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LITTLE WILLIE ANDERSON Earwig 4930 Swinging The Blues ● CD $15.98
Reissue of 1979 B.O.B. album by Chicago singer/ harmonica player. With Robert Jr. Lockwood, Sammy Lawhorn & Fred Below.

PINK ANDERSON Original Blues Classics 504 Carolina Blues Man- Vol 1 ● CD $11.98
This album is a reissue of Bluesville 1038 recorded in 1960 with one additional track. Warm and sensitive vocals and pleasing guitar.
PINK ANDERSON: Baby I'm Going Away/ Baby, Please Don't Go/ Big House Blues/ Every Day In The Week/ I Had My Fun/ Mama Where Did You Stay Last Night/ Meet Me In The Bottom/ My Baby Left Me This Morning/ Thousand Woman Blues/ Try Some Of That/ Weeping Willow Blues

PINK ANDERSON Original Blues Classics 577 Ballads And Folk Songs ● CD $11.98

PINK ANDERSON Original Blues Classics 587 Medicine Show Man ● CD $11.98
Reissue of Bluesville 1051 from 1961 featuring Pink performing some of the songs he performed while traveling with medicine shows - I Got Mine/ I Got A Woman 'Way Cross Town/ Ain't Nobody Home But Me/ In The Jailhouse Now/ Chicken, etc.

Well Fernest is no Clifton Chenier but this is an enjoyable set of zydeco, R&B, blues and swamp pop recorded by accordion player/ singer Fernest Arceneaux and his band. Bass guitarist and piano player with the band Victor Walker does several vocals including a lovely Lightnin' Slim flavored I Can't Live Happy and duets with Fernest on a couple of swamp pop items. (FS)

AMEDE ARDOIN Arhoolie-Folklyric 7007 I'm Never Comin' Back - The Roots Of Zydeco ● CD $12.98
26 tracks, 79 minutes, essential
Here we have 26 of the 34 titles Amede Ardoin recorded between 1929 & 1934. Singer, songwriter, accordionist Amede Ardoin was a French-only speaking Creole, and was one of the first Afro-American cajuns to record (the first was fiddler Douglas Bellard, of Bellaire, LA.). Six of the titles not included in this set are available on the 1994 Sony/ Legacy CK 46784 : Cajun Dance Party - Fais Do Do ($15.98); the other 2 tracks not included come from the August 8/1934 Decca session. With a CD running over 79 minutes (!), everything couldn't be included. All 12 of his lovely 1934 solo recordings are included, with the remaining 14 tracks featuring his long time partner, cajun violinist Dennis McGee (1893-1989). The interplay between Ardoin & McGee is quite remarkable. Sometimes you can't tell when one begins & one ends. Of course it doesn't help that these recordings are very rare & with all the surface noise, it does take an effort. But it's worth it as the mastering (using the No-Noise System) is remarkable. As a vocalist, few could match him, and that includes his proteges, Nathan Abshire, Clifton Chenier, Iry LeJeune, and Lawrence Walker. As usual with Arhoolie, the 32 page booklet contains the transcriptions & translations to 24 of the tracks. Those of you who think Blind Lemon Jefferson is difficult to decipher, should try Ardoin! Also included are essays by Michel Doucet (about the importance of Ardoin's music), Michael Tisserand (about Ardoin's life & why he made so many enemies), and Jared Snydner (an analysis of his recordings). I believe this CD is essential in every way : the music, the production, and presentation is exceptional. Warning - not for the weak at heart. (EL)

CHRIS ARDOIN & DOUBLE CLUTCHIN' Rounder 2127 Gon' Be Jus' Fine ● CD $15.98

CHRIS ARDOIN & DOUBLE CLUTCHIN' Rounder 2157 Turn The Page ● CD $15.98

CHRIS ARDOIN & DOUBLE CLUTCHIN' Rounder 2162 Best Kept Secret ● CD $15.98
12 tracks, 50 minutes, excellent The 3rd CD from this fine band continuing the long line of Ardoins - Amadee Ardoin is considered to have recorded the 1st Zydeco song in the '20s, Amadee's cousin is the great Bois Sec, & Chris is Bois Sec's grandson. This CD continues in a cross of traditional Zydeco & funk, now without his older brother Chris on drums as on the 1st 2, but Dexter Ardoin is a great replacement. Mostly original tunes by Chris, with a couple interesting covers - The Temptation's Papa Was A Rolling Stone & Sheryl Crow's If It Makes You Happy. Also the title tune + Hold That Tiger (not the 20s song), Lyin' Cryin' & Tryin'/ What's In The Bayou/ Storm Don't Last Long.(GM)

