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King Louis H. Narcisse -> Dorothy Norwood


KING LOUIS H. NARCISSE Gospel Treasures 2001 It's So Nice To Be Nice ● CD $15.98
22 tracks, 71 mins, recommended
Exciting collection of gospel singing featuring 22 tracks recorded between 1949 and 1962 by flamboyant and powerful Oakland singer, preacher, entrepreneur and self professed faith healer. in keeping with his name he had a church "court" complete with princesses, bishops, princes and missionaries! He was a powerful vocalist and was usually accompanied by a small group (usually piano & organ with occasional guitar and percussion) plus occasional congregations. His material was mostly gospel standards along with a couple of originals including a musical renedering of his motto "It's So Nice To Be Nice". One track features a vocal by congregation member and future R&B singer Theola Kilgore. Sound quality is superb and 16 page booklet by Opal Louis Nations gives us a detailed account of Narcisse's fascinating life and music. (FS)

NATHAN & THE ZYDECO CHA CHAS Rounder 2092 Steady Rock ● CD $16.98
Catchy album from Lafayette's young accordionist, Nathan Williams in an selection of R&B and zydeco numbers in the mode of his inspirations, Clifton Chenier and Buckwheat. He can slip through frothy numbers like If You Got A Problem or Zydeco Joe, gets bluesy on Ron Levy's I'm Back or Steady Rock and save enough to burn through down home zydeco's like Hey Bebe. While not of the depth or subtlety of a Clifton, he has an amiable, but supple sound that marks him as someone to watch. With a fine backup band. (JM)

NATHAN & THE ZYDECO CHA CHAS Rounder 2107 Your Mama Don't Know ● CD $16.98
3rd solid offering from St. Martinville's Nathan Williams supplies the same catchy, Clifton-influenced zydeco as his previous Rounder discs. Nothing fancy or radical, just 13 tasty, toe-tappin' numbers like Your Mama Don't Know/Life Must Go On/Everybody Gotta Start Somewhere. (JM)

NATHAN & THE ZYDECO CHA CHAS Rounder 2122 Follow Me Chicken ● CD $16.98
12 tracks, 54 min., recommended
How can you not like an album called "Follow Me Chicken"? Especially when Mr. Nathan Williams and his various Chas of zydeco are responsible. Especially when it's filled with energized Southern Louisiana dance music like Zydeco Road/ Tout Partout Mon Passe/Zydeco Is Alright. Williams can compress air through his Excelsior piano accordion with the best of them, and in fact he might just be the best of them. Wonderful moments include a zydecized cover of Stevie Wonder's Isn't She Lovely (Elle est jolie), the new Dann Penn penned (Mama's Tired), the disarming solo performance (nearly) of Ma Pauvre Mamen, and a cover of Z. Z. Hill's I Need Someone To Love Me, among others. May your dance floor never be empty. (JC)

NATHAN & THE ZYDECO CHA-CHAS Rounder 2137 Creole Crossroads ● CD $16.98
With Michael Doucet.

NATHAN & THE ZYDECO CHA CHAS Rounder 2143 I'm A Zydeco Hog ● CD $16.98
Fine live set recorded 1/97 at a bowling alley in New Orleans, the "Rock'n'Bowl"! Accordionist/vocalist Nathan Williams & his 5 piece band (guitar, bass, drums, alto & rubboard) on a rockin' selection of traditional & original zydeco tunes, along with covers of 2 tunes by the king, Clifton Chenier (Grand Prix, my fave on the CD, and Josephine Ce Pas Ma Femme). Put in on for an instant party! Also title tune + Everything On The Hog/ Stomp Down Zydeco/ Why You Wanna Make A Poor Cha Cha Cry (GM)

KENNY NEAL Alligator 4764 Big News From Baton Rouge ● CD $16.98
Enjoyable album by singer/ guitarist Neal. This was originally issued on the King Snake label as "Bio On The Bayou". For this release the album has been remixed to give it a richer sound and has added 3 previously unissued tracks. Neal is a decent, if unexceptional singer and a good solid guitarist. he is accompanied by a serviceable band on a selection of mostly original songs. No real surprises her but some decent sinmging and playing throughout. (FS)

