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BRYANT'S JUBILEE QUARTET/ QUINTET Document DOCD 5437 Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1, 1928-1931 ● CD $15.98
25 tracks, 69 min., recommended
Despite various research attempts, nothing is known about Bryant's Jubilee Quartet. Nothing. But aural evidence reveals a talented, immediately pleasing gospel quartet who excelled on up-tempo numbers and whose arrangements were relatively sophisticated and detailed (South Bound Passenger Train/ This Train). While many of the tracks are a cappella, most have (unknown) piano accompaniment, a hallmark of white sacred quartets, rare in black gospel of the period. Titles include the energetic Do You Call That Religion/ Who Stole De Lock Off De Henhouse Door/ When The World's On Fire and Oh Lord How Long. Excellent. (Note: Find the 4 remaining BJQ sides from a 1931 session on DOCD-5438.) (JC)
BRYANT'S JUBILEE QUARTETTE: Creep Along, Moses/ Do You Call That Religion/ Every Time I Feel The Spirit (13697)/ Everytime I Feel The Spirit (10512)/ Ezikiel Saw De Wheel/ Hard Trials, Great Tribulations/ Hold The Wind/ I Want To Be Ready (take 2)/ I'm Going Through/ King Jesus Is Listening/ Let Jesus Lead You/ Oh Lord How Long?/ Oh Rocks Don't You Fall On Me/ Shine On Me/ Sinner You Better Get Ready/ Some Day/ South Bound Passenger Train (10508)/ South Bound Passenger Train (13698)/ This Old World Can't Stand Much Longer/ This Train/ Were You There?/ When The World's On Fire (10516)/ When The World's On Fire (13703)/ Who Stole De Lock Off De Henhouse Door/ Who Stole De Lock?

DIXONS JUBILEE SINGERS + BRYANT'S JUBILEE QUARTET/ QUINTET Document DOCD 5438 Complete Recorded Works, 1924-1931/ Vol. 2 ● CD $15.98
24 tracks, 66 min., recommended. Several groups used the name "Dixie Jubilee Singers," so the 20 titles here may represent one group with an ever-changing lineup or various entirely different groups or something in between. (Gospel researcher Doug Seroff believes the 2 cuts on Regal, included here, are in fact the Birmingham Jubilee Singers.) That Eva Jessye appears with a mixed quartet on the 1925 session seems certain. Her style, harking back to vocal mannerisms popular in the 19th century, may sound too operatic for fans of the more soulful sound. Fully half the tracks are (essentially) mixed quartets. The disc closes with the 4 remaining titles of Bryant's Jubilee Quartet's 1931 session, including two takes of Didn't It Rain, This Wicked Race and I'll Be Satisfied. (Note: DOCD-5437 contains the other BJQ sides.) (JC)

WILLIE BRYANT Delmark 685 Blues Around The Clock ● CD $14.98
21 tracks, 64 mins, highly recommended Swingin' fun from cool NYC cats recorded between 1946 and 1949 for the Appollo label. Willie Bryant is featured, singing on 10 cuts. He has a laid-back ball with Tab smith leading a cookin' back-up band for him. For variety there are four cuts with vocals by Bob Range (who's even more relaxed sounding than Bryant), two songs by Laurel Watson (who sang with Lucky Millinder, Louis Jordan, Count Basie and Duke Ellington) and, a special treat, four recordings by Doc Pomus. It's a night out in NYC during the late 40's when you're listening to this CD. (RS)

ROY BUCHANAN Alligator 4741 When A Guitar Plays The Blues ● CD $17.98

ROY BUCHANAN Alligator 4747 Dancing On the Edge ● CD $17.98

ROY BUCHANAN Alligator 4756 Hot Wires ● CD $13.98
1987 session featuring Donald Kinsey on guitar, Roy declared this one to be "my best one yet". End of the story...'bye Roy we're gonna miss ya.

