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Various Artists Collections - Pre War Piano Blues & Boogie

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5193 Barrelhouse Piano Blues & Stomps, 1929-1933 ● CD $15.98
The complete recordings of Herve Duerson, Turner Parrish and Kingfish Bill Tomlin including accompaniments.
HARRY CAMPBELL: You'll Be Sorry Some Day/ HERVE DUERSON: Ain't Gonna Be Your Dog No More/ Avenue Strut/ Easy Drag/ Evening Chimes Waltz/ Fives/ Graveyard Blues/ Naptown Special/ Trenches/ ALURA MACK: I'm Busy, You Can't Come In/ TEDDY MOSS: Back-biter Blues/ Dyin' In The Electric Chair/ Easy Papa/ Heart-breaker Blues/ Ocean Wave Blues/ Sympathizin' Blues/ Texas Dream Blues/ You Broke My Heart Baby/ TURNER PARRISH: Wake Up In The Morning Blues/ Western Traveler Blues/ KINGFISH BILL TOMLIN: Army Blues/ Dupree Blues/ Hot Box/ Mean And Unkind Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5596 Black & White Piano, Vol. 1 : 1923-1931 ● CD $15.98
25 tracks featuring both African-American and Caucasian performers - Harry Jentes, Clarence M. Jones, Seger Ellis, Jackson Harmony Trio and others.
CLARENCE M. JONES: Hula Lou/ Maybe (she'll Write Me, She'll 'phone Me)/ Modulation (stepping On The Keys)/ The Rosary/ Trot Along/ SEGER ELLIS: Ash Can Blues/ Poppin' 'em Out/ Prairie Blues/ Prairie Blues/ Sentimental Blues/ Sentimental Blues/ Shivery Stomp/ St. Louis Blues/ You'll Want Me Back Someday/ THE JACKSONVILLE HARMONY TRIO: Jacksonville Blues/ Them Piano Blues/ HARRY JENTES: Blooey Blues/ EZRA HOWLETT SHELTON: Dearest Darling/ LOVIN' SAM THEARD: I'm Crazy 'bout My Bozo/ That New Kinda Stuff/ GEORGE H. TREMER: Some Of These Days/ PETE WENDLING: Papa Blues/ SIDNEY WILLIAMS: Mississippi Shivers/ Rag Doll/ St. Louis Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5597 Black & White Piano, Vol. 2 : 1929-1942 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks - Alex Hill, Kansas City Frank Melrose, Smith & Irvine and Cassino Simpson.
ALEX HILL: Stompin' 'em Down/ Tack Head Blues/ KANSAS CITY FRANK MELROSE: Cosmics/ Distant Moan/ Jelly Roll Stomp (Br)/ Jelly Roll Stomp (Ge)/ Market Street Jive/ New Whoopee Stomp (ARC Test)/ Pass The Jug (Br)/ Pass The Jug (Ge)/ Piano Breakdown/ Rock My Soul (21227-2-test)/ Rock My Soul (take 1)/ St. James' Infirmary Blues (take 2)/ Wailing Blues/ Whoopee Stomp (21228-1-test)/ Whoopee Stomp (take 2)/ CASSINO SIMPSON: Blue Variations/ It Don't Mean A Thing (2 Parts)/ Little Joe/ Lost In A Fog/ Moonglow/ Song Of The Wanderer/ Tea For Two/ Variations/ SMITH AND IRVINE: Lonesome Road Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5655 Black & White Piano, Vol. 3 ● CD $15.98
A collection of 25 tracks recorded between 1897 and 1929 of blues, jazz and ragtime piano performed by both black and white performers. It includes complete recorded works, alternate takes, supplements and remaining titles.