LAWRENCE "BLACK" ARDOIN Arhoolie 9012 Tradition Creole ● CD $9.98
16 tracks, 54 mins, recommended
Reissue of Arhoolie 1091 from 1984 with four bonus unissued tracks. A delightful album of zydeco music by this excellent band fronted by singer/ accordion player Ardoin the son of the great accordion player Alphonse 'Boisec' Ardoin and featuring the splendid fiddle of Edward Poulard brother of Bay Area Cajun musician Danny Poulard. Their music has more of a Cajun flavor than some of the zydeco bands though they can also turn in some fine bluesy stuff too. The material includes old songs from the 30s made famous by Amade Ardoin, South Louisiana R&B (I really like their French version of the swamp classic Mathilda), the J.B. Lenore song Talk to Your Daughter, a lovely Cajun waltz The Lonely Waltz and more. (FS)
LAWRENCE "BLACK" ARDOIN: Ay, Ai, Ai/ Bayou Two-Step/ Black'S Waltz/ Cofair/ Every Now And Then (Tou Le Ton Son Ton)/ Haunted House/ I've Been There/ Matilda/ Midland Two Step/ My Baby Don't Wear No Clothes/ Nonc Edward/ Talk To Your Daughter/ The Lonely Waltz/ Walking Down The Interstate/ What's Good For The Gander/ You Used To Call Me

HOWARD ARMSTRONG Arhoolie 470 Louie Bluie ● CD $12.98
20 tracks, 60 mins, highly recommended
Reissue of Arhoolie 1095 with four bonus cuts. A delightful album of black string band music drawn from the Terry Zwigoff movie Louie Bluie about vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Howard Armstrong who is best known as one third of Martin, Bogan & Armstrong plays mandolin, guitar and violin and on many cuts is joined by his long time playing partner Ted Bogan on vocals and guitar. Other musicians joining them are `Banjo' Ikey Robinson, vcl & banjo; Yank Rachell, vcl & mandolin; and others. There is a wide variety of music here - pop songs, jazz, country, blues, even a Polish tune! There's also a short but very obscene version of Darktown Strutter's Ball, immediately followed by the gospel song When He Calls Me, I Will Answer! Most of the tracks were recorded in the 80s but the album includes both sides of Bogan & Armstrong's 1934 recordings and the four bonus cuts are 1929, 1930 & 1938 sides with Yank Rachell. (FS)
HOWARD ARMSTRONG: 38 Pistol Blues/ Barushka/ Cacklin' Hen/ Darktown Strutter's Ball/ Du, Du Liechst Mir Im Herzen/ Milk Cow Blues/ My Four Reasons/ My Gal Sal Medley/ New State Street Rag/ Nothing In This Wide World For Me/ Railroad Blues/ State Street Rag/ Ted's Stomp/ That'll Never Happen No More/ The Girl I Love/ Vine Street Drag/ Vine Street Drag/ When He Calls Me I Will Answer/ When You Feel Down And Out/ Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams

HOWARD ARMSTRONG Blue Suit 106 Louie Bluie ● CD $15.98

JAMES ARMSTRONG Hightone HCD 8068 Sleeping With A Stranger ● CD $15.98
12 tracks, 48 minutes, recommended
With Bruce Bromberg producing, and just the general high quality of Hightone releases, I'm not surprised that I like this James Armstrong CD. All the songs are original, with 9 co-written by Armstrong. His guitar style is very much his own. His mentor was the legendary guitarist Irving C. Ashby (1920-1987), who's own R&B recordings on Enterprise (1946, w/Bumps Myers) and Imperial/Knight (1957/8 w/Plas Johnson) still await reissue. For years James Armstrong played around the Los Angeles area (where he was born on April 22, 1957), playing behind bluesmen like Big Joe Turner, Albert Collins & CoCo Montoya. He first recorded with Mama Roo, who's 1990 self- titled GNP/Crescendo CD is still available. If you're a fan of the Bruce Bromberg/ Hightone Sound as heard on the early Robert Cray, Phillip Walker, Joe Louis Walker releases, this CD is for you. I especially like Six Bar City, (They Call It The City Of Angels But I Believe) The Devil's Livin' There, Wrong Address and Hard, Hard Blues, a song that Muddy Waters would certainly call a stone blues. James Alvin Armstrong is here to stay, and with his kind of voice, I hope they include a nice horn section on the next CD; and dare I suggest, a male vocal group on a few tracks. (EL)

JAMES ARMSTRONG Hightone HCD 8096 Dark Night ● CD $15.98
Second album by this talented Californian bluesman. It would have appeared sooner had James not been the victim of a vicious, near fatal, knife attack which incapacitated him. With the support of family, friends and fans he has made a good recovery though because nerves in his arm were severed he was unable to play guitar for a long time. He is gradually reacquiring his playing skills but mostly restricts himself to playing a little slide. The fine guitar work on this album is by band member Michael Ross with some guest appearances from Joe Louis Walker and Doug MacLeod. This features all new songs - some by James himself - Dark Night/ Slender Man Blues / Lil' James/ Bank Of Love/ Witchin' Moon, etc.