BUCKWHEAT ZYDECO Rounder 2051 Waiting For My Ya-Ya ● CD $16.98
On this varied 1986 album Buckwheat and the band perform lively contemporary zydeco renditions of the Dirty Dozen's Brass Band's My Feet Can't Fail Me Now, the traditional Cajun song Lache Pas La Patate, the Fats Domino classic Walking To New Orleans, Lee Dorsey's Ya Ya which is given a bit of a reggae rhythm, the popular soul ballad Warm & Tender Love, etc. Nothing special here but some enjoyable dance music

BUCKWHEAT ZYDECO Rounder 11528 Buckwheat's Zydeco Party ● CD $17.98
16 tracks drawn from Rounder 2045 and 2051 plus the previously unreleased Hot Tamale Baby.

BUMBLE BEE SLIM ABM 1223 Baby So Long ● CD $8.98
20 track collection of this prolific performer's recordings with ABM's usual less than wonderful remastering - Chain Gang Bound/ Greasy Greens/ Baby So Long/ The Longest Day You Live, etc

BUMBLE BEE SLIM Best Of Blues BOB 6 1934-1937 ● CD $14.98
No surprises here (Slim's appeal to black record buyers of the day lay precisely in his familiarity - there were never any surprises), but a representative selection of this prolific performer's recorded output from these years. The usual Chicago studio regulars provide the back-up, including wonderful piano from the obscure Eddie Miller and Myrtle Jenkins, and the reliable guitar of Big Bill Broonzy. 18 titles. (PR)

BUMBLE BEE SLIM Document DOCD 5261 Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Vol 1 ● CD $15.98
BUMBLE BEE SLIM: B And O Blues/ Baby So Long/ Busy Devil/ Chain Gang Bound/ Dead And Gone Mother/ East St. Louis Blues/ Greasy Greens/ Honey Bee Blues/ I'm Waitin' On You/ Lost Confidence Blues/ M And O Blues - Part I/ M And O Blues - Part Ii/ No Woman No Nickel/ Queen Bee Blues/ Rough Rugged Road Blues/ Runnin' Drunk Blues/ Sail On, Little Girl, Sail On/ Someday Things Will Be Breaking My Way/ Squalling Panther Blues/ Stumbling Block Blues/ The New B And O Blues/ Wrecked Life Blues/ Yo Yo String Blues

BUMBLE BEE SLIM Document DOCD 5262 Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Vol 2 ● CD $15.98
BUMBLE BEE SLIM: Aching Pain Blues/ Ain't It A Crying Shame/ Bad Gal (take A)/ Bad Gal (take B)/ Blue Blues/ Burned Down Mill (take A)/ Burned Down Mill (take B)/ Bye Bye Baby Blues/ Climbing On Top Of The Hill/ Cold-blooded Murder/ Cruel Hearted Woman Blues - Part I/ Cruel Hearted Woman Blues - Part Ii/ Deep Bass Boogie/ Everything I Could/ I Tried/ Mean Bad Man/ Mean Mistreatin' Woman/ Muddy Water Blues/ New Mean Mistreater Blues/ Rough Road Blues/ Sad And Lonesome/ Sail On Little Girl No. 2/ Step Child/ The Longest Day You Live - Part 1/ The Longest Day You Live - Part 2/ Worrisome Woman Blues

BUMBLE BEE SLIM Document DOCD 5263 Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Vol 3 ● CD $15.98
BUMBLE BEE SLIM: B And O Line Blues/ Big 80 Blues/ Bleeding Heart Blues/ Blues Before Daylight/ Bricks In My Pillow/ Everybody's Fishing/ Farewell Mistreater Blues/ Good Evening Blues/ Good Woman Blues/ Guilty Woman Blues/ I Tried Everything I Could/ Let's Pitch A Boogie Woogie/ Milk Cow Blues/ My Black Gal Blues No. 1/ My Black Gal Blues No. 2/ My Troubles/ Running Bad Luck Blues/ Some Old Rainy Day/ Tell Me What It's All About/ There You Stand/ Tired Of Your Low Down Nasty Ways/ Way Down In Georgia/ You Can't Take It Baby/ You Gotta Change Your Way