BARREL-HOUSE PETE (ART GILLHAM): I'm Just A Rollin' Stone/ Pussy/ THE BLACKBIRDS OF HARMONY: So's Your Old Man/ MR. C.H.H. BOOTH: Wild West Galop (c 1897)/ FRANCIS C. CARTER: I Wonder What's Become Of Joe?/ The Birth Of The Blues/ DUKE ELLINGTON: Deacon Jazz (Jo Trent & The Deacons)/ Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now (Irving Mills, vcl)/ Jig Walk/ Oh, How I Love My Darling (Sonny & The Deacons)/ EARL HINES: For The Last Time Call Me Sweetheart (Lois Deppe, vocal)/ Isabel (Lois Deppe, vocal)/ Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child (Lois Deppe, vocal)/ Southland (Lois Deppe, vocal)/ MIKE JACKSON AND MABEL RICHARDSON: I'm Gonna Kill Myself (take 3)/ WALTER JAMES & BALEY WELLS: Sweet Petunia/ SAMMY LEWIS: Just Too Late/ Somebody I Can Call/ KANSAS CITY FRANK MELROSE: Rock My Soul (take 1)/ Whoopee Stomp (take 2)/ WILLARD ROBISON: What's The Use Of Crying?/ Yellow Dog Blues/ THE SEARCY TRIO: East St. Louis Stomp/ Kansas Avenue Blues/ CLARENCE WILLIAMS: A Pan In The Glass (take 2)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5103 Boogie Woogie & Barrelhouse Piano, Vol 2 : 1928-30 ● CD $15.98
Piano blues fans should appreciate having the complete recordings of Bob Call, Raymond Barrow, Blind Leroy Garnett, James "Boodle-It" Wiggins, Romeo Nelson, Rudy Foster, and Piano Kid Edwards all on one 71-minute CD. Call is the standout with his 31 Blues/ Keep A-Knockin'/ Evil Woman Blues, the last two featuring Wiggins' lively vocals. Wiggins also sings on several of Garnett's better cuts, including the amusing Frisco Bound Blues. Among the other excellent performances are Nelson's Gettin' Dirty Just Shakin' That Thing, and Barrows' Walking Blues. The notes are nice too, but it's clear that no one knows much about these guys. Adequate sound, and again some duplication with Magpie. (JC)
RAYMOND BARROW: Walking Blues/ BOB CALL: Blues/ Keep A-Knockin' An You Can't Get In ('Boodle-It' Wiggins, vcl)/ l Woman Blues ('Boodle-It' Wiggins, vcl)/ PIANO KID EDWARDS: Gamblin' Man's Prayer Blues/ Give Us Another Jug/ Hard Luck Gamblin' Man/ Piano Kid Special/ RUDY FOSTER: Black Gal Makes Thunder/ Corn Trimmer Blues/ BLIND LEROY GARNETT: Blue And Disgusted (Marie Griffin, vcl)/ Chain 'Em Down/ Forty-Four Blues (James 'Boodle-It' Wiggins, vcl)/ Frisco Bound (James 'Boodle-It' Wiggins, vcl)/ Louisiana Glide/ My Lovin' Blues (James 'Boodle-It' Wiggins, vcl)/ Weary-Heart Blues (James 'Boodle-It' Wiggins, vcl)/ What Do You Think This Is? (Marie Griffin, vcl)/ ROMEO NELSON: 1129 Blues (The Midnight Special)/ Dyin' Rider Blues/ Gettin' Dirty Just Shakin' That Thing/ Head Rag Hop/ JAMES 'BOODLE-IT' WIGGINS: Corinne Corinna Blues/ Gotta Shave 'Em Dry

VARIOUS ARTISTS Jasmine 2538 Boogie Woogie Vol. 1 - Piano Soloists ● CD $12.98
20 tracks, 65 min., recommended An overview of the boogie style in piano music, reasonable as either an addition to a collection of such recordings or as a place to begin one. Eleven artists are featured, with recording dates ranging from 1928 to 1943. Featured performances include Pinetop's Boogie Woogie and Jump Steady Blues by Clarence "Pinetop" Smith, The Dirty Dozens and Wilkins Street Stomp by Rufus Perryman, Yancy Special and Midnight Stomp by Jimmy Yancy, Shout for Joy and Bass Goin' Crazy by Albert Ammons, and Blues on the Downbeat and Kaycee On My Mind by Pete Johnson. Great music from start to finish. Minimal notes, acceptable graphics, and reasonable sound quality for the era. (DH)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5191 Chicago Piano, 1929-36 ● CD $15.98
24 track, 74 mins, highly recommended
