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Various Artists Collections - Post War Louisiana Blues

VARIOUS ARTISTS Ace CDCHD 821 Goin' Down To Louisiana ● CD $18.98
30 track collection of blues from Eddie Shuler's Goldband label based around the 1965 Storyville album. In addition to all the tracks from the album it includes rare singles and 10 previously unissued tracks. Includes Juke Boy Bonner, Ashton Savoy, Al Smith, Tal Miller, Hop Wilson and Big Chenier.

VARIOUS Arhoolie 9004 Louisiana Blues - 1970 ● CD $9.98
12 tracks, 48 mins, very good. Reissue of Arhoolie 1054 featuring down home sides by Henry Gray, Guitar Kelly, Silas Hogan, Clarence Edwards & Whispering Smith. Although the singing and playing are generally pretty good the performances suffer from muddy sound quality and the performers are occasionally a bit lethargic. The whole production is generally not as strong as the Blue Horizon recordings of the same artists cut a few months later and recently reissued on Ace. (FS)
CLARENCE EDWARDS: Hear That Rumbling/ How Many More Years/ HENRY GRAY: Cold Chills/ Lucky, Lucky Man/ The Blues Won't Let Me Take My Rest/ SILAS HOGAN: 7. Run Around Blues/ Rats And Roaches In My Kitchen/ GUITAR KELLEY: I Got A Funny Feeling/ If I Ever Get Back Home/ Talk To Me Baby/ WHISPERING SMITH: I Love You Baby/ On The Dark Road Crying

VARIOUS Wolf 120.924 Louisiana Swamp Blues Vol. 3 ● CD $14.98
A collection of contemporary down home blues from Louisiana featuring 3 performers - Larry Garner, Battlerack Scatter (that's his legal name!) and T.Bone Singleton. All three artists are worthwhile with Garner being the most interesting - a fine singer and guitarist he is also a witty songwriter - his Dog House is particularly nice. (FS)

VARIOUS Ace CDCHD 661 Swamp Blues ● CD $22.98
24 tracks, 77 mins, highly recommended
Reissue of excellent two-LP set originally on the English Blue Horizon label and subsequently issued as two LPs on Excello. Produced by Mike Vernon in 1970 it features some of the best down home bluesmen from the Baton Rouge area. Whispering Smith and Silas Hogan had previously recorded for Excello, Clarence Edwards had done field recordings for Harry Oster, pianist/ singer Henry Gray had moved back to Louisiana from Chicago after years working with the likes of Howlin' Wolf, Junior Wells & Billy Boy Arnold and Arthur "Guitar" Kelly was an obscure but fine singer & guitarist very much in the vein of the great Lightnin' Slim. The first half the disc features these artists in a small band setting which frequently recreates the feel & spirit of the great Jay Miller recordings of ten years previously. The latter half are solo, mostly acoustic, performances and are also very fine - particularly Gray, Hogan and Edwards. Edwards's performances are so good that it's a mystery why he continued in osbcurity for another 15 years and died in 1993, not long after he started to finally get the recognition he deserved. Great sound and informative notes by Vernon about the artists and sessions. Although recorded only a few months after the Arhoolie sessions with the same artists the performances here seem much more spirited and alive. (FS)
CLARENCE EDWARDS: Cooling Board/ I Want Somebody/ Let Me Love You Baby/ Lonesome Bedroom Blues/ HENRY GRAY: Can't Last Too Long/ Gray's Bounce/ Showers Of Rain/ Worried Life Blues/ SILAS HOGAN: Dry Chemical Blues/ Hoo-doo Blues/ I Didn't Tell Her To Leave/ I Don't Know Why/ Just Give Me A Chance/ ARTHUR "GUITAR" KELLEY: How Can I Stay When All I Have Is Gone/ I Don't Know Why/ Number Ten At The Station And Number Twelve Is On The Road/ Somebody Stole My Baby And Gone/ WHISPERING SMITH: A Thousand Miles From Nowhere/ Baby, Please Don't Go/ Baton Rouge Breakdown/ Cold Black Mare/ Deep South Mose/ Looking The World Over/ Storm In Texas

