelight by Terrance Simien, the slow and soulful sound of the Sam Bros. Five, and the raw Chuck Berry style energy of 19 year old accordionist Jo JoReed and his band. (LP)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Arhoolie CD 105 American Masters, Vol. 5 - 15 Louisiana Zydeco Classics ● CD $7.98
Another of those super budget priced introductions to the treasures of the Arhoolie. This time it's zydeco with 15 tracks from Clifton Chenier, John Delafose, C.J. Chenier, Preston Frank's Swallow Band, Lawrence "Black" Ardoin, Peter King & Lester Herbert and others.
ALPHOSE "BOIS SEC" ARDOIN: Les Blues Du Voyageur/ Les Blues Du Voyageur/ AMEDE ARDOIN: Aimez-Moi Ce Soir/ Aimez-Moi Ce Soir/ LAWRENCE "BLACK" ARDOIN: Cofair/ Cofair/ C.J. CHENIER: I'm Coming Home/ I'm Coming Home/ She's My Woman/ She's My Woman/ CLIFTON CHENIER: I'm On A Wonder/ I'm On A Wonder/ Je Me Reveiller Le Matin (I Woke Up This Morning)/ Je Me Reveiller Le Matin (I Woke Up This Morning)/ Zydeco Sont Pas Sale/ Zydeco Sont Pas Sale/ JOHN DELAFOSE: Oh Negress/ Oh Negress/ Rag Around Your Head/ Rag Around Your Head/ PRESTON FRANK'S SWALLOW BAND: 'Tant Ne-Ne/ 'Tant Ne-Ne/ PETER KING & LESTER HERBERT: Lafayette Zydeco/ Lafayette Zydeco/ HERBERT "GOOD ROCKIN'" SAM: Mama/ Mama/ THE SAM BROTHERS 5: Lafayette Special/ Lafayette Special/ AMBROSE SAM'S OLD TIME ZYDECO: Old Time Zydeco/ Old Time Zydeco

VARIOUS ARTISTS Maison De Soul 1044 Cajun & Zydeco Mardi Gras, Louisiana's Best Performers ● CD $15.98

VARIOUS ARTISTS Maison De Soul 1049 Rockin' Zydeco Party ● CD $15.98

VARIOUS ARTISTS Arhoolie 307 ZYDECO - The Early Years ● CD $12.98
GEORGE ALBERTS: You Havin' A Good Time/ CLIFTON CHENIER: Clifton's Blues/ Louisiana Stomp/ ALBERT CHEVALIER: Bernadette, Cher/ Ma Petite Fille/ Moman Couche'/ Zydeco Sont Pas Sale/ CLARENCE GARLOW: Bon Ton Roulet/ WILLIE GREEN: Announcement & Green's Zydeco/ Baby Please Don't Go/ Jole Blonde/ Tell Me, Pretty Baby/ PETER KING & L. HEBERT: King's Zydeco/ Lafayette Zydeco/ MCZIEL & GERNGER: Allons A Lafayette/ French Waltz/ Tap Dance

VARIOUS ARTISTS Arhoolie 328 Zydeco Champs ● CD $12.98
A great sampler of zydeco music - mostly drawn from other Arhoolie LPs and CDs plus the beautiful La Valse De Ballard by the great Amede Ardoin which has not been reissued before. Includes 3 tracks by the "king" Clifton Chenier plus recordings by John Delafose, Lawrence Ardoin, Canray Fontenot & Bois Sec Ardoin, Paul McZiel & Wallace Gernger, Ambrose Sam, Herbert "Good Rockin'" Sam, Preston Frank & Leo Thomas and others.
AMéDé ARDOIN: La Valse De Ballard/ BOISEC ARDOIN: Petite Et La Grosse/ LAWRENCE ARDOIN: I've Been There/ Midland Two-Step/ C.J. CHENIER: Banana Man/ My Baby Don't Wear No Shoes/ CLIFTON CHENIER: Black Gal/ Hungry Man Blues/ Josephine Par Se Ma Femme/ Tou Le Ton Son Ton/ Zydeco Cha Cha/ JOHN DELAFOSE: Joe Pete Got Two Women/ Mardi Gras Song/ CANRAY FONTENOT & BOISEC ARDOIN: Les Barres De La Prison/ PRESTON FRANK: Mon Chere 'Tite Monde/ CLARENCE GARLOW: Bon Ton Roula/ PAUL MCZIEL & WALLACE GERNGER: I'm Sad And I'm Blue/ AMBROSE SAM: I'm Going Away/ HERBERT "GOOD ROCKIN'" SAM: Good Rockin' Boogie/ SAM BROTHERS 5: Lafayette Special/ S. B. 5/ LEO THOMAS & PRESTON FRANK: Shake What You Got

VARIOUS ARTISTS Maison De Soul 101 Zydeco Festival ● CD $15.98

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 430 Zydeco Party! ● CD $22.98
20 tracks, 61 min., recommended. The songs, recorded between 1985-90, are drawn from Louisiana's Maison de Soul label. The first 12 were pulled from the excellent 101 Proof Zydeco (MdS 1030), the last 8 from Zydeco Festival (MdS 101), making this a compilation of compilations, and one fine disc. Winners include Rockin' Sidney's Jalepeno Lena, Lynn August's Whatever Boils Your Crawfish, Zydeco Hee Haw by Boozoo Chavis, Leon's Zydeco by Sam Brothers Five, Clifton Chenier's Johnny Can't Dance, and many more adding spice to the gumbo. (JC)
LYNN AUGUST: Whatever Boils Your Crawfish/ Zydeco Groove/ BOOZOO CHAVIS: Deacon Jones/ Do It All Night Long/ Zydeco Hee Haw/ WILFRED CHAVIS: Eh Mon Allons Dancer Le Zydeco/ Keep On Dreaming/ CLIFTON CHENIER: Johnny Can't Dance/ You Used To Call Me/ JOHN DELAFOSE: Loan Me Your Hankerchief/ ROCKIN' DOPSIE: Shake, Rattle And Roll/ MORRIS FRANCIS: Fun In Acadiana/ ROCKIN' DOPSIE: Dopsie's Cajun Stomp/ ROCKIN' SIDNEY: Jalapeno Lena/ SAM BROTHERS FIVE: I'm Coming Home/ Leon's Zydeco/ ROCKIN' SIDNEY: You Ain't Nothin' But Fine/ ZYDECO BROTHERS: Down East/ Touch A Hand Make A Friend/ ZYDECO FORCE: I'm On My Way

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