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MAGGIE JONES Document DOCD 5348 Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1 : 1923-1925 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks with Louis Armstrong, Charle Gree, Fletcher Henderson, lem Fowler and others.
MAGGIE JONES: Anybody Here Want To Try My Cabbage/ Box Car Blues/ Dangerous Blues/ Do It A Long Time Papa/ Don't Never Tell Nobody What Your Good Man Can Do/ Early Every Morn' (I Want My Lovin')/ Four Flushing Papa (What Kind A Man Is You)/ Good Time Flat Blues/ Good-Bye Blues (take 1)/ Good-Bye Blues (take 2)/ I Just Want A Daddy/ If I Lose, Let Me/ Jealous Mamma Blues/ Lose (Mamma Don't Mind)/ North Bound Blues/ Poor House Blues/ Screamin' The Blues/ Suicide Blues/ Thunderstorm Blues/ Undertaker's Blues/ Western Union Blues/ You Can't Do What My Last Man Did/ You Don't Know My Mind (take 1)/ You Don't Know My Mind (take 3)/ You May Go, But You'll Come Back Some Day

MAGGIE JONES/GLADYS BENTLEY Document DOCD 5349 Maggie Jones, Vol 2 (1925-26)/ Gladys Bentley, 1928-29 ● CD $15.98
GLADYS BENTLEY: Big Gorilla Man/ Ground Hog Blues/ How Long-How Long Blues/ How Much Can/ I Stand?/ Moanful Wailin' Blues/ Red Beans And Rice/ Wild Geese Blues/ Worried Blues/ MAGGIE JONES: Cheatin' On Me/ Dallas Blues/ Feed In My Pasture Now/ Go Get 'Em Caroline/ He Belongs To Me/ He's Just A Horn-Tootin' Fool/ I'm A Back Bitin' Mama/ I'm A Real Kind Mama (take 1)/ I'm Leaving You/ Mama Stayed Out The Whole Night Long/ Mamma (Won't You Come And Ma-Ma Me)/ Never Drive A Beggar From Your Door/ Never Tell A Woman Friend/ Single Woman's Blues/ South Street Blues/ The Man I Love Is Oh So Good/ You Ain't Gonna

PAUL "WINE" JONES Fat Possum 80305 Mule ● CD $11.98

CHARLEY JORDAN Document DOCD 5097 Complete Chronological Recordings, Vol. 1 (1930-1931) ● CD $15.98
The first of three discs presenting the complete recordings of this fine singer, guitarist and talent scout from St. Louis. Jordan was an engaging singer and deft guitarist with a distinctive style which had elements of the playing he heard when growing up in Mississippi but with great originality in his phrasing. Jordan was also an interesting songwriter and his songs often reflected city life, hard times and infidelity - often with witty twist. There are 10 solo recordings including his most famous song, the risqué Keep It Clean, the strange Dollar Bill Blues, Raidin' Squad Blues and others. He joins with an unknown piano player (probably Peetie Wheatstraw or Eddie Miller) to accompany St. Louis Bessie on the relatively undistinguished two part Sugar Man Blues and on the remaining 10 tracks he is accompanied by Peetie Wheatstraw with whom he was to work for many years. Wheatstraw's accompaniments are somewhat tentative and subdued and the focus is primarily on Jordan on such fine songs as Lost Ship Blues/ My "Lovin' Good" Blues/ Cheating Blues/ You Run And Tell Your Daddy and others, including a reprise of his popular Keep It Clean. Good sound and informative notes by Chris Smith. (FS)
CHARLEY JORDAN: Big Four Blues/ Cheating Blues/ Days Of The Weeks Blues/ Dollar Bill Blues/ Gasoline Blues/ Hungry Blues/ Hunkie Tunkie Blues/ Just A Spoonful/ Keep It Clean/ Keep It Clean - No. 2/ Lost Ship Blues/ My 'Lovin' Good' Blues/ Raidin' Squad Blues/ Running Mad Blues/ Stack O'Dollars Blues/ Starvation Blues/ Tight Haired Mama Blues/ Tough Times Blues/ Two Street Blues/ You Run And Tell/ Your Daddy/ ST. LOUIS BESSIE: Sugar Man Blues - Part 1/ Sugar Man Blues - Part 2