BUMBLE BEE SLIM Document DOCD 5264 Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Vol 4 ● CD $15.98
BUMBLE BEE SLIM: Can't You Trust Me No More?/ Cold Blooded Murder - No. 2/ Fattenin' Frogs For Snakes/ Feather Bed Blues/ Hey Lawdy Mama/ I Done Lost My Baby/ I Keep On Drinking - Part 1/ I Keep On Drinking - Part 2/ I'm Needing Someone/ If The Blues Was Whiskey/ Lemon Squeezing Blues/ Mean Bloody Murder Blues/ Policy Dream Blues/ Right From Wrong/ Sail On Little Girl - No. 3/ Sail On Sail On Blues/ Smoky Mountain Blues/ Sometimes Blues/ Steady Roll Mama Blues/ The Death Of Leroy Carr/ Walking And Drifting Blues/ What's Wrong?/ When The Sun Goes Down/ When The Sun Goes Down/ Where Was You Last Night?

BUMBLE BEE SLIM Document DOCD 5265 Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Vol 5 ● CD $15.98
BUMBLE BEE SLIM: D.b.a. Blues/ Dumb Tricks Blues (take 1)/ Dumb Tricks Blues (take 2)/ Happy Life Blues/ Hard Rocks In My Bed/ How Long How Long Blues/ I Done Caught My Death Of Cold/ I'll Take You Back/ Last Respects/ My Old Pal Blues/ New B & O Blues/ New Orleans Stop Time/ New When The Sun Goes Down/ No More Biscuit Rolling Here (take 1)/ No More Biscuit Rolling Here (take 2)/ Prison Bound Blues/ Ramblin' With That Woman/ Sick And Tired Of Singing The Blues/ Sloppy Drunk Blues/ This Old Life I'm Living/ When Somebody Loses/ Who's Been Here Today/ You Don't Mean Me No Good/ You Got To Live And Let Live

BUMBLE BEE SLIM Document DOCD 5266 Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Vol 6 ● CD $15.98
BUMBLE BEE SLIM: Any Time A Night/ Back In Jail Again/ Buggie Bed/ Christmas And No Santa Claus/ Cry On! Cry On!/ Ease Me Down/ Fast Life Blues/ Funny Feelin'/ Hard Driving Man/ Honest Confession/ Lady Friend/ Letter Writing/ Meet Me In The Bottom (hey Lawdy Mama)/ Must I Keep On Crying/ New Big 80 Blues/ New Bricks In My Pillow/ New How Long How Long/ New Policy Dream Blues/ No Good Woman (fighting Blues)/ Rock Hearted Woman/ Upside Down/ Wet Clothes Blues/ When I Get My Money/ When The Music Sounds Good (take 2)

BUMBLE BEE SLIM Document DOCD 5267 Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Vol 7 ● CD $15.98
BUMBLE BEE SLIM: Big Six/ Blue Expression Blues/ Every Goodbye Ain't Gone/ Green Country Gal/ Head Whippin' Party/ Hobo Jungle Blues/ I'll Meet You In The Bottom/ I'm Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down/ I'm Having So Much Trouble/ I'se Gonna Break 'em Down/ If I Could Speak My Mind/ Just Yesterday/ Meet Me At The Landing/ My Big Moments/ Pains In My Body (take 2)/ Past And Gone/ Please Baby/ Rising River Blues (tk. 1)/ Rough Treatment/ Santa Claus Bring Me A New Woman/ Slave Man Blues/ The Jive Of Mine/ True Blue

BUMBLE BEE SLIM Document DOCD 5268 Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Vol 8 ● CD $15.98
BUMBLE BEE SLIM: 12 O'clock Midnight/ 12 O'clock Southern Train/ Bumble Bee's New Muddy Water/ Going Back To Florida (take 1)/ Good Old Easy Streets/ Goodbye (i'll Try To Forget) (take 1)/ Goodbye (i'll Try To Forget) (take 2)/ Ida Red./ If I Make It Over/ Lonesome Old Feeling/ Lonesome Trail Blues/ Rising River Blues (tk. 2)/ She Never (take 1)/ She Never (take 2)/ Strange Angel/ Uncertain Blues (take 1)/ When Your Deal Goes Down/ Woman For Every Man (take 1)/ Woman For Every Man (take 2)/ You Brought Me Here (take 1)/ You Sure Look Good To Me/ You've Got To Do As I Bid You