VARIOUS Collectables 5087 The Goldband Blues Collection, Vol 1 ● CD $13.98
22 tracks, 53 mins, recommended
First in a series of three CDs featuring blues and R&B recordings cut in the 50s and early 60s by Lake Charles, Louisiana entrepreneur Eddie Shuler for is Goldband label and his offshoots Tic-Toc and Folk Star label. Shuler could not be considered a great producer and so his recording sessions were marked by lack of reheasal, suspect tuning and poor recording balance but with such a wealth of talent in the area it was hard not to end up with some exciting music. Much of the material on these volumes was not originally issued and most of it is making its first appearance on CD. Among the artists featured here are Clarence garlow, Juke Boy Bonner, the wonderful Cookie & The Cupcakes (including one great cut with Katie Webster duetting with Cookie), Sticks Herman, Big Chenier (Clifton's uncle) and others. (FS)
ELTON ANDERSON: But I Love You/ Catch That Train/ Come Back Home/ JUKE BOY BONNER: Can't Hardly Keep From Crying/ BOBBY BROWN: Who Are They To Say/ BIG CHENIER: Just Couldn't Take It/ Let Me Hold Your Hand/ COOKIE & THE CUPCAKES: I Cried & I Cried/ Need All Your Loving Baby/ SHELTON DUNAWAY AND THE CUPCAKES: Cindy Lou/ I'm Going/ CLARENCE GARLOW: Sound The Bell/ Sunday Morning/ Train Came A Rolling Down The Track/ STICKS HERMAN: My Love Is Real/ Teenage Baby/ Give Me Your Love/ CHARLES (MAD DOG) SHEFFIELD: One Hour Thirty Minues Too Long/ KATIE WEBSTER AND ASHTON SAVOY: Dingle I Love You/ Juke Joint (instrumental)/ KATIE WEBSTER AND COOKIE & THE CUPCAKES: You Gonna Need Me

VARIOUS Collectables 5088 The Goldband Blues Collection, Vol 2 ● CD $13.98
22 tracks, 56 mins, recommended
The second collection opens with Charles "Mad Dog" Sheffield's reworking of Little Willie John's Fever as Wicked Old Fever with hot guitar by Clarence Garlow. The following track Nothing Can Keep My Love From You from singer/ harmonica player Al Smith also has nice guitar from an unknown player. Thaddeus Decoulet is an interesting singer whose two songs here are variations on Lonesome Sundown's Leave My Money Alone with zydeco accordion and, on the first version, some amazingly out-of-tune guitar. Singer/ guitarist Left Hand Charlie is also out of tune but not quite as much and his tracks are really quite interesting. Also on this volume are Charle Perrywell & The Fairlanes, Juke Boy Bonner, Clarence Garlow (including the zyedco flavored I Dont' Know and Za Belle) and others. (FS)

VARIOUS Collectables 5089 The Goldband Blues Collection, Vol 3 ● CD $13.98
21 tracks, 56 mins, very good
The third volume is the weakest of the three with mostly unexceptional material rather too many tracks by Bill Parker and his band with vocals by the unexceptional Ola Vaughn, Little Miss Peggie, Blues Boy Palmer or Nat Eckbert. Scottie Milford is an interesting singer who was actually recorded in the eighties though thanks to Eddie Shuler's patented recording technique could have been recorded 20 years earlier. Rockin' Sidney is featured on two cuts from 1969. The set also includes Thaddeus Decoulet, Cookie & The Cupcakes, Hop Wilson, Ivory Jackson and others. (FS)

VARIOUS Ace CDCHD 562 The Real Excello R&B ● CD $18.98
JIMMY ANDERSON: Goin' Crazy Over Tv/ Nothing In This World/ LEON AUSTIN: I'm So Glad/ CHARLES FRIDAY: Baby! I'm Stickin' To You/ EARL GAINES: It's Love Baby/ AL GARNER: Leavin' Tennessee/ ARTHUR GUNTER: Baby Let's Play House/ SLIM HARPO: I Need Money/ Little Queen Bee/ Still Rainin' In My Heart/ SILAS HOGAN: Dark Clouds Rollin'/ I'm Goin' In The Valley/ LAZY LESTER: Whoa Now/ LIGHTNIN' SLIM: She's My Crazy Little Baby/ Wintertime Blues/ LONESOME SUNDOWN: I Had A Dream Last Night/ You're Playin' Hookey/ JAY NELSON: Rocka Me All Night Long/ CHARLES SHEFFIELD: It's Your Voodoo Working/ ROSCOE SHELTON: Crazy Over You/ Pleadin' For Love/ WHISPERING SMITH: Cryin' Blues/ I Tried So Hard/ SWEET CLIFFORD: Baby, Kiss Me Again



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