KENNY NEAL Alligator 4774 Devil Child ● CD $11.98

KENNY NEAL Alligator 4795 Walking On Fire ● CD $16.98

KENNY NEAL Alligator 4809 Bayou Blood ● CD $16.98
14 tracks, 56 min., recommended
On his fourth album for Alligator, this son of famed Louisiana harmonica player Raful Neal continues to put out solid and spirited blues. Backed by a brother on bass (Noel or Darnell) and the exceptionally talented Lucky Peterson on keys, Kenny is free to flex his blues muscles on a set on mostly originals, including Do I Have To Go That Far?/ That Knife Don't Cut No More/ Right Train, Wrong Track/ Smoke Signals and others. Nothing here--not the guitar, not the singing, not the harp work--is so incredibly good that you'll pass out when you hear it. But you might just go to his show when he comes to town. (JC)
KENNY NEAL: Bayou Blood/ Big City Ways/ Branded/ Do I Have To Go That Far?/ Going To The Country/ Gonna Put You Out Of My Mosery/ Howling At The Moon/ I Can Read Between The Lies/ Lightning's Gonna Strike/ Neal And Prey/ Right Train, Wrong Track/ Smoke Signals/ That Knife Don't Cut No More/ You Ain't Foolin' Me

KENNY NEAL Alligator 4825 Hoodoo Moon ● CD $16.98
KENNY NEAL: Bad Memory/ Believe In Yourself/ Carrying The Torch/ Don't Fix Our Love/ Hoodoo Moon/ I'm A Blues Man/ If Heartaches Were Nickels/ It Hurts Me Too/ Just One Step/ Money Don't Make The Man/ The Real Thing/ Why Should I Stay?

KENNY NEAL & BILLY BRANCH Alligator 4894 Double Take ● CD $16.98
12 tracks, highly recommended
Blues discs this rewarding are few and far between. Recorded in France in 1998, this session offers a superb blend of tradition and spirited originality. St. Louis Jimmy's Going Down Slow, two Little Walter gems; I Just Keep Loving Her, with stunning harp, and a refreshing My Babe are acoustic. Vocal duties are evenly split between the duo and Branch makes use of an amplifier for Sonny Boy Williamson's Don't Start Me To Talking with warmly distorted harp tone, and both plug in for Mannish Boy and Billy And Kenny's Stomp, which sounds like Maxwell Street in the late 1940's. Northern Man Blues is a slow grind with more distorted harp, and the disc also includes the minor-key The Son I Never Knew. Enthusiastic throughout with a telepathy that makes them seem as if they're joined at the hip. (CR)

RAFUL NEAL Alligator 4783 Louisiana Legend ● CD $16.98
The fine Louisiana singer & harmonica Raful Neal has been performing for more than 30 years but this is his first album and a most worthwhile one it is too. Raful is a powerful singer and distinctive harmonica player and on this recent session he is accompanied by a fine band which includes his son Kenny on lead guitar and an excellent horn section including Noble Watts on sax. The songs include some fine remakes of songs he had previously recorded as 45s (Blues On The Moon/ Late In The Evening) a couple of covers (Jimmy Reeds' Honest I Do) and Wilburt Harrisons' Let's Work Together) and some fine new songs including the excellent Luberta, a songs which is lyrically a murder ballad and musically jumping Louisiana R&B. (FS)