This album presents the complete recordings of three fine but obscure singer/ piano players John Oscar, Eddie Miller and George Noble. Miller is thought to be from St Louis and has a relaxed flowing piano style and a smoky soulful voice. In addition to accompanying himself he also accompanies the excellent Willie Mae McKenzie on Miller's theme song I'd Rather Drink Muddy water. There are 6 sides by John Oscar - some where he is thought to be accompanied by Miller and some accompanying himself - either way they are fine. There are also two tracks by Eddie Morgan who is thought to be Miller under a pseudonym though to my ears he sounds more like Oscar than Miller! The piano stylings on his 1929 recordings are very different from those at his 1930 and '34 recordings which leads one to assume that there is more than one piano player in question. As good as Miller and Oscar are pride of place goes to the superb George Noble whose 8 sides feature churning, rolling piano underneath dark, expressive and immediately gripping vocals. Some of his songs are based on familiar themes like Milk Cow Blues or T.B. Blues but all are given his unique stamp. (FS)
EDDIE MILLER: Freight Train Blues/ Get Business On Your Mind (Willie Mae McKenzie, vcl)/ Good Jelly Blues/ I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water (Willie Mae McKenzie, vcl)/ I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water (tk. 1)/ I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water (tk. 2)/ School Day Blues/ Whoopie/ EDDIE MORGAN: My Gal Blues/ Rock House Blues/ GEORGE NOBLE: Bed Springs Blues/ Dozing Blues/ If You Lose Your Good Gal, Don't Mess With Mine/ New Milk Cow Blues/ On My Death-Bed/ Sissy Man Blues/ T. B. Blues/ The Seminole Blues/ JOHN OSCAR: Dyin' Mother Blues/ In The Gutter/ Mama Don't Allow No Easy Riders Here/ Mistreatment Blues/ Other Man Blues/ Whoopee Mama Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5233 Deep South Blues Piano ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 71 min., recommended Rhythmic pianist Harry Chatmon, of the famous Chatmon/ Carter bros. (see Mississippi Sheiks), takes the first 8 tracks (two with brother Bo on guitar) and delivers competent if unspectacular performances marred at times by poor sound quality. Kid Stormy Weather's only two sides reveal his fast right hand and, on Bread And Water Blues, a probable prison record. But what makes this collection worthwhile is the all but forgotten Blind Mack (Rhinehart) whose 14 cuts -- 12 with Brownie Stubblefield on guitar -- display a first rate talent on impressive versions of Rootin' Ground-Hog Blues/ Keep Your Good Woman A Home/ If I Leave Here Running/ Dirty No Gooder, and others. (JC)
BLIND MACK: Keep Your Good Woman Home/ Rootin' Ground-Hog Blues/ HARRY CHATMON: Black Ants Blues/ Deep Blue Ocean Blues/ Hoo Doo Blues/ Letter From Texas/ Please Don't Do It No More/ Quarrelin' Mama Blues/ Smoke-Stack Blues/ These Jackson Women Will Not Treat You Right/ KID STORMY WEATHER: Bread And Water Blues/ Short Hair Blues/ MACK RHINEHART & BROWNIE STUBBLEFIELD: Blues After Sundown/ Broke And Hungry/ Clay County Blues/ Dirty No Gooder/ I Can't Take It Anymore/ If I Leave Here Running/ Lonesome House Blues/ Lost Woman Blues/ Open Back Door Blues/ T.P.N. Moaner/ Uptown Blues/ You Don't Know My Mind

VARIOUS ARTISTS Wolf WBJ 010 Giants Of Boogie Woogie ● CD $14.98
18 tracks, 60 mins, recommended Excellent and diverse selection of recordings featuring the three giants of boogie piano - Pete Johnson (6 tunes including Roll 'Em Pete with vocals by Joe Turner, Rock & Roll Boogie/ Shirley's Boogie, etc), Meade Lux Lewis (5 tunes including Honkey Tonk Train Blues/ The Blues Parts 1 & 2/ School Of Rhythm, etc) and Albert Ammons (5 tunes including Rocking The Blues/ Mister Bell Boogie/ Ammons Stomp) and the three join forces of the magnificent two part Boogie Woogie Prayer and Ammons & Johnson duet on Boogie Woogie Prayer. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5656 Jazz & Blues Piano, 1934-1947 ● CD $15.98
21 tracks - complete recorded works, alternate takes, supplements and remaining titles from Sam Nowlin, James P. Johnson, Jelly Roll Morton, Clarence Profit Trio, Cassino Simpson, Dan Burley and others.