BUMBLE BEE SLIM Document DOCD 5570 Vol. 9 - Unissued Test Pressings & Alternate Takes ● CD $15.98
BUMBLE BEE SLIM: Baby Fare You Well (take A)/ Baby Fare You Well (take B)/ Cross County (take 1)/ Cross County (take 2)/ Going Back To Florida (take 2)./ Good Morning (take A)/ Good Morning (take B)/ I'm Going To Live My Life Alone (take 1)/ I'm Going To Live My Life Alone (take 2)/ It Ain't No Trouble (take 1)/ It Ain't No Trouble (take 2)/ Muddy Water (take A)/ Muddy Water (take B)/ One Lonesome Day (take 1)/ One Lonesome Day (take 2)/ Pains In My Body (take 1)/ Uncertain Blues (take 2)/ Who's Been Here Today/ You Brought Me Here (take 2)

ELDER J.E. BURCH/ REV. BEAUMONT Document DOCD 5329 Complete REcorded Works, 1927-1929 ● CD $15.98
22 tracks, 72 min., good With Burch you get sermons from a Sanctified preacher and singing with bass, guitar, snare drum, tambourine(s), and female accompaniment, all recorded during one October day in 1927. As is common with preachers recorded in the period, nothing is known of Burch; he may even have been white. He preaches and sings with urgency, always slightly out of control, seemingly as concerned with cleanliness as godliness, seeing them as one and the same. An older style of sermon is represented by Rev. Beaumont, aka Rev. Johnson, aka Rev. Walsh, who mis-cites his Biblical references as often as not. Beaumont's sermons feature familiar Bible stories of Noah and Lazarus and such. As with Burch, a total lack of biographical info is made up for somewhat by excellent booklet notes from David Evans. Interesting, though not for all ears. (JC)

DAN BURLEY/ BROWNIE & STICKS MCGHEE Southland 9 Circle Blues Session ● CD $14.98
17 tracks, highly recommended
 Features 17 tracks recorded for Rudi Blesh's Circle label in June, 1946 - 8 previously unissued. 11 tracks feature vocalist/ piano player/ author/ journalist Dan Burley accompanied by his Skiffle Boys (Brownie McGhee, Sticks McGhee and Pops Foster). Burley was a fine and expressive singer and piano player who was influenced by the great Hersal Thomas whom he dedicates one of his tunes to. 6 of the tracks are by the McGee brothers and are particularly nice with great interplay between the two guitars, Brownie sings on four of them, Sticks on one and they do an excellent instrumental Tennessee Shuffle. (FS)

DAN BURLEY Wolf WBJ 008 South Side Shake 1945-1951 ● CD $14.98
23 tracks, 76 mins, recommended. Lexington-born "State St. Yancey Style" pianist Dan Burley's career started in the 30's, but his known recordings date back to 1945 (A Suite In 4 Comfortable Quarters with Leonard Feather and Tiny Grimes on Continental Records). Burley also worked as sports and entertainment writer for a number of major tabloids. His music, a mixture of boogie and stride spiced with Harlem swing, became a part of the shuffling-jive that preceded the birth of R&B. CD includes extremely rare recordings made between 1945 and 1951 for Continental, Circle, Exclusive, and Arkay featuring such notables as Lionel Hampton, Hot Lips Page, Tyree Glenn, Baby Dodds, Pops Foster, Brownie & Sticks McGhee. Fine vocal rendition of They Raided The Joint by Vanita Smythe. Booklet contains rare pics, clippings, articles, painstakingly detailed biography, discography, plus extracts from Burley's "Jiver's Bible". Also includes soundtrack and broadcast material, plus a Soundie transcription - all extremely fine barrelhouse-inspired piano. (OLN)


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