JIMMY "T-99" NELSON Ace CDCHD 976 Cry Hard Luck - The RPM And Kent Recordings, 1951-1961 ● CD $18.98
23 tracks, 63 mins, highly recommended
Fine collection of sides recorded for RPM by Texas blues shouter Nelson, some with his regular band The Peter Rabbit Trio and others with various studio line ups. It includes his one minor hit - the classic T-99 - along with other fine tracks like Cry Hard Luck/ Meet Me With Your Black Dress On/ Raindrop Blues/ Bad Habit Blues/ Sweetest Little Girl/ Fine Little Honey Dripper , etc. A number of tracks were never issued on 78 rpm and were first issued on Ace LPs in the 1980s and a couple have never been issued before. As usual for Ace the sound quality is superb and the 12 page booklet has iinformative notes by Tony Rounce plus vintage photos and label shots. (FS)
JIMMY NELSON: Baby Chile/ Bad Habit Blues/ Big Mouth/ Cry Hard Luck/ Cry Hard Luck/ Fine Little Honey Dripper/ I Sat And Cried/ Last Turn Around/ Little Miss Teasin' Brown/ Married Men Like Sport/ Mean Poor Girl/ Meet Me With Your Black Dress On/ Rain Drop Blues/ Rich Little Girl/ Right Around The Corner/ Second Hand Fool/ She's My Baby/ She's My Baby/ Sweetest Little Girl/ T99 Blues/ T99 Blues/ Unlock The Door

JACK NEWMAN Document DOCD 5351 1938 Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 68 min, very good
Given that literally nothing is known about the four artists on this CD, except that they all recorded on the same date (May 26/1938, Chicago), Document has decided to issue the set collectively under Jack Newman's name, the one artist that is identifiable as being present on all the tracks. Jack Newman was the 3rd artist recorded that day and of his 8 titles, only Pawnshop Blues and Evil Woman have eluded the Document research team. His Way Late In The Evening is a take-off of Leroy Carr's 1935 When The Sun Goes Down. The other artists - James Hall, Ms. Frankie Jones, and Black Bottom McPhail - all put in solid performances with Jack Newman providing the piano accompaniments. (EL)
JAMES HALL: 15th Street Woman/ Coal Man Blues/ My Jivin' Woman/ Street Walkin' Woman/ Sweet Woman/ West Helena Blues/ FRANKIE JONES: Bring Your Mud And Let's Dob/ Gamblin' Man/ Jockey Blues/ L Stands For Lucky/ My Lincoln/ Solid Man/ BLACK BOTTOM MCPHAIL: Boll Weavil/ Don't Go Down In Black Bottom/ John/ Lonesome Chain Blues/ New Whiskey Man/ Wee Wee Woman/ JACK NEWMAN: 38 Special/ Black And Yellow Woman/ Blackberrry Wine/ My Woman Out West/ New Prison Blues/ Way Late In The Evening

ROBERT NIGHTHAWK Bullseye Blues 9624 Live On Maxwell Street, 1964 ● CD $16.98
Previously on Rounder 2022 and newly remastered and repackaged for this issue. CD issue of this superb 1980 album featuring this brilliant musician recorded live on Maxwell Street in 1964. In spite of his abilities and influences Nighthawks' recorded output is meagre and so this less than professionally recorded set is most welcome. His voice had a warmth and smoothness, unlike some of his Chicago contemporaries and his guitar playing was exciting and inventive including some lovely single string slide playing. He is accompanied by Johnny Young on second guitar and Robert Whitehead on drums with Carey Bell adding occasional bass or harmonica. The material is mostly derivative but Robert gives everything his own unique feel. The disc ends up with an interview which has been extended from the original LP version. (FS)
ROBERT NIGHTHAWK: Burning Heat/ Excerpts From Interview/ Goin' Down To Eli's/ I Need Love So Bad/ Maxwell Street Medley/ Mr. Bell's Shuffle/ Nighthawk Shuffle/ Take It Easy Baby/ The Time Have Come/ Yakity Yak

ROBERT NIGHTHAWK Delmark 711 Bricks In My Pillow ● CD $11.98
At last on CD the great 1951/52 recordings of this great Chicago singer and guitarist. CD includes two previously unissued alternate takes.
ROBERT NIGHTHAWK: Bricks In My Pillow/ Crying Wont Help You/ Feel So Bad/ Kansas City/ Maggie Campbell/ Maggie Campbell/ Nighthawk Boogie/ Seventy-four/ Seventy-four/ Take It Easy,baby/ The Moon Is Rising/ The Moon Is Rising./ U/s Boogie/ You Missed A Good Man