EUDIE L. BOWMAN: 12th Street Rag/ DAN BURLEY: 31st Street Blues/ Big Cat, Little Cat (take B)/ Big Cat, Little Cat (take C)/ Dusty Bottom (Broadcast)/ Fishtail Blues/ Hersal's Rocks/ Landlady's Night/ DOROTHY DONEGAN: Every Day Blues/ Piano Boogie/ JAMES P. JOHNSON: Liza (Private Recording)/ Pork And Beans (LC)/ JELLY ROLL MORTON: Honky Tonk Music No. 2/ SAM NOWLIN: Change/ So What/ CLARENCE PROFIT TRIO: Down Home (take 2)/ GENE RODGERS: Three Minutes Of Blues (take 1)/ Three Minutes Of Blues (take 2)/ Was It A Lie?/ CASSINO SIMPSON: After You've Gone/ TUT SOPER: Tea For Two

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5662 Jazz & Blues Piano, Vol. 2 : 1924-1947 ● CD $15.98
A collection of newly discovered previously unreissued tracks and alternate takes featuring piano. Includes Everett Robbins (not listed in blues discography!), Fred Longshaw, Maude Mills (with Fats Waller on piano), Bert M. Mays, Georgia Tom, Walter Davis (an alternate take of Railroad Man Blues), Roosevlt Sykes, Ida Cox (with Jesse Crump) and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Yazoo 2053 Juke Joint Saturday Night - Piano Blues, Rags & Stomps ● CD $15.98
23 tracks of some of the greatest piano blues of the 20s and 30s including sides by "Jabo" Williams, Louise Johnson, Charley Taylor, Little Brother Montgomery, Skip James, James Wiggins, Rudy Foster, Kingfish Bill Tomlin, Roosevelt Sykes and Piano Kid Edwards.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5192 Piano Blues, Vol 1 : 1927-36 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 79 mins, recommended An enjoyable collection of piano blues featuring the complete recordings of 9 fine but obscure performers. Highlights include Jim Clarke's exhilarating variation of Pinetop's Boogie Woogie called Fat Fanny Stomp, two superb cuts by Joe Dean "From Bowling Green" (actually from St. Louis) including the classic I'm So Glad I'm Twenty-One Years Old Today and four cuts by the wonderful Jesse James - a terrific gruff voiced singer, barrelhouse paino player and witty songwriter. Other artists include Bert M. Mays (fine piano - soemwhat pedestrian vocals), Blind Clyde Church (good piano, awful vocals), Dan Stewart, Judson Brown, James "Bat" Robinson and Pigmeat Terry (good vocals and excellent piano by Frank "Springback" James). Decent sound - dry notes by Howard Rye. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5220 Piano Blues, Vol 2 : 1927-56 ● CD $15.98
25 tracks, 74 mins, recommended An enjoyable and diverse selection of piano blues highlighted by seven marvelous tracks from St. Louis based Barrelhouse Buck McFarland who is both an outstanding singer and piano player. His 1929 sides are from a rough 78 but are worth it for some great playing. His 1934/ 35 sides have better sound and feature a guitarist (possibly Peetie Wheatstraw) and several have wonderfully funky fiddle player. Charles Segar, thought to be from Florida, is also a fine player with some jazz influences - his 1934/35 tracks are all solo instrumentals. The 1940 tracks have vocals and a drummer and are generally less interesting. The disc also features sides by L.C. Prigett, Willie Jones, Jesse Clayton (possibly Peter J. Clayton aka Dr. Clayton) and an unknown performer from a Paramount test pressing that was once purported to be Skip James though it clearly is not - still he's pretty good. The disc ends with two intriguing cuts from 1956 by Doug Suggs who was an associate of Jimmy Yancey with whom he traded ideas. Based these two cuts he was an exceptional performer. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5314 Piano Blues, Vol 3 ● CD $15.98