CHARLEY JORDAN Document DOCD 5098 Complete Chronological Recordings, Vol. 2 (1931-1934) ● CD $15.98
The second of three discs presenting the complete recordings of this fine singer, guitarist and talent scout from St. Louis features 21 songs recorded between September 1931 and September 1934. Many of the cuts feature piano accompaniments by Peetie Wheatstraw and often show Jordan's skill at witty and topical lyrics such as Workingman's Blues/ Bad Breaks Blues/ Hell Bound Boy Blues/ Bottle Passing Blues/ Lost Airship Blues/ Tight Time Blues and others. This set also feature the 6 superb sides on which he accompanies singer/ guitarist "Hi" Henry Brown. Brown is a superb singer and, like Jordan, a more interesting than average songwriter on songs like Titanic Blues/ Nut Factory Blues & Skin Man Blues. The last 4 sides are from a 1934 sessions and on a couple of these he is accompanied by a small group which includes clarinet, sax and violin and the result is most effective. The only drawback to this disc is that quite a few tracks are from very rare and rather worn 78s and listening can sometimes be difficult. Good notes by Chris Smith. (FS)
'HI' HENRY BROWN: Brown Skin Angel/ Hospital Blues/ Nut Factory Blues/ Preacher Blues/ Skin Man Blue/ Titanic Blues/ CHARLEY JORDAN: Bad Breaks Blues/ Bottle Passing Blues/ Cherry Wine Woman/ Doin' Wrong Blues/ Don't Pat It/ Greyhound Blues/ Hell Bound Boy Blues/ Honey Sucker Blues/ It Ain't Clean (That Thing Ain't Clean)/ Lost Airship Blues/ Rolling Moon Blues/ Santa Claus Blues/ So Long/ Sugar Farm Blues/ Tight Time Blues/ Workingman's Blues

CHARLEY JORDAN Document DOCD 5099 Complete Chronological Recordings, Vol. 3 (1935-1937) ● CD $15.98
23 tracks, 70 mins, recommended. The third and final disc presenting the complete recordings of this fine singer, guitarist and talent scout from St. Louis features 23 songs recorded between October 1935 and November 1937 though less than half the performances definitely feature Jordan! 4 songs feature vocals by the obscure St Louis singer Leroy Henderson which probably do not feature Jordan but have a similar feel. There are also eight excellent tracks by The Two Charlies (Charley Jordan and Charlie Manson) who take turns singing and feature some twin guitar work. I agree with liner note writer Chris Smith that the Jordan here is probably a different artist as his singing and guitar playing are quite different - but whoever they are these are very nice. There are several seasonal songs here including his own Christmas Christmas Blues, a duet with Verdi Lee on Christmas Tree Blues and accompanying Mary Harris (probably Lee) on No Christmas Blues and Happy New Year Blues. Most of the track by the real Jordan are nice, if not exceptional, performances with the usual accompaniment of Peetie Wheatstraw . Decent sound on most tracks and informative notes by Chris Smith. (FS)
MARY HARRIS: Happy New Year Blues/ No Christmas Blues/ LEROY HENDERSON: Deap Sea Diver/ Good Grinder Blues/ Good Scuffler Blues/ Low Mellow Man Blues/ CHARLEY JORDAN: Chifferobe/ Christmas Christmas Blues/ Christmas Tree Blues (Duet with Verdi Lee)/ Cutting My ABC's/ Get It If You Can (Duet with Verdi Lee)/ Look What A Shape I'm In/ Twee Twee Twa/ VERDI LEE: Signifying At You/ CHARLIE MANSON: Nineteen Women Blues/ THE TWO CHARLIES: Bad Feeling Blues/ Don't Put Your Dirty Hands On Me/ Got Your Water On/ Hard Time Papa/ I Couldn't Stay Here/ Low Moan Blues/ Pork Chop Blues/ Tired Feelin' Blues

LOUIS JORDAN A Touch Of Magic DATOM 4 Live Jive ● CD $14.98
17 fine sides. No information is given but I would assume these are from 40s radio transcriptions. Louis & The Tympany Five are in top form on a selection of some of his most well known songs. It includes Choo Choo Ch'Boogie/ Buzz Me/ On the Sunny Side Of The Street/ Safe, San & Single/ Texas & Pacific/ Let The Good Times Roll/ I Like 'Em fat Like That/ How Long Must I wait For You/ Jumping At the Jubilee, etc. Sound is generally good. (FS)