ROBERT NIGHTHAWK Document 32-20 6 Prowling With The Nighthawk ● CD $16.98
26 track collection of this brilliant and influential bluesman (Robert McCollum) including 14 of the sides recorded between 1937 and 1940 where he used the names Robert Lee McCoy, Rambling Bob and Peetie's Boy and 12 recorded between 1948 and 1952 when he had adopted the moniker Robert Nighthawk which he was to use the rest of his life.  Includes 12 page booklet with extensive notes by Jeff Harris and full discographical information.
ROBERT LEE MCCOY: CNA/ Don't Mistreat Your Woman/ Every Day And Night/ Freight Train Blues/ Friar's Point Blues/ G-Man/ Lonesome World/ Mamie Lee/ My Friend Has Forsaken Me/ Ol Mose/ Prowling Nighthawk/ Sweet Pepper Mama/ Tough Luck/ ROBERT NIGHTHAWK: Annie Lee Blues/ Black Angel Blues/ Crying Won't Help You/ Feel So Bad/ Jackson Town Girl/ Kansas City Blues/ Maggie Campbell/ Moon Is Rising/ My Sweet Lovin' Woman/ Return Mail Blues/ Six Three O/ Take It Easy Baby/ Take It Easy Baby

ROBERT NIGHTHAWK Saga Blues 982 076 Ramblin' Bob ● CD $12.98
Nicely packaged compilation of recordings of Robert Lee McCullum featuring 12 tracks recorded between 1937 and 1940 when he recorded under the name of Robert Lee McCoy and 12 recorded between 1948 and 1952 whne he used the name Robert Nighthawk. Lots of great music nicely pakaged in a digipack with 8 page booklet with notes in French and English and discographical information.
ROBERT LEE MCCOY: Don't Mistreat Your Woman/ Every Day And Night/ Freight Train Blues/ Friar's Point Blues/ Lonesome World/ Mamie Lee/ Mean Black Cat/ Next Door Neighbor/ Ol' Mose/ Prowling Night-Hawk/ Take It Easy Baby/ Tough Luck/ ROBERT NIGHTHAWK: Anna Lee/ Black Angel Blues/ Bricks In My Pillow/ Crying Won't Help You/ Feel So Bad/ Kansas City Blues/ Maggie Campbell/ My Sweet Lovin' Woman/ Return Mail Blues/ Six Three O/ Take It Easy Baby/ You Missed A Good Man

THE NIGHTHAWKS Genes GCD 4110 Live ● CD $14.98
16 tracks, 58 minutes, very good
Reissue of the live LP from Baltimore's Psyche Delly (originally "Live 1976" - Adelphi 4110) with a heady combination of mostly covers, from Elvis to Little Feat (Tripe Face Boogie) to J Geils (Whammer Jammer) with plenty of long blues workouts (19 Years Old/ Shake Your Money Maker/ Double Trouble) featuring Mark Wenner on harp & vocals & Jimmy Thackery, whose current band The Drivers, just delivered a blistering set at the San Francisco Blues Fest, on guitar. For filler, there's the "Live At the El Macombo" EP from '77 , 4 tunes including a cover of Elvis Costello's Mystery Dance. (GM)

THE NIGHTHAWKS Genes GCD 4115 Side Pocket Shot ● CD $14.98
Reissue of 1977 album - Are You Lonely (For Me Baby)/ I Keep Cryin'/ Honky Tonk Queen/ Tramp On The Highway/ Vaseline Machine No. 2/ Bring It On Home, etc. - with The Rhythm Kings Horns and various guest instrumentalists and vocalists.

THE NIGHTHAWKS Genes 4120/25 Jacks & Kings Vol. 1 & 2 ● CD $14.98
20 tracks collection - some featuring members of the muddy Waters Band.

THE NIGHTHAWKS Genes 4140/45 Best Of The Nighthawks ● CD $14.98
19-track compilation from Adelphi LP's by one of the hardest-working blues rock bands in the biz. Bring It On Home/ 9 Below Zero/ Can't Get Next To You/ Claudette/ Sea Cruise/ Nervous Breakdown.