26 tracks, 75 mins, recommended A bit of a mixed bag with the first third of this disc well worth the "recommended" rating. The disc starts off with two excellent instrumental cuts from black Canadian Millard G. Thomas - a player who is probably more of a jazzman but who is eminently listenable. There are seven tracks by the wonderful singer Nolan "Barrelhouse" Walsh in three different settings - four of the cuts feature piano accompaniments by the relatively tame Richard M. Jones - two of them with Louis Armstrong and two with fiddle player Clarence Black. The remaining three feture his own piano accompaniment showing he deserves the sobriquet "Barrelhouse". There are 9 songs from the dreary George Hannah whose often salacious lyrics are occasionally given interesting accompaniments by Lonnie Johnson on fiddle or Meade Lux Lewis on piano. Lewis also accompanies the even duller Rob Robinson whose litany of obvious sexual metaphors is broken only by a deservedly unissued version of Sitting On Top Of The World (the pop song, not the blues). The disc ends with an unknown performer with two instrumentals from ane arly 40s private acetate - interesting, if not earthshaking. Still the Millard Thomas and Nolan Welsh sides make this disc worthwhile. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5336 Piano Blues, Vol 4 : 1923-1928 ● CD $15.98
The complete recorded works in chronological order of Q. Roscoe Snowden, Ray Logan, Sugar Underwood, Stovepipe Johnson with Georgia Tom, Yodeling Kid Brown and other obscure performers.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5337 Piano Blues, Vol 5 : 1929-1936 ● CD $15.98
The complete recordings in chronological order of Bill Pearson, George Allison & Willie White with Henry Brown, Andy Chatmon, George Ramsey, Sophisticated Jimmy La Rue and others.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5645 Piano Blues, Vol. 6 : 1933-1938 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 67 mins, very good A bit of a mixed bag - both Earl Thomas and Curtis Henry are excellent as both vocalist and piano players and the latter had a distinctive deep smoky vocal style used to great effect on the classic G-Man Blues. St. Louis Red Mike Bailey was a decent singer and his tracks feature nice piano from Blind John Davis or Black Bop. Whistlin' Rufus is an OK piano player but his hokum vocals are interminably tedious. "Peg Leg" Ben Abney is a decent singer but a rather unimaginative piano player. (FS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Blues Documents BDCD 6045 Piano Discoveries - Newly Found Titles & Alternate Take ● CD $15.98
25 tracks, 77 min., very good
The first half contains 12 (6 unissued) commercial studio recordings that collectors of the "Too Late, Too Late" Document Records series should be aware of. Lee Green's Paramount version of Five Minute Blues is now available with it's clever reference to the Blind Willie McTell Big Star Fallin' lyric. Other commercial pianist featured include Judson Brown (w/Charlie Bozo Nicherson), Leroy Carr (w/Scrapper Blackwell), Cow Cow Davenport, Georgia Tom (w/Tampa Red), Memphis Slim, Little Brother Montgomery, Roosevelt Sykes (w/Walter Davis), and one Ezra Howelett Shelton, who will be included in the