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Various Artists Collections - Pre War East Coast Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5450 Alabama & The East Coast, 1933-1937 ● CD $16.98
CHARLIE CAMPBELL: Goin' Away Blues/ Pepper Sauce Mama/ GEORGIA SLIM: Evil Hearted Woman/ I've Been Mistreated/ New Root Man Blues/ Ocean Wide Blues/ Separatin' Blues/ Sweet Woman Blues/ GUITAR SLIM: Ain't It A Shame?/ Katie May - Katie May/ PEANUT THE KIDNAPPER: Eighth Avenue Blues/ Silver Spade Blues/ Suicide Blues/ Swagger Woman Blues/ SONNY SCOTT: Black Horse Blues/ Coal Mountain Blues/ Fire Wood Man/ Hard Luck Man/ Highway No. 2 Blues/ Naked Man Blues/ Red Cross Blues/ Red Cross Blues No. 2/ Red Rooster Blues/ Try Me Man Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5644 Blues & Gospel From The Eastern States, 1935-1944 ● CD $14.98
25 tracks, 73 mins, recommended. A fine and varied collection of country blues. There are 13 tracks by Bull City Red who accompanied Blind Boy Fuller on washboard on numerous ARC sides. He was also a good exponent of the Piedmont blues style in his own right, if not as skilled a guitarist as Fuller. Here we get the added bonus of the great Gary Davis' blues guitar accompanying Red on two cuts, along with six gospel sides recorded as Brother George & His Sanctified Singers with Sonny Terry and Sonny Jones. There are 8 tracks by the obscure Sam Montgomery, known as "King Of Spades", who was a powerful singer and guitarist - often playing with a slide. Poor Bill has two fine songs - it's thought that he might be Josh White's brother William White. The disc ends with two lovely sides from Boy Green with fine vocals and guitar on A And B Blues and Play My Jukebox. All, in all, a very worthwhile collection. (FS)
BULL CITY RED: Black Woman And Poison Blues/ Everybody Wants To Know How I Die/ Have You Decided (Which Way To Go)/ I Feel Like Shoutin'/ I Saw The Light/ I See The Sign Of Judgement/ I Won't Be Dogged Around/ Jesus Touched Me/ Mississippi River/ Now I'm Talking About You/ Pick And Shovel Blues/ Richmond Blues/ Talkin' With Jesus/ BOY GREEN: A And B Blues/ Play My Juke Box/ SAM MONTGOMERY: Baby Please Don't Go/ Blue Devil Blues/ Honey Dripper/ I'm Through With You/ King Of Knave/ King Of Knave No. 2/ Low In Mind Blues/ Mercy Mercy Blues/ POOR BILL: A Hundred Women/ Way Up On The Mountain

VARIOUS ARTISTS Story Of Blues 3528 East Coast Blues In The Thirties (1934-39) ● CD $13.98
16 tracks, 46 mins, recommended Direct reissue of the LP Blues Documents 2038. A fine selection of late 30's rural blues, marred only by occasional poor sound. Artists include Bob Campbell (whose classic Starvation Farm Blues has been unavailable on lp for decades), The Tampa Kid (also available on Blues Documents CD 6020), the fine "Poor Bill", whose 2 sides from 1939 have not been reissued elsewhere, and 8 cuts on by the excellent vocalist/slide guitarist Sam Montgomery, whose work has also been unavailable on lp for some 20 years. Much of this material has a more intense feel than one tends to associate with East Coast blues and is well worth a listen (PR)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5160 Georgia Blues & Gospel (1927-31) ● CD $14.98
24 tracks, 77 min., recommended. This set opens with 11 cuts -- the 7 issued titles and 4 alternate takes -- by the superb guitarist/singer Julius Daniels. Daniels, as obscure as he was talented, works in various styles, and includes a pair of fine religious numbers in Slippin' And Slidin' Up The Golden Street/ I'm Goin' To Tell God How You Doin', the latter featuring some sharp bottleneck work. The complete works of Lil' McClintock, George Carter, and Lillie Mae, and are also offered. The unknown Carter recorded 4 sides of competent if unspectacular blues, as does Mae, who turns in a Ma Rainey impression on Buggy Jail House Blues. McClintock produced a brace of noteworthy if similar sounding gospels in Sow Good Seeds/ Mother Called Her Child To Her Dying Bed, and some lesser secular sides. A nice collection with Daniels as the standout. (JC)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Document DOCD 5110 Georgia Blues 1928-1933 ● CD $14.98
Depression-era guitar blues may be the bottomless pit of pre-War country blues: every time you turn around, there's more top-rank stuff to hear. This is another excellent collection of the place and the period, largely because of the participation of Curley Weaver, who sings and/or plays guitar on 15 of the 24 cuts here, most of them recorded not in his hometown of Atlanta but in New York City and Long Island City studios. Weaver never reached the heights of fellow Atlantans Blind Willie McTell or Barbecue Bob Hicks, but his easy, rolling style made him a favorite of crowds and other performers. "Georgia Blues" offers a fine mix of secular blues variations; aside from those tracks that feature Weaver, there are also songs here by Eddie Mapp, Guy Lumpkin, Slim Barton, and Eddie Mapp. Those in search of more Curley Weaver should check out Document 5111 and Blues Documents 6014. (JG)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Story Of Blues 3516 Georgia String Bands ● CD $13.98
There's a lot to listen to on this CD (like the Pink Anderson/Simmie Dooley duets), but the best part are the pieces by what's probably a reconstituted Peg Leg Howell group (Macon Ed and Tampa Joe). This is insinuating street-dance music, with much featured space for the great black fiddler Eddie Anthony. His stroking is pleasantly off-key, with a deep blues feel, and on tunes like Warm Wipe Stomp he takes off into the stratosphere with shockingly dissonant intervallic leaps. (AL)
PINK ANDERSON AND SIMMIE DOOLEY: C.C. and O. Blues/ Every Day in the Week Blues/ Gonna Tip Out Tonight/ Papa's 'Bout to Get Mad/ LONNIE COLEMAN: Old Rock Island Line Blues/ Wild About My Loving/ MACON ED AND TAMPA JOE: Everything's Coming My Way/ Mean Florida Blues/ Tantalizing Bootblack/ Tickle Britches/ Try That Thing/ Warm Wipe Stomp/ Worrying Blues/ Wringing That Thing/ HENRY WILLIAMS AND EDDIE ANTHONY: Georgia Crawl/ Lonesome Blues/ BROTHERS WRIGHT AND WILLIAMS: I'll Play My Harp in Beulah Land

VARIOUS ARTISTS Indigo 2045 Sweet Petunia - Essential Recordings Of Georgia Blues ● CD $11.98
KOKOMO ARNOLD: Milk cow blues/ The Twelves/ WILLIE BAKER: Mama don't rush me blues/ BARBECUE BOB: Ease it to me blues/ Goin' up the country/ Mississippi heavy water blues/ Motherless child blues/ THE GEORGIA BROWNS: Decatur Street 81/ Tampa strut/ THE GEORGIA COTTON PICKERS: She looks so good/ She's coming back some day/ PEG LEG HOWELL: Ball and chain blues/ Broke and hungry blues/ Skin game blues/ FRED MCMULLEN: De Kalb chain gang/ BLIND WILLIE MCTELL: B&O blues no. 2/ It's a good little thing/ BUDDY MOSS: Daddy don't care/ Hard road blues/ Undertaker blues/ CURLEY WEAVER: No no blues/ Sweet Petunia/ HENRY WILLIAMS & EDDIE ANTHONY: Georgia crawl/ Lonesome blues


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