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Screamin' & Hollerin' The Blues

 The Worlds Of Charley Patton

Revenant 212                $159.98

Complete Track List

DISC 1: JUNE 1929
Charley Patton 
Pony Blues/ A Spoonful Blues/ Down The Dirt Road Blues/ Prayer Of Death Part 1/ Prayer Of Death Part 2/ Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues/ Banty Rooster Blues/ Tom Rushen Blues/ It Won't Be Long/ Shake It And Break It (But Don't Let It Fall Mama)/ Pea Vine Blues/ Mississippi Boweavil Blues/ Lord I'm Discouraged/ I'm Goin' Home
Walter "Buddy Boy Hawkins
Snatch It And Grab It/ A Rag Blues/ How Come Mama Blues/ Voice Throwin' Blues

Charley Patton

Hammer Blues (take 1; uniss.)/ I Shall Not Be Moved (take 1; uniss.)/ High Water Everywhere - Part I/ High Water Everywhere - Part II/ I Shall Not Be Moved/ Rattlesnake Blues/ Going To Move To Alabama/ Hammer Blues (take 2)/ Joe Kirby/ Frankie And Albert/ Devil Sent The Rain Blues/ Magnolia Blues/ Running Wild Blues/ Some Happy Day/ Mean Black Moan/ Green River Blues
Edith North Johnson
That's My Man/ Honey Dripper Blues No. 2/ Eight Hour Woman/ Nickel's Worth Of Liver Blues No. 2

Charley Patton

Some These Days I'll Be Gone (take 1; uniss.)/ Elder Greene Blues (take 2; uniss.)/ Jim Lee - Part I/ Jim Lee - Part II/ Mean Black Cat Blues/ Jesus Is A Dying-Bed Maker/ Elder Greene Blues (take 1)/ When Your Way Gets Dark/ Some These Days I'll Be Gone (take 2)/ Heart Like Railroad Steel/ Circle Round The Moon/ You're Gonna Need Somebody When You Die
Henry "Son Sims
Be True Be True Blues/ Farrell Blues/ Tell Me Man Blues/ Come Back Corrina

DISC 4: JUNE 1930
Charley Patton

Some Summer Day/ Bird Nest Bound
Willie Brown
Future Blues/ M&O Blues
Son House
Walkin' Blues (uniss.)/ My Black Mama - Part I/ My Black Mama - Part II/ Preachin' The Blues - Part I/ Preachin' The Blues - Part II/ Dry Spell Blues Part I/ Dry Spell Blues Part II
Louise Johnson
All Night Long Blues (take 1)/ On The Wall/ All Night Long Blues (take 2; uniss)/ By The Moon And Stars/ Long Ways From Home

June 1930 Charley Patton
Dry Well Blues/ Moon Going Down
May 1930 Delta Big Four
We All Gonna Face The Rising Sun/ Moaner Let's Go Down In The Valley/ Jesus Got His Arms Around Me/ God Won't Forsake His Own/ I'll Be Here/ Where Was Eve Sleeping?/ I Know My Time Ain't Long/ Watch And Pray
HC Speir
Paramount Test 1 - 4/19/30 headlines/ Paramount Test 2 - 4/12/30 headlines
January-February 1934
Charley ("Charlie) Patton
High Sheriff Blues/ Stone Pony Blues/ Jersey Bull Blues/ Hang It On The Wall/ 34 Blues/ Love My Stuff/ Poor Me/ Revenue Man Blues
Patton And Lee
Troubled 'Bout My Mother/ Oh Death
Bertha Lee
Yellow Bee/ Mind Reader Blues

Ma Rainey - Booze And Blues (1924)
Walter Rhodes - The Crowing Rooster (1927)
Furry Lewis - I Will Turn Your Money Green (1928)
Rube Lacy - Ham Hound Crave (1928)
Tommy Johnson - Bye Bye Blues (1928)
Tommy Johnson - Maggie Campbell (1928)
Tommy Johnson - Big Road Blues (1928)
William Harris - Kansas City Blues (1928)
Kid Bailey - Rowdy Blues (1929)
Kid Bailey - Mississippi Bottom Blues (1929)
Blind Joe Reynolds - Cold Woman Blues (1929)
Mississippi Sheiks - Sitting On Top Of The World (1930)
Charley Jordan - Just A Spoonful (1930)
Blind Pete And George Ryan - Banty Rooster (1934)
Big Joe Williams - My Grey Pony (1935)
Willie Lofton Trio - Dark Road Blues (1935)
Unknown Convict - Blues (1936)
Bukka White - Sic 'Em Dogs On (1939)
Bukka White - Po' Boy (1939)
Willie Brown - Make Me A Pallet On The Floor (1941)
Son House - County Farm Blues (1942)
The Howlin' Wolf - Saddle My Pony (1952)
The Howlin' Wolf - Forty Four (1954)
Roebuck "Pops Staples & Staple Singers - Too Close (1957)

Howlin' Wolf, ca. 1967
Booker Miller, 1968
H.C. Speir, 1968, 1969
Roebuck "Pops Staples, ca. 1964



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