upcoming 4th edition of R. M. W. Dixon & Howard Rye's pre-1943 discography (Cambridge Press). The last 13 tracks are from acetates recorded in 1943. These recordings by Cripple Clarence Lofton, Jimmy (& Mama) Yancey, and Alonzo Yancey are making their first appearance since announced in 1982. Though sometimes rough & ready, completists will find them fascinating, especially as some conversations have been included. The excellent CD notes were written by Guido Van Rijn, who was recently awarded a Ph.D. for his study, Roosevelt's Blues, to be published by University Of Mississippi Press (1996). (EL)
LEROY CARR: Church House Blues (take 1)/  WALTER DAVIS:You Don't Worry My Mind (take 2)/ LEE GREEN: Five Minute Blues/ PETE JOHNSON & ALBERT AMMONS: Boogie Woogie Man (063861-1)/ CRIPPLE CLARENCE LOFTON: Deep End Boogie (Unissued Private Acetate)/ Fine And Mellow ((Unissued Private Acetate ,Evie Westphal, vcl)/ I Don't Know/ I Don't Know (Unissued Private Acetate)/ MEMPHIS SLIM: Beer Drinking Woman (take 2)/ LITTLE BROTHER MONTGOMERY: Louisiana Blues (take B)/ CHARLIE 'BOZO' NICKERSON: What's The Matter Now? - Part 3/ What's The Matter Now? - Part 4/ What's The Matter Now? - Part 4/ EZRA HOWLETT SHELTON: Flapper's Stomp/ IVY SMITH & COW COW DAVENPORT: That's The Kind Of Girl I'm Looking For/ TAMPA RED & GEORGIA TOM: It's A Pretty Little Thing/ Poor Old Bachelor Blues/  ALONZO YANCEY: Ecstatic Rag/  Everybody's Rag/ Unknown Rag (At Party)/ JIMMY YANCEY: Boogie # A1/ Mama And Jimmy Blues (Mama Yancey, vcl)/ The Rocks/ Untitled Blues/Talking & Piano Experiment/ Untitled/ Vocal Blues (C. C. Lofton, vcl)/

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5388 Rare Jazz & Blues Piano ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 68 min., very good. David Evans, in his enclosed 6 page essay, outlines what is known about the male vaudeville/burlesque performers included in this set. Unlike their female counterparts, these performers ("Talking" Billy Anderson, Billy Mitchell, Old Ced Odom, Oliver Brown) generally accompanied themselves on their own compositions. The six Billy Mitchell titles are rare examples of 'party' type blues, including Two Old Maids, Looking For A Cherry (for my banana split!), and the outrageous A Hole In One, all sung in his best Cab Calloway voice. This 'black faced' performer is the same Billy Mitchell who recorded (in 1950) for Dootsie Williams' Blue Label. (EL)
'TALKING' BILLY ANDERSON: The Coldest Stuff In Town/ The Hottest Stuff In Town/ OLIVER BROWN FROM NEW ORLEANS: I Ain't Got Nobody/ Oh You Devil You/ BILLY MITCHELL: A Hole In One/ I Never See Maggie Alone/ In The Jailhouse Now/ Looking For A Cherry/ Two Old Maids/ Yum Yum Yum/ SCOTTIE NESBITT: Deep, Deep In The Ground/ Some Old Lonesome Day 'Walkin''/ Sundown Blues/ Troubled And Blue/ OLD CED ODOM & LIL 'DIAMONDS' HARDAWAY: Break 'Er Down/ Derbytown/ Fore Day In The Morning/ Hotter Than Fire/ It's Your Yas Yas Yas/ What You Gonna Do?

VARIOUS ARTISTS Indigo 2078 Shakin' That Thing - Essential Recordings Of Boogie ● CD $11.98
A great introduction to classic piano blues and boogie with Honky Tonk Train Blues by Meade Lux Lewis, Indiana Avenue Stomp by Montana Taylor, Stomp 'Em Down To The Bricks by Henry Brown, Gettin' Dirty Just Shakin' That Thing by Romeo Nelson, 31 Blues by Bob Call plus cuts by Roosevelt Sykes, Jabo Williams, Cripple Clarence Lofton, Black Ivory King, Albert Ammons, memphis Slim and others!