LOUIS JORDAN Bear Family BCD 15557 Let The Good Times Roll - Complete Decca Recordings ● CD $165.98
Those of you who have spent paychecks on Bear Family box sets are now warned: you're going to be short on rent again this month. Eight CD's plus a bonus seven-track slab of vinyl, Let The Good Times Roll is the ultimate collection chronicling the master of jump blues in his prime years with Decca - 1938-1954. This package, more than 200 cuts strong, takes weeks to really get through, but it's a thrill wading through Jordan's canny deconstructions of all sorts of blues, pop, swing, and nascent R&B styles (no doubt a young Chuck Berry was listening very carefully). Jordan is best loved for his humorous material, but his complete work with Decca (much of it out of print for half a century) showcases his commitment to direct, spare arrangements that were often even funnier than the lyrics, even after Jordan's favored mix began to slide out of fashion. Guest stars include Ella Fitzgerald (on the bonus LP), Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, as well as lesser-known but still worthy shouters like Roger Sturgis. Those who know Jordan only from the novelty tunes will be thrilled at how many moods he could convey so well. As usual, the Bear Family presentation of the historic material is phenomenal: the 48-page book by Peter Grendysa is stuffed with photos and useful information, and Jorg Siemer's mastering is revealing. There's the occasional bum track here, and Jordan's attention wavers a bit in the latter songs, but the time you put into this will be repaid by a deeper understanding and appreciation of one of America's most important artists. Note: if this intrigues you and you want to wade in the water first, try The Best Of Louis Jordan (MCA 4079), a double-length CD featuring 20 of Jordan's most jumping Decca sides. But once you hear that, you'll soon start saving your pennies for the big enchilada. (JG)

LOUIS JORDAN Evidence 26006 I Believe In Music ● CD $13.98
This CD of good ole raunchy blues a la the inimitable Jordan was recorded in 1973 and was earlier released on Black & Blue minus half a dozen cuts from the same recording session added here. Jordan's vocals always held a twinkle, even when he was singing the most excruciatingly sexist songs like Hard Head. He expressed the same sense of fun with his sweet yet smoky alto sax licks. This collection from late in his long career includes a few of his classic originals from the 40s like Caldonia, Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby, and Saturday Night Fish Fry, all still cooking as nicely as earlier Jordan bands. The added cuts are mostly Jordan grooves plus a pretty straight setting of A Train. None of the belly laughs or broad slapstick here, just a fine hour of swing from a master of the jumpin' jive. (DC)

LOUIS JORDAN Jazz Archives 158 372 1939-1944 ● CD $13.98

LOUIS JORDAN JSP 905 And His Tympani Five ● CD $28.98
Another of those great budget priced box sets from JSP - this time devoted to the father of R&B - the great Louis Jordan and his wonderful group The Tympani Five. This five CD set features virtually everything he recorded between December 1938 and December 1950 - 121 tracks in all - over 6 hours of swinging and witty music including all his genre defining songs like A Chicken Ain't Nothin' But A Bird/ Knock Me A Kiss/ Five Guys Named Moe/ Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby/ Ration Blues/ Salt Pork, West Virginia/ Don't let The Sun Catch You Crying/ Choo Choo Ch' Boogie/ Reet, Petite & Gone/Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens and loads more. Includes duets with Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstronga and others. Each CD in the set comes with an 8 page illustrated booklet with brief notes and discographical info. If the lavish 8 CD box set on Bear Family is too much for your pocket this set gives you much of the same material for a fraction of the price.

LOUIS JORDAN Krazy Kat 17 On Film, 1942-48 ● CD $16.98
25 tracks, 67 min., highly recommended MOP! MOP!
These 25 cuts are taken from transcriptions made for the short-lived video jukeboxes of the early 40's as well from soundtracks Jordan and the Tympany 5 made for Astor Films in the 40's. The sound quality is basically lousy. If that's important to you.....brother, beware. If you can get around that, Jordan and the band are cookin'. A lot of the hits are included here (Caldonia, Reet, Petite and Gone and others) and some of them are done at a faster tempo then the studio recordings. There's also some songs that were never commercially recorded, like Wham Sam and Down, Down, Down which features Jordan as a department store elevator operator. This is probably not the best release on which to learn about Louis Jordan, but if you're already a convert you'll have a ball. (RS)