JAMES ARMSTRONG Hightone 8126 Got It Goin' On ● CD $15.98
45 min, 11 tracks, excellent
Fine collection of R&B & soul influenced blues by this California guitarist, his 2nd after being severely injured in a home-invasion robbery. Though his left hand was slashed, he's back to playing tasty guitar on this set. Most of the tunes are group originals - highlights include Love Can Make You Do Wrong/ Beat Up By Love/ I'll Learn Sometime, & the great Mr. B's which "has a funky smell/ But you can party like hell!" (GM)

BILLY BOY ARNOLD Alligator 4815 Back Where I Belong ● CD $15.98
14 tracks, 54 min., recommended
Though he never quite made it to the top of the Chicago blues heap, Billy Boy's late 50's Vee Jay recordings are some of my favorites, scoring with a savvy dose of rockin' beats and hook-filled songwriting. Arnold was young back then, and certainly young enough now to make a great record - and here it is. Of course his hit I Wish You Would leads it off, with all the thunderous jungle hoodoo of the original. The coliseum drum sound is a little funny, but that's the 90's for ya. Other remakes include a very traditional Prisoner's Plea and a grinding blues-rock You Got Me Wrong. Move On Down The Road/ Wandering Eye/ High Fashion Woman/ Young And Evil are tough as nails, combining the punch of Muddy's classics with the insinuating style of Sonny Boy Williamson, while Fool For You/ Shake Your Hips pay tribute to Slim Harpo. A first-class effort that should bring Billy Boy back to the forefront. (MB)

BILLY BOY ARNOLD Alligator 4836 Eldorado Cadillac ● CD $15.98
Newest from find Chicago singer/ harmonica player - with Bob Margolin, James Wheeler, Carl "Sonny" Leyland and others.
BILLY BOY ARNOLD: Been Gone Too Long/ Don't Stay Out All Night/ How Long Can This Go On?/ I Ain't Got You/ It Should Have Been Me/ Loving Mother For You/ Lowdown Thing Or Two/ Mama's Bitter Seed/ Man Of Considerable Taste/ Slick Chick/ Sunday Morning Blues/ Sunny Road/ Too Many Old Flames

BBILLY BOY ARNOLD Evidence 26061 Ten Million Dollars ● CD $12.98
Reissue of 1984 Blue Phoenix album with Billy accompanied by a splendid band including Jimmy Johnson & John Watkins on guitars, Saint James Bryant/ piano, Larry Exum/bass & Fred Grady/ drums who provide solid swinging accompaniment. There are several originals which include a remake of his big Vee Jay hit I Wish You Would plus some other good songs like the slow & powerful title song, the fascinating Yellow Rose From Texas Just Love Won't Do. Most of the rest of the songs are Billy's versions of traditional items like Sugar Mama and I Done Got Over or covers of old favorites like My Babe, Just A Little Bit and Last Night. (FS)

BILLY BOY ARNOLD Original Blues Classics 562 More Blues On The South Side ● CD $11.98
13 tracks, 34 min., recommended
Arnold's first full LP, produced by Sam Charters in 1963, is a journeyman effort of rockin' Chicago blues. His initial Vee Jay sides had a fair amount of impact, especially on the British scene, and this selection continues in the same peppy vein. Initially inspired by Sonny Boy Williamson I, his approach here is solidly contemporary, close to the classic Little Walter sound on many songs, similar to Otis Rush's vocal style on I Love Only You, and resembling his former boss Bo Diddley on a few rockers including Evaleena/ Get Out Of Here. The unissued Playing With The Blues closes it. (MB)
BILLY BOY ARNOLD: Billy Boy's Blues/ Evaleena/ Get Out Of Here/ Goin' By The River/ I Love Only You/ I'll Forget About You/ Oh Baby/ Playing With The Blues/ School Time/ Two Drinks Of Wine/ You Better Cut That Out/ You Don't Love Me No More/ You're My Girl