ALBERT AMMONS: Boogie Woogie Stomp/ CHARLES AVERY: Dearborn Street Breakdown/ BIG MACEO: Chicago Breakdown/ BLACK IVORY KING: Flying Crow, The/ HENRY BROWN: Stomp 'Em Down To The Bricks/ BOB CALL: Blues/ COW COW DAVENPORT: Slum Gullion Stomp/ WILL EZELL: Playin' The Dozen/ BLIND LEROY GARNETT: Chain 'Em Down/ PETE JOHNSON & JOE TURNER: Roll 'Em Pete/ MEADE LUX LEWIS: Honky Tonk Train Blues/ CRIPPLE CLARENCE LOFTON & RED NELSON: Streamline Train/ MEMPHIS SLIM: Old Taylor/ LITTLE BROTHER MONTGOMERY: Farish Street Jive/ ROMEO NELSON: Gettin' Dirty Just Shakin' That Thing/ JOHN OSCAR: Whoopee Mama Blues/ WALTER ROLAND: Jookit Jookit/ SPECKLED RED: St. Louis Stomp/ ROOSEVELT SYKES: You So Dumb/ MONTANA TAYLOR: Indiana Avenue Stomp/ WESLEY WALLACE: Fanny Lee Blues/ JABO WILLIAMS: Pratt City Blues/ JIMMY YANCEY: State Street Special

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5104 St. Louis Barrelhouse Piano, 1929-34 ● CD $15.98
The booklet notes talk about the controversy of whether Wesley Wallace is the pianist on Sylvester Palmer's songs here. Anyhow, Palmer's 4 cuts are quite good, as good as Wallace's 8 sides for Paramount - his complete catalog - with the notable exception of the remarkable No. 29. Bessie Mae Smith (St. Louis Bessie) sings on St. Louis Daddy/ Farewell Baby Blues, Wallace's earliest numbers. And Henry Brown's 13 sides are excellent, especially Blues Stomp/ Screenin' The Blues, which feature Ike Rodgers' trombone, as does the prohibition lament Malt Can Blues and the great Throw Me In The Alley with Peetie Wheatstraw on vocals. Sound is adequate. (JC)
HENRY BROWN: All Men Blue/ Beef Man Blues (Tee McDonald, vcl)/ Blind Boy Blues/ Blues Stomp/ Deep Morgan Blues/ Eastern Chimes Blues/ Henry Brown Blues/ It Hurts So Good/ Malt Can Blues (Ike Rodgers & His Biddle Street Boys)/ Screenin' The Blues/ Stomp 'Em Down To The Bricks/ Throw Me In The Alley (Peetie Wheatstraw & His Blue Blowers)/ Twenty First St. Stomp/ SYLVESTER PALMER: Broke Man Blues/ Do It Sloppy/ Lonesome Man Blues/ Mean Blues/ WESLEY WALLACE: Dying Baby Blues (Robert Peeples, vcl)/ Fanny Lee Blues/ Farewell Baby Blues (Bessie Mae Smith, vcl)/ Fat Greasy Baby (Robert Peeples, vcl)/ Mama's Boy (Robert Peeples, vcl)/ No. 29/ St. Louis Daddy (Bessie Mae Smith, vcl)/ Wicked Devil's Blues (Robert Peeples, vcl)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Black Swan 12011 The Paramount Piano Blues, Vol. 1 1928-1932 ● CD $14.98
Twenty vintage 78's from Paramount, many previously reissued on Magpie's piano series, as well as other compilations. With James Wiggins, Blind Leroy Garnett, Charlie Spand, Will Ezell, Henry Brown, Lonnie Clark, Charles Avery, Louise Johnson, Little Brother Montgomery, Wesley Wallace, Skip James and Jabo Williams tickling the ivories.

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5341 Tiny Parham & The Blues Singers ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 70 min., very good Tiny (who wasn't) Parham is one of a group of pianists hired by J. Mayo Williams to accompany his Paramount Recording artists, most of whom we know next-to-nothing about and Tiny probably had not met previously. Highlights include an early version of the gospel song Now Is The Needy Time (Daniel Brown) and the recordings by the Afro-American folklorist Dr. Willis Lawrence James, Oh Cap'N and River Rousty Song. Other artists include Adell Shelly Bragg (8), Ora Brown (2), Hattie McDaniels (2), Sharlie English (4) and Bertha Henderson (1). The CD is rounded out with 2 instrumental duets with clarinetist Johnny Dodds, and one side with Brady's Clarinet Band. (EL) 


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