LOUIS JORDAN MCA MCAD 4079 The Best Of Louis Jordan ● CD $10.98
This is it, man! The great Decca recordings, previously collected as a 2-LP set, are on CD at last. Jordan's best would have to include Choo Choo Ch'Boogie, Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens, Saturday Night Fish Fry, Caldonia, Knock Me A Kiss, Five Guys Named Moe, What's The Use Of Getting Sober, Buzz Me, Barnyard Boogie, and they're all here plus more - 20 of the jumpinest' wartime R&B sides ever put on wax. (MB)
LOUIS JORDAN: Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens/ Barnyard Boogie/ Beans And Corn Bread/ Beware/ Blue Light Boogie/ Buzz Me Blues/ Caldonia/ Choo Choo Ch'boogie/ Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin'/ Early In The Mornin'/ Five Guys Named Joe/ I Want You To Be My Baby/ Knock Me A Kiss/ Let The Good Times Roll/ Nobody Knows You When You Are Down And Out/ Run Joe/ Saturday Night Fish Fry/ School Days (when We Were Kids)/ Somebody Done Changed The Lock On My Door/ What's The Use Of Getting Sober

LOUIS JORDAN Proper BOX 47 Jivin' With Jordan ● CD $26.98
Holy battling Louis Jordan boxes! A couple of months ago JSP issued a five CD set featuring 121 tracks by Louis recorded between 1938 and 1950 for $29.98 (24.78 cents per song) and here comes Proper with a slightly less complete set featuring 100 tracks from the same period for $25.98 (25.98 cents per song). The JSP has minimal documentation while the Proper has a handsome 40 page illustrated booklet. As they say - you pays yer money you take yer choice!

LOUIS JORDAN Purple Pyramid 962 The Essential Louis Jordan ● CD $9.98
10 tracks, very good
Reissue of Louis's 1973 album recorded for Johnny Otis's Blues Spectrum label. Louis is accompanied by a solid band on a collection of mostly reworkings of his old favorites like Choo Choo Ch'Boogie/ Let The Good Times/ Saturday Night Fish Fry and others. There is also an powerful new blues I Got The Walkin' Blues written by Otis featuring some nice slide guitar from Shuggie. The album ends with a couple of songs that seem to be attempting to make Louis sound a bit more contemporary that don't really come off. But all in all a worthwhile set. (FS)

22 tracks, 66 min., recommended The program here includes the complete works of the Jubilee Gospel Team, all from 1928, plus the 5 tracks recorded in 1931 by the Deep River Plantation Singers. Little is known of the Jubilee Gospel Team. According to the liner notes by Chris Smith, they may have come from Virginia. And I agree with Smith's declaration that they are "musically. . . limited," with most of their recordings - including Let Jesus Lead You, Station Will Be Changed, and Jesus Is Mine - sounding "very much alike." The Deep River Singers, about whom little is known as well, also offer a predictable style of singing, offering clear and precise delivery and sounding rather refined in their performances of Joshua Fit De Battle of Jericho, Train's A-Comin', I Feel Like My Time Ain't Long, and Lonesome Road. Sound quality varies pretty much as you would expect given the recording dates. (DH)
DEEP RIVER PLANTATION SINGERS: I Feel Like My Time Ain't Long/ Joshua Fit De Battle Of Jericho/ Lonesome Road/ Look Away Into Heaven/ Train's A-Comin'/ JUBILEE GOSPEL TEAM: Ain't You Glad God Will Hear And Answer Prayer/ Don't Know When Old Death Will Call For Me/ Dry Bones In The Valley/ God Giveth Son And Nothing Else Could Help/ I Have Crossed The Separating Line/ I Know The Lord Has Laid His Hands On Me/ I Want Jesus To Walk With Me/ I'm 'Termined To Pray Right On/ Jesus Is Mine/ Let Jesus Lead You/ Lower My Dying Head/ Oh Lord, Remember Me/ Station Will Be Changed/ Station Will Be Changed (take A)/ These Bones Goin' Rise Again/ When The Train Comes Along/ You've Got To Meet Your God Somewhere

ANDY JUST Blue Rock'It 117 Don't Cry ● CD $15.98


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