BILLY BOY ARNOLD Testament TCD 5018 Goin' To Chicago ● CD $11.98
14 tracks, 41 min., recommended
Arnold is a fine, expressive singer and a John Lee "Sony Boy" Williamson-inspired harmonica blower, though under recorded for most of his career. This disc has no fewer than 11 previously unreleased cuts to recommend it (recorded mostly in 1966), and though not every one has as much polish as Left My Happy Home, all are at least worthwhile, and some, like Baby Jean, rock like crazy. Arnold is joined by a small band, usually with Mighty Joe Young on guitar and Jerome Arnold on bass. An upbeat Chicago blues album with the smartest looking cover design in years and notes by none other than Frank Scott. (JC)
BILLY BOY ARNOLD: Baby Jane/ Baby Left Me A Mule To Ride/ Billy Boy's Jump/ Come See Me Early In The Morning (Take 1)/ Come See Me Early In The Morning (Take 2)/ Cryin' And Pleadin'/ Evalina/ Hello Baby/ I Love Only You/ Left My Happy Home (Alt.)/ Rock 'N' Roll/ Somebody Help Me With These Blues/ Why Is Everybody Down On Me

KOKOMO ARNOLD Document DOCD 5039 Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Vol. 3 ● CD $15.98
This disc features 22 tracks recorded between May, 1936 and March, 1937 and opens with Kokomo in an accompanying role on 6 sides by Alice Moore and one by Signifying Mary Johnson. Both vocalist are excellent and they are also joined by Peetie Wheatstraw on piano. He and Arnold were to work together quite a bit in the coming years. He is also featured as a member of Oscar's Chicago Swingers - a Harlem Hamfats type group with unexecptional vocals by Sam Theard. The rest is either Kokomo on his own or with Wheatstraw on piano and all are fine with some particularly nice guitar on the good timey Sister Jane Across The Hall. (FS)
KOKOMO ARNOLD: Backfence Picket Blues/ Coffin Blues/ Cold Winter Blues/ Fool Man Blues/ Laugh And Grin Blues/ Lonesome Road Blues/ Long And Tall/ Mister Charlie/ Running Drunk Again/ Salty Dog/ Shake That Thing/ Sister Jane Cross The Hall/ Wild Water Blues/ SIGNIFYING MARY JOHNSON: Delmar Avenue/ ALICE MOORE: Dark Angel/ Grass Cutter Blues/ I'm Going Fishing Too/ Money Tree Man/ Telephone Blues/ Three Men/ OSCAR'S CHICAGO SWINGERS: My Gal's Been Foolin' Me/ Try Some Of That

KOKOMO ARNOLD Document DOCD 5040 Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Vol. 4 ● CD $15.98
The fourth and last volume of this fine artists recordings features 22 songs recorded between March, 1937 and May, 1938. It is clear from his last recordings that he was still at the top of his form though he had quit recordings because of his unhappiness with his producer Mayo Williams. Many of the songs feature the piano accompaniments of his regular partner Peetie Wheatstraw. Songs include Mean Old Twister/ Big Ship/ Black Mattie/ Rock Road Blues/ Back On The Job/ Tired Of Running From Door To Door/ Goin' Down In Galilee and the exciting piece that he ended his recorded career on Soemthing's Hot. (FS)
KOKOMO ARNOLD: Back On The Job/ Bad Luck Blues/ Big Ship Blues/ Black Mattie/ Broke Man Blues/ Crying Blues/ Goin' Down In Galilee (Swing Along With Me)/ Grandpa Got Drunk/ Head Cuttin' Blues/ Kid Man Blues/ Midnight Blues/ My Well Is Dry/ Neck Bone Blues Buddie Brown Blues (Rolling Time)/ Red Beans And Rice/ Rocky Road Blues/ Set Down Gal/ Shine On, Moon (Shine On, Shine On)/ Something's Hot/ Tired Of Runnin' From Door To Door/ Your Ways And Actions

JESSE "WILD BILL" AUSTIN Roesch 036 Baby's Back ● CD $13.98

JESSE AUSTIN BAND Roesch 032 Steel Trap ● CD $13.98
10 tracks, 38 minutes, very good Hammond pounder Wild Bill Austin started out with Wynonie Harris in the 40s, & led the instrumental group The Five Sharps throughout the 50s, being the backing band for numerous R&B caravans. Here, Wild Bill leads a mighty band with guitar, bass, drums & 3 piece horn section, with Marshal McDonald on sax, with the Wildman on hog calling vocals! Wish I still lived back in Milford CT, as these guys seem to be the local band, hailing from Bridgeport & recorded live in a studio in West Haven. Mostly originals, including Bridgeport, title tune, plus covers of Send Me Someone To Love/ Everyday I Have The Blues & I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water. (GM)


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