OLLIE NIGHTINGALE Ecko 1005 Tell Me What You Want Me To Do ● CD $15.98
10 tracks, 50 min., recommended
This time out Ollie Hoskins a.k.a. Ollie Nightingale has staked out some soul-blues territory just south of Tyrone Davis country, doing that mid-tempo, sensitive ladies man thing. Ollie, however, occasionally gets a bit more graphic, as his sexual brag The Best That You Can Get demonstrates. Not smooth. And yet, most of the songs are perfectly usable if uninspired soul workouts. Nightingale still sounds good. And only on the title track does the absence of a real live meat and bone drummer actually become annoying. (JC)

REV. A.W. NIX/REV. EMMETT DICKINSON Document DOCD 5490 In Chronological Order, Vol. 2/ Last Recording Sessions ● CD $15.98
21 tracks, 66 min., recommended
Nix, an Alabaman Baptist, made his recording reputation his first time out with The Black Diamond Express To Hell, a fire and brimstone sermon delivered in righteous style in which sinners are picked up at each stop--so much for the express--on the way to hell. It sold so well Nix cut 50 sides in 4 years. Thirteen titles remain undiscovered for this release, indicating, perhaps, a drop in record sales as time wore on. Included here are parts 3-6 of the Black Diamond Express saga, including appearances by Nina Mae McKinney, who had recently been in King Vidor's all-black film Hallelujah!. Nix, who rarely represents ideas such as forgiveness and generosity in his sermons, spends most of his time railing against various sins and sinners. He borrows popular blues song titles for some sermons (It Was Tight Like That/ The Dirty Dozen/ How Long-How Long), perhaps to catch a record buyer's eye and dollar, perhaps reaching out to the sinners. (The last 4 cuts are the '31 recordings of Rev. Emmett Dickinson, whose earlier work is available on DOCD-5441. Earlier Nix recordings appear on DOCD-5328.) (JC)

JAMES NIXON Black Magic 9045 No End To The Blues ● CD $11.98
14 tracks, 54 mins, highly recommended
Now available at a lower price. Fine set of contemporary blues from Nashville singer/ guitarist Nixon with a good band produced by the versatile Fred James who also plays guitar and conga drums on the session. Though Nixon has been around for a while and has recorded singles and a couple of gospel albums but this is his debut album as a solo blues performer. Nixon is a superb singer with an expressive intimate style and plays some fine understated lead guitar. He also wrote or co-wrote all the songs here and they are good ones too. (FS)

THE NORFOLK JAZZ & JUBILEE QUARTET Document DOCD 5381 Complete Recorded Works, Vol 1 : 1921-1923 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 62 min., recommended
From the state of Virginia, the Norfolk Jazz/Jubilee Quartet was one of the most popular pre-war black quartets to be recorded (initially by Okeh) and one of the first to receive national attention. Its members began their career as secular performers, occupying the vaudeville stage both as an entity unto themselves and as a part of the Mamie Smith Review. Their diverse repertoire during their early years includes numbers from the classic blues tradition and from minstrel shows. Specific titles include Monday Morning Blues, Jelly Roll Blues, My Mammy, Who Built the Ark?, Wang Wang Blues, Every Ship Must Find a Harbor, and I Could Learn to Love You. As you might expect, given the recording dates listed in the title, sound quality is pretty rough. Nonetheless, the music is interesting, and the notes by Ray Funk reveal what little is known of the early days of this important early vocal group. DH
NORFOLK JAZZ QUARTET: Big Fat Mamma /Strut Miss Lizzie/ Blues That Drove Man To Ruin/ Cornfield Blues/ Every Ship Must Find A Harbor/ Get Hot/ Goin' Home Blues/ Honey, God Bless Your Heart/ I Could Learn To Love You/ I Hope I May Join The Band/ Jelly Roll Blues/ Monday Morning Blues/ My Mammy/ Preacher Man Blues/ Quartette Blues/ Sad Blues (take 2)/ Shall We Meet On The River/ Southern Jack/ Standing On The Corner/ Stop Dat Band (take 1)/ Wang Wang Blues/ When I Walked Up I Was Sharp As A Tack/ Who Built The Ark?/ Wide Wide World

THE NORFOLK JAZZ & JUBILEE QUARTET Document DOCD 5382 Complete Recorded Works, Vol 2 : 1923-1925 ● CD $15.98 $11.98
23 tracks, 68 min., recommended
By 1924, for the second of the three sessions reissued here, the Norfolk Quartet had shifted to a primarily spiritual repertoire and, for all three sessions, to a new record company, Paramount. And their popularity continued to grow, with bass singer Len Williams and his swinging arrangements serving as the group's anchor. Program highlights include Father Prepare Me, Dixie Blues, Where Shall I Be, Crying Holy Unto the Lord, Roll Jordan Roll, Jelly Roll's First Cousin, and Get on Board Little Children, Get on Board. Sound quality still leaves a bit to be desired on some tracks, but, even on the tougher-to-listen-to numbers, the merits of the music make the aural battle worth fighting. Brief but worthwhile notes, again by Ray Funk, solid discographical information, and Document's typical minimalist graphics. DH
NORFOLK JAZZ QUARTET: Aint It A Shame (take 2)/ Dixie Blues (take 2)/ Jelly Roll's First Cousin/ Pleading Blues/ Raise R-U-K-U-S Tonight/ NORFOLK JUBILEE QUARTET: Crying Holy Unto The Lord (take 2) /Roll Jordan Roll/ Every Time I Feel The Spirit/ Ezekiel Saw De Wheel (1813-2)/ Father Prepare Me (1367)/ Get On Board, Little Children, Get On Board/ I'm A Pilgrim/ I'm Going To Meet My Mother/ I'm Gonna Build Right On Dat Shore (1808)/ I'm Gonna Make Heaven My Home/ My Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race (1368)/ Swing Low Sweet Chariot (1812)/ Throw Out The Lifeline/ What You Going To DO When The World's On Fire (take 2)/ What You Going To Do When The World's On Fire (take 1)/ When I Was A Moaner/ Where Shall I Be (1803-1)/ Where Shall I Be (1803-2)

THE NORFOLK JAZZ & JUBILEE QUARTET Document DOCD 5383 Complete Recorded Works, Vol 3 : 1925-1927 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 68 min., recommended
Volume three finds the Norfolk ensemble still on the Paramount label, and now so solidly religious in their performing that these four sessions include only two secular numbers, both wonderful - Queen Street Rag and Louisiana Bo Bo. The spiritual section of the play list includes Pharaoh's Army Got Drowned, I'm Gonna Do All I Can For My Lord, Jesus Lay Your Head in the Window, See the Sign of Judgment, If Anybody Asks You Who I Am, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, and Down by the Riverside. Group membership remains constant since the second session of Volume One, with Norman Harris as tenor, Otto Tuston singing lead, Delroy Hollins as baritone, and Len Williams singing bass. And except for a few weak spots, sound quality is quite good for the time. Discographical, liner note, and graphical considerations are as expected for this solid reissue label. DH
NORFOLK JUBILEE QUARTET: Daniel In The Lion's Den/ Do You Want To Be A Lover Of The Lord/ Down By The Riverside/ Great Jehovah/ I Want To Cross Over To See My Lord/ I Will Guide Thee/ I'm Gonna Do All I Can For My Lord (take 1)/ I'm Gonna Do All I Can For My Lord (take 2)/ I'm Nearer My Home/ If Anybody Asks You Who I Am/ Jesus Lay Your Head In The Window (take 1)/ Jesus Lay Your Head In The Window (take 2)/ Let The Church Roll On/ Louisiana Bo Bo/ Oh The Shoes That My Lord Gave Me/ Pharaoh's Army Got Drowned (take 2)/ Queen St. Rag (2719)/ Revival Day/ See The Sign Of Judgement (take 2)/ Shepard Where Is Your Little Lamb/ Sit Down Sit Down I Can't Sit Down (2057)/ Somebody's Always Talking About Me/ Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (2811)/ The Old Account Was Settled Long Ago

THE NORFOLK JAZZ & JUBILEE QUARTET Document DOCD 5384 Complete Recorded Works, Vol 4 : 1927-1929 ● CD $15.98
23 tracks, 68 min., recommended
Given the extraordinarily rough sound quality of the opening track here, it seems safe to say that copies of King Jesus Stand by Me are rare indeed. Unfortunately there are quite a few other numbers on this volume that were almost as well-enjoyed at one time or another. But then Document wouldn't be Document if it didn't include every track that was known to exist in any kind of playable condition. Be that as it may, the music remains interesting for the picture it presents of the evolution of gospel and general vocal group singing styles. Song highlights include His Eye Is On the Sparrow, How It Is With Me, When the Moon Goes Down, I'm Going Through, and You're Goin' to Need That Pure Religion. All tracks here originally on Paramount. (DH)
NORFOLK JUBILEE QUARTET: Crying Holy Unto The Lord/ Ezekiel Saw De Wheel (2882)/ Father Prepare Me (2873)/ He Just Hung His Head And Died (take 2)/ His Eye Is On The Sparrow/ How It Is With Me/ I Have Anchord My Soul/ I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say/ I Want To Know Will He Welcome Me There/ I Wouldn't Mind Dying If Dying Was All/ I'm Going Through/ I'm Gonna Build Right On Dat Shore (2884)/ King Jesus Stand By Me (2871-2)/ Lord, I Don't Care Where They Bury My Body/ My Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race (2872)/ Our Father/ Ride On King Jesus/ Sinner You Can't Hide/ Way Down In Egyptland (6100)/ When The Moon Goes Down/ Where Shall I Be (2883)/ Wonder Where Is The Gamblin' Man/ You're Goin' To Need That Pure Religion

THE NORFOLK JAZZ & JUBILEE QUARTET Document DOCD 5385 Complete Recorded Works, Vol 5 : 1929-1937 ● CD $15.98
22 tracks, 65 min., recommended
Volume five presents three sessions, one from 1929 on the Paramount label with the same foursome that had been in place since the early part of the decade, and two from 1937 on the Decca label with the group now composed of old timers Norman Harris and Len Williams, plus newcomers Raymond Smith and Melvin Coldten. Both the earlier and the later sessions also see the return of a few swinging secular numbers to the Norfolk's repertoire. The programs includes Oh What a Beautiful City, I'm Gonna Open My Mouth Unto the Lord, Please Give Me Some of That, You Got to Live So God Can Use You, Didn't It Rain, Tell That Broad (You Came Too Late), Swinging That Blues, and Pure Religion. As you might expect, sound quality improves markedly with the move into the thirties and onto Decca. (DH)
NORFOLK JAZZ QUARTET: Ha Ha Shout/ Oh What's The Matter Now/ Please Give Me Some Of That/ Swinging That Blues (Ever Had The Blues)/ Tell That Broad (You Came Too Late)/ What's The Matter Now?/ NORFOLK JUBILEE QUARTET: 'Way Down In Egyptland (62377)/ Believe In Jesus/ Didn't It Rain/ I Can't Stay Away/ I'm Gonna Open My Mouth Unto The Lord/ I'm Gonna Serve God Till I Die (6109-1)/ I'm Pressing On To That City/ King Jesus Stand By Me (62381)/ Moanin' In The Land Will Soon Be Over/ My Feet Been Taken Out The Mirey Clay/ Oh What A Beautiful City/ Pure Religion/ Tell Me What You Say/ There Will Be Glory/ Where's That Gambling Man Gone?/ You Got To Live So God Can Use You

THE NORFOLK JAZZ & JUBILEE QUARTET Document DOCD 5386 Complete Recorded Works, Vol 6 : 1937-1940 ● CD $15.98
23 tracks, 62 min., recommended
Even on this last volume in the Norfolk series, there are a few rough tracks, but by and large these five Decca sessions are solidly easy on the ears from both a musical and an aural point of view. And again there is a mix of the sacred and the secular. Examples of the latter include Beedle De Beedle De Bop Bop, Suntan Baby Brown (revived by the Larks in the 50's), Dig My Jelly Roll, and Moaning the Blues. Jubilee numbers include Free At Last, Sit Down, Sit Down, I Can't Sit Down, Jesus Is Making Up My Dying Bed, No Hiding Place, Shine for Jesus, This Old World Is in a Bad Condition, and Death Train Is Coming. Delightful and important music from start to finish, with Document's usual fine discographical details and more informative notes by Ray Funk. (DH)
NORFOLK JAZZ QUARTET: Beedle De Beedle De Bop Bop (Adi Eedi Idio)/ Suntan Baby Brown (Suntan Lady)/ NORFOLK JUBILEE QUARTET: Come On! Let's Go To Heaven/ Free At Last/ Great Change/ He's Mine, Yes He's Mine/ Jesus Is Making Up My Dying Bed/ Job/ Jonah In The Belly Of The Whale/ My Lord's Gonna Move This Wicked Race (62395)/ No Hiding Place/ Shine For Jesus/ Sit Down, Sit Down, I Can't Sit Down (62397)/ Stand By Me/ Stand By The Bedside Of A Neighbor/ The Death Train Is Coming/ This Ol' World Is In Bad Condition/ When The Train Comes Along/ You Better Run/ VIRGINIA FOUR: Dig My Jelly Roll/ I'd Feel Much Better/ Moaning The Blues/ Queen Street Rag (67596)

THE NORTH MISSISSIPPI ALL STARS ATO Records 21529 Hill Country Revue ● CD $17.98
14 tracks, 78 minutes, good
Recorded 'live' at the Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, TN, in June of 2004, this is less Hill Country Blues and more of an ongoing rock jam using somewhat similar grooves (although it's hard to tell at times). While R.L. Burnside and Othar Turner's Rising Star Fife & Drum band (minus Othar, of course) appear, it's almost as if they don't. What they contribute is pretty much lost in the endless jams, gizmo-ized guitar, and other things that play less a part in Hill Country Blues than Luther Dickinson and his cronies would have you believe. While it's great stuff for those who love jam bands, it's not quite the Hill Country Revue the title or the lineup would lead you to think it is. (CR)

DOROTHY NORWOOD Collectables 5218 Golden Classics ● CD $11.98
DOROTHY NORWOOD: Big Boat Ride/ Get Aboard The Soul Train/ Jesus Is The Answer/ Let Your Feet Down Easy/ Mama Loves Her Children/ Take It To Jesus/ There's Got To Be Rain In Your Life (To Appreciate The Sunshine)/ Time Is Winding Up/ Trouble Young Man/ Way Out Jesus/ What A Beautiful World This Could Be/ You Can Do It

DOROTHY NORWOOD Malaco 4450 And Northern California G.W.M.A. Mass Choir - Live ● CD $16.98
7 tracks, 35 min., good
The leader of her own gospel ensemble, a solo artist, and an occasional member of the Caravans since the 60s, Norwood is here featured in an 80s (?) recording with an Oakland, California choir. (The notes, such as they are, make no mention of what G.M.W.A. stands for.) The program is brief but intense, filled with powerful, shouted exhortations to feel the holy spirit. Featured numbers include Victory is Mine/ Let Me Show You How to Move a Mountain/ Looking for My Jesus and Somebody Prayed for Me. Monaural sound, minimal notes, and a photo of the artist on the cover. (DH)

DOROTHY NORWOOD Savoy 5012 The World's Greatest Story Teller ● CD $16.98
Just as the title suggests. Norwood tells a story in powerfully compelling terms. In this instance the recordings were made during the early 60s at various churches around Atlanta GA with Sue Mitchell or brother Ralph on piano and Marvin Anderson on organ. The collection is drawn from many of Norwood's very fine Savoy albums and contains her two most successful sides Johnny & Jesus and The Bell Didn't Toll. Full of compassion and excitement, this lady will move you on these 8 fine sermonettes. Great remastered sound.

DOROTHY NORWOOD Savoy 14140 Denied Mother ● CD $16.98

DOROTHY NORWOOD Savoy 14630 Look What They've Done To My Child ● CD